It’s that time again. Vacations always suck because you never know where to go or what to do. To be honest, you’d rather stay home in the comfort of your familiar surroundings. Still, the company you work for has given you an all-expenses-paid trip to a place of your choosing, it’d be a shame to let an opportunity go to waste. If you are getting everything for free, you may as well get as much out of it as possible, right?


            You decide on a two-week stay at a resort in the Western Continent. Nobody really talks about the Western Continent for whatever reason. Perhaps they’re scared of Rattlesnakes, or Chupacabras, or Havolinas or any other of the dangerous, exotic monstergirls that live there. In your opinion, it’s probably xenophobia more than anything. How much worse could those monsters be than the monsters here? Even though they would never admit it, most people are afraid of the place.


            All that aside, a trip to the western continent is the most expensive one you can find. You have done well in avoiding monsters at home; the worst thing that can happen is you’ll come home with maybe a cool battle scar and a nice story, right? Right. At best, you can just relax for a couple weeks at a five-star resort. For free. You are getting a little more excited now. Even though a trip like this is somewhat out of character for you, you go with it. Life has been pretty boring lately; this would be a nice change of pace.

            Time to live a little.

— — — — —


            One week later, you are stepping through the sliding glass doors of the resort. A cold blast of air greets you; it’s a nice change from the cruel and unusual heat outside. Your flight had been uneventful, and everyone you met was kind and courteous. Only one of the Harpy flight attendants tried to hit on you on the plane; a new record. Now that you are here, it’s really hard to imagine why everyone back at home thinks this place was so bad. A polite, helpful lamia with diamond-patterned scales at the check in desk hands you your room keys and gives you the run-down of the resort. It has pools, beaches, a spa, several different restaurants; the works. You’d never be able to afford a stay at a place as lavish as this with your own money, that’s for damn sure.


            You feel as though your eyes could pop out of your head any minute as you take in the lavish décor and amenities of the place. Even though you feel a bit out of place, you hope it doesn’t show too much. You don’t want to attract any unwanted attention. Your hotel room is massive, more than twice the size of your apartment back home. Excitement slowly returning, you dump your shit on the king-sized bed, eager to do… something. There are so many options; you don’t quite know what to do yet. Eventually, you decide to take a walk, get a feel for things. Hopefully once you are more familiar with the place, you won’t stare and wander as much.


            As you walk through the grounds, you can’t help but notice how few guests there are. It’s the middle of summer; you had expected the place to be packed. It’s not like you mind the emptiness though. You stroll by the one of the pools and see a couple of little mermaid girls in swimsuits happily splashing each other. …Damn, you’re thirsty. Looking at the water was making your mouth feel uncomfortably dry. You see a poolside bar off in a corner and head over to it for a drink. You’ve never been much for alcohol, but they do have sodas there.


            After paying for your soda, you lay out in a lounge chair. You lazily sip your drink in the shade of a large umbrella, and watch the clouds float by in the sky. This… this is the life.


            Eventually, you become aware of a soft buzzing sound near you.


            Your hand flies instinctively to your pocket where your phone is; nobody ever calls you unless it’s urgent. To your surprise though, your phone is off, but the buzzing is still there.


           ‘What the hell is that?’

            A shrill, high-pitched, extremely fast voice is calling out to you.


            “What?” You turn to face the voice. A tiny female of some sort is hovering in the air next to your shoulder. She can’t be much more than two feet tall and you can barely see her arms. Or are they wings? Wing-arms? Arm-wings? Whatever they are, she is flapping them so fast that they are a just two blurs of green.

            “MistercanIhaveyourdrinkpleaseMister?” Her nervous-sounding words are almost too hard to make out; she speaks almost as fast as she flaps her wings.



            You’ve never been good talking to strangers, especially strangers who just walk up to you and ask you for shit. Either way, this girl is fairly cute. Her long, green hair and her plain, white sundress flutter and sway in the wind created by her hyperactive wings. Her pale, unmarked skin and scaly, yellow bird-legs gleam a bit as she bobs in and out of the sunlight. Her curvy, yet petite womanly figure tells you that she is probably fully-grown, despite her size. It’s hard to get over how small she is. You have definitely met Fairies who are much smaller then this girl at home, but this girl is different… somehow. The vast majority of the Harpies back east are regular human sized, but this girl has to be a Harpy of some sort.


            “PleeeeeeeeeeeasecanIhavesomeMister?Pleeeeease?” The girl’s voice drags you out of your head. The soda you had gotten was gigantic, there is no way you’ll finish it all.

