Hellhounds in the Summer

            As long as this process has been, the fact that it’ll all be over in a few hours just doesn’t register with you yet. You’ve spent the better part of the past year and a half talking to representatives, having people visit your home, and preparing hundreds upon hundreds of pages of documents. It seems as though every single aspect of your life has been inspected with agonizing thoroughness at least twice. As mind numbing and tedious and downright annoying as it has been, you sort of understand the reason for it. The agency is just taking precautions, that’s all. You’ve had to keep thoughts like this in mind almost constantly to keep yourself from going insane or just giving up. No, you don’t think you would have just given up. This is something you’ve wanted for a long, long time.


            Today is the day you are finally going to adopt yourself a little monstergirl.


            Now that you actually in an orphanage and about to go into a room full of all sorts of young monstergirls, you feel a little overwhelmed and incredibly nervous. What do you even say? How will you know the right one? Will any of them even like you? Doubt surges through you, part of you just wants to run home and forget the whole thing. A million other questions and thoughts seem to whirl around you as the matron of the orphanage, a tall, thin, disheveled and extremely tired looking Dark Priest, opens the door to the orphans’ playroom. She had introduced herself as Sister Sarah when she greeted you at the door to the old, run-down church. It is your sincere hope that she is not the only one in charge of this orphanage, but you haven’t seen any other matrons yet.


            Your heart starts to thump harder in your chest as you take in the scene in front of you. A tiny brown Lamia sits in the middle of a faded green rug playing with several blocks with letters on them. A Harpy with black feathers and a small red hat is playing an old video game with a slightly younger Gazer girl in front of a grainy, ancient-looking TV. The Gazer pouts and whines as the Harpy repeatedly beats her at whatever they’re playing. Two noisy and fairly large black canine girls are chasing a terrified little Werecat around a couch at the back of the room. A Holstaur with tiny nubs for horns huddles around a book in the corner with her hands over her floppy cow ears, trying to shut out the noise the puppies and the kitten are making.


            “These are the girls Mr. Anon. Would you like to sit and observe for awhile?”

            “Y-yeah…” You take a seat with Sister Sarah at a table to the left of the door. This isn’t what you expected at all. Everything here seems so… depressing. You can tell by the old, thoroughly used toys strewn about on the floor, dirty walls with chipped paint, and the obvious lack of care for the orphans’ behavior that money and volunteers must be scarce around here. The young girls around you seem to be coping with their situations with little to no guidance. Part of you wonders whether some of them would fare better on the streets; a few of them look very old for orphans, maybe around ten or eleven.


            Sister Sarah suddenly jumps out of her chair and strides over to the cacophonous game of chase that hasn’t ceased since you entered the room. Until now, you hadn’t noticed the annoyed tapping of her foot on the stained tile floor or the restless clinking coming from her chained spade-tail. An intense, angry look paints her face now as her tail cracks powerfully, almost like a whip. The loud barking and mewing and screeching immediately stops and the three girls freeze, staring at the Dark Priest with fearful eyes. Sensing her opening, the tiny Werecat unfreezes and bolts over to the Holstaur. Now that the noise has stopped, the older Holst has uncovered her ears. She wraps her arm around the terrified kitten and strokes her flattened ears to comfort her as fat tears roll down her cheeks. Meanwhile, the two canines still stand in front of Sister Sarah.


            “ARE YOU TWO SERIOUS?” Damn, does she really have to yell like that?

            You’ve finally recognized the breed of the two almost completely black canine girls now wrapped around each other as they shiver in fear. Hellhounds. The faint, dirty light from the ceiling above shines off of the pups’ lithe, coal-black bodies. You’ve never been so close to a Hellhound before, usually you give them a wide berth whenever you’re out in public. You can’t deny the fact that you’re feeling drawn to them now though.

            “WE HAVE A FUCKING GUEST! AND YET YOU’RE STILL CHASING MIKA?” Swearing? Is she really swearing at them? You feel as though you’ve accidentally entered some sort of sitcom or horror movie.

            “SERIOUSLY, HOW DO YOU BITCHES EXPECT TO BE ADOPTED IF YOU KEEP ACTING THIS TERRIBLE?” Holy hell, Sister Sarah is cutting deep. From the way the young Hellhounds are cowering and whimpering and clutching each other tightly, you can only assume that their matron is always like this.


            Your heart goes out to the poor Hellhounds; save for the blubbering Werecat, all the other girls seem to be ignoring the awful scene. Is stuff like this really that common? Even though the black puppies are clearly in the wrong and were definitely misbehaving, Sister Sarah’s reaction is way over the top. The Dark Priest’s chained tail cracks again, mere inches from the Hellhounds’ faces. Their red and gold eyes are squeezed shut and you can see tears and tiny puffs of smoke coming from their eyes. They hold their fluffy black tails tightly between their deep ebony thighs and their triangular, canine ears are flattened against the top of their heads.


            You’ve seen about enough of this.

            “Hey! Would you cut that out?” Sister Sarah’s head whips around, your voice seems to have broken her from her furious trance.

            “W-What? You… You saw…”

            “Yeah I fucking saw, what the hell are you doing?”

            “I… I…” The matron is lost for words.

            “Sure they were misbehaving, but calm the hell down, okay?” The Dark Priest hangs her head a little, but still glares evilly at the cowering Hellpups. Before you have time to react, the two puppies run over to you and stand together behind you. Four small, soft, incredibly warm paws come to rest on your lower back, barely above your butt; if they were standing in front of you, the Hellhounds’ heads would come up to around the height of your nipples. Wait, since when are you standing up? Whatever. You are far too distracted to think about that; the furnace-like heat radiating off of the girls behind you isn’t helping either. The coal-black Hellpups peek out on either side of you as their colorful, black sclera’d eyes stare at Sister Sarah as if saying ‘What now?’ As you stand there, shielding the win orphans with your body, something clicks.


            “I’d like to finalize my adoption papers please.” Even though it definitely isn’t what you are expecting, this feels right. These pups have chosen you, and you can’t just say no. You aren’t sure you would even ever want to though, if it came down to it.

            “You what? You want… these two?” Sister Sarah sneers at you.

            “Yes. Make it quick, they shouldn’t have to be around the likes of you for another second.” The Dark Priest disappears through the door on the other side of the room, tail shuddering and clinking with rage. It takes a few seconds for everything to sink in, but you fall weakly back into your chair as soon as it does.


            Now you’ve gone and done it, haven’t you? You catch your breath as the Hellhounds move to stand in front of you with teary looks of wonder and disbelief on their thin, ebony faces. Now that you have some time to actually see them while they’re standing still, you can finally get a good look at them. The hems of their identical, dirty white dresses flutter erratically as their poofy black tails can’t seem to figure out if they should be wagging or not. Their shoulder length black hair is messy and unkempt; from that and the unpleasant smell of soured sweat and dirt and burnt sulfur, you can tell they haven’t had a bath or shower in days. The deep maroon fur around their wrists and ankles is matted and tangled, and the shorter black fur further up their arms and calves sticks out awkwardly in several places.


            Despite their sorry appearance, the twin Hellpups’ golden eyes with crimson pupils are full of life and hope and innocence. It isn’t hard for you to tell that nobody has ever taught them right from wrong. The more you look at their cute, deep black faces, the more you can’t help falling in love with them. You’ve always really trusted your instincts, and right now they’re saying ‘These Hellhounds belong with me.’


            Eventually you break your silence, hoping to get to know your future daughters a little better.

            “Is she really always like this?” You realize now how much you’ve been ignoring everything in the room except the little Hellhounds still standing in front of you.

            “No.. well… Yes. Just with us.” The one on the right answers; her voice quivers a little, whether with fear or joy you can’t really tell.

            “Yeah? I’m still going to report her though.” You are sure that your adoption coordinator will raise hell about this when you tell her about it; her agency associates with a lot of orphanages and any place would probably be better than here. She’d been very helpful to you all throughout the adoption process, it was because of her that you had been approved to adopt at all.


            You’d adopt all of the girls here if you could. Unfortunately, you don’t have nearly enough time or money or fortitude for that. Now that you think about it, adopting twins so suddenly like this is going to be more difficult than you imagined. These two look very old as well, compared to the rest of the girls.

            “Well it looks like I’m going to be your dad now. How about I learn your names? I’m Anon.”

            “I’m Tai, and this is Tia. We’re ten!” So the one on the right is Tai. You hope you’ll be able to keep track, these two are almost identical. Tai seems very cheerful now that Sister Sarah is gone, but her sister still hasn’t said a word. Tia just stares at you with a blank, neutral expression on her face.

            “Nice to meet you Tai and Tia. Have you lived here long?” Tai nods.

            “Yes. We don’t remember living anywhere else. Do we Tia?” Tia slowly shakes her head.

            “Nope! We don’t remember!” She smiles at you, revealing a mouth full of tiny, pointy white teeth that contrast sharply with her little black lips.



            The far door finally opens and the Hellpups jump and sidle closer to you as Sister Sarah enters the room again.

            “You two. Go pack your things.” She barks angrily at the Hellhounds, unable to even look at them now. The twins look to you, and you nod. Are they already looking to you for approval? Your heart flutters at the thought. Tai and Tia run off as quickly as they can as the Dark Priest approaches you with their papers.

            “Here.” The matron forcefully shoves the documents at you; she can’t bring herself to meet your gaze either. Flashes of anger still twist her face from time to time as you calmly take the documents from her and slowly begin to peruse and eventually sign them. These are the last papers you’ll have to sign before you’re a father; you aren’t going to let some salty priest keep you from enjoying this beautiful moment.


            Several minutes pass, and you are eventually left with only the Hellpups’ new birth certificates and adoption certificates in front of you. As you wait for them to return, you can’t help but admire how their names look with your last name on the end of them. ‘Tai Lethe Nonymous’ and ‘Tia Mnemosyne Nonymous’. It’s official. Now that you see their full names, it finally clicks. This is real. You actually have children. You try not to let your emotions overwhelm you, you’d rather not turn into a sobbing mess in front of Sister Sarah.


            The door bursts open a minute or so later as your new daughters return, each carrying a small red backpack. They bound over to you, wagging their fluffy little tails as fast as they can go.

            “Ready to go, ladies?” Now that they’re back, things seem to come naturally.

            “Yep!” Tai calls. Tia nods silently in agreement but makes no effort to conceal the happy swishing of her black tail or the slight swaying of her petite hips. The way the twins movements are almost perfectly synced seems like something you’d never not find adorable. With a deep breath, you get up and go to leave the room.

            “Alright then. Thanks for all your help Sister Sarah!” You look over your shoulder at the Dark Priest as you walk to your car with an extremely smug, exaggerated grin on your face. It has ‘Fuck you’ written all over it.


            You open the back door of your car and your Hellpup daughters excitedly clamber inside. Their tails are still going nonstop, their seemingly endless stamina makes you wonder how long they can keep that beautifully happy wagging up. You can hear the dull thump of their fluffy black tails beating rhythmically against the back of the middle seat in your car all the way home. Other than that and the occasional whine or sigh of contentment, your drive home is mostly silent. Even though the heat from Tai’s and Tia’s bodies is making your car feel like an oven, you can’t keep the smile off your face as your thoughts drift from one thing to the next. You’re a father now!


            For as long as you could remember, you’ve always wanted to have kids even though you never really had any interest in getting married. You can’t really explain it, but marriage just doesn’t appeal to you. Getting carried off by some monstergirl or finding one you like enough to carry off on your own just isn’t your thing. Maybe you haven’t met the right person or something, but at this point you’re probably too pessimistic and jaded to let yourself accept something like that. After a shitty childhood at home and an even shittier time all through school, you feel like you have an excuse if you didn’t automatically want to get to know a lot of people your own age, especially monstergirls. All that aside, you’re still really happy now to be raising children of your own. You’ve gotten quite lonely in your home as from just mindlessly following your same, comfortable routine for several years. Despite your sometimes overwhelming cynicism, you finally have a way to express the caring and compassion and emotion that you’ve kept looked away in the deep recesses of your mind since you were extremely young.


