Happy Merchant Quest

Yet another CYOA I did on 8chan’s /monster/. I fully intended for this to be a sappy love story, but everyone wanted happy merchant adventures.

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>The noise around you is deafening.
>Sure, you’ve been in large towns before, but this one is one of the biggest.
>Heck, even the market itself could be bigger than some of the smaller hamlets out in the countryside.
>People are constantly either walking around, shouting, trying to sell something, buying something, or any combination of those four.
>Hardly anyone is taking a break, and you feel like even at night when people normally sleep, this place will still be just as busy.
>But no matter, you’re here to sell and to buy.
>Selling what you picked up from the last town, and buying what you’ll be needing for the journey to the next along with things you DON’T actually need to get there, but need to sell.
>Just like the last trip you made.
>And the one before that.
>And the one before that.
>This is your life really.
>Get to a town, sell anything you aren’t going to need or never will use in the first place, then buy supplies for the journey to the next one.
>Your parents taught you everything you know.
>You haven’t seen them in several years, owning it to a life constantly on the road and never staying in one place for too long.
>You’re sure they’re fine though.
>They live on a respectable farmstead, and have plenty enough to survive on their own.
>Shaking the thoughts out of your head, you continue on with purchasing what you need.
>Some food; mostly dried meats, bread, a few cheeses, some fruit, and a few new waterskins.
>Some new shoes so you can finally stop feeling the cobblestones through the parchment-thin soles. Probably a good idea to get some leather for some spot repairs just in case too.
>A little bit of firewood so you at least don’t have to look for some for the first day or two.
>A new whetstone and other general repair/tool items.
>A map of the surrounding countryside would be nice too, so you get one of those.
>The map isn’t really great though. Just a bunch of scribbled lines on a piece of parchment.
>Renting a room at an inn for the night, you decide over a mug of ale on which way to go when you leave the town.
>North, towards the tall mountains.
>East, towards the vast plains.
>West, towards the great forest.
>The mountains are dangerous especially this time of year with all the snow, but you can sell nearly anything to the few brave souls that live there.
>The forest is alright. You could sell plenty of leather to the Mamono that live in there and buy some of the more exotic herbs and fruits that only grow in the forest from them.
>The plains are sometimes hit and miss, but you can usually turn a profit by selling fruits or other things that don’t grow in the ground or come from an animal. Plus it would also be easy going for a bit since you could grab a spot on a boat and ride the river that flows from east to west, and there are sometimes things you can buy that aren’t found in other areas.

>While it is somewhat risky, the call of the shekel leads you to choose going to the mountains.
>You’re going to have to purchase a few extra supplies like some more food just in case, along with some heavy furs for when it gets cold.
>Downing the last of your drink and finishing the last bits of bread with it, you toss a bit of copper to the bartender as payment and head back out to buy what you need.
>Although it was rather expensive, the merchant said that the weresheep fur cloak can ward off all but the bitterest of the cold.
>It was really soft too.
>You also got a few more dried meats and some stuffed bread things to keep you filled as you hike higher and higher into the mountains.
>Heading back to the inn, you see some crazy guy wearing a bucket on his head trying to inciting a crowd.
>The crowd starts becoming increasingly rowdy as the bucketman shouts about how everyone’s waifu a shit or something.
>One person chucks a small rock at the guy, making a loud dinging noise as it bounces off the metal headpiece.
>Luckily for the street preacher, some guards come along and disperse the potential riot before he gets stoned.
>Shaking your head, you continue back to your room and get some sleep for the journey ahead.
>The next morning you wake up right around dawn, both because of the rooster right outside the window but also because the noise from the market started to pick up again.
>With a light breakfast of some cheese and slightly stale bread with water to wash it down, you get ready to head out.

>You’re nearly to the northern gate after buying even more leather when you hear that crazed street priest again, going on about how monstergirls are evil and how Ban Foahrtress needs to “spooky the danuki” or something.
>You nearly walk past the gate guard when you think of something silly.
>Steal the man’s bucket.
>The man takes off his “helmet” and sets it on the ground to wipe his brow with a piece of cloth and take a swig from his waterskin and before he can do anything about it you simply walk past and pick it up.
>He notices the bucket is gone, and immediately starts screeching about how the goddamn monstergirls stole his bucket.
>Fed up with his bullshit, the guards haul him off to be “reeducated”.
>You shudder slightly at the thought but hey, you have a free bucket and on your way to the mountains.
>It’s actually a pretty good quality bucket too.
>You can easily use it for stuff on your journey.
>You might be able to sell it for a pretty penny in the next town too.
>With DOSH on your mind, you hitch a ride on a traveling caravan that’s heading to the small hamlet about a day and a half’s travel from where you are.

>You relax for the most part on the journey to the town, thinking what you can do with the bucket.
>It’d just be easier to sell the thing so you won’t have to deal with it.
>It’s probably not worth more than a few silver bits, but you decide on selling it for way more than that anyways.
>As the caravan starts heading up into the foothills, the weather starts becoming a little cooler; not quite cold enough for that weresheep cloak, but you’re still going to need it when you eventually do reach the mountains. It’s going to makes a damn fine blanket when you need it though.
>Making good headway, and thanks to leaving at dawn, you make it to the small town right around sunset.
>Thankfully the caravan driver doesn’t make you pay anything, and with a friendly wave you part ways; him heading to the other side of town to set up for tomorrow while you head off to the small square and try and sell your acquired bucket.
>Surprisingly enough, “your” bucket actually belonged to one of the townspeople who lost it when they were in the city you left several hours ago.
>Family heirloom or something.
>You gave it back to him for the small fee of 5 shekels, which he happily gave you.
>10 copper pieces to 1 silver bit, and 10 silver bits to 1 gold shekel.
>Some people are really easy to scam.
>Anyways, you rent the nicest room at the tavern for the night and feeling a bit adventurous, you go for the good ale and meat this time.
>The next morning you buy a nice breakfast consisting of fresh eggs, some ham, and fresh fruit.
>You even went with some imported holstaur milk to drink.
>Now that’s a luxury you rarely get to experience, considering how expensive holstaur milk can be.
>But you recently came across 5 shekels, so you treated yourself to the sweet beverage.
>Back on the road, alone this time, you start climbing higher into the foothills before the path starts branching off in three different directions.
>Right, back down to lower ground, and perhaps towards the plains as well.
>The other two paths both lead to the mountains, but one looks to be a lot steeper than the other and no doubt leads higher into the colder parts.
>You can also head back to the small town and go back the way you came to the large city and pick a different direction to go.

>Despite the danger it poses, you decide on taking the path to the left that leads higher into the mountains.
>At first the trees and shrubbery are thick, but they soon start thinning out and you’re able to see for miles in all directions.
>Although it’s hard to tell, you think you can see the city you were in two days ago behind you.
>Nothing short of something its size is going to be seen from where you are though, so all you can spot from where you are is rolling hills and endless sky.
>As you ascend higher and higher, the air slowly gets colder and colder and a thick fog starts rolling in.
>Soon, you’re barely able to see ten feet in front of you, so you work on focusing on the ground in front of you so you don’t fall off a cliff or something.
>Now that all you see is dry dirt and rocks, you get increasingly bored until you try and start counting the stones you subconsciously kick away with your feet.
>What seems like hours later something catches your eye, mostly because you can actually see it.
>It’s a bird’s nest, but it’s much too large for any normal avian creature; which makes this a harpy’s nest.
>Stepping closer, you peer over the edge of the sticks and various other bits of plant matter and spot a bunch of shiny things.
>Hardly any of it is worth taking since it’s mostly broken glass and sparkly pebbles.
>Only a few old coins and maybe a few bits of metal have any value, so you pocket those.
>A few minutes later, you swear you hear a muffled cry as the monstergirl returns to her nest and finds some of her “treasure” is missing.
>After hiking for a few hours more, you decide to make camp in a small bend in the trail before it gets too dark.
>After making a sort of stew with bits of dried meat and vegetables over the campfire you made, you throw some dirt over the glowing embers and crawl into your tent and wrap yourself up in your new weresheep blanket/cloak thing.
>Damn it’s soft. And warm.
>The next morning the fog had lifted a bit, but about an inch of snow fell overnight, making everything look almost white.
>Not even bothering to take off the cloak, you eat some more bread and cheese and drink some water before packing up and continuing on.
>By midmorning the fog had completely burned off, but the sky is still overcast. You don’t see any more harpy nests around though.
>The one you passed yesterday must be the only one up this high.
>A few hours later it starts snowing lightly, but picks up as you continue to trudge through the increasingly deep powder.
>Pausing just after midday for a break and some more food, you ponder what to do.

>You’re about to start continue walking along when you see something out of the corner of your eye.
>You hadn’t noticed it at first, but there appears to be some sort of opening in the side of the mountain.
>Looking closer, you find out that it’s the entrance to a cave, although how deep it goes you cannot tell.
>Luckily **FOR YOU**, you had acquired some insta-torches during your stay in town a few days ago.
>They’re pretty big, and it would be extremely painful to be burned by one.
>Lighting one with a pull of the tab on one end, you venture forth into the cave.
>It actually seems a bit bigger once inside, and you wander along the curving path, skirting around the stalagmites while ducking under the stalactites.
>A bit further in, you start to hear a low rumbling noise coming in waves.
>The cave is incredibly winding, but as you progress the rumbling gets louder.
>Cautiously stepping around a corner, you enter a large cavern, and on the other side of the room is a dragon.
>Wait, is it sleeping?
>You breathe out a sigh of relief, but immediate start when the dragon snorts. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be disturbed.
>You’re about to leave when you notice the pile of treasure slightly hidden behind the tail.
>Your eyes go wide at the thought of selling even just one of the goblets or baubles strewn about and living like a king for the rest of your life.
>Tip-toeing across the stone floor (which is surprisingly smoothed out, probably from the dragon carving everything), you carefully go around its scaly tail and pick something out.
>Settling on a goblet encrusted with precious gems, you turn around to GTFO but fail to notice that the rumbling noise had stopped and the dragon’s tail is now wrapping around your leg.
>“Ara ara~. Where do you think you’re going?”
>What feels like heavy breasts press up against your back as the serpentine tail starts coiling around your other leg, utterly immobilizing you.
>Now that you think about it, they probably ARE breasts. Big ones too, by the feel of it.
>“You thought you could sneak up on an old dragon like me and get away with stealing my treasure to sell it later?”
>“You humans are always so silly, trying to sneak into a dragon’s lair and be off with her gold.”
>The sensation of the dragon’s breasts pressing into your back cease, but it’s replaced by two strong, scaly hands grasping your shoulders and spinning you around.
>What was once a massive serpent out of a child’s storybook has now taken on the visage of a beautiful woman.
>Well, not technically a woman entirely.
>She still has scaled hands and feet, not to mention leathery dragon wings that sprout from her shoulder blades.
>She’s almost entirely bare, save for the scales that cover her legs up to her knee, the scales that cover her arms up to her elbow, the loose skirt…thing that covers her waist, and the comically undersized leather jerkin that’s half open, exposing her cleavage while leaving her midriff bare as well.
>Your eyes linger for far too long on her bust, so it takes you a bit to get to her head and face.
>Just like the rest of her body, the dragon girl’s face is covered in a light smattering of scales, although the most prominent feature would either be her toothy grin or the fact that she looks a little, “old”.
>Atop her head sits a pair of wicked looking dark brown horns, and instead of human ears she has these weird fin things.
>“Like what you see?”

