Guilty x Creatures : Mothers and Daughters Arc : Chapter 8

Chapter 8 : Night

Stepping through the portal and into the house’s foyer, Anton sighed softly as he looked about at the familiar sight of the house’s entryway.
“Home sweet home…” he muttered quietly as he stepped past the open sitting room and spied Tessa’s sleeping form in the far corner.
As he made his way through the darkened house and towards the staircase, he couldn’t help but to grin as the thought occurred to him that although this wasn’t technically his home, it had certainly begun to feel that way.

Making his way upstairs, he reached the landing and was met with a large shadowy figure.

“Greetings, my Master…” said Earlivi as the white pupil-less glowing discs that were his eyes trained themselves onto Anton “I trust that your evening was enjoyable…”

“It was, for the most part.” nodded Anton “Certainly enlightening… How has everything been here?”

“Peaceful. With nothing of note to report…” replied Earlivi “Your charges were well behaved, and they have all been retired for the night. Though only the mantis and shinoccubus are currently asleep…”

“So the girls are still awake then…” mused Anton as he looked down the hall towards his bedroom door and considered his options.
“Yes… Though only one of them seems to be waiting for you specifically… The other one simply hasn’t fallen asleep yet, though she is in the process of doing so…” said Earlivi.

“…How do you know that? Are you watching them still?” asked Anton as he cocked an eyebrow.

“I am…” said Earlivi “I am currently monitoring the entire house…”

“Oh, I see.” nodded Anton as he noticed that the homunculi’s coattail-like tentacles were stretched out far enough behind him to disappear into the gloom of the darkened house “Well I do appreciate your thoroughness in keeping an eye on things, but now that I’m back I think it’s okay to give everybody a bit of peace and privacy again.”

“Very well…” said Earlivi as he shrunk down the lengths of several of his tentacles until their ends returned to his side “Will you still require my assistance for the remainder of the night, or am I free to return to your home now?”

“No you can head home if you’d like. We should be good here now.” said Anton as he headed down the hall towards his bedroom “And don’t worry, I’ve got the feeling that we won’t have anymore nightmare attacks any time soon. So there shouldn’t be any reason for you stay alert on our behalf.”

“That is good to hear…” nodded Earlivi as he followed Anton into the sitting room that was situated between the hallway and the master bedroom proper “On that note… There is something I feel I should discus with you… It is in regards to that battle with the nightmare…”

“Oh? Is something wrong?” asked Anton as he stopped in front of the closed double doors that led to his bedroom and turned back to face the homunculus.

“…Possibly.” said Earlivi with clear hesitation in his demeanor.

Before Anton could respond, the double doors in front of him suddenly swung open to reveal an ecstatic looking dark elf.
“Master! Welcome back!” cried Kianna as she stopped just in front of him and ran her eyes up and down his length while clasping her hands together beneath her chin “Oh Gods, it’s so good to see you’re okay! I was so worried that Mom was gonna do something stupid and try to hurt you! …Which she didn’t do, right? You’re really okay, right!?”

Stopping short, Anton stared at the eagerly waiting dark elf for a moment before smiling softly.
“Yeah, I’m fine…” he said in a quiet tone “You don’t need to worry about me…”

Cocking one of her ears in a curious manner, Kianna raised an eyebrow as she took in his probing gaze.

“…Are you sure?” she questioned “…You kinda seem a little out of it? …Did something happen?”

“No, well… Yes, things happened….” said Anton “But mostly we just… We talked about…”

Trailing off, Anton went still for a moment before suddenly stepping forwards and scooping Kianna up into a tight hug.

“Listen to me, Kianna… Listen to me closely…” he said in a hushed tone as he held her to his chest “No matter what happens, I want you to remember that you are a good person… Okay… You are a smart, wonderful, brave person… And you are very, very special to me… No matter what… Always remember that, always…”

Blinking, Kianna pointed her ears straight upwards in surprise.
“…O-okay?” she whispered softly “…I, I will. I’ll remember that. …I promise.”