            ‘What’s the worst that could happen? Look at how small she is.’

            You awkwardly hold the drink out to the girl, who you finally recognize as a Hummingbird. Her cute little face brightens and she gleefully sips at it. Her sips are tiny and short, and she fully releases the straw from her diminutive lips after each one. A part of you wonders how she can even taste the sweet, bubbly liquid with such small sips.


            “ThanksMisterthatwasreallygood!YoursodawasreallygoodMister!” She’s barely made a dent in the drink; part of you doubts she’d even had any at all. Still, her energy seems to have increased. You would have thought it impossible, but now she appears even more energetic. Her words are completely unintelligible, but she seems to not want to leave.



            Usually you are more on guard for this sort of thing. Back at home, monsters have all sorts of tricks that they use to ensnare a possible husband. Evidently there is no vacationing from that. The Hummingbird-girl seems so innocent though, she is contentedly just flitting to and fro under the umbrella. Sometimes, it even looks like she is almost dancing through the air. Now that you think about it, watching the Hummingbird and listening to the buzzing vibrations coming from her wings are oddly calming. Despite your best efforts, you feel yourself drifting off to sleep.


— — — — —


            ‘Oh god, I’m screwed.’

            That’s the first thought that pops into your head as you awaken. You let your guard down again. You had LITERALLY just been thinking about how stupid it was that you let that Hummingbird-girl trick you in to giving her your soda. Now, you fell asleep and were probably at her mercy the whole time. Seriously, how stupid can you get?


            Filled with dread, you take stock of your surroundings. It’s dark, save for a blue glow coming from somewhere a ways away from your feet. A cool breeze is blowing; you must still be outside. As your eyes grow more accustomed to being open, you notice that you’re still in your lounge chair at the pool. Save for the breeze, it’s weirdly quiet to you. Suddenly, it dawns on you. You’ve been missing the pleasant buzzing of the Hummingbird. She really played you good, didn’t she? She doesn’t seem to be around now though.


            Maybe it’s time to go back to your room. There is no telling what sort of exotic monsters might want to take advantage of a lone, sleeping male, by a pool, at night. As you sit up, something flops off your chest and into your lap. It was so light that you didn’t even notice it’s presence, but it feels about the same size as a large cat. You don’t recognize the whatever-it-was at first, but your heart sinks as understanding hits you. You can just make out the outline of the tiny Hummingbird-girl, sprawled out awkwardly across your lap.

            Oh no.

            You went and killed her, didn’t you.

            Are Hummingbirds even allowed to drink soda?

            Gingerly, you put an ear to her chest. God damn, your ear is almost as wide as her waist.


            You nearly jump out of your skin as a long, high, whistling snore escapes the Hummingbird’s lips.

            What the fuck.

            You collapse back into the lounge chair; your heart feels intent on sprinting a marathon. What the actual shit was that? Breathing deeply, you slowly calm yourself. Now that you are aware of her, you can barely feel the Hummingbird’s little chest rise and fall rather rapidly as she sleeps.

            At least she isn’t dead.


            “Hey. Wake up.” You whisper as you softly poke the sleeping Hummingbird-girl’s tiny belly. Nothing interesting happens. Instead, she just snore-whistles again. Now that you expect it, that snoring is just a little too cute. You have no idea where her room is, or even if she’s a guest at the resort. Either way, you doubt she would mind if you let her sleep on one of the couches in your room. She obviously can’t stay here. You can’t bear to think about what might happen to a tiny girl like her, alone out here at night.


            You gently pick the Hummingbird up and carefully support her tiny, sleeping body in your arms. Her silky green feathers brush against your arms as you cradle her. You don’t want to seem suspicious, carrying a tiny, unconscious girl to your room when it’s this dark out so you hurry there as fast as you can. As you close the door behind you, you realize that your speed probably made you suspicious as fuck.

            Whatever. This is her fault anyway.          


            You gently lay the Hummingbird on the couch in the massive living room, careful not to disturb her. You can’t help but notice how pretty her shining green wings are; her green feathers are punctuated with small red and purple splashes. Her matching green hair hangs down almost to her butt; you find yourself longing to run your fingers through her feathers and hair. That would be weird if she’s asleep though. Besides, her head is only a little bigger than the palm of your hand. You aren’t clumsy or heavy handed, she just looks so… delicate. As you watch her, she stirs a bit and utters a single, soft word.



            The Hummingbird-girl’s deep, green eyes open and she stares at you, imploringly.

            “Mister, I need sugar…”


            You had heard something about Hummingbirds needing to eat very often.

