H-Space MGB: Paizu Succubus

She had the biggest pair of tits SGT Stewart Peter Bate had ever seen in the flesh. It was unfortunate he was a POW and she his captor.

“Name: Frank Meyer. Rank: Sergeant. Serial Number: 531-07-0374. Date of Birth: April 28th, 1990. This is all the information I am permitted to give you. I demand to be afforded the rights of a POW as per the Geneva Convention.”

The woman with the massive mammaries looked at him and laughed.

Woman wasn’t really the right word. She wasn’t human. Oh, she had plenty that looked human, in particular that eye-catching bust of hers, but she also had milky-white eyes with no iris or pupil, a pair of horns curling down behind her ears, a black devil’s tail with a spade tip, and a pair of vestigial bat wings emerging from her back that looked far too small to enable her to fly. She wore an outfit that resembled a complex cat’s cradle of black ribbons and was little more than lingerie. It looked like something a street hooker would wear underneath a fake fur coat. On someone else, in other circumstances, it might have turned Bate on.

Not now. Not like this. Currently he was imprisoned in a small square room with padded black walls. He was naked and slouched on a couch that felt like leather but softer and squishier. His wrists and ankles were bound with straps of the same material.

“Name: Frank Meyer. Rank: Sergeant. Serial Number: 531-07-0374. Date of Birth: April 28th, 1990. This is all the information I am permitted to give you. I demand to be afforded the rights of a POW as per the Geneva Convention,” he repeated.

“Why does he keep saying that?” another voice asked.

The tall, busty devil woman was followed into the room by a smaller, slender young women with the figure of a waif. She wasn’t human either. Her bright red skin gave that away long before getting to her other devilish features.

The scarlet imp looked familiar. She was the one responsible for Bate’s capture. He remembered her gloating smile as she’d got close enough to prick him with her trident. The pointed tines hadn’t penetrated deep, just enough to break his skin and get the drugs on their tips into his bloodstream.

Bate’s explo party had been ambushed by hindigs. Hard to believe what had looked like a bunch of schoolgirls in red paint had been able to take the squad down with such ease. Everything had gone black the moment she’d stuck her trident in him and then he’d woken up here. He wondered what had happened to the rest of his squad.

“It’s human foolishness,” the busty she-devil said.

“Name: Frank Meyer. Rank: Sergeant. Serial Number: 531-07-0374. Date of Birth: April 28th, 1990. This is all the information I am permitted to give you. I demand to be afforded the rights of a POW as per the Geneva Convention,” Bate said mulishly.

“Do you think we follow human rules and laws,” the scarlet imp said. “They have no meaning here.”

“Are you scared we might torture you?” the busty she-devil asked.

Bate stared sullenly at the floor and said nothing.

“It’s not what I’m here for,” she said.

“Or me,” the scarlet imp chirped.

The busty she-devil nudged Bate’s knees apart and went down on her knees between his legs. She swept her long wavy black hair behind her shoulders and undid her complicated bra.

“Like what you see?” she asked Bate as the shiny pink curves of her boobs fell free.

Bate did, if he was forced to be honest. They looked human enough, being a luscious flesh-tone pink in color with slightly darker nipples. Despite being enormous, there was no sag to them.

“They feel as nice as they look,” the busty she-devil said and demonstrated this by flopping them down into his lap.

And Bate couldn’t deny they did indeed feel as nice as they looked. His cock was buried beneath soft, silky-smooth boobs. She moved her upper body in a circle, rubbing her tits against his cock. This triggered a pleasant feeling in his crotch and his cock started to stiffen. As it hardened, his erection pushed against the pliant surface of her tits.

Bate watched her slutty display and wondered what they thought they were trying to achieve.

“This isn’t going to work,” he said. “You’re not going to get anything out of me.”

The she-devil put a hand around his cock and started to lazily pump it up and down.

“We’ll see,” she said.

She lifted a boob up and rested it on the swollen head of Bate’s erection.

“She’s going to get plenty out of you,” the scarlet imp said. “She’s going to get it all.”

The busty she-devil wrapped two hands around his cock and pumped, stroked and twisted.

“She can use all her hooker’s tricks on me,” Bate said. “I’m not giving you anything more than my name, rank and serial number.”

Bate was actually quite hoping she’d use more of those hooker’s tricks on him. He wasn’t going to tell them anything, but he’d enjoy whatever she did try to get him to talk.

The scarlet imp lay on the couch at right angles to Bate and rested her chin on her folded arms.

“Once Poripapilla has her soft tits wrapped round your cock you’ll tell her anything she wants. But, to tell the truth, it doesn’t really interest us.”

Poripapilla wrapped her warm breasts around his cock and plumped them up against him like soft pillows. She let out a series of sultry oohs and aahs as if this was a performance in a porn movie. Her fingers dimpled the smooth skin of her breasts as she rubbed them up and down Bate’s erection. She really had a monster rack. Bate was no slouch in the trouser department, but when she plumped her tits together, the marshmallow-soft flesh swallowed up his ten inches in their entirety.

