Holstaur Mind-Break/BDSM

It was a little awkward buying all of the supplies from the succubus in the sex shop; partly because it was your first time in there, partly because of her lewd grin and over-exaggerated body movements, but also partly because your holstaurus wife Isabella was with you. You both had been wanting to spice up your sex life and do something different other than missionary or cowgirl, so you turned to the internet. Some thread on a Chinese imageboard was talking about mind-breaking and BDSM, and a kind anonymous user was saying that doing such things with a holstaur is incredibly easy. Just deny her breasts release and enjoy a cowgirl who’s unable to be milked. You had suggested this to Isabella, and she was apprehensive at first but eventually decided to go with it.

“Who knows, it might be fun having my overfull boobs played with.” she said after finally agreeing to try something new in the bedroom.

Back home you make sure you have everything ready. Fluffy black and white mottled handcuffs? Check. Bondage rope? Check. Adhesive vibrating pads? Check. Something to pinch your wife’s nipples so she can’t lactate? Check. Some spare holstaurus breastmilk stored in the fridge in case you might be thirsty later? Check. A monstergirl wife who’s becoming increasingly turned on at the thought of having her breasts swell up with cream, and no way of emptying them? Check. Massive erection? Check.

Normally you would almost completely drain her breasts when you milk her, but this time you only empty them a little bit; just enough so they’re not full (yet), but still having plenty of cream inside for your wife to feel uncomfortable after a few days. Also you’re going to need some holstaur milk for when you have rough sex with her later.

You have no idea how the hell you’re supposed to put the nipple covering “things” on, but the instruction manual helped a lot. With a final *snap* the last metal button is fastened and you take a good look at your wife’s almost entirely naked chest. It’s as big as ever, well in the range of a very large I-cup bra, and her bosom will only be getting bigger as it swells with milk. The device covering the front of her breasts looks almost like a regular brassiere, if a regular brassiere had several leather straps that went across and under one’s boobs along with a special part on the front that covers the nipple (or in the case of Isabella, not even half of it) and prevents any sort of lactation from occurring while still allowing the nipple to be teased and played with. The entire thing is fastened at the back and although you’ll have the key, you’re still going to use those fluffy handcuffs since your wife wanted to feel even more at the mercy of her ‘Master’.

Each taking a few weeks of vacation from work, you set about working on eroding Izzy’s will until she’s begging you to totally drain her tits dry and fuck her like a wild animal.

After day one, she started to complain a bit about her boobs being a little itchy.

On day two she told you she could feel them filling up with cream.

Day three was when she first started whining at you that the two of you hadn’t made love lately; you just ignored her and watched some more football (the American version you fucking European commie).

Day four was when Isabella first complained of her tits being full, so you pulled her onto your lap and gave her a nice breast massage. Normally this would easily make her secrete milk, but she can’t because of the corset thing she’s wearing. Every time you ran a finger across her naked areola, she moaned out heavily and a strong shiver ran down her spine.

On day five, you noticed her chest was a little bit bigger than it was the previous day. It looked a little bit jigglier too.

After day seven you had to loosen some of the straps on her “bra” since her breasts had grown up at least one cup size from when the two of you started.

On day ten your holstaurus wife’s skin was constantly flushed and every breath came out in a lustful pant and she tried rubbing her breasts up against anything she could, including you. A lot.

Day twelve came along and you had to essentially ditch all of the leather straps on the toy she was wearing and leave only the devices covering her massive teats on as her chest had grown well beyond bigger-than-your-head size, not to mention sloshing around with the sheer amount of milk inside of them.

On day fourteen you started working on the final preparations.

After a light breakfast in which you made as many milk and cow puns as possible, you led Isabella back to the bedroom. As per your instructions your holstaur wife stripped down to nothing but the device attached to her heaving chest before laying down on the sheets spread-eagle. Bending over the side of the bed, you grope of her gargantuan udders with one hand, kissing her hard while your other hand reached around to your back pocket to grab the fluffy handcuffs. Still fondling her oversized chest, you gently grasp her wrists with your free hand and latch them together with the fuzzy cuffs above her head. Walking over to the cabinet on the other side of the room, you strip off your shirt before turning back around and showing your wife the bundle of rope in your hand. Isabella whimpers silently as she stares at your well-muscled torso and length of rope in your hand. Giving her yet another loving smooch, you firmly wrap the monstergirl’s wrists in the straps before tying either end to the bedposts on opposite sides of the headboard. Teasing her even more, you flick your tongue across one of her perpetually stiff nipples, eliciting a sharp gasp and long, low moan from the cowgirl. Grinning, you do it again and this time your holstaurus spouse moos out vociferously as her thick thighs subconsciously squeeze together.

Heading back to the cabinet, you retrieve another long section of leather and suggestively bend over in plain view of your wife as you remove your socks and pants. Back at the foot of the bed, you notice that a small puddle of her fluids has formed between her juicy legs, and a slight scowl falls across your face.

“S-something wrong An- Master?” your monstergirl wife asks.

