Hate Will Never Win

Two individuals lay next to each other on a luxurious queen-sized bed in a cold, dark room. They held each other close, seeking warmth to escape the chill that filled the room. One of them, a man, slowly opened his eyes, his vision still hazy as he recalled the passionate events of the previous night. The man had a slim, defined build with sun-kissed tan skin, black curly hair, and heterochromatic hazel eyes. 

He gazed at his partner, a blonde with multiple arms, who reclined beside him. Two of her arms were wrapped around his waist, while the other two were gently entwined around his head. She, too, had a slim build, but her physique exuded a more pronounced definition than her human companion. Her sun-kissed skin bore the marks of a seasoned surfer, and her stunning, sun-bleached hair was adorned with a pair of distinctive antennas.

 He silently groaned as he struggled to sit up; her grip was too strong for his freshly awakened body. He removed her arms from around his neck and, with determination, used all his strength to sit up. Her second set of arms was still wrapped around his waist, and he noticed her beautiful brightly colored Papillon wings twitching in annoyance at his attempts to escape.

“Nrrgh, what are you doing?” She said in a tired raspy voice. 

“Come back to bed… it’s cold,” she cutely whined, curling up into the bed’s comforter.  

“C’mon Jade, it’s almost noon,” Ant said as he scratched his chest and reluctantly got out of bed. Anthony sheepishly walked toward the bedroom window of their condo and pushed it open, allowing the sunlight to filter in and dispel the darkness from the room.

Meanwhile, Jade responded by nestling her head deeper into her pillow and pulling the covers over her head. The only signs of her presence were her two antennae poking out from beneath the covers. 

Anthony chuckled as he turned on the TV, ambling to the bathroom to brush his teeth. As he did so, Jade peeked out from under the covers, summoning the strength to emerge from her comfortable and warm cocoon.

As Ant stood in front of the bathroom sink, brushing his teeth, the sound of the news caught his attention. With a toothbrush still in his mouth, he hurried into the bedroom to see what was happening on TV.

A male news anchor spoke “To Charlottesville and the Statue of Order general Oliver Drake, once the rallying point of Anti-liminal protest, now gone. The removal of that statue and a statue of General Patrick O. Conner, marking a turner point as more cities grapple with how to address America’s painful past with Order affairs. Here is MBC’s Jeeney Greenee…” 

Anthony turned and walked towards his Papillion partner. Gently, he enveloped her head in his arms, feeling her tiredly wrap her appendages around him. 

“Finally some good news for once…Hey, want to go CityWalk today? We haven’t had much time to chill and relax with one another because of my tour,” Anthony suggested as he ran his fingers through Jade’s hair. 

“Sure, I would like that… just you and me,” Jade replied with a soft chuckle as she pulled his head down to hers and kissed him. 

Ant struggled for a bit, but Jade did not care. As they parted their kiss, Anthony laughed, “I was still brushing my teeth, babe.”

Jade moved her tongue around the inside of her mouth, taking note of the minty flavor. 

“I don’t mind; it covers my bad breath. Now, move over. I need to get ready and brush my teeth,” Jade announced as she jumped out of bed and happily walked into the restroom.


Ant and Jade leisurely walked along the winding pathways of Harbor Park, enjoying the warm, golden glow of the Bright Orlando Sunlight. The tranquil waters of Lake Baldwin provided a stunning backdrop, adding to the beauty of their surroundings. 

With Anthony’s recent busy schedule, the couple relished this rare opportunity to enjoy each other’s company. However, Ant’s upcoming performance at Roaring Loud will soon interrupt their time alone together.

“This is so lovely,” Jade remarked, tilting her face upwards to soak in the sun’s rays. Ant, captivated by her serene beauty, gazed at her in silent admiration as she spoke. 

Curious about his silence, Jade turned to him and asked, “What’s with that dumb look on your face?” in a smug tone.  

In response, Ant defended himself with a goofy grin, “What? I like what I see, am I not allowed to stare?”  

Rolling her eyes, Jade leaned in for a quick kiss, which left Ant feeling breathless. 

“Hmmm, girl, you’re making it hard for me to breathe,” he said in a rhythm similar in tune to one of his past songs.

“Stawp,” Jade said as she playfully punched his arm. “God, you are such a goober… but that’s also why I stuck around. There’s just something about your remarkable charm that keeps drawing me back,” she added, her wings opening up as she leaned against him.  

“What!? So you’re saying it’s not my looks that kept you around?” he asked, feigning offense.  

