I am a cow

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I am a cow.

Or at least… I think I’m a cow. I do not really know where such thoughts have come from, nor why I am suddenly questioning this. It seems strange to me to think about this at all. One moment I am a cow and the next, I question this as if it must be asked?

This is probably because of the changes I seem to have undergone. I have never thought much about my body, nor much at all now that I think about it, but now I look at myself in confusion. I do not stand upon the ground with four legs any longer, instead I now stand upon two. They have hooves, with soft, white and black spotted fur as before, yet at a certain point the hair ends and smooth, pink skin begins. I find it very curious, as it is soft to the touch and mildly springy. I wonder if it would be able to resist the flies that buzz about me incessantly?

Speaking of touch, my other legs, which are now… arms, I suppose is the appropriate term,  are not hooves. Instead, they have the same, smooth skin as before and split not into two toes, but five. I cannot think of a proper word for them, but they are very sensitive and I am having a wonderful time using them to feel everything about me. It is like I am a calf again, discovering the world with my tongue! Of course, this too has changed and is now smaller, flatter, and more pink than before. It is hard to get a good look at it though.

I may have fallen over once trying to get a better look.

I mull over my changes as I lay there and I instinctively reach out to take a nibble of the grass. My teeth are smaller, more narrow than before, and it is difficult to take a bite. I manage to grab some fresh blades and begin to chew, noting that the flavor is different somehow. Not bad, but lacking in some way. I suppose I never thought about the taste before, I just knew it was food and that was good enough for me.

I swallow the grass and await the cud to come up, but nothing happens. I blink, and look down where I would think my belly should be, and see two large orbs blocking my view. It would seem my udder has split somehow and become two, yet I have only two nipples now. Gently, I tease the large udders with my hands, which are far too small to fit fully around them. The skin there is softer than the rest, and the flesh underneath is doughy and easy to manipulate. I play with them, delighting as I roll them about up and down before giving them a big squeeze.

I let out a sound almost like a cry and drop my udders in surprise. That sensation was very startling! And yet, it was not wholly unpleasant either. I gently tease my udders again, but do not feel the same reaction, and I am too disquieted to try squeezing them again. Still, the thrill of excitement from before is very tempting. I wonder if this is how the others must feel when they are milked? I have never calved before and thus had no milk to give.

And yet, my udders felt full, swollen almost. I look down at them with apprehension, my thin, cow tail moving in nervous arcs behind me. I feel as if playing with them myself is wrong somehow. Not as if I knew how to milk myself anyway, the human always did it for the other cows.

The human… strange that I would know what to call him. He is not very tall, shorter than even I am in this new, lighter body, but he is very gentle and comes to visit us every day, sometimes multiple times. I find it odd that my thoughts would drift to him though. Maybe he’ll be as interested in my change as I am? And maybe he’ll help milk me too!

I feel heat coming to my face as I think that thought. Curiously, I probe my head with my hands to confirm again that there is no muzzle as there was before. There is mostly flat skin and a small mouth with an pointy nose and my eyes on the side of it, very much closer than they were before. It makes things easier to see by, that’s for sure!

Feeling adventurous, I feel the sides of my head to find my ears are largely the same, and it takes me a moment, but I find that I can waggle them about as before. It is actually quite amusing to do so, and I find myself spending a few moments with this sensation before I shake my head and continue to feel. It seems the rest of my hair has gone to the top of my head, forming a dome-like shape that hangs down my head. Curiously, I have horns now, though compared to that of a bull, they are much shorter.

My inspection of myself complete, I sit there and wonder what to do. Another oddity of thought. Normally I was content to eat my fill and laze about in the grass with the other cows, but as I lay in the pasture this day, it feels unfulfilling somehow. I frown and look down at the grass before grabbing a handful and putting it to my mouth to chew it over again.

What else was there in life but eating, lazing, and mating? I stop and think this over. I haven’t done the latter before, though I have been in heat. There was no bull at the time, so I never had my turn, but I knew what it was to yearn to do so. I look over to the bull in the pasture over and feel no such feelings. In fact, I feel somehow repelled from such a thought, as if it was wholly repugnant to me. Not for the first time today do I feel a little uncomfortable about these new changes to my body, and my mind.