>“N-no, I-I was just th-thirsty and I wanted s-some water.”
>“Oh really? Then what’s this?”
>She goes for your waterskin hooked to your waist and easily lifts it away from the loop, sloshing the liquid around.
>“W-well, uh-m, m-maybe someone sh-should call an appraiser because I th-think I’ve struck gold and found the most valuable t-treasure in the cave.”
>She looks at you quizzically for a bit, tossing aside the leather pouch she was holding before laughing.
>And blushing?
>“You humans always seem to try and save yourselves when caught in a lie.”
>She leans in closer to whisper in your ear, her considerable bust compressing up against you.
>“And it’s not nice to steal a dragon’s treasure either.”
>You shiver, both in fear but also in slight anticipation on what’s definitely going to happen next.
>That, and she has one hell of a sexy voice. Feminine like it should be, but also possessing a slight gravely touch to it.
>“Dragons have to punish people who try and take what isn’t theirs too, you know.” she whispers again.
>You can feel the dragon girl’s strong hands start to take off your pack.
>While you’re thankful the weight isn’t resting against your shoulders anymore, the current situation kind of changes things.
>Surprisingly she doesn’t toss the pack aside like with the waterskin, but instead gently places it on the cave floor a few feet away next to her pile of gold.
>Next comes the weresheep cloak. She pulls it off of your arms and lays it down on the ground behind you, fur side up.
>It’s actually not all that cold inside, but to be fair you still are wrapped up in the monstergirl’s tail.
>Next comes your shirt and trousers, leaving you in nothing but your undergarments.
>Letting go of you with her hands but still keeping you trapped in her coils, the dragon you tried stealing from reaches behind her and starts to undo the knots holding the only thing covering her chest.
>But before you get a glimpse, her wings fold across to cover her now bare chest as she works out of the other piece of clothing she was wearing.
>Using her tail to cover her other nakedness, she grabs you by the shoulder and roughly pushes you onto the weresheep cloak.
>While still uncushioned, it’s at least soft and provides a barrier between the cold stone floor of the cave and the bare skin of your back.
>Pinned under her weight and by her hand holding your shoulders to the ground, you gulp audibly as she moves her other appendage lower and lower to the tent in your loins.

>This is starting to get really bad.
>Bad enough that you’re forced to pull out your worst (best) lines.
>“Y-you know, I-I’m going t-to be a dragon soon t-too. D-dragon my nuts a-across your face.”
>The dragon currently straddling you and about to strip you of the last of your clothing pauses, cocking her head slightly.
>It’s working.
>“You seem to like antiques. You know, I have some junk that hasn’t been touched in years.”
>She smiles a bit, and a slight blush creeps across her cheeks.
>Time for the knockout punch.
>“I’m a famous spelunker. Have any caves you want explored?”
>Despite her green scales, the monstergirl turns crimson and relaxes her grip on you enough to let you squirm out from under her.
>While you’re still erecting a tent in your underwear, you’re at least not about to be proactively dated.
>Two layers of clothing isn’t going to stop a monstergirl from trying, but you at least put your pants back on to make you feel better.
>“A-as much as I’d like to be the first person to find a jewel such as yourself, I-I’m not too keen on it being like this.”
>Thinking ahead, you crouch down to hand the dragon her clothing.
>Of course, doing so puts you in a position to be pounced by her again.
>This time, instead of her breasts pressing into your torso, she smothers you in her cleavage. Probably intentionally.
>“You know what little human, I like you. Maybe I won’t “punish” you after all.”
>“You’re still going to have to pay for trying to steal from me though.”
>“Tell you what. I let you leave, without any of my treasure of course, BUT…”
>Of course there’s a but.
>“…I come with you.” she whispers into your ear again.
>“Also, it’s rude to stare at a woman while she dresses.”
>Turning around to give the dragon lady some privacy, you look over her pile of gold coins, gold cups, and other various jewels and things. It gets you thinking.
>“H-hey, if you come with me, how are you going to stop people from coming in here while you’re gone and taking everything?”
>“Well obviously we dragons have thought of this.” she says over your shoulder.
>Although they’re now bound by her shirt again, the dragon’s tits press into your shoulders again.
>“Watch this.”
>And with a quiet poof every single coin, gemstone, and fancy goblet disappears, and she holds up a small leather pouch.
>“And before you say anything about losing this, it’s impossible.”
>You need to get yourself one of those bags.
>Anyways, you redress and put your weresheep cloak back on before hefting your pack back onto your shoulders.

>It’s not like you have much of a choice, and regardless of your decision she’d probably follow you anyways.
>Not even bothering to look to see if your new companion is following, you turn around and retrieve the torch you dropped earlier before heading back to the mouth of the cave.
>Sure enough, you hear her clawed feet clicking against the stone floor of the cave as you round the first corner.
>Back outside it’s still freezing, and the snow has picked up again.
>You’re thankful for your cloak, and looking back at the monstergirl following you she doesn’t look bothered by the cold at all despite her simple coverings.
>You would think of offering your cloak to her, but then you’d be cold.
>It’s also really fluffy and comfortable.
>Neither of you say much to each other as you continue walking.
>It starts to get dark, so you suggest stopping for the night.
>Setting your tent back up, your “friend” flies off in search of some food for herself while you get a fire going.
>Just as the campfire is respectable, your dragon companion swoops back in and nearly puts it out with gusts from her wings.
>Looks like she found a few rabbits, although one was already half-eaten.
>Eh, it’s free food. And a source of income once you get to civilization again.
>Glad to have some fresh food for once, you start cooking it over the fire.
>Eating the meat, you decide to strike up a conversation with the monstergirl across the fire from you.
>Man her eyes are pretty like this when the fire reflects off of them.
>“So, uh, come here often?”
>What the hell was that? She fucking lives here. You think.
>She looks up at you for a second before focusing back on her portion of rabbit.
>“I don’t think I know your name.”
>Pausing once more, the dragon finishes chewing a hunk of meat before swallowing.
>“It’s Sieglind, although no one can ever pronounce it right, so I just go by Stella.”
>“Oh? What’s it mean? Your name, that is.”
>“Well it’s actually a combination of two different words in my native tongue. ‘Sieg’ means victory, while ‘lind’ means gentle. Don’t ask, I have no idea why mother picked those two.”
>You continue eating in silence for a bit, before another thought crosses your mind.
>“Dragons like shiny treasure, right? The thing is, there’s a lot of shiny things like coins or gems, so it got me thinking: if a dragon likes treasure, does she have a favorite kind?”
>“Heh, for once you show some intelligence. Yes, dragons do like shiny things, which makes me think you have some dragon or danuki blood in you since you’re so keen on taking anything of value and selling it for far more than it’s worth.”
>“But to answer your question, the treasure I value the most isn’t something you can buy with gold or anything like that. It’s far too valuable.”
>“But could you still steal it?”
>“Perhaps, but the owner is always very reluctant to let it go.”
>“If it has value, but it can’t be bought, then it can be stolen.”
>With that conversation over, the two of your finish your meal before you crawl into your tent.
>You’re about to fall asleep when Stella opens up the flap and joins you.
>“You weren’t thinking of leaving me out in the cold, were you?”
>“N-no, of course not.”
>With that, she squeals a little bit and immediately snuggles up against you, unintentionally smushing your face into her breasts again while her arms wrap around your torso and her tail coils lightly around your legs.
>Now that you think about it, she’s probably shoving her tits into your face deliberately. Not that you’re complaining.
>The next morning you wake up to yet another face full of dragon boob as Stella seemingly stayed in the same position the entire night.
>After a light breakfast **FOR YOU, but not for her because she’s a dragon**, you set out again.
>At around midday after a short break for some more food, you come over a ridge and are met with an amazing view.
>A lush green valley stretches out below you for what seems like miles, and what looks like a river snakes its way through.
>Something does catch your eye though.
>A bit closer to where you are, although still on the valley floor, is what appears like a farm of sorts.
>There’s some sort of barn on one end with a smaller building attached to it, and on the other end there’s another structure. Probably a house.
>Between the two is a field of crops, most likely.

>From where you currently stand, the farm doesn’t look too run down, so there might be someone there.
>Someone you could sell stuff to.
>“Hey Stella.”
>“Do you have anything in your bag that you don’t want? Like a bucket perhaps?”
>“What are you talking about?”
>“I was thinking maybe we could trade it for some stuff down at that farm over there.”
>She exhales heavily, and smacks her face with one of her claws.
>“You’re lucky I actually kind of hate this thing.”
>You have another bucket.
>Except this one is gold. Pure gold you don’t know, but it looks gold so that’s good enough for you.
>You look for a way down yourself since Stella can just fly there, and about halfway down the side of the cliff when you see something out of the corner of your eye.
>You try spinning around to see what it is, but it’s way too fast.
>Spun around 360 degrees, you’re about to walk away when you’re tackled from behind by something with big furry paws, wolf ears, bat-like wings, and what feels like a tail.
>You try screaming out, but one of your assailant’s paws reaches up to cover your mouth.
>“Ufufufufu, what’s a cute little man like you doing way out here on your own? No matter, I’ll make sure you aren’t lonely anymore.”
>And with that, your attacker holds you tight while her tail slithers up to where you can see it.
>It’s large and bulbous on the end, and it also has a bunch of spines on it.
>The rest of the tail has slight bumps along the entire length, and it’s about to dive into your pants when Stella lands hard behind you and pulls the monstergirl off of you.
>“Tailpussy a shit.” she says, and punches the manticore off the side of the cliff.
>Man, she’s really starting to become useful.
>With that over, you make your way down to the valley floor and start walking across the fields to the farmstead.
>Now that you’re closer, you can tell that the farm is rather nice looking.
>The crop field has pretty much every vegetable, and the barn doesn’t look too run down despite the wood looking old.
>Walking around it, you make your way to the wood porch of the ranch house and knock on the door.
>You can hear heavy footfalls as whoever lives here walks across the house to answer the door.
>“Hello good sir! I am but a humble traveling merchant, with my companion Stella here, and I was wondering if perhaps I may purchase some of your wares.”
>The man standing just inside the door looks at you, then to Stella, and then back to you.
>“But of course!” he says with a weirdly muffled voice. “Come! Let me show you what I have!”
>Stepping out of his house, the man walks down the steps past you and makes his way over to the barn.
>Opening up the doors to the smaller shack attached to the barn, you’re shown stacks upon stacks of different produce.
>Potatoes, corn, carrots, lettuce, onions, pretty much every sort of vegetable you’d grow on a farm.
>You buy a little bit of everything, and being a merchant, haggle the price of everything down to just a mere bucket.
>**G O L D   B U C K E T   R E M O V E D**
>You didn’t notice them at first, but there’s a few cheese wheels sitting on top of a barrel.
>“If I may ask sir, I didn’t see any livestock or anything when approaching. How do you make this cheese?”
>“Ah, you see fine merchant, I actually a dairy farm of sorts but I also deal in livestock sales. And it just so happens that I had sold nearly all of my cows nigh a week ago.”
>“Nearly all?”
>“Ah, yes. There is ONE more left, although she’s not your usual dairy cow.”
>“Follow me.”
>Walking back out of the storage shed, you follow the man around to the other side where the barn doors are.
>He opens them and motions for you to come inside.
>It’s nothing special, just a regular barn.
>A regular barn with regular livestock pens and regular stale hay smell.
>Except the door at the other end wasn’t regular.
>“Ya see, not all what I have, or had, here would be what you call, uh, normal.”
>“Sometimes I deal with holstaurs.”
>“Oh. I don’t think I know of anyone who deals in selling monstergirls.”
>“Well I don’t strictly SELL them, more of I keep a portion of any money made from selling their milk in exchange for staying here. There isn’t any written contract or anything, I let them leave when they want.”