Jade couldn’t help but tease, “Let’s just say… you are sweet~” She said as she playfully flicked her tongue against his ear. As Ant and Jade cuddled in the park, their playful banter was interrupted when they noticed a couple jogging past them, a Jinko and her boyfriend, who gave them a playful gesture, implying they should find a more private spot. 

Ant couldn’t help but chuckle at the remark before spotting an inviting ice cream stand nearby. 

“You know, I can’t remember the last time we treated ourselves to some ice cream. Care to catch the vibe with me?” Ant playfully referenced one of his songs. 

With a happy flutter of her wings, Jade eagerly grabbed Ant’s hand, and they made their way towards the ice cream stand together.

As they approached the stand, Ant overheard two men engaged in a conversation about the removal of the Oliver Statue. As they drew nearer, one of the men let out a scoff and whispered “disgusting” under his breath as Jade passed by. 

Ant was about to say something in response, but Jade’s swift wings blocked him before he could react. 

Jade grabbed onto his arm and pulled him close as they got in line. “Leave them be, I don’t mind them, Ant,” she said. 

“Nah, fuck that, I outta—” Ant started to say, but Jade cut him off with a quick peck on the lips and ruffled his hair.

“Ant, come on, we talked about controlling your anger, remember?” Jade said, trying to console him.

“Ant, look at me… Look at me!” Jade said, her voice gaining a little more volume as a few people looked their way. Ant turned toward her as she laid his head on her chest and wrapped her arms around him. 

“I’m perfectly capable of handling them, you know that. Don’t let those Order goons ruin our day,” she asserted confidently. Ant silently scoffed to himself before he looked up at her. A mischievous grin began to form on his face as he leaned against her, “Ooh-ooh-ooh~” He softly sang. 

Jade chimed in, following his tune, “Put your pride right to the side~.” 

Ant, still leaning against her, asked, “I thought you didn’t like when I sang in between conversations?” 

“I’ll make an exception for my favorite song, especially since it fits the current mood,” she replied, getting lost in his captivating blue and green eyes. 

Their moment was interrupted by a loud, clearing of the throat, from the manticore behind the stand, wondering if they were going to place an order or not.

Jade and Ant are caught out of their trance as the manticore behind the stand is wondering if they are going to order or not. 

After finally placing their orders for frozen treats, they strolled down the park’s walkway. Ant savored his double scoop of chocolate and vanilla, while Jade indulged in her indulgent blueberry triple scoop. 

Ant watched as Jade eagerly devoured her ice cream, “Careful, you’ll get a brain freeze, ya know.” 

Ignoring his warning, Jade wrapped her long tongue around the ice cream, almost devouring the entire scoop in one go. 

“Nuh-uh,” she mumbled with her mouth full. 

Not too long later, she tilted her head and exhaled softly, murmuring, “Oh no, brain freeze.” “I told you so,” Ant replied smugly, having finished his own scoop.

Jade rolled her eyes as she finished her ice cream and asked Ant, “So, have you decided on your playlist for Roaring Loud?” 

Ant looked off towards the lake, deep in thought. “Well, I’ve been considering a few tracks – ‘Goin Down,’ ‘Bad Vibes,’ ‘Gospel,’ and ‘Spotlight’ but… eh I’m not sure,” he trailed off.

Noticing something was on his mind, Jade leaned down to his level, her concern evident. 

Anthony noticed the furrow in her brow and decided to press on, “I want to create something entirely new, something that will truly resonate with my fans. Something that is a true reflection of who I am and what I believe in,” Ant declared. 

Jade reached for his hand, “What do you mean?” Her curiosity was clearly piqued. 

Anthony took a moment to gather his thoughts before sharing his perspective, “You know I’m doing my best, right? I’m trying to not get into shit and stay away from trouble, for you. For us.” 

Jade blushed and returned a warm, toothy smile in response to his words. “With all this bullshit from the Order, I’m frustrated. I just want to make a difference without getting into some shit. So, I want my music to reflect that, that’s all,” Ant explained. 

As they walked to their Uber, Jade wrapped her right arm around Ant, adopting a comforting tone as she said, “Oh, sweetie, don’t let that Order stuff get into your head. I’m sure no matter what you create it will resonate with your fans.” 

Ant leaned into Jade and expressed his gratitude, “You really are good for me, you know that right?” Jade nodded, her antenna cutely bobbing up and down on top of her head.


