Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 1: Chapter 5

Smiling at the fact that your exchange with Kara over the past twenty four hours or so has upgraded your relationship from merely eyeballing her luscious form to an actual friendship, you move away from the door to finish cleaning up from the past day’s events. Finishing washing the rest of the dishes and putting the leftover cake in the fridge for later, you elect to unwind on the couch and turn your brain to mush with some television and video games. Not much else happens that day, other than you lazying around and doing nothing productive or fantasize about the cowgirl some more. Around midnight again you rise from your perch on the couch and curse the gods that you have to work the next day and that Kara still isn’t here, and head to the cot in your room to sleep.

Rising up bright and much too early on Monday, you go through your morning routing again: shower, get dressed but for work this time and not a dinner “date”, eat breakfast, get everything you need for work ready, and then head out the door, but you also add in something new: giving Kara a good morning text. On the fifteen minute walk to work, you start thinking about how lovely a woman Kara is. Sure, she’s got a great body; her blimp-like tits sitting proudly above her impeccable waistline which flows seamlessly to her vast hips and curvaceous thighs and down to her lengthy lower limbs, not to mention her rich, smooth hair, vivid green eyes, and supple lips. No, there’s more to her than just a stack of flesh that you satiate your most carnal urges with. She’s a meta-human being, one with its own wants and desires, an individual who has thoughts and feelings of her own. You’re thinking of the holstaurus as a person now rather than an object of lewd fantasies, and you’re okay with this.

Showing up at work you recognize the same ethic everyone’s following, and will follow for the rest of the week. That means most of your day is going to be spent dicking around not doing anything, or sneaking glances at Kara when she’s working. No matter what you or any of her other coworkers do or what the clientele say to her, she always has that same upbeat but no-bullshit attitude. Right around the holstaurus’ usual start time, you get a text from her yourself.

Message 1: Good morning to you too Anon! Normally I’d be walking in the front door right about now and you’d start staring (not that I mind), I’m going to be a bit late. Had some issues this morning getting ready. See you soon! :)*Received at 10:03 a.m.*

Damn, you’re going to have to find something else to do while no one orders any food. Letting your shift manager know that Kara is going to be late, earning a sigh from her in the process and she mutters something about it happening again, you get back to your job. At 3:17 p.m., the cowgirl shows up. Her demeanor when she walks in suggests that something went wrong this morning. Her hairstyle isn’t what it normally is, she’s walking slightly irritated, and her face and parts of her exposed skin are slightly flushed, although you can’t tell if it’s because she’s upset or she was in a hurry to get here not wanting to miss any more of the work day.

“Upset that your hair wasn’t just right again Kara?” You tease from the back of the kitchen. She blushes slightly, again.

“You wish. I just had trouble starting everything, that’s all.” Kara responds, panting slightly. Man, she really takes punctual arrivals seriously. She probably had to sprint here, you muse. Doesn’t really matter though, Kara’s here and that means that you can relax a little. You spot the holstaurus adjusting her blouse a few times throughout the day, tugging at the fabric a bit before sighing exasperatedly before moving back to busing tables and taking orders. For once though, you manage to catch her staring at YOU occasionally and then swiftly looking away instead of the other way around. Having a private laugh to yourself, you think it’s hilarious that now Kara’s picking up your bad habits from work. Finishing your shift a bit later, you say goodbye to everyone and that you’ll see them tomorrow before giving Kara a special farewell hug, at least until the next day. Her cheeks start to become flushed again, and even parts of the exposed skin of her bust is tinted as well. When her breasts flatten against your own torso, you overhear the holstaurus inhale sharply, and you feel the front of your shirt become a little damp. Chalking that up to a spilled drink you pull away, feeling her hot breath on your face as she finally exhales, her skin a bit redder since you last saw it.

The next day, you start things normally, although in the back of your mind you feel like something is nagging at Kara. Normally the cowgirl would reliably show up an hour after you arrive, but you get another text from the busty maiden around the same time as yesterday.

Message 1: Hey Anon, sorry to let you know but a serious issue came up early this morning and I don’t think I’ll be in today or the rest of the week until I can get it sorted. Can you let our manager know? Thanks.*Received at 9:37 a.m.*

Jeez, something must really be bothering her if she only shows up for half a shift one day and then needs to take the rest of the week off. Honoring her request, you let your shift manager know the holstaurus won’t be in for the rest of the week getting yet another sigh, this time a bit heavier along with a muttered “goddamnit”. Nothing really happens the rest of the week, but halfway through Thursday’s work period, your worry gets to you.

Message 1: Hey Kara, it’s Anon. I’m getting a little worried about you. On Monday you came in a lot later than usual, and on Tuesday you said something severe happened and that you wouldn’t be able to come to work for the rest of the week. If something’s bothering you, let me know. *Sent at 5:48 p.m.*

On Friday when you’re almost halfway back to your apartment, you get a call and the ID says it’s the cowgirl, Kara.

“Hello?” You answer the ringing phone.

“H-hey Anon, it’s Kara.” Well duh it’s her, you knew that from the display on your phone. “I got you text yesterday, thanks for thinking about me. I’ve been contemplating whether I not I should, and I think I want some help.” Her voice comes in over the speaker a bit heavy and wistful.

“Sure thing. What do you need help with?” You return.

“I don’t think you can aid me just over the phone. You need to come over.” She says again, her voice a bit more urgent this time.

“Uh, sure. Although that might be difficult since I don’t really know where you live, silly.”

“R-right. I’ll text you the address then.”

“See you soon Kara.”

Click. That was odd. She sounded unsettled, but there wasn’t any real indication of her dilemma being a relationship issue. Receiving her address a short time later, you make a detour and start heading for the monstergirl’s abode. Getting there a few minutes later because you got lost, you arrive at the condo, walk up a flight of stairs and get to a door labeled 23, and knock carefully.

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