Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 1: Chapter 7

You wake up the next morning in an unfamiliar bed, wearing nothing but your underwear with your lower body feeling unusually sore and a pounding headache to top everything off. Your clothing is folded into a neat pile at the foot of the spacious bunk with a small note on top that says: *Almost forgot to clean these yesterday, hope you don’t mind! -Kara*. Now you remember; you came over after the cowgirl wanted you to help milk her and in the process spoiling your pants and shirt after screwing up, although you’re not sure how you got the headache and you guess the sore legs are from when she sat on your lap when you were assisting her. Tossing aside the covers you don the now washed garments and leave Kara’s bedroom, unsure of what you shall expect.

One thing you weren’t planning on walking in on is the holstaurus dressed in only a full-length culinary apron, forgoing anything to support her chest or cover her lower body as she toils with breakfast. You choose to relish the scene of Kara moving back and forth between stations for far longer than would be polite or required; her exposed ass, hips, and thighs oscillating with every enticing movement; her pendular breasts all but removing themselves from behind the fibers of the only thing she bothered putting on. Forgetting that you think yourself chivalrous, you eventually announce your arrival with a sharp cough.

“Well good morning sleepyhead.” Kara says as she turns around, a spatula in one hand and smudges of food all over the front of the cloth. “Enjoy your nap and the view?”

“Very much so, Kara. Need any help fixing breakfast?” You ask, gawking at the upper half of her “covering”, the bumps of her large nipples only just making themselves known.

“No, I think I can manage. Just relax while I finish cooking, and again sorry for damaging your shirt and pants last night. Sometimes that just happens.” She answers apologetically.

Not terribly concerned that you might have to buy a new work uniform, you brush off her mild remorse, assuring her that it’s not a big deal. Taking up Kara’s offer, you sit down on her couch in such a way that your view of her isn’t obstructed. Now aware that you’re awake, the holstaurus starts working a bit faster, exaggerating her movements so that her body undulates in the most erotic way. Her hips swing back and forth farther than you though was possible as she parades over to where you’re situated when she finishes. Stomach growling, you rapidly consume the meal Kara just prepared as soon as she sets your plate down. Chuckling to herself, she takes her place opposite you and since you’re too busy wolfing down your first meal since lunch the previous day, you don’t notice the cowgirl’s boobs have begun to leak again as they bounce around when she sits; her generous buds becoming harder and more erect, tenting the fabric of the apron higher. Inverse to your own behavior however Kara eats her food a bit more dignified, stopping to chew it rather than inhaling it or swallowing it whole. She asks simple questions about various subjects all the while and you answer through stuffed mouth, ejecting bits of egg and sausage everywhere.

Finishing up what seems like seconds later, Kara gets up to clean up after your abominable performance at the table. She purposefully leans over across the top of the table with her breasts right up in your face, giving you a picture of her cleavage and exposed body as you look down the top of the apron. Gripping the side of your chair as hard as you can, it takes almost all of your willpower to not reach and pull one of those fleshy globes out and start massaging the velvety skin. Gathering up what you brought the previous day after Kara finishes cleaning up and teasing you with yet more raunchy displays, you make your way towards the door.

“Thanks for helping me yesterday Anon. I don’t know what I would do without you.” Kara states.

“Yeah, sure, no problem. Let me know if you have any more issues with your tools or machines.” You return, making heavy use of air quotes around the word “issues”.

“S-sure, i-if you say so.” The holstaurus apprehensively responds. You turn around to walk out the door before stopping in your tracks. “Anything wrong, Anon?” Kara asks.

“Yeah, almost forgot something.”

“What did you forget?”

“This.” You say as you tug the cowgirl in for an impassioned kiss.

Her eyes open further than normal before fluttering closed, and she starts to moan your name softly. Taking advantage of her lack of coverings, you reach under her apron with one hand and rub her spongy bosom while the other goes around behind and cradles her mighty backside, taking in as much of the elastic flesh as it can. Kara moans harder as she wraps her arms around your neck and her hips faintly push against you. You tortuously remove yourself from the monstergirl’s amazing body after savoring the embrace for a few precious moments.

“See you tomorrow.” You declare, giving Kara a wink as you eventually leave. Closing the door behind you, you spot the mildly turned on cowgirl tweaking one of her nipples and biting her lower lip while at the same time the otherwise unoccupied hand is, bit by bit, making its way to the space between her legs. You grin as you make your way back home.

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