            “Right. Sugar.” It’d be bad if she got sick. Now that she is in your room, you would probably be held responsible for that.


            You get up, grab a can of apple juice from the mini-fridge in the bedroom, and return to her. It’s good that work is paying for all of this; that single can of juice cost 12 dollars.


            “Here you go.” You pop the tab and hand the can to her.

            ‘I bet she planned for this to happen. God dammit.’

            The Hummingbird sits up and holds the juice in both of her minuscule hands. The can looks huge compared to her; it’s about the same diameter as her torso. The two of you sit there in silence as she sips on her juice. She doesn’t seem alarmed by being alone with you in your room at all.


            “So… How long are you staying here?”

            ‘Fucking awkward ass…’

            The Hummingbird-girl ignores your awkwardness.

            “I don’t know! As long as I want! I stay wherever I want as long as I want!” She chirps happily.

            That’s an odd response.

            You’re glad her voice has slowed down since earlier, now she is much easier to understand. You guess that the high sugar content of the soda earlier had given her a massive sugar-crash, that’s probably why she fell asleep on you.

            “What does that mean? Do you not have a house or anything?” She pauses for a moment and cocks her head a bit as she thinks.

            “I guess not! I guess everywhere is my house? Everywhere is my house!” Despite her exceedingly bubbly and excited tone, you sense a sort of melancholy in the Hummingbird-girl’s expression. You decide not to pursue the situation; you don’t want to make her talk about anything too painful, especially just after meeting her. Soon, she finishes her juice and sets the can aside.


            “Mister, I’m still hungry! Please make me less hungry Mister!”

            “I’ll get you another juice then. Wait here.” You begin to get up, but stop as you catch sight of her face.

            Why is she pouting?

            Her tiny lips are pursed, her eyebrows are furrowed, and her little hands rest sassily on her diminutive hips.

            “I don’t want juice, Mister! I’m huuungry!!”

            “What, do you want some food then?” The Hummingbird shakes her head, still pouting.

            “Tell me what you want then. What will make you not hungry?” She blushes a bit and her expression changes to a rather embarrassed one.

            Oh no.

            Oh no no no.

            The Hummingbird-girl is still silent, but you know exactly what she’s getting at.


            So this is it huh? Your nice, relaxing vacation immediately, completely upset by such a tiny girl. You’d been trying to deny it and push those thoughts out of your head, but it isn’t working anymore. You’ve been secretly hoping for something like this from the start. Back at home, you wouldn’t dream of deviating from the norm of work and your apartment. It was comfortable; nothing bad ever happened. But nothing good ever happened either. Now that you are on vacation, all bets are off right?


            “Yeah. Okay. I got it. How about I… fill you up?” You could swear the Hummingbird-girl’s face sparkles with joy at those words. Her massive grin never fades as she begins to chatter loudly.

            “OhthankyouthankyouthankyouMisterthankyou!I’mgoingtogetfilledupfilledupfilledupupupbyMister!Weeeeeee!” That comfy vibrating returns as she takes off and begins zooming around the room. It’s as if you’d let her drink soda again. This time though, you notice that her vibrations have a bit of a different effect. It’s almost as if the vibrations are resonating with your loins, making your member stir and begin to grow. Eh, maybe that part is just your imagination.

            Time to stop making excuses.


            “Hey, calm down! This is a hotel room, you know! Besides, I can’t fill you up if you keep flying around and chattering like that.” The Hummingbird excitedly drops out of the air over you and plops down onto your lap. Her elation is so great that her chattering has devolved into a high-pitched humming; she can’t even form words anymore. You silently gather the tiny girl up and move to the bedroom. Her wings are still flapping constantly, sending vibrations throughout your whole body. You still can’t tell if it’s intentional or not, but her humming and vibrating have done a fantastic job at getting you ready for her.


— — — — —


            Now in the bedroom, you set the vibrating Hummingbird-girl on the bed. That uncomfortable pressure has been quickly growing between your legs; you’re eager get your pants off and relieve it. As you pull them off, the Hummingbird-girl’s humming seems to increase in frequency and volume.

            “Now it’s your turn.” You grin and join her on the bed. You watch her struggle and fumble with her little white sundress; her feathers keep getting in the way of her tiny fingers and her vibrating is just making things worse. She is too distracted to even undress herself.


            “Here…” You reach out and gently pull the tiny dress over her head.

            It’s like you’re undressing a doll.