A couple of days had gone by, and Anthony was struggling to find inspiration for his new song. “Mind me while I sit and pretend to make amends,” he wrote, “With all these false laws…” Suddenly, he stopped, feeling stuck and unable to move forward. As he pondered, a tall figure with four arms appeared behind him. Sensing Jade’s presence, Anthony leaned back in his seat to be closer to her.

“Having any luck with the new song, babe?” Jade asked, her lower set of arms embracing him.

Ant sighed, a faint smile on his face as he felt Jade’s comforting touch. “Just trying to decide how I can express my message, that’s all. What’re you up to?”

Jade leaned down and planted a gentle kiss on his forehead. “I’m going to the store. I noticed we’re all out of honey, milk, and Tito’s. Thought I’d go pick some up,” she replied.

Ant sat up in his chair. “Hey, I’ll come with you. Did you hear about the increase in Order Protests?” Ant asked.

Jade crossed her upper set of arms and placed her lower set on her hips, a mischievous glint in her eyes as she gave him a cheeky grin. “What are you, my knight in shining armor?” she giggled, teasing him.

“I’m not afraid to put on the armor,” he said warmly, his gaze locked on his partner as he leaned on his desk with one arm. Jade blushed and rolled her eyes, a playful smile lingering on her lips as she turned towards the door. “Well, come on then, we are losing daylight,” she urged.

As they wandered through the store, Ant and Jade made their way through the aisles, carefully selecting the items they needed. Ant couldn’t help but notice the curious glances and dirty stares from some of the other shoppers, likely loyalists of the Order. 

Despite the attention, Ant remained unfazed, determined to use Jade’s advice and rise above the hate. He wanted to maintain his composure not just for his image, but also for Jade and his fans.

“Wow, Hollister milk is only $2.00 right now? What a fantastic deal,” Jade exclaimed, her eyes lighting up at the bargain.

“Let’s grab two then. I’d rather not have to make another trip to the store anytime soon,” Anthony suggested.

“You’re absolutely right,” Jade agreed as she placed two jugs in the basket.

“And if we play our cards right, we might get lucky and make it home early enough for some fun~,” she added.

Ant took note of her words as he began to quietly sing to himself, “If I play my cards right… then the future of many youth can advance…” He mumbled as his gaze drifted beyond the store.

The two continued their stroll in search of their other items, Jade noticed that Ant was lost in his thoughts, as he silently conversed with himself. 

“What are you mumbling about over there?” she asked, leaning over the cart as she pushed it.

“Oh, just thinking of some lyrics, is all,” Ant said.

“Oh my God… IT’S JAYLO!” an excited voice yelled from behind.

Jade and Ant turned around and saw a guy with a skinny physique and a Salamander girl standing next to him with an excited look on her face.

“Yeah, what’s good,” Ant said as he greeted his fan.

“Woah, oh my god,” the male fan said in shock.

“Can we get a picture?” the Salamander asked, pointing at her phone.

“Hell yeah, you can get a picture,” he said as he grabbed the phone. “Here, 1 2 3, say, ‘It’s LIT!'”

Ant took a few pictures and then fist-bumped them as he went and rejoined Jade. 

“Ya know you are Cute when you are catering to your fans right~” She said as she fluttered her wings. 

“If they want a picture, they getting a picture,” He responded.

“Oh~ Then what about me hmm? What do I get from Jaylo himself?” She said teasing. 

“You, my love, get the full package,” he remarked as he stuck his tongue out while leaning affectionately against her as they strolled along with the shopping cart.

As Ant playfully flirted, his gaze landed on a display of royal jelly, which was on sale for 45% off. “We can’t miss this opportunity. I’m definitely getting 3 jars,” he declared, swiftly adding them to the cart.

“Is all this really necessary?” Jade inquired.

“Just imagine, royal jelly… paired with the grippy socks,” Ant teased in a seductive tone.

Blushing with excitement, Jade’s wings fluttered as she reached for three additional jars from the shelf. As the two finished their shopping and loaded up their car, their night took an unexpected turn when Ant heard a voice from behind him. 

“Hey! Jaylo right?” a voice said. 

Thinking it was another fan, Ant walked up to him, “Aye, what up bro!” he said as he held out his hand to greet the fan. 

Instead of a friendly greeting, Ant was met with a punch to his chin.

“Anthony!?” Jade yelled as Ant leaned against the car, clutching his chin. “Should’ve stayed in jail, you demon-sympathizing piece of shit. Can’t believe they let you out on good behavior,” the man said with malice plaguing his voice.

