H-space MGB: Anophelena

SPC Stewart Peter Bate was hot, sticky and seriously pissed off. This stinking swamp, a morass of twisting vegetation, extended as far as he could see in all directions.

He was pissed off at the government for posting him out to this shithole. He was pissed off at his commanding officers for scheduling him the shitty grunt work that facilitated his requirement to be in this shithole. Bate had been to college. He had a degree. He was supposed to enter the forces at a level higher than grunt. Couldn’t they have found some uneducated Louisiana coonasses to do this? Heck, they’d probably feel right at home.

This was a boardwalk to make inroads into this swampy region. Vehicles weren’t reliable because of the weird physics of H-space, so one of the bright young officers had come up with the idea of using bicycles to courier messages between the various outposts.

More than the government and his COs, Bate was pissed off at himself for making the rookie mistake of getting turned around and lost like some moron greenhorn out in the wilds for the first time.

However, none of these things pissed him off as much as the constant high-pitched whine he kept hearing in his ears. It was like being in bed at night and unable to sleep because you could hear a mosquito buzzing around and knew you had to swat that bloodsucker otherwise you’d wake up covered in itchy bites. This was that times ten.

Reflexively, Bate flailed a hand through the air in the vicinity of his ear. He was sure a goddamned skeeter was trying to dive-bomb him. That sound had been driving him nuts all day. He had no idea what was causing it. Sometimes he caught flickers of movement out of the corner of his eye but when he turned all he saw was more twisted branches and sweating vegetation.

He blamed that buzzing whine for causing him to get lost. He’d been too busy thinking about how it was bugging the hell out of him he hadn’t paid close enough attention to where he was walking.

Now the light was fading and he was no closer to finding his way back to the path. The buzzing whine didn’t help. If only it would stop for one goddamned minute to allow him to fucking clear his head and think.

Bate caught more movement on the periphery of his vision. This time he turned fast enough to see a human-sized shape slip behind a tangled knot of tainted plant life.

Bate was irritated enough to consider spraying bullets around him in a circle until the maddening sound stopped. He didn’t because the only man-sized shapes out here were his fellow grunts.

“Hey, quit fucking around,” he called out.

He chased after the shape. He rounded the bush in time to see the figure drift into a dense patch of fetid reeds.

Strange. He knew it had to be one of the guys yanking his chain, but before the figure had moved out of view he would have sworn he saw a pair of naked feet floating above the brackish puddles, like their owner was being carried or even floating just above the ground.

No. It had to be one of the guys—those assholes—screwing with him.

He reached the reed patch, or some alien equivalent. The plants looked like head-high bulrushes topped with lurid purple dildos. Whichever asshole was yanking his chain had gone in there. Bate bet it was Murata. Fucker was probably crouched down with his hand over his mouth, trying not to laugh. Bate was going to beat his skinny ass. He took a step in…

…and fell flat on his face.

The ground was not solid here. Bate had taken a step forward and his foot had come down on a mixture of water and mud that might as well have been empty air.

Fuck. Now he was lost, covered in mud and soaked through to the skin.

Worst of all, he could still hear that fucking stupid buzzing whine!

It seemed to be getting louder, and coming from behind him. In the moment Bate became aware it wasn’t in his head, that there was something coming up behind him, it was already too late. He felt a sharp, jabbing sensation in his left buttock and everything went black.

Bate woke to find himself lying on some kind of small, bent-over tree with his wrists and ankles lashed to the branches with ropes made out of fibrous green reeds. He was naked and tied in a position that made it look as though he was sitting in stirrups and waiting for a gynecological examination.

Worst of all, Bate could still hear that goddamn buzzing! It was louder than before and felt like a blunt chainsaw grinding against the inside of his skull.

He pulled at his bonds without any success. He was stuck and completely at the mercy of… who?

The buzzing sounds in his skull started to resolve into voices.

“Is he to your liking?”

“Yes, he is perfect. You have done well.”

Bate’s eyes accustomed enough to the gloomy half-light to see there were shapes moving around him. In size and shape they resembled human beings—naked women to be exact—but their movements weren’t right. They floated with their arms and legs hanging limply down as though they were suspended on a meathook. Closer inspection revealed both their support and the source of the buzzing sounds that had been driving Bate crazy all day. Each had a large pair of transparent insect wings emerging from between their shoulder blades. These were not their only insect feature—Bate saw each had a long cylindrical abdomen extending behind their drifting legs.

Hindigs, Bate thought.

They were mutants—or aliens—that possessed a mix of human and nonhuman parts. Bate had heard of them, although this was the first time he’d encountered any.

One of the insect girls drifted over to him. It was as he’d heard—she was a strange mix of sexy and fucking weird. She had a lovely, exotically beautiful face with wide bright eyes. She also possessed an equally lovely pair of curvaceous breasts that happened to be completely uncovered. If it hadn’t been for the color of her skin—Goth-pale, bordering on white—her bust and face wouldn’t have looked out of place on the pages of a nudie magazine. Hell, give her some tats and she’d be perfect for the alt skin mags and websites the weirder kids liked.