“Good girl…” smiled Anton as he tightened his hold on her “You’re such a good girl… My sweet little dark elf…”

Letting her eyes drift close as she felt Anton’s warmth soak into her being, Kianna lowered her ears as she let herself go limp against him.

Standing together this way for some time, the two were brought back to the present when the stillness in the room was disturbed by Earlivi moving away from them and heading towards the portal that led back to Anton’s home.

“Oh, right. Earlivi.” said Anton as he turned to the homunculus “I’m sorry about that. I got caught up in the moment there. What were you saying before? Something about the battle that you needed to tell me?”

“Battle? You mean the nightmare battle?” questioned Kianna “Oh no! Mr. Earlivi were you hurt!?”

“…I may have sustained some damage, yes.” said Earlivi “…It is of no real consequence though.”

“What!? You’re hurt? Show me.” said Anton as he and Kianna both immediately made to move towards the homunculus.

“It is of no consequence.” repeated Earlivi “There is no cause for alarm. I merely wish to discus some abnormalities that I am experiencing with you, my Master…”

Sensing that the homunculus would rather speak in private, Anton nodded.

“…Right. Alright then. We can talk real quick.” he said before turning to Kianna “Hey, just wait right here, okay. I’ll be right back.”

“…Are you sure? I don’t mind coming with you.” said Kianna as her face showed her concern clearly “If anythings wrong, I want to help…”

“I know you do. And if there’s anything you can do to help I promise I’ll let you know right away.” smiled Anton as he gave her arm a reassuring squeeze “For right now though, just let me go talk to Earlivi real quick, and I’ll be right back. Okay?”

“…Okay.” grumbled Kianna “But hurry back though… Seriously…”

“Don’t worry, I will.” said Anton as he turned to Earlivi and gestured to the portal.

Holding her arm where Anton had squeezed her, and already missing the warmth of his touch, Kianna lowered her ears again as she watched him and Earlivi disappear through the portal.

Chewing her lower lip as she waited, she held her vigil for a few minutes before slowly tilting her head to the side and glancing back at the entrance to the closet.

Knowing that Earlivi would be okay so long as Anton was looking after him and both thinking about what a caring person her master was, and that he deserved to be rewarded for this, the suddenly gleeful dark elf giggled to herself as she quickly darted to the closet so she could prepare a surprise for him.

With the main room empty now, no one was there to witness a new portal suddenly wink into existence in the middle of the entryway. Nor was anyone there to greet the lone figure that stepped through it.

Blinking as her eyes adjusted to the light in the room, Olivia immediately frowned as she found herself looking down at a large bed that she had never seen before and which had been set up in what was technically still her room. Her frown deepened as she glanced around and discovered that she was actually surrounded by an entire host of unfamiliar furniture. Clearly, somebody had made themselves quite at home in her bedroom.

Preoccupied as she was, she failed to register the faint, almost subliminal tingle from the ward that she had inadvertently triggered, nor did she notice the figure that suddenly appeared in the walkway that led to the closet and bathroom.

“…Uh, M-Mom!?” croaked Kianna as she stared wide eyed at the woman standing in the middle of the room “…Is that y-you!?”

Having passed through the portal and entered into his actual bedroom, Anton immediately made a beeline for a large desk situated against a far wall.
“Alright Earlivi, tell me exactly what’s going on?” he said as he began to rapidly tap at a number pad-like group of seals that were etched into the surface of the desks right corner.

“To be precise…” said Earlivi as he stepped up behind Anton “My body is heavily fatigued, and I do not seem to be healing in a timely manner…”

“You haven’t healed yet?” questioned Anton as he glanced back at the homunculus “…You look like you’ve been fully healed though?”

At the desk, a blue ring of sigils lit up across its surface before a metal briefcase was summoned into the rings center.

“Merely a cosmetic illusion…” mumbled Earlivi “I have altered my appearance in order to remain visually appealing…”

Anton frowned as he watched a wave of particles lift themselves away from Earlivi’s arms and chest and then break apart into specks of simmering, ember-like lights. As the lights faded into nothing, the homunculus lifted the armored sections of his body up onto thin tendrils and exposed the black-colored flesh-like musculature that existed beneath his plates of living metal.