Anthony regained his balance as he recovered his thoughts, “Is that all ya wanted? If so you can fuck off now,” He said as he spits at the man’s feet.

As Anthony started to walk back to his car to leave, another man joined the scene. Together, they watched as Anthony and his Papillion girlfriend tried to depart. 

“Tch- Filth,” one man muttered as he approached Anthony. 

Before Anthony could react, he found himself met with a sucker punch to the back of his neck, while being swiftly pinned against the trunk of the car. 

“Aye, Bro chill Chill!-” Ant exclaimed.

The other man pursued Jade by grabbing one of her antennae and pulling on it to bring her head down to his level. 

“Hey- Let go of me!” Jade yelled.

“Don’t fucking hurt her bro!” Ant yelled in anger, as he watched the man attempt to harm Jade.

“Vile demon should have stayed in your part of town, like the other insects,” he spat out. 

In response, Jade swiftly used her lower set of arms to push her pursuer back, while her upper set delivered a powerful punch, sending the man reeling. As the scuffle unfolded, Ant observed Jade’s decisive action but also noticed that her left antennae had now become bent due to the attack. 

Fueled by anger, Anthony swiftly retaliated by elbowing his attacker in the gut and following up with a swift punch to the nose. Ant then strode over to the man whom Jade had dealt with and stood over him, grabbing him by the collar. Ant delivered a punch to the man’s right eye before yelling, 

“This used to be a nice neighborhood, kids play here man! What the fuck!” Ant yelled, frustration evident in his watering eyes.  

“Just leave us be!” he exclaimed as he jogged over toward Jade. 

“Hey, are you okay, babe?” he asked with a worried tone, noticing bruises, scratches on her arms, and of course her bent antennae. “I’m fine, but what about you?” she responded, her eyes scanning his face for signs of harm. “I’m okay. We need to leave. Let’s go to Dwayne’s,” he suggested, turning back to the man on the ground with a sense of urgency. 

“I think that’s a good idea,” Jade agreed as they quickly made their way to their vehicle, eager to put some distance between themselves and the unsettling scene.


Dwayne leaned back in his chair, nodding as he listened to Anthony recount the recent events. He reached for the joint and passed it to Anthony, who took a long drag before exhaling, letting the smoke swirl around the room. Settling deeper into the sofa, Anthony’s expression turned rueful.

 “Yeah, can’t believe I let my guard down like that, the old me would have never let that type of shit happen, bro,” he said, full of regret.

Between coughs from the smoke, Dwayne shook his head. 

“Nah, man, you did what you had to do. It was all self-defense. We can’t have you getting into any more trouble. At least you and Jade made it out okay,” Dwayne said, trying to reassure his friend.

Anthony glanced up from the couch, his expression tinged with offense. “I never should have let those slimy fucks near Jade. If I had just kicked their asses, she wouldn’t have been hurt.”

Dwayne attempted to console him, “But then you’d be back in jail, and all the progress we’ve made with you would have been for nothing bro. Let’s not dwell on what could have been. Plus, you both made it out okay, that’s all that matters Ant.”

As Anthony pondered Dwayne’s words, he began to see the truth in them. It could have ended much worse. coincidentally, the door creaked open, revealing Dwayne’s girlfriend Sandra, a Hakutaku, who entered with Jade in tow. 

“I think this should do it. What do you all think?” Sandra asked as she showcased the bandages she had applied to Jade. Jade sported several bandages on her arms and a small one wrapped around her antennae. 

“I feel like this was excessive for just a few scratches and bruises, Sandra,” Jade remarked. 

“You’ll thank me later when those injuries heal without leaving any scars on your beautiful body,” Sandra said with a touch of sass in her voice.

“I think they look nice,” Ant said as he opened his arms, inviting Jade to cuddle with him on the couch. 

Jade blushed as she walked over to him, her wings flapping lightly. She knelt down and accepted his invitation. “Well, I guess they aren’t so bad,” she said with a change of heart as she pecked Anthony on the cheek. 

Dwayne took a quick hit of his joint before speaking, “You know, there is this one bodyguard I’ve been paying when Sandra and I go out. Her name is… Tara, right babe?” 

Sandra nodded as she sat beside him and turned on the TV for background noise.

“Great bodyguard, she’s a Jinko girl, doesn’t really say much but she listens well. Definitely worth the pay. Had her around on the last two tours I did and even paid her to hang around me and Sandra on a few dates in Miami,” Dwayne explained as he leaned against Sandra. 