            Due to the seemingly contradictory nature of your desires, you had definitely raised a lot of suspicion; not a lot of single men are willing to adopt monstergirls unless they’re some sort of radical Order supporter. Men who are interested in younger girls just go to the Sabbath for a lolification potion, or even dating help. A lot of people think that only the really fucked up torturers and murderers try to adopt monstergirls on their own. Stereotypes and misconceptions people have really frustrate you, especially when they judge you by them. None of that matters to you now though, you are done. Raising Tai and Tia is definitely intimidating you right now; you’ve seen their mischievous, maybe even a little sadistic side firsthand. Even so, you can tell that they are smart and caring and gentle, deep down inside. They just aren’t aware yet that other creatures have feelings too. The thought of raising and teaching and loving these little girls excites you like nothing else has before.


            The drive out to your house is fairly long; it is completely dark by the time you get there and the Hellpups have been snoozing peacefully in the backseat for a while. Their soft, coal-black tails still thump occasionally and their large fluffy paws are wrapped tightly around each other’s. It’s hard to pull their paws apart and even harder to carry them one by one up to the bedroom you had set up for them earlier that day, but you manage. The room is fairly bare, just a bed and a rocking chair; you didn’t know what your new daughter might like so you didn’t buy a lot or decorate much. Once you have them both situated in the small, plain bed, you take a moment to admire them.


            You don’t really know how, but they are still asleep. Maybe wagging their tails so much tired them out? Your mind goes blank as you stand over Tai and Tia and gently stroke their soft little cheeks with the back of your fingers. Their silky smooth, jet black skin is incredibly hot under your touch and you could swear you feel the twins try to cuddle up to you. You just can’t bring yourself to leave them. What if they get scared in the night? You have to be there, just in case.


            With great effort to be as quiet as possible, you pull the rocking chair up to the side of their bed. As you lean back and relax a little, you feel like you should say something. Even though your Hellhound daughters are asleep, the urge is still there. You start to whisper and the words seem to flow easily, almost on their own.

            “I hope you like it here, girls. It may not be much… well, it’s really small actually, but I’m sure it’s better than the orphanage. You’re going to be safe here. I know it’s gonna get hard at times, and you’ll get angry, or I’ll get angry or we’ll all get frustrated… but we’ll get through it, okay? I’m really happy that you are here with me now, and whatever happens…” You yawn and start to feel a little drowsy, the heat you feel from your daughters even sitting a few feet away is very comforting.

            “…whatever happens, I just want you two to be happy too.” Your eyes close before you finish your sentence and you are only vaguely aware of a voice… or a pair of voices before you fall asleep.

            “Thank you daddy.”


— — — — —


            The buzzing of your cell phone wakes you from your sleep. You jerk your head up and your heart immediately starts beating faster. No matter how often you get calls, they always make you nervous. Not for any particular reason, you just hate talking on the phone. Before you answer it, you catch yourself and walk out into the hall. Tai and Tia are still sleeping peacefully in their new bed and you don’t want to wake them up. Happy smiles adorn their faces and they are holding each other’s paws and hugging each other close. Their long, fuzzy black ears twitch a little, but they remain asleep as you close the door behind yourself and answer the call.



            “Good Morning Mr. Anon! How are you today?” A polite, familiar female voice answers you; your adoption coordinator.

            “Hey Melissa. Everything okay?” After yesterday’s events, you feel like you’ve just been waiting for something to go wrong. Having daughters now is still very surreal.

            “Oh yes, everything is fine! I was just calling to see how everything went!” Even after knowing her for several months, you can’t tell if her almost overly enthusiastic and cheery tone is real or not. You’d only met her once in person, but you weren’t surprised at all when she turned out to be an Angel.

            “Well… It went. It’s kind of a long story.”

            “Oh? Please, do tell!” You can almost see her semi-innocent and excessively happy smile through the phone. Thankfully, she remains mostly silent as you tell her your tale of the orphanage.


            You make sure to be as detailed as possible as you explain the state of the orphanage, Sister Sarah, the orphans under her ‘care’ and the fact that you had adopted two mischievous little Hellhounds.

            “Well Mr. Anon, that surely is a lot to think about! I will have our inspectors out to the church as soon as I am done talking to you. Once the orphans are taken into our care, I can have them fast-tracked so they can find better places as soon as possible!”

            “Thanks. That makes me feel a lot better.” You still haven’t gotten over having to leave the other five girls back at the church.

            “Oh, I’m sure! Since you brought this to our attention, I’m sure I can arrange a little something for you and your girls once everything is sorted out. In the meantime, I am going to have a care package sent to your home with some supplies and information on caring for your new daughters!”

            “Thanks Melissa, you’re the best. I appreciate it.”

            “No problem at all, no problem at all! I must be going now though, I have my work set out for me. Good bye and good luck!”

            “Thanks, bye.” The Angel hangs up, leaving you to your thoughts.


            She really thinks of everything, doesn’t she? You are very glad she’s sending you some information, you have no idea of the specifics of raising little Hellhounds. You feel like you could probably have managed on your instincts alone, but you aren’t sure. You trust yourself a lot, but you really don’t want to fuck this up. As if on cue, the bedroom door opens behind you. A faint wave of heat rolls over your back and you turn around to see your two groggy Hellpups standing sleepily in the doorway. Their spiky black hair and fur hair seems even messier than before, and Tia’s bright, pointy teeth gleam white in the light from the ceiling as she yawns. Her sister’s soft canine ears droop a little as her red and gold eyes blearily adjust to being open. They’re also naked.


            It is too hard not to look away from their casually naked bodies. You didn’t really try to, but still. Their smooth, charcoal-black skin shines faintly with the tiniest hint of sweat. Your eyes are immediately drawn to their puffy pink nipples, they stand out extremely well against their otherwise dark, ebony skin. It’s hard to tell, but you can definitely see that their small breasts have only just started to develop; right now they’re nothing more than squishy little black bumps beneath each of their nipples. Their lean, barely curvy waists and smooth, flat bellies gyrate slowly as their fluffy black tails swish back and forth above their little butts.


            “Umm… Morning, girls. Did you sleep okay?”

            “Yes daddy…” Tai answers with a yawn and a stretch.

            “Where are your clothes? Your panties?”

            “What’s a panties daddy?” Tai’s answer catches you fully off guard. ‘What’s a panties?’ Do they honestly not know what underwear is?

            “Umm… you know, underwear? The stuff you wear under your clothes?”

            “Oh, That! Sister Sarah said those were silly. Right Tia?” The other Hellhound nods, staring blankly at you all the while. Damn slutty priest.

            “Okay, but what about your actual clothes? What happened to them?”

            “Tia got hot, so we took them off!” By now, the two of them have started to perk up. Tai’s voice has regained its usual happy, carefree tone and Tia’s ears have stood up a little more.

            “Right. How about you put your clothes back on so we can go make some breakfast?”

            “Oh, but daddy! They’re all dirty, and we don’t have anything else! We haven’t cleaned them in weeks, right Tia?” Another slow nod from the silent Hellpup.


            You don’t mind that Tia hasn’t said nearly anything since you met her, but the way her stony gaze pierces into you feels like it could become a little off-putting.

            “Okay, I’ll make a deal with you. You two wear your old clothes for just a little longer, and I’ll take you shopping for new things as soon as breakfast is over. Sound good?” The two seem delighted at the prospect of getting new clothes, Tai’s tail wags happily and Tia’s pointy, canine ears perk up to their full height. With a blur of black fur and black skin, they wordlessly turn and disappear back into their room. Meanwhile, you go to the kitchen to figure out your first meal together.


— — — — —



            “No.” You set the box of cereal back on the shelf.

            “Okay… what about these?” A bunch of bananas.


            “I could make some pasta?”


            “Alright… let’s see what I have in the fridge then.” Tai’s constant rejections and her sister’s cold stare are getting a little frustrating.

            “How about some yogurt?”

            “Eeew, daddy! Don’t you have any MEAT?”

            “Meat? Uh… I don’t actually…” You haven’t really cared for meat since you were very young. You have no objections to it, you just never eat it yourself. Tai’s gaze has become equally as stony and disbelieving as Tia’s.

            “What? I just never feel like eating it, that’s all. We can grab something before we go shopping, if you can wait a little longer.”


            It’s hard to believe, but your suggestion made Tia’s tail start to wag a bit. Her face shows no sign of changing, but at least it’s something. Tai’s expression instantly softens and her fuzzy little ears prick up again. You doubt that the twins have ever been out to eat.

            “Wait a second, did Sister Sarah really give you girls meat for every meal?”

            “Of course not daddy! That’s why we’re eating it now!”

            “Right…” These two certainly know how to get you to do what they want.

            “Okay daddy! Let’s go!” Before you have time to react, Tai turns and happily drags her sister to your garage as if she’s been living in your house forever.


            The intelligence your Hellhound daughters have displayed so far has really surprised you. You would have thought with probably little to no schooling, they would be a little behind, even at age ten. It makes you proud and satisfied to know that Tai and Tia are naturally smart and intuitive, even if they are a little manipulative as well.


            All through the car ride to your local Wurm-Mart, your little Hellpups sit sideways and stare out of their windows with wide eyes as they take in all the new sights flying by them. The deep black sclerae around their red and gold eyes are fully visible and they barely blink at all and their fluffy tails beat rapidly against the middle seat again, almost like a pair of metronomes echoing each other. This time, you hardly even notice the Hellpups’ warmth.


            For a weekday morning, Wurm-Mart is packed; you have to settle for a parking space at the far end of the parking lot. Intense, midsummer heat radiates off the gray pavement as you walk toward the familiar blue awning with white letters. The oppressive heat from the sun seems to slow time around you; you can only imagine how awful it must feel to Tai and Tia. You aren’t sure about their species’ heat resistance, but the thick, dark black fur on their arms and legs coupled with their deep ebony skin seems like they’d be unbearable on a day like this, at least for you. The pups are panting a little already, shouldn’t minions of hell be used to such heat, especially if they’re already so hot themselves? You decide to do some research as soon as you get home.


            Finally, you reach the store and a beautifully cold blast of air greets you as you step inside. Your Hellhound daughters are panting hard now, and you try to ignore the fact that their small, plain, off-white dresses have gone a little translucent as they tightly cling to the pups’ sweaty black bodies. Maybe they’re hungry, or maybe they don’t get their heat resistance till later. Maybe it’s just that damn hot. You lead the twins to a bench right by the entrance and flop down in it. Tai and Tia seem to melt into it, and you decide to take a few minutes to let them rest before heading over to the store’s restaurant.


— — — — —


            “Two hamburgers please, double the meat.” The Lizardgirl in a red and yellow uniform behind the counter nods vacantly at you. As she goes off to prep your food, your heart leaps in your chest. Tai leans against you, wraps her soft, fluffy arms around yours and nuzzles it affectionately. You feel the faintest hint of soft maroon fur and that already familiar heat on your opposite hand, and you grab Tia’s little paw before she has time to pull away. She makes no effort to resist though. You can’t tell whether she is blushing or not, but her ears droop and twitch distractedly and her gaze has finally softened. It must mean a lot to them that you’re going out of your comfort zone and making an effort to give them a proper diet. Even though you’re in the middle of a busy store, you don’t care that you can’t hide your smile or your faint blush. Fuck what the people might think, you’re having a moment with your daughters.