            Looking at the tiny girl sitting there in her lacy, pale pink underwear is almost too much; you blush a bit as you set her dress aside. The Hummingbird-girl’s bra is a chore to remove. After a couple minutes of fiddling though, you get it off, and expose her diminutive breasts to the air. Her nipples are just tiny pink dots in the middle of her adorable little breasts and her minute size makes it difficult, but from what you can tell she has the equivalent of B-cups.


            “Almost done.” You gently wrap your hand around her waist. Your thumb and middle finger nearly touch each other, just above her bellybutton. Your other hand moves to her miniature, pink panties and you excitedly slide your index finger under the waistband at her left hip; her sweet-smelling arousal has made her panties turn translucent around her pussy. You gulp as you slowly slide them off and put them to the side with the rest of her clothes.


            Now that she is fully naked, you feel a little bad for still wearing your shirt. You’ve always been a little ashamed of your slightly scrawny build, but fuck it. It wouldn’t be fair to her if you didn’t take everything off too. You toss your shirt to the side and hurriedly sweep the Hummingbird-girl up into your arms. You cuddle her against your bare chest, feeling her warm, smooth skin still slightly vibrating against yours. A surge of emotion hits you. You feel an uncontrollable urge to protect and lovingly care for this little Hummingbird. You aren’t quite sure how to proceed with ‘filling her’ yet, but some ideas are forming. Soon enough, something comes to you.


            You take several pillows from the bed and stack them on top of each other. Once you have them at around the height of your crotch, you pick the Hummingbird-girl up and place her on top of them, face up. You lovingly brush her long hair away from her face with your thumb and smile warmly. Her anticipation is so great that she is completely at your mercy. She is only able to sigh or moan softly in desperation as you make your preparations. You can’t get over how delicate and vulnerable she looks.


            Evidently, her vibrating has gotten her extremely aroused as well. You wonder how she could have made that big of a wet spot on the bed where she had been laying and watching you with half-lidded eyes. Slowly, carefully, you begin to rub her tiny crotch with your pinky. You are almost too scared to penetrate her; you would never be able to live with yourself if you hurt her.

            “P-p-p-plea-as-s-e-ee M-MMiss-s-terr… H-h-hurr-r-ry-y u-u-pp-p…”

            Well that was incredibly adorable.

            The Hummingbird’s cute, desperate stutters tug at your heart; her uncontrollable vibrations are distorting her usually melodic voice.


            “I am… I just don’t want to hurt you…” Your free hand cradles her little head as you begin to push your pinky forward, slowly parting her minuscule pussy-lips. Thank god you had trimmed your fingernails before you left home. You bite your tongue in fear as you push a little harder. To your surprise though, it slides in extremely easily. You leave your pinky there for a moment, taking in the feeling of her insides. It truly is an odd one, it’s as if you have your finger in a little, vibrating onahole that you’ve completely filled with warm lube. As you slowly slide your pinky out of her, her walls shudder and clench down, trying to pull you back in.

            ‘Did she just…’

            A single look at the Hummingbird-girl’s face confirms your suspicions. One single, agonizingly slow thrust with your smallest finger has already brought her to orgasm. Her eyes have rolled up in her head; her tiny little tongue is hanging out of her mouth and a microscopic bead of drool is dangling from its tip.


            After a few more thrusts of your pinky, you feel confident enough to switch to your thumb. The Hummingbird moans and cums again, almost immediately. Her pussy seems fairly stretchy and her body seems malleable; perhaps she has the same sort of genes as the Fairies back home.

            How convenient!

            Soon, you are fingering her with your ring and middle finger, occasionally pressing your thumb against where you think her clit might be. You can’t see it very well, but her reaction when you do this tells you that you are right on the mark. You can’t get enough of listening to her high, singsong moans and sighs of pleasure. You are sure you can see the tips of your fingers moving somewhere around her stomach, but the Hummingbird-girl doesn’t seem in pain at all. She’s not bleeding or anything, at least.


            You make sure to keep count of her orgasms; you don’t know why you do this, you just… like counting things.


You finally withdraw your fingers from her drenched flower. Your whole left hand is covered in her juices; after a quick sniff and a bit of a taste, you wipe the rest of her juices off on the sheets.

            “Delicious…” Actually, it was probably mostly your spit that you had wiped off. You couldn’t get enough of her cute, embarrassed expression as you lewdly feasted on her wonderfully sweet arousal. From all the sugar she must eat, there’s no wonder it tastes like that.


            You’re finally ready for the next step, and you are sure she is too.

            “It’s time to fill you up.” The Hummingbird smiles weakly and her vibrating speeds up again.


