Home Improver Stories: June’s Revenge

Authors Note:

So wow! It’s been officially a year since I started writing. The whole Home Improver story was really just meant as an experimental 1 shot to see if I could actually write something decent. From that one stupid little story, it blossomed out to many more and I am proud of what the series has become. I really want to thank my readers – you guys are what makes this all worthwhile! I would also like to extend a special thank you to Moongrim for all the collaboration we’ve done together that truly creates a beautiful, rich world to write about- thank you my friend! Lastly I would like to say while this seems like the end of the Home Improver series, it’s not, but do think of it as a season finale, as I would like to focus on the Connecticut Yankee series for a bit.  Now a word from everyone’s favorite pencil pusher- 

Bob the lawyer: First, I’m not a pencil pusher, I am an accredited, Bar associated attorney at law… now then… names, places and incidents are all purely fictional and used for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities are entirely coincidental and unintended.



June’s Revenge…


It had been well over 3 months since June had been fired from the Home Improver Store. Unprofessionalism in the work place they called it or at least that’s what was put down on paper when Angel herself, termed her. It was bitterly ironic to June as how almost every manager and supervisor there was fucking someone else in the store. Yet they said what she did was unprofessional. 

Being a part-time cashier, June lived paycheck to paycheck along with supplementing her meager income with ‘donations’ from her numerous flings and one night stands. With no family to rely on and her primary source of income now gone, she had been kicked out of the small room she had been renting, resorting to living in her car. When it eventually ran out of gas on the road, she was forced to take what little possessions she had with her and leave the now useless auto where it had stalled.

She walked the streets, truly homeless, penniless and loveless. No one cared for her, not one person offered to help her. Not a hello, not even a smile. She stank from not washing for weeks, her clothes were filthy. People avoided looking at her, they crossed the street to evade passing by her.  After all, who would want to be near some homeless, dirty Kejourou? 

It was perhaps a stroke of luck or even fate, one rainy summer evening, that led her to an old abandoned warehouse at the outer edge of town. Finding a weak point in the chain link fence that surrounded it, June was able to break the wire securing it to the post and squeeze through.  

Inside, she discovered it was relatively warm and certainly much drier then some of the places she had been forced to sleep previously. Finding some dusty packing blankets, she was able to make herself a bed in the upper level office, overlooking the vastly empty space below.

That night, June took out from a small, black sack her most prized possession. Passed down from mother to daughter in her family for as long as any could remember. 

June stared deeply at the small brightly glowing yellow stone in between her fingers. She could feel the power and heat it emitted just by it’s touch. June was tired of being cold and hungry, of being persecuted for what just came natural to her. If those at the store thought they were so righteous, then she would gladly show them what hypocrites they were. 

“Mama was too scared to use you,” She whispered at it, “Even when they threw things and spitted at her,  when they came to our house and dragged her out. Even when they tied her up and set her on fire, she didn’t use you, but I will… I’ll finally make them all suffer…” 

Raising it in the air above her head she dropped the stone into her mouth, swallowing it. Instantly, she could feel it’s power and light pierce though her body. Her already long hair growing even longer and stronger. It enveloped her as June began to laugh at all the possibilities. She would have her revenge.


The beeping of the alarm clock awoke Kurt. 2:30 in the morning, Kurt sighed, no man should be up this early. Looking down he saw his Alp girlfriend, Michelle, sleeping peacefully atop him. A tightness below made him realize that he was still inside her from last nights love making.

After finally beating the Rape Wars: Sex Front  II video game she had been playing for a month straight, she celebrated that night by having 5 frantic rounds of sex with him. With every orgasm she had, Michelle would shout, “The Dark-Side will return!” Kurt didn’t quite know what to make of her choice of pillow talk, but he chose to ignore it. He really didn’t question a lot of the things the 19 year old Alp said or did because they frankly confused the hell out him. 

Kurt gently rolled her over to the side, freeing his sizable girth from her small, tight sheath. The coldness on his still wet neither regions made him shiver as he hurried to the bathroom to take a shower. 

The opening 5am morning shifts were always the hardest, but he figured at least he would be out early and could spend the rest of the day with Michelle as it was her day off. The hot water helped to clear the morning cob webs from his head as he soaped his massive frame and rinsed. Once dressed, he spared a moment to kiss Michelle on the cheek before grabbing  his lunch from the fridge as he made his way out the door to his truck.

Walking to the dimly lit car port, Kurt reached his old faithful blue pick up and unlocked it with the remote. He paused as something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. True, the sun still wasn’t up and it was quite dark out but it seemed darker than usual. Perhaps it was because one of the car port lights was out?  

Peering out into the blackness, it seemed to swirl and dance hypnotically before midnight black ropes of hair shot out to capture him. They covered his mouth and bound him so firmly that not even his massive strength could break their hold. Struggling, he found himself constricted to the point where he couldn’t breathe. After a ragged few minutes of thrashing about, his eyes rolled into the back of his head as the sound of keys hitting the pavement from his unconscious fingers was the only evidence he had ever been there.


“Do you think we have time for one more round?” Edward asked as he came inside his wife and supervisor, Karem, for the fifth time that morning. 

”As much as I want to, you gotta get ready for work, mister. I want my department looking perfect when I get in later.”  She said as she remained on all fours in front of him, enjoying the feeling of her husbands cum stuffing the insides of her pregnant body. 

“Yes boss,” He said as he lovingly kissed his way up her back to the nape her neck. 

Shuddering in pleasure, Karem instinctively grinded her pussy back against him as she felt his cock hardening once more inside her.

“Fuck, alright let’s do it one more time… But you probably won’t be able to take a shower.” She said huskily as she began to thrust herself back and forth on his rod again.

”That means I’ll be smelling like you all day.” He teased as he grabbed her swollen breasts and pulled her up for a side ways kiss.

”I can live with that.” Karem mumbled lustfully to him as small tendrils of electricity danced between their bodies. 

Letting her fall back onto to her hand and knees, Edward grabbed her hips and began to fuck her in a frenzied state as he jack hammered his dick into her. He was eager to fill his wife with more jizz. After all, their Hakutaku Obstetrician said that a healthy Mamono pregnancy depended on excessive amounts of sex and semen.

”Ohhhhh fuuuuucccccckkkk!!!” Karem moaned as they came together, him flooding her already overfilled insides with more cream.

Edward let the exhausted Raiju collapse in bed, as he jumped over to the dresser and quickly threw on some clothes. Kissing her passionately before taking off, he promised her more of the same treatment that night.

Checking his phone before going out the door, he saw a text message from his new friend, Matt the DH from Department 69. Damn, he would need to take a quick detour before work…


On the edge of town there was a mansion atop a hill that overlooked all below it. It was one of many in California that was owned by the Lilim, Druella. While she did prefer the night life of the Bay Area or L.A., the Central Valley still had it’s quiet charm. 

Being the shrewd businesswoman she was and, most importantly, Mamono royalty, Druella had been slowly buying up local businesses and adjusting them ever so slightly to meet the ‘special needs’ of Mamono clientele.

In certain cases, she would also buy the most run down apartments in the area and have them charitably renovated for both Human and Mamono in need. Of course all the needed materials would come from her Home Improver Stores. It would in turn provide a tidy profit for her stores and of course a nice tax write off at the end of the year. 

It was also conveniently omitted to her renters that all the bedrooms were remotely video monitored. The Lilim found her voyeuristic tendencies nicely fulfilled as she regularly watched her Mamono and even Human renters have sex on a daily basis. 

That early morning, however, Druella was not enjoying herself by watching the morning love-making on her many monitors in the study. As she read and reread her mother’s diary that was left to her, a cold sinking sensation continued to envelop the Lilim. She must have read it over a dozen times looking for some kind of loophole, a miss-speak or double meaning and so on, but to both her frustration and sorrow, there was none. 

The Maou’s instructions on the event and what must happen were quite clear, contrary to many of the other cryptic notes and messages left behind in the book. How she had been able to make glimpses into future events were a mystery to Druella, not even the great Majin Annwyfyn Arawn had that ability. But she had learned first hand the consequences of ignoring the messages written to her. It would have to be done exactly as written. 

