H-space MGB: Glass Arachne

The spider’s body looked as though it had been spun out of glass. Its cuticle was transparent and the body looked as delicate as the microscopic plankton CPL Stewart Peter Bate had observed while studying Biology back at university. Unlike those tiny organisms swimming around in a petri dish, this spider was not microscopic in scale, being about the same size as a full-grown person.

It also wasn’t a spider. Where the head should be was the upper half—torso, head and shoulders—of a woman. Or rather, something that looked like a woman. Her ears were long and pointed. And while her human half had more color than her spider half, being a fleshy shade of pink, her skin had a similar translucency to decorative glass. She had six shiny black ovals on her forehead. They could have been ornate stones, but Bate had a feeling they were additional eyes.

Before putting aside such childish things on becoming a man and entering the military, Bate used to play Dungeons & Dragons with the other kids in the neighborhood. He remembered there was a monster that was half-spider, half-woman—drider. Out here they used another name—arachne, from the Greek myth. One was fiction, the other myth. The creature standing in front of Bate on a thick strand of shimmery pink webbing was neither. He shivered as she approached him.

“Oh, are you cold?” the glass arachne asked. Her voice was high, musical and utterly alien.

Bate was naked and the stone cavern he was currently suspended in was drafty and chilly, but this wasn’t the reason why he was shivering.

The arachne scuttled up to him and placed a warm hand against his exposed skin.

“Why, you are,” she said. “I can feel the gooseflesh. Poor thing. I’ll spin you something nice to keep you warm.”

She sprayed thick silken thread from the tip of her bulbous abdomen and wrapped it around Bate in a fluffy cocoon. The silk was pink and impregnated with a substance that was absorbed through Bate’s skin.

“Does that feel better?”

She hung from Bate’s cocooned back while she finished up wrapping his legs.

“I might be a spider, but I don’t bite,” she whispered in his ear and then promptly contradicted that by giving him a playful nip on the earlobe. “Not hard anyway,” she said, close enough for her warm breath to tickle through the folds and crevices of his ear. “My venom is in my webs.”

And she’d wrapped them all around Bate. He felt the tingling warmth of her venom sinking into him, spreading through him, making changes…

“It’s poisoning you right now,” she whispered, “but you don’t need to be afraid. I’m not like other spiders. My venom isn’t nasty and painful. It will make you feel nice… make you feel horny.”

She reached around to stroke Bate’s visible erection.

Bate knew this. The glass arachne’s aphrodisiac-steeped webs were how he’d gotten into this predicament.

He’d been exploring the tunnels close to Camp Jacob with his squad when they’d encountered the cobwebs. They looked like earth spiderwebs, although the strands were thicker and a pinkish color instead of white.

Karlsson, at point, raised an arm to brush them aside when passing through a particularly thick curtain of the stuff. He came to an abrupt halt the moment the silken strands came into contact with the exposed flesh of his forearm.

“Whoa,” he said.

“What is it?” Bate asked.

“You gotta feel this,” Karlsson said. “It feels weird… nice…”

Bate tentatively touched one of the silken lines. Unlike normal cobweb, it wasn’t sticky. Instead it felt smooth like expensive silk. Bate wrapped a fist around it and…


A warm tingle spread down his arm and collected as a warm glow in his genitals. Karlsson was right. It felt really nice. Nice enough to turn Bate on. He felt a constriction in his underwear and realized his penis had swelled up in an erection.

Karlsson pressed two hands into the big cobweb stretched along the tunnel wall. He let out a soft little sigh and his hips gave an almost imperceptible twitch that made Bate wonder if the other man had just jizzed his pants.

Bate didn’t care either way. Idly, he was wondering what it would feel like to grab a handful of that silk and rub it up and down his cock. He gave serious consideration to pulling his pants down and giving it a try.

Then the spider-women with their sticky ropes came and dragged the men off to caverns deeper underground.