With his true condition now on display, Earlivi’s poor state was all too apparent, as charred, almost corroded looking armor and deep, grievous wounds in his flesh could be seen clearly wherever his arms and chest had been ravaged by the nightmare’s unnatural fire.

“By the Gods, Earlivi…” breathed Anton as surveyed the damage “Why didn’t you say something sooner!?”

“I assumed there was no need, as these wounds are not as dire as they may appear, and my life is not in danger…” rumbled Earlivi “In the past I have healed from far greater damage than this, and at a much quicker pace… I do not know why these wounds linger so…”

“Hm… These were caused by a nightmare’s fire… So that’s likely to be part of the problem…” mused Anton “Have they healed at all? Or are they exactly the same as when they were first inflicted?”

“No. They were far worse when originally inflicted…” said Earlivi “They are healing, though it is at an annoyingly slow rate…”

“Hm, I see…” nodded Anton as he turned back to the desk and clicked open the metal briefcase “Well as bad as they look, it doesn’t seem as though your movements have been impaired by them at all. Are you in pain right now?”

“There is discomfort… But it is not unmanageable…” replied Earlivi.

“Okay, one second and I’ll get you something that should help with that.” said Anton as he flicked on a tens machine-like device that was sitting in the briefcase “First let me set this up so I can take your vitals.”

Taking a series of small rubber paddles that were attached to long lengths of rolled up wires from the briefcase, Anton quickly unwound the wires and plugged them into his machine before turning to Earlivi.
For his part, the homunculus remained completely still as Anton placed the paddles at various points along his body.

Although he, himself was not overly skilled in the creation of artificial beings, Anton was still well versed in the care and upkeep of the various types. Unfortunately this knowledge only partially extended to Earlivi and his unique physiology.

Though there were many different sub-types in existence, most artificial beings could be divided into three main categories, golems, automatons and homunculi.

As the simplest and easiest to create of the three forms, a golem can be made out of any material, either organic or inorganic in nature, and can be crafted into any shape that its creator desires. They are then given mobility and are powdered through enchantments that are etched into their bodies. The more powerful and intricate these enchantments are, the larger, stronger and more capable the golem can be.

Although self aware to the same level as that of a lower life-form, such as a worm or insect, a golem is built to mindlessly follow orders and complete simple tasks. And as such they are unable to speak, have no memory and cannot form coherent thoughts on their own. And this singular point, a distinction between sentience and sapience, is what separates the golems from the automatons.

Built in the exact same manner as their simpler brethren, an automaton is crafted with a drop of their creators minds added to their enchantments, and while this does not result in them becoming a complete copy of their creators, with a mind of their own now, they are thus capable of both speech and thought. And while still fiercely loyal to their creators, this ability to think independently will always result in an automaton naturally developing a personality all its own over time.

Unlike the previous two mentions, a homunculus is a not a being that is built, so much as it is grown.

Crafted through a lengthy process in which biological materials are fermented in a vat and then synthesized into a quasi life-form, a homunculus, while still completely artificial, is distinctive in that they possess a body that can both be powered through mana as well as function by breathing in oxygen and taking in foodstuff to burn as calories.

Although their appearances may vary depending on what materials were used in their creation, most homunculi are based off of an existing species, as it is easier for a creator to be successful with a form that is already understood and known to work, than it is to start from scratch.

As purely organic beings, all homunculi possess a genetic code as well as both a mind and a mana pool, which does give them a fully natural, individual personality and the potential to use magic.

Although he was technically a homunculus himself, Earlivi was unlike his more mundane kin in that he was crafted with a method that utilized a combined mixture of Terran, Astral, Infernal and Voidling materials. This was a process that would usually result in failure, but through extensive experimentation, was somehow achieved by one Dr. Abigail Fillola, who for better or worse, was a friend of Anton’s.