Picking up a small silver bell, Druella rung it twice. After a brief moment, the voice of her trusted maid and bodyguard, Molly, was heard,

”Yes, my mistress?” 

”The time has come, Molly. Just as mother’s writings said it would.” Druella said glancing back over to the large, leather-bound tome still sitting open on her desk. 

“You will need to go awaken the stranger first as he will need to be brought up to speed on everything that has happened during his slumber. Those should fit him as well.” She said, pointing to the neatly folded men’s clothes and pair of boots on a nearby chair.  

 “Then deliver fathers sword to Angel and appraise her of the situation. Start phase 2 afterwards.” The Lilim instructed. 

Bowing deeply, the maid collected the clothing and made her way out.”

“Oh yes, here.” Her mistress called to her. Pausing, Molly turned to see Druella reach inside the drawer of her desk to pull out an ancient looking belt and  holster with a revolver stored inside. 

“He’ll be wanting this. Mother wrote he was quite fond of the thing, even going so far as to name it.” She said tossing it to the maid. 

 Molly caught the holstered revolver effortlessly and placed it atop the clothes. 

“By your leave, mistress.” She replied, nodding her head before exiting. 


“Yeah, that’s right… fuck her hard! Let her know who daddy is!” Megan urged as she pushed Adams hips faster and deeper into Monica’s wet, hairy quim

It was morning in the bedroom of the home of the Troll twins. Adam had moved in with the duo,  months back after they had finally decided to become husband and wives. 

“Megan, you’re being such a perv!” Monica giggled as Adam continued thrusting away between her legs. He had already cum inside her previously, but he knew it wasn’t enough. The twins wouldn’t be satisfied unless they each had at least 3 creampies , and even then it would only appease them for a few hours at best.

 Megan already had her fill but she still wanted more. It was only her sisterly instinct that released Adam from her thighs and allowed him to begin fucking Megan’s needy pussy.

”I don’t care,” Megan laughed, pushing her engorged stomach into Adams backside, “I’m pregnant, horny and I want to enjoy both as much as I can before our babies pop out!”

”Besides, you know whenever I watch Adam and you have sex, I get nasty.” She grinned lewdly as she reached down and played with the semen leaking from her cunt. Bringing a couple of fingers smeared with her own juice and Adams cum up to her mouth, she eagerly sucked on them while watching her sister being fucked.

Feeling another orgasm building, Adam increased his speed before cumming inside Monica again. Collapsing on top of his Troll wife, they kissed tenderly while cuddling. Monica reached up to her hair and plucked a leaf from the foliage growing amidst her dyed blonde hair. Gently placing it in his open mouth, Adam eagerly chewed on it, feeling some of his fatigue vanish. While it didn’t have quite the same effect as the leaves Regina gave him, it did help him recover from the constant sex he had to perform to keep the pair satisfied. 

“Hey,” Megan said as she snacked on the cum dripping from her own trimmed snatch while watching the two, “Let’s all call out today.” 

“You know we can’t do that, Megan. We’ve been calling out once a week, every week this month. We’re gonna get fired if we keep it up.” Adam groaned. 

“He’s right, besides we’re going on maternity leave in a few months. Then we can have as much fun as we want.” Monica said cheerfully, daydreaming at the thought of the three of them in bed all day long. 

“Mmm… neither of you are any fun,” Megan pouted as she licked her fingers clean from her 4th helping. 

“What time is it?” Adam mumbled as he fought to keep himself awake. 

“8:30” Megan replied, glancing over to the alarm clock on the night stand by the large bed they all shared. 

“Oh shit! I have to get ready! I need to be in by 9!” Adam exclaimed as he pulled himself out of Monica’s embrace. 

“You can always call out,” Megan sang to him as she took his place by her sister on the bed. The two cuddled together as they watched him dress, their naked, pregnant bodies on display for him. 

“I want to, I really do, but we need to keep our jobs for our daughters, remember?” 

“I know…” Megan grumbled.

We know, and we appreciate you looking after us, right?” Monica asked, glancing over to her sister. 

“I never said I didn’t…” Megan mumbled as she looked down in embarrassment, her hand cupping her round stomach.

”I love you both,” Adam declared as he finished dressing and bent over the bed for a 3 way kiss. 

”Love you.” The twins said together, as he stood to leave. 

“Have a good day at work!” Monica called.

”Come home early so you can fuck us again before we gotta go in!” Megan shouted as he rushed out. 

Adam sped to work, averaging a consistent 20 miles over the speed limit in town. Screeching into a parking space, he jumped out of his car only to fall on his face.

”What the hell?” Adam cried in pain as he looked down at his feet. To his horror he saw them bound by a lasso of midnight black hair.  

No – it couldn’t be! Memories of that day flooded back to him, the terror of being hunted and nearly taken by June resurfacing…

”No… Please… no!” He yelled as he desperately tried to pull his feet free. An insane laughter echoed around him as he was dragged into the bushes near by…


“Hey, thanks again for the lift, I really appreciate it. Everyone at home was either asleep or recharging…” Matt said sheepishly to Edward as they pulled into the parking lot of the Home Improver Store. 

“Yeah, no problem, you were lucky I checked my phone when I did and that we both start at the same time. Hopefully your car will be ok though, it was smoking pretty bad.”

Edward was hoping that all the small talk was distracting Matt from the obvious fact that he smelled like he had spent the whole morning buried balls deep in pregnant Raiju pussy. 

”It shouldn’t be a problem, I’ll have Jenny take a look at it, stuff like that is pretty easy for her fix.”

”Which one?” Edward asked.

”Huh?” Matt asked confused. 

“Which Jenny, you’re married to like 3 of them, remember?” Edward laughed.

”Oh yeah, um I meant Jenny the Automaton, sorry. It’s weird, at home everyone just seems to know who I’m talking about when I say ‘Jenny’. I forgot that I need to be more detailed when I talk with everyone else.” Matt chuckled in embarrassment. 

As they both got out of the car, a frightened voice called from the bushes a few feet away.

”Someone, please help, I’m hurt! Please someone!” 

Looking to each other, both Matt and Edward rushed over to lend assistance.  As they reached the shrubbery, the same voice giggled.



Angel sat in the manager’s office fuming. So far, it had been a train wreck of a day with 3 call outs and 4 no call, no shows, leaving the store running with less than a skeleton crew. Nobody in Milworks, nobody in Electrical, nobody in 69 and only 1 person in Garden. Maou damn it, days like these made her want to drop her apron on the floor, chuck her store keys in the vault box and walk out for good.

It was suspicious that one of the no call, no shows  was a DH of hers-  Matt. It was very unlike him in fact as he was usually responsible up to a fault. Then again, maybe one or all of the Jenny’s decided to do an all day fuck fest and he simply couldn’t call in…

The remaining few associates that were on the floor were being as needy as a bunch of preschoolers.

My own 6-year-old step daughter is more fucking independent and free thinking then these morons, She thought to herself, bitterly.  

The managers phone rang for the 100th time that day, interrupting her musings. Looking at the call ID, she saw that it was Hardware. Sighing, she hit the call accept button.


“Uh, yeah, uh Angel? There’s like, uh this customer and stuff and they want this flashlight but the package is kinda messed up. Could I, uh like take off like 5 bucks off it and stuff?” Came the voice of the store stoner and long-term hardware associate, Freddie. 

At 24 years old, an extreme user of cannabis and a high school drop out, Freddie wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. His highest ambition of late  was being able to get  to work on time without being too badly stoned.

Angel held out the phone to her face in pure disdain as she resisted crushing it on the spot in hopes that it might also crush the twit employee on the other end.

She had been getting idiotic calls all day but this one… This one took the cake…

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she answered.

”Freddie, you’re empowered to do a discount of up to 50 dollars. Now is 5 dollars less than 50?” 

A long pause on the other end showed the complexity of his problem solving abilities. Freddie finally answered after a painful few minutes, 

”Uhh… no? I don’t think so?” 

