Haohi’s Movie Night

Haohi waited with baited breath as the countdown trickled to single digits.
The burning stench only increased the impending sense of dread that built within her.
Only seconds remained.
A million screaming voices pleaded all at once to give in and abandon all reason before they too dwindled into silence.
But she held strong.
Only a soft ding and the pleasant aroma of butter assuaged her fears as she carefully pulled the contents out.
“Popcorns done!”  
Meanwhile in the living room, a towering demon silently swore to himself as he fumbled with a strange device in his hands.
“I’ll never understand human technology,” Akai groaned.
“It’s HDMI, Dad,” Aiko, a smaller but infinitely cuter demon replied back.
They were an odd family.
An angel, a demon, and their adoptive daughter, all harmoniously living together under the same house was unthinkable.
Yet they made it work.
Now they were no different than any other family that lived in their quiet cul-de-sac.
They even had movie night.
Normal families had a movie night so of course they had one.
At least that’s what Haohi managed to convince herself normal families did.
She carried the warm bowl containing popcorn into the living room and gave it to a waiting Aiko while she took a seat and settled in next to her husband on the couch.
“You want to sit with us, Aiko?” Haohi asked.
“Naw, I’m good,” Aiko plainly stated as she plopped herself down in front of the TV and began shoveling handfuls of popcorn into her mouth.
Haohi didn’t mind.
It only meant she could snuggle up to Akai more. She pressed herself against him, taking and hugging his arm while Akai made sure to cover her in the large plush blanket they now shared.
With everyone set and as the movie began to play, Haohi prepared herself for a comfy night of family entertainment.  
But she quickly found herself lost.
She blinked at the TV.
“Are you sure this is a Christmas movie?”
She would be the first to admit that she wasn’t so well versed in the aspect of human culture, but at the same time, she was pretty sure Christmas movies didn’t have this many explosions.
Or gun fights.
She was silenced by a quick “shh”.
She looked down at her daughter, who lied on the floor.  She frowned and turned to look to her husband, but found he too was engrossed in the movie.
She made a mental note to never let Aiko pick which movies they watched again and leaned her head against her husband’s arm.
She quickly found herself bored, unable to follow along and was left to wonder to herself as to why there was so many gun fights and when, or even if, Santa Clause was going to show up.
Haohi instead focused her attention on her husband.
She cuddled herself up to him, pressing her body as close as possible to his. Akai reciprocated her action in kind and a sudden thrill leapt through Haohi’s heart at the sensation of Akai wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her in against him.
And with such an innocent and entirely wholesome action, Akai had pressed her button.
Haohi licked her lips.
Underneath the blanket, she placed her hand on Akai’s thigh, pausing only slightly before slowly traveling upwards towards his crotch.
To her surprise, Akai gently brushed her hand away.
She tried again, only to have him repeat his action.
She looked up at him with an annoyed expression
As if reading her mind and without looking away from the TV, Akai dug into his pocket and pulled out his phone.
His thumb moved quickly against the screen before he returned it to his pocket.
A second later, Haohi’s phone vibrated. Curious, she pulled out it out and read the message.
-not in frnt of kid-
Haohi’s eyes narrowed before she quickly texted a message back.
-I’m horny now-
She sent the message, and waited with baited breath as she feigned interest at the movie as Akai once again pulled out his phone and read the message.
The reply was just as prompt as the first.
-2 dangerus-
Haohi frowned and looked up at her husband and then at her child, who was still engrossed at the exploding sights and sounds on the TV.
She thought of other things exploding inside of her.
Haohi squirmed and pressed her thighs together, thankful for the thick blanket that covered her.
She needed to be pleased.
She leaned over to Akai’s ear and whispered as softly as she could.
“I’ll be quiet.”
With that said, she reached over and slid a hand up Akai’s thigh, stopping when she got to his crotch.
Carefully she grabbed the zipper and slowly began to pull it down. She kept her eyes glued to the TV to maintain her cover, and to her delight Akai made no move to stop her. When she felt the opening was wide enough, she worked her hand inside, and was met with the soft fabric of his boxers.
Along with the thick shaft that lay beneath.
Her fingers gently caressed him before she grasped him.
The effect was immediate: her husband’s cock grew thicker and longer in her hand, straining against the thin fabric.
If Akai made any other reaction, she didn’t notice. She didn’t even know what was going on in the movie.
All she was focused on now was the growing cock on her hand.
In fact, she didn’t even notice his hand undoing the ivory button on her shirt and slipping inside to fondle her breast.
It was a bold move. Haohi even gave him points for it.
Disaster nearly struck when he brushed his finger against her nipple, and the faintest of mewls escaped her lips.
She instinctively looked at Aiko, who was still glued to the TV screen, completely oblivious to anything that might be going on behind her.
Haohi sighed in relief.
“We should probably stop,” he whispered.
She looked up at her husband with a lewd look in her eyes, all the while still rubbing him.
“She doesn’t have to know.”
She began rubbing him even more aggressively, her smile widening as she felt him stiffen.  
At the moment, her core was growing hotter and wetter, her nipples poking through the front of her shirt.
Without warning and with a flick of her finger, she freed his throbbing erection from his boxers and gripped him tightly.
He was seething hot to the touch, thick, and throbbing vigorously with life. She pumped him into a gentle rhythm, letting the flesh glide through her hand, all the while the two now only pretended to watch the TV.
She peeked underneath the blanket.
The sight of it was enough to make her drool.
Sneaking one last look at Aiko to make sure her daughter wasn’t watching them, she shifted her position and lowered her face, and took him into her mouth, savoring the way he immediately pulsed. Haohi gave him a little squeeze then began sliding her lips up and down his shaft.
