H-space MGB: Sun Lamia

The sneaky little scarlet imp had lied to Bate.

She’d told him she could take him to where treasure was hidden. And so PVT Stewart Peter Bate had followed her up to a cave in the hills.

He should have run the little bitch through with Granpa’s trusty ole bayonet. He was going to. You couldn’t take any chances with these tricksy hindigs, even if they did look like bratty little girls with blood-red skin. But then she’d mentioned treasure and Bate’s ears had pricked up. This could be his Great Uncle Fergus stash.

Great Uncle Fergus’s stash was a legend amongst the Sullivan clan. Great Uncle Fergus had been fighting the Second World War out in Europe when his squad had come across a bunch of Nazis trying to smuggle gold bullion across the border. After shooting the Nazis dead there was the question of what to do with the gold. Their squad leader, a fresh-faced stick-up-the-ass straight-shooter by the name of Raymond McAllister, had insisted they let their CO know so the gold could be returned to its rightful owner. Fortunately for Great Uncle Fergus, and the other men in the squad, McAllister was mysteriously shot dead that very night by a well-hidden German sniper. The next morning the men had briefly mourned the loss of their heroic squad leader before going about the business of finding a hiding place for the gold, where it could be kept safe until they came back to collect it after the war was over. It had been just like one of those Hollywood capers, his Granpa had told an enrapt Bate and siblings.

Granpa and the rest of the family hadn’t heard from Great Uncle Fergus after that. Story was he’d started up a casino in Vegas and saw out the rest of his days fat and balls-deep in hookers. No one held any bitterness over it. That was how things were done in the Sullivan clan.

So when the scarlet imp had told Bate about the treasure, his first thought was that it was his turn, his fortune, his Great Uncle Fergus stash.

She didn’t even seem all that threatening to Bate. Ever since Bate had stepped through the gate into this alien dimension, the fancy officers and big brains in lab coats had been bigging up this world’s inhabitants, the hindigs, as deadly monsters.

It was only because their guns and other fancy doodads didn’t work properly out here. For that reason Bate was glad he’d brought Granpa’s ole reliable with him. She might be an antique, but whatever hoodoo that kept shorting out their electronic circuits and prevented the more modern guns from firing seemed to have less of a hold on the old Springfield. And even if it failed, there was always the bayonet, ten inches of Fork & Hoe steel, on the tip.

The scarlet imp looked like a twelve-year-old girl in red paint and a Halloween devil costume. Sure, there was experience and wisdom in their black eyes no twelve-year-old ever had, but she still had the body of a typical prepubescent teenage girl. She could have been Bate’s bratty half-sister.

Not exactly threatening.

This one had broken down and started begging for her life the moment Bate had waved Granpa’s trusty old bayonet in her face. He’d barely had to threaten her before she fessed up about hidden treasure.

It had seemed promising at first. The deeper they went into the cave, the more it started to resemble an ancient tomb. There were pillars. There were statues—of freaky snake demon people. Detailed murals were carved into the smooth stone walls.

Bate had started to get excited. This was his very own Great Uncle Fergus stash.

He hoped it was gold. Bate liked gold.

The treasure had to be gold. H-space was like a fantasy world with its demons and monsters. That meant the treasure had to be gold, just like in all the fantasy games. Gold… or gems.

Either was good, but Bate really hoped it was gold. He liked gold, liked the way it was all glittery and shiny. You could buy a lot of pussy with gold. Real pussy, not the fucked up pussy Bate had heard about in H-space.

It was gold, but not in the way Bate was expecting.

The corridor terminated in a chamber with yet more fancy statues and carvings. Brightly colored silk banners decorated the walls. It was the cleanness that should have tipped Bate off. A forgotten tomb filled with gold should have more dust and cobwebs. The stone passage Bate had walked through looked as meticulously cleaned as a museum display, or as if these corridors and chambers were still…



The little lying bitch scarlet imp had led him right to a snake woman hindig.

It was as Bate had heard. Above the waist the snake girl was a beautiful busty babe. She was naked and had an exotic allure about her—like a sexy belly dancer. Long flowing black hair cascaded right down to her big round boobs. Her stomach was a flat expanse studded with a dainty little belly button.

She glowed. This was not a piece of flowery embellishment. She was glowing. Golden-yellow light shone out from her body. No, she was golden-yellow light. It was her muscles, skeleton and internal organs, like everything inside her had been replaced with molten sunlight. So bright it made her skin transparent.

She might have been a goddess… if her lower body hadn’t belonged to a monster. It was long and slender like a snake, but somehow softer, more like one of those water-living organisms that were little more than a squishy membrane over liquid insides. The lower half was also glowing, like a latex condom filled with radioactive piss, Bate thought.