>When he opens the door, you meet one of the most gifted women you’ve ever seen sitting down on a simple wooden chair reading a book near a comfortable looking bed.
>Sure, she’s a holstaur, but goddamn even HER breasts are hueg.
>They’re easily as big as those green melons with the red insides you bought once a few years ago.
>Watermelons, the trader called them.
>Her denim overalls barely contain her massive chest, and her outfit isn’t fairing much better against her hips or ass either.
>One would normally have regular legs and feet but she’s a holstaur, so her legs are bent weird, covered in black and white spotted fur, and there’s a hoof on the end.
>She also has a long tail with a poof of black fur on the end.
>Her horns are moderately sized, perhaps 6 inches long and curve inwards slightly.
>Just below those are her bovine ears that stick out from under her shoulder-length black and white hair.
>The last notable feature about her is the cowbell hanging from her neck.
>“Hello there Annabelle.”
>“Oh hi! Who’s that?” the holstaur asks, clearly talking about you and Stella.

>“Oh, uh, this here’s Sieglind, or Stella, and my name’s Oyvey McShekelsniff.”
>“Hi Oyvey McShekelsniff! What brings your to these here parts?”
>“Well McShekelsniff is a traveling merchant, and had inquired about how I made cheese when he saw no livestock around.” the human next to you adds.
>“Oh, how exciting! I’ve always wanted to travel to new lands!”
>“Well Annabelle, I’ve always said that you don’t have to always stay here. You can leave whenever you want.” the farmer man says.
>“Yeah, but no one ever asks me to come with them.”
>You rub your hands together avariciously.
>“Perhaps maybe you’d like to come with me and Stella?”
>At your declaration, the cowgirl’s ears perk up and a wide smile crosses her face.
>“You mean you want me to come with you?”
>“Sure, why not?”
>Before you can react, you’re smothered in even deeper cleavage than Stella’s as the holstaur continually cries out her thanks.
>With that settled, Annabelle starts gathering her meager belongings before farmer dude speaks up.
>“Say, fair merchant. Perhaps maybe you could stay the night?”
>You of course agree, because free food and a free bed.

>For the first time in about four days you get to eat something that isn’t stale bread, dried meat, or a vegetable that probably went bad a day before.
>The four of you sit around a large square table; Annabelle to your left, the farmer to your right, and Stella across from you.
>The conversation is pleasant although you keep on seeing Annabelle shift uncomfortably in her seat, making her breasts wobble enticingly.
>“So, Shekelsniff,” Stella says in between bites of venison. “Any plans on settling down somewhere?”
>“I’m a traveling merchant, I don’t think I could. Besides, how would I make money?”
>“Surely you don’t think at some point you’d find yourself a nice woman to start a family with?”
>“Perhaps, but then I’d have to open up a shop and have the money come to me rather than going to it.”
>“So you’re content with walking day after day in hopes you run into something to buy or sell, rather than spending your time in the arms of a lover?”
>You start to feel Stella’s tail snake around one of your ankles before you brush it off with your free foot.
>“If coin suddenly grows a pair of arms, then I’d be happy to do that. But until then, I’m married to the trade of, uh, trade.”
>“I-I see.” she says, shoulders slumping slightly as she focuses back on her dinner.
>A few hours later it’s dark outside and you’re snuggled nicely under the blankets when you’re awoken by soft hoof falls outside your door, and with a soft click Annabelle wanders into your room.
>“H-hey Shekelsniff.” she says nervously.
>Man, there goes your dream about swimming in a sea of gold coins.
>“What do you want Annabelle?”
>“I-I can’t sleep.”
>“So? What do you want me to do about it?”
>“Well I can’t sleep since I haven’t been milked in a few days, and my breasts feel really full. I was thinking m-maybe you could, uhm, help me. I didn’t want to wake Stella because she kind of scares me a little, and after dinner I didn’t want to bother the farmer with something so trivial.”
>“Alright, alright, don’t get your horns in a tangle.”
>A few minutes later you’re back in Annabelle’s room in the barn.
>You start looking around, wondering how the hell you’re going to do this.
>You’ve never milked a cow before, let alone a holstaur.
>There also aren’t any B U C K E T S to be removed either.
>Annabelle walks over to her bed and sits down before starting to undo the buckles on her overalls.
>Now you’re a good little goy and never really bothered with women, but you still know what a naked tit looks like.
>But Anna’s easily are in the Top 1 of best tits you’ve seen.
>Like when you first saw them, they’re easily as big as those watermelons you purchased years ago, but now that you’re up close with them they look even bigger.
>The skin is a creamy white, just like the rest of her, and if you were to hold one in your hand her areola would almost show from around your palm.
>For some reason you start salivating like a danuki with a profitable business plan.
>Looking back up from her bare chest, you see that Annabelle is blushing heavily.
>“C-can you bring the chair over? I-it might make things easier.”
>Blushing even more, the cowgirl fidgets a bit more on her bed before speaking again.
>“Do y-you think you could use your hands? That’s how I usually do it.”
>Are you going to deny the chance at **touching the cow, and doing it now?**
>Of course not.

>Several minutes later there’s a sizable puddle of milk on the ground as you continue milking Annabelle’s left breast.
>When you started you voiced your concern at wasting all the milk, but she said that since she’s not going to be around on the farm anymore, there really isn’t a need to store it.
>It still bothers you though. You could sell it somewhere.
>The flow from Anna’s breast slows to a trickle, and you look up from her rising chest to see that a healthy red coloration has spread across her face.
>She smiles softly before pulling you in for a rather wet hug and falls back onto her bed, pulling you with her.
>Your face accidentally falls on top of her drained boob, and a small amount of milk spills across your tongue.
>It’s incredibly sweet, sweeter than the holstaur milk you had in the small village a few days ago.
>Probably because it’s fresh.
>Annabelle gasps, and you feel her grasp the back of your head and she pulls you across to her other tit, and pushes you into the fat mound.
>Immediately milk sprays from her nipple, filling up your mouth and you’re forced to swallow it or drown.
>You can hear footfalls outside the holstaur’s room when suddenly, a wild Sieglind appears!
>“What the hell is this?” she yells.
>You scramble off of Annabelle while she struggles to cover her naked bosom with the bedsheet.
>Damn, Stella looks angry. Like really angry.
>Angry enough to proactively date you.
>“Why wasn’t I invited?”
>”Oh don’t be like that, Shekelsniff.” Stella says, already walking over to the bed and stripping out of her outfit.
>She pushes you back onto Annabelle, squishing the cowgirl’s tits against your head as she straddles you (again).
>Except this time she kisses you.
>“Go on Shekelsniff. I’m sure you weren’t done with our little Anna here.”
>Nodding slightly you turn back around to face the cowgirl, and she looks at you nervously.
>You at first just give her full tit a few light kisses, but soon you’re suckling from it like a babe.
>Stella meanwhile crawls up beside the holstaur you’re currently nursing from, and starts whispering lewd things into her ear.
>Annabelle starts moaning softly as Stella continues her obscene murmuring, and you feel a scaly hand move lower to your waistline before it passes down to the space between the other monstergirl’s legs.
>With your suckling and Stella’s hand playing across and around her pussy, it doesn’t take long for Annabelle to start moaning loudly, and soon it becomes too much for her and she screams in ecstasy before Stella silences her with her free hand.
>Annabelle nearly passes out from the pleasure, panting heavily as she lays on her back.
>Smiling to herself, Stella pulls away from the cowgirl before looking at you.

>“Now Shekelsniff, I think we’re forgetting something.”
>Stella forcefully pulls you off of Annabelle before pushing you onto your back before she straddles you (again again) and yanks your pants and underwear off of you, exposing your stiff prick to the open air.
>She grabs it in one of her large paws before lifting her pelvis up and aligning your cock with her hungry slit.
>She drops down heavily, jarring your pelvis as she moans in bliss.
>”Oooooh yessssss, that’s perfect. I haven’t had a cock that felt this good in YEARS.”
>Looking down at you with a mischievous grin, Stella presses her clawed hands into your shoulders to hold you in place while she starts bouncing on your cock.
>You try holding it in, but you can’t help but gasp in pleasure as the MILF-y dragongirl rides you hard.
>Grinning again when she sees you struggle and fail to contain your thoughts, she lets go of your arms to tweak one of her dark nipples while the other hand runs across her love button.
>With a mind of their own, your hands move up to hold Stella by her motherly hips and you start thrusting into her in time with her movements.
>Soon the monstergirl atop your cock starts moaning out as well, gasping each time your groin meets hers with a lewd clapping noise.
>Stella’s voice starts rising in pitch a few minutes of rough fucking later before her voice catches in her throat and her pussy clamps down on your member, making you cum with her.
>She collapses on top of you as your prick shoots a few rather thick loads of jizz into her cunt.
>“It’s not nice to do that to a lady, you know.”
>“Now you owe me twice.”
>Sleep starts taking over for the both of you, and you subconsciously wrap your arms around Stella as Annabelle crawls over to snuggle with you as well.
>The next morning, you wake up in the arms of both a dragon MILF, and a VERY busty holstaur.
>You redress and head back into the ranch house to gather your things before thanking the farmer for his hospitality, and you head off down the valley with Stella and Annabelle.
>But not before taking some of those cheesewheels with you.