Angel slammed her face on the managers desk as she fought to keep herself from verbally destroying him.

“Just…  give the fucking discount, Freddie…” She mumbled sideways into the phone.

“Oh ok, uh thanks Angel.” Came the voice cheerfully as no more difficult questions followed and his urgent question was answered. The phone call ended and she pulled her head up to stare blankly at the wall in front of her. 

“Why the fuck don’t we drug test again?” She asked herself in wonder. 

“Hey…” Came the voice of Anon, her husband and in-store booty call, as he popped he head in the door. 

“You ok? I heard a crash?” 

Turning in the chair, she regarded him for a moment before shouting in annoyance,

“Get over here and eat me out right NOW!” She demanded while spreading her legs and pointing at the crouch of her raised skirt. 


“Don’t you dare say that fucking word again…” She warned dangerously as her spade tail waved back and forth behind her in agitation.

Slightly fearing for his life, Anon quickly entered into the office and locked the door behind him. Getting to his knees, he pulled off her baby blue g-string and began to eagerly slurp and suckle on her frustrated pussy. If she was really that badly pissed off, he knew the only thing that would take the edge off would be few good orgasms.

Moaning in appreciation, Angel ran her fingers through his hair as she coo’d to him. 

”I’m so sorry Sweetheart, l didn’t mean to yell at you. It’s just these damn retards that work here can’t seem to think for themselves and are being needy as fuck today.”  

“It’s ok,” He mumbled into her gushing quim as he drank her juice. One thing Angel noticed about becoming a Succubus was that she tended to get a tad bit overly wet when Anon serviced her. Well it was more like Niagara Falls, if she really wanted to be honest with herself. The poor man did his best, but it was never enough as her overflowing nectar coated his face and mouth. 

“Mmmm who says sex doesn’t solve all of life’s problems?” She breathed, quivering as Anon brought her to orgasm after orgasm. The ringing manager phone interrupted her pleasure, but was easily remedied as she popped the battery off it.

Problem solved, she grinned to herself. 

Releasing his hold on her gushing slit, Anon pulled his head up, gasping for air. Angel reached down and kissed him passionately, enjoying her taste on his mouth.

“I’m off at 6, go home, drink lots of sports and energy drinks to get ready for tonight. Because when I get home, I’m going to fuck you straight into that hole that’s been growing in our mattress…” She growled lustfully to him after breaking the kiss.

Anon simply smiled and nodded. He knew after the way things were going for her today, she wouldn’t relax that night unless it was after at least 10 rounds of sex. It was a damn good thing their daughter was spending the night at his parents house! 

After he cleaned himself up, Anon made his was to his car parked outside. Unlocking it, he was about to get in when he heard a voice behind him,

”The last one…”

A heavy whack and an explosion of pain on the back of his head were the last things Anon experienced as he descended into darkness. 


 They hung from the ceiling, like slabs of meat. In a sense they were now, wrists bound by her infinitely long hair, Anon, Edward, Kurt, Adam and Matt could do nothing but wait for the psychopathic Kejourou’s attention. Walking down the line of tied up men, she trailed a finger across their chests as she inspected her quarry. 

So many boys! It’s so hard to choose!” June giggled with a hand covering her mouth.

“The big guy.” She stopped at Kurt. Reaching down, she cupped his manhood through his pants and smiled insanely. “It’s a shame, we could have had a lot of fun together, all the girls used to gossip that you were very, very well endowed. I almost regret trying to run you over, but you see, that damn bitch just got me so angry. I’m sure you understand.” 

“Get your hands off me!” Kurt growled as he struggled against the bonds of hair that held him. 

“Mmm so large… I wonder how long it would take for you to die?” June mused as a lock of hair rose up and twined itself into a point. Everyone looked on in frightened fascination, as it solidified itself into a  spear. 

Kurt froze as he saw it was aimed at him. 

“Now just hold on a damn minute lady, I ain’t done nothin to you!”

”But you did, my mountain,” She whispered with a manic grin, “You survived…” 

With that she stabbed into him over and over as the others cried out for her to stop. Unbelievably, Kurt did not scream out in pain as the spear pierced through his right shoulder, then his side, finally burying itself into the left center of his chest. 

“You done yet?” He growled through bloodied gritted teeth. 

“Mmm… ohhhhh… That was amazing,” June moaned as she pulled it out of him. Her hand reached inside her Kimono and she began to pleasure herself. Bringing the hair spear up to her mouth, she sensually licked the blood off it’s tip.  

Giggling, she said, “I’m always the one that gets penetrated, but now I know why you boys love doing that to girls! It felt soooo good!!!”

”Damn it June, let us go! If he dies, they’ll give you the chair for it!” Anon bellowed as he struggled against his bonds.

Smiling, June removed her hand and sashayed over to him.  Cupping his face with her slick fingers, she stared into his eyes. Anon tried his best to jerk his head away in disgust, unwilling to let her touch him. 

“Oh Anon, no one can hurt me anymore. Mmm…  But I do wonder what kind of face Angel will make when she finds her little pet dead?” She purred as she put a fingertip on his nose, before slapping him. Over and over she assaulted him with strikes from her palm. After what seemed like an eternity, she started digging her razor-sharp nails into the flesh of the sides of his face, raking them along side, all while laughing and spitting on him in a crazed rage. 

Finally she stopped and stepped back to regard her work. Anons face was covered in blood with chunks of skin hanging off here and there.  He tried to keep himself composed but couldn’t fight back the excruciating pain as he began to sob. 

“Stop it, you damn monster!” Edward shouted to her.

”Monster?” June paused at that. Turning to him, she laughed at the term. 

“I’m not a monster, I’m just doing what comes natural to me. You’re all the real monsters here… you and your bitches. All I ever wanted to do is fuck and be loved, and yet you all say no to me… You run from me… Your women… They stole you from me… They stole you … Chased me off like some kind of animal, when we all know that YOU ARE ALL MINE!!!” She yelled at them, her hair tightening around their wrists  harder, causing gasps and shouts of pain. 

Her visage full of hatred and madness, she stomped over to him. 

“You and the weasel got your happy ending, didn’t you? Well… I’m going to change that.”

Looking over to the rest of them she hissed, “None of your bitches will ever know happiness when I’m done!”  

A large claw shaped mass of her hair raised up and slashed Edward violently across the chest, spattering blood on the insane Kejourou. 

Gasping and crying in pain, he hung limply from the bonds of hair as his blood leaked on the ground, the others could do nothing but watch as he bled from his wounds.

“June, look… look at me,” Matt called to her.

“I know when things are down, the whole world seems against you. I do, I really do. I lost everything when my mom died. I hated everything and everyone, but I had to push through it. You have to rise above, there’s people who can help you. You’re a strong, passionate person, this isn’t you. You can get back on your feet, you can be better!” Matt pleaded to her.

June listened intently to him speak, her eyes tearing as she gave him a small genuine smile. For the first time, someone understood her feelings…

“We never really did get a chance to meet, did we? I heard you were very kind and nice. You were still a virgin when I went to go see you in the aisles of your department…” She said softly to him, fondly remembering the moment, then her face hardened,

”I was hoping to be your first, to show you how good sex could be, but those… TOYS of yours threatened me, they chased me off!” She shouted to him. 

“You could have experienced so much pleasure with me… Too bad you’re going to die with the rest of them.” She declared angrily as she walked away. 


2 hours to go, I can survive this, Angel thought to herself as she checked the clock in the office. It certainly wasn’t as bad as the time when she was Human and had the stomach flu. Rayla still made her come to work that day, despite the fact she spent most of her time hugging a toilet in the ladies restroom.

The second shift was coming in with, thankfully, no more call outs. The next Manager on Duty was, ironically enough, Rayla herself and Angel was gonna book it as soon as she saw that fluffy tail coming through the door. There was once a time when she kinda wanted to touch that fluffy tail, in a weird way she thought it also seemed like a good name for some Mamono fetish website. Touch fluffy tail… nah, who be so crazy as to follow through on making that?