            It’s a real shame you have to let go of Tai’s and Tia’s paws to take your food from the Lizardgirl cashier and pay for it. You can’t help but notice how weirdly cool the air feels on your hands after having them wrapped in the little heating pads that are your daughters’ paws. The black pups stick close by your side as you walk around, looking for a table. Seriously, why does it have to be so busy here? You find a place soon enough, it is no secret to you that your daughters are extremely hungry. You can hear their deep, longing breaths and feel their petite chests rise and fall heavily as the two rub up against your sides.


            “Here you go girls. Enjoy!” The Hellhound puppies tear into their burgers as soon as you sit down and hand them over. You smile and help yourself to some fries as your daughters growl and chomp and smack at their delicious, succulent meat-filled treats. Your phone buzzes once in your pocket, and you take a break from the fries to look at it.

            ‘Your care package should be there in two hours. Hope you learn a lot! 😉 -Melissa’

            That was fast. You’re really glad that the Angel takes her job so seriously though. As you look up from your lap and put your phone back in your pocket, your heart drops.


            They’re gone.


            Tai and Tia are nowhere to be seen and the empty wrappers of their hamburgers lay crumpled on the table.



            You jump to your feet and sprint out of the restaurant area, head swiveling and eyes darting around wildly for some sign of your girls. Maybe they went to the bathroom? You tear off towards the back of the store, arriving at the bathrooms just in time to see a middle-aged Kejourou leaving the single women’s stall.


            Maybe they went to look at clothes already? You head off to the little girl’s section, tightly clutching the painful stitch that has formed in your side. Your eyes never stay in the same place for more than a second as you lean against the side of a rack of colorful little swimsuits and catch your breath. Somehow, you feel like you should have been expecting this.


            Of course Tai and Tia would try to mess with you, there’s no way they’d become perfect little angels immediately after you adopted them. Hopefully that’s all it is. Hopefully they’re just off somewhere having a nice giggle at how frantic you’re becoming. They’re Hellhounds, nothing bad can happen to them, right? As much as you try to reassure yourself, swarms of awful, unwanted thoughts attack your mind. Abduction, injury, seduction; each scenario makes you more and more scared. You only have one final idea before you man up and get someone to use the intercom. It’s a long shot, but it’s all you have left.


            As you near your destination, you can feel your heart start to pump faster. The undergarment section. Sure enough, you hear a pair of low, excited, familiar laughs and feel the faintest heat of hell coming from the middle of a large, round rack of children’s lingerie. You part the multitude of colorful, lacy garments to look inside. The sight that greets you is no easier on your heart.

            “Daddy… hehehee… We found panties!”


            Well, they’re here all right. Tai and Tia have taken the liberty of their relative privacy inside the display to… try on some clothes. Not just panties. They are wearing identical, bright red, thigh-high stockings that are being held up by lacy red garter-belts. Their black, fluffy foot-paws are fully exposed, save for the thin stirrups of the tight red stockings. Beneath the stockings and garter-belts are sheer red lace panties; you can totally see their soft, puffy, ebony pussy lips through the nigh invisible crimson fabric. Matching red babydolls that flutter and sway in the wind from the Hellpups’ tails round off their deliciously lewd outfits. If their skin weren’t such a deep, exotic black, you would be able to see that their deep blushes are nearly the same color as their outfits.


            “Oh come on now, girls. Seriously? …you scared me.”

            “Sorry daddy…” Tia nods in agreement with her sister, you are sure that they can sense how upset and afraid you had been just a moment ago. What gets you is that they actually seem apologetic, something you’ve never seen from them yet. It seems they are at least somewhat aware and self-conscious about how their impulses have gotten the better of them.


            “You’ve had your fun now, hmm? You’re going to stay in there and take those off and get dressed while I wait out here. No questions.” Before they can reply, you pull your head out of the display. You are definitely scared that they’ll just run away again, but you don’t want to be too controlling. Maybe you could have been a little firmer, but the last thing you want is for the pups to start comparing you to Sister Sarah. Still, you have to show them that you trust them. People stare at you as you blink repeatedly and awkwardly stand next to the display of miniature lingerie. It feels like it’s taking forever for your eyes to readjust to the relative coolness outside of the display. You really wish the pups would hurry up too, you’re sure you’ll end up on some Sabbath mailing list and get your mailbox flooded with loli porn if you hang around here alone for much longer. From the occasional giggle and the faint heat that never fades, you can tell your crafty daughters are still there, at least.


            Tai and Tia eventually surface, thankfully wearing their old clothes.

            “Hi daddy!”

            “Don’t ‘hi daddy’ me. I was really afraid something had happened to you. How do you think I feel?” Your Hellpups still look genuinely sorry, their fuzzy ears droop as they hang their heads and tuck their tails between their thighs. A single tear seems about to fall from one of Tai’s red and gold eyes.

            “It’s ok, girls. We all make mistakes, right? As long as you don’t do it again, everything will be okay, okay?” You reach out and pat your daughters on their heads.

            “Okay. Tia and I just wanted to have fun, right?” Tia nods; her ears twitch in time with her sister’s as you continue to ruffle their spiky black hair.

            “I understand. How about we start shopping? I guess I’ll even let you get those outfits. I mean, you’ve already worn them once, right? I’m sure there’s a policy or something about that…”

            “Thank you daddy!” Tai jumps at you and embraces your waist. Her sister lags behind a bit and her gaze alternates between her normal aloof one and one that’s a little more nervous. You gently pull her into your oven-like hug as well, and her tail starts to wag happily. As impulsive and rash as these two are, you can tell that they really do care.


            Once you finally get started, it takes a long time to finish your shopping. Tai and Tia get distracted by anything, almost everything is new and fresh and exciting to them. You even catch Tia smiling once or twice while she thinks you aren’t looking. The way the black puppies’ fluffy black tails wag nonstop and their pointy canine ears twitch happily on top of their heads just gets you in your soft spot. As much as they make you smile, you make sure never to take your eyes off of the pups as they dart from display to display. It takes awhile to finally convince them that they have picked out enough new things; once they agree to leave you take them by the grocery section to get some meat to cook for them at home. You don’t know how to cook it at all, but the three of you will learn together. You’re really looking forward to that.


— — — — —


            Your head is reeling as you set the thick, colorful pamphlet down on your desk. ‘How to raise Hellhounds – Ages 5-12′. It feels more like an owners’ manual than anything. You made sure to read every bit of the thing as thoroughly as you could, even if it took you over an hour. A lot of the stuff in the pamphlet made you scared or uncomfortable. Stuff like ‘Always be prepared for a full moon!’ or ‘Don’t forget to stay healthy and fit!’ or ‘Groping equals dominance! Become the Alpha!’ Did they have to be so cryptic? Some of the things you read seemed so unlike Tai or Tia, so much so that you just considered throwing the pamphlet away. You don’t think you’ll be able to get that description of how to properly penetrate a young Hellhound out of your head for a long time. You don’t even want to get started on the other things you saw in the box that was on your doorstep after you had returned from Wurm-Mart. Going off the little you know though, you can assert a few things.


            Hellhounds are strong. You are strong enough yourself to where you could probably overpower one of your daughters alone if you really tried, but if they both came at you at once you’d be screwed. At least now you finally have some motivation to work out.


            Hellhounds are sexual. Tai and Tia are monstergirls, no matter how young they are. Even though you’ve seen how erotic they can be, it’s still a little hard to come to terms with. Since you had grown up in a mostly human, extremely conservative city, the thought of actual children acting lewd is still somewhat foreign to you.


            Hellhounds are wild. The pamphlet had said over and over how difficult it can be to control a Hellhound, no matter their age. They are very powerful, impulsive creatures; instinct and desire are the main judges of most of their actions. Only one thing seems to be the counter to all of this though.


            Hellhounds care. Despite all of their more monster-like traits, you have seen this in your daughters firsthand. A Hellhound would never harm a person she loves no matter how uncontrollable or dominant she is. Even in the short time you and your Hellpups have been together, you are certain that they care about you. They can even grasp harder concepts such as emotion and fear and hurt feelings. The way they acted after you had found them in their lingerie definitely speaks to that. Hopefully you can teach them enough for that side of them to really shine through.


            Maybe you were right to trust your instincts and ignore the pamphlet; now that you’ve sat and thought things over, you feel your confidence slowly returning. Those other… things can stay in their box; hopefully you’ll never have the need for them. You lean back in your desk chair and let out a deep sigh. After getting home from Wurm-Mart, you had sent Tai and Tia straight to the bath. The incredibly hot walk back to the car had made the pups very sweaty again, but not as much as when you had arrived there. Getting food in their bellies seemed to have made them better, at least a little bit. That being said, you know they probably haven’t bathed in weeks. From what you can tell, they seem to be really enjoying it right now. They’ve been in there for almost two hours. Has it really been that long? You should probably go check on them.


            You leave your room and walk down the hall to your bathroom. It is fairly large; the previous owner of your side of the duplex you live in had been a Kraken. The extra space is nice, especially now that three of you live here. As you approach the door, you hear happy splashing noises and loud giggling. A sudden feeling of dread strikes you as you turn the doorknob, part of you expects a wall of water to stand in the doorway for a minute before completely soaking you, like in the cartoons. Thankfully, there is no water, but you do get a nice faceful of thick, gray steam that makes you blink and nearly burns you.


            The whole bathroom looks like it has been hit by a blizzard. Thick white foam spills out of the tub (which is more of a small pool). Piles of tiny bubbles coat most of the floor, the walls, and the appliances and yet more bubbles slowly fall through the air. Tai and Tia are in the middle of the giant tub, surrounded by mountains of foam as they giggle madly and toss the stuff into the air by the heaping pawful. Their wet black skin glistens like polished onyx in the light, you gulp as their lithe, immature little bodies twist and ripple as they dance around with glee. Blobs of bubble bath dot their charcoal-colored skin and the water that has completely inundated their tails keeps them from wagging more than a few centimeters.


            Now that the fluff and poof of their black tails is being suppressed by the bathwater, you can fully see their small, round butts sway as they try in vain to move their soaked tails. It’s not your fault you want to grab their soft, squishy-looking ebony rears and squeeze them and massage them until your daughters yip and moan with arousal. The way their hips gyrate like that just isn’t fair! …Maybe you aren’t so weirded out by the bodies of lewd young girls anymore. Your daughters haven’t noticed you yet, but a plan has already formed in your mind. Looks like it’s already time for the box.


            You return to your room for a brief moment to get what you need. It isn’t much compared to the multitude of other things still in the large cardboard box, but what you left is probably all full moon preparedness stuff anyway. It doesn’t take long for you to return with your supplies in hand, wearing nothing but your underwear. You can’t stand wearing wet clothes. Bubbles have already begun to spill out of the bathroom door that you left open; you take a deep breath and steel yourself before announcing your presence.


            “Having fun, ladies?” Tai’s and Tia’s happy whines and yips and barks instantly fade as their heads whip around to look at you. Smiles still linger halfheartedly on their deep black faces and Tai is frozen in mid bubble-throw.

            “… H-hi daddy!” The semi-excited tone of Tai’s voice seems hopeful you’ll ignore what’s around you.

            “Hi. Now, are we going to do this the easy way, or…” Sensing that her first tactic has failed, Tai gracefully leaps out of the tub and bolts for the door. That’s exactly what you were expecting though; you brace yourself and try to fill up as much of the doorway with yourself as possible. Tai tries to dash around your side, but you move in front of her at the last moment.