>You continue walking down the valley, when a thought crosses your mind.
>These two plebs with you have no idea how money works.
>How the hell are you supposed to become a happy merchant if your companions don’t know how to make money?
>So you break the peaceful silence and start educating both Stella and Annabelle on the finer points of economics.
>Rule 1: Everything has a price.
>Rule 2: If it can’t be bought, it can be stolen.
>Rule 3: Buy low, sell high.
>Rule 4: Around danuki, be spooky.
>Rule 5: Hitler did nothing wrong, except not knowing shit about economics.
>Annabelle hangs onto your every word while Stella kinda just stares off into space, disinterested.
>A few hours later you arrive at another small town and immediately head to the market to sell those cheese wheels you, uh, acquired earlier.
>According to Annabelle, they were sitting in the storage shed for several weeks, so they’re probably not very good.
>Doesn’t matter to you. You just say that they’re specially aged cheese wheels made from holstaur milk.
>You sell them for 5 shekels each, and run out in about 10 minutes.
>You sell a little bit of some other stuff, but keep the rest for when you want to eat on the road.
>A few hours later after you finish scamming people, you and your two monstergirl companions head over to the inn to take the rest of the day off.
>The innkeeper said that a room for three was going to cost a shekel per person but thanks to your haggling, a deathstare from Stella, and a little bit of cleavage from Annabelle, you got the room for only 5 silver bits.
>Electing to take a break from all the walking, both girls head up to your room to turn in early, leaving you alone in the bar to nurse a mug of ale.
>A few minutes later the door to the tavern opens, but you don’t see anyone enter.
>That is until a female with a long, fluffy raccoon tail, pointed ears, and a leaf on her head sits on a stool.
>Time to out-jew the hardest thing to out-jew: a danuki.
>You saunter over to her, making sure your coinpurse jingles with your recently earned money.
>“Seems like someone forgot the fourth rule of economics. You really think it’s a good idea to show off how much money you have, especially around someone like myself?” she says.
>“Well I don’t know about you, but at least I recognize a merchant when I see one.” you retort.
>“You’re a merchant now, are you? Well then, perhaps maybe you’d like to play a little game?”
>She pulls out three small wooden bowls and a smooth pebble.
>“Really? I already know how this is going to end. You’re going to cheat, how I don’t know, and no matter which one I pick, I lose.”
>“Heh, you’re smarter than you look. Maybe a little something different then.”
>“If you’re going to offer dice poker, you’re just going to use loaded dice.”
>“Why I’d never!” the danuki gasps.
>“Please. I do it all the time, and what’s stopping a fellow merchant from doing the same? Rule 2, you know.”
>“You’re actually pretty smart, for a human merchant. Perhaps maybe you could enlighten me with your ‘wisdom’.”
>So for the next few hours you talk about DOSH with the Jewish monstergirl, and for some strange reason you get hard.
>Not from being near a monstergirl, but from talking about shekels and how to acquire them.
>Growing rather tired, you retire to your room and flop down on the small bed in the corner, because Stella claimed the biggest one and since you weren’t there with them Annabelle got the comfier of the two that were left.
>After a hearty breakfast (with some free milk thanks to Annabelle), you set off once again.
>You really should start thinking about how to repay back your perceived debt to Stella though.

>You’re about to leave when you overhear the innkeep talking to two aspiring adventurers about a rumor of buried treasure near, or in, the lake just outside town.
>He had you, and Stella, at treasure.
>The dragon nearly tears your arm out of your socket as she pulls you through town out into the countryside.
>Annabelle has to run to keep up, and her tits nearly fall out of her outfit as they jump around.
>Thanks to Stella’s eagerness to amass even more shiny things, you arrive at the lake in no time flat.
>A few minutes later Annabelle shows up clearly out of breath, and you spend far longer than is necessary staring at her heaving chest.
>Regardless, the two of you start helping Stella search for something that could hold treasure.
>A few minutes later you spot something under a few feet of lakewater.
>A chest, half buried in the silt.
>You immediately dive into the water (figuratively of course), and start digging the chest out with your hands.
>You start to pull it out of the water when it starts crying?
>“Hey, that hurts!”
>Hang on, is the treasure chest talking?
>“Yes, I’m talking you idiot! And stop trying to pull me out!”
>Suddenly, the chest opens and the torso of a girl pops out.
>“What gives mister, going around and trying to pull a mimic out of the ground like that?”
>“Mimic? You mean there isn’t any treasure buried here?”
>“Of course not! What made you think that?”
>Fucking innkeep.
>Anyways, you find Stella on the other side of the lake and tell her that there ISN’T any treasure here, just a mimic.
>Hang on a minute.
>Mimics are basically pocket dimensions, right?
>You don’t even have to buy one of those sweet bags that Stella has anymore.
>You could also get rid of your pack (see: sell it for an exorbitant price) and just throw all of your shit into the chest.
>Anyways, you head back to town and purchase a cart and a mule for the things that can’t fit inside the mimic.

>You’re riding along in the back of the cart about an hour later, thankful for once that you don’t have to walk.
>Annabelle and Stella are up front, probably talking about girl things like shoes or something.
>Being rather bored, you start talking with the mimic girl you picked up (literally) from the lake.
>“So uh, what’s your name?”
>“Just Nelli?”
>“Yeah, just Nelli.”
>A few more minutes pass in silence.
>“What about you. What’s your name?”
>“Oyvey McShekelsniff.”
>“And what do you do?”
>“I’m a traveling merchant. What do you do? Or rather, why were you half buried in a lake in the middle of nowhere, and why didn’t you seem to care that I just brought you along with me, and are using you as a pocket-dimension pack mule?”
>“I dunno. Sometimes I just disappear and reappear places. Don’t know why it happens.”
>“As for coming with you, I don’t know either. Just thought it would be interesting. Normally I just kind of sit around doing nothing, and then I teleport somewhere else and then sit there doing nothing. At least this way I have some sort of choice in where I go, and the scenery changes every day rather than every few months or so.”
>A few more minutes pass in silence, only broken by the wheels of the cart bumping over something or Stella cursing the mule for being dumb.
>“Why are you with those two? The dragon and the cowgirl.”
>“Well I met Annabelle actually just a day or so ago and offered to bring her along with me. As for Stella, I kind of was caught trying to steal from her. Now I have some sort of debt to her that I need to pay off.”
>“That shouldn’t be too hard. Just get enough gold and then give it to her.”
>“That’s the thing though. She’s a dragon, so I’d need A LOT of gold to do that. Besides, she already told me the only way I could pay her back is with something that’s worth far more than gold. What that is, I don’t know. Or how much it’s worth.”
>“Have you tried asking her what kind of treasure she likes?”
>“Yes, but the answer I got was really vague, so it could be anything.”
>“Hmm, sounds like you’re in a bit of a pickle then.”
>“No kidding.”
>“Well the only thing I can think of is asking her what that something is, and then start looking for it.”
>Several hours later, just after sunset the four of you stop for the night.
>Thanks to Stella and Annabelle, you all have a generous bowl of chowder for dinner.
>Nelli is content enough to sleep inside her chest, so she stays on top of the cart.
>However, you realize you still only have one tent that really isn’t big enough for a human, a dragon, and a holstaur.
>Unless the three participate in maximum snuggles.
>Stella hogs your pillow, but Annabelle is kind enough to let you use her massive breasts as one in its place.

>The next day back on the road again you’re up front in the cart with Stella, trying to figure out what the hell she values so much and how much it costs.
>Each answer she gave you increased in vagueness until she got fed up with your incessant begging, and flat out told you that what she wants from you doesn’t actually have a price tag.
>Now that made your brain full of fuck.
>Perhaps the trader guild might know something.
>You just hope you don’t have to pay anything to get them to talk.
>In the next town, you locate the guild hall rather quickly.
>Mostly because it’s one of the larger buildings but also because of the six-pointed star above the door, signaling that this building is part of the Trader’s Guild.
>Pulling the cart off to the side of the path, you tell Stella to wait for you while you head inside for something.
>The inside of the guildhall is filled with short people in long black robes, funny hats, and really big noses fussing over stacks of parchment or abacuses.
>You walk over to what looks like the person with the biggest nose to see if he knows anything about what the fuck Stella wants.
>“Why hello there goy, what can a fine merchant like myself do for you?”
>“Well fellow merchant, I find myself in a bit of a pickle with someone. A dragon actually.”
>“Have you tried paying them off?”
>“That’s the thing. What she wants from me apparently doesn’t have a price tag.”
>As soon as you said the words “doesn’t have a price tag”, the entire guild hall is filled with dozens of “oy vey”’s and “It’s anuddah shoah!”’s.
>You look around the room with a weird look on your face before turning back to the strangely Jewish man in front of you.
>”And I was thinking that maybe you could help me figure out what that is.”
>”Well goy, I don’t know of anything that can’t be bought or sold, and nothing short of asking this dragon lady what she’s looking for would reveal to you what she wants. Although I have the feeling like she doesn’t want to, can’t, and/or won’t tell you what that is; you’ll just have to follow your coin until you figure it out.”
>Thanking the merchant man, you head back out, and nearly run into the same danuki from two days ago.
>She just gives you a grin as she walks past you into the guild hall, and you swear you hear even more shouts of being holocausted when she enters.

>Well you have no idea where to start, but you certainly are using up more money than you should be.
>Time to acquire more shekels, or something to sell for shekels.
>You head back to the market before leaving town to try and see if anyone is selling anything valuable, without knowing it’s valuable.
>Sword? Nope.
>Leather? Nope.
>Bucket? Nope.
>Wait. Bucket?
>That’s no ~~moon~~ bucket, it’s a P L A T I N U M  B U C K E T!
>The chucklefuck is only selling it for a single shekel!
>So you of course haggle the price down to half that.
>You can’t really sell the B U C K E T  here, so you’re gonna have to head to the next town over.
>You’ve worked out a system on who drives the cart and who rests, and it’s Annabelle’s turn while you rest beside her **and stare at her tits** while Stella and Nelli sit in the back and play cards.
>“If I may ask Shekelsniff, any reason why you’re with Siedle- Siegla-“
>“Right. Why are you two traveling together? Well, traveling together with me and Nelli?”
>“Well a little something happened and I got caught trying to use one of her goblet things from her treasure pile.”
>“You mean you were going to steal it and sell it later?”
>“I see.”
>“But because I got caught, she decided that I owed her some sort of debt, but she won’t tell me how much it is. The most I’ve gotten out of her is “it’s worth more than anything you could possibly buy”, or something like that.”
>Annabelle looks away for a minute, blushing slightly.
>“What?” you ask her.
>“Nothing. It’s just that the answer is so simple.”
>“Well what is it then!?”
>“I can’t tell you. Mamono secret.”
>Great. Stella still won’t tell you what you owe her, and now Annabelle knows too.
>You have reason to believe that the mimic knows as well.
>You arrive in the city right at sunset, although sadly for you the market is already closed for the day.
>Not terribly concerned with money right now because P L A T I N U M  B U C K E T, you find yet another inn and haggle the price down to AT LEAST half of what everyone else was paying.