“No, nothing is wrong. I just have to teach you proper manners. You’re also going to have to clean the sheets after your lesson.”

“O-of course M-Master.”

As you work to tie one of her powerful legs to the third bedpost, you can feel Izzy’s eyes follow your every move. Satisfied that the first strap is tight enough that the cowgirl can’t move her leg, you walk agonizingly slow around to the other side. Rather than simply tie the rope above her hoof and be done you instead start lightly massaging her calf muscle, making her squirm about in bed.


“What was that? It’s rude to not speak in a proper tone when addressing your Master you know.” you say.

“…don’t st-…”

“I can’t hear you Isabella.”

“D-don’t stop, M-Master. P-please. I w-work so hard all day long for you, a-and sometimes my legs just get so t-tired. N-not that I’m com-complaining about having to do a-all of m-my chores.”

“Of course not my dear. You work oh so hard for me, cleaning the house and cooking delicious food for me.”

“Th-thank you M-Master, b-but I don’t deserve such praise. I’m just a l-lowly housemaid.”

“Nonsense. You try so hard to please me, and I think you should receive a reward.”

Finishing up your short leg massage you tie Isabella’s other lower limb to the last free bedpost, utterly immobilizing her. All the monstergirl can do is watch on as you yet again walk across the room to dig through yet another drawer. With the adhesive vibrating pads in hand, you strip out of the last thing you’re wearing, showing off your stiff erection to the cowgirl strapped to your bed. Pure hunger burns in Isabella’s eyes as she takes in the sight of your naked crotch after being starved for so long, but you can see it in her eyes that she knows that there’s still several hours between now and the moment she finally gets to feel your hot seed flood her innermost depths. Leaning over so your face is only a few inches from Isabella’s, you break character for just a few moments to kiss her passionately and whisper that you absolutely love her with all your heart into her ear.

Back in LARP land, you peel off the backing of one of the pads and gently smooth the sticky surface across one of her breasts before doing the same with the other. Smiling softly, you reach over to the wireless remote on the endtable by the bed and flip the switch. Immediately a soft buzzing fills the room, and your spouse’s eyes go wide. Milliseconds later she drowns out the hum of the vibrators on her chest as a powerful orgasm wracks her body while she screams out hard in ecstasy. All four of her limbs tense up against the pleasure coursing through her body, and if she weren’t bound to the frame of the bed, you’re sure she’d be trashing madly. The holstaurus completely soaks the sheets under her legs as a torrent of femcum floods the bed from her cunt; the vibrations on her chest just too much for her emaciated body, and she passes out. Turning off the pads you lay on the small cot you set up in the corner, completely giddy with the ideas running through your head as you fall asleep.

The next morning you wake up before your poor, sexually depraved wife, and you’re almost entirely shocked at what you find. Yesterday her breasts were about double the size of your head, but what you’re looking at now completely floors you. They’ve tripled in size since last night if not quadrupled, and if you don’t do anything about it in the next few days her tits will probably pin her down under the weight of gallons and gallons of cream.

“Hey Isabella.” you try shaking her awake. “Izzy, come on dear. Wake up.”

With a sigh of relief you see that her eyes slowly flutter open, although you worry again when you notice the glazed look they have.

“Hello Master.” she meekly responds, trying to raise herself up to give you a kiss. “I ruined the sheets again. I should be punished.”

“O-of course my dear. Let me just bring you a drink. You must be parched after last night.”

All you get is a weak smile from Isabella as you turn around to head to the kitchen to grab some of her breastmilk from a few weeks ago, knowing its magical properties will give her the energy her body desperately needs. Back in the room, you saunter over to the side of the bed and set the glass bottles full of milk on the table next to Isabella; a weak smile playing across her face when she notices the bottles.

“Please Master, I’m so thirsty. Let me have some of my milk. Call me a dirty slut for wanting to drink my own cream. Play with my body, make me beg for release.”

“Naturally, my little bovine housemaid.”

Smiling, you unscrew one of the caps on the bottle and bring it to her waiting lips and gently pour the cold aphrodisiac down her throat. At the same time, you turn on the pads stuck to her immense breasts and the combined sensation of drinking her own breastmilk and the vibrations on her chest make Isabella moo out in ecstasy as she climaxes. Another wave of feminine fluids escape your wife to soak the already stained sheets as she weakly tries to rub her legs together.

“P-please M-Master, I beg of you. It hurts to have my breasts so full of cream. I-I’ll do anything if you let me go and milk me.” Isabella begs.

“Anything?” you ask.

“…y-yes. A-anything.” Isabella says after several seconds of silence.

“Oh how could I deny such a cute little girl?” Smiling softly, you give your spouse another caring smooch. “But not yet. Tomorrow.”

“B-but M-Master! Plea-aah!”

Isabella gasps out again as you increase the power on the things stuck to her chest, making her orgasm for a second time. Leaving the room, you pause to put the remote on the cabinet by the door and look back at the cowgirl moaning out blissfully as her stuffed tits are continually stimulated. You simply leave Isabella tied up on the bed with the pads on full power for the rest of the day, enjoying the soft moaning that fills your home.