            Her nude, slippery, incredibly hot black body hits you a little harder than you expected, and the two of you fall to the floor in the hall. Before your first daughter has a chance to get her bearings, you instantly wrap your arms around her back and your legs around her thighs. She struggles around in your grasp as she tries to get free. Her wet skin and uncanny strength makes it hard to keep your grip as you fumble around for one of the items that you dropped as you fell. You can’t help but be painfully aware of Tai’s burning, naked body squirming and sliding up and down so close to your own. Her little black breasts and tiny pink nipples squish against your bare chest and her petite hips buck wildly as her sopping tail flops across your legs. You are sure the two of you are steaming as well.


            After several moments of fighting accompanied by frantic yelps, whines, and ‘wan wan!’ noises, you finally finish wrestling a thick leather collar around your daughter’s neck and a pair on handcuffs around her wet, furry wrists. You are sweating heavily already; the intense, fiery heat from her body is a lot more intense for whatever reason. Probably just the bath or something. Tai’s plump, black lower lip sticks out in a pout as you attach a wide leather cone to her collar.


            Once the first Hellpup is sufficiently restrained, you clip a metal chain to her cone-collar and lead her back into the bathroom. The magically enhanced suction cup on the other end of the heavy chain leash suckers to the wall and won’t budge no matter how much Tai tugs and pulls at it. With her hands cuffed behind her back, she can’t do much except sit and watch you around her tall leather cone as you slowly approach her sister.


            Tia barely peeps over the edge of the tub, hoping you won’t see her. Her ears give her away though, as wet as they are, they are perked up and alert as she looks from you to Tai. You silently curse yourself; she catches you fully off guard as you arrive at the edge of the tub. With one swift movement, she yanks you in by your neck and leaps over you as you fall face first into the hot, soapy bathwater. A mixture of hot, dirty water and thick, foamy bubbles fills your face as you flounder around in the tub. At least they got clean. It takes longer than you would have liked, but you eventually clamber out of the water, panting and wiping the suds from your face.


            Poor Tia. She could have gotten away if she weren’t so intent on saving her twin sister. The naked little Hellhound struggles and fumbles with her sisters handcuffs and cone-collar in vain; her large fluffy paws aren’t nearly dexterous enough to undo the collar’s buckle or pull the suction cup from the wall. Tai can only yip and whine distractedly and try to move her cuffed wrists around to where she can point at you as she sees you slowly creeping up behind her would-be savior. Tia lets out a loud ‘WAN!’ of surprise as the second heavy collar is buckled firmly around her neck. The large, black leather cone and the second pair of handcuffs quickly follow it and soon enough, she helplessly joins her restrained, leashed sister on the sopping tile floor.


            “There are consequences to your actions, girls. You’re going to learn that now. There’s nothing wrong with a little fun, but you have to be prepared for what comes next…” Tai’s and Tia’s sullen red and gold eyes stare at you scathingly. The two Hellhounds seem extremely embarrassed at their situation. Sad, frustrated, and oddly adorable scowls contort their dark, ebony faces and their fluffy tails thump unhappily as they slowly dry out. The slippery wet shine of water on the Hellpups’ black skin has faded, but you still find your eyes drifting to their nude, petite bodies. Their heads droop sadly and their shoulders slump, whether due to the weight of the large, thick cone-collars or the weight of their own shame, you can’t tell.


            “Now then. You two are going to watch me clean up this awful mess. A mess that YOU…” you make sure to stare them both in the eye as you pause “…are responsible for. I’m not going to let you free until I’m certain you’ve learned your lesson either.” Tai growls a little and tries fruitlessly to pull her cuffed hands apart behind her back. Tia just stares at you like she usually does, her cold gaze seems especially judgmental with her little face framed by the tall, restrictive cone-collar. You pay your bound, helpless daughters no mind as you begin to clean the bathroom.


            It takes a long time to mop up all the foam and water from the floor and walls and drain the tub. You even cleaned the tub out to further prolong the Hellpups’ embarrassment. Eventually though, the bathroom is perfectly clean. With a smug, satisfied smile on your face, you return to your leashed and cuffed daughters.

            “All done. Ready for some dinner girls?”

            “Yes.” Tai’s deadpan, somewhat sassy response tells you that your pups haven’t quite learned their lesson.

            “Good. I hope you don’t mind if I feed it to you, those cones and cuffs are staying on.”

            “But daddy…” Tai’s tone is softer and much more pleading now, but you aren’t falling for it.

            “What? Is it embarrassing to have me feed you when you’re all tied up?”

            “Yes!” She pouts at you from inside her cone.

            “Consequences, Tai. Consequences.” She looks down dejectedly as you try to pry the suction cups from the walls.


            You are only now realizing that you have no idea how to take them off either, eventually you give up and just unclip the chain leashes from your daughters’ collars. With an arm around each of their warm shoulders, you lead your captive, cone-collared, naked and deeply embarrassed Hellhound puppies to the kitchen for dinner. If they’re good, maybe you’ll let them cuddle in bed with you tonight.


            Once you arrive in the kitchen, you sit each of your bound daughters down at the table. It takes a bit for you to secretly make sure they’re as comfortable as possible with their hands cuffed behind their backs; you do your best to not arouse any suspicion either. Tai and Tia fidget and struggle occasionally as you move to the stove and start cooking. You can tell that their poor little necks must be getting tired, in order to see over their thick, heavy cone-collars they have to lean down pretty far. Dinner should be ready soon.


            As your meal gets closer and closer to being done, you can hear your Hellpups start to whine and whimper in their seats. Even though you’re inexperienced and the stuff is probably burned, the smell of sizzling bacon is really making the pups squirm. Soon enough, you dish out three bowls of hot, steamy angel hair pasta and top them with slightly overcooked bacon bits and a drizzle of olive oil. A little plain, but this is only the first meal you’ve cooked for your new family.


            After setting a bowl in front of each restrained Hellhound, you sit at your place and pick up your fork. “Oh girls, this is so delicious!” You make a big show of enjoying your own food while your helpless puppies look from you to their own bowls with intense looks of longing and need on their cute, panting faces. As teasing as you are, you do your best to finish quickly, you don’t want the girls’ food to get cold.


            Once you are done, you slide your bowl aside and pull the pups’ chairs closer to you. Tia whimpers and Tai yips softly as the wooden legs of their chairs grate on the floor. Now that they are close enough for you to feed them, you can tell how desperate they are for a taste of your delicious meal. Their bare, black chests and flat, squishy bellies rise and fall in time with their heavy breathing while their little pink tongues hang adorably out of their wet mouths. The only sound besides that is the occasional metallic clink of handcuffs as Tai and Tia shuffle their legs around uncomfortably in their seats. You find yourself longing to fondle their little, pointed, beautifully fuzzy ears as they droop and twitch with desire and frustration.


            “Say aah, Tia.” Tia says nothing as you hold the generous forkful of pasta up to her mouth, but she opens up all the same. As carefully as possible, you deposit the food between her rows of devilishly pointed fangs. Once the fork is moved away, Tia greedily chews and smacks at her little reward. She even growls a little in satisfaction.

            “M-more please, daddy.”


            You feel as though your whole body has become as limp as the steaming noodles in front of your daughters. Tia’s soft, quiet voice is only barely different from her twin sister’s, but hearing it makes you feel weak. She is finally opening up to you.

            “In a minute, Tia. In a minute.” Your free hand strokes and caresses Tia’s smooth, hot, ebony back as you struggle to get pasta onto Tai’s fork. You’d feel awful if you took your hand off of Tia even for a second.


            Once you finally have an acceptable amount of pasta tangled in the fork, you raise it to Tai’s lips.

            “Thanks for being patient Tai. Say aah.” Tai eagerly snaps at the food and her sharp white teeth clunk and grate against the metal of the fork as you pull it from her mouth. As expressive as her sister was when you fed her, Tai seems even louder. Happy little growls and nomming sounds come from behind her firm black lips as she gratefully eats her bacon pasta. Even though it takes awhile to alternate feeding forkfuls of noodles to your daughters, your tender, loving focus never fades. The shame of their bubble-terrorism earlier has completely faded, and from the way your Hellpups have stopped struggling against their tight handcuffs, you can only hope that they’ve learned their lesson. Their tails have definitely picked up speed; the long, fluffy appendages have resumed their usual rapid wagging as you finally set the last, recently cleaned fork down in Tai’s empty bowl.


            “Okay girls. I think it’s time to take your cones off. You’ve been very good, and I’m keeping my promise.” The helpless Hellpups gratefully sit up a little and straighten their little backs as you unhook the tall, stiff leather cones from around their tight collars. The collars themselves come off next; a thin film of shiny sweat marks exactly where the thick bands of leather sat around Tai’s and Tia’s petite black necks. Finally, the handcuffs. The pups happily massage their thin, furry wrists as soon as they are freed.

            “How about we go into my room and cuddle a bit? I’m sure you girls are tired.”

            “Yes daddy!” Tai’s voice is full of its usual boisterous enthusiasm again and Tia is barely smiling at you. Your own smile never fades as you wrap your arms around their hot, bare shoulders once more and lead them to your room; you hardly even notice the odd, dark spots in the girls’ chairs as you leave the kitchen.


            At first, the nude black puppies are hesitant to join you in your queen-sized bed, but it doesn’t take much to coax them in. Their extremely hot, silky smooth, and beautifully naked bodies wrap around yours as Tai and Tia settle in on either side of you. They rest their heads on your shoulders; their soft, shoulder length black hair feels nice against your bare skin and the sweet aroma of shampoo and bubble bath still linger around them.


            You try not to think too much about the fact that the natural resting places for your hands seem to be your daughters’ firm little butts. The fuzzy black fur of their tails tickles your wrists as your pups contentedly bounce their fluffy whips up and down on the bed. They don’t seem to mind that your large, strong hands firmly squeeze their squishy black butt cheeks as you pull them closer to yourself. Their tiny, charcoal black breasts are pressed tightly against your ribcage; you can barely feel their puffy pink nipples poke into you. The intense heat from the girls’ petite bodies isn’t uncomfortable now, even in the hot summer heat that still lingers at night. You find yourself drifting off to sleep, surrounded by a sea of smooth black skin and soft black fur and incredibly comforting warmth as you lovingly cuddle your little canine daughters tightly to your chest.


— — — — —


            Wait a second. This isn’t right. Everything is so… cold. Why is it so cold?


            The unexpected lack of warmth around you has finally woken you up from your deep, deep sleep. You almost start to wish you’d put clothes on before going to bed. You are still far too sleepy to open your eyes, but you try to pull your arms in for more warmth. Wait, what the hell? Something is holding your arms in place, keeping them splayed out on your bed. Grim thoughts start assaulting you as you try to move your legs with similar results. Someone has tied you to your bed. Guess it’s time to open your eyes now.


            As your eyelids slowly crack open, you brace yourself for the worst. Things just keep getting weirder though; you have to blink a few times to make sure you actually did open your eyes. Your room seems darker than you thought possible, almost as if some sort of magic has sucked any traces of light from the room. You jump a little as the warmth you fell asleep with returns to your sides. It isn’t as strong as before, but you can definitely feel it. You feel your blood turn to ice as four glowing crimson orbs wink into existence, inches from your face. The orbs glow gold around their edges and every so often a pair of them will blink at you. Now that you are more awake, you can feel the tight ropes pulling your limbs to the corners of your bed. You haven’t been this afraid in a long time, your fear is really screwing with your focus. As much as you struggle, the ropes don’t let you move more than a few centimeters. Your wriggling around seems to have alerted your captor to the fact that you aren’t asleep anymore.


            “Good morning daddy!” That familiar, inexplicably cheery voice along with the feeling of two small, hot paws on your chest calms you a little, but they raises far more questions than they answer.

            “Tai? Is that you?” At least your voice works.

            “Yep! Tia is here too!” Two more warm silky paws find their way to your chest.

            “Okay, but why am I tied up?”