Jade looked at Ant, as she was considering his proposal. 

“Ya know I did recommend we should get a bodyguard l, especially for your tours, that standard security ain’t enough babe.”

“Yeah your right maybe we should look into it,” Ant said in agreement. 

As The four visited the news suddenly changed to a special report. “Looks like the president is giving a speech,” Sandra announced with little excitement. Ant quickly sat up from the sofa and said, “Turn it up!” 

A Cheshire news anchor appeared on the screen, explaining that the President would address the recent protest in Charlottesville. 

President Wilhelm then appeared on the screen with a blue background and American flags displayed behind him.

“It’s been going on for a long long time, It has no place in America. What is vital now is a swift restoration of Law and Order and the protection of innocent lives.”

Dwayne rolled his eyes “Babe turn this shit off, I don’t want to hear this clown.” Dwayne interrupted.

“Shhh” Anthony said as he tried to listen.

“What you actually like this racist ass hat Ant?” Dwayne asked.

“Nah, but shut up I want to hear what he has to say,” Ant responded as he turned his attention back to the TV. 

“No citizen, Human or Liminal, should ever fear their safety and security in our society, and no child should ever be afraid… to go outside and play or be with their parents and have a good time.” 

Ant rose from the sofa and gestured excitedly, “Hey, record this, will ya? I want to use it for a song I’m working on,” he said to Sasha as he folded his arms and continued to listen intently to the announcement.

Sasha looked at Dwyane, who quietly shrugged, she nodded and hit record as they continued to watch.

“I just got off the phone with the governor of Virginia, and we agreed that hate and the division must stop and must stop right now.” 

As the President’s speech continued to play, Dwayne couldn’t help but notice Anthony’s sudden interest. “So, did you become a Wilhelm supporter while you were locked up or something?” Dwayne asked, lighting up another joint. Anthony turned to his friend with an annoyed look. “No you asshole, I don’t support Wilhelm,” Anthony explained “But that’s exactly why I find this speech so powerful.” 

Dwayne, Sasha, and Jade looked at him in confusion.

“think about it, we just got one of the most hated human beings to speak about the Hate and inequality between humans and liminals. This is the awareness we need, we need the bro, who the Order is currently supporting, to call them out on their bullshit and hypocrisy. This is how society is going to change for the better you’ll see,” Anthony explained earnestly, a glint of determination in his eyes. 

Dwayne chuckled softly as he absorbed his friend’s words. “You’ve always had a unique perspective on certain matters,” he remarked, exhaling a puff of smoke.


Anthony sat in the green room, as he waited for the staff to call him up for his performance. filled with anticipation as he awaited the staff to call him up for his highly-anticipated performance. He took the time to review his catalog, hyping himself up as he prepared to debut his new song live.  

As he focused on his work, two figures made their entrance into the green room. It was Jade and their newly hired personal security, Tara. Jade approached Anthony with a bright smile, casually draping an arm over his shoulder as she leaned in, exuding an air of excitement. 

“The crowd is really buzzing with energy out there. Are ya feeling nervous?” she asked playfully, her words accompanied by a playful gesture.

“Hey babe,” he said softly as he gazed into her eyes and leaned in to kiss her. 

“I’m a little bit nervous. I just hope my point gets across,” Ant responded, his voice tinged with uncertainty.

Jade reached out and playfully ruffled his hair, “You worry too much. They are going to love you; right, Tara?” 

Tara looked up from her phone, offering a silent nod and a warm smile before returning to her scrolling.

“See, even Tara knows you are going to do well,” Jade said, her voice filled with reassurance.

Anthony’s lips curled into a smile, creating a warm expression on his face as he spoke, “I was thinking after my show, we could maybe go to Miami Beach. We haven’t done that in a while.” 

Jade’s wings fluttered rapidly as she wrapped her arms around him, enveloping him in a tender embrace and planting a loving kiss on his forehead, “I would love that.” 

Just as the two were enjoying their moment, a sudden knock echoed on the door, signaling Jaylo to make her way to the stage.

“Looks like you are up babe,” Jade remarked as she kissed Anthony. “Knock ’em dead.” 

On his way to the stage, Anthony encountered Dwayne, who had just finished his performance. “Hey, brother, I warmed them up for you,” Dwayne said as he embraced Anthony. 

“This is the Big One, and I’m doing this for all of us,” Anthony replied. 

“Turn it up, bro!” Dwayne said as he made his way back to his room. Anthony gazed toward the stage entrance, the sound of the crowd cheering his stage name “Jaylo!” filling the air as they eagerly awaited his arrival.

