Holstaurus Monstergirl Adventure 1: Chapter 2

“H-Hello?” You answer the ringing device cautiously.

“Anon? It’s Kara.” Shit, she called you, and just when you thought you were finally calming down too. “I got your little note from work earlier.”

“Heh, yeah, I wasn’t sure you’d notice it.”

“Oh please, the abomination that you call your handwriting gave it away.” Damn, that hurt. You’ll have to make HER feel bad now.

“Well yours isn’t any better, I can barely read it.” You shoot back sarcastically, which isn’t true at all. Her “scrawl” is actually something out of one of those ancient history books with the swooping words and over-accented characters. So yeah, it’s actually astonishingly easy to read; you’d have to be legally blind to not have the ability to do so.

“That’s low, REAL low.” She complains, and yet you doubtlessly read through Kara’s fake distress. “But whatever, you wanted to talk to me?”

“Yeah. I was thinking that since I hardly ever see you at work or outside work with any friends, I thought you could use some companionship. I was thinking we could just talk about stuff while we’re eating and then maybe go somewhere else, although I have no idea where we’d go or what we’d do. You know, something just casual.” Somehow you manage to get those words out without tripping over your own tongue or completely forgetting how to speak English.

“Aww, thanks! That’s so sweet of you! Although you could have just asked me instead of screwing with the paper.” There she goes again, she’s teasing you. Oh well, at least she doesn’t hate you or at least isn’t showing it. “I’m not entirely sure where I would choose to go, either.”

“I could always cook dinner myself at my apartment and then we could go from there I guess.” You offer.

“I don’t know, everyone at work thinks you’re a terrible chef and always complains how amazing your food is.” Again, Kara goes on provoking you with sarcasm, and yet you don’t mind at all. In fact, you almost enjoy it at times. “Sounds great, though. How does tomorrow evening sound?”

“Sounds perfect actually. I’ll see you tomorrow evening then Kara.”

“You too Anon!” She says goodbye cheerfully.

Click. You put your phone down and stare at it in disbelief. Holy shit, she actually agreed to hang out with you. Now you need to plan what the hell you’re gonna make, and of course you forgot what Kara prefers. You’re fairly sure holstauruses don’t like steak or burgers, so maybe some sort of pasta dish could work. Putting Kara’s number into your contacts so you don’t forget to later in case you want to ask her questions or just talk, you start cleaning your apartment for tomorrow. After all, you don’t want your new friend to think you’re some sort of slob that wallows in his own garbage. Starting with the kitchen, you work on cleaning the counter-top, oven and stove-top, and tile. Moving to the living area, you mostly shove all the magazines under the couch or in a random drawer in the coffee table. For once, you actually focus on getting the right DVD disk into the right case and putting the cases where they belong, instead of dropping them wherever. You don’t bother with the controllers or remotes since you’ll, in all likelihood, use them later when Kara is over tomorrow. As for your room and the bathroom, you mostly just put stuff wherever so it doesn’t LOOK like a mess. Wiping a hand over your brow and vowing to clean this shit more often, you look at the clock, which says it’s now nine thirty in the evening. Man it’s late, and you just now recall that you haven’t consumed anything since your lunch break at work. Not wanting to run into Kara if you go outside to get something, you opt to order some based Chinese delivery instead. After eating dinner half an hour later you stroll to your room to get some rest after the hectic day you just had. Laying on your bed, you think about a lot of things really; Kara’s enthusiasm to your proposal of cooking dinner for her, what you’re actually going to cook, and a whole bunch of other things. What you think about most though is her voice and how joyful her face must have looked when you suggested the two of you hang out at your place, and that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You set your alarm for around noon on Saturday and finally mange to fall asleep a few hours later, sporting yet another semi after thinking of Kara.

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