The sound of a bell jangling catches my attention and I turn my head to see the human appear at the far end of the pasture. At the sight of him my heart begins to race a little faster with what can only be excitement. Here was something new, something other than the grass and the sky! I stand up, wobbly on my new legs, but seem to know instinctively how to use them, and walk toward the human.

When he notices me, he stands stock still, his eyes going wide in a strange expression. Perhaps he is as amazed at my changes as I am! Smiling, I close the rest of the gap to him and place my hands proudly on my wide… hips, I think they are, standing before him in my splendor.

It is strange to stand eye to eye with him, and as I look over his body I begin to notice that we look much the same now. Indeed, our features are very similar and it makes me remember the time when another human came to the field. Though they wore the strange coverings about themselves, I know now that she was a female, much like myself. Have I become a human?

No, we are still too different for me to be human. Despite all I am a cow! I at least know this, if not anything else!

He looks at me, mouth hanging open, no sounds coming from him. I blink a few times, my tail swaying behind me as I walk about him, taking in his form. For some reason I have a much keener interest in how he looks than I did before, though his coverings obscure the view. He does not have to worry about that for my body, however, and his eyes follow the sway of my udders.

I stop before him as I notice his gaze and then look down myself before back to him. I point at my udders and cock my head. Does he want to milk me? That would be wonderful if he would like to try, though I do not believe I have any milk. Still, they do feel full, almost to the point of being a little painful. Having those strong looking hands of his upon my udders sounds positively wonderful right now.

He does no such thing, however, merely continuing his mute stare. I grow a little impatient and point again at my udders, with similar results. I snort, and open my mouth to make a sound of impatience but find something else coming to my lips.

“Mooo.. ilk? Milk?”

I find myself repeating this word, which I recognize is in the human speech. I never understood anything they said before, but now it seems clear as day the meaning behind the words, though I feel sluggish in putting them together. Still, the words have the intended effect and he startles, looking a little horrified before staring down at his hands as if contemplating. He slowly raises them upward and I make a pleased sound, pressing my udders into his hands.

At first, he does nothing but stare until I repeat the words and he gulps, gently moving his hands and kneading the fleshy orbs. His hands are larger than mine, yet they still get lost in the enormity of my udders and it seems he is to lose himself in my udders before he gets hold of himself and squeezes.

I let out that noise again, the soft cry known as a gasp, now that I think of it. He pauses, as if unsure of himself, but I nod my head enthusiastically he and begins to rub them firmly, over and over again, sending my body awash in pleasure that I’d never felt before. I lamented missing being bred, for if being milked felt this good, then I had missed out on so much! I scarcely even have the chance to think about whether or not I could even contemplate such pleasures before when he changes his rubbing.

His hands, so used to the milking of cows, seem to understand my strange udders and begin to work deftly upon my firm nipples. With a shock that runs through my body, milk begins to pour out from me in a fountain. I can feel  each drop of milk as it leaves me, every one sending a shiver of joy through me. To be milked, to have created something like this is such a wonder I can hardly believe it! And yet, watching the thick, white liquid fall to the ground uselessly, I feel a sense of grief, as if this gift is being wasted.

I look into the human’s eyes and feel an urge so strong, I am unable to fight it. I gently place my hands around his head and lead it slowly to my breast. He struggles some at first but my grip is firm and he soon gives up, staring at my teat instead of fighting. He looks up at me with some confusion, and I smile at him warmly before he gulps and latches his mouth upon my breast.

The suckling motions of his mouth are not more pleasurable than his hands were, yet I feel warmer for some reason, my breath coming out more ragged. Gently, I cup his head and cannot feel anything but joy as I smile down at him drinking my milk directly from my body, as if he were my calf.

 Such a thought stirs something within me. Calf…mating… These words flow through my head and I begin to find my newfound lucidity beginning to vanish into a haze. I can feel pleasure, oh yes, but also a burning desire to be impregnated. I turn my head to look at the bull once more, yet I only feel the disgust and revulsion. Confused, I turn back to the human to find him moving to my other udder, and as he suckles anew, I begin to wonder.

Can I mate with a human?

The feeling stirs further within me, and I let out a low moo, more of a moan if that’s the word, of desire. Fluid that is not my milk runs down between my thighs, and I have a need more powerful than anything I’ve felt before. I slowly move his head from my udder and shudder in delight as his lips make a soft, “pop.”

