Home Improver Stories: Selling the Dream

My first time collaboration with another author! Special thanks to Moongrim for the use of his characters, here’s to many more collaborations! 


”You need how many tons of sandstone?” Dain the Contrator Services Supervisor asked  his old friend and now, evidently the worlds only male dragon as they sat by the contractors desk. 

Dain had known Allen for years, his dad was actually one of his best customers and he’d always seen Allen  helping him out.  Eventually, Allen got his own gig as a contractor, but it had been a long while since he’d seen him and from what he could tell, it was for good reason. 

“I know it’s alot to ask Dain, but it would save me a lot of trips flying that stuff back and forth.” 

“No, no I got ya. Just let me see if I can make some calls,  I got a guy in Visalia that does rock supply, he owes me one. I’ll be honest though, with all the shipping to Yosemite, it’s not going to be cheap…”

Allen grimaced, “That’s what I kind of figured.” 

“Let me do some leg work and I’ll get a quote to you in a few days,  ok? If it’s like the way you described with making a whole new Dragon House,  you’ll need a lot of stuff, not just stone. Remember they might be dragons, but they’re also women too, and women want a comfortable home.” 

Thinking back to Frazziss consistent yelling at him for every little discomfort,  Allen nodded sagely. 

“I know you know this already but we’ve got  the best Alraune in the whole Central Valley running the garden department , so she can take care of your landscaping stuff,  Shivie is the best kitchen designer ever, I think you worked with her before on a job, we got a new electrical supervisor, but she’s pretty good too. I’ll be honest, having the worlds only male dragon as my contractor would get Rayla off my ass for losing the whole Wonderland bid.” 

“Rayla… I forgot who is she again?” Allen asked trying to pull up old memories of all the stores associates. 

“She’s the store manager, she’s a  Danuki, you remember, short, ginger colored hair…”

Allen froze in his contemplation, turning to his old friend he slowly asked,

”Hey Dain… do you know what her last name is by the way?” 

“Rayla’s?” Dain frowned as he fought to remember,

”I think it’s Sato, why?”

”Son of a bitch…”

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