Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 2: Chapter 1

Groggily, you rise up from the stiff mattress and punch the deafening alarm. The thin sheets fall off your half-clothed form as you rise up from your restless slumber, taking in the darkened room. You dig through your closet to find some clothing and find a pair of unfolded jeans, a wrinkled shirt, and some white socks. You grab the heavy backpack laying near the door to your room, and head out to the elevator to ride it down to the ground floor so you can leave the building.

The early morning air is dark, and with it a chill as fall yields to winter. Almost all of the trees are bare save for a few brown leaves still clinging to life, and the grass has yet another coating of frost as the dawn temperatures are still well below what is acceptable for anyone, lamias especially. The lights dotting the pathways make the shrubbery and occasional drowsy student cast an ominous shadow as you walk towards the cafeteria to find something warm to eat. Inside is rather quiet apart from the shuffling of feet and still tired yawns as the line up to the food counter slowly moves forward as you make your way closer and closer to a tray with a bowl of lukewarm oatmeal and coffee that would be better off being called vapid slag. No one really pays attention to anything other than their food, and you lazily stir your soft breakfast as you stare out into the plaza outside.

An alert on your phone tells you that you really should be getting to class, so you dump the rest of the boring porridge into the trash and clutch the Styrofoam cup holding the piping hot liquid and walk to where to the building where your first class, Mamono and Human Relations Studies, is. Of course no one wants to learn about the history between monster girls and humans or why everyone should play nice together, but it’s one of the required courses for any degree or certificate at the college. Inside the lecture hall is a bit noisier than outside as people finally start waking up, but most people are still trying to get a few more precious moments of slumber before the professor arrives. You find an empty seat near the front row and slump into it, nearly spilling the scalding coffee all over your legs, and look around the wide room. It’s about a 50/50 mix of humans and monster girls, with about another 50/50 split of male and female in the human half. You can see a dragon girl dragging a still-slumbering lamia behind her as the chairs are gradually filled, and a harpy girl is seemingly the only one in the room that isn’t half-zombie right now. About ten minutes pass since you entered before the professor slams the door open and charges across the floor to the podium in the middle of the room. Thankfully he’s a human, so you’re spared most of the ‘oh we did nothing wrong humans attacked us first’ bullshit as he drones on and on about inter-human relations.

Thankfully though the lecture ends a few hours later, and a smattering of moving chairs and raised voices start filling the room as everyone gets up for their next class, and you follow suit. The weather outside is a bit better now, if still a little colder than you’d like. Almost all of the frost on the lawn has evaporated, and most of the ice inside the central fountain has melted too. There are hardly any clouds in the sky, and the few birds that haven’t gone south are freely chirping in the twiggy trees. You didn’t have to take it, but you figured you’d be able to meet a nice monster girl in your Human Biology class anyways. Of course a few other people had the same idea, so you’re one of about six males in the class. This class is mandatory for monster girls, and inversely Mamono Biology is mandatory for human students.

The room is laid out in more of a traditional class style, with sets of two desks side by side in neat rows from the front of the room to the back, with enough seats for forty people and narrow pathways between each pair of desks. A separate desk rests off to the side near the front for the teacher, and the front wall is dominated by a currently empty whiteboard with a retracted pull-down screen for the projector mounted in the ceiling at the back. There are posters that you’d find in any humanity-related biology class: a poster with each system of the human body, something saying that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, typical science stuff. There’s also a fake, and unquestionably spooky, skeleton in the corner. Apparently you were almost late, as all the other humans in the class managed to find a seat next to a fellow man and there are only two empty seats left. You ignore the cat-calls when you walk in the door and drop into one of the free chairs. Luckily for you though, you weren’t the last person to arrive as right before the (surprisingly monster girl) professor starts diving in right away one more monster girl practically crashes through the door and, much to your delight, is forced to sit next to you.

From what you understand about different Mamono body types, hers is what would be categorized as a holstaurus. Judging by how her turtleneck sweater is stretching over her blossoming chest you guess she’s somewhere in the ‘very large’ cup size, but if you were privy to what she wears you’d know that the extremely gifted monster girl sports 34K breasts. Her magnificent udders bounce quite suggestively as she plops her full butt in the chair next to you, and oh what a butt it is. You could practically lose yourself in the squishy flesh, not to mention how glorious her expansive hips are, how her tantalizing thighs strain against the fabric of her soft winter leggings, or how cushiony her midsection looks. Of course her pants only go down to about where her knee would be before they stop, exposing the vibrant brown fur of her legs before again they change to her ‘feet’: a large piece of tough keratin in the shape of a hoof. Her long bovine tail flops out through the hole in the back of the chair, and the knot of hair at the end barely brushes the carpeted floor as she curls the rest of her tail around a few times in her seat. Your eyes rove from her lower body, pausing ever so slightly on her gelatinous bosom before finally reaching her head. The long wavy strands of her vivid mane are colored a deep chestnut brown, and her eyes are a rich ocean blue. Her plump lips glisten slightly from errant moister still standing after she went from the frigid outdoors to the pleasant interior of the building you’re currently in, and her floppy ears are tucked under furry earmuffs leaving her short horns exposed. If you had to guess, you’d put her at right around six feet tall from hoof to horn, and right around the same age as you.

“Well thank you for joining us, I was just about to start teaching everyone about humans before you barged in, uh…”

“Emily.” the holstaurus next to you responds.

“Right. Emily. Try and wake up earlier so you don’t come in late next time.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Right, as I was saying…”

The rest of the class time is spent jotting down notes from the textbook and from what the professor tells you, before the next bell rings across campus, signaling the end of another uninteresting first half of the day and starting the lunch hour. Well you did sign up for this class in hopes of making a monster girl as a friend, so why not start with the holstaurus that sat next to you.

“Hey, uh, Emily, right?” you call out as she’s about to walk out the front door of the building.

“Oh hey, uh…I never got your name.”

“Anon. Anyways, I was thinking maybe we could eat lunch together and later on be study buddies for class, if needed.”

“Yeah sure, why not? Might as well get to know each other since we’re probably going to end up sitting next to each other a lot anyways. Become friends, you know?”

“After you.” you say, holding the door for her. Emily smiles at your act of chivalry before you follow her to the café. You chat idly about what you both are planning on pursuing while eating before an hour later another bell chimes, and everyone starts filing out the multiple doors.

“Before I forget, here’s my number Emily.”

“Thanks, I’ll call you if I need any help. See you tomorrow!”

Unlike your new cowgirl friend, you actually don’t have any more classes today so instead of heading off to another building to be tortured for at least another two hours, you stroll back to your dorm and up the stairs before flopping down on the rickety chair in front of your paltry desk, and play some video games.

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