>While Annabelle and Nelli are out looking for something to help the cowgirl with her, uh, “problems”, you relax in your room with Stella.
>Seriously, that girl has issues.
>You’ve never heard of a holstaur that needs to be milked every two to three days. Normally one can go for a week or two before it becomes a problem.
>You’re counting your DOSH while Stella simply stares at the ceiling, her tail drooping lazily over the end of the bed.
>You finish at 9 gold shekels, 9 silver bits, and 8 copper pieces.
>Hang on a minute.
>You have all this money, why not try bribing Stella to give you the answer.
>But first, these coins must be shiny, because dragons like shiny things.
>So you spend another good ten minutes shining like 5 of them.
>“Hey Stella.”
>She props herself up on her arms and looks at you while you walk over to the bed.
>“What is it Shekelsniff?”
>“Do you think you could tell me what I owe you for a copper piece?”
>“How about TWO copper pieces.”
>“Still no.”
>“This is my final offer, but perhaps THREE?”
>“What the fuck Shekelsniff? Do you really think I’m that cheap?”
>She bops you on the head, and although she did it softly, **she’s a big girl so it was still extremely painful for you.**
>“Ow! What the hell was that for?”
>“For trying to bribe me into telling you how you can repay me. I’ve already told you, you can’t buy it with gold or silver, or in your case three fucking copper coins.”
>“Well whaddaya gonna do about it?”
>Stella doesn’t bother answering, but instead pulls you onto the bed before rolling around so she’s on top.
>She smiles, showing plenty of razor-sharp teeth before crawling backwards so that her face is level with your groin.
>She mushes her face into your crotch and inhales deeply before breathing out blissfully, and starts to undo the buckle on your pants before working them off your legs and then doing the same with your undergarment.
>You already had a fear-chub going, but when she starts caressing your dick with her smooth scaly hands it evolves into a fear-boner.
>Stella grins and looks up at you before focusing her attention back on your erection.
>She starts pumping it with one hand, smearing precum along the entire length before adding a second hand to the mix by rolling your balls around with her other.
>You can start to feel a tightness in your loins, and it seems like Stella does too because she stops giving you a handjob before smiling up at you again before enveloping your entire cock in her mouth.
>You nearly cum on the spot, but the tight ring of her lips stops that from happening as the dragon girl starts bobbing her head up and down your member.
>Occasionally she goes all the way to the base, letting you feel the back of her throat with the tip before she continues slurping on your manmeat.
>Unable to weather the storm any longer, you grab the monstergirl by the horns and shove her face into your pelvis as you blow your load directly into her gullet.
>She gags a little bit as your seed hits the back of her throat before running down her esophagus, but nonetheless drinks it all happily.
>Utterly spent, you let go of Stella’s head, and she slowly pulls off your softening prick before letting it go with a lewd *pop*.
>“Mmm, that was delicious.”
>“A-are you going to tell me now?”
>“Goddamnit, why not?”
>“Say Shekelsniff, I don’t really know much about you other than your name and that you like to be a money-grubbing Jew.”
>“What are you getting at?”
>“Tell me about yourself, besides the fact that you’re a filthy Juden.”
>“Well I…”
>Shit, you really don’t have much to say.
>“Well, uh, I actually haven’t given this much thought. I mostly spend my time either on the road or as you said, scamming people of their money.” you begin, pulling your underwear and pants back on before Annabelle and Nelli walk in on you half-naked with your dick out.
>“I don’t really know if I have any concrete interests. Fishing or hunting maybe, but other than that I have no idea.”
>Sensing that you don’t really have much to say about yourself, Stella moves over to your coinpurse to start chastising you on your apparent lack of knowledge on how to properly care for a treasure horde.

>A few minutes later Nelli and Anna arrive with a few more waterskins to add to your collection, along with a few metal jugs so you can at least start selling Annabelle’s milk.
>Being a much larger city, the Trader’s Guild has a much higher presence in the area, and you think that maybe they might know what you owe your dragon companion.
>And of course those big-nosed fuckers have no idea what you’re talking about, and they also resorted to calling you a silly goy or crying that you’re holocausting them 6 trillion times.
>Frustrated, you’re about to leave when you bump into that same fucking danuki from three towns ago.
>What the hell is with her and why is she following you.
>You’re about to walk away when you have an idea.
>If a human merchant can’t help you, why not ask the danuki?
>You follow her back into the guild hall and witness the best monetary beat-down you have ever seen.
>That danuki absolutely destroyed the merchants.
>That’s kind of your own sixth rule of economics: you better chiggidy check yourself before you riggidy wreck yourself.
>After the danuki earns far more money than should be allowed, you pull her off to the side.
>“Why hello there fellow merchant, what can I do for you today?”
>“Well, I need help. Your help.”
>Knowing her, you’re already reaching for some money.
>She just laughs.
>“I see you know how my kind works. Except not this time. This time I need something other than shekels. I need YOUR help.”
>Two can play at this game bitch.
>“That leaves us in a sort of bind here: I can’t help you unless you help me, and you can’t help me unless I help you.”
>“You are correct. Although I sense that what you need from me is what exactly it is you owe your dragon friend Sieglind.”
>“Well what I need is something that was stolen from me.”
>That sly bitch.
>“Well not exactly. Technically they own it, but technically it should be mine.”
>“And you want me to get it for you?”

>You really don’t want to make a deal with a danuki, but you’re running out of options.
>“What is it that you need?”
>She starts rubbing her hands together avariciously.
>“Well the item I’m looking for is actually a solid gold statue.”
>“That it?”
>“It’s also encrusted with rare gems too.”
>“Anything else?”
>“Oh, and a tinfoil hat?”
>“And where might I find these two things?”
>“They’re both being held in Autistschwitz.”
>That means you’re gonna have to sneak into an Order-held gulag thing, steal a statue and a tinfoil hat of all things, then get out and back to the danuki without getting caught.
>“And if I get caught?”
>“That’s your problem. I’ll meet you here when you’re done.”
>And with that, the danuki gives you a little wave before walking off, somewhere.
>You heavily and head back to your room to see if Stella, Annabelle, or Nelli have any idea of what to do.
>Stella immediately wanted to join you, but her face darkened considerably when you told her you were going to Autistschwits.
>Also, as collateral you left your coinpurse in the room.
>Well not ALL of it, just enough for the three of them to be able to buy some stuff.
>Besides, Stella has like a million shekels worth of stuff in her bag thing.
>For some reason though you took the P L A T I N U M  B U C K E T  with you.

>It takes a good day of walking away from the city before you come across Autistschwitz.
>For some reason the walls are painted with colorful cartoon ponies and blue hedgehogs.
>No matter, you walk up to the front guard and ask to enter.
>When he of course denies you, you ask again, but this time with a handful of money.
>He still doesn’t let you pass, so you start calling him an anti-semite, and he starts sweating profusely and stammering out approximately 6 million apologies before letting you by.
>Dumb goy.
>The inside isn’t much different from the outside, except the inside has a bunch of sideways number eights everywhere, and you can also see a janitor scrubbing off what looks like the words “you’re waifu a shit”.
>He’s probably doing it for free too.
>And with no style or grace.
>You wander around for a few minutes before finding a “You Are Here.” map.
>There’s three cell blocks on the far side of the compound, a guard tower in the corner, another cell block on one side next to the admin building below the guard tower.
>And on the other side of Autistschwits is where they’re storing everything.
>Including the statue and tinfoil hat.
>The dumbasses didn’t even lock the door.
>You’re nearly in the clear when someone with an actual amount of intelligence spots you and yells out to stop right there, criminal scum!
>You’re hauled off to the admin building and rudely thrown into the warden’s office.
>“So, you thought you could steal from the Order, did you?”
>“Care for a mint?” he says, popping out one of his eyes and pouring a handful of minty breath fresheners into his palm.
>“Bah, no matter. You’re a traitor to the Order, and you will be punished.”
>“Wait, before I get thrown into prison! Care for a P L A T I N U M  B U C K E T ?”
>“Bullshit, you don’t have one.”
>“Oh, but I do.”
>The warden’s eyes (well, eye) go(es) wide when you whip it out.
>“Where did you get that?”
>“I bought it.”
>“You bought it?”
>“Yeah, for about five silver too. Tell ya what. I give you the bucket, you give me the statue and the hat, and we never discuss this again?”
>The warden’s eye(s) go from you, to the B U C K E T, then back to you, then back to the B U C K E T, then back to you.
>“Very well.”
>Well that was easy.

>A day later you end up back in the city and to no one’s surprise at all, the danuki is waiting for you outside the guild hall?
>“Well? Do you have them?”
>“Yeah, and I even traded the silver bucket I had with me for them.”
>She smiles.
>“A true merchant.”
>She’s about to walk away when you grab hold of her shoulder and spin her around.
>“Forgetting something?”
>“Oh, uh, right. Well, uh, to tell you the truth, I have no idea. Search your mind and soul, maybe. Perhaps your heart too. Toodles!”
>With that, the danuki skips off into the ~~sunset~~ crowd.
>Fucking Jews.
>You head back to your room, and both Stella and Annabelle nearly suffocate you in their cleavage when they hug you, nearly crying tears of joy that you came back.

