How To Milk A Holstaur

Welcome! If you are reading this, then chances are you have either a close friend or lover that is a holstaur who has asked you to help them in the milking process. If not, then let this act as preemptive knowledge if you run in to such an issue in the future.

Now as you may know, a holstaur (or holstaurus/cowgirl, depending on which colloquialism you prefer; all three may be used throughout this guide.) is a unique Mamono. With other monstergirls, breastmilk production is only induced because of a pregnancy. But holstaurs have extraordinary mammary glands; they produce milk, regardless of if they are with child or not. This poses a problem: how does a holstaur deal with the daily build-up of breastmilk? Most people would just think “Why not use a milking machine like a regular dairy cow?” Believe me, this question has been asked countless times, and no doubt plenty of holstaurs have heard it as well.

The problem with this is that with holstaurs only lactate if they are nursing someone or if an individual milks the holstaur by hand. This poses another question: why not set up a business or farm where holstaurs can be milked by hand by the employees? There’s a problem with that as well. If milking is done by hand, then lactation is only achieved when someone with an incredibly deep emotional bond to the holstaur, her husband for instance, is the one milking her. It would be pointless to address the idea of having some stranger suckle from a holstaur either, because holstaurs only let their partner or children do such a thing. Since it is difficult to achieve lactation with a holstaur their breastmilk is kept inside, causing her breasts to swell up and become tender and occasionally discomforting or painful unless it is drained.

So the problem still stands: holstauri need to be milked quite often (usually daily for normal holstaurs and even more frequently than that for the more “gifted” individuals), but a holstaur can only be milked by their husband, lover, or a very close friend. This means that if a holstaur asks you if you could milk her then you’re either her husband, or a really lucky friend.

Regardless of your current relationship with the holstaur, there are a few things to consider when milking one: her comfort, the technique being used, and the container being used to store the fresh breastmilk. Although a fairly minor point, your attachment to what you are wearing and anything else on your person at the time when you do milk the holstaurus should also be considered. These four things cover all the steps needed to properly milk a holstaurus, without causing any sort of discomfort or injury to either you or the monstergirl.


Now that we have that out of the way, you may be asking “How do I milk a holstaurus properly?” Well, the entire process can be broken down into three different categories – Preparation, Milking, and Afterglow (referred to as “Afterflow” by some people) – with each category having its own steps. Think of the entire thing as one long, continuous process divided up into three separate major parts; simple and easy to remember!

The first part – Preparation – is probably the easiest of the lot. Not much needs to be done other than setting up the equipment needed to store the breastmilk, along with preparing the area where the milking will be taking place. The actual steps are listed below:

  1. Retrieve a container. This is usually a large bucket or tub, although smaller bins can be used if the holstaur’s output isn’t as high or she’s just looking for temporary relief. It is important to note that some holstaurs may require extremely large tubs, perhaps the size of a bath or even larger if they have excessively active mammary glands and large breasts or a high build-up of cream.
  2. Another important item that is needed is some sort of chair or stool to sit on. It depends on which technique is being used, but generally one will need a stool or bench to sit down on and either a comfortable chair or mat for the holstaur.
  3. This step isn’t necessary, but it is significant enough to be discussed. Occasionally a milking session will become messy so having cleaning supplies like a large absorbent towel or cloth for both parties involved on hand is important. Some people go as far as to prepare a bath before starting so cleanup can be done immediately afterwards, but it isn’t essential. It would also be wise to have a change of clothing on hand for both the holstaur and you, as your clothing may become saturated in breastmilk. Some husbands of holstaurs even say that they wear nothing but fluid-repellant trousers when assisting their wife.

The second part – Milking – is where the actual milking happens. This is probably the most important part to understand, because if something goes wrong it will most likely be here. It’s not as detrimental if a step is forgotten in the Preparation or Afterglow, as these don’t directly involve touching the cowgirl. A holstaur’s comfort is probably the upmost important thing to remember when milking one. There are several techniques in which to milk a holstaur, but the important thing is to ask her which one she prefers. Rather than go over all the different styles, of which there are countless ways and variations, this guide will go over one of the most common ways of milking a holstaur along with some basic ideas that can be carried over to other forms.