            As you position yourself millimeters away from the Hummingbird-girl’s glistening pussy, you can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen when you have to leave. Things have happened so fast. Hell, you were just checking in to the resort a little over twelve hours ago.

            Oh well.

            You’ll cross that bridge when you come to it.

            You begin to push forward. It’s difficult to line yourself up; she is vibrating too much. Whenever your tip connects with her, almost electric jolts of pleasure spasm throughout your body. You carefully slide one hand back under her head and the other under her waist. This added support makes it much easier for you to get a good angle. You simultaneously pull the Hummingbird closer as you gently thrust your pelvis into her; her tiny pussy finally envelops you in its velvety, vibrating depths.

            Holy fucking shit.



            What a feeling. There is no way you’ll last long like this, especially if she orgasms this fast. Still, you’ve got to try. You begin to fuck the tiny girl as slowly as possible, savoring each, precious, intimate moment. The Hummingbird-girl’s face is contorted with ecstasy. Silvery threads of drool hang from her tongue and lips as she pants, feeling your girth filling her completely. You are hesitant to quicken your pace; the vibrations will no doubt have this over all too soon. However, an uncontrollable urge keeps driving you forward as pleasure builds.


            You only last a few more thrusts before your hot, sticky seed boils forth, repeatedly bursting into the nearly overloaded Hummingbird.



            To your surprise, you don’t feel drained like you usually do. Sure your orgasm took a bit out of you, but you can definitely go again. You resume plunging yourself inside of her almost immediately, carefully cradling your little, living Hummingbird-onahole in your hands.

            This is fucking fantastic.



            The pleasure that built in you barely had a chance to ebb. Minutes of frenzied, passionate thrusting later, you feel your second orgasm on its way.




            Three orgasms since yours.


            It’s a shame that most of your first load has oozed out of the Hummingbird already. Most of it is now coating her legs, crotch and belly.

            The next load will just have to make up for it.

            With one final push, you fly over the edge again. The Hummingbird spasms and her rapid vibrations falter. They immediately return though, milking as much of your jizz out of you as possible. She moans and squirms adorably as her little belly swells to accommodate your massive load. Being able to see the outline of yourself as you fucked her had been a little weird at first, but now you almost long to see it again. You are sure that she hasn’t been hurt, even though you know that your balls had slapped against her tiny little butt on several occasions.


            You slowly pull yourself out of the Hummingbird-girl.

            ‘Heh. Thirteen.’


            A devious little idea comes to you as you place your thumb firmly over her crotch, keeping your cum from spilling out of her. With your other hand, you reach for her little panties; it isn’t too much of a struggle to pull them up and over her swollen, cum-filled belly. You slide your thumb out and trace it lovingly up her crotch all the way to her diminutive breasts. Since her belly is so big, her panties are a lot tighter. They exceed your expectations at keeping her beautifully ‘filled up’, just like she wanted.


            Spent, you fall from your knees and collapse on the right of the Hummingbird’s pillow-stack. Carefully, you lift her off of it and bring up her to your chest. Her vibrating has almost fully subsided; it’s now more like a gentle purr than anything else. Now that she’s come down a bit from her massive sensory overload, she is able to speak. Her voice is very quiet and tired, but filled with happiness.

            “Thank you for filling me up Mister…”

            “It was my pleasure, ah…”

            “Emma.” You shiver a little as the Hummingbird tells you her name. She slowly wriggles around and sluggishly crawls up to your ear, grinning widely, and whispers.

            “Emma loves Mister.” Her words are just barely loud enough for you to hear.

            You smile.

            “I’ll have to get back to you on that one, but you can definitely stay with me if you want. You can call me Anon too, or Mister… whatever you like.”


            It’s still a little too soon for you to use a word as strong as ‘love,’ but there’s no way you’re leaving without her now.

            “Mmmm!” Emma nods and hums happily, content with your reply.


            Maybe she can stow away in your carry-on or something. You aren’t in a state to think about the details, but you’ll figure them out later. Now, all you can think about is the little purring Hummingbird-girl snuggled up on your chest. One of your hands rests tenderly on her head, the other on her back. Her tiny belly is still round and swollen with your cum. You slowly run your fingers through her silky, green hair as you doze there on the bed; the two of you are cuddled up tightly to each other, still surrounded by messy sheets and various forms of arousal. This truly is bliss.


            This Hummingbird is now yours to protect. No more homelessness for her, she is going to come live with you back home. Your thoughts are interrupted by that squeaky, adorable snore-whistle and you smile to yourself. Yep. She is yours now, and you are hers; that was probably her plan from the start anyway. Hell, maybe it was yours too.

            Oh well.

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