H-space MGB: Pink Cushionblob

“You look tired and tense. Would you like a massage?” the pink girl on the pink bed asked.

Both the girl and bed were very pink. Not in the human-flesh-tone sense of pink, but the unnatural sort of artificial pink you’d expect to see on a manufactured item, like an inflatable or piece of plastic. Their surfaces even had a similar level of translucency to a balloon or see-through rubber inflatable.

PFC Stewart Peter Bate called it a bed, but it was really just a circular mattress plonked on the floor. It looked like a big rubber bladder filled with water, like one of those old sleazy waterbed mattresses without a frame. The pink girl was naked and lay on top of it. Her whole body—her skin, even—looked to be covered in the same translucent pink material that surrounded the mattress underneath her. While the rest of her was slender and sexily proportioned, her boobs looked as though they’d been attached to an air hose. Her tits were big and round and gave her the improbably proportioned figure of an anime pinup. She smiled at Bate and rubbed the surface of the mattress as if she wanted him to lie down with her.

Bate felt a twinge between his shoulder blades. It had been a long day. Yes, he would like a relaxing massage.

He slipped out of his clothes and climbed up on the bed.

Not only did it look like a waterbed, it swayed, rocked and sloshed like a waterbed. The surface looked like rubber, but it felt like warm, soft skin to touch. It also felt slightly moist and there was a strong odor of exotic perfume in the air—as if the whole bed had been soaked in scented oils.

Bate wondered if the girl with the bubblegum-pink skin felt the same, especially those juicy big tits. Smiling rakishly, Bate reached over to give them a good grope.

The girl smiled flirtatiously back at him, but batted his hands away before he could get a good feel.

“Later,” she said. “Massage first.”

Bate couldn’t push the issue, despite his obvious physical superiority to the girl. The slippery and pitching surface of the bed made it too hard for Bate to both keep his balance and try and sneak his hands through the pink girl’s defenses for a quick feel. Instead he did as the pink girl requested and lay down on his front with his arms outstretched and his legs slightly apart.

He wished he had a bed like this back at camp. It was so comfortable. He sank into the soft mattress and was gently rocked by the movement of the water within it.

He felt a weight settle on his buttocks and lower back as she sat astride him. Bate was already liking the direction this massage was taking.

“Can you do body-to-body?” he asked.

“If you like,” she said.

“And can you use your tits?” he asked. “I’d love to feel those puppies rubbing up and down my back.”

“It would be a pleasure,” she said. “I’ll cover you in my big soft boobs.”

And pleasure it was. She started with her hands. First they slid over his back like the whisper of a lover’s sigh. Then she started to apply more pressure—pushing down with her palms and smoothing out the muscles on either side of his spine. She needed no oil. Her hands exuded a natural lubricant of their own. She bent lower over him as her deft hands moved up to work on the taut muscles of his shoulders. They slithered higher to unknot the kinks in his neck.

Her technique was unusual. Where another masseuse might have kneaded the knots out with stiff fingers, her touch was light and gentle. All she had to do was lay her soft hands on his flesh and all the tension underneath simply melted away.

The first part of the massage was to relax him. The second was to inflame his arousal. For that she used her tits.

He felt them against his back. They were like two cushions filled with warm water that had little rubber nubs at their apex. She squashed her breasts against him as she lay down on top of him. Her soft boobs spread out across his back and he felt the warmth from them seep under his skin.

Like her hands, her breasts exuded a scented oil that acted as a lubricant. Cushioned by her considerable chest, the cushionblob slid over Bate. He felt her nipples trace lines up and down his back. He felt them draw spirals on his shoulder blades. He even felt her slide up high enough for him to feel the bulging pressure of her bust on either side of his head.

It was everything he wanted. Her body against his lit up pleasure receptors all over his skin.

“I can feel another kind of tension,” she said. Her hand slithered between his thighs and fondled his nuts. “Would you like me to take care of this as well?”

“That would really really make my day,” Bate said.

She got him to lift his hips. Not quite getting him to all fours, but high enough for her to get her skillful hands in underneath. With her lovely swollen boobs pressed against his back, she wrapped wet hands around Bate’s penis and stroked up and down.

It didn’t take her long to bring him to full erection and then she held his swollen manhood so it was pointing straight down. Using the full weight of her body, she pushed Bate’s crotch back down onto the mattress. The head of his cock came up against the elastic surface, but rather than sliding along it, the mattress gave way and Bate’s erection plunged through into not water but warm viscous jelly. The cushionblob was made of the same substance—she lay on top of Bate and her body softened until she covered the whole of him like a thick warm duvet… a stretchy rubber duvet that pinned Bate to the mattress and wouldn’t let him pull free. Not that Bate wanted to pull free. He felt so comfortable and the rippling sensation of the jelly moving around his erection was like nothing he’d ever experienced.