And now he was wrapped up in a cocoon of the same thread. His body trembled uncontrollably as hot flushes ran through him. His cock, the only part of his body aside from his face not currently cocooned in thick silk, bulged outwards—a throbbing pole of flesh. It was so engorged with blood Bate feared it might blow at any moment. He rocked his hips back and forth in a feverish attempt to rub his erection against anything that would provide the friction to get him off. The cocoon restricted his movements too much to let him and all that happened was his bulging manhood waggled comically in the air.

The spider-woman smiled at the display. She’d made a hammock out of her webbing and was lying back on it as she faced him. Bate saw the internal organs of her spider abdomen pulsing away through her transparent cuticle.

“Time to feed,” she said. “And this, I’m sorry to say, is where I’m very much like a spider. I’m going to suck all your juices out of you.”

Bate’s eyes widened and he would have cried out had his mouth not been gagged with silk.

“Don’t look at me like that,” the arachne said with a teasing smile. “You don’t know which juices I’m about to suck or how I’ll suck them. I think you’ll like it.”

The tip of her abdomen opened up and revealed a fleshy tunnel with transparent fleshy walls slathered in wet lubricant.

“I’m going to put you in my thread pot and squirt my softest silk all around that big fat prick until you go mad with the pleasure.”

Her abdomen swung forwards. The tip caught the head of Bate’s bobbing erection and drew it into that tight wet orifice. Bate closed his eyes and braced himself to feel something horrible—cold, wet, slimy. Instead it felt very similar to entering a warm, tight, wet vagina. The moist walls squeezed and rippled. Muscular undulations grabbed his cock and pulled him deeper inside her. He could even see it happening. The fleshy tunnel, like her outer exoskeleton, was completely transparent. He saw his engorged cock moving back and forth inside her. He watched as his foreskin was dragged back and forth by her tight walls rubbing against him. It felt like fucking… filthy, tight fucking.

Anal with a spider, part of his mind giggled.

“Oh yes,” the arachne said. “That feels good doesn’t it. And now my special silk.”

Strange organs—her silk glands—pulsed and worked within her see-through abdomen. Lines of pink fluid streamed out of them and collected in bulbous reservoirs along the length of her fleshy tunnel. Those bulbs contracted and sunken spinnerets span and wrapped sheets of wet silk around Bate’s member. As the arachne’s abdomen pulsed and moved back and forth Bate felt the smooth silken threads slide up and down his shaft. The threads caught on the ridge where the bulbous head of his cock swelled outwards and flicked back and forth, the stimulation causing Bate to squirm in helpless pleasure. Her aphrodisiac venom was stronger here, being in direct contact with the organ she wanted to stimulate.

The glass arachne sighed and let out erotic moans as she moved her abdomen back and forth. One hand cupped her breast and she rubbed a finger over her erect nipple in a circular motion. Her other hand went down to her sex and she sent two slender fingers down between her labia to rummage around inside her silken depths. She pleasured herself as she pleasured Bate.

Her sunken spinnerets squeezed more silk around Bate’s throbbing hard-on. This she didn’t bother to weave, instead smothering Bate’s cock in a thick sticky pillow of molten silk. Her walls undulated and squeezed as she squished the aphrodisiac-laden glob against him. Her venom seeped through the skin of his penis and stoked his arousal into a raging inferno.

“I’ve given you my silk, now it’s time for you to give me your fluids,” she said.

Air hissed between her teeth as she took in a breath. The walls of her thread pot narrowed. She spurted more dollops of wet, sticky silk onto Bate’s twitching cock.

The sensation took Bate over the edge and he broke with a muffled cry. His cock throbbed and he spurted thick ropes of cum inside her. The glass arachne sighed with satisfaction as his milky-white issue spread throughout her see-through abdomen. Strands were drawn into her pulsing silk glands and their output changed. The pink silk travelling in pulsing lines down to the tip of her abdomen gave off a faint glow. She squirted the new mixture and Bate felt like his cock had been wrapped up in pure heaven. Muscles spasmed uncontrollably in his sex organs as he released an even greater quantity of semen inside her.