>That motherfucker.
>You did ALL that work, and for what?
>Yet another bullshit answer, and you even lost the bucket.
>The bucket you could have SOLD.
>That bitch has to die, and die now.
>The only problem is that you have no idea where she is, or will be.
>But the Trader’s Guild does!
>As much as you detest those hook-nosed, penny-pinching scumbags, you’re going to have to talk to them.
>Luckily for you they also detest the monstergirl, because humans really don’t like it when they get out-jewed by a danuki.
>Turns out she’s heading on basically the same route you are, and that makes you really mad.
>Mad because she’s probably going to buy everything before you get there.
>So you just have to get there first.
>Other than that your plan is kind of shitty.
>Get there before her, and then what?
>Your only option is to be a massive Jew to HER.
>Mmm, yesss, perfect.
>You rub your hands together so hard they start smoking.
>The next day you start actually formulating your plan on how to out-jew the jewiest of the jews that ever jewed.
>While counting all your money of course.
>What? You’re gonna need it.
>The only real issue is that the danuki knows your face, so you won’t be able to do the scamming.
>Neither will Stella really, since the danuki knows her name and it would make sense if she knew the dragon’s face as well.
>That leaves Annabelle and Nelli.
>Annabelle really wouldn’t be able to do it, so Nelli it is.
>The plan is this: sell something the danuki CAN’T refuse, and when she realizes her mistake, that’s when you acquire her shekels.
>And what better thing to sell her than a fake bucket.
>Oh, but not just ANY fake bucket.
>But a KOSHER bucket.
>That’s fake.
>As in the bucket isn’t there at all.
>Your hands start smoking again from the friction.
>You luck out and manage to reach the next town just shortly after that fucking kike monstergirl does, so you waste no time in going to the market and setting up the stall.
>You get Stella to create an illusory kosher bucket, and have Nelli start haggling passerby for the bucket at a ridiculous price while you hide in the shadows.
>That way no one will buy it, but the danuki will know about it.
>And sure enough the danuki overhears Nelli’s shouting about kosher buckets and immediately rushes over to buy it.
>For a measly 5 copper of course.
>Now to spring the trap.
>“Oh, fancy meeting you here fellow merchant!” you exclaim. “What a mighty fine bucket you have there!”
>“Yes, it is a mighty fine bucket. Kosher too, if this other merchant is to be believed.”
>“Why would someone ever lie about a bucket being kosher? That’s like, three shoahs.”
>“But you know what’s even worse than three shoahs?”
>“The fact that the bucket you just bought isn’t real.”
>You snap your fingers, and the “bucket” poofs out of existence.
>“I-I don’t believe it. I got out-jewed by a human. H-how will I ever show my face in the Trader’s Guild again?”
>That’s what you get for messing with Oyvey McShekelsniff, you dirty, money-grubbing, scamming, Jewish monstergirl.

>You’re honestly kind of surprised with yourself.
>You managed to out-jew a danuki.
>It feels good.
>Really good.
>You head back out of town with Nelli to where Stella and Annabelle parked the cart, but when you get back the two of them are looking at you funny.
>Almost in a hungry way.
>Stella’s eyes constantly dart from yours to your crotch, and Annabelle occasionally licks her lips while fidgeting around uncomfortably.
>You turn around and see that Nelli is blushing furiously, when it suddenly hits you.
>You have a MASSIVE erection.
>Well the realization hits you, but so does Nelli as she tackles you to the ground and yanks your pants off.
>She immediately engulfs your cock with her mouth, and at the same time Stella and Annabelle strip out of their clothing at sanic speed and pounce on you.
>Annabelle straddles your chest and leans forward, cradling her massive tits in her hands before shoving one in your face, forcing you to start sucking on it.
>Not wanting to be left out, Stella sits behind you and lifts your head into her lap before she reaches forward to start swapping spit with the cowgirl.
>Meanwhile, the dragon girl’s tail snakes around to tease the mimic that’s currently going down on you.
>You can hear Annabelle moaning in Stella’s mouth while you suck on her tits, and you can also feel Nelli moan as she sucks you off, but her movements are getting more and more frantic before her mouth pulls away from your dick and she collapses from the teasing brought on by Stella’s tail.
>Not missing a beat, Anna pulls you off her tit before crawling backwards to straddle you a bit further south, pulling Stella with her.
>The cowgirl lifts herself up before dropping heavily onto your diamond-hard prick while Stella takes her previous position and sits on your chest.
>You can feel the holstaur start bouncing atop your dick and if Annabelle’s low-pitched mooing is any indication of what’s going on, Stella’s probably started playing with her tits.
>Lewd noises fill your camp as Annabelle’s hefty rear end continually bounces against your legs as she moans out louder and louder while Stella stimulates the cowgirl’s chest.
>The double stimulation is too much for the poor cowgirl and she collapses into Stella, hugging her tightly as she gasps for air.
>You can hear the dragon girl before she lifts Annabelle off your dick and gently lays her down on the ground next to you.
>Stella stands up, giving you the perfect view of her firm yet jiggly ass and dripping wet snatch, and she turns around before pulling you up and embracing you **lovingly**.
>You peer into her sparkling golden yellow eyes, and she smiles a bit before kissing you.
>“I wanna try something different this time Shekelsniff. Something really, REALLY lewd.” she whispers.
>Oh god, not that.
>Anything but that.
>Smiling again, Stella kisses you deeply before falling onto her back and bringing you with her.
>”Come on Shekelsniff, fuck my dragon pussy like you would with a dirty human girl.”
>The monstergirl under you grabs your dick with a scaled hand before aligning it with her own sex before reaching up to grab your hips and pull you in.
>She pushes you away a bit before tugging your hips again, and before long you’re thrusting on your own as Stella starts moaning out loud and gasping in between the points where your pelvis meets hers.
>As you continue to fuck **dragonpussy**, you start to notice something with Stella.
>In between her gasps or moans of pleasure, she seems to be almost crying.
>Not out of sadness or anger, but of joy.
>Joy from being fucked like this; like a “dirty human girl”, in a position that promotes procreation and bonding between two individuals.
>In your state of observing Stella’s reactions to being in such a deplorable position, you failed to notice that she was fast approaching her limit.
>The dragongirl’s entire body suddenly shudders as she cries out in bliss, hugging you quite painfully as she experiences a full-body orgasm.
>Strangely enough you don’t cum yourself, so you keep on thrusting into Stella’s pussy and ride her through her orgasm.
>For some strange reason though, you don’t feel anywhere near your own release, and Stella can sense this as well.
>She starts crying a bit again, this time out of sadness because **dragonpussy** isn’t good enough to make you cum.
>Feeling bad for her, you start fucking her a little harder.
>And for some strange reason you think back to the look on that danuki’s face when she realized that she got bamboozled.
>Oddly enough, thinking about that dirty Jewish monstergirl, or rather the look of utter defeat on her face, is enough to make you cum hard inside Stella.
>Meanwhile Nelli and Annabelle crawl back over to the two of you and commence MAXIMUM CUDDLES.

>You slowly open your eyes and find yourself still wrapped up in Stella’s arms.
>She seems to be snoring slightly, her sizable breasts rising and falling in time with her breathing.
>You slowly work out of the monstergirl’s embrace and replace your body with Nelli, smiling slightly when you see the two of them snuggle up closer together.
>You’re incredibly dirty from the sex last night, and you positively REEK of various bodily fluids, so you head down to the nearby river to clean yourself off.
>It seems like Annabelle had the same idea, because you spot the naked cowgirl bending over to wash her lower legs.
>You grow hard at the sight of her delicious ass exposed like that, then you hatch an evil plan.
>You sneak up behind Anna and reach around to grab her tits, making her yelp.
>“Eeep! Shekelsniff, you shouldn’t have done that! You scared me!”
>“Sorry, I just thought maybe you could use some help.”
>”Help” being a loose term of course.
>“Well I’m nearly done bathing but I’m feeling a little full, and it’s been a few days since, you know…”
>Grinning, you let go of her funbags before spinning her around and planting a big fat kiss on her lips.
>The cowgirl melts at your touch, and soon she’s pushing herself up against you as your tongue battles with her own and her breasts are squeezed by your hands.
>Stumbling backwards, you find a large rock right on the bank of the river and sit down on it, motioning for Annabelle to join you.
>She saunters over to where you’re sitting before planting herself right on your crotch and holding the sides of your face and kissing you hard at the same time.
>You reach around to grope her phat butt while latching onto one of her breasts, making Annabelle coo out as she starts gyrating her hips.
>The cool water feels nice running over your feet as Annabelle wraps her around your neck, pulling herself tighter against you as she starts bucking wildly.
>You pull harder on her breast and hold her ass more firmly as the cowgirl starts mooing into your ear, encouraging you to fuck her like an animal.
>Just like the previous night, the sensations of you suckling on her chest and thrusting your cock into her are just too much for the poor monstergirl, and she arches her back while a deep, throaty moan escapes her lips.
>You cum shortly after, making the cowgirl gasp slightly as your seed is deposited inside her.
>“Th-thanks for that Shekelsniff.”
>“No problem. Think you can help ME with something?”
>“What did you have in mind?”
>“Well I was thinking of maybe making breakfast for everyone, but since you were awake maybe you could help me.”
>She gives you a sly grin.
>Chuckling to yourself, you give the holstaur another quick smooch before helping her off you and do what you came down to the river for.
>After you bathe you head into town to get some stuff for the most important meal of the day; mainly some fresh eggs, some fresh bread, and some fresh fruit and vegetables.
>You of course jew the traders as hard as you can.
>You don’t need to buy any fresh milk though, because you have Annabelle.
>Back at camp you start making some kickass omelets for everyone.
>Annabelle helps you a little bit while you work to fry the eggs.
>“I’ve been thinking about something a bit Shekelsniff, and it’s kind of important.”
>“Yeah. It has to do with you and Stella, and specifically last night.”
>You blush hard.
>“Stella was really into it I think, and while I don’t know about other monstergirls, or dragons, I think there’s something about you.”
>“Something about me that has to do with that debt I owe her?”
>“No, nothing like that. Forgive me, I’m just voicing my thoughts. Just…forget I said anything.”
>A minute or so later both Stella and Nelli wake up from the delicious smell of omelet du fromages wafting through the camp, and all four of you sit down to eat together.
>The omelet could’ve been a little better though, because you forgot the p**aprika.**