“Poripapilla is here to milk you,” the scarlet imp said.

Bate felt the pleasurable friction as her boobs rubbed against him. It was easy to work out what they meant by milk him. She was going to keep titty-fucking him until he came. What he couldn’t understand was why they thought this was a big deal.

Poripapilla pouted her lips at him like an irresistibly slutty porn star. She smooshed her tits up against his cock. The soft flesh and smooth skin packed up close to his manhood and made it feel like he was moving back and forth inside a warm tight pussy. Bate felt a tickly stirring sensation in his balls. A few minutes of this and she was going to make him come.

Bate was okay with this turn of events.

Was this some weird cultural misunderstanding between humans and the hindigs of H-space? Did they think this was a bad thing, that they were torturing him? It felt like a cultural misunderstanding. Maybe being jerked off and made to come by your enemy had some special significance—a source of shame, an admission of surrender—he didn’t understand.

Bate wondered what he should do. Should he play along, beg her to stop torturing him with her luscious big fluffy tits? He didn’t want to risk overselling it and tipping them off that humans didn’t think big bouncy titwanks were that bad of a thing.

Poripapilla plumped her tits together a little more forcefully—a little tighter—than before and Bate’s cock gave a little twitch. Not an ejaculation, but a warning one was on the way.

Poripapilla’s eyes brightened. She stopped fluffing her tits up against Bate’s cock.

“Ooh,” she said. “I feel wetness. He’s leaking pre-cum.”

“Can I tell him?” the scarlet imp asked.

“Oh yes,” Poripapilla said. “I adore it when they try to hold back.”

“Poripapilla is a Paizu Succubus,” the scarlet imp said to Bate. “Succubi drain men’s essence with sex. Paizu succubi specialize in using their tits. They wrap those big soft boobs around a man’s prick and soak up all his life and energy like a sponge.”

“Don’t make us sound so unpleasant,” Poripapilla said. “We’re nice succubi. We always give our lovers a chance.”

“She needs you to come,” the scarlet imp said. “Your semen is the trigger her body needs to absorb your prick. Then, once she’s absorbed you, those big boobs will pump out all the life in your body.”

“You make it sound so icky,” Poripapilla complained.

She placed one arm across her boobs, holding them in place like a bar while she bounced them up and down in his lap. Her other hand reached under and tickled the underside of his nutsack.

“Think of it as two lovers becoming one in an act of sensual union,” she said.

“You’re not my lover,” Bate retorted. “Whatever is happening here has nothing to do with love.”

Poripapilla feigned hurt briefly before her full red lips turned up in a crafty smile.

“I like the defiant ones,” she said. “Their taste is so adorably spicy.”

She jiggled her boobs around his erection. The soft flesh pressing and rubbing against Bate’s cock kept him hard.

“So, it’s simple,” the scarlet imp said with a malicious smile. “If you want to live, don’t come.”

“And what do you get from this?” Bate scowled at her.

“I get first taste,” the scarlet imp replied. She kicked her feet up behind her like a giddy teen. “As is my right, for I was the one who captured you.”

This was crazy, Bate thought. He must be dreaming.

Plump, plump. Shake. Squeeze. Rub up and down. The woman with horns kept plumping her big tits against Bate’s hard-on.

It couldn’t be real. He was asleep and a nightmare had gotten tangled up with a wet dream.

“Is he coming?” the scarlet imp asked after a few minutes of Poripapilla squeezing and jiggling her boobs against Bate’s cock.

“He’s close,” Poripapilla said. “There’s so much pre-cum oozing out of his cock it’s making my boobs all wet and slippery.”

“I bet it feels like a tight wet twat in there,” the scarlet imp said.

“Yes, put your head back and imagine it’s my tight wet cunt giving your prick a good squeeze.”

Poripapilla pressed her breasts tightly together right on squeeze. A shiver ran through Bate and a soft moan escaped his lips. So close and yet according to them he couldn’t—shouldn’t—come.

“Make him come,” the scarlet imp said.

The older succubus laughed.

“The little one is getting impatient. I’d like to drag it out for longer, but we’ve been playing for long enough. It’s time you were milked.”

She rearranged her breasts, pulling them apart and then wrapping them back around Bate’s cock. He caught a brief glimpse of his glans—swollen and red like a miniature apple—before it was smothered and buried in soft pink boob flesh.

Poripapilla wrapped her arms around her bust to hold her tits in place, then she started to bounce them up and down in Bate’s lap. Slow at first, but getting faster and harder. Buried within, Bate’s cock slid back and forth between her soft pillows of flesh.

Poripapilla’s all-white eyes were bright as she stared right at him. Playfulness was shed for crude dirty talk.

“Come,” she exhorted. “Make my tits filthy with your seed. Spurt it all over them.”

Bate writhed and squirmed on the couch. It was like fucking, just like fucking. And now he wanted to come, really wanted to come. Like he was about to burst.