Bate suspected even those weirdos would have baulked at her other features. There was plenty of insect mixed in with the glamour-model curves. A long pair of antennae grew out of and drooped down from her temples. Chitinous black plates covered most of her back and wrapped around to cover parts of her chest and midriff. She also possessed an additional pair of insect arms beneath her regular human arms. They were spindly, black, jointed and terminated in small, three-fingered hands. This was before you even got to the wings whirring away or the long cylindrical abdomen growing out of her butt he thankfully couldn’t see from this angle.

“How are you?” she said.

Said wasn’t the right word. Her full red lips were bunched up in a sexy pout and never moved. He heard her words as if they’d been buzzed directly into his brain.

“What do you want?” Bate demanded.

The insect girl wrapped a warm hand around his flaccid member. “This.”

Fucking nympho hindig. He’d heard they were supposedly obsessed with sex, although the stories Bate had heard had ranged from lewd bragging to dead-eyed horror. Hindigs could fuck your brains out in both the figurative and literal sense. Given that Bate was securely tied up and completely at her mercy, he hoped it was the former rather than the latter.

No, fuck that. No way was he sticking his dick in some alien insect bitc… ooh!

She crouched down between his legs. One hand slithered all over and pumped his cock while her other hand gently fondled and massaged his balls. The scientists claimed they were the first humans to set foot in this dimension. Well, if that was the case, there must be some male bugs buzzing around with similar plumbing because this girl had picked up plenty of practice.

She worked his junk like a pro and he felt a warm pleasurable feeling envelop his loins as his cock swelled up in an erection. Her jet-black eyes fixed on his as her nimble fingers slithered, twisted, squeezed and pumped in ways that had Bate hard and throbbing.

“I want to give you a good hard suck,” she said.

Again the words were buzzed right in Bate’s skull without her moving her lips. They remained bunched up in an alluring pout. Bate imagined those luscious red lips wrapped around his manhood and his erection flexed even harder.

She moved close enough for her bulging titties to brush against his twitching shaft.

Bate wouldn’t mind slipping it between those puppies either.

Aw fuck it. There wasn’t anything he could do to stop it, so he might as well enjoy it.

“Take your best suck,” he said.

Lips still pursed together in a seductive pout, she placed hands on her breasts and sandwiched Bate’s cock between them. She rubbed her soft mammaries against him and tilted her face—and those lush, moist lips—down towards his lap.

Titwank plus blowjob, there were worse ways to be treated as a prisoner, Bate thought.

He noticed there was something in her mouth—something slender and black that tapered to a point. It looked like she was sucking on a black straw with a pointed tip that was so short it only just poked out of the plush ring of her red lips. Then it poked out more and extended…

…and extended…

…until a black spike a foot long had emerged from between her lips.

Bate understood now why she didn’t talk through her mouth. Beneath those luscious red lips her mouthparts were all insect. This was her proboscis and Bate was uncomfortably aware the pointed tip was focused right on the swollen red head of his cock as though someone had slapped a big bright bullseye on it.

He squirmed ineffectually against his bonds.

The mosquito girl gripped his balls and gave them a squeeze that wasn’t painful, but clearly hinted that it could be.

“Be still,” she said. “This won’t hurt.”

Bate stopped squirming. The mosquito girl wrapped a hand around his shaft and held his cock in place while her proboscis descended. He couldn’t look away and could only watch in horror as the tip of the slender black tube went into his urethral opening and slid smoothly into his cock. He kept expecting burning pain, but there was nothing more than a weird sensation of fullness.

“I like to suck right from the source,” she said. “Don’t worry, you’ll still feel the same pleasure… maybe more.”

She plumped her tits against his cock. The sensations of her warm soft flesh pressing against him on the outside and squeezing him up against the smooth rod inserted down the center of his cock had him trembling in pleasure. Her cheeks became concave and she sucked. Bate’s pleasures peaked in one bone-rattling explosion of euphoria. The strange thing was that the orgasm didn’t go anywhere. His cock throbbed around her proboscis, but he wasn’t able to push it out of his body or ejaculate past it. His climax fell back on itself and the backwash concentrated in his loins as a warm glow. He also felt a strange drawing sensation and realized it was the mosquito girl sucking his semen up her proboscis. It was a pleasant tickly sensation inside him that sent an equally pleasant tingly static-like sensation across his skin.

“That was some suck,” Bate said.

A post-orgasmic feeling of euphoria washed over him. He forgot about being tied down. He forgot about the proboscis inserted into his cock. Okay, it wasn’t so much forget as didn’t care. After all, it could have been a lot worse.

“Why, I’ve barely begun to suck,” the woman said.

That tickly sensation wormed deeper into Bate and coiled around his testicles and prostate. Her cheeks sank in. She plumped her tits up against Bate’s erection and took another suck.

It triggered another detonation of pleasure in Bate’s crotch. He moaned at the intensity of it and thrashed his head from side to side. The mosquito girl sucked and sucked and that tickly drawing sensation intensified and triggered secondary explosions of bliss.