He stares at me in confusion as I take a step away from him, panting heavily. I can feel my face heating up even further as I turn myself around and go to all fours, kneeling upon my knees. I raise my hips before him as some raw instinct takes hold and my tail raises up, giving him a good look at my wet vulva.

When he does not immediately move, I turn my head to him and waggle my hips, saying, “Mooo … ate! Mate!”

He does not hesitate this time, too enthralled by my display. His hands reach down to hastily remove his coverings from his waist, and a moment later a large, stiff, pink rod appears. The word instinctively appears in my mind as I lock eyes upon it. “Penis.” It is called a penis, and my whole body hungers for it.

It is not as large as that of the bull’s, not even close, yet I feel myself drawn to it almost violently. If he didn’t place his hands upon my buttocks. pressing into the doughy flesh there, I would have taken matters into my own hands. That being said, he places the tip of his rod to my folds, and before I even have a chance to react, he shoves the full length of it within me.

I can feel a strange sort of pain, but only momentarily before a burst of sensation rocks my body. I let out a loud cry of ecstasy as his warmth fills me up. I have to hang my head and take a deep breath and dig my fingers, strange that I’d come upon their name now, into the dirt. We both stay locked together like this as my inner folds squeeze down upon his shaft, and I feel awash in joy. I do not know how it is possible to feel anything better than this. A moment later, he shows me that indeed, I can feel better, as he begins to move his hips.

His member slides in and out of me in rhythmic motions, each new thrust causing me to let out a mix of gasps and moos. He is hesitant at first, slow even, but as he sets himself in to the work, he begins to move faster and faster, and my breath begins to come ragged in time with his thrusts. I feel my udders, slightly less swollen than before, waving before me like pendulums in a hypnotic fashion.

Catching me wholly off guard, though this is easy to do as my thoughts are wholly upon the pleasure, he thrusts particularly hard, and I can feel his tip slam against my womb, the shock of the sensation dropping my arms to the ground, pressing my udders into the grass. I don’t care though, because I only wish to feel this sensation again, and I begin to move my hips into his, driving him further and further into me.

His rough fingers squeeze firmly into my fatty buttocks and I feel his thrusts becoming more violent, more urgent. His penis shudders and twitches within me, even as it seems to penetrate my deepest reaches, and I instinctively move my hips faster in turn, feeling a sense of expectation, though I know not what I could be expecting. He pulls himself back and, with a powerful thrust unlike all other before it, he slams himself fully into me and releases something with me.

I feel myself clamp down upon him as a torrent something hot sprays from him to coat my insides. Wave after wave of this fluid comes forth, and with each pulse, I let out a cry, my mind unable to process much else. I do not know how long it lasts, or at least how long until I am able to understand that it is over, but I feel him slide out of me slowly before releasing my buttocks.

I slide fully to the ground face down, awash in the afterglow of our mating. Gently, I reach my fingers to my raw vulva and feel a trickle of fluid escaping my confines. I take some and bring it to my face to see a white, sticky string between two fingers. Curiously, I even know what it is called.


Nothing could look quite so beautiful. Another urge coming to me, I take the liquid to my mouth and taste a pleasure I never could have imagined beforehand. I tremble and make a pleased sound before licking my fingers clean and turning to face the man who had just filled me with this miraculous secretion.

He stands there, panting and tired, his penis shrunk to half its size. I smile at him, feeling a sort of protectiveness to him now that I hadn’t felt before. I hold my arms out to him and he looks down at me before almost collapsing to the ground next to me. I wrap my arms around him and pull his body in close to mine, feeling his gentle warmth as we both lay in the grass, feeling each other’s presence. Some other emotion, something more than merely familiarity for the man is already forming with me. I am excited to find out where this leads.

I have been in this new body for only a short period of time, yet I have tasted and done things I’ve never thought of doing before, nor could have thought of. As my hand gently rubs my belly, I begin to wonder what other things I would do now. I am excited for what the future brings for me, and for him. I do not know what strange thing had happened to make me the way I am now, but if I know one thing for certain, it is this:

I am a cow.

And I am loving it.

                                                        (Holstaur by Nanonebula)                                                        

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