>“Oh man Shekelsniff, I haven’t had something this good in MONTHS!” Stella says after belching loudly.
>“Good enough to pay off my debt?”
>She chuckles.
>“No, not quite enough. If I eat like this every morning though, I just might forgive you. Maybe.”
>You sigh lightly.
>After breakfast, you offered to clean up all the dishes and Annabelle was kind enough to help.
>You’re glad because that means less work for you, but also so you can get her away from Stella and ask her what the hell she meant earlier.
>And stare at her jiggling tits as she scrubs.
>“I know you told me to forget about it earlier, but you were talking about Stella and me earlier.”
>Annabelle pauses for a second to look at you before going back to washing the skillet.
>“Dammit Anna, I need to know!”
>“I already told you, I’m not saying anything.”
>Well, you hoped it wouldn’t have to come to this, but drastic times call for drastic measures.
>When she isn’t looking, you get the towel you’re using to dry off everything wet before you spin it around in your hands before whipping it around and cracking it across Annabelle’s backside.
>“Ow! What the hell was that for?!”
>“Nothing.” you say before winding up and hitting her again.
>“Goddamnit Shekelsniff, stop that!”
>“Not until you tell me what’s going on between me and Stella.”
>“If you think smacking me across the butt is going to break me, you’re sorely mistaken.”
>”Well your ass is going to be sore…ly mistaken that you didn’t talk sooner.”
>You smack the cowgirl’s ass with the wet towel again, and she drops the skillet with a clang as she jumps in the air slightly.
>You >>>/bully/ her a few more times, and on the seventh or so hit you swear you hear Anna gasp out instead of yelping.
>Is she getting turned on by this?
>She is, if the slight blush and light panting is any indication.
>Time to take it up a notch.
>“Are you going to tell me now, or are you going to continue to be a bad girl?”
>You hit her again.
>“Who’s a bad girl?”
>You deal her rear end another stinging blow.
>“I said who’s a bad girl?”
>“I-I am.”
>“And WHY are you a bad girl?”
>“B-because I won’t tell you what you owe S-Stella.”
>“Correct. And what do you want.”
>“I-I don’t know what you’re t-talking about Sh-shekelsniff.”
>“Oh but you do. If you won’t tell me what you know about me and Stella, then I’ll just walk away.”
>As if to emphasize your point, you start heading back to the campsite.
>“N-no! Wait, please. I-I-I’ll tell you! J-just d-don’t leave me like this!”
>You rub your hands together.
>You stroll back over to where Annabelle is kneeling on the ground and plant your hands on your hips.
>“S-Stella told me that you tried stealing a goblet from her treasure pile, b-but you already know that. W-with dragons, if someone steals from them, then they have to pay the dragon back, however the dragon sees fit.”
>”That doesn’t really answer my question.”
>“A-and with your debt to Stella, she decided on something from you, p-personally. B-but n-not something like m-money. Sh-she was vague with me too, b-but I think she was talking about you, a-as a person.”
>You sigh heavily.
>While it’s not what you were looking for, it’s better than nothing.
>Stella is looking for something from YOU. YOU as in well, you. Physically or something.
>Hell if you know.
>”Thank you Annabelle.”
>You crouch down to wipe a tear off her cheek before giving her a tender kiss, and you get up to walk back to camp.
>But not before slapping the holstaur’s ass with your hand.

>You’re a few days travel from the next town, so you pass the time by teaching everyone, mainly Nelli, on how to be a proper merchant.
>First thing’s first, you have her memorize the Five Rules Of Economics, as they distinguish a merchant from a happy merchant.
>You also teach her the finer points of trickery like how to ~~cheat~~ lead people on into betting on something they have no hope of winning.
>A few hours later you stop for a light lunch near a grove of trees.
>Hopping off the cart, you offer to have lunch with Stella, and she agrees.
>You grab her hand and lead her away from the cart and into the trees until you’re far enough in that Annabelle and Nelli shouldn’t be able to hear the two of you.
>“Any reason for the sudden change in pace Shekelsniff?” Stella says as she sits down next to you against a large tree.
>“I dunno, just thought that we could eat alone together for once.”
>The monstergirl gives you a warm smile before reaching into the pack you brought with you and fishes out two hunks of bread, handing one to you.
>“Also so I could bug you about my debt.”
>The dragon girl smirks before punching your shoulder.
>“Ow. Hey!”
>She just chuckles.
>“Okay fine, I deserved it. But whatever. I’ve told you about myself, so why not tell me about you?”
>“Like what?”
>“I dunno, your likes and dislikes.”
>“Well I certainly don’t like danuki.”
>“That makes two of us.”
>You both start laughing loudly, scaring some of the birds.
>“Anything else?”
>“Hmm, well obviously I like shiny things. Gold especially. Rabbit is pretty nice, although it can be a little on the lean side at times. Human booze is kind of shitty too. Seems like only Onis know how to make it properly.”
>The conversation kind of trails off for a bit so you just sit in silence, munching on bread and listening to the wind flow through the leaves.
>A few minutes later Stella breaks the silence again.
>“There’s also one other…thing…that I like.”
>“What might that be?”
>The monstergirl looks away from you again, blushing lightly, and you almost don’t catch it but you think you hear her whisper your name.
>You stare at her for a few moments when you feel her large clawed hand gently touching your own.
>You look down at it for but a second and when you move your gaze back up to Stella her face is right around a foot away from yours.
>Out of its own volition, you feel your body moving closer to the dragon girl’s, your faces coming closer and closer together.
>Just as your lips meet you hear a howl from somewhere around you, and both of you immediately pull away and jump up.
>The only thing around you that you could use to defend yourself is the butter knife, so you grab that.
>Stella’s perfectly fine as she is because she has giant talons and a long tail, not to mention the fact that she can fly.
>You hear a rustling in the bushes ahead of you when suddenly a wolf girl bursts out of the shrubbery, heading straight for you.
>You nearly evacuate your bowels as the new, uninvited monstergirl charges you when she suddenly gets clotheslined by Stella’s tail.
>The wolfgirl springs up from the ground to face her new adversary, baring her fangs.
>“Back off bitch, he’s mine.” Stella growls.
>“Au contraire, scaletits. My employer thinks otherwise, and she paid me very well to bring him back to her.”
>“How much did she pay you?” you ask her.
>“Why do you want to know?”
>“Just curious. Something like 2 shekels, am I right?”
>The wolfgirl averts her gaze for a moment.
>“…one, actually.”
>Fucking danukis.
>“Well perhaps maybe you should go and find her and “discuss” the terms of your employment. She’s probably still butthurt that I managed to out-jew her.”
>The wolfgirl looks up at you in surprise before turning to face Stella.
>“I’ll be back.” she says in a thick Austrian accent before bounding away through the trees.
>That was weird.
>“Come on Shekelsniff, let’s get out of here.”
>You follow Stella back to the wagon and hope back up into the back and head off.

>While you don’t want to admit it, you’re still a little nervous from earlier.
>You shouldn’t be, considering Stella is with you, but that doesn’t stop your eyes from constantly darting around.
>Annabelle notices your predicament and moves over to sit next to you.
>“Something wrong Shekelsniff? Anything happen with you and Stella back when you snuck off for lunch?”
>“God no, nothing like THAT. We were just talking when some wolfgirl decided to interrupt us. So I did what any gentleman would do: I defended my kingdom’s princess from the forces of evil!”
>“With a butter knife?” Stella chips in from the front of the cart.
>“Shut up.”
>Both Stella and Annabelle start sniggering.
>“Well anyways, after that whole spiel was over, we came back to you guys. I’m just worried that the fucking danuki is going to send more wolfgirls after us, or rather me, because she can’t deal with the fact that I out-jewed her.”
>“Excuse me?”
>“With your help of course, Stella.”
>“Thank you.”
>“I wouldn’t worry too much Shekelsniff. You have Nelli, Stella, and me.”
>“Hey, he’s mine too cowtits.”
>“Mine too!” Nelli calls out.
>“Well I saw him first!”
>You chuckle to yourself as all three women start arguing about who gets to keep you for themselves, and you blush a little when they start going into graphic detail about how they would ravish you on your wedding night.
>In the next town, you decide to stop at the baker to buy something for everyone.
>A cake.
>You would have bought the other 39, but it would have been too expensive.
>You’re walking back to the cart when you hear a whizzing sound and a sharp stinging pain appears in your left thigh.
>You look down and see a dart sticking out of your pants, and suddenly your vision starts going dark.
>The last thing you hear is a clang as the gold bar falls out of the cake you bought.
>Several hours later, you open your eyes and find yourself somewhere in a dank basement of some kind.
>The only thing in the room other than you is a lantern that hangs from the ceiling and a door on the wall opposite where you’re tied up to a chair.
>The door opens, and in walks the same fucking street preacher you stole a bucket from back in the city you started in.
>“Well, well, well. What do we have here? A happy merchant thinks he can steal from me, get away with it, and then steal from me AGAIN?”
>“You must be in cahoots with the danuki I jewed earlier.”
>“While I don’t know of any danuki jewing, I assure you you’re going to regret taking what isn’t yours.”

>You’re not entire sure what to do, so you do what any aspiring merchant does in a situation like this.
>You call the guy an anti-semite.
>“Oy vey, you’re holocausting me like 8 gorillion times! It’s like a third shoah!”
>Priestman stops is maniacal pacing to look at you angrily, before smiling.
>He walks over to the corner where your stuff is and fishes around in the pile before pulling out your coinpurse.
>“Oy vey, my shekels! Get your hands off of them you filthy goy!”
>Priestman smiles again before walking over to the door, and bangs on it three times with a fist.
>The door opens again and another filthy non-merchant walks in, wheeling a cart that holds an empty cauldron.
>Priestman lights a fire underneath the pot before handing your coinpurse to the other human and walks out of the room.
>Cauldrongoy paces back and forth with your shekels in hand, waiting for the pot to heat up, and you soon realize what’s going to happen.
>They’re going to melt down your hard-earned shekels, utterly bankrupting you.
>Either that, or give your DOSH to that danuki and they’re just making some soup for you.
>Regardless, you’re going to lose your shekels.
>You don’t know if you could face Stella, Annabelle, or Nelli again.
>Especially Stella.
>Sure she almost proactively dated you when you first met her, but that was kind of your fault. Or rather the silly goyim made you do it.
>Anyways. You feel like you’ve grown to tolerate the woman, like her even.
>Sure her personality can sometimes be a little shitty, but you can put up with it.
>Not to mention how good she is in bed.
>So is Annabelle. Especially when she makes you suck on her tits.
>Nelli is pretty good at blowjobs too.
>Strangely enough, you feel some sort of emotional pang when you start thinking of the three girls, but for some reason it’s the strongest with Stella.
>But losing your shekels hurts the most.
>You start struggling against your bonds, and right as you get free of them cauldrongoy looks up.
>He has no time to react as you throw both of your shoes at him, hitting him square in the face and knocking him out.
>It’s at this point you hear struggling on the other side of the door before it bursts into splinters and Stella charges through the now ruined frame.
>She sees you standing there shoeless and immediately rushes over to give you a hug.
>“Oh god Shekelsniff! When you hadn’t come back after an hour I started to worry, and after a day I couldn’t take it anymore!” she sobs into your torso.
>“There there, it’s okay. I missed you too. And Annabelle and Nelli.”
>You stroke the dragon girl’s hair with one hand, calming her down a bit.
>“Can I go now? I want my shekels back.”
>Stella slowly pulls away from you, tears staining her cheeks and you brush a fresh one away before walking over to pick up your shekelbag and discarded shoes.
>With your shoes back on and your shekels secured to your person, Stella picks you up in her arms before bursting through the ceiling in a shower of splintered wood and shattered stone.
>Turns out you were in a radical Order hideout in the middle of nowhere.
>Radical enough that even the normal Order members don’t like them.
>A few minutes later you spot Annabelle and Nelli waiting by the cart, and as soon as your feet touch the ground you’re embraced by all three girls in a big group hug.
>They constantly cry over and over that they were worried that you wouldn’t be coming back and whatnot, but Stella seemed to be the one that was affected the most.
>Almost as if…
>You fucking idiot.