Though he didn’t fully understand exactly how this was done, Anton did know that Fillola’s ultimate goal was actually to create an all powerful homunculus that could function in the same manner as a Voidling and would be able to utilize the unlimited cosmic energies found in the Void. Thankfully she only partially succeeded before giving up on this plan. Her mindset having been drastically changed when she was pulled into the Void herself by one of her own creations and spent nearly five hundred years being slowly ripped apart and then put back together by said creation, which was one of Earlivi’s younger, slightly less reasonable brothers who was named Marbarlo.

Switching on his machine, Anton let it run its diagnostics on Earlivi while he turned back to the keypad-like group of seals and summoned two different sets of marble sized gemstones.

“Okay. Now lets see if these will work on you…” he said as he faced the homunculus and handed him one of the gemstones “Here you go. This should hopefully ease your pain. Try not to absorb all of the mana out of it right away though, okay.”

“Hmm…” rumbled Earlivi as he gazed down at the tiny stone that was now laying in his palm.

“…Is it working?” asked Anton as the gemstone began to faintly glow.

“Indeed… It is quite soothing…” replied Earlivi.

“Okay, good. I’ve got a few of these here. So you can switch them out every now and then to give them a chance to rest and recharge. And these bigger blue ones should help you fall asleep.” said Anton as he held up one of the slightly larger stones “…Which, these shouldn’t make you shift back into your crystal form. …Or at least I don’t think they will?”

“No. It would take a great deal more than this to accomplish that…” rumbled Earlivi as he took one of the stones and held it up to eye level “Thank you, for these… It is appreciated…”

“No problem. Glad I could help…” said Anton as he looked over his machines readings “Hm… Well this might be the issue… It looks like you’re still low on mana… Very low even…”

“Still low?” questioned Earlivi.

“Yeah, at least compared to the levels I was reading before you were completely demanaed….” mused Anton “Which is really surprising, considering how much mana you were just given… That should have been more than enough… But then again, you are mostly Voidling… Maybe that makes more of a difference than we realized?”

Turning back to the homunculus, Anton looked him over again before shaking his head.

“Sorry to say it, but this could be a little out of my range of expertise, Earlivi…” said Anton as he gave the taller being a sympathetic look “It might be best to give Fillola a visit…”

Though his expressionless face never changed, Earlivi’s glowing eyes did dim slightly in obvious distaste.
“Must we really…” mumbled the homunculus “Surely there must be some other option… Some other individual we can speak to instead…”

“Not really. That’s the problem with you having such a unique design. No one else is going to understand your make up better than she will…” said Anton as he crossed his arms “I guess we can put it off for a bit, and just see what happens… You are technically healing… And who knows, maybe another big infusion of mana might help…”

“It is worth a try…” agreed Earlivi “Anything to avoid seeing that woman is worth the effort…”

Chuckling, Anton shook his head as he turned off his machine and began to gather the paddles from Earlivi.

“Well take another big dose of mana from the prisoners. Just please, please try not to kill any of them when you do… Seriously.” he said as he eyed the homunculus “After that, just take it easy for the next few days. And we’ll see if your condition changes at all.”

“And if it doesn’t?” questioned Earlivi.

“Well… We’ll just have to take the next step. We can’t just leave you damaged like this after all.” said Anton “…While we wait I’ll try to do a little reading and see if I can find something that might help. If nothing comes up though, Fillola’s will have to be our next stop.”

Grumbling as he maneuvered his armored portions back into place, Earlivi’s eyes began to take on a faint red tint as a sign of his annoyance.

“Just try to relax, Earlivi.” said Anton with a smile “There’s still a good chance that you’re just too low on mana to heal correctly. And if that’s the case then we won’t need to bother with a visit to her.”

“True… Hopefully that is merely the issue…” rumbled the homunculus as he watched Anton pack everything back into the metal briefcase.

“Fingers crossed.” said Anton as he closed up the briefcase and sent it back to wherever it had come from “For the time being though, I need to get back. I’m sure Kianna is worrying herself sick while waiting for me to let her know that you’re alright. I’ll check back in on you tomorrow night, and see how you’re coming along.”