“Ahh,” the spider-woman sighed. “I don’t suck the fluids out of my prey. They give them to me freely, in great throbbing spurts of pleasure.”

Her abdomen throbbed and pulsed. Her muscular walls squished the warm gooey mess against Bate’s out-of-control cock. His erection wasn’t going down and neither were his ejaculations finished. He threw back his head as another great flood of semen erupted from him.

“Yesss,” the arachne hissed. “Pump them into me.”

Bate’s ejaculations blurred together. His semen—his fluids—spurted from him in a continuous throbbing stream. It spread through her abdomen until the cuticle started to lose its transparency and take on a milky-white luster.

Bate’s vision faded as he emptied out. At the end he thought he saw a cloud of shiny billowing motes spout from the end of his cock. And then, weirdly, he was that cloud of billowing motes, staring out through the translucent wall of her abdomen at his cocooned and withered husk. The sense of dislocation was short and temporary. The next moment the floating fragments of his soul were drawn into a vile black organ at the heart of the demon and he knew no more.



Name: Glass Arachne

Type: Arachne

Habitat: Underground Caves

Description: One of the many types of arachne or spider-woman demon that infest the cave systems beneath the surface of H-space. They are a nightmarish combination of spider and woman, with a humanoid torso replacing the head of a gigantic spider. All arachnes encountered so far have been female and it is unknown whether male arachnes exist at all.

Glass arachne are unusual in that the integument of their spider half is completely transparent. Before coming to H-space I might have postulated it an adaptation for living in lightless caves. Now I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s because the spider demon wants to show exactly what she’s doing to her prey’s penis while it is inside her.

Attack Strategy: As with Earth spiders, glass arachnes use webs to catch prey. Their webs are pink rather than white. This is because the silk is impregnated with a powerful aphrodisiac toxin that is absorbed on skin contact. Vibrations in the web inform the arachne of potential prey and the aphrodisiac venom keeps the prey distracted long enough for the arachne to reach them and drag them off with ropes of sticky silk.

Once in her lair the arachne wraps her prey up in a cocoon of venom-saturated silk. Exposure to larger quantities of the aphrodisiac toxin triggers a physiological change in the subject that results in massive overproduction of seminal fluids at the expense of all other biological processes. The arachne stimulates her prey sexually and slowly sucks out all their fluids through their penis. While the intermediary steps are more complex, the end result is exactly what you’d expect to see if a man was predated on by a giant spider—a mummified husk wrapped up in silk.

The glass arachne can imbibe their victim’s fluids through her mouth, vagina, anus and even the specialised canal where her silks are produced. They seem to prefer using their abdomen, despite its repulsive non-human appearance. I suspect they gain a perverse delight from this, as they seem to enjoy showing their victims what they’re doing to them and will often pick a sexual position that allows their victim to see his own penis inside her.

Countermeasures: Despite the glass arachne’s delicate glass-like appearance, their exoskeleton, even the parts covering their human half, is hard enough to function as protective armour. Small calibre bullets and knives will have trouble penetrating. As with other arachnes, they don’t like fire and flamethrowers have proven very effective.

Glass arachne webs should not be touched without protective clothing as the aphrodisiac toxin is absorbed through the skin and acts quickly.

For a while we were able to lure arachnes into traps by vibrating their webs and ambushing those that came to investigate. Unfortunately, they possess human-equivalent intelligence and quickly wised up to this strategy. The last time it was attempted it resulted in a counter-ambush that resulted in the loss of the whole team.

Threat Level: Moderate.

Don’t touch any strange webs you might encounter underground.

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  1. Additional counter messure. If the cave is full of them, cave in , mustard gas, spray pain warrnings move one. In the event of a single threat.
    Piano wire nets/traps/netgun that when attached springs and constricts target. Cutting deaper into it the more it struggles. ( made out of [REDACTED] metal.)

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