Both the office phone and her mobile manager phone rang together as Monica and Megan appeared at the office door, interrupting her thoughts. 

“Have you seen Adam?” Megan asked. 

“H-Hold on,” Angel said as she juggled both phones.

“Manager on Duty, this is Angel.”  She said into her mobile.

”Angel, it’s Karem, have you seen Edward?” 

“No, he never came in. Karem, I gotta go, I’m getting blown up here.” She said hanging up.

”No girls, he didn’t show up, I thought he was going to call out to be with you two.” She said quickly as she grabbed the ringing office phone.

”Manager on Duty, this is Angel.”

”Where’s Matt, he’s suppose to be here,” asked Jenny the Living Doll, on the other end. Angel sneered slightly at hearing her voice. Maou, she hated that porcelain bitch. 

“I don’t know Jenny, he did a no call, no-show.” Angel replied, then abruptly hung up. Serves her right for always being a cunt, she thought to herself. 

Angel paused. This wasn’t  right, she thought to herself. The people who didn’t show up, now are missing by their wives…. Men… human men specifically that were married to Mamono in the store.. Something was definitely wrong. 

“I’ll find out what’s going on girls, go back to your department and  give me a few moments, please?”  Angel asked the twins. Each nodded wordlessly as they walked away, frightened by the thought that their husband was missing. 

Biting her lower lip, Angel checked her work phone contacts and dialed Michelle.

“Michelle, it’s Angel. Is Kurt there with you? No? … Look, I think there’s something going on,  I need you to come in right now… No I can’t tell you over the phone just get here right away, it’s important.” 

A freighting thought crept into her head as Angel hung up and took out her personal phone to call Anon. 

“Hey this is Anon, I can’t come to the phone right now, so please leave a message.” 


Hitting his name again on her phone’s speed dial, the call went straight to voicemail for the second time.

“Come on, damn it, pick up! For the love of Maou, pick up the damn phone!” She screamed at the device, placing the call again. 

“He is unable to answer…” Came a low voice next to her.

Startled, she quickly stood and saw that the intruder was a… Mantis dressed in a maid outfit?

“Who the fuck are you? You’re not suppose to be back here!” Angel exclaimed. 

”I am Molly, a representative of her royal majesty, Druella.” The Mantis girl said, bowing calmly.

“Now is really not a good time for this, I’m dealing with some urgent problems.” She growled at the maid. 

“Her highness is aware that your associates have been kidnapped. Including your husband.”

Angel staggered as though she had been punched in the gut. Paling at the Mantis’s revelation, her thoughts raced to Anon. 

“H- How the hell do you know that? Do you know where he is? Where the others are? Please, are they safe?” Angel begged desperately.

For a brief moment, the stoic maids face saddened as she said, 

“No, we were not able to find where they were taken. But we do know who has taken them… Your former employee, June Nakamoto.” 

Angel leaned against the desk in shock, “I- I had a… feeling … But how?” 

“Ms. Nakamoto is in possession of a shard of the relic called the Philosophers Stone. It has granted her great power, enough to accomplish her task of capturing your people.”

”What the hell do you mean ‘great power?’ What is she suppose to be some sort of super villain now?” Angel asked angrily.

“Ms. Nakamoto’s power is essentially equal to that of a Lilim in her current state.” 

”Maou, fuck me… “ Angel cursed as the impossibility of the situation came crashing down as a cold, hard reality upon her.

“And you’ve come to tell me that Druella is going fix this and get back our husbands, right?” 

“No, the royal family cannot be involved in this issue. Having a relic unaccounted for and in the possession of an unstable Mamono would be unacceptable. It would be seen as an embarrassment. You are tasked  to resolve this by your own means.” Said the maid, emotionlessly. 

“The fuck? What do you mean no, I have to resolve it myself?! I don’t give a shit about the Lilim’s PR issues or even the damn Maou herself, I want my husband back! My people back! Safe and sound!” She yelled angrily, slamming her palm down on the desk. A blade shot out from the Mantis’s forearm to Angels throat. She froze, glaring at Molly, as it’s edge rested millimeters away from her skin.

“You will speak respectfully when referring to the royal family.”

”And maybe one day, if you ever get a man, you’ll know where I’m coming from.” Angel growled as she stared her down. 

“Perhaps.” Molly said, a hint of red inexplicably coloring her cheeks. Withtracting her blade and gesturing to a large, leather wrapped sword leaning against a corner wall, the maid continued,

“Her highness is not unsympathetic of the situation. She offers you a weapon that would be most useful in stopping June. This was the sword of my mistresses father, it will be intrusted to you for the time being.”

Angel looked over at it in shock. Could it really be the sword of the Maou’s husband? The thing could very well be considered a priceless national treasure and it was being loaned to her like a damn library book?

Looking back up, Angel found herself alone in the office. The Mantis maid had vanished as suddenly as she had appeared. Biting her lower lip in thought, she knew what she had to do, it would put her associates at risk, but there was no other way.

 A fire-breathing male dragon would really come in handy right about now, Angel thought to herself, but from what Dain had told her, he had his own personal problems to deal with.

Grabbing the managers phone, Angel keyed in the 3 digit code that would pipe her into the stores overhead paging system. 

“Attention all Home Improver associates, I need the following associates to the conference room immediately. DH’s Karem and Regina, Garden associates Megan and Monica and both D69 Jenny’s…. Please come to the conference room immediately.”  

Pushing the end call button, Angel sighed as the maids words weighed heavily on her. This was so far beyond her range of a manager, it wasn’t even funny, but it had to be done. The Lilim’s weren’t going to fix their mess, and of course shit rolled down hill, so it was up to her to put things right. There really was only a one word response to a situation such as that. 


Glancing back over to the sword in the corner, she grabbed its massive handle and took it with her as she went to meet the girls.


They all sat around the large table in the conference room as Angel stood in front, explaining the situation as best she could. How June somehow  kidnapped each of their husbands and how the police probably wouldn’t be much help until after the allotted 24 hours before they could file a missing persons report. 

“Now we don’t know where any of them are but-“ 

“I have the ability to track Department Head Matt though a sub-dermal locator I implanted in him previously during coitus.” Jenny the Automaton interrupted.

The room suddenly became awkwardly silent with the Automaton’s admission. 

“Did you really just admit that you put a tracking device in our husband while having sex with him?” Jenny the Living Doll asked while looking over at her co-wife/worker. 

”Yes, I felt it was a prudent course of action to ensure his immediate whereabouts.” She said emotionlessly before adding, “You have one implanted as well.” 

“What the fuck?!” The Living Doll yelled indignantly while jumping to her feet.

“LADIES, we can discuss invasion of personal privacy another time,” Angel interrupted, “Jenny can you or can you not find Matt, if we find him, there’s a damn good chance we’ll find all of our husbands as well.” 

The doll sat back down, glaring at the robot, while everyone waited for an answer to Angels question.

The Automaton paused and tilted her head to the side before answering, “Negative, his transmitter is still out of my range, I am unable to increase the receptive area with current available energy.” 

Various sounds of disparity filled the room until Karem said thoughtfully, “What if I zapped you? Would that give you enough power?”

“Calculating… Yes, an energy input of 2.36 gigajules would boost receptivity to encompass an acceptable 30 mile radius.” 

“You can do that easy, right Karem?!” Michelle asked hopefully. 

“I… I’ve never jolted that much before but…” Karem paused as she placed her hands over her slightly bulging tummy, “But, you better believe I will this time.” 

Standing from her chair, Karem made her way over to Jenny the Automaton whom also stood. 

“Where should I shoot?” She asked as she held up her hands. 

“You must make direct contact with the power supply located in my chest.” Jenny replied as she took off her purple work apron and unzipped her jumpsuit to reveal her nipple-less breasts. 

“Sooo grab your boobs and jolt, right…Wait, you keep your batteries in your tits?” Asked Karem slightly shocked. 


“Fine, whatever, as long as it gets me back Edward,” Karem sighed as she grabbed onto Jenny’s breasts and concentrated. 

“Ready?” She asked as she took a breath.