“Very well… I shall speak with you again tomorrow then…” said Earlivi as he gave Anton a light bow of his head “I am thankful for your assistance… Have a good night, my Master…”

“You too. And you’re welcome. If anything gets worse, then let me know right away.” said Anton as he made his way back towards the portal “Get some rest, I’ll see you soon.”

With that, he stepped through the portal and disappeared.

Having shifted her gaze to her daughter, Olivia said nothing as she let her eyes slowly take in the state of her attire.

Dressed in nothing but a tight, crotch-less, barely there teddy that was crafted out of little more than ribbons and thin, red colored lace, Kianna couldn’t help but to feel self-conscious as she suddenly found herself under the scrutiny of her mother’s eye.

“…Uh, hey. …W-what are you doing here?” she asked softly as she nervously wrapped her arms around her middle and tried her best to appear nonchalant.

Olivia merely stood motionless for a moment before narrowing her eyes and making to move towards her daughter.

“Where is Anton?” she asked as she crossed the space that separated them.

“…Uh, he’s? He’s not here.” replied Kianna “H-he had to step out for a minute… He’ll be right back though… In just a minute…”

Staying still as she watched the opposing women approach her, Kianna involuntarily lowered her ears and swallowed a lump in her throat as her taller Mother came to a stop just in front of her.

“Is that so? Well, good. I need to speak with him about his living arrangements… It looks as though he has certainly made himself quite comfortable here…” reasoned Olivia as she began to walk slowly around her daughter while letting her eyes rove over the younger dark elf’s skimpy attire “Comfortable indeed… Seems he’s decorated things to his liking… Including you…”

“…Uh, no. He, um, he didn’t make me wear this.” mumbled Kianna as she looked down at herself “I, uh, put this on myself… To surprise him…”

“Did you now…” nodded Olivia as she came back around to the front of her daughter and gazed down at her jeweled collar “Well aren’t you just the most attentive little slave…”

Keeping her eyes downwards, Kianna lowered her ears even further as Olivia placed a finger beneath her chin and made the girl look up at her.

“Such a happy little plaything… So excited to serve her Master… That’s you… Right?” said Olivia as she narrowed her eyes in contempt “I always knew you were a failure of a dark elf. But even so, this is just too much… Look at you, all too happy to be a humans little pet. No fight in you at all. How disgustingly shameful… A weak, worthless little creature like you isn’t even worthy of having a Master like Anton. He could do so much better than you.”

Blinking, Kianna said nothing as her Mother shook her head and moved away from her.

“Get out.” said Olivia as she stepped around her shocked daughter “I don’t want to see you in here ever again.”

“…I, w-wait. No!” said Kianna as she found her voice “This is my Master’s room now! You can’t just make me leave!”

“…Excuse me?” said Olivia as she stopped short.

Kianna pointed her ears straight upwards in alarm as Olivia shifted her now glowing eyes to her.

“You listen here, you insolent little brat…” growled Olivia as she loomed over her shorter daughter “Regardless of what you may think. This is still my house, and my room. So I alone, will decide who goes and who stays in here. And some worthless little whore like you has no business ever questioning that. Now stop trying to talk back to your betters, slave. And get out!”

Wanting to argue, but still harboring an unhealthy amount of fear for the woman standing before her, Kianna hesitated for a moment before dropping her eyes to the floor and quickly darting out of the room and her Mother’s sight.

“Humph. Such a disappointment…” mumbled Olivia as she shook her head and made her way into the closet.

Annoyed to find that not only had Anton been busy moving his things into her space, but apparently Kianna had as well, Olivia frowned at the sight of hanging feminine clothing that didn’t belong to her. Kicking her daughter’s recently discarded garments to the side, she moved to stand in front of the closets three paneled set of mirrors. Gazing at herself for a second, she ran her hands down her trim form to straighten out her dress before stepping closer to the center mirror and pressing her thumb against an inconspicuous section of the mirror’s frame. A faint beep sound rang out before the entire section of wall, mirror, frame and all, eased forward with a hydraulic hiss and revealed a doorway hidden behind it.