“You lied to me, you little whore!” Bate said to the scarlet imp. “Where’s my fucking treasure?”

He was in the middle of raising his rifle to club the little bitch when the snake woman’s eyes flashed.

Bate’s world turned golden-white like a flashbang had gone off in front of him. The glow faded away to leave speckles dancing across his visions and… whoa!

Bate would have sworn he’d been blinded for a second at most, yet somehow the snake woman had closed half the distance to him without seeming to move at all. And where was that fucking annoying little bitch imp?

She was over on the other side of the room. How’d she’d gotten over there so fast? It was like that flash had somehow frozen Bate in time for a brief moment.

“This is your treasure,” the imp taunted. “You’ll see.” She broke out in a fit of giggles.

Sneaky little bitch. Bate knew exactly where he was going to shove his bayonet the moment he caught up to her.

But no time for that now. The glowing snake demon reared back and sucked in a great breath.

Yeah, well fuck that, Bate thought. He brought his rifle to his shoulder in one smooth motion, took aim at the snake girl’s head, pulled the trigger and… click.

For fucks sake. This is not the time for you to get temp’rumental, old girl, Bate thought.

The golden snake girl swung her head forwards and breathed out a massive cloud of pink gas. Bate was caught right in the middle of it.


Suddenly, he felt real nice—tingly and warm all over. Blissed up too, like every speck of dust in the cosmos knew and loved him deeply at the most fundamental level, and he loved every speck back. Loved it so hard he fancied he could see little red cartoon hearts floating and popping all around him.

“Watch out for her poison gas. Whoops, too late,” the scarlet imp snickered.

“Ignore the little one,” the snake woman said, her voice deep and rich like honey. “If my breath was poison, would you feel so good?”

She slithered through the pink haze towards him. She looked so gorgeous close up—an exotic, beautiful goddess that glowed with the light of her own sun.

“Watch me,” she said. Her heavy-lidded eyes blinked slowly. “Love me.”

She swayed sinuously in a sensual belly dance that raised the temperature of Bate’s blood. He couldn’t do anything but watch her. His rifle clattered, forgotten, onto the stone floor. His kit followed. Then his uniform as he climbed out of it. Naked, he held out his arms to welcome the serpent.

“Find bliss in my coils,” the snake woman said as she wound her body around him.

She didn’t feel like a snake at all. Her body was really soft. As Bate let his body fall back and be supported by her coils, it felt like he was lying in a big pile of fancy pillows. Warm as well. Like he was lounging on a tropical paradise beach and soaking up the sun’s rays.

The snake woman wound her serpentine body around Bate’s torso and limbs in a complicated series of loops so that when she tightened, Bate’s limbs were locked away from his body. It was not painful, but prevented any sort of movement.

A furrow appeared on Bate’s brow. Why was he letting a snake demon—a dangerous hindig—coil around his body like this?

“Fufufufu, she has you now,” the scarlet imp called out.

She did? Bate tried to move his arms and realized he couldn’t. They were weighed down by and tangled in what felt like thick, water-filled tubes. Her body might be soft, but it was also heavy and muscular.

That nagging sense of dissatisfaction started to spiral up into full-blown panic.

The snake girl lay on Bate and rested her big soft boobs against his chest.

“Relax,” she said.

She breathed a more concentrated cloud of pink gas into Bate’s face.

And all was right again in Bate’s world. He let his head fall back on a soft loop of her body with a blissful grin on his face. The squeezing force of her coils lessened as the tension fled Bate’s arms and legs.

“Let me pamper you within my coils,” the snake woman said, her voice low and breathy.

Pulsing throbs ran along her serpentine body. The warm pressure against Bate’s skin felt like she was giving him an allover body massage.

Her upper body slid down Bate’s chest and belly and he shivered in pleasure as felt her erect nipple trace a line across his flesh. She looped another thick coil around his chest. It radiated warmth like a fireplace in winter.

Bate knew what she was after the moment he felt her deft fingers on his cock.

“Mmm, it’s so big,” she said as she drew it up and out.

Her long fingers stroked up Bate’s erect shaft. She formed a loose cage around the swollen mushroom head and stimulated him with gentle squeezes. The tips of her fingers brushed lightly over his foreskin and against the sensitive ridge of his glans.

“I feel so much tension in your body,” she said. “I’ll draw it down here and suck it all out of you.”

She stroked and squeezed Bate’s cock with her fingers, coaxing it out to become fuller… harder. Her warm coils did the same to Bate’s body. He felt all the tension draining down to his dick and nuts. His body felt relaxed and floppy while his sex organ was the exact opposite. His little boy was up for business and so hard it thrummed as if an electric current was running through it.