The drawing sensation grew more powerful and Bate felt her bountiful breasts pulse around his shaft. He looked down at her perfect pink swollen spheres. They slowly pulsed with the same rhythm as the jerking sucks tugging on Bate’s whole body. And swelled. Bate was wedged deep within her cleavage and he felt the softness of her expanding boobs pressing all around him. Only the tip of his cock was visible now as it poked up out of the top. It was linked to her moist red lips by the slender black tube of her proboscis. As her cheeks worked back and forth and her boobs pulsed like twin hearts he heard the sound of his fluids rushing up the inside of her feeding tube.

Then another orgasm burst within him and Bate’s head tipped back. That was strong. So strong. It blasted through him and kept blasting and left him as weak and floppy as a rag doll. She kept sucking, kept drawing, and Bate kept trembling like he was spunking a never-ending stream of cum.

“More?” she buzzed playfully in his mind.

She didn’t wait for an answer. This time the great chambers in her abdomen opened up and expanded. She sucked.

Bate let loose a gargling cry of pleasure that collapsed into a dry rattle as his body shrank in on itself and withered into a wizened husk as the anophelena sucked out all his fluids. Contentedly full, she withdrew her proboscis from his cock and retracted it back behind her luscious red pout. Then, heavy with Bate’s fluids and soul, she languidly buzzed away across the reeds and brackish water.



Name: Anophelena (cn: Mosquito Girl)

Type: Insect

Habitat: Swamp. Marshland.

Description: Looks like an attractive human woman crossed with a giant mosquito. This hybridisation manifests as the presence of antennae, wings, a long cylindrical abdomen extending from their rump, and an additional pair of arms. Unlike the primary pair, the secondary pair of arms are not recognisably human, being spindly, black and closer in appearance to an insect limb, albeit on a considerably larger scale.

Despite being human-sized, their wings are capable of generating enough lift to enable them to fly. As with Earth mosquitos, they possess a comb like organ that rubs against the wings to generate a constant buzzing sound. At high volume these sounds have a disorienting effect on most humans. At low volume the anophelena are able to shape these sounds into a facsimile of human speech in order to communicate with us. Without this they would not be able to talk at all as their mouths, despite outwardly appearing human, hide a long retractable proboscis the anophelena uses to feed with.

Attack Strategy: Anophelena are fragile and not evolved for direct combat. Their wings give them some manoeuvrability, but they are not particularly fast fliers, preferring instead to skim close to the ground. Their preferred strategy is to use the loud buzzing of their wings to disorient their target while they sneak up on them. Once close enough, the anophelena jabs her proboscis into the target’s flesh and injects a strong narcotic to render them unconscious.

The anophelena then carries her prey off to a safe location and ties them down so she can feed unhindered and at her leisure. She can feed on blood, but for some reason, as with other H-space indigenous organisms, they prefer to get their prey aroused sexually and drink their sexual fluids. In this case the anophelena inserts her proboscis into the urethra of her captive and sucks out semen directly from the base of the penis. This urethral insertion combined with the suction of her proboscis triggers a strong, continuous ejaculatory response in most males.

While their captive is helplessly climaxing, the anophelena starts to suck up her captive’s other bodily fluids. She has multiple sacs in her breasts and abdomen to contain her victim’s fluids and they are capable of generating enough suction to empty a full-grown man of all his fluids in a very short space of time.

Countermeasures: Ear plugs are unfortunately not as effective at cutting out the anophelena’s disorienting buzzing as would be hoped as the vibrations are transmitted directly through the skull. While anophelena are extremely manoeuvrable, especially in the difficult, marshy terrain they’re often encountered in, they’re also fragile, with the wings a weak point.

If forced to engage in close combat be wary of the anophelena’s proboscis. The narcotic it injects is potent and will induce unconsciousness within moments of entering the bloodstream.

Threat Level: Low, unless encountered as part of a larger swarm.


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5 thoughts on “H-space MGB: Anophelena

  1. Y’know, a lot of stories with consistent plot arcs start off light-hearted, then suddenly a Cerebus retcon kicks the door down and things get fucking EDGY.

    I’m half-wondering if Hydra’s working on the reverse principle, and some time from now we’re all going to be shocked and disgusted by a story where Bate gets caught by the monstergirl of the day and subjected to involuntary handholding, snuggles and gentle missionary sex for the sole purpose of procreation.

      1. Ooof course you are -_-

        Well, content aside (not a major fan of bloodplay, except in one or two softer instances I’ve read), the actual writing and such is more of the same in a good way.

        Still, I’m off to bleach my brain and go read some stuff designed to help me remember why I shouldn’t fear for my life in my next (read “first”) bedroom encounter.

        Keep doing what you’re doing, mate- we both know I’m not every reader in the world, so write for you first, and us second 🙂

  2. Out of all the hindigs this one makes me NOPE the hardest. Additional counter messure.

    Bug zapper /Sodium hydroxide for one vs one hindig

    Where ever there are huge mass of hindigs in the forests napalm the crap out of that area after you pump it full of nerotoxin gas.

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