            “Because why?” Tai giggles. She seems to be delighting in not giving you any information.

            “Because we felt like it? No! Because we needed to!”

            “What is that supposed to mean? Needed to? Can you at least turn a light on or something?”

            “Okay daddy! Heeheehe… We’ll turn the light on!” You have no idea why the Hellpups are both giggling now, but at least they agreed to something. Neither of them seems to want to move though.


            “Girls?” The only answer that comes is the brief sputtering of flames being brought to life. Twin jets of bright yellow hellfire erupt from around your daughters’ eyes. The first things you notice as the warm glow illuminates the room are the pups’ smug, grinning faces. If it weren’t for the searing heat of the little Hellhounds slowly crawling up your chest, you are sure your blood would have completely frozen over. This dominant, almost predatory side of Tai and Tia utterly terrifies you. As scared as you are, you can’t help the fact that the dancing, swirling flames around their eyes keep you almost hypnotized as they loom over you. The bright yellow tendrils of flame curl and spark; they seem to get wilder and more excited as the Hellpups draw closer and closer to your face. You close your eyes to avoid getting blinded by the flame dancing so close to them, you also have no idea how the fire hasn’t burned you yet. You are sure you can feel the coiling blazes tickling your cheeks as they threaten to overwhelm you with their incredible heat.

            “You didn’t know what day it was, did you daddy?” Tai whispers in your ear.

            “It’s Saturday of course. Why does that matter?”

            “Silly daddy… the moon today!” She plants the tiniest kiss on the rim of your ear; even a touch that light makes you tremble and shy away from her volcanic lips.


            Well fuck. Good going genius. In your excitement at finally adopting your daughters, you had completely forgotten the moon cycle. It’s a full fucking moon tonight, it’s no wonder Tai and Tia were acting so wild at Wurm-Mart and in the bath. As much as you’d been trying to ignore it, you had definitely noticed that the pups’ body heat has been steadily climbing all day. Now, you can almost feel the temperature rising in your room as the horny little Hellpups pant and sub-consciously stroke and knead at your bare chest with their hot, burning paws.


            Originally, you had planned to take things slow on your first full moon with your puppy daughters as you gently introduced them to the delights of loving intimacy. However, it seems they are far more experienced than you expected them to be. All those thoughts suddenly fly from your head as two small, pink incredibly hot tongues assault your face.


            Tai and Tia drag their rough little tongues enthusiastically across your cheeks; their slippery appendages and sweet-smelling saliva feel almost hot enough to burn you. You are helpless to resist as the pups’ happy, excited licking draws closer and closer to your mouth. Soon enough, their warm wet tongues eagerly prod at your lips and without thinking too much about it, you open your mouth for the intruders. The heat from your daughters’ mouths seems to overwhelm you as their heavy, burning breath flows into you. You are overcome by the urge to kiss them back, Tai giggles softly as your tongue finally starts to coil around and tangle with theirs.


            Wet smacking sounds accompanied by small, frantic grunts are all that can be heard as you and Tai and Tia share several moments of passionate, three-way kissing. Each pup has a searing, black fluffy paw on either side of your head, directly over your ears like a pair of huge earmuffs heated with hellfire. The incredible heat from them is starting to make you dizzy. You do your best to assert yourself by nibbling softly on a firm, black lip or by suckling on a little pink tongue, but the pups notice what you are doing all too soon. They teasingly draw away whenever you get too frantic and smile devilishly at you, just out of reach. If only your hands were free, then you could put one on each of your daughters’ heads and pull them in close as you ravish their little tongues and lips with intense, passionate kisses. You could even pinch and fondle their fuzzy black ears and feel them whimper sweetly into your mouth as you massage them and make their minds go blank. As it is now, you can only get the faintest taste of their delicious mouths as they methodically bob up and down, brutally teasing you with the tiniest teasing kisses.


            Eventually, Tai and Tia break from kiss-teasing you and sit up on either side of your chest. You are glad that their constantly wagging tails are high fairly high in their excitement, if they were too low, they would be knocking your stiff, uncomfortable erection around between them. It is only now that you realize the pups had removed your underwear, probably when the tied you up. As they straighten themselves, you also notice that they are wearing that incredibly lewd, red lingerie you had gotten them from Wurm-Mart. Shadows dance on their coal black, barely sweaty bodies as their ocular hellfire flickers and sparks expectantly. Noticing your gaze, the young Hellhounds turn to each other and wrap their fluffy paws around each other’s waists. Their grinning faces turn to you, inviting you to get a nice, long look at them as the light from their burning eyes gleams off of their pointy white teeth.


            Those outfits sure are something. The wagging of the pups’ tails blows wave after wave of thick heat into your lap and over your bound, splayed legs as you struggle in vain to sit up. Eventually, you settle for craning your neck and resting your chin on your chest, back still flat against the bed. Your shoulders and arms were already stretched to their breaking point, looking up like this just makes them feel stiffer and more painful. You can’t look away from Tai and Tia though.


            Your hungry eyes slowly move all over your daughters’ petite forms. The deep red fabric of their lingerie compliments their deep black bodies and dark maroon fur perfectly. It’s hard to choose what entices you most; the thigh-high stockings that cling tightly to their thick, squishy legs and calves, the transparent red panties that have become slick and shiny with arousal, completely revealing the puppies’ soft, puffy vulvas, or the sheer, frilly babydolls that sway and flutter erotically as they fail to hide your pups’ small, developing breasts and tiny, erect nipples. You are completely lost in the intensely lewd beauty of your little Hellhound daughters for what seems like an eternity.


            “Say ahhh daddy…”

            While you’ve been entranced, Tai has sneakily grabbed something from off to the side. She is holding it out to you with both paws with an aroused and happy smile on her face. A ball gag. Where the hell did she get one of those? Maybe she had brought it home from the orphanage? That seems to be the only way you can think of. There is no doubt in your mind that Sister Sarah must have had something to do with it, but that’s the least of your worries right now.


            Being in no place to resist, you obediently open your mouth for the gag. After Tai gently pushes the large red ball into your mouth with a single paw-finger, you hear the click of a magnet as she contentedly fastens the gag behind your head. You feel the black leather straps magically tighten across your cheeks; until now, you had no idea that they made bondage gear that could be used by monstergirls with claws or paws.

            “Good daddy… Look, Tia! Look at how cute he is!” Tia nods in agreement; her usual stony gaze is painted with lust and arousal.

            “Now daddy, you know what happens on full moons, right?” You nod hesitantly, the gag strapped tightly in your mouth isn’t terribly uncomfortable, but is definitely isn’t easy to ignore.


            Even though you responded, Tai continues as she throws a stockinged leg over your pelvis.

            “Full moons are when daddies and daughters get to give their love to each other!” The pups’ genuine passion and enthusiasm makes your insides feel like mush. They just seem so happy and full of life, there is no way you could bring yourself to stifle that. That being said, you are going to have a nice long talk with them once all of this is over; the power struggle that has gone on basically since you met them has to have some clear boundaries before things get too out of hand.


            Tia kneels in between your bound, spread legs behind her sister as Tai slides her sheer red panties aside. You feel the blazing heat radiating from her dripping black pussy lips as she hovers mere centimeters over your cock. She wears a look of intense focus as she slowly parts her lips for you with her short black claws; you gasp through your tight ball gag as the burning depths of her incredibly tight, virgin pussy slowly envelop you. She only stops after you feel the pressure of what must be her hymen disappear.


            Tai cries out a little, and Tia peeps over her sister’s shoulder looking concerned.

            “Aaahhh… It hurts, daddy… It hurts but it feels so good!” Tai’s gold and crimson eyes are glowing with an intense, burning passion as they lock with yours. There’s now way you can look away from that adorably loving look, not that you’d want to anyway. Tia’s paws drift to her overwhelmed sister’s chest and knead into her little breasts as she waits for the pain to subside. It doesn’t take too long for Tai to start moving again; her petite, barely curvy hips rise and fall slowly as your member slides in and out of her boiling hot, erotically pulsating pussy.

            “Oh daddy… you’re so big! It feels like it’s going all the way into my tummy when I do this! Hhhnnnn!” With a whine, the incredibly aroused Hellpup slams her little black butt down on your crotch, fully burying you inside of her. You arch your back a little and moan through your gag as the indescribably hot and tight walls suckered to your cock seem to pull and squeeze and milk at you. The red-hot pleasure that is welling up within you is already unbearable!


            Tai continues to whimper and sigh and gently ride you cowgirl-style as her twin dutifully gropes and toys with her soft breasts underneath her red babydoll. The two of you cum at almost the same time, your thick creamy seed erupts inside of your little Hellhound daughter milliseconds before her tight pussy clenches almost painfully around you. She lets out a sound that is halfway between a whine and a howl as her pointy canine ears flatten against her head. For a few moments after that, the only thing you can hear is a duet of heavy panting and tiny frantic squeaks.


            Tia’s breast massage has devolved in her anticipation; her fluffy black paws are still fastened tightly over Tai’s breasts, but she sits limply on your lap. Her own chest rubs frantically across her sister’s toned back and you feel the two of them grind against your pelvis as Tia gets more and more frustrated and desperate. Tai’s head lolls back dreamily as she savors the feeling of your cum bulging in her belly and your still semi-erect member filling her freshly deflowered hole. Silvery strands of drool dangle from the tip of her little pink tongue as it hangs out of her mouth and her little black shoulders are slumped as she slowly catches her breath. The fire around her eyes slowly sputters and winks out; you are sure you saw sweaty steam rising off of you and her before the light disappeared.


            Tai finally notices her sister’s plight, her eyes are still glazed over and distant as she gets off of you and sluggishly busies herself with something off to the side. Once your lap is open, Tia wastes no time in pushing her red panties aside, thrusting her petite hips and dripping crotch out at you and rubbing her puffy black lips against your still erect tip. All reservation has been thrown out the window; Tia grins lustily as you buck your own hips, frantically trying to get your extremely sensitive tip away from her. As she fiendishly chases and tortures you with her crotch, you hear the loud rip of a roll of tape from somewhere to your left. You are only vaguely aware of it, and whatever thoughts you may have had are blown away as Tia grabs you by the penis.


            “Stop squirming daddy. Stop.” There is no way you can stop though, Tia has one searing hot paw wrapped tightly around you while the other traces agonizing circles around your tip. Her silky paw pads and soft fur feel like rough, burning sandpaper as they send electric jolts of unbearable pleasure down your rod. It seems like forever before your sensitivity fades and Tia stops torturing you with her large, fluffy paws. She says nothing as she lines her dripping pussy up with you once more and finally lowers herself. Before you have a chance to react, Tai appears out of nowhere. You take a deep breath as she throws a leg over your face and sits on your head.


            Tia waits patiently with your head barely inside of her as she waits for her sister to get comfortable. Tai rubs her crotch against your the tight ball gag in your mouth and you feel her soaked, sheer red panties slide easily against the wide rectangle of clear packing tape covering her smooth black pussy. It doesn’t take long for you to understand why it’s there. Tai has taped her pussy closed so that the massive load of cum you shot deep inside of her stays where it is.

            Lewd girl.

            “Tia, hurry up! Daddy’s cum feels soooo good inside my tummy! Don’t you want to feel that too?” The Hellhound puppy on your cock nods and begins to lower herself again. As sadistic as she was a moment ago, she still seems very nervous about losing her virginity. Amidst shy whines and nervous whimpers, you eventually feel her hymen tear as she inches you further and further in.


            After several long moments of stopping and starting, Tia’s small, round, charcoal black butt finally rests against your thighs. Your member is completely buried inside of her, just as it was with Tai a while ago.