  1. As stated before, the holstaur’s comfort is one of the most important things to remember when milking. As such a soft, plush cushion – best mounted on a large chair – is the best option for a holstaur.
  2. One of the most common ways a person can milk a holstaur – and one of the most common ways holstaurs like to be milked – is for her husband to reach around from behind and use his hands. This can either be done by having the holstaur sit in your lap, or by having her lean over a bar or flat surface such as a table or countertop with the bucket positioned on the floor below her breasts.
  3. As part of keeping the holstaur calm, it is important to speak with a soft tone and let her know when you’ll be starting. Another point to consider is asking questions or listening to understand if she wants you to be rougher or gentler. Some holstaur also like their horns or ears rubbed when being milked, so it’s important to ask her if she is okay with you doing so.
  4. To begin milking, it’s essential that you start off by simply massaging her breasts rather than squeezing the teat right at the beginning. Gently caressing them by rubbing the skin, rolling them around in your hand, pretending to juggle them, kneading them like dough – all are appropriate methods when massaging a holstaur’s breasts. Keep in mind though that you may have to be gentle when squeezing or kneading her breasts as they may be tender due to heavy milk accumulation.
  5. Some say they can feel a holstaur’s breasts becoming warmer as they massage them or that the skin becomes more flushed, but the best way to determine if her body is ready to be milked or not is by feeling for wetness around her nipple. Although it’s better to err on the side of caution, you can start milking her before then.
  6. Now that she’s ready to be milked, you can start by lightly pinching her teat and rolling it between your fingers.
  7. The next step is to switch back to her breast, or rather her breast and her entire teat. Tug lightly on both her breast and nipple, occasionally moving your hands over to give her breasts a nice squeeze.
  8. By Step 6 or Step 7, you should be feeling the holstaur’s breastmilk start trickling out and down to the bucket below. Simply continue tugging and squeezing on her breasts and nipples to draw out her breastmilk. It’s important to note that at first, only small trickles will form but as you work the holstaur’s chest, the flow will thicken considerably.
  9. This isn’t necessarily a step, but it’s important to mention that for a holstaur, having her breasts played with and milked is incredibly pleasurable to her – so don’t be surprised if she starts moaning lewdly or tries pushing her buttocks further into your groin.
  10. This step is purely situational, but the holstaur may try pleasuring herself with her hand(s), or she may ask you to do so for her. It’s extremely important here to ask if she’s okay with you touching her “below the belt”, so to speak. One could assume that if they are married to a holstaur and are in the process of milking her it’s okay to use your hands elsewhere, but it’s better to ask rather than be kicked.
  11. It all depends on the holstaur and how much cream she has, but the flow of milk from her bosom will eventually slow back down to a slight dribble. Some may say that it’s important to drain as much milk from the holstaur as possible, leaving no trace of it in her breasts. This can be done, but it may make her breasts sore so it’s not recommended.

The third part, Afterglow, doesn’t really have any steps to it. Rather, this section sums up some of the things that may happen during or after milking, along with a few other notable tips about holstaurs and their breasts/breastmilk.

  1. Like stated before in the Milking section, having her breasts drained of cream is extremely pleasurable for a holstaur. Some have said that the pleasure experienced is comparable to intercourse.
  2. On that note, some holstaur even have sex while they are being milked.
  3. Like stated in Step 9 of the Milking section, she will most likely try and push herself further into your groin or lap depending on which position you are in. She may ask her husband to strip naked before milking (having discarded her own clothing beforehand), and more often than not the man will find himself lightly thrusting his penis either between his wife’s haunches or inside her vagina. Sometimes sex while milking will be rougher depending on a holstaur’s tastes, but you don’t need to worry about hurting her. This is incredibly common between a holstaur and her human partner, so don’t be surprised if spontaneous sex occurs as a result.
  4. Another well-known technique to draining a holstaur’s bosom is suckling directly from her breasts like a babe. This can take longer than by hand due to only being able to nurse from one teat at a time, but couples who engage in this practice say that the pleasure and intimacy that breastfeeding brings is nigh incomparable.
  5. Another common occurrence is for a holstaur to “titfuck” her husband; placing his penis in between her breasts and pleasuring him with them. Some men swear by this, saying that feeling his wife’s incredibly large, soft, milk-soaked breasts caressing him is one of the best feelings in the world.
  6. As you may know, the most notable thing about a holstaur’s bovine features is her exceptionally large chest, and the milk stored inside. A holstaur’s breasts are incredibly resilient, being able to heal from almost any injury back to their regular state. The smallest holstaur is always larger than the biggest human female and while unconfirmed, some holstaurs boast having breasts larger than record-holding watermelons.
  7. A holstaur’s breastmilk isn’t anything to scoff at either. Not only is it incredibly rich in taste and nutrients, it has also been proven in some cases to heal some of the most crippling of ailments.
  8. One lesser known fact about holstaur milk, on account of it being incredibly difficult if not impossible to obtain, is the affects it has on a human male when drunk during intercourse.
  9. While regular holstaur milk does have some health benefits to it, the milk that a man drinks directly from a holstaur’s breast while they make love is extremely potent. On more than one occasion a holstaur has reported her husband nursed from her while they made love and how he lasted for hours upon hours, utterly filling her up and then some with his semen. Another account has a man saying that he has more energy each day when he drinks his wife’s milk along with a radical increase in libido and semen output.
  10. Efforts have been made to capture, bottle, and distribute this special type of holstaur milk but its almost magical properties are lost within a matter of days of being bottled. Regardless of any scientific study on holstaur breastmilk, it’s important to know that drinking it – either the regular kind or the “extra special stuff” – will have certain, but perfectly safe, physical and mental effects.


To recap what has been said in this guide, it is important to know that a holstaur’s comfort is of the upmost priority when milking her. This guide also covered some of the more common techniques and other dealings associated with milking a holstaur, from gently massaging her breasts to nursing directly from them while having sex with her. It also talked about some of the more common properties and facts about a holstaur’s breasts and breastmilk, such as the breasts resilience to injury or the health benefits that come with drinking the milk.

Hope you enjoyed reading this guide, and happy milkings to both of you!


-Beardicus, author.

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