Poripapilla kept bouncing her tits up and down in his lap. His cock slid back and forth between their silky-smooth softness.

He felt an ominous twitch. Poripapilla homed right in on it. She pressed her hands against her overflowing tits and squeezed the marshmallow-soft flesh around the sensitive head of Bate’s cock.

No good. It was like cracks appearing on a dam. He couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Aw, fuck it. This was nothing more than a nightmarish wet dream anyway. It was far too weird to be real.

“Come,” Poripapilla demanded. She squeezed.

That was enough to take Bate over the edge. His body trembled with orgasm. His hips bucked, his cock swelled and he emptied a big fat load in the warm, silky-smooth crevice between her tits. He couldn’t see any of it. Poripapilla had glomped her massive breasts together and Bate’s cock and issue were buried within. His cock twitched as it poured more into her warm cleavage.

Too warm, Bate thought. And it felt strange as well, like his erection was sinking into soft marshmallow.

Poripapilla gave an erotic sigh and pushed her tits down deeper into his lap.

“Oops, you couldn’t hold it back,” the scarlet imp said. “Now her big tits are going to suck you all up like a sponge.”

That was ridiculous, Bate thought. And shouldn’t this wet dream be over? Weren’t they supposed to end when you jizzed yourself?

Poripapilla gave a soft little grunt. Her tits shivered and flexed.

Bate jerked on the soft couch. What was that? It was like she’d found an invisible string attached to his vitals and was reeling it out through his cock. It was far less painful than it sounded. The opposite even. There was a warm glow emanating from between her breasts that was transmitted and spread through his body until he was left in a state of blissful relaxation. Her big boobs pulsed around him and it was like she’d grabbed the end of the string and tugged.

Bate let out a soft groan as another climax blasted through him.

Oh fuck, that felt so good.

And it wasn’t stopping. It was a constant flow of bliss pouring into her gently pulsing boobs. The scarlet imp had been right when she’d said they were like a sponge. It was as if the rest of his body was so envious of how good his cock felt nestled between her big soft boobs it wanted to join it and was mobilizing to do so.

Poripapilla’s boobs swelled as she soaked up Bate’s fluids. Already massive to begin with, they expanded beyond porn plastic surgery size and into territories only visited by the febrile imaginations of frustrated hentai artists. Their weight and softness overflowed Bate’s lap. His cock twitched and his eyelids fluttered in ecstasy as her poured more and more of himself into her. He couldn’t stop. Didn’t want to stop.

Bate’s body withered and wasted as Poripapilla’s boobs grew. The last thing Bate saw before his vision faded to black was the scarlet imp approaching one of the grotesquely expanded boobs. Her eyes gleamed like a junkie getting their fix as she battened onto an oozing nipple and sucked.


“This is… I don’t have words. We’ve never had this level of insight into the hindigs—their community… organization. This is exciting. Really exciting.”

“Doc. A man died… was killed.”

“Fuck. It’s easy to lose sight of that, especially when there’s been so many. I don’t want to be like the other bastards, who treat men’s lives as pieces to be pushed across a chessboard. Never let me forget, Stewart.”



Name: Paizu Succubus

Type: Succubus

Habitat: Unknown. Likely urban, or whatever equivalent the HSIOs have for urban.

Description: As standard for succubus-class HSIOs—a tall, busty and stunningly attractive young woman with additional non-human “devil” features of horns, wings and a tail. In the paizu succubus’s case the wings appear to be vestigial and incapable of flight. Other identifying features include their milky-white eyes with no pupil or iris and large, prominent breasts.

Attack Strategy: Succubi feed on sex. Paizu Succubi specialise in mammary intercourse. Exposure to human semen softens the skin of the intermammary cleft and the paizu succubus absorbs her prey’s penis into her flesh. Once the penis is absorbed the paizu succubus is able to trigger massive over-production of semen in her victim. They absorb and store the fluids of their prey within their large breasts, which are capable of expanding to many times their original size.

We know paizu succubi allow lesser HSIOs to suckle and obtain nourishment from their breasts. As of yet we haven’t identified if this is a regular part of the food chain or done for other societal reasons. We don’t even know which occupies the higher position in the social hierarchy, although if I was forced to guess, I would say it is the paizu succubus.

Aside from their feeding habits, we know very little about this type of succubus. They have never been encountered on the field of battle by our forces and as a result we know nothing of their combat capabilities or even if they engage in combat at all.

Countermeasures: As so little is known about this type of succubus and their capabilities it is difficult to formulate appropriate countermeasures. Instead I can only detail the standard warnings when dealing with H-space succubi.

Firstly be aware that they use their supernatural sex appeal to distract, confuse and sometimes even hypnotise. Don’t be fooled by their appearance. The paizu succubus likely has similar regenerative capabilities to those observed in other succubus-class HSIOs. They heal wounds extremely rapidly, making them much more durable and harder to kill than their appearance suggests.

Threat Level: Not known, but likely high.

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