Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 1: Chapter 4

Normally on a Sunday you wouldn’t wake up before noon, but considering there is a female hibernating in your living room, you opt to wake up a lot earlier so you can again impress her with your culinary finesse. You tip-toe on bare feet from your room to the kitchen, passing Kara while she’s dozing on the couch. Her hair is an absolute mess, and you have no doubt in your mind that she’s going to be deeply upset because of this. So before you start making breakfast for the both of you, you go back into the bathroom and put out a fresh towel and washcloth and make sure there’s plenty of soap and shampoo as well. About a minute after you start cooking, the cowgirl stirs from whatever dream that was currently running in her head.

“Well good morning sleepyhead.” You announce to the half-alert monstergirl. You notice that when Kara was sleeping she must have shifted positions a few times because her shirt is bunched up, exposing almost all of her pudgy midriff and her udders are threatening to spill out from the top of her white shirt.

“A-a-are-are you making food for me again?” Kara yawns, stretching out her arms and leaning over the back of the sofa, risking the discharge of those glistening spheres from their cotton prison even further as she props them up on top of her crossed limbs.

“Yes actually, although you might want to get cleaned up first.”

“Whaddaya mean Anon?” She says again half-comatose.

“Go look in a mirror. There’s one in the bathroom, and if you want I put out some fresh towels and other things if you need to bathe.”

Yawning once more, the sluggish holstaurus pushes up from her “bed”, causing her breasts to move ever so slightly and her shirt to fall just a little lower covering up a small portion of her stomach. Kara drags her hooves across the floor as she meanders to the bathroom and you hear the door click behind her, followed by a brief scream as the cowgirl finally notices her disheveled appearance. Chuckling slightly, you turn back from gawking at Kara’s flexing backside as she made her way to the lavatory to the bacon and eggs in the frying pan you were watching over. A few seconds later you hear water start to run as the monstergirl douses herself in the shower. Your mouth begins watering, both from the appetizing smell of breakfast right under your nose, but also the image of the healthy cowgirl lathering her vast bosom, gasping slightly as she drops the bottle of soap and bending over leisurely to grab at it. You yearn to join her and “help” cleanse the woman, but the odor of slightly burning pork snaps you from your reverie. Shaking you head and sighing, you finish preparing the plain breakfast. You overhear water shutting off and the sounds of muffled clopping as the cleaned holstaurus steps out of your shower and onto the tile floor. Soon after Kara strolls back into the kitchen, looking exactly the same as when she arrived last night, if not her hair and fur just a touch darker from being still damp.

“Thanks again for inviting me over Anon.” Kara adds, expressing her gratitude to you once more as she sits down at the table across from you and starts eating. “I don’t get out as often as I should, and having you cook for me and spending time with you was really enjoyable.”

“Don’t mention it. It’s the least I could do. After all, friends do things together, right?” You say reassuringly. Almost instantly, Kara’s cheeks go from their usual fair color to a bright crimson as she averts her gaze and instead stares at her plate, smiling slightly. You finally have some ammo to use against her. Kara makes fun of you by insulting your ability to write neatly and cook a decent meal, and you now know how to push HER buttons, so to speak.

“Are you going to continue being bashful, or are you going to eat your food like a good little girl?” You suggest with a grin, knowing exactly what’s going to happen next. You wouldn’t think it, but Kara’s entire face is now a deep shade of rose, and she sinks even lower into her seat.

“W-well I guess I….” Kara mutters into her tits as she descends in her chair a tad more.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear your lovely voice since you were mumbling into your chest.” You shoot back at her again. Kara’s face is basically beet red at this point and try as she might, she can’t hide in the chair anymore.

“N-nothing, Anon. T-thanks for hanging out with me.” She finally manages to respond, her cheeks still a little red as she sits back up in her spot and resumes eating the breakfast you prepared, although at this point she’s now just picking at it with her fork. A few minutes go by in polite silence before you finish consuming your portion and suggest that she should head back home since she probably has things to do. Seeing her out the door, you both share another chest-compressing hug for a few seconds, and in that marvelous embrace you have another idea. As soon as you both pull apart, you give Kara a delicate kiss on the cheek, causing her eyes to go wide and her body to utterly freeze up and turn beet red again before you say you’ll see her tomorrow at work, and you close the door. Putting your ear up to the wood, you listen for a bit before you finally hear hurried hoof-steps slowly fade away a few seconds later.

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