Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 2: Epilogue

The all-too familiar lush front lawn, large, imposing oak trees, and full flower garden of Emily’s childhood home loom ahead of you as you trudge up the seemingly endless walkway to the front of the house. You’re nervous now, just like when you first came here about thirteen months ago right around Christmas time to meet your then-girlfriend’s parents for the first time. The next few times you visited after that were a little easier on your mind, mostly because the original shock and awe of being around her family was gone. Still, you’re sweating just a touch even in the middle of January, even when the holstaurus’ parents and younger sisters approve of you.

Well not entirely. Her youngest sister still is suspicious of you, but that’s just because she’s only nine years old and still believes in cooties. With this specific visit you’re anxious because you’re about to tell her entire immediate family that the two of you are engaged, even when her father was the one to tell you to man up and propose to his eldest daughter already. He even gave you his grandmother’s old ring to do it with. You’re probably just worried that there’s still that paternal instinct of a man not wanting some dude going off and marrying his daughter.

“Nervous Anon?” Emily asks you as the two of you walk up the porch steps.

“Maybe a little, I don’t know. Never really done this before.” you sigh heavily.

“What, your past relationships never got past the telling-your-girlfriend’s-family-that-the-two-of-you-are-getting-married stage?”

“Well, not exactly.” you reply, mimicking her behavior from a year ago and grinning when you figure out where she’s taking this.

“Are you saying that I’m you’re first real fiancée?”


“Well don’t worry about a thing! I’ll be the best wife you’ll ever have!” the cowgirl giggles, pulling you into a tight squeeze while her hefty bosom is compressed between the two of you, and she kisses you intensely.

“Thanks.” you say after she lets you go. “I guess I’m just apprehensive about telling your parents about all this.”

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” she reassures you, giving you a peck on the cheek before moving over to ring the doorbell.

Just like last time, you can hear Emily’s youngest sister running across the house to the front door before she nearly tears it off its hinges, dashing forward again to jump into her eldest sister’s arms while giving you the stink eye. Chuckling to yourself, you ruffle the young monster girl’s hair before walking past the threshold and into the house. Smiling softly to yourself, you think about how welcoming it is. It almost seems like you’ve lived with her family your entire life. Even if you had any qualms about pledging your life to the holstaurus – which you never did – they’d definitely be gone now as you make your way through to the spacious living room and greeting Emily’s family. Her attractive mother gets a loose hug from you, mostly because of how massive her tits are; Emily’s father receives a firm handshake; and Emily’s two younger twin sisters get a friendly hug of their own. After dinner you have everyone gather around the fireplace because you and Emily had an announcement you wanted to make.

“I’m starting to get a feeling like having dinner together ‘just because’ isn’t the real reason why you two are visiting.” Emily’s mother says.

“Yeah well, we wanted this to be a bit of a surprise.” Your bride-to-be replies.

“Go on then, tell us.” your significant other’s father instructs.

“Yeah! Tell us!” Emily’s younger sister chimes in, making everyone laugh a bit.

“You gave me something about a month ago.” you start, directing your attention to the only other human in the room. “And I gave that something to your daughter on Christmas.”

“Are you saying that…?” the cowgirl’s father starts, his eyes twinkling.

“Yes, I’m saying that she accepted. Emily and I are getting married.”

Emily’s mother practically leaps from her chair, unintentionally smothering you in her bosom and you nearly suffocate in her bottomless cleavage. Gasping for air, you pull away only to be assaulted by her father as he claps you hard on the shoulder.

“I knew I’d find a use for that old ring.” he says, a hint of pride in his voice.

“No problem. I’m glad you did. Saved a ton on buying one.” you grin, making him laugh heartily and Emily glare daggers at you.

Leaning over, she cups a hand to your ear and whispers something that her family can’t hear. Looking at each other, you and Emily simply shrug before turning back to the five other people in the room.

“Something wrong, Emily?” her mother asks, one eyebrow raised questioningly.

“There’s something…else we wanted to tell you guys.” the holstaurus says.

“Well, what is it then?”

You look back to Emily, and she simply nods.

“You’re going to be an aunt…” you say to Emily’s three sisters.

“You’re going to be grandparents…” your future wife tells her parents.