With a final deep breath to gather his courage, he leapt onto the stage. The crowd erupted in cheers and applause as he made his entrance.

Jaylo stood confidently on the stage, beaming and energetically gesturing to rally the crowd. He flashed a peace sign as he awaited a staff member to hand him a microphone. When he finally got hold of a microphone from the staff, he climbed up on a speaker to capture the attention of the diverse audience, which included both humans and Limnals.

“Okay, Okay, Listen! Listen! I know we’ve all heard about the fucked up shit in the world recently!” Jaylo declared.

The crowd roared as they raised their fists in the air.

“Well, we ain’t gotta worry about that here. Instead, I better see every single one of you Turn The Fuck Up!”

The crowd cheered once more, as Jaylo grinned while perched on the speaker. 

“Alright Listen! The only way I’m performing! is if we drop all the Hate, and Turn The Fuck Up! Right Now! Play that Shit,” Jaylo announced as the beat started.

The Crowd cheered as they heard the sound of a piano playing over an unfamiliar beat, Jaylo crouched in the middle of the stage as he let his sample of President Wilhelm introduce the song. 

“But a very important one

And it was scheduled to talk about the great things

That we’re doing with the secretary on the Veterans Administration”

The audience initially found themselves bewildered by the sound of the President’s speech, yet they remained captivated, eager to discover the surprise that Jaylo had in store.

“And we will talk about that very much so in a little while

But I thought I should put out a comment as to what’s going on in Charlottesville

So, again, I want to thank everybody for being here, in particular, I want to thank—”

Jaylo then interrupted his sample and began to speak in an ominous tone as he remained crouched and hunched over on stage. 

“Mind me while I sit and pretend to make amends

With all these false laws and menacin’ men

Will fuckin’ swallow you

I’ll follow you down road

To this broken-hearted love for you

My heart has gone as still as a corpse”

The atmosphere of the crowd shifted from a mixture of confusion and anticipation to a crescendo of cheers and enthusiastic yelling as they hung onto his every word and felt the raw emotion in his lyrics.

“Never mind me while I sit and pretend to make amends

With all these false laws and menacin’ men

Will fuckin’ swallow you

I’ll follow you down road

To this broken-hearted love for you

My heart has gone as still as a corpse”

Jaylo stood up swiftly and made his way to the front of the stage. As he walked, he noticed his fans leaning over the railing, eagerly reaching out and calling his name. Jaylo leaned over, his arm outstretched, making contact with the hands of his enthusiastic fans as he moved along.

“Why the fuck should I apologize?

Country’s orderless, it’s a lie

By these fuckin’ government scumbag dick suckers with ties (great people, they’re great people)

Wanna fight for my future, it’s right in my hands

And the future of many youth if I play my cards can advance

And genuine dime, I opened my mind

Where can I find this future?”

The crowd was spellbound by Jaylo’s powerful words. Some were moved to tears, while others were filled with impassioned energy, raising their fists or paws in the air as they fervently expressed their yearning for change.

“Sever your mind and you will be blind

And trapped in a mind that flies within our walls

I’m feelin’ like my mind within a war between myself

Between this slavery of media, it’s poor presentation (violence on many sides)

The youth within our nation

Such is a pity, dependin’ on people resemblin’ Bible Satan, uh

Set ’em up off and wet ’em up off like it’s PlayStation, uh

Open up your minds and come together as a nation, why?”

Jaylo paused, allowing his sample to conclude the song. A look of pride spread across his face. Gazing out into the crowd, he saw a mix of humans and liminal beings, some dancing and singing the lyrics, while others called out to him. In that moment, he felt as though hate didn’t exist, as the unity among the audience was palpable.

“Why? (this has been going on for a long, long time)

Why? (It has no place in America)

Why? (what is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives)

(No citizen should ever fear for their safety and security in our society)

(And no child should ever be afraid to go outside and play)”

As the song ended Jaylo made his way back to the DJ and leaned in to share a private word. He then turned toward the crowd, bringing the microphone to his lips.

“I want you all to know that made that for all of you today, Alright? I want y’all to know that… That I am here for each and every Fucken One Of Yall!” he exclaimed passionately. The crowd erupted into cheers, bringing a wide grin to Jaylo’s face. 

“Alright, Alright that’s what I love to hear! Screw play that shit!”

Jaylo said as the beat to his hit song “Look At” began to play.


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