>You continue hugging all three of them for a few minutes before you ask the three of them if they want to stop in town for a few days to relax.
>They all agree immediately, so the four of you enjoy a peaceful half-day’s walk (well, cart ride really) to the next little hamlet.
>You park the cart in the stables before yet again renting a room for four to stay in for a few days.
>After everyone claimed their bed by dumping whatever stuff they had on it, you asked Annabelle and Nelli if they could go out and buy some supplies for later, giving them a wink in the process.
>Annabelle blushes heavily before she pulls Nelli by the hand out of the room and closes the door behind her.
>You walk over to where Stella is sitting on the bed and join her, giving her a friendly hug when you do.
>“Any particular reason for the sudden change in behavior Shekelsniff?”
>“Not really. I’m just happy that I’m not stuck in that basement anymore.”
>“Yeah, me too.”
>“Hey Stella, want something to add to your treasure collection?”
>“What do you have in mind?”
>“I managed to nab this ring off of the guy I tossed my shoes at.” you say, pulling out the plain gold ring you “found”.
>Stella picks the ring out of your hand and holds it up to the light, observing the light reflecting off of it.
>She inspects it for a minute or two before putting it back into your open palm.
>“Sorry Shekelsniff, I have standards on what I keep, and that just isn’t good enough.”
>“Well then, maybe you’d like it for some other reason.” you grin.
>She gives you a confused look, and you just keep on staring at her like an idiot until her expression changes drastically.
>Tears start running down her cheeks and she starts sniffling a little bit.
>She looks down at her lap and wipes a tear away with a clawed digit before looking back up at you, her face now glowing.
>“Took you long enough you fucking dumbass.”
>“That may be true, but I’m YOU’RE dumbass now.” you say before leaning over to kiss her.
>You hold the kiss for several seconds before pulling away, and you look into the dragongirl’s yellow eyes before she lunges forward, toppling you onto the bed.
>Her soft lips crash against yours as she presses and grinds her body against you as hard as she can while working the two of you out of your clothing.
>You decide to help her, mostly by fondling her full breasts or grabbing a handful or two of her delicious ass while your tongues dance in each other’s mouths.
>You play with her body a little bit more before she grabs you by the shoulders and rolls over so that you’re on top, and she then gives you an incredibly passionate kiss before looking up at you with sparkling eyes.
>“I love you.”
>You smile before kissing her again while entering her **dragonpussy** at the same time.
>“I love you too, Sieglind.”
>Another tear of joy creeps across the monstergirl’s cheek and she wraps her scaly arms around your torso as you start to pull out of her.
>You stop just before leaving her pussy, leaving just the tip inside her before you slowly push back into her.
>As soon as your groin meets hers, you immediately pull away again, never leaving her full or empty for more than a moment.
>Sieglind soon starts moaning in bliss as you ~~fuck~~ make love to her, the bed creaking in time with your thrusts.
>Several minutes of kissing, hugging, moaning, gasping, and love-making later your scaly lover moans out louder than she had before in the past few minutes as she climaxes, and you climax with her.
>Thick ropes of jism coat the inside of Sieglind’s cunt, and you give a few more thrusts into her before falling on top of her and resting your head on her soft bosom.
>“I love you.”
>“You already said that dummy. Also, the ring is too small.”
>“Can I have it back then? You know, to sell so I can buy one that fits properly.”
>Sieglind smiles before giving you a gentle smooch and gently lowers your head back down onto her breasts.
>“**OF COURSE.**”

>You really wanted to keep on traveling around and being a happy merchant, but your dragon waifu Sieglind put a stop to that a few years ago.
>Still though, the house you built together is really nice and you won’t have to expand upon it anytime soon.
>You head back home from the marketplace after yet another day of jewing people out of their money and hearing complaints about how shoddy the products you make are, but for some reason they always keep on coming back for more.
>You stop by the shop to give your apprentice shopkeep the day’s earnings to put away.
>The mimic you found half-buried in a lake a few years ago has really started to become quite the merchant herself.
>She has been learning from the best, after all.
>“Hey Shekelsniff! Annabelle stopped by earlier looking for you. She, ah, needs help again.”
>You sigh slightly.
>“Alright Nelli. Start working on calculati-“
>“The profits, expenses, yadda yadda yadda. I know.”
>You smile and bend over slightly to give Nelli a light peck on the cheek, making her blush.
>“I’ll see you tomorrow Nelli.”
>“Y-yeah, y-you too.”

>Your holstaur maid Annabelle has also really helped your business in the past few years.
>She keeps the place clean and presentable, plus the income from selling her milk has really helped profit margins.
>Thanks to some sort of magic fuckery, Annabelle has to be milked at least once every two days or so rather than once every two weeks, but no one is complaining.
>You of course water the milk down before selling it.
>Still though, you’re waifu’s treasure horde blows everything else out of the water.
>You stroll back to your house and find the cowgirl putting a few things away in the kitchen.
>With a mischievous grin, you sneak up behind her before moving your hands under her blouse to gently squeeze her massive breasts, making her squeal.
>“Eeep! Oh h-hey Shekelsniff.”
>“Hello my little cowgirl.” you say, removing your hands from under her shirt to spin her around and give her a tender kiss.
>“You called for me?”
>“Y-yes. I-it’s around that time again and normally I could do it myself, b-but I was thinking we could do it the, uhm, “special” way.”
>You smile.
>Usually Ananbelle’s milk is much like that of a regular dairy cow’s, except for the magical properties thing.
>But when you milk her *ahem*, differently it makes the cream much sweeter and more potent.
>You pull her in for another deep kiss; her chest pressing up against your own, making the cowgirl moan slightly in your mouth.
>You try pulling away from Annabelle, but she just pushes herself back into you, and you end up half-walking, half-stumbling over to the comfortable armchair near the fireplace and falling into it.
>It’s rather difficult to remove a shirt and pants when there’s a horny cowgirl grinding her sizable butt into your lap while trying to kiss you over and over, but you manage.
>You unbutton the holstaur’s straining shirt, freeing her heavy bosom before pulling her arms through the sleeves and tossing the fabric aside.
>Annabelle isn’t wearing anything other than a long poufy skirt, so you bunch it up around her perfect waistline while entering her.
>You fill her pussy up and latch onto one of her teats, and when you push up to the hilt she throws her head back and a low moo escapes her lips.
>You smile with a face full of tit and gently grasp the monstergirl’s wide hips before slowly thrusting into her.
>She starts helping you by bouncing in your lap a little and grabbing onto the back of the chair while you continue to fuck her.
>The cowgirl’s moans are already starting to increase in pitch, and before long her pussy clamps down on your prick while thick cream gushes from the breast your currently suckling on,
>You drain her right tit before moving over to suck on the other one, and she gasps out when she feels your mouth surround the large nipple.
>Like before, you push yourself up to the hilt while she rides you, and you make her cum for the second time as you finish draining the other boob.
>Annabelle shudders a bit when your mouth pops off her tit, but that doesn’t faze her much as she lifts herself from your lap.
>“Th-thank you Shekelsniff.” she says, wrapping her arms around you and gives you a squishy hug.
>You smile before giving her forehead a gentle kiss and letting her know she should clean the mess the two of you made.

>After redressing and giving Annabelle’s butt a little slap, you walk up to the second story and spot your waifu Stella carrying your daughter Tseidel into her room.
>You walk over and pause in the doorway a little bit, observing your waifu tuck your daughter a bit before walking in and giving Stella a hug from behind.
>“Daddy! Mommy! Story time!”
>You look at Stella and she grins. Your stomach drops a little bit because you know it’s your turn to tell your daughter a story.
>You waifu simple smiles at your expression before kissing you passionately before leaning over to kiss her daughter goodnight.
>“Daddy! Story!”
>You sigh heavily.
>“Fine. This story is called the Ugly Barnacle. Once, there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end.”
>“That wasn’t a very good story.”
>“Time for bed sweetie.”
>Your daughter frowns a bit, but you still catch a little smirk as you kiss her goodnight.
>Tseidel gives you a little wave from under the covers and you return the gesture as you close the bedroom door, leaving it slightly ajar before you extinguish the lantern.

>You exhale a bit and walk down the hall to the master bedroom and open the door.
>You smile internally when you see your wife splayed out on the bed, wearing only a thin negligee, a come hither look in her eyes.
>Her bust has grown a little bit larger since when you met her, and her already motherly hips had pushed out even more to the point where they’re approaching the “broodmother” end of the scale.
>Her ass and thighs also got a little more padding to them, making them jiggle delightfully so when you slap her ass or fuck her from behind.
>You put on your best Cheshire impression as you strip down to your underwear before crawling into her strong, yet gentle and loving embrace.
>“Tseidel in bed?”
>“You help Anna with her special “problem”?”
>“Yep, and I have the strangest suspicion that you asked her to ask me to do that.”
>Stella smiles before pulling you closer to her and kissing you deeply.
>You return her kiss, cupping one of her squishy breasts in your hand as you slowly press your lips to hers and she begins to wrap her arms around your torso.
>Growing increasingly excited at where things are going, you stop your fondling of your waifu’s body to pull off your underwear and her nightdress before climbing over her.
>Stella gasps out as you slowly enter her snatch and when you finally hilt yourself, she grabs you by the waist and holds you there.
>“Come on, let’s make another baby.” she gruffly whispers.
>You lower your head and nibble on Stella’s lower lip as you start to rock your hips.
>Your dragon waifu’s breath catches in her throat before she lets out a low, lust filled moan as you start **making love to** her again.
>She lowers her arms to hug your waist, tugging you occasionally when she wants you to speed up, slow down, go harder, go softer, or any combination of those four things.
>The monstergirl’s moans start becoming louder and louder, so you silence her with another kiss while at the same time filling the room with lewd, wet slapping noises as you start to REALLY start to **make love.**
>Stella cums first, screaming out in bliss into your mouth while her pussy starts milking you hard.
>You last a scant few seconds more before you too climax, filling your waifu up so much that a little bit of semen leaks out onto the sheets.
>You collapse onto Stella’s chest, breathing heavily after such a passionate activity, and she simply strokes your hair.
>“I love you Shekelsniff.”
>“I love you too Sieglind.” you respond as you fall asleep in each other’s loving, caring, gentle embrace.


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