You move your hand over to hold Emily’s. You look down at her soft hand, admiring the sparkling engagement ring she’s wearing on her left hand before looking back up at her family.

“…and I’m going to have a daughter.” the two of you finish in unison.

Both of her parents embrace you this time; Emily’s mother yet again unintentionally stuffs her tits in your face and her father nearly crushes your spine when he bear hugs you. All three of Emily’s younger sisters are roped in as well; all seven of you sharing a big group hug as you revel in the fact that you’re going to be having a child soon.

Five months later after telling your wife’s family that you were engaged and that she was expecting a daughter, and just under four months after you two were officially married, you yet again sigh heavily as Emily calls out from across the apartment because she wants something to eat and can’t get it herself. Both of you damn well know that she’s perfectly capable of getting up from the couch to get her own snack, even if she is about twenty weeks pregnant – she’s just too fucking lazy to do it herself. You sigh again and continue to rest on the bed, and a few moments later the cowgirl calls out again, this time a little bit more imploringly.

Groaning loudly, you get up from the comfortable bed and walk out into the living room where your wife is sitting on the sofa watching some more television. She’s definitely changed since you were joined together in holy matrimony, mostly in the physical department. One obvious change is the fact that her stomach has grown rounder as the yet-to-be-born monster girl inside her continues to develop, although her midsection is nowhere near the size of her chest. Even before she got pregnant, those gargantuan udders sat proudly at a 34K bra size, or close to it. Now that your spouse is with child they’ve swelled beyond anything you could possibly imagine; her body’s mammary glands working overtime to produce as much nutritious milk as possible for your coming daughter. More than once you’ve had to help relieve some of the pressure on her engorged tits, and you swear you can hear them audibly slosh around with yet more nourishing cream as she adjusts her excessively curvy form when you walk past.

That’s another thing you’ve noticed with her. Your significant other’s entire body has been filling out, stretching out the fabric of her outfits beyond what they normally would be at and sometimes past the breaking point entirely. Her juicy thighs are certainly thicker, and her already wide hips have been pushing out ever since you impregnated her. Emily’s plump ass has also expanded, those wobbly cheeks becoming even squishier much to your delight while upsetting the poor monster girl at the same. Even her bovine horns have grown a bit, extending from around two inches long to just over four.

Having heeded her parent’s advice about the changes Emily’s going to go through, you’ve already had plenty of craving foods stocked in the fridge just in case your pregnant wife gets the urge to have something like spicy pickles with whipped cream or orange chicken with salad dressing. Another thing the holstaurus’ father told you was that you’re going to be spending an awful lot of time and money shopping for maternity clothing for Emily. Luckily though he still had some of her mother’s old outfits, so you were spared somewhat in that regard. One thing that you wouldn’t be ready for at first was the ‘other’ changes Emily will go through during her pregnancy. Her father wouldn’t say a word on what those ‘other’ changes were though, leaving you to wonder exactly what he meant by it.

You prepare the snack that your hungry wife had requested – this time a bowl of peanut butter, mustard, and sour cream. Curious as to what it tastes like, you mixed a bit of all three parts and dipped a finger into the concoction, nearly retching as the flavor of three things that should never be blended together touched your taste buds before you walk from the kitchen over to where Emily is sitting and hand her the bowl. She greedily gulps everything down, and you wonder how the hell she can eat that stuff as the now empty ceramic dish clinks on the coffee table.

“Thanks Anon.” she says, leaning over to give you a sloppy kiss on the cheek, her enormous breasts shifting ever so slightly inside the oversized brassiere she’s wearing as the motion of her torso disturbs them from their resting place atop her gravid belly.

“Anything for you my dear.” you reply, returning her affections with a kiss on her lips, making her blush slightly.

“There’s something else I’m hungry for Anon.” the cowgirl says, her hand moving from the cushion next to her to rest on your thigh.


“Mmm, yes, and I know exactly where to get it.” she says suggestively, her soft hand now lightly rubbing your leg before brushing across your crotch to tug at the belt buckle of your trousers.