            “See Tia? It’s good, right?” You can’t see anything other than Tai’s taped up crotch and little black butt grinding gently against your face, but Tia nods. Your hair flutters a little in the wind of Tai’s happily wagging tail as she coaxes and encourages her sister.


            As soon as she is accustomed to your hot girth filling her even hotter pussy, Tia starts to ride you. Her thrusts are slower and more calculated than her sister’s, but they are a lot deeper and much more forceful.

            “Tia… I want your mouth…” You feel Tai’s voice vibrate against you a little as she desperately calls out to her sister. She trembles slightly, leaning forward and wrapping her paws around Tia’s shoulders as their little mouths meet in a passionate kiss. The tight red ball gag forcing your jaws apart makes it hard to grin as you hear wet, lewd kissing noises as your daughters lovingly make out with each other. You can only assume what they had gotten up to, alone together at the orphanage; you are definitely sure you tasted at least one of their mouths on the ball gag as Tai had buckled it behind you.


            Tia cums long before you do; she falls all the way down you and impales herself on your cock while she howls with pleasure. Her barely chubby black thighs shudder and tremble and you wait patiently for her to start up again. The erotic, wet noises of the pups’ kissing haven’t stopped though, neither have their tails or Tai’s taped pussy grinding against your ball gag. Once Tia resumes her ride, you feel the pleasure slowly start to build again.

            “Aawoooohh! Daddy!” You are surprised that Tia’s adorably passionate howl combined with the strain of your orgasm now exploding inside of her didn’t give you a heart attack. Tai giggles and wipes her sister’s drool from her plump lips as her petite hips finally stop squishing her soft little pussy against your face.


            Tia pulls you out of her with a lewd squelch and flops back on the bed in exhaustion.

            “Tia, be careful! Daddy’s cum is going to fall out of you!” Tai’s pointy black ears twitch on top of her head as she picks up the roll of thick packing tape and approaches her spent twin sister. You hear the loud rip of the tape again, you know Tia’s pussy will be tightly taped shut not long afterwards.


            Once she is done attending to Tia, Tai crawls back up to your head.

            “Did you like our ball gag daddy? It looks so cute, right?” You give a little ‘mmhmm’ noise as the Hellpup reaches under your head and unfastens the gag.

            “Good boy, daddy! I knew you would!” The red rubber ball finally pops out of your mouth. You gratefully work your stiff jaws up and down and lick your lips to restore moisture and feeling to them. Tai sets the gag down beside you and busies herself with untying your limbs. You aren’t sure how she unties the tight, restrictive ropes so easily, but you assume they some sort of enchantment on them.


            Even though you are completely freed now, you can still feel the gag in your mouth and the ropes around your wrists and ankles. You can’t do much more than lay back on your bed in exhaustion, filling up your Hellhound daughters like that really took it out of you. Eventually the two of them sluggishly crawl up beside you; the looks on their tired, happy black faces seem to beg you for cuddles. You oblige, gently wrapping your warm little Hellpups in your arms as you had several long hours ago. After what just happened, everything else seems so far away.


            It almost feels like you have been with Tai and Tia for ages now, even though it’s only been less than two days. Cuddling their soft, petite, ebony bodies to your chest like this seems so natural. The black and maroon fur on the pups’ shins envelops your thighs as each one pulls a leg between their own. Their fluffy tails thump happily and they nuzzle their heads against your neck and chest. Their heat has subsided a little now, but it is no less comforting or blissful as their hot, fur-covered arms and paws wrap tightly around your torso. Your hands sink into their plush little butts again; you can’t help but run your index fingers down their tightly taped slits and think about how happy it makes them to keep your creamy seed so deep inside of their bellies.


            “You know girls, you could have just asked me to… help you out. I’m more than happy to do that for you whenever you need it.”

            “But it was fun like this daddy! Wasn’t it?”

            “I guess, Tai. Just warn me next time, hmm?”

            “Okay!” She bares her teeth in a grin, and Tia smiles up at you as well.

            “Good girls. I… I love you.” As embarrassing as those words are at first, they seem perfect and right. These are your puppies, and you are their daddy. The happy, drowsy little Hellhounds pull themselves closer to you, barely able to express their joy. Barely. You sort of knew the response was coming, but you weren’t ready for it at all.

            “Love you too, daddy.”


— — — — —


            Coarse gravel cracks and grinds under the tires of your car as you leisurely drive up the thickly wooded hill that you know so well. You and your parents had come here almost every summer on the weekend before school started; you’d always wanted to keep the tradition going when you finally had your own kids. Now that Tai and Tia are here, you finally can. You know that they’re excited and very nervous about starting school for the first time; hopefully a nice bit of camping should take their minds off of things for a little. To your delight, it already seems to be working so far.


            You have all the windows in your car rolled down, and you had allowed your daughters to stick their heads outside once you got off the highway. You aren’t driving terribly fast as the mountain road is rather steep, but the pups seem to be enjoying it more than you thought possible. Their shoulder length, spiky black hair flutters and sways in the cool breeze and their pointy black ears twitch and point in all directions, desperate to take in even the faintest of new sounds. Their fluffy little hand-paws rest eagerly on the windowsills of your car; you have to keep reminding yourself to stop watching them in your rearview mirrors and actually focus on the road. They’re just so cute though!


            Tai’s small pink tongue dangles out of her mouth and you swear you see her eyes roll up into the back of her head once in awhile. In the month or so that you and your daughters have been together, you have gotten very good at knowing when they blush. The barely watery look in Tia’s eyes as the wind whips in her ebony face along with the embarrassed smile she keeps trying to hide make it incredibly obvious to you that she is fully enjoying the mountain air blowing through her dark hair and tickling her pointy black ears.


            It doesn’t take long for you to reach your favorite campsite, even though you haven’t been here in over a decade, you know exactly where it is. The smell of the tall, picturesque trees and the sound of the river rushing by not far away bring back all sorts of fantastically nostalgic memories. Your little Hellhounds are still somewhat dazed from the ride up, they just stand together in the middle of the clearing holding each other’s paws and swishing their long fluffy tails around absently. The two black puppies stand out against the greens and browns and grays of the forest in their bright pink outfits; Tai’s shirt has white stripes and Tia’s has white polka dots. You can’t help but smile at how adorable they are.


            The pups have grown a bit and put on a little weight since you took them clothes shopping that first morning, their thin cotton tops cling tightly to their ebony torsos and their skirts are just a little too short. You’re probably going to have to take them shopping again, the fact that you see the white flashes of their panties every time they wag their tails gets stuck in your mind all too often.


            Unloading your tent and your two coolers full of food and drinks and all the rest of your supplies takes you several trips, but you rather enjoy doing it. It’s a good way to clear your head. The longer you are here, the more happy memories come back to you; swimming in the river, roasting marshmallows, telling spooky stories, lying awake at night in your tent and listening to terrifying sounds of the forest. You hope your daughters get to make their own memories that they’ll look back on fondly like you are doing right now.


            Once you are done unloading, you look over to the pups.

            “Hey girls, want to help me set up the tent?”

            “Okay daddy!” They finally seem to have come to their senses as they happily run over to you, tails wagging. Even though you’re positive you could have set the tent up faster on your own, you can’t help but smile again as your Hellpups struggle adorably with the equipment. Their paws are much bigger and more unwieldy compared to their bodies than your hands are to yours. They just can’t get a good grip on the thin metal rods and the smooth, waterproof tent fabric just keeps sliding around on their soft black paw pads and silky charcoal fur.


            Tia seems a little frustrated that she keeps dropping the rods, even when tries to she clap them tightly between her paws. The way her brow furrows and her little tongue sticks out of the side of her mouth are too cute. Her sister finds the whole situation quite funny, she gave up on actually helping quite early and has taken to letting the tent fabric repeatedly slip through her round paw-fingers, giggling like mad all the while.

            “Hehehehee… I can’t hold it daddy! Look! Heehehee!” You have learned to humor Tai when she tells you to look as something, otherwise she’ll start deliberately getting in your way while whipping you with her tail and grinning at you smugly. She never stops until you ‘discipline’ her either.


            Once the tent is done, the three of you take a moment to sit down for a drink. You open the cooler and pass them their large bottles full of delicious ice water. The little Hellpups hold their hourglass-shaped bottles by the specially designed paw-grips on each side of them as they contentedly sip the cold water through plastic straws. Ever since you took the pups to a checkup that the adoption agency had recommended, you have to make sure to keep them hydrated. Evidently, the two of them had developed Heat Deficiency Syndrome while at the orphanage; lack of a proper diet and proper incubation as young puppies had made them extremely sensitive to outside heat, no matter how high their own body heat got. The Anubis doctor had said that they should make a full recovery once they finish the medicine she prescribed, but until then you had to be careful that Tai and Tia didn’t get dehydrated or too hungry.


            “Can we go swimming yet daddy? Can we? Please?” Tai waits for your reply and Tia looks at you expectantly. Ever since you told your daughters about what swimming was, they just couldn’t stop talking about it. Even though you were on the swim team all through high school, you are a little nervous to teach them. They had rejected the idea of swimming lessons though; you know that they still aren’t too comfortable with strangers. Hopefully school will help them with that.

            “Are your waters gone?” They nod happily and hold up their empty cups. The ice in them has long since melted due to the natural heat from their silky black paws.

            “Okay then. You two go get changed in the tent and I’ll get ready out here.”

            “Okay daddy!” The pups grab their matching red backpacks and dash into the tent.


            It doesn’t take long for you to strip down and get your swimming trunks on; even though you haven’t done any competitive swimming since you started college, you still favor a nice, skintight pair of shorts as your swimwear. Once you are changed, you lay out a trio of beach towels along the riverbank along with the rest of your supplies. The pups take several more minutes even after you finish, but the sight that greets you when they finally emerge is well worth the wait.


            In their excitement for the start of school, Tai and Tia have opted to wear their school swimsuits. The suits are in the same style as all the other swimsuit uniforms in the region; pure white and highly reminiscent of the ones from the place that used to be called Japan. The tight one-piece suits cling to the Hellpups’ smooth black bodies; Tai giggles and Tia blushes as you can’t help but ogle them for a few seconds. The way their barely pudgy bellies bulge out through the shiny, waterproof fabric and the way the deliciously skintight suits hug and accentuate the pups’ slight curves, perky little breasts and soft, puffy pussies are a little too much.


            You hastily gulp down the lump in your throat before you speak.

            “Are you ready for sunscreen girls?”

            “Yep! Right Tia?” Tia nods silently.

            “Good. Come over here then.” The pups trot happily over to you, and you reach for the large bottle of ‘Succu-Brand Hellhound Sunscreen Oil’. As sketchy as that name sounds, the doctor had specifically prescribed it to you for times like this. Doctor knows best and all that, right? The Anubis had advised you to put a tarp down on the floor too, you hope the one you made from industrial-strength black trash bags and duct tape will suffice.


            The thick black plastic crinkles and rustles as Tai and Tia plop down on either side of you and stare expectantly from your face to the bottle in your hand.

            “Okay then.” You pop the lid open and the smooth, clear oil makes a quiet farting noise as you squeeze some out onto your hand. After a few seconds of rubbing the oil between your hands, you reach for Tia. Your strong fingers wrap all the way around her fluffy wrist, you keep your grip firm as you slowly slide your hands up the length of her arm all the way to her shoulder. Tia shivers a little as she feels the cool oil coat her whole, ebony arm.


            Her maroon and charcoal black fur is plastered to her forearm and shines in the sunlight. Despite this, you don’t feel like it was enough. The shine on her skin is already starting to fade as the oil soaks in. She looks away from you to conceal her embarrassment and lets out a soft whimper as you squeeze the cold oil out directly onto her arm. That’s better! You massage the mass of slick, sticky oil into Tia’s slightly trembling arm while trying to keep the lump in your throat and the larger lump in your pants at bay. Tai’s tail swishes across the tarp restlessly as she watches the two of you in rapt attention.