On the sixteenth day of your wife’s pleasuring torture, you walk into the bedroom only to find Isabella’s tits are nearly hanging off the side of the mattress now.

“Hello Izzy. Is my little minx ready for her milking?”

After having her chest stimulated for several hours yesterday, the cowgirl is too weak to respond with anything other than a quiet moo and a weak glance in your direction. The batteries long since out of power, you peel the sticky toys off her chest making Isabella shudder in pleasure and her breasts audibly slosh around under their weight.

Climbing up onto the bed with her, you first work to unlock the fuzzy handcuffs from around her wrists before moving to the leather binding her arms in place. With those out of the way, you crawl across and untie the holstaur’s legs before moving back up to her torso. Caressing her cheek, you give Isabella a soft kiss while pulling her up to a sitting position, and you hear a few pops as her spine and shoulders move around.

Normally you can easily reach around and touch your hands together when hugging your wife, but since her tits have ballooned considerably it’s rather difficult as you touch her all over, trading spit as your tongue dances with hers. Of course whenever you pull her closer her titanic boobs get squished just a little bit more, making Isabella moan into your mouth and tremble slightly. Turning the both of you around so that your head is now closer to the headboard, you stop your foreplay to remove your soaked boxes, as the starved cowgirl has been leaking like a loose faucet. Like a switch, Isabella’s eyes shoot open as she feels your hardening cock brushing up against her nether lips before she instinctively reaches down to grasp it and align it with her eager sex.

Dropping down heavily, she screams out euphorically before her shout turns into a low, rumbling moan as she cums. Finally getting what her body desired she collapses onto you under the pleasure, jostling her stuffed bosom against you making her moan out throatily again and sending another small orgasm through her. Smiling, you grab her wide hips to lift her up before bringing her back down to earth and thrusting your pelvis up at the same time. Immediately, lewd squelching sounds fill your bedroom as you start fucking your holstaurus wife, both of you gasping or moaning out whenever your bodies meet. Isabella’s fat tits start slapping you in the face as she recovers from her double orgasm just minutes before and starts helping you in moving her hips in time with your thrusts.

Several minutes of rough screwing in tandem and bucking like a crazed animal, the monstergirl atop you all but takes over in getting fucked as she grabs a hold of your shoulders and pins them down while she madly humps you. Isabella’s loaded breasts jump wildly as loud, wet slaps ring out in time with her salacious moans. Reaching up, you grab a hold of her heavy boobs and push her onto her back before unclasping the devices from her teats and grabbing both tits in hand, bringing each stiff bud up to your mouth. The holstaurus immediately cums hard, her snatch constricting hard around your prick as her breasts start gushing heavy cream directly down your gullet. Isabella screams hard as you nurse from her while thrusting in and out of her twitching cunt. Each massive spurt of cream from her makes her gasp your name out and her pussy clench around your throbbing member. Soon you too cum, flooding her insides and making her throw her head back in a wordless cry as her eyes roll into the back of her head before she slowly blacks out from the sensory overload.

Both of your torsos become completely soaked in her breastmilk as you’re unable to drink it all, but that doesn’t stop you from sucking and pulling on her chest as you continue to piston in and out of her. Because you’re drinking holstaur milk that’s been building up for the past two and a half weeks – while making love to her at the same time – you keep cumming and cumming and cumming, totally filling Isabella’s hole up after the first half-dozen ropes before your jizz starts spilling out of her slit to soak into the bedsheets. And yet you keep at it, creating a fairly large puddle of breastmilk, semen, and feminine fluids on the bed before you too lose consciousness what seems like hours later.

Your dreams are troubled by a gentle rocking motion accompanied by faint sucking noises as something bounces atop you, and your eyes flutter open to see your wife with her back to you and your cock stuffed all the way to the hilt in her ass. Copious amounts of your semen already cover your legs and her deliciously round buttocks and if the sudden rushing feeling in your groin is any indication of what is to come, you erupt again for the umpteenth time inside Isabella’s rear end. You moan out as you feel her tight walls wringing your prick for all it has as you subconsciously reach forward to grab at her hips.

“Why hello there Anon. I see you’re finally awake.” the holstaurus says over her shoulder.

“H-how long was I sleeping?”

“Hmm. Well after you suckled from my breasts after they hadn’t been drained in over two weeks I kinda passed out, so I don’t know exactly how long you’ve been sleeping. But I’ve been fucking you like this for a few hours now so probably around six or seven.” she says, spinning around in place to face you.

That’s strange. You swear you drank all of her milk, and yet her breasts still look bigger than when you first started this whole thing two weeks ago. You look back up to the cowgirl’s face and see she’s smiling.

“Yeah, I noticed too.” Isabella giggles, giving herself a hug and squishing her tits together. “Something happened, and I think they fill up faster now too. Speaking of, I’m feeling a bit full. Mind helping a girl out?”

“Of course not.”

“Thank you, ‘Master’. ”

You look up at her, and she grins before leaning in to let her tongue dance with yours as her jiggly butt starts moving again.

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