You grab her fondling hand and strip it away from your nether regions, much to the cowgirl’s disappointment before you surprise her by moving in to kiss her passionately, reaching around to unclasp the only thing covering her heavy bosom and freeing those velvety orbs from their silk prison. Emily moans out vociferously as you work the straps off her shoulders, letting her fertile breasts hang low and heavy atop her rounded tummy. They flow off to either side of her bulging midriff as gravity takes over, and you toss the unneeded garment over the back of the couch and start gently massaging the holstaurus’ overstuffed chest, making her moan out even more throatily. Your wife’s broad tongue starts probing the front of your lips as you kiss her some more, and you allow it to part your mouth’s entrance and enter to dance with your own tongue. Both of your breathing gets heavier as your lust continues to rise, although the monster girl’s is climbing faster as she’s being aided along by a hand or two fondling her chest. After several minutes of making out with your spouse you pull away from her only to move lower to give her heaving tits dozens and dozens of kisses, occasionally dragging your tongue across one of her wide, dark nipples and flicking the stiff bud.

“Come on Anon, stop teasing your horny wife.” Emily gasps.

Smiling, you lean in and give her another fervid kiss, holding your mouth to hers for a few seconds before kissing her cheek and moving down to her neck, shoulder, the top of one of her oversized boobs, and then her areola before slowly encompassing the entire nipple in your mouth. You feel a soft hand grasp the back of your head and forcefully push you deeper into the teat you’re on, and the pressure alone is enough to cause some of the cowgirl’s milk to squirt out over your parched tongue. You reach up to hold the loaded globe in both of your hands and you start to knead the doughy flesh in your fingers, pulling and tugging on the spongy mammary while you start sucking. Immediately sweet, gooey cream starts flooding your maw and you have trouble guzzling the sheer amount of fluid your lover is putting out, but that doesn’t stop you from trying. You swallow noisily, drinking as much of the frosted aphrodisiac as possible even as small runnels of the white stuff seep out the corners of your lips and run down your chin, only to drip onto either the couch or Emily’s sweatpants.

Even when you’re not sucking or squeezing, thick bouts of pearly liquid eject from her breasts and into your mouth as her body subconsciously tries to feed the person nursing from her chest. With each discharge of sugary elixir, the cowgirl gasps obscenely and she starts to try and rub her curvaceous legs together in an attempt to satiate the burning desire in her crotch. There’s at least twice as much milk in just her one breast compared to the combined outputs of both tits when you breastfed from her back in the college’s library last summer, and you’re still nursing out more. You can feel a growing heat in your loins as Emily’s love drug works its way through your system, and you feel your manhood harden from your body’s own growing libido while your testicles seemly inflate with extra seed, making it just a tad uncomfortable to be half-sitting, half-lying atop the holstaurus.

Somehow you’ve drank nearly all of the milk from her one breast, the fluid either flowing down your hungry throat or leaking out around your mouth to stain the couch and her pants. The monster girl must have felt her tit being drained as well because she pulls you off of her empty breast with a wet *pop* and instantly shoves you onto her other encumbered boob. She practically smothers you in titflesh, not caring about if you can breathe as her motherly instincts automatically kick in. Not being one to disappoint, you pull as hard as you can on Emily’s teat, brutally mauling the flesh with your hands as copious amounts of milk flood your mouth and pour down your esophagus.

Despite your stomach’s protests that it’s had plenty enough thank you very much, you continue to drink. A considerable amount of time later, your body finally says enough is enough and you detach from the cowgirl’s bosom even when there is still some cream left inside. The monster girl is breathing heavily now, and you smirk mischievously before grasping her half-empty boob and lifting it to her mouth. You hear a muffled ‘mhmpf’ from her as her own chest is thrust in her face as you start rubbing the sphere, eking out the last of the milk from her teat. Knowing what holstaurus milk does to a human, you wonder what its affect is on a monster girl and your question is answered as she brushes your hands off her tit and holds it herself, squeezing and pressing it in her hand as she swallows continually.

Occupying yourself with her other breast, you gently kiss the rosy flesh or suck on the sensitive skin, giving the surface the occasionally hickey. Your hands busy themselves with the rest of her body, caressing her wide hips and fat thighs or the abundance of her ass and occasionally brushing over the space between her legs. You hear another soggy *pop* as Emily finishes breastfeeding herself and you look up from her lovely bosom to see her face contorted by her intense lust for cock, and you smile before shifting your position on the sofa. You smoothly push the coffee table away with one foot as you grip the waistband of your pants and underwear, teasing your wife as you gradually reveal your throbbing member to her.