The slime girl’s core, a glob of darker and more viscous matter, rose up and pressed against Bate’s erection. His swollen glans dimpled the core’s surface and then the rest rolled smoothly up around his shaft until his whole cock was engulfed.

“Let me take all your cares away,” she whispered in his ear.

The bed and the girl were one, some part of his mind not currently smothered in bliss realized. Or rather, she was an extension of the bed he was currently lying upon. Or should that be in? Her body had softened and melted around him until his head was the only part of him not currently buried beneath warm pink jelly.

Then the globular mass wrapped around his cock began to slowly pulsate in and out, and every last part of Bate’s mind was lost to animal lusts. With each throb ripples tickled up his shaft like many dexterous fingers applying a tantric massage to his member. They squeezed, twisted and tugged until Bate could withstand it no more and he climaxed explosively.

The shuddering force of his ejaculation temporarily dislodged her core, but only for a moment before it returned—hungry—and engulfed him again. Bate’s erection was stretched out within it and sensitive spots on his shaft and glans were located and stimulated. Bate shuddered as he came again. This time his erection remained enveloped—the ejaculation a controlled milking.

The cushionblob rippled all over his back, the motions a whisper of bliss.

“Let it all out,” she said to him. “Release all that tension into me.”

The mattress that was really part of her gelatinous body slowly throbbed as she squeezed out and absorbed his cum. Bate’s issue puffed out within her semi-transparent body as milky-white clouds. Those clouds thickened as she drew more fluids out of Bate’s body. She held him in a state of insensate sexual bliss as she emptied him. The last to be drawn out was his soul. It sparkled within her as a cloud of glittering motes before fading away as she digested and absorbed it.


They eat our souls…?



Name: Pink Cushionblob

Type: Slime

Habitat: Caves (Temperate, Damp).

Description: The pink cushionblob has the form of a naked buxom girl with bright and slightly translucent pink skin lying on what looks like a large round waterbed mattress of the same colour. This is a type of slime girl that possesses so much additional mass it accumulates beneath them to form a large cushion or pillow. Their semi-liquid internal body is contained within an elastic membrane. Floating freely within the internal body is a core composed of darker, opaque material.

They are intelligent and possess a friendly disposition. At first they were thought to be a benign variety of hindig. As with most hindigs, they derive sustenance from human sexual fluids and initially they seemed content to trade sexual services for small amounts of seminal fluid extracted from willing partners. Now we know cushionblobs will sometimes drain a human to death and should be considered dangerous.

Attack Strategy: The pink cushionblob asks men (and sometimes women) to join them on their bed and the men (and sometimes women) join them on their bed. Why the men (and sometimes women) do this, we don’t know. Even with repeated warnings and foreknowledge of the risks, the men (and sometimes women) still do it. This makes me believe there may be additional factors in play other than sheer stupidity and desire to win a Darwin Award.

Once she has them on her bed, the cushionblob gives her prey an erotic body-to-body massage many have reported to be both thoroughly relaxing and highly arousing. If her prey is male, the cushionblob engulfs their penis and stimulates them to multiple orgasms. If female, the cushionblob extrudes part of her body into the prey’s vagina and absorbs the vaginal secretions produced during climax. This is not fatal unless the cushionblob brings her core into contact with her prey’s sexual organs. Contact with the core triggers a state of lethal hyper-arousal where the prey continues to climax helplessly until death occurs through loss of fluids.

(Should I mention the part where the cushionblob sucks out and absorbs the victim’s soul? Would anyone believe me?)

Countermeasures: I’d like to say, “Don’t join her on her bed you blithering idiots,” but people still do.

Maintaining discipline is important. At first the cushionblobs let people go to return to camp and spread stories about how good being with a cushionblob was. The curious would then seek the cushionblobs out to experience it for themselves. I’m convinced this was a deliberate and predetermined strategy.

Unlike other slime girls such as the blue specimen, HA-001, being studied back on Earth, pink cushionblobs are less protean in form and abilities. The external skin can be punctured and enough damage will result in the cushionblob being unable to hold their liquid body together. However, they are capable of rapidly closing and healing any wounds to their outer layer. Destroying the central core is a proven way of killing them for certain. Extreme cold is also effective, as are desiccating agents.

Threat Level: Why do they keep joining her on her bed…?


There must be a pheromone or mind control element we’re missing here. Our personnel are succumbing too frequently to the cushionblob’s temptations, even the forewarned and wary ones.

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