As her eyes fell onto the undisturbed contents of her vault, Olivia felt the tension in her chest ease a bit. And while she was still irritated with herself and her ridiculous urge to explain things to Anton, it was with a relived sigh that she stepped into the vault and disappeared from sight.

Stepping out of the portal, Anton paused where he stood and went rigid as he immediately recognized that an unfamiliar mana signature was across the room and just out of sight from him.

“Master!” called Kianna with a harsh whisper “Come here, quick!”

Noticing her beckoning at him from the doorway, Anton hastily made his way to her while keeping his eyes trained towards the unseen intruder.

“Kianna, what’s going on!? Who is that in there!?” he asked in his own hushed whisper.

“It’s my Mom!” hissed Kianna “She’s in the closet!”

“What? Wait, Olivia’s here?” questioned Anton as his tension immediately eased “What in the world is she doing here?”

“I don’t know!? She just showed up, and told me to get out of her room…” whined Kianna “Do you thinks she’s planning to move back in!?”

“I, I don’t know?” said Anton as he raised an eyebrow “…She didn’t say anything about that at dinner? C’mon, lets go see what she wants.”

“…Uh, wait.” whimpered Kianna as she reached out and grabbed Anton’s arm “I’m sorry! But, Mom said she doesn’t want to ever see me in this room again…”

“…What?” questioned Anton as he watched Kianna fold her ears back submissively behind her head “Why would she say that?”

“…She, she said that, because she thinks I’m a failure, and worthless, and shameful…” explained Kianna as she dropped her eyes to the floor “And she also said that I didn’t deserve to have a Master like you, cause you could do so much better than me… Which, she is technically right about that part, I am actually a pretty shitty dark elf… You could easily find a better one than me…”

Anton was silent for a moment before he slowly turned his head towards Olivia’s mana signature.

“…Kianna, sweety. Listen to me very closely. You are the absolute best little dark elf I could ever have and I would never trade you for another one, ever. Now, I want you to forget everything that woman just told you, okay.” he said softly as he worked to keep his anger from leaking out into his aura “I’m also going to need you to go wait downstairs for a few minutes while I go rip your Mother to pieces…”

“…Wha? Master! No! I could never do that!” cried Kianna.

“Oh, now don’t you worry about a thing…” growled Anton through his clenched teeth “I’ll be sure to put her back together when I’m done…”

“No, I’m not worried about her! I mean, I can’t just leave you alone up here…” whined Kianna “What if you need me?”

Pausing for a second, Anton chuckled before nodding his head.

“Alright, just stick close to me then.” he said as he started towards the closet.

Following close behind, Kianna kept her ears lowered as she fought the urge to grab the hem of Anton’s shirt.

“Huh… Well now…” said Anton as he rounded the corner into the closet and stopped just in front of the now open vault “I did have my suspicions that there was something hidden in this space… Can’t say that I was expecting this though…”

Staring into the vault, Anton could see that the small, octagon shaped room was about eight feet in diameter and was well lit up with bright, overhead florescent lights.

This was hardly what caught his attention though, as the numerous and varied forms of insidious looking bondage gear and the many torture implements that adored the walls of the room, as well as the large, leather-clad metal framed chair that graced its center, were all far more eye catching than any of the rooms more mundane features.

“So I was right…” said Olivia as she ran her fingertips across the smooth, polished surface of the chairs metal armrest “It would have only been a matter of time before you found this space…”

The chair the dark elf was standing near was far from a comfortable looking seat, as cage-like, banded metal structures were attached to various points around its frame. And these implements were clearly designed to encase, spread wide, and completely immobilize the limbs, head, and torso of any unfortunate being who was unlucky enough to be locked within their suffocatingly tight confinement.

While this type of chair was certainly intimidating in its own right, as any victim trapped in such a device as this would be left entirely exposed, vulnerable and at the complete mercy of those around them, what was even more unsettling about this one in particular though, was that its leather backing showed clear sighs of being wore down from extended use.