She leaps from her place on the loveseat to kneel on the carpet in front of you, hefting her mighty bust up to rest on your pelvis before extracting the last few dregs of milk from her breasts to act as lube for your impending titfuck. Pressing her breasts together around your rock-hard shaft, she starts lifting her heavy chest up your entire length before dropping them back down to clap lewdly against your nether regions, rubbing the hypersensitive nerves of your dick the entire time. You groan out as her ministrations continue, and she pulls her tits off of your crotch before engulfing your prick in her warm mouth. You gasp audible as she descends, and you reach forward to grip her moderately long horns as her head bobs up and down on your manhood. You start lightly humping Emily’s face as you help guide her in going down on you. Before long you’re madly thrusting your hips, making her occasionally gag as the tip and a little bit of your length goes past her tonsils and brushes against the back of her throat.

Pornographic slurping, sucking, and choking sounds fill your apartment as you facefuck your spouse, and soon you feel a very large orgasm welling up within you. You clutch her ivory horns hard and viciously cram her face into your groin as you unload a colossal amount of semen directly into her stomach. Your testicles, which previously had expanded to about one-and-a-half times their original size, seemingly pulsate as each glob of your jizz leaves the small orbs to flood the ravenous cowgirl. Just like the last time you fucked her and packed her full of your cum, her already rotund midsection starts swelling even more, gurgling out loud as it’s stuffed to capacity. Even when she’s already brimming with your seed, she tries her damnedest to swallow it all, her head bobbing up and down even as your pearly white fluid backs up her throat and spills out through her nose and the sides of her mouth. Somehow your scrotum is even bigger now than when you started cumming, and it doesn’t seem to be shrinking as fresh loads are ejected from your body.

Feeling the urge to fuck something and fuck it hard, you roughly pull Emily off your crotch before spinning her around and unceremoniously rip her sweatpants off. Jumping up from the couch, you bend your wife over the back if it before shoving your cock into her ass, even as a jet or two of semen is released to the open air to splatter somewhere on the floor. You immediately plunge in and out of Emily’s massive rear end, wet claps ringing in your ear as your pelvis smacks into her plushy bottom. Both of you moan out boorishly as you leave and reenter her backdoor, each thrust into her dark recesses bringing yet another gout of your jizz to be packed into her. Emily’s pregnant belly is bloated even more as increasingly large amounts of your cum are pushed into her. Whimpers now mix in with her moans as her skin stretches ludicrously far, and your balls finally decide it’s time to quit. You pull out of your wife before inserting your cock between her asscheeks. Each thrust from your hips brings another enormous load of jizz as you hotdog your partner, and you completely cover her giant ass in semen before spinning her around to cover the rest of her voluptuous body. You’ve turned into a one-man bukkake squad – coating her pretty face, luxurious hair, fat tits, and rotund midsection with the final few loads from your sore testicles.

Sighing heavily you collapse back onto the couch, letting your tired arms flop to the side as you take in the sight of your significant other. She’s absolutely covered in your semen, and if you didn’t know any better you’d think she was a spoopy ghost.

“Dear lord Anon, look what you’ve done to me!” Emily exclaims, hefting her dribbling chest in her arms.

“You got something on your nose.” you say.


“Yeah.” and you flick the tip of it with a finger.


“Oh yeah, there’s some here, here, here, and here too.” you say, pointing to different parts of her body, all of it drenched in your jizz.

Gasping out in shock, she looks at her arms and stomach before twisting around to stare at her glazed posterior, totally surprised at the sheer volume covering her skin.

“Anon! What got into you!?” she shouts.

“Probably your breastmilk, but that’s just my guess.” you reply, grinning.

“Next time try drenching me in your cum while we’re somewhere where getting it all over the place WON’T ruin the floor. I’m going to take a shower.” she says while walking over to the bathroom; more of your seed trickling down off her body to splat on the carpet.

“Don’t forget about your hair!” you yell as the monster girl closes the bathroom door behind her. You laugh as you hear her muted screams of anger before the water turns on before deciding that maybe she might need some ‘help’.