A moist tongue with two quivering tines left a wet trail up his shaft as she licked him like he was an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

Oh yeah. But it was too much. He couldn’t hold on. He was going to cream her lovely exotic face for sure. Then she pressed stiff little fingers into his nutsack and pinched. It shut off Bate’s premature ejaculation as if dammed. But not the pleasure. That kept growing.

“Too soon,” she said. “You must let it build.”

She sucked the swollen head of Bate’s cock between her sumptuous lips. Bate heard slurpy wet sounds mixed with lewd murmurs as she started on a really sloppy blowjob.

Bate rested his head on a soft loop of her body and closed his eyes as she bobbed her head up and down in his lap.

Oh yeah, you filthy whore, Bate thought, keep doing it like that.

It was a sloppy bj, the sloppiest bj, but also like no bj Bate had ever experienced before. It took him a while to work out why.

No teeth. The snake girl had no teeth. Her mouth felt strange as well. More like a tight tunnel of flesh. A snug pussy. A… ooh… really mobile pussy. The walls of flesh, slathered in warm saliva, moved all around his member. They squeezed him and undulated up and down his shaft while her lips made slurpy smacking sounds.

Weirdest of all, Bate could see his cock moving around inside her. Her head was transparent, as if made out of yellow gel. He watched as his foreskin was dragged back and forth by the undulations of her throat. Weird… and incredibly sexy.

“She’s going to suck you all up now.”

Now that Bate was safely all tangled up, the scarlet imp had walked up to the edge of the snake girl’s bed of pulsing coils.

“Shoo, adult stuff going on here,” Bate said.

The imp let out a derisory laugh.

“I’m older than your grandfather’s father. She is older than your world. Your whole race is nothing more than a bloom of krill for us to feast upon.”

Bate might have come back with a vulgar retort, but at that moment the snake girl sucked the fleshy mushroom head of Bate’s glans past two soft flanges at the back of her throat. They vibrated against the sensitive ridge of his cockhead and everything was temporarily washed away in a wave of warm, white and fuzzy. Bate’s head tipped back and his breath came out in quick gasps.

What was she doing down there?

She gave another big suck and Bate’s erection was drawn deeper down her throat. Just like a snake slowly swallowing its prey. That image might have disturbed Bate if he didn’t currently feel so good. With each suck her throat narrowed and Bate felt ridges and bumps of soft, gelatinous flesh rub against him.

It felt so good.

Another big gulp and now Bate felt her plump lips squash against the base of his cock. He looked down. She had her lips wrapped around the root of his cock like a sucker. Her cheeks puffed in and out as she blew him. Lewd wet burbling sounds leaked from her lips. His full, erect length was all the way inside her and being squeezed by regular pulsing movements of her throat. He could see it through the transparent yellow gel of her face.

Could she even breathe? Did she need to breathe?

Bate didn’t care. This felt incredible. Beyond incredible. He would have spunked four times over if it hadn’t been for the strange hold she had on his nuts.

“She’s not going to let you come just yet,” the scarlet imp said. “It’s not your seed she wants.”

Her long tongue wriggled against the underside of his cock. It slithered out to lick at his balls. At the same time the over-sensitized head of his cock was stimulated by fluttering vibrations at the back of her throat. Bate writhed helplessly within her coils, desperate to come but unable to thanks to the fingers she’d pressed into his sack.

“What does it feel like?” the scarlet imp asked. “Is it agony or ecstasy? I can never tell from the silly faces you lesser bugs pull.”

Bate didn’t know either. Only that it was overwhelming.

The snake girl reached under Bate with her other hand. A long finger circled and probed his anus.

Hey, not there. I ain’t queer, Bate thought. And then her warm finger slipped inside him and he didn’t care.

He glanced down again. The snake girl’s shoulders rose up and down with each suck. Even the soft coils wrapped around him squeezed with the same flexing rhythm. It was like she was putting everything—her whole body—into it.

“Ah, the final long squeeze and suck,” the scarlet imp said, for once her cynicism replaced with awe. Her hand strayed down to her crotch and started rubbing.

The snake girl’s soft coils tightened around Bate. He felt every suck pulse through her.

Squish, slurp, splush.

He heard the wet sounds as she sucked remorselessly on his throbbing erection. His whole body was gripped by a tremendous force. It was a slow muscular pull, as if she’d caught hold of something within him and was gradually—irresistibly—pulling it up out of him. Her finger tapped his prostate with the same rhythm as the pulses running through her soft serpentine body. Bate thrashed and writhed helplessly. It felt like tons of pressure were piling up inside him. Pressure he couldn’t contain.

Come. He wanted to come so bad. He wanted to yield to her, to spurt thick ropes of cum and watch it slide down her see-through throat. Yet her merciless fingers kept his pipes pinched, even as her finger in his ass and sucking mouth ratcheted his desire higher and higher.

