Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 1: Chapter 8

Arriving at your apartment after that rough but not unpleasant weekend, you urgently look for some relief to the headache that’s plagued you since waking up. Still entirely unsure of how you got it, or why your legs were sore, you pop a few painkillers before crashing in your living room to enjoy a few more hours of video games before having to turn in for the night. While playing, you swear you’re forgetting something from earlier, and not some half-baked excuse to make out with Kara or touch her. You genuinely think you might have mild amnesia or something. All you can really remember is after milking the holstaurus, you took a shower and then the next thing you know you woke up. The only logical conclusion is that you somehow slipped and bashed your head on an object, knocking yourself out. Shit, that means that since you were in the shower that implies that you were naked, and since you went from shower to bed Kara would have had to remove you from the bathroom and to her cot while you weren’t wearing anything, and then she probably dressed you as well, at least up to your underwear. Sure, you saw her tits earlier, but you didn’t get the whole picture. She did.

Unable to shake the nagging feeling of the cowgirl seeing you in your birthday suit without you willingly showing her, you finish wasting time and go to sleep, skeptical of how long you’ll actually rest. Most of your thoughts and dreams that night are trying to figure out what the hell happened, but you can’t ever make any headway. It’s all going over to help Kara, finding out that she wants you to milk her and then helping her do it, taking the shower, and then waking up the next morning. Nothing fills the gap between the last two things, unless what really happened is you managed to finish bathing and then re-clothe yourself and pass out in her bed.

Waking up after THE WORST night’s sleep you’ve ever had the misfortune of receiving, you detect your headache is no longer there and your legs don’t feel like you’ve just run a half-marathon. Maybe it was just a freak accident, or even just you sleep-dressing yourself. Pushing those thoughts out of your mind, you get ready for work. Going through your morning routine again making sure to give Kara another good-morning message, you head to work. Nothing really exciting happens during your shift before Kara shows up, and you start to try and recall what happened again. Taking a short break, you try and see if she knows anything about your apparent lack of memory.

“Hey Kara, can I ask you something in private?”

“Sure Anon, what is it?” The cowgirl replies as you both make your way to a less crowded area of the diner.

“Over the weekend, I helped you with that problem you had but for some reason I feel like I did something else, and I can’t remember what. The only thing that I can recollect is arriving at your condo, you asking me to milk you which I accepted, and then taking a shower to clean myself up after getting cream all over myself. The next thing I know I woke up the next morning. There’s nothing between me bathing and waking up.”

“It almost sounds like you have a bit of memory loss, like you bonked your head on something.” Kara says.

“That’s the thing though. I think that that might be the case, but I’m not convinced it’s what happened.”

“Well, whatever did happen, I’ll let you know if I can remember anything either, Anon.” The cowgirl finishes.

Conversation over you head back to work, sensing that Kara knows something you don’t. Shaking your head, you firmly tell yourself you just blacked out for whatever reason between the shower and the bed giving you your headache, sore legs, and loss of memory. Boring work aside, you go back to your customary habit of goofing off and looking at the monstergirl serving food. While grilling a particularly rare steak for yet another wolf girl a patron accidentally knocks their drink off of the table, the cup falling a few feet to the ground before shattering on the black and white tile floor, firing bits of glass and liquid everywhere. You, along with half the diner, turn around to look at the source of the disturbance, the customer embarrassed that they broke something and now everyone is looking right at them. One person that didn’t notice however was Kara. She finishes up helping a client before walking over to the other side; right into the path of the spilled drink.

“Kara!” You call out and she turns her head to find the source of her name, but it’s too late.

Her right hoof falls on top of the pool of fluid, but doesn’t stop like it normally would. It keeps on going, causing her right leg to fly out from under her at supersonic speed; her arms shoot up into the air, the notepad and pen escaping her hands; her body suspended in midair as the rest of her lower body moves forward while her upper half bends backwards; and she falls to the floor, hard. A sickening crack reverberates throughout the room as the cowgirl hits the ground, and now all eyes are on her.

“KARA!” You yell out, dropping everything and bolting over to where the now unconscious girl is lying. “Shit, Kara! Kara! Can you hear me?! KARA!” You shout, fighting back tears as you shake her, but it’s no use. She’s out cold, her left arm is contorted in such a way that you’re sure it’s not meant to be in that position, and a fair hunk of one of her ivory horns is lying about a foot away. A sickening pool of blood is starting to form under her skull as you futilely try rouse Kara. “Come on Kara, wake up! Wake up Kara! Come on, I know you can! Don’t do this to me!” You plead through misty eyes. In the back of your mind you hear sirens coming closer, but you don’t care. The woman that you care about the most, and who cares about you, is probably dead.

“No. No. Nonononono!” You start to sob while huddling over her form. You barely register the door opening as heavy boots rush over to where you and Kara are. Gloved hands pull you off of her, much to your frenzied screams. Landing a few feet away, your hand lands on top of the broken piece of horn, and you grab at it. Bringing it up to your face you realize what you’re holding and break down, clutching the small spike to your chest, crying out the name of the monstergirl who’s now being moved from the floor to a gurney and taken out to the ambulance waiting outside.

Softer hands pull you back up to your feet and support you while you robotically walk out the door as the ambulance pulls away quickly, sirens blaring. You’re unaware of how you got back home but when you sit down on your couch, you unclench your hand and still find yourself holding Kara’s now splintered horn. You begin to weep again, knowing that you’re probably never see her again.

You wake up extremely dreary for the sixth time this week, not wanting to believe the events that transpired earlier, but you can’t get the image of the holstaurus plunging to the ground over in over in slow motion. You drag yourself to your living room, the lost ivory sitting in the middle of the table a cruel reminder of the horrible loss you’ve experienced. You halt in the doorway, staring at the new centerpiece as you process yet again the fact that the only woman who really showed you any affection might not ever be around anymore. You find yourself now sitting on your couch, looking at the blank television screen when your phone rings. You turn your head over to the device sitting next to you when you notice the caller ID says it’s from Kara. Eyes wide, your hand shoots out and grabs the phone and you answer.

“K-Kara?” You anxiously say.

“Uh, this isn’t Kara.” A gruff male voice responds. Your heart sinks even lower. “This was the only contact in her phone that I found that wasn’t a boss of her’s, so I thought I should call it. I guess you must be the man that was crying over her when the paramedics arrived. I think you should come down to the hospital, I have something to tell you.”

Click. You stare back at your phone, expecting the worst as you sluggishly rise up and trudge out the door.

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