You’re pretty sure you now know what Emily’s father meant by ‘other’ things when he was giving you tips on how to deal with a pregnant monster girl. Sure her body was going to fill out in all the right places, and you were going to have to constantly buy weirder food and newer clothing for your wife, but being a Mamono her libido also shot through the roof. Since your wife is a holstaurus, you also had to start milking her once every few weeks for the first few months, but that soon turned into a weekly then daily ritual for the two of you as her pregnancy passed the halfway point of the second trimester. The cowgirl’s chest has long since passed being able to fit into any of the brassieres she owns, so for a few months she went around in just a shirt before having to go topless as even those became too small for her. Each morning her breasts seemingly expanded overnight, and you spent about an hour or two each day just massaging and draining the tender flesh. Sometimes it takes longer than a few hours if you suckled from them directly for various reasons, and sometimes you’ve had to empty her ballooning tits more than once a day.

When you first met your spouse her boobs were right around a 34K, but you think they’re even larger than her mother’s now. Emily’s massive melons are easily the size of a very large pumpkin now if not bigger, and they’ll only be growing larger. Your coming daughter is certainly going to have plenty to eat, and you’re not going to have to worry about buying any milk anytime soon either. The rest of her body is occupying more space as well. Her already wide hips are even wider, and her considerable thighs could be confused with anacondas now. The soft mound of flesh you call her buttocks has grown a touch larger too since the last time you checked. Before her butt would simply flex whenever she walked, but now it practically jiggles whenever her shapely legs move.

You’ve also become intimately familiar with Emily’s oh so sexy frame in the past few weeks, mostly because the monster girl can’t control her urges and demands you fuck her relentlessly, usually to the point where she passes out from the pleasure. You don’t really mind, even if she pounces you and figuratively shreds your pants more than three times a day. Still though, the holstaurus is thirty-six weeks pregnant so you have to be extremely careful not bruise her ass as you bend her over some piece of furniture, making an absolute mess of the floor as dizzying amounts sexual fluids evacuate your bodies in the process.

You have the utmost confidence in your wife, but there’s still that little bit of irrational fear that something will go wrong. She’s strong, you’re sure of it, and you were told that she’s in the care of some of the best doctors in the city. That still didn’t stop you from asking dozens of questions about what if this happens or what you should do if something goes wrong as Emily is bringing your first child into the world. You practically disintegrate the tile floor of the waiting area as you pace back and forth, occasionally sitting down on an uncomfortable chair before getting back up again. You swear you can hear the cowgirl scream out in pain, but the receptionist assures you that you’re just imagining things. Finally someone comes out to get you after what seemed like hours later to introduce you to your newborn daughter. You can’t help but stand in the doorway with tears in your eyes as you watch the cowgirl cradle your offspring and coo sweet nothings into her ear, tickling her nose with a dainty finger. Emily looks up at you wearily as she hears you cross the threshold of the room and walk over to her hospital bed.

“Look at her Anon. She looks just like you.” Emily says.

“Nonsense. I look nothing like a holstaurus. Besides, she’s gorgeous, just like her lovely mother.” you say, leaning in to give the tired monster girl a kiss.

Her unrestrained pillow-like bosom wobbles obscenely underneath her snug hospital gown as she reaches up to hold your cheek to accept your display of affection, and you dearly wish you could climb into her bed and cuddle with her. Instead you simply make due with hugging her affectionately.

“You did wonderful, dear.” you say, your voice slightly muffled as you bury your face into her shoulder.

“Thank you Anon. I love you.”

“I love you too.” you say as you kiss your spouse again. “And I love you as well.” you finish, giving your infant daughter a kiss on the forehead.

A few years later you eventually find some time to take your beautiful holstaurus wife out on your wedding anniversary. The first few times you just couldn’t go out because you felt like your daughter was just too young to not be around her parents. But now that she’s about three years old, you can feel comfortable leaving her with her grandparents as you take Emily out to a romantic candle-lit dinner and night on the town. You repurposed the tuxedo you wore at your wedding for the occasion, and your wife chose to wear a backless sparkling red gown. Since you can’t see any straps, either from her dress or anything underneath, you conclude that she’s not wearing a bra. Of course with the size of those knockers you doubt she could find one that would even fit properly anyways.