            After oiling her other arm, you move on to Tia’s legs.

            “Uuuuwan!” She barks softly as your index fingers brush against her little pussy as you squeeze the oil into her plump thighs with a hand on each one. You can’t help but notice how translucent her whit swimsuit has gone all around her crotch, whether from the oil or… other things, you can’t really tell. Schools these days and their cheap uniforms. If her suit turns that clear when it gets wet, you’re probably going to have to oil the rest of her body. Just to be safe.


            Tia makes no effort to resist as you gently pull her into your lap. All she does is sigh or whine or moan as your large, strong hands glide and massage the oil into her squishy little ebony body. With one hand on her left breast and the other on her belly, you tease and grope at her hot, delicate flesh as she arches her back and pushes her head back into your bare shoulder. Her stiff pink nipple pokes at your hand through the thin, oily white fabric and her belly feels delightfully soft and warm. The way the little Hellpup giggle-moans whenever you squeeze her hot tummy makes your heart flutter. As the oil spreads though Tia’s white school swimsuit, it begins to look and feel almost like a part of her skin. Every so often, you can’t help but dip two of your fingers down between her legs and make her squirm and moan beautifully. Her almost boiling arousal trickles down her black thigh as you pinch her puffy lips and make sure they are adequately shined and oiled as well.


            When you first adopted the Hellpups you had been concerned that their constant, intense natural heat would burn you, however you have gotten quite used to their heat against you skin. Once you are done massaging and oiling Tia up, she flops over on her side with her paw pressed tightly between her legs. She moans and quivers in a daze of desperate arousal as the sun glints off of her beautifully shiny black skin and nigh invisible tight white swimsuit. You can’t get over how beautiful she looks with oil coating her whole body like this; her skin shines like smooth, black glass or brilliantly polished onyx.


            You look over to Tai who removes her paws from her chest and her own dripping crotch and nearly tackles you as she flies into your lap.

            “Hurry daddy, hurry! I need you to make me just as shiny and oily as Tia!” Her sweet, melodic voice is tinged with desperation and need. The coolness that had assaulted you chest when Tia left you is quickly remedied as Tai’s comfortably heated back presses against your oily chest and stomach. You feel the moisture that has soaked the fur on her soft little paws as she grabs your arm and immediately directs it to her flat little teats.


            A thin, knowing smile paints your face all through Tai’s oil massage. She is a lot more vocal than her sister was, she is a constant stream of ‘wan!’ and ‘yes!’ and ‘OOoooh daddy…’ and all sorts of other lewd, erotic noises. The way her little heartbeat jackhammers against your hand as you massage and squeeze and rub the oil into her tiny, developing boobs gives you a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. Tai keeps trying to pull your right hand down to her crotch, but you don’t to much more than give her puffy black lips a playful stroke or pinch. After several more minutes of kneading and oil rubbing, it is clear that the Hellpup’s ebony skin can’t get any shinier and her skintight white swimsuit can’t get any more translucent. As hard as it is, you manage to pull your hands away from Tai’s soft, squishy belly and thighs and arms and chest and crotch.


            Tia seems a little more lucid now, when you look over at her. She awkwardly crawls over to you on three limbs with a devilish glint in her eye. Oh, you know exactly what that look means.

            “Tai. Help.” Tia’s words are sharp and commanding, her sister rouses herself from her daze and looks up as soon as she hears them. Once she sees what her twin is doing, she seems to catch on almost by instinct. Tia grabs your arm and pulls it awkwardly around and down her back. Her tail moves away from your arm as her paw guides your hand over her firm, round butt and down further to her crotch. It isn’t hard to understand what she wants; you slide the crotch of her oily white swimsuit aside and start teasing her delicate black slit with your fingers from behind.


            Tai struggles into your lap as well and you spread your legs out wide to accommodate her. You wrap your arm around her back and grope her ebony butt as you had with her sister before tickling her pussy lips as well. The two shiny, oily black Hellhound puppies lean forward as they sit on your hands; you grin as they slide their claws under the waistband of your tight swim trunks and peel the slick wet fabric away from your crotch. Two audible sighs of passion grace your ears as the pups squish your throbbing member between their incredibly warm, and brilliantly glistening chests.


            Tai and Tia begin to bounce up and down, their tiny, charcoal black breasts cup and squeeze you beautifully beneath their extremely tight and oily white swimsuits. As they slowly rise and fall, you feel your fingers slide into their twitching, boilingly hot pussies. You feel Tai’s matted, oil-soaked fur slide against the back of your neck as her strong black arm forces you to bend down. Tia’s arm joins it and you try to stifle a gasp as their other paws are shoved roughly into your face. The overwhelming, intoxicating smell of arousal fills your nose as your daughters grope at your face with their wide, cum-soaked paws. You are bent almost to your breaking point; all you can see is soft black paw-pads and darker black fur, all you can smell is the Hellpups’ sweet, aromatic arousal, and the only feeling that registers is the slow buildup of pleasure from the two flat, lubricated chests squeezing and massaging your cock.


            “How does that smell daddy? We smell good don’t we? I bet you like having our smells in your face like this!” Tai really knows how to tease you right, doesn’t she? You can’t really answer though, your daughters’ grip on your shoulders and neck and their paws kneading into your face are far too strong.


            Over the next few minutes, you are only vaguely aware of the times where either Tai or Tia will shudder and tremble, gasp passionately, and pause for a second as their overwhelmingly hot, tight pussies clench and spasm around your fingers. The smell of the twins’ arousal being ground into and smeared on your face drives you mad as you get closer and closer to your own orgasm. You aren’t usually one to engage in such lewd acts in the open like this, but things just sort of… happened. It seems like forever before you feel the edge closing in on you.


            “Oh good boy, daddy! Look, Tia, look at how much there is! OOooohhh it tastes so good!”

            Pleasure completely overwhelms you as you cum all over the Hellpups tiny boobs and warm chests and adorably lewd black faces. You struggle around in vain as two rough, greedy little tongues continue to lap at and tease your extremely sensitive tip long after your orgasm subsides. All you can do is wait; bent almost double and smothered by burning hot Hellpup paws as painfully electric jolts of pleasure wrack through your body. After what feels like ages, your canine daughters finally stop tongue-torturing you and remove their paws from your face.


            The three of you are a hot, steaming mess of oil and cum and arousal, but you feel beautifully content. With your arms still wrapped around the pups’ petite, ebony shoulders, you lay back on the oily tarp for a while. You spend a long time watching the large white clouds drift lazily across the azure sky, just savoring your afterglow and the feeling of two searing hot, shiny and slippery little swimsuited Hellpups snuggling against your sides. You’ll get up and swim and splash and play in the river with your daughters soon, but… not just yet. This moment is far too sweet to disturb.


— — — — —


            Today is hiking day. You made sure to steer clear of anything overly lewd or sexual from when you got up until now. After getting carried away before swimming yesterday, your pups were far too tired to do much more than float on their backs in the lazily flowing river. They caught on pretty quickly, you only had to support their lithe little backs for a few seconds each. You had been perfectly content to sit in the water and relax after Tai and Tia had milked you dry with their flat, oily chests. The cool, clear water of the river had been soothing as it surrounded your still sensitive member, and the warmth that radiated off of the Hellpups as one or both of them would drift by you was fairly comforting. You don’t want them to get too tired before you all have to leave the campsite tomorrow morning though, there is still so much you want to share with them.


            Tai and Tia stand expectantly by your tent as you pack up plenty of food and water and other necessities for your hike. You don’t plan to go far, but you want to be able to take your time if the Hellpups want to. Two fluffy black tails whip back and forth excitedly as you finally zip your backpack up and sling it around your left shoulder.

            “Are you ready daddy? Can we go? I wanna go for a walk!”

            “Yep, all ready. Do you have all your things?”

            “Yeah!” Tai whirls around gracefully to show you her own red backpack and her silent sister turns to show you hers as well. The way their adorable little butts stick out slightly and wiggle as their tails move makes you smile. You’re definitely going to need to buy them new clothes, those tiny pink skirts may as well be invisible.

            “Alright! The trail is over this way.” You turn and head off for the hiking trail while the Hellhound puppies dash ahead of you.


            “Don’t go too far girls! I don’t want you to get lost!” Even though your daughters have already gotten a fair ways ahead of you, their pointy canine ears twitch at the sound of your voice. The twins slow down a little to at least remain within earshot. They should be fine, really; the trail is very clear and you had told them all about staying on it and finding or making landmarks if they needed to leave.


            The serene forest seems to dissolve all other thoughts, all you can focus on besides Tai and Tia are the colors and sounds and smells around you. Since the sun has only just risen, it is still pleasantly warm outside. The golden rays of new sunlight shine around the broad green leaves of the large trees high above you and shadows dance across the forest floor as branches sway in the gentle morning breeze. The birds were up far before you and your daughters, their high, melodic songs echo loudly from all directions. Leaves have only just started to fall from the trees as fall approaches; faint splashes of yellow dot the green mass above you and decayed leaves of brown and orange crunch underfoot. You interlace your fingers behind your head and lean back a little as you breathe in deeply. Everything around you cries out with incredible nostalgia. As long as it has been since you were here last, it feels like time hasn’t touched this place at all.


            You are glad that the pups have a lot of energy so early in the morning, their happy laughs and the rustle of leaves under their bare, fluffy paws make you feel a deep sense of satisfaction. It looks like you’re doing this whole parenting thing right. Tai and Tia have changed so much in the single short month that you have been their father. They’ve gone from scared, extremely mischievous minions of Hell that you were truthfully a little afraid of, to happy, loving little girls. Sure they’re undeniably dominant and still liable to fall prey to their impulses from time to time, however there is no doubt that they love and respect you deeply. Your fear has transitioned away from them as well, all you are scared of right now is probably just normal parent stuff. Things like what you’ll do if either of your daughters gets hurt, or bullied, or does some bullying, or gets lost still fly through your head fairly often. From what you can tell, having these fears isn’t anything to stress out about too much. Wait… come to think of it, you can’t really hear the pups anymore.


            You just had to have those thoughts, didn’t you? You got distracted and now you’ve lost them again. God dammit. You break into a sprint along the fairly wide trail, head whipping from side to side as you try to take everything in as fast as you can. Surely they can’t have gone far, right? If only these damn birds would shut up so you could hear better!


            Your search doesn’t take nearly as long as you expect; the bright pink clothes and deep black bodies of your canine daughters stand out against the colors of the forest as you round a bend. They are kneeling down at the side of the trail a little ways ahead of you and you can see their twin red backpacks lying open behind them, but you can’t quite make out what it is they’re kneeling over.

            “Girls! What did I say about staying close?” You hurry over to them.

            “Sorry daddy, we really are! It’s okay though, we caught her!”

            “You what?” Curiosity fades and your heart sinks into a pit of despair as you peer over the pups’ petite shoulders.

            “Oh, girls… Really?” A tiny, brown, terrified looking Wererabbit is struggling around desperately on the forest floor. Her arms and legs have all been pulled behind her and wrapped up in a strict hogtie by a thick coil of rope. A long scarf that has been knotted in the middle is tied firmly in her mouth, her large front teeth bite into and helplessly chew at the tight gag as she wriggles and writhes.


            “What, daddy? She was teasing us!”

            “So? You don’t just go tie up some poor girl like that. Shame on you!” You bend over and begin to free the poor bunny. It takes you a moment to figure out how the enchanted rope comes undone, but you manage it in the end. As soon as her strong, fluffy legs are free, the Wererabbit disappears in a flash before you even have time to remove her gag. The rope falls to the ground a few feet away as you whirl around to face your daughters.