”Yes,” The Automaton nodded. 

Everyone in the room held their breath as Karem let out a savage yell, channeling every joule of power she had into the Automaton. Ropes of electricity crackled around them followed by an intense blinding light encompassing the two. The light slowly faded and smoke rose off them both as Karem slumped exhausted against a rigid Jenny.  As the Automaton gazed distantly off, no one in the room dared speak, they all knew she was their only hope of finding their loved ones. After an anxious few moments, she finally spoke,

”Location acquired…” 

A exlierated cheer let loose as hugs and high fives were exchanged among the various girls. 

“Alright, we know where they are but there’s another problem,” Angel said as she helped Karem to a chair. 

“And what the hell is that? We know where they are now, I say we rush the place, rescue our husbands and beat that fucking skanks ass so hard, she’ll never look at another man again!” Proclaimed Megan as she pounded the table with her fist. Her sister, Monica, nodded her approval as she held Megan’s hand in one hand and her pregnant belly in the other. Since becoming pregnant herself, Megan’s aggressiveness had nearly doubled but with the fact that Adam was kidnapped by a former rival, she had gone full on Sgt. Slaughter. 

The girls in the room let up another cheer at Megan’s plan.  All of them were eager to recuse their beloveds and get revenge. 

“She has a shard of the Philosophers Stone…”  Angel said quietly. 

“What is that?” Michelle asked. 

Before Angel could speak, Jenny the Automaton answered while redressing herself,

“The Philosophers Stone was one of the advantages used by the current Maou to complete her rule over Mamono centuries ago. It is an extremely powerful gem that can only be safely handled by ascended beings. A small piece would give June substantial power.”

”How the hell do you know that?” Angel asked suspiciously as she stared at Jenny with a dubious expression on her face. 

“I have been in operation much longer than any of you. My memory banks contain considerable amounts of data,” replied Jenny the Automaton mysteriously as she matched Angels stare. 

The room once again became depressed and quiet as the news of what June had become sank in. 

“Well, we do have one hope…” Angel sighed as she reached under the conference table and brought up the large sheathed blade. 

“A sword?” Said Jenny the Living Doll, disbelievingly. 

“The sword of Damocles, another powerful artifact, originally wielded by the Maou’s husband when he was a Hero. It is extremely curious as to why you are in possession of it.” Said Jenny the Automaton looking from the blade to Angel. 

“Let’s just say it’s on loan from a friend,” Angel retorted, glaring at the robot.

 “With this, we should be able to take her on, but it will still be very dangerous. Megan, Monica and Karem… you’re all pregnant and, for some of you, parents already. Your first responsibility is to your children, you need to stay here.” 

“No way!”

”Fuck that!”


The three angrily voiced their opinions. 

“And what if something happened to you? What about your unborn children?” Angel retorted.

All three paled and placed their hands on their stomachs in horror. It was an unspeakable nightmare for any Mamono to lose their child. 

“Bring them back, please?” Megan asked, tearing. 

“We will,” Angel said softly, nodding.

“All y’all know this is all a trap don’t ya?” Regina said arms crossed, leaning against a wall, as she finally broke her silence. 

“What choice do we have?” Cried Michelle. 

“None Sugar, but we can be smart about it.” Snapping her fingers, two of her human garden associates barged into the room, arms laden with machetes, shears and saws. Dumping them unceremoniously on the table, they quickly left, leaving Angel to give the Alraune a questioning look. 

“While you were all gabbin, I had some of my flowers go n’ gather somethin for us all. These lill honeys are the new titanium line of my garden equipment. Expensive as all hell, but if memory serves me, them ol’ Order Paladins of yesteryear had weapons of similar stuff. If it worked for them, it sure as heck’ll work for us.” Alraune drawled as everyone grabbed at the pile.

”I was the one that stopped June from gettin at Adam,” Regina nodded to the troll twins, “I’m the one she’ll want. If I go in there, she’ll be on me like a gator on a steak. That should give y’all enough time to find them boys n’ get on out.” 

“Thats a death sentence, Regina!” Angel said passionately. 

“If it’s for my flowers, it’s worth it…” She replied  quietly as she smiled over at Megan and Monica. 

“Sorry, but I’m not letting you go in there alone, I’m going with you. Together, there’s a better chance of us getting out alive. Jenny – ” Angel said to the Automaton, “You’ll be our back up, with your wrist cannon I know you can do some damage to her.” 

The Automaton nodded wordlessly as Angel turned to Michelle and Jenny the Living Doll. 

“You two are small enough that I doubt she would notice either of you sneaking around. Your job is to find the men and get them out while we distract June. Does everyone know what they are doing?”  She asked looking around. Everyone nodded determinately. 

“Jenny’s, I know Matt has a young… daughter? Sister- yes, is there someone to take care of her?” 

“Bricks is at home, I’ve already messaged her to watch Lucy.” Jenny the Living Doll answered. 

“Alright then, if there’s nothing else… Ladies, let’s go get our men back.” She said as she hefted the sword over her shoulder. 

Leading the way out, Angel was suddenly stopped by Rayla blocking the door frame. 

“And just where the fuck do all of you think you’re  going?” She asked rhetorically.

“Where the hell do you think?” Angel growled. 

“No, I think you’re all going to go back to work and wait for the cops do their job. This isn’t like the old days where you grab a whole bunch of your girlfriends in a warparty and go fuck shit up, Angel. It’s the modern age, let the police handle this and get back to work.”

”No.” Angel said simply as she stared down her store manager.  

“Walk out that door and you’re fired,” Rayla said to her, “That goes for all of you!” She called back to the rest of the girls. 

“Then consider this my resignation,” She said firmly as she roughly shouldered past the shocked Tanuki. 

The others followed her out, each glaring at Rayla, love came first for them. 

As they left Karem, Monica and Megan all glanced at each other. Even if they were pregnant were they really that useless? 

“Are we really just going to sit here and not do anything?” Megan asked angrily. 

“I may have someone who can help…” Karem said uncertainly as she took out her phone. 


Diana the Cheshire set down her forth bag of liquor from BeveragesPlus on the kitchen table in her small apartment. At only 21 and a half years old she was already a Platinum Member and customer of the month 7 times running. As she pulled out her receipt to check her reward points, her phone rang. Grabbing it out of her cleavage, she checked to see who it was…

Incoming Call: 

~Crazy (Lezzy) Bitch ❤~

Grinning widely, Diana hit the Accept Call button and yelled out, “What up girl!? You and your man coming over tonight to get our drank on?” 

Karem explained the situation to Diana and how she desperately needed her help. By the time she was done, Diana had a somber look on her face as she softly replied, “Of course, anything for either of you… hold on I’ll teleport there right away!” 

Hanging up, she looked forlornly at her bags of alcohol, “Next time my beauties.” 

Concentrating on the image of the Home Improver Store in her mind, she poofed away in a cloud of smoke.


“Oh Adam, this all started with you, didn’t it? You were going to be my innocent, little virgin garden boy that I would ravish and devour.” June said softly while  caressing Adams face with her hands. 

June had lowered the frightened boy down to the ground and gagged him as his sobs intensified. Using her razor-sharp nails, June sliced the clothes from his body. Adams muffled cry’s heightend as her nails cut  thin lines into his face. 

“I almost had you too, you were going to be alllll  mine… but then that fucking plant bitch interfered!”  She growled, remembering the moment as her nails dug into him. Blood streamed down from the sides of his face to add to the already gore covered floor.  

Reaching behind her, a tentacle of hair slithered up and handed her a Manticore spine. 

“My sweet, sweet Adam, they may have taken your first, but I’ll make sure I take your last.” She whispered to him as she stabbed him in the heart with it. Instantly, his penis swelled as the potent venom raced throughout his blood stream. 

Laughing in delight, June removed her kimono and mounted him. Fucking herself on his forced erection, the others looked on in disgust and dread. 

“Yes! This is how it should have been! My own little garden boy!” She cried in pleasure as she raped him over and over, savoring her victory. 