The stacked cowgirl’s breasts stretch out the front of her dress, and you feel like she intentionally picked one that was low-cut and just a little too snug around her chest. Her outfit absolutely captivates you by showing off her deep, dark, squishy cleavage while her expansive hips and pliable rear end also strain against her outfit. Although you can’t see her sexy legs move under the dress your mind fills in the blanks for you. Your spouse went without shoes on the account of having hooves for feet, but the hard keratin lumps still click on the ground much like high heels would. You really wish you could walk behind the monster girl and ogle her swaying hips and bouncing rear end, but your partner insisted on walking together arm-in-arm as you head back to your hotel room after dinner. You share yet another loving smooch as you ride the elevator up a few floors to your room, and you kiss your wife again as you hold the door open for her.

“You’re the best, Anon.” Emily says as you join her to rest on the large bed.

“How many times do I have to tell you? I’m the best husband, but you’re the best wife.” you retort, smiling softly before leaning over to give the holstaurus an affectionate hug.

“Fine, be that way. You’re the best ‘husband’. But I still think you’re just plain the best.” she pouts in mock anger before kissing you deeply.

“You’re the best, Emily.” you whisper into her ear, and your wife smiles widely before swooping you up in her loving arms and the two of you roll around on the bed together, giggling like children. A minute or so later the cowgirl stops trying to tickle you only to look into your eyes as you prop yourself up on your arms next to her.

“C-can I ask you something Anon?” Emily asks.

“Anything for you.”

“I-I know we haven’t been able to spend some quality time alone together in a while, so can you do something for me please?”

“Of course my dear.” you say.

“I know you love me and I love you, so can we make love to each other again?”

With a warm smile, you lean over and kiss your spouse ever so slightly and as you pull away, you can see small tears budding in the corners of her deep blue eyes before she hauls you in to crash her lips against yours. Skipping the normal stuff, the two of you go straight to French-kissing each other as your hands roam all over each other, caressing the other person’s body as much as possible. Rather than stop the heavy petting and make-out session, you instead work your way out of your suit and tie while trying to unzip the back of Emily’s red dress while your tongues dance with each other. Of course fondling and kissing someone is impossible while removing a gown they’re wearing, but as soon as the red fabric leaves her shoulders and hits the floor, you’re already locking lips with the cowgirl.

Already stripped bare yourself you waste no time in removing your wife’s underwear before gently entering her, making her gasp slightly and breaking the seal around your lips. She lifts her powerful legs around to rest atop yours as her arms wrap around your torso and push you into her squishy chest, signifying that she wants you to start. Picking up where you left off you resume making out with your significant other as you start thrusting tenderly, making her moan out blissfully whenever your pelvis meets hers. The bed creaks audibly when you push back into Emily, and when you do her monumental breasts wobble and move around depravedly.

The monster girl is now crying out your name constantly, only stopping her salacious begging to kiss you passionately as you continue making love to her. Her staccato moans increase in tempo and pitch as your thrusts morph between short and fast, deep and hard, or somewhere in between. Her inevitable climax soon hits her, and her slick walls clamp down on your prick as ripples form at the base of your manhood before flowing all the way up to the tip. You only last a few short thrusts later before you bury yourself up to the hilt and unload half a dozen thick ropes of jizz into the deepest part of her sex. You give the monster girl a few more token thrusts and when you pull out you realize that instead of going soft, your dick is still rock-hard. Shrugging to yourself, you lay back down on the bed to snuggle with your wife in post-coitus.

“I love you Anon. So, so much.” Emily says, pulling you tightly against her and kissing you over and over.

“I love you so, so much more.” you say, smiling softly while giving Emily a wet smooch and holding it there for several seconds. Resuming your cuddling, you can’t help but notice that you’re still at full mast a few minutes later.

“Hey Emily, do you mind getting on your hands and knees?” you ask her.

“Wh-what for?” she pants, still slightly exhausted and out of breath.

“Because I’m not done making love to my gorgeous wife.”