            Tia stares blankly at the ground as if your eyes are lasers that will blind her if she looks at you, even for a second. Meanwhile, Tai fumbles around for an explanation.

            “She was teasing us daddy, honest! S-she kept jumping across the trail in front of us! Tia growled, but then she just ran ahead of us and flashed us with her butt! After that we had to… and since we…” You cut her off, too distracted to really care what her excuses are.

            “That was her tail girls, not her butt. It’s white so she can warn her friends in case she gets hunted by people like you! You can’t just-“

            “What’s wrong with hunting daddy?” Tai cuts you of right back, cocking her head and looking at you with genuine curiosity mixed with disbelief. It seems she still has no idea that hunting and tying up strangers isn’t socially acceptable.


            “Alright. I’m sorry if I didn’t understand. You can’t just go and kidnap random strangers though, think of how that poor bunny must feel!” Tai’s head droops and her pointy black ears flatten to match her sister’s.

            “I’m not saying you can’t hunt though. If you must hunt… you can hunt me I guess.” You swear you can hear the crack of a whip as two elated black faces snap up and two pairs of ears spring to alertness again.

            “Really daddy? You’ll let us do that?” You can tell that gesture means a lot to them, even Tia can’t fully conceal her excited look. The pups seem to be completely ignoring the fact that their tails repeatedly knock into each other as they wag furiously.

            “Yeah, It’s my job as your daddy. If you ever do decide to hunt other people though, PLEASE make sure they agree to it, okay?”

            “Okay!” You can’t help but smile every time your Hellpups speak simultaneously like that.


            With only a sly, knowing grin as warning, you turn tear off along the path back towards your campsite. You barely have time to register two loud, ecstatic yips before you are tackled to the ground by twin blurs of darkness. The way Tai and Tia slam into your sides and instinctively cushion you as the three of you fall to the forest floor makes everything that much better for you. You had fully expected to come away with some grisly bruises, if not a broken bone or two. Several happy seconds pass as you lay on the ground surrounded by your burning hot, uncontrollably giggling Hellhound daughters. Their warm, soft paws touch you all over as the girls savor their prize, they rub your shoulders and pat your head and gently stroke your face with their obsidian claws.

            “Well, you got me. How about you let me have a head start next time?”

            “Okay daddy! You have three seconds! Go!” Tai’s words catch you off guard and you are only able to run a few more feet before being tackled and molested again.


            This pattern continues all the way back to your campsite; sometimes Tai and Tia let you get several meters away from them, and other times they tackle you immediately and don’t let you go for several minutes. Each time they catch you, their hot, hungry paws get bolder and bolder and their smooth, charcoal black thighs shift around and slide against each other restlessly. Their heavy, burning breath fills your ears and the sharp aroma of their musky arousal is all you can smell whenever you get close. You don’t think their tails have stopped ore even slowed down for a long time.


            You’re lucky you made it back to your tent when you did, you have no idea why they haven’t taken you already. You know you three probably won’t be able to move much after you finish with each other, you’d rather have that happen in the tent than out in the open. The three of you finally drag yourselves into the tent; tired panting and happy grins adorn all of your faces as you plop down on your sleeping bags. The pups’ thick, spiky black hair is incredibly messy and full of leaves, twigs, and other debris. Their pink and white clothes are no better, dirt covers them and patches of sweat have turned them translucent in many places.

            “Hah… y-you’re all dirty daddy!” Tai can barely stop smiling or panting as she speaks.

            “Yeah, you’re no better. Want me to take my clothes off then?” The Hellpups can only nod in exhausted excitement.


            You fumble with your shirt a little as you sluggishly pull it over your head and toss it away. Your pants and underwear follow it not long after, but you barely give your little daughters time to react before attacking them and pulling their clothes off as well. Their perfect, ebony skin shines with sweat as you peel their dirty, sweaty shirts from their bodies. You gulp as you run your hands over their burning hot chests and bare, squishy bellies, feeling them rise and fall as the pups slowly regain their breath. The golden and red orbs of their eyes blink at you imploringly and their deep black sclerae seem to put you in a hypnotic trance as you pull their pink skirts down over their muscular, barely chubby thighs. All that’s left now is their panties; the pure white fabric is completely soaked with your daughters’ sweet, fragrant arousal. Eventually, the three of you sit in a circle, fully naked and quivering with excitement and anticipation.


            Without warning, Tia thrusts her feet into your lap.

            “Daddy… paw rub please.” Her ears twitch and flatten as she blushes heavily, awaiting your reply. Tai just grins and looks from her sister to you and back again.

            “Of course, Tia.” You gently wrap your hands around her right paw. She barely stifles a moan as your fingers gently push into her silky black paw pads. Although she is still very young, you have to use both of your hands to effectively massage Tia’s large foot-paws. Tai puts a pillow under her sister’s head and gently pushes her back onto it. She sighs and you feel her relax a little more as you pause for a moment to rummage around for a wet wipe. Tia’s paws had gotten very dirty on your hike.


            The cool wipe heats up almost instantly as you press it into Tia’s hot paw and rub it around in a slow, circular motion. You support her fluffy black heel with the other hand until the wipe becomes dark with dirt. She whines and coos beautifully; your strong hands squeeze and caress her paws as you rub them down with your wipes. You feel her tension slowly ebb as her black paw pads get hotter and softer and cleaner under your firm touch. Your thumbs knead and press heavily into her through the wet white fabric as you make sure to firmly scrub every little curve and valley of her adorable canine feet and cute, fuzzy toes.


            By the time her paws are completely clean, you have amassed quite the pile of dirty wipes and Tia’s eyes have gotten blurrier and her breathing heavier. Tai has brought her own pillow over and is now laying on her back right next to her sister while she waits for her turn. The two adorable, naked little Hellpups look up at you seductively as you reach for more wipes with one hand and Tai’s paws with the other.


            Once your daughters’ paws are finally free of dirt, you sit back to rest for a bit as Tai reaches into her backpack and pulls out a pair of objects. She hands one to her sister and you pause for a moment, smiling. This is the first time you’ve seen those twin red dildos since they arrived in your ‘care package’. You try to divert your focus to rubbing Tia’s paws again, however you can’t help but watch as the twins gently part their dripping, puffy pussies with their short canine claws. Lewd, wet schlicking noises fill the tent as the black puppies start to masturbate to the sight of your naked body and the feel of your incredibly arousing paw rubs. Tai and Tia moan deeply as they repeatedly push the dildos deep into their pussies while you grope and fondle their delicate, sensitive paw pads.


            For the next several minutes, you continue to diligently massage and caress your daughters’ four tender foot-paws while they slowly fuck themselves with their thick red dildos. Their hand-paws grip the ends of their toys tightly, the sight of their large fluffy paws clenching the comparatively small lengths of silicone is a little comedic to you. Tia’s other paw kneads longingly at her small, perky breasts while Tai flicks her tiny pink clit with her free claws. What a fantastic sight for a father of monstergirls! You just can’t get enough of it. Only a few more moments of alternating your massage between sets of black, fluffy paws pass by until you can’t take the anticipation anymore. You have to do something. Now.


            Tai whimpers distractedly as you place your hands on her smooth black knees, just above where her fur starts and gently push her legs apart. She is far too aroused and desperate to give any resistance as you position yourself inches from her soaked, shining crotch. You gently move the paw holding her dildo aside before thrusting inside of her. Even though you feel you should be used to it, the feeling Tai’s burning, unbelievably hot insides as they swallow your cock makes you close your eyes and moan. The smell of sulfur makes you wrinkle your nose as tiny wisps of smoke start to curl from around Tai’s and Tia’s eyes. Hopefully the pups are too tired to ignite their hellfire; you’d rather your tent didn’t burn down or start to melt with the three of you inside of it. Everything seems okay though as you hilt yourself in Tai’s hot, quivering little body. Tia continues to masturbate and grope herself as her sister grabs her face and gives her a long, sloppy kiss. The way Tai’s lust spikes when you are inside of her like this is always fun to watch, having the puppies masturbate and passionately kiss each other in front of you makes your heart swell almost painfully.


            Tai moans and whines into her twin sister’s mouth as your hips slam into her repeatedly. She desperately suckles on and tugs at Tia’s small pink tongue with her firm black lips, desperate for some way to satisfy the inferno of hungry pleasure you are stoking within her. It doesn’t take long for your seed to erupt inside of the happy Hellpup; she breaks from kissing her sister and lets out a long, low howl of satisfaction.

            “Awoooouuuuu! D-daddy!” She screams for you as your eyes lock together. You stare at her and she stares right back at you; neither of you flinch or pull away as you both try to send as much love and emotion into each other as you can.


            Eventually though, you have to force yourself away. You lean over the pups to stroke Tai’s messy, shoulder length hair and fondle her ears before pulling out that familiar roll of clear packing tape. Damn, it looks like you’ll be needing a new one soon. You smile warmly at your first daughter as you pull off a piece of tape.

            “I love you, Tai.” She blushes hard as you remove yourself from inside her and stretch the tape tightly over her pussy.

            “I love you too, daddy.” One of Tai’s hand-paws rubs her full, bloated belly while the other strokes and savors the feeling of the smooth, clear tape over her pussy.


            You move over to Tia and she eagerly drops her dildo before leaning up and resting her paws on your hips to welcome you. Tai pulls her back down almost immediately though, and their mouths meet in a loving kiss once more. The intense heat of Tia’s boiling pussy feels only natural as you thrust into her and make her whimper almost pitifully. Now that both of her paws are free, Tia desperately gropes both of her little boobs and flicks and pinches her tiny pink nipples with her claws as she distractedly kisses Tai. The lewd slapping of your pale skin against Tia’s charcoal black rump and thighs is accompanied only by the lewd smacking and kissing noises of the pups making out with each other.


            As you feel yourself nearing the edge, you move your strong hands from Tia’s petite little hips to her face and pull her from her sister. Tai looks a little put out, but she smiles widely as you stare into Tia’s eyes. Tia’s hand-paws never stop moving on her breasts and your thrusts only subside when you cum deep inside of her.

            “Daddy… I… l-love… I love you daddy…” Her gaze never strays from yours as your thick, creamy seed repeatedly shoots into her little black body.

            “I love you too Tia!” You grin and rub her ear with one hand while the other strokes her ebony cheek.


            Once Tia’s crotch is tightly taped and matching her sister’s, you take some time to admire the pups’ bulging, cumflated black bellies. You trace circles around their bellybuttons with your index fingers, making them giggle; you are fully aware of how much your daughters love having your seed trapped in their wombs and pussies for hours on end. The two of them sidle away from each other, just enough to allow you to lie between them. They snuggle up into their usual spots with their soft heads on your shoulders and their legs wrapped around you own, pulling them slightly apart.

            “Did you have fun camping, girls?”

            “Yes daddy!”

            “…Can we come do it again?” Tai continues after they both reply.

            “Of course. If it’s still nice out, we can come here again when you have your fall break.”

            “Yay!” Tai nuzzles your face with her own; her hot cheek feels fantastic against your skin. You feel so lucky to have adopted two amazing daughters. Even though you all have your ups and downs, you are confident that times like this will always be there.

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      1. I’d be concerned about what kind of person could say: “Oh Rape? Of course, I’m partial to a bit of a light rape in the afternoon, but I really let myself go on the weekends. I’m terrible, I know, but you do know what they say: make rape when the rape rapes!”

  1. Sweet mother of pumpernickel, this is lewd! The fact that the father goes from honestly wanting to love his daughters and seemingly not wanting to get naughty with them to “Hell yeah, I’m gonna fuck their brains out!” in about one day is ridiculous and messed up… and I love it! Great read, man.

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