June enjoyed herself for well over an hour on his phallus. Ignoring the cries and begging of the others around her to stop, she clawed at his chest, taking care to avoid the spine still buried there. Quivering as she orgasmed for the final time, June peered down at Adam’s lifeless body.

“Oops… Guess I was a little too rough.” She giggled loudly while standing. Looking down at his still hard cock, slick with her spendings, June grinned. If they ever did find his corpse, Regina would know who defiled and crushed her precious little flower.

Turning her head slowly to look at the rest of the bound and hanging men, she smiled psychotically,

“Good thing I still have more boys to play with.”


“An old abandoned warehouse… how cliche.”  Angel said aloud while standing next to Regina in front of the run down structure. The sun was hanging low in the sky, giving them both an inexplicable ominous feeling. 

Angel swung the unsheathed sword over her shoulder while Regina adjusted her many satchels of seeds strapped across her chest and readied the titanium machete in her hand. 

“Sugar, I just wanna say if this don’t work out and we don’t make it outta of here- ” 

“We will and… I feel the same.” Angel interrupted softly as they entered. 

Taking handfuls of seeds from her pouches, Regina began to scatter them about as the pair slowly walked through the dark warehouse. They were disturbed to see massive amounts of hair covering the walls and hanging down from the rafters above.

Wordlessly they nodded to each other as Angel shouted, “June, I know you’re in here. Give us back our husbands and we’ll forget about this whole thing.”

Silence answered her as they continued to venture deeper inside. Regina was the first to notice the hair beginning to tremble, at first just slightly then more and more violently.

”Angel!” She warned as ropes of midnight black hair came alive and shot out to capture the two. Swinging in large arcs, Angel’s sword sliced through them with ease but Regina’s machete struggled to cut the steel like strands. 

“This aient workin out the way I was hopin it would.” Regina quipped to Angel as they fought back to back against the onslaught. Finally the hair retreated, leaving them surrounded by limp, black tresses on the ground. Breathing heavily, they each peered around, looking for any signs of another attack.  

“You… hurt me…” Winned a voice in the darkness. 

“We don’t have to do this, June. Like I said, just give us back our husbands and this will all be forgotten.” Called back Angel. 

“It’s too late for that now…” June giggled as she sashayed out from the blackness in front them, still nude from her previous defilement of Adam. Her snow-white skin contrasting against the darkness around them. June flicked her finger at the pair, as  pillars of hair suddenly burst from underneath, entangling them. 

Both Regina and Angel struggled against their bonds, but they were each held tightly. 

“You think of yourselves as Heroines, don’t you? Come to rescue your fair prince’s and go live happily ever after? I never got my happy ending…” She strode up to Regina with hatred and madness in her voice,

”You STOLE that from me! You humiliated me!  You all did! All I ever wanted was to love freely, to fuck freely. You all pretended like you were different, that you were better than me…”

She turned to Angel, “But you’re no different. You fuck the men that work for you and pretend you’re better…  But you’re not and I’ll make sure you all pay for everything you’ve done to me. In fact, I already have…”  She said with a murderous grin.

“What do you mean by that?” Angel asked, fearing the worst. 

“Oh, you’ll see… right before I kill you, of course.” 

“Ya forgot just one thing, Sugar…” Regina interrupted, wiggling in the grip of June’s hair. 

“And what’s that?” She sneered, looking to the plant girl.

”Why just that I’m an Alraune… an’  I can play the tentacle game too.”

Green, thorny vines exploded out of the ground near them, grabbing hold and snarling themselves into June’s hair. Crying in pain, the Kejourou released her hold on Angel and Regina as she concentrated on repelling the Alraune’s attacks. 

“Now Jenny!!!” Angel screamed, as she joined in on the attack. Using her wings for an extra push, she  jumped into the air, swinging her sword down at June. 

Far above, one of the skylights exploded in a shower of glass as the Automaton crashed through, firing her wrist cannon. The battle had now truly started.  


“Sounds like a Maou damn war over there,” Michelle grunted as she squeezed through a small window on the other side of the warehouse. Straightening herself up, she helped pull in Jenny the Living Doll.

”Thats Circuit’s wrist cannon. She’s been fucking livid all day.” Jenny replied, standing while dusting off her dress. 

“How can you tell? She doesn’t exactly have a lot of expressions.” The teenaged Alp asked, grabbing her titanium saw and tossing a pair of shears to Jenny. 

“Trust me kid, I’ve known that over sized bucket of bolts for a long time. She didn’t get any this morning and with Matt being all kidnapped, she’s been itching  to go Terminator on that cunt.” The Doll said while catching them. 

Taking a deep breath, Michelle paled and cursed under her breath.

”What? What’s wrong?” Jenny asked, concerned. 

”I smell blood… a lot of it…” 

“Shit,” Jenny breathed, then hesitantly nodded at the Alp saying,

“Lead the way.”

They were both terrified of what they would find but they had to find their husbands, no matter what. 

They walked slowly through the hallway of the warehouse, taking care to keep away from the hair covered walls. Neither of them daring to say a word for fear of being discovered. 

Turning the corner, the two were met with a scene that would haunt them for the rest of their lives. 

“Maou, save us…” Jenny whispered as Michelle brought her hands up to her mouth in horror. 

The first that they saw was Adams naked corpse laying on the ground. The floor was messy with blood all over, as both their husbands and co-workers hung from ropes of midnight black hair. 

“Kurt!” Michelle cried, rushing to him, “Kurt! Wake up! Say something!”  

The mountainous man’s eyes were closed and he was deathly pale as Michelle clutched at his blood soaked shirt. His eyelids weakly opened, hearing the voice of Michelle. 

“Kurt! … Please say something.” She sobbed.

”Hey… lil… buddy…” He whispered. 

“Jenny!” Matt called.

”Big brother!” The doll yelled as she ran to him, wrapping her arms as best she could around his lower body.

”You gotta get everyone outta here! She left in a hurry after hearing something but if she finds you, she’ll kill you- both of you!”

“No, all of us are here! Angel, Regina and Jenny are fighting her right now. They’re the distraction. We’re not going anywhere until everyone is rescued.” She said rubbing her face into his shirt. 

“Then start with Kurt, she stabbed him a bunch of times, he needs to go first.” Matt urged.

”What about you?” She asked, “I have to get you down!” 

“No, I’m fine. Get me out last, you have to focus on the most injured first.”

“You’re starting to sound all logical, like Circuits. I don’t like it.” Jenny grumbled,  pulling herself from him. 

“I guess you’re all rubbing off on me,” He laughed quietly, “Now go, help Michelle get him down and out of here!” 

Flying up to the bonds that held Kurt up,  Michelle started to saw away at the hair. Faster and faster she sawed but the hair did not break.

”Fucking damn it! It’s not working! How are we going to get them down!” She yelled. 

“Another question too, how are we going to get everyone out of here?” Jenny asked. 

“I think I can help with that.” Came a disembodied voice.  

“Who’s there?” Yelled Michelle as she swung her saw left and right.

”Take it easy girl! I’m on your side!” Said Diana as she appeared before them.

”Who are you?” The Alp said suspiciously.

”Diana?” Jenny asked as she recognized the Cheshire. Diana gave a small wave to the Living Doll.

“Michelle, it’s okay, she’s a cashier from the store. You’re Karem’s friend aren’t you?” 

“Yep! And also part-time side piece to both her and Edward as well.” She grinned, but that smile faded as she saw Edward hanging unconscious, his chest torn and bloody. Teleporting over to him, Diana cupped his face in concern. Placing a furry digit on his neck she checked for a pulse. 

“He’s barely breathing.” She whispered, tears forming in her eyes at the condition of her friend and lover. 

“They are all like that, but we have to hurry. Diana can you use your powers and teleport them out?” Matt asked.

”I should be able to, but I can only carry one person at a time with me. Karem, Monica and Megan are waiting outside  with first aid, they asked me to pop in here to help out.” 

An explosion shook the building as debris rained down on them. 

“Then you better hurry up and start Kitty Kat, I don’t think things are going well out there…” Jenny said ominously.