Oh fuck, what was she doing down there?

Bate had to look and was shocked by what he saw. It was his cock. What was happening to his cock? The head was swelling. The opening at the tip, widening.

“Here it comes,” the scarlet imp said, her voice breathy as if she was approaching her own climax.

The swollen red head of Bate’s cock had swelled far bigger than he’d ever seen it before. Far bigger than should be physically possible. The opening at the end stretched and kept stretching as if something big was emerging. Stretched almost like he was giving birth, even though that couldn’t be possible. But wasn’t that a head? A spectral head slowly, laboriously pushing up out of the impossibly stretched tip of his cock. It looked familiar.

The snake girl coaxed it on with gentle rippling strokes.

“I’d hope for you to find your treasure in your next life, but it would be pointless,” the scarlet imp said, her cynicism returned. “There won’t be one for you now that Teeotonatikoatlia has you in her belly.”

The snake girl kept sucking. Her soft coils kept squeezing. Her chest swelled as she gave a great suck. She removed her fingers from Bate’s nutsack.

Oh fuck yeah, Bate thought. He was coming. It was going to be the biggest nut ever.

Slurp! Suck!

Bate exploded in a rainbow burst of pleasure. It felt like five… ten… a hundred orgasms going off simultaneously. It also felt like five or ten orgasms worth of jizz travelling up the inside of his cock. Or not jizz, something more solid. An obstruction being squeezed out. It was weird, like the relief of taking a large dump, but more… orgasmic.

Such relief. Like nothing he’d ever experienced.

Bate looked down and saw a weird sight. Rather than the thick streams of cum he expected to see spurting down the back of her throat it looked like a body was being squeezed out of his dick. Except it was as transparent and insubstantial as a ghost. That didn’t stop the snake girl’s body from swelling up as the spectral form passed down her gullet and into her belly.

Hey, that’s me, Bate thought.

Then everything shut off as if a switch had been flipped in his head.


“She sucked it out.”

“Calm down Stewart, you’re babbling.”

“Doc, I felt it. She sucked out that man’s soul.”


Name: Sun Lamia

Type: Lamia (Slime?)

Habitat: Cave Ruins.

Description: A snake girl with the upper body of an exotic belly dancer. Or a slime girl currently taking the form of a snake girl. Personally, I lead towards the former. While the sun lamia appears to have a soft, gelatinous body, she displays none of the plasticity of form observed in other slime girl HSIOs.

The fluid, or jelly, that makes up her body is clear yellow in colour and radiates both heat and light.

Attack Strategy: Multiple, and targeting different senses.

At long ranges the sun lamia can release a flash of light from her eyes that can both temporarily blind and stun.

At closer ranges the sun lamia breathes out thick clouds of gas that increase arousal and take away the will to fight. They also have a dance that has a mesmeric effect on onlookers.

All of this is to enable the lamia to get close enough to wrap her coils around her prey. Unlike an Earth constrictor, this is to deny movement rather than oxygen. The sun lamia uses her serpentine body to lock her captive’s limbs in such a way they are unable to move or offer any resistance once the effects of her aphrodisiac breath wear off. With her prey immobilised, the sun lamia instigates oral sex with them. At the point of orgasm she sucks out her prey’s soul.

(At this point I don’t care if my colleagues consider the concept of a soul to be unscientific, or even heretical. Some HSIOs, like the sun lamia, are capable of extracting some kind of animating spark from human beings at the point of sexual climax. We have examined the victims—either dead or in a coma. There isn’t a single decent medical reason for them to be in this state.)

Countermeasures: As there has only been one encounter with this type of HSIO, what follows is conjecture and theory.

Gas masks or nasal filters might negate her breath, assuming the drug compounds present within it are not absorbed through the skin.

Polarised filters might negate her eye flashes. There have been some successes in experimentation versus lesser HSIOs with similar disabling attacks.

My concern is that she almost certainly possesses other offensive capabilities we are as of yet still unaware of. The limited intel we have puts the only individual encountered in a similar power class to some of the higher tier succubi or demon HSIOs.

Also, while her body has been described as being soft, I would expect the sun lamia to have similar regenerative abilities as other high-threat HSIOs.

Threat Level: High (Medium?).

The only individual encountered appears to have been very old and powerful. It is unknown whether other sun lamia are this dangerous.

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  1. The original bate psychic?
    And another good one. Finnaly one of the hindigs has an name and this one apears to be on a deity level. Man i would have a hard time trying to kill the red imp that look like children.
    But after this whole ordeal if you survived h space you could never have sex again. Or maybe they only go after plain/homely looking girls.

  2. After this Every soilder is getting cold war cyanide cpasile in a tooth. And a small bomb (possibly thermo nucular) surgicall implanted set to go off when vitals cease.

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