She kept a tight seal, ensuring that no sound slipped past her lips as she swirled her tongue about him. Akai meanwhile raked his fingers through her pink hair, stroking her head gently before she felt him press her head downwards to the base of his shaft. She was forced to hold her breath as his cock hit the back of her throat lest groans of pleasure escape. He held her there for what seemed like ages, his cock throbbing in her throat, before he finally relented and released her.
When she finally dared to breath, she was hit by the powerful stench of musk and sex that addled her brain, all emanating from his precious orbs and sack.
Clearly he wanted her just as badly as she wanted him. Raising her head and high on dick fumes, Haohi took his hand and silently guided him to the apex of her thighs. He wasted no time in undoing her pants and sliding his fingers inside her, sending pinpricks of pleasure spinning through her.
Haohi buried herself into his crouch to prevent herself from letting out a moan as her legs splayed apart. Akai’s fingers began to move, pumping deep inside her and then pulling out, stroking her in her most sensitive spots, his thumb toying with her swollen nub. Fighting back, Haohi took him into her mouth again while simultaneously jerking him off with her hand, while her other hand reached in and gently caressed and coaxed his sack.
It wasn’t long before she felt his nuts tighten, and she knew he was going to come.
Hot viscous liquid shot to the back of her throat, causing her to recoil at the force as semen pumped and filled her mouth. She held on, ensuring a tight seal while he emptied his balls balls into her. Only when the geyser of semen began to ebb did she dare began to eagerly suck down and swallow him, with several full gulps. She kept her lips tightly wrapped around him as she came back up, squeezing the last of his cum out and leaving his cock sparking clean as she kissed the tip.
She came back up from the blanket, errant strands of hair clinging to her glistening forehead.
She made a show of running her tongue across her teeth, cleaning the last vestiges of semen before opening her mouth wide and sticking out her tongue to her husband, proving that she had indeed faithfully swallowed his seed.
Akai grinned and rubbed her cheek lovingly before shooting a quick look at their daughter, whose face was still glue to the television, blissfully unaware that the lewd act that had just transpired behind her.
He sat up and motioned for his wife to come closer, turning her around and placing her right on his lap with Haohi facing the TV.
And their daughter.  
Only the movie distracting Aiko and the plush blanket shielded them from being discovered.
Haohi held onto the blanket, covering herself as Akai’s dick slid into her, filling her up to the brim, her vision became blurry with tears. She began to ride him, slowly at first, then faster, harder, lifting herself as Akai guided her hips. She let out soft shallow breaths as his cock pushed deep into her.
It was a strange feeling how they could be having sex in the living room with their daughter right in front of them.
It was taboo.
Anathema to everything she stood for, as booth an angel and a mother.
She shuddered in pleasure.
The very idea that her daughter could easily turn around and catch them in the act made her quiver. She grinned and took him to the base before slowly beginning to gyrate her hips in slow circles above him.
She turned her head to watch Akai’s mouth open and throw his head back. Haohi clenched her pussy around him and through him, felt a shiver course through his entire body.
His eyes flicked open, and the next thing Haohi knew, Akai’s hands and reached up to grab the sides of her simple white button up shirt.
Through luck or perhaps divine timing, the sound of Akai pulling her shirt apart and causing the buttons and threads pop off like machine gun fire was timed in unison with a massive explosion that occurred in the movie.
“Cool,” Aiko said in a monotone voice as she messily shoveled more popcorn into her mouth.
Before Haohi could comprehend what had occurred, she felt his hands wrap and squeeze her small, but still somewhat generous chest and attack her nipples.
She immediately brought up the blanket to her mouth and bit it to stifle a squeal as Akai pinched, pulled, and played with her sensitive nipples.
Thankfully, the assault didn’t last long.
Instead, Akai grasped her wrists and pulled her arms back behind her, giving him full control of her movements.
She could now only hold blanket with her teeth as Akai railed up into her, hitting her sweet spots and causing her head to spin.
The occasional soft moan became muffled in the blanket as Haohi’s vision began to blur as Akai relentlessly kissed the entrance of her womb with his cock.
Her strength began to fade as she gave in to the pleasure eroding her sense of being. Her mouth fell open and the blanket fell away, leaving the perverse act completely unexposed.
All Aiko had to do was turn around.
Turn around and see her mother, a proud angel, bouncing shamelessly, a slave to her demonic husbands cock.
She arched her back, as if presenting herself to her.
Her moment of orgasm would be shamelessly displayed, all the while wearing a  stupid sultry expression.
 Her daughter would probably never look at her the same way again.
But she didn’t care.
She wanted to ride that white euphoric wave of pleasure, and loose herself.

She threw her head back and let out a silent scream as her own orgasm enveloped her.

Haohi continued riding, almost spasmodically, and soon her husband’s followed suit as he, too came, shooting ropes of semen into her and filling her to the brim.

They both held each other for a couple of seconds, before she quickly climbed off of him and covered them both with the blanket.

She cleared her throat, trying to steady her breathing, and leaned into her husband, a satisfied smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.

“That was wonderful. We should do it again sometime.”

Akai raised an eyebrow at her. “One of these days, you’re going to get us into trouble.”

“Shhh!” Aiko said without even turning around.

Husband and wife looked at each other once again. Then they both burst into laughter.

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  1. Interesting, I didn’t know about Aiko being adopted. I always thought of her as their biological daughter, hah. I’d be interested in reading the story of how that came to be.

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