“…So what is all this?” questioned Anton as he slowly surveyed the room “Your own private little torture den? A place where you can let your dark elf tendencies run wild?”

“Not exactly…” muttered Olivia as she continued to gaze at the chair “It’s not meant to ever be used… I guess you could say it’s something like an exhibit… A little museum for me to display my nightmares in…”

Turning to her, Anton cocked an eyebrow while behind him Kianna peeked around the corner and went wide eyed as she took in the rooms contents.

“These things, they were all used on you… You took them from the beach house…” whispered Anton as he let his eyes fall back to the chair “…Why would you ever want to keep these things, Olivia?”

“…To remind myself, of what can happen if I let my guard down again.” said Olivia as she reached out and let the leather thongs of a hanging whip run through her fingers “And… Also… To remember…”

Trailing off, Olivia let the room go silent for a long moment before Anton finally spoke in a soft tone.

“…To remember?” he questioned.

“To remember…” mumbled the dark elf as she picked up a leather hood that was made to fully encase a persons head “What it felt like to actually be wanted… Even if only in the worst way…”

Staring at her for a moment, Anton let his eyes drop to the floor in sympathy while slowly shaking his head.

“…I’m sorry, Olivia.” he whispered.

“Don’t be. I don’t need your pity. I’ve already put all this behind me. And you know that.” muttered the dark elf “So you can take your savior complex, and apologies, and go straight to Hell with them.”

“…Wait? What are you guys talking about?” questioned Kianna as she tentatively stepped into the room.

“You again…” muttered Olivia as she went to hang the hood back on the wall “I thought I already told you to get out and stat out!”

Flinching, but emboldened by Anton’s presence, Kianna stood up straight as she made her way fully into the room and stood between her Mother and Anton.

With this being the first chance he had gotten to fully see what Kianna was currently wearing, Anton did a double take and couldn’t help but to lock his widened eyes to her in admiration.

“Enough with the shit attitude, Mom! You’re not in charge anymore… So just get over it. Now I’ll ask you again, nicely. What’s going on here? What is all this?” demanded Kianna as she faced her Mother “…And what happened to you?”

Olivia merely stared at her for a moment before turning back to the wall of hanging items.

“None of that is your concern, slave.” she said while nearly spitting the last word.

Frustrated, Kianna let out a tired sigh before turning around to face Anton.

“Master, what’s going on here?” she asked.

Before Anton could answer, Kianna suddenly went rigid, wide eyed and pointed her ears straight upwards as a loud crack echoed through the room.

“Your slave is poorly trained, Anton… She clearly doesn’t know her place… said Olivia as she held the wooden caning rod she had just used to strike Kianna’s backside between both hands and examined it for damage “I’d say she could certainly do with a bit more discipline…”

Trembling with fury and eyes now aglow with an ominous red light, Kianna slowly turned back to face her smug looking Mother. As their eyes met, the two dark elves commenced to point their ears straight back and stare each other down.

Flaring her aura outwards, Kianna froze where she stood as the very instant her aura surrounded her Mother, a surreal realization suddenly hit her.

With no barrier in place to guard against such an intrusive assault, and with Olivia’s willpower compromised by her semi-drunken state, Kianna’s aura was able to immediately seep into Olivia’s being. And with her eyes currently locked to the elder dark elf’s, Kianna inadvertently began to read her in a nearly identical manner to how she had done so with Mica.

Just as it had happened with the cubi, a wave of information began to flow through Kianna’s aura, and with it came an unexpected truth about Olivia, a truth that Kianna would have never have suspected.

The reason Olivia was there, was because of Anton.

She had come to see him, she had wanted to see him again, even if only for a short time. There was no love, or even any true joy behind this, as she did not like him at all. In fact, she legitimately hated him… And yet, for reasons that she refused to admit, even to herself, she wanted to be near him again…

While she may be denying her motives for coming home to herself, the intentions Olivia was projecting to Kianna were all too