Holstaurus (Head-canon) Encyclopedia Entry

Name: Holstaur, sometimes referred to as Holstaurus or Cowgirl

Species: Mamono

Gender: Female

Physical Description: A holstaur is a humanoid combined with stark bovine-like traits, most notably digitigrade legs covered in coarse fur, cloven hooves in place of toed feet, a cow-like tail, small ivory horns, and large, thick cow ears in place of regular human ones. Hair and fur color is typically either a shade of brown, black, or white with black spots while the skin is usual fair, although some holstaurs have slightly tanner skin if they live in a particularly sunny area. A holstaurus always has large, wide hips, well-muscled but soft and squishy thighs, and a nice full and jiggly butt. One other notable trait about holstaurs are their breasts.

An average cowgirl has breasts about the size of a large melon while the more well-endowed or “gifted” cowgirls boast mammaries the size of a large beachball, if not bigger. It’s highly desirable for a holstaurus to have very wide hips, profoundly thick thighs, a wonderfully large ass, and colossal, productive breasts as these are not only considered extremely attractive physical traits but they also show that the holstaur is extremely fertile, either because they have had several children or will be able to have several children. Some holstaurs also believe that having a slight paunch or “love handles” is an attractive physical trait as well.

Personality: A holstaur is always gentle and caring, very slow to anger and very quick to forgive. In fact if a holstaur becomes angry, rather than becoming physically or verbally abusive she will instead be incredibly stern but won’t raise her voice. Holstaurs are commonly stereotyped as lazy and dim-witted, but this is mostly because the holstaur would rather focus the majority of her attention on her family and the feeling of being milked or having sex with her husband.

Courtship: Flirting with a holstaur is incredibly easy: simply compliment her, mainly her (beautiful) figure and caring personality. Show her you appreciate her kindness by giving her hugs, buying small gifts, taking her on a casual outing, or by simply telling her you enjoy being with her and that you’re grateful for everything she’s done for you. The easiest way to tell if a holstaurus is interested in you is if she’s overtly physical; always trying to find an excuse to touch you or give you a big squishy hug. Another common indicator that a cowgirl is interested in taking things further is if she makes up reasons to be around you, whether the reason is inviting you over to her home for dinner or doing something out in public like watching a movie together. Light kisses on the cheek or forehead are typical indicators as well, although some holstaurs have resorted to powerful and intense smooches on the lips if the person they’re eyeing is abnormally dense.

Something that all holstaur do to show their interest in a human male is to use their breasts – that is to say pressing them up against a man – usually with a great big hug – or by showing off obscene amounts of cleavage when around or with the target of her feelings. Anecdotal evidence has shown that if a holstaur is excessively affectionate in the use of her bosom when flirting then she’s not only interested in a romantic relationship, but a sexual relationship filled with plenty of loving as well.

Sex: Being a Mamono, engaging in sexual intercourse is one of a holstaur’s most favorite things to do. In contrast to other monstergirls, such as an Ushi-Oni or Ogre, sex with a holstaurus is incredibly gentle and tender. Holstaurs usually prefer either a mild submissive or an equal role when coupled with their lover, encouraging them with loving words and gentle caresses of the body. Breastplay is one of a holstaur’s top fetishes, so expect to be in plenty of positions where the cowgirl’s breasts are the main focus point. Holstaurs absolutely adore it when their soft, squishy breasts are played with during sex; even better if her partner nurses from her.

Another turn-on for holstaurs is having her partner focusing his attention on her bountiful rear end. Every holstaur loves to have her butt groped; some even like a hard pinch or sharp slap on the butt as well. As such, a holstaur’s favorite position to be in when she and her husband make love is the “cowgirl”, not only because of the silly pun but also because it gives the husband ample opportunity to play with or suckle from her bouncing chest – or fondle, squeeze, and spank her generous ass.

One of the best ways to show your love to a holstaur is by drinking her breastmilk directly from her while the two of you make love to one another. Not only is the feeling of breastfeeding another individual extremely pleasurable to a cowgirl, but the maternal connection and emotional bond that is created and formed between a holstaurus and the person suckling on her teat is nearly impossible to recreate in any other situation. In addition to the bond created when nursing from a cowgirl mid-coitus, her breastmilk will change significantly. Typically, a holstaur’s breastmilk is slightly sweeter and creamier than milk from an ordinary dairy cow. In addition, it also has some mild magical properties – the biggest being increasing libido, endurance, and semen output. But the milk that comes from a holstaur in the middle of sex is far, far richer. Not only is it thicker and more syrupy than usual, it’s also extremely potent.

Regular ingestion of holstaur milk will improve a man’s ability in bed, yes, but the extra thick milk produced during sex radically increases the usual effects of sexual performance. Not only will he last far longer than usual, a man will also ejaculate far more semen than usual, sometimes to a point where his holstaur wife grows a faux-pregnancy – and more often than not this results in her becoming pregnant afterwards if she isn’t already. Another effect of this special milk is that the man’s refractory period is vastly shortened, sometimes to a point where it virtually doesn’t exist. As such, when a holstaurus and her husband have sex with each other it can sometimes last for hours or even days depending on the potency of the breastmilk. Regardless of how long the love-making session lasts, it’s always incredibly messy.

Reproduction: After successful fertilization, a holstaur will carry her child inside her womb for approximately nine months before giving birth. Generally a holstaurus will have a single child, although twins aren’t uncommon and while rarer than twins, triplets aren’t unheard of either. Very few holstaurs have had four or more children at one time, although those that have are considered to be extremely blessed by other cowgirls. Regardless of how many children they have at one time, a holstaur will always give birth to another holstaur.

A holstaurus will commonly experience slight hormonal changes during her pregnancy, usually resulting in a heightened libido. As with most humanoid species a holstaur will also experience bodily changes as well, focused mostly around her hips, thighs, butt, and breasts. A holstaur’s hips will expand slightly each time she becomes pregnant, up to a point. In addition, her thighs and buttocks will become slightly softer and cushiony in proportion to how wide her hips get.

The biggest physical change that a holstaurus goes through when she is with child however, is with her breasts. Normally, a Mamono only starts producing breastmilk when they are with child, but with a holstaurus their mammary glands start producing milk as soon as they reach sexual maturity. Since holstaurs continually produce milk, when they become pregnant their body goes into overdrive. Considering most holstaurs are usually milked daily when they aren’t expecting, then when she is with child her breasts will have to be drained almost hourly.

However, if a holstaur is both well-endowed and highly productive, she may have to be drained even more frequently than that. This can pose a problem before the child is born as if the cowgirl doesn’t have her breasts emptied, then they can swell up and become tender and occasionally painful if left full for too long. Because of this, a holstaur’s husband will often find himself with a second job: milking his pregnant wife. Sometimes if she’s excessively productive then he may find that his old job has changed over to working all day – and possibly all night in extreme cases – to keep his wife comfortable, happy, and empty.

For steps and tips on how to properly milk a holstaur, see the guide on “How To Milk A Holstaur” at http://pastebin.com/y1JAtPxb or http://touchfluffytail.org/?story=how-to-milk-a-holstaur

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