“Fucking BITCH!” Angel roared as she used the sword to tear away at the tendrils of hair reaching for her. Every time she got close to June, more and more hair would sweep in to block her way. Regina was busy using her own vines and stalks to keep them from being flanked while Jenny the Automaton fought next to her trying to get a shot in on the Kejourou, but with every aimed blast, a mass of hair would rise to shield her.

”Current odds of success are-“ Jenny began.

”Never tell me the fucking odds!” Angel yelled at the Automaton. 

“We ain’t havin much luck tryin to get to her.” Regina stated as she controlled her vines with one hand and fought with a machete in the other. 

Angel hated to admit it, but she was right. They were getting no closer to June and they couldn’t keep fighting forever. Something had to happen, they had to get to June and stop her soon. 

“You are all going die!” June laughed tauntingly as her hair danced around her. 

“If I am, then I’m taking you with me, slut!” She retorted in rage, pushing and swinging her way closer to the Kejourou with renewed vigor.

As June focused her efforts to defend against the enraged Succubus, Jenny  knelt down and brought her wrist cannon to bear. Quickly calculating the movements of both Angel and June, the Automaton fired at the perfect moment. Her cybernetic eyes allowed her to watch as the energy bolt traveled its way from the cannons muzzle to the Kejourou’s head. It was only at the last possible second did June  slightly tilt her head as blast missed its target, searing against her cheek.  

Screaming in pain, June’s eyes ignited with yellow fire while she lashed out tentacles of hair around the Automaton’s arm and forearm. The sound of screeching, straining metal echoed through the room as her arm was torn off at the elbow and thrown away. A massive wave of hair followed after, crashing into both Regina and Jenny, sending them flying through a nearby wall to the outside. 

With June distracted, she failed to see Angel scathing her way closer and closer until it was too late. With a primal scream, Angel buried the blade deep into the Kejourou’s  chest. Stepping back, she watched as June spammed and screamed in anguish until she slumped to the ground, her glowing yellow eyes, dimming until finally they extinguished. 

Breathing heavily, Angel leaned against a nearby wall, watching the corpse. It’s over, it’s finally over, she thought. Her thoughts raced to Michelle and Jenny the Living Doll, she prayed that they were able to find everyone. 

To Angel’s horror, the body retched, spitting up black gooey blood, and began to laugh in short spurts.  

“You… can’t … kill… me.”  

Convulsing back to life, June reached her hands around and grasped the swords hilt. Pushing and pulling, she dislodged the hated weapon out of her chest and threw it away. Like a broken marionette, she jerked and swayed as she made her way over to Angel.

Backing up as fast as she could, Angel’s feet tripped on an object laying on the ground, causing her to fall. Looking down, she was sickened to see it was Jenny’s arm, still twitching and bleeding glowing blue blood. 

“Now… you… die.” June wheezed with a smile, her teeth stained with black ichor, as she struggled to raise a spear of hair to stab the Succubus through . 

With the sword out of reach, Angel steeled herself for the killing blow before a voice called out from behind them.

”Yo, Cousin It!”

Frowning, the Kejourou turned her head as a thunderous boom echoed through the warehouse. Angel watched as June’s head exploded in a spray of bloody gore in front of her. Another boom followed, blossoming out her chest, splattering her organs about.

”Adams Family reject.” Said the voice again as the Kejourou’s headless body limply fell to the ground. 

Looking over in sickened shock, she saw a lone Human man holstering a smoking revolver. The stranger walked over to her with a smile and offered his hand. Looking up to him then to the hand, Angel hesitantly grasped it. 

“Ya always gotta double tap the crazy ones… Oh, yeah, the Maou sent me to help you guys out.” He said by way of explanation while pulling her up to her feet.

“About time that bitch did something.” She mumbled, looking over at the remains of June.

He glanced at Angel, shocked by her words.

”Who the fuck are you?” She asked. 

The stranger stared at her for a moment, then chuckled, ”Well, the names-“ 

“Angel! Are you ok?” Called the voice of Michelle from the doorway.

”Yeah, I’m alright, June… she’s dead. How’s everyone else?” Angel called back.

“Get out here quick! Everybody’s with us, but it’s bad!” 

“Thanks for the save, cowboy, but I gotta go.” Angel said to him as she flapped her wings and flew over to the exit. 

“Cowboy…. Huh….” He mumbled, watching her leave.

 Walking over to June’s body, the stranger gave it a testing kick. After waiting a moment with no signs of movement, he crouched down and dug his fingers inside the open, bloody cavity. 

“I really don’t get paid enough for all this crap.” He said to himself, fishing through the carnage. Finally, after finding his prize, the stranger stood and turned to leave. Stopping at the discarded sword on the ground, he stared at it for a moment in recognition before picking it up from where it laid.

”Son of a bitch…  Fuckin gramps leaving his shit everywhere.” 

Looking around, the stranger shrugged slightly to himself before taking the sword with him on his way to an emergency exit at the side of the building. He knew Molly would be waiting for him as he had something for her boss…


Angel walked out to a nightmare. It reminded her of of an old war movie, with wounded bodies laying about being attended to by medics. Looking over she saw Karem and Diana with tears in their eyes trying to stop the bleeding on Edwards chest with a compress. To her right, Regina was wrapping Anon’s face with gauze. On her left, Matt and Michelle doing the same with Kurt’s upper body while both Jenny’s held the massive man up. Further away, the twins wailed in grief as they held on to the body of Adam. Ignoring the feeling of her heart being torn to shreds from the scene around her, she walked over to Anon. 

“Did… did anyone call 911?” Angel asked numbly with shaking hands as she took the gauze roll from Regina. 

”Emergency services have been contacted and are in route.” The Automaton answered, her voice distorted and crackled. Angel saw massive amounts of dents and gashes covering her frame. Taking a leaf from a satchel on her chest, Regina slipped it into Anon’s mouth before painfully making her way to the others. The Succubus could see green blood dripping from wounds all over the Alraune’s body.

Was this the cost of winning? Of doing the Lilim’s dirty work?  She asked herself as the sounds of approaching sirens screamed in the distance.  


The Mantis maid walked down the mansions hallway with the stranger in tow. As they reached the end, she clapped twice at the studies huge double doors and opened them slowly while bowing deeply at her mistress. 

“The Human, -“ 

“I need to speak to your mom.” The stranger interrupted, striding past her. 

Druella smiled at his rudeness. Since coming to this world, she had been regarded with nothing but fear and respect. This was the first Human ever to speak to her in such a manner. 

Although mother was certainly correct in her description of him, she thought to herself as she let her robe fall further off her shoulders revealing her naked breasts. 

Handsome, well-built, with a brash, fearless and quite unorthodox attitude… Maybe it really was time she should settle down…

”First things first, the shard please?” She asked sweetly, while holding out her hand. 

The stranger fumed silently for a moment before finally taking the glowing stone out of his pants pocket and tossing it to her. True enough, the notes on him were correct, he really was special. The stranger was the one of the few in the world that could have safely handled such a powerful relic and not be affected in one way or another.   

“Now then, why would you need to speak to her, when you have me right in front of you?” Druella asked while smiling and batting her eye lashes at him. 

“Because she needs to send me back to my wife, who also happens to be your niece for starters, Miss Show n Tell.” 

Well, that wasn’t in mothers diary, frowned the Lilim as she tucked the stone away in a shielded drawer of her desk. 

“I’m afraid I can’t do that…” She said to him. 

“And why the fuck not?!” He yelled at her, slamming the side of his fist into the wall he stood by.  Molly stirred behind him, quietly unsheathing her forearm blades. She was a diligent maid and bodyguard but Druella knew for a fact that the stranger wouldn’t harm her, the notes on him were quite clear on that. With a wave of her hand, she dismissed the maid. 

“Mother is… unavailable. Hasn’t been seen for quite some time actually. She was… is… the only one that has the ability to send you back.” Druella said hesitantly to him.

She watched the stranger’s face shuffle through emotions, then finally sinking to his knees in despair, a rarely felt emotion bubbled it’s way up to into her heart –  pity. The Lilim knelt down to comfort him. 