Emily leaps into your arms and hugs you tightly before kissing you deeply and pulling away, getting on all fours like you asked. Kneeling down yourself and thanking Ivan Pavlov, you align your rigid member with the cowgirl’s still-wet hole. When you probe the entrance, the monster girl subconsciously pushes back against your cock and you ‘unintentionally’ slide in all the way to the base. The holstaurus that you’re currently buried inside moans out lewdly when she feels your groin clap against her giant backside. She shifts her grip from the sheets to the headboard and you smirk mischievously before taking a hold of her voluminous hips and pull out of her snatch agonizingly slowly. Stopping right before the head of your shaft leaves her, you squeeze on her thick waistline before plunging back in hard. As soon as you feel the mild sting when your crotch smacks against her liberal backside with a meaty clap, you switch directions and pull out again before pushing back when you reach the end of the line.

Emily moans and cries out when your pelvis crashes into the abundance of her ass, and her heavy breasts hang low on her torso, occasionally cracking against the headboard as they sway to and fro with every push you make. She climaxes again, shouting your name out loud enough for nearly everyone in the immediate vicinity of your hotel room to hear, and you power through her third orgasm of the night. Unable to hold on any longer under the constant assault on her senses, your spouse loses her grip on the wood in front of her and collapses face-first into the soft pillows below. Emily’s body all but shuts down the most essential functions as you continue to screw her doggy-style, and she can only gasp and moan as her nether regions are battered by your ruthless fucking. You ride her out through her fourth, fifth, and even sixth orgasm of the night before you climax again, thrusting in as deep and as hard as you can and bellowing out your lover’s name. She goes over the edge with you, practically mooing in ecstasy as her beaten and tired body weakly responds to the sensation of more of your semen flooding her depths. You pull out of her again and drop heavily onto the soft mattress, helping the exhausted monster girl back upright.

“You – hah – you sure know how to show a girl a good time, A-Anon.” Emily says wearily.

“Glad you feel that way, my love.” you respond, giving the cowgirl a passionate kiss. You cuddle with her some more, but before long the urge in both of you rises once more.

“Hey Anon, wanna go again?” your partner asks, cupping her hands under her vast bosom suggestively. You grin wickedly before hoisting her up and onto your lap, letting her straddle you as her plump chest hangs right in front of your face.

It’s a bright, warm summer day, and you’re out with your holstaurus wife Emily and your three youngest children, one of whom is still an infant. The other two, the four year old twins, are running around the playground in the park near your house while you sit back on the wooden bench watching them. Your baby daughter starts fussing a bit in her stroller, so you fish her out of the comfortable basket and cradle her in your arms, shushing her with a no-name song. You spot your children’s mother walking back over to where you’re seated, and when you make eye contact with her she gives you a little wave.

Smiling to yourself, you take pleasure in the fact that when you were just starting to go to college what seems like years ago, fate had decided that you would be sitting next to the prettiest woman you had ever seen on your first day – the same pretty woman you can now call your stunning wife. Over the years the cowgirl’s changed in so many ways, but she’s still the same monster girl you fell in love with. With a heavy sigh Emily lowers her pregnant form onto the bench next to you, and you hand her your fretful daughter. She does have a little bit of trouble holding the young holstaurus though, mostly because your spouse’s mountainous udders are easily three times as big as your head now, but also because she’s nearly nine months pregnant with twins. Now that certainly surprised you when you found out she was going to have another set instead of just one child.

You had one child the first time she got pregnant, then about three years later you got your wife pregnant again with another single daughter. Then just a year after your second daughter was born Emily wanted you to make love to her again and you ended up giving her twins. Three years later you had another daughter, who’s now one year old and currently in the arms of your lover. After this child-bearing phase is over you’ll have seven children, all holstauri just like their mother. In the back of your mind you feel like after she lets her body recover properly, Emily is going to want to ride you all night again. To be fair, you don’t mind it when she demands you fuck her and make her pregnant.

“Look at her, isn’t she sweet when she’s tired like this?” the monster girl says, showing you your infant daughter, who’s now sleeping soundly.

“Yeah, she is.” you say, gently brushing a loose strand of brown hair out of your daughter’s eyes.

“I’m just so happy right now, more so than usual.” your wife starts. “I’m outside on a gorgeous summer day, two of my kids are having fun playing on the swings, my littlest daughter is asleep in my arms, and the man I love the most gives me so much love in return that I’m going to have two more lovely daughters soon.”

“The things I do for you.” you chuckle before leaning over to give Emily an affectionate smooch.

“I love you, Anon.”

“I love you too, Emily.”


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