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“Welcome class today I have decided to go the safer route and take a look at the Monster Girl called the Weresheep.” I say while walking through the nearest village with yet another camera aimed at me. “Hopefully class this camera doesn’t end up broken like every single other one.” I add with a giggle walking through the nearest town looking for the farm where I get my Holstaurus Milk from. It took me a bit but I reached my destination finally. “Ah Sukiru are you here to pick up some more milk?” the Farm owner said as he instantly recognized me. “No sir but I would like to ask some questions to one of your Weresheep for my class in which I teach about Monster Girls.” I say aiming the camera at him. “Alright then go on have fun and actually I have a Weresheep that asks about you whenever you come by for milk so you’d better talk to her.” he said leading him into the field with the Holstaur and Weresheep. “Lisa come here, I know you have been wanting to meet this man.” the farm owner said to her as she turned to look at him and me. “Oh Sukiru right? I have been aching to talk to you for a while, alone of course.” she said as she blushed and rubbed her wool that was on her wrists together. “We can arrange it Lisa, I have some questions for you.” I said aiming the camera at her cute blushing face. “Yes come with me and I will answer them and I have some for you as well.” she said as she took my hand leading me away through the thick grassy field behind the barn in which we were secluded. I filmed all of the questions and her answering I managed to keep the footage through the entire interview but she ended up smashing my camera by accident with one of her hooves when it got a bit hot and heavy (Author Notes: I really should just stop carrying a camera they always break or get broken by the girl I am talking to) Anyway here we are Monster Girl 101: Weresheep

The Weresheep

(Insert you ideal Weresheep waifu here)

Habitat: Most are very friendly and can live around humans so they tend to be around human settlements and grassy plains like around my home where ever there is a farm of sorts there are most likely Weresheep around

Diet: They are Herbivorous but they prefer wild grasses from what Lisa told me so be sure to keep them around it will keep your Weresheep very happy

Personality: They are very gentle and friendly but are very lustful as well. They will charm you with the most genuine smile from the bottom of there heart and rub there extremely soft wool against you to get you close to them. They are sweethearts though.

Habits: They are always looking drowsy and or sleepy so you can mostly find them basking in the warm sun or taking a nap keep that in mind.

Sex: Here is where we get to the lustful intentions of the Weresheep. There fur contains a sleeping magic which is very very powerful, she will rub against you causing you to be exposed to the magic in which once entranced by it you will start to remove your clothes (It happened to me as well don’t think of it as a weakness) She will then climb on you and slip you inside of her wet warm walls. You will be so tired you won’t be able to fight her off so you are bound to just release your semen deep inside her before embracing her body close to you having some of the best sleep you will ever have in your life. In some cases upon waking up next to her you will go another round with her once she is awake adding more of your seed inside of her.

(Insert your ideal Weresheep mating picture here)

Wool: Now here is a bonus section to the Weresheep’s wool. It has many many uses including furniture and clothing providing a quiet and great sleep. So you can imagine there wool fetches a nice high price do the the magic it possesses. I also believe that if your Weresheep waifu were to make you a piece of clothing of her wool she would love to see you wearing it as often as possible in front of her.

Author Notes: Upon visiting the farm I was also treated to more fresh milk from the local Holstataurus and I was even given a Weresheep wool blanket along with matching pillows. Oh my class let me tell you how it is. Sleeping on Weresheep wool is like sleeping in the sky, even laying under the blanket for a minute will nearly send you to dreamland. I am nearly asleep right now just being barely covered in it. So see you all next time for when I enter the graveyard for my next edition of Monster Girl 101.

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    1. I do agree it is very block and while it is informative one could easily get the same impression from reading the weresheep’s entry . not that I’m disliking the writer but I wanted to see some originality. it has left me feeling unsatisfied sadly

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