“I’m sorry…” 


4 Days Later… 

“… Everyone is pulling together what extra money they have to donate for the funeral. It’s still not enough but it’ll work… Somehow.” Angel said softly to Anon as she sat on the side of the hospital bed, holding his hand. Her spade tail was wrapped firmly around his upper arm, a comforting gesture for both of them. Anon’s face was heavily bandaged and even with curative magic, it would still be a week more before the wrappings could be removed. 

“I wanna go…  I have to go.” He said firmly. 

“We’ll see, Sweetheart, it all depends on what the doctor says,” Angel replied, squeezing his hand lightly.

”How’s baby, today?” Anon asked, referring to their daughter.

”She’s good, keeps asking about when you’ll be home. I tell her soon, you just need to get your boo boos taken care of,” Angel sniffled, forcing a smile.

Anon nodded his bandaged head for moment before saying, 

”Hey, what – whatever happened to that guy that shot… whatever June had become? Whatever happened to him?”

“None of us know. Diana, Karem’s friend, said when she teleported back inside, he was gone. The sword that the Mantis gave me and even the stone that gave June her power was missing too. Everyone’s assuming that he must have taken them both. All I know is he told me that the Maou sent him, but she hasn’t been seen in years. None of it makes much sense, really.”  She frowned. 

They sat in silence for a moment before Anon asked,

”How’s Kurt and Edward?”

”They say Kurt still has to stay a few more weeks, he lost a lot of blood, had internal bleeding. The doctors had to go back and do another surgery to fix all the damage. Edward should be out in the next 4 or 5 days, maybe. I heard that Diana was going to move in with them, something about doing a 3 way marriage.” 

 Angel didn’t mention the massive amount of scars that would probably mark his chest for the rest of his life. She wasn’t even sure how Anon’s face would look once the bandages were off. 

“Did you see Matt today?” She inquired.

”Yeah, he stopped on by when you were grabbing some food, we talked. They found a Gremlin that could repair Jenny’s arm but it’s not perfect. He said that she’ll probably never be able to transform it again. He’s here everyday checking on everyone, I’m just glad at least one of us made it out ok…” Anon trailed off, staring at the wall in front of him.

The doctors told Angel that all of them would suffer some form of PTSD and survivors guilt, it would affect them in one way or another for possibly their whole lives. She fought back tears as she squeezed his hand once again. 

A knock startled both of them as they looked over to see Druella standing in the doorway.

”You got some real fucking ovaries, showing your face around here!” Angel said angrily, standing to confront the Lilim.

”I didn’t come to fight, Angel, that’s why I’m here alone, to explain what happened and why.” She said calmly, holding her palms up in surrender. 

“I don’t give a shit about your explanations! Why don’t you go tell it to Megan and Monica as they bury Adam? Or their daughters in a few years when they figure out that they don’t have a damn father!” Angel shouted at her, barely containing her grief.

“I plan on to, that’s where I’m going next. I’ll be paying for the funeral as well as ensuring that they and their daughters are well taken care of. I also came to tell you that all the medical bills for everyone involved are being paid for, none of you will miss a paycheck and you will all have your jobs waiting for you when you’re ready.” 

Angel snorted as she turned her head away, “You’ll find that money and favors can’t buy everything Druella, that includes forgiveness.” 

“I know…” She whispered quietly crestfallen, turning around to leave. It would have been pointless to try to explain to Angel why things had to have happened the way they did. There was too much grief, too much anger in her. Druella didn’t blame her, the cost they had to pay was great. Ignoring the stares of the hospital staff, she made her way to the limo waiting for her outside. The Lilim spared a glance back at the hospital one last time before getting inside. No matter how many times she told herself that it had to be done, it still didn’t make it any easier.


2 months had passed since the incident and the funeral that laid one of their own to rest. Anon did have scars cross-crossing his face from June’s nails, much to his appalment. However Angel declared, just before kissing him, that she didn’t care what he looked like, as long as he was well and safe. She would love him no matter what.

To get their minds off what had happened as well as to make a special announcement, they decided to host a get together for all that was involved. That evening, everyone squeezed themselves into the apartment that Angel and Anon shared. It was a tight fit, but no one seemed to mind. 

Angel found she enjoyed playing host as she placed platters of finger foods on the table and checked to see if she needed to put more sodas in the cooler. Many of them swapped nightmare stories of crazy customers and situations at work. It was a time of healing for all. Breaking out some champagne and plastic red cups, she handed everyone a drink as she called for the attention of the crowd.

”Everyone… Thank you for coming. I hope everyone’s having a good time, and so far, I don’t think anyone can beat Matt’s story about the Anubis and the butt plugs.” She said ruefully as everyone laughed.  

“In the last few months we’ve become more then just friends, co-workers or acquaintances – we’re a family now. A few days ago, I received a call from… Well,  it really doesn’t matter who… But, I was offered to be store manager of the Home Improver Store we all work at. It seems that Rayla got herself in trouble for a lot of things she wasn’t suppose to be doing and ended up fired. I accepted the position as of today. Some of you, I know, were unsure that they wanted to go back to that store. I ask you to reconsider. Please come back and work for me. I promise that things will be better and… like I said before, we’re all family. Let’s stay together…” She said softly, ending the speech with her eyes misting. 

As everyone looked at each other in thought, Anon starting clapping. Taking cue and making up their minds, everyone followed suit- cheering, whistling and promising that they would return for her.  Angel herself couldn’t help but cry a little while she was smiling and offering her thanks to everyone. It was a brutal ending to a chapter of their lives, they were battered but not beaten. Everyone would face the next tale with the strength and love found from each other. 


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10 thoughts on “Home Improver Stories: June’s Revenge

  1. Epic.

    It wraps up several loose threads, yet leaves the door open for other storylines. I shall miss Adam. Strange that the Philosopher’s stone never once occurred to me to write about. Good catch!

    I look forwards to the story involving that Anubis and the butt plug. Someday. And of course all of your stories.

    Just one typo- [ “Are we really just going to sit here and not to anything?” Megan asked angrily. ] to = do

    Also, thanks for the Shout-out (s). I hope you don’t mind if I continue to work with Jenny’s backstory a bit more. Wrist cannon? Hmmmm.

    1. You’re very welcome, Moon! I think you and I once talked about the Philosophers Stone a long time back, one of us quipped that the Maou probably had a whole jewelry box full of things like that.

      As far as you working with Jenny’s story line, I’m actually counting on it! The ironic thing is Jenny the Automaton is actually the oldest character in the store. Of course she doesn’t look it especially with that pic of her on your latest Mors Funebris chapter… wow yeah hot.

      The wrist cannon I took from the MGE page for the Automaton’s. I believe it’s listed as one of the tools that they have? But my inspiration for her physical transformations actually came from Arcee from the Transformers Prime tv show- Arcee was able to transform her arm/hand into a weapon – check it out on YouTube. I also blatantly stole the whole glowing blue blood from that as well… yeah Jenny has energon for blood.

    1. Thank you! It was a very hard choice but it was also the most logical. He was the one that she wanted, long ago. And it would make sense that she would obsess over him. I’m incredibly happy that everyone is enjoying the story. It took over 3 months to write, I’m glad I didn’t mess up too badly on it lol.

  2. I felt it was a bit serious for a comedy about Monster Girls trying to run a hardware store. Didn’t rub right with me. That said, I might have seen the buildup if I reread them all in one sitting, but I thought rape culture would be the only source of drama in this.

    I prefer one-shots alone, or one-shots in series than chapter stories, and hope you continue doing them.

    Still though, I’m glad your drama had a concrete ending. Many authors don’t know how to end their stories and go in dramatic loops through the characters having grandbabies until the whole story just freezes in place and is never updated again.

    1. Mmm yeah I do kinda admit I went a little Zack Synder. I did try to do a build up for June from Regina’s Garden all the way up to Electrical Situations, but as they were spread out over the course of a year I can see how it can be missed. I do have a couple more 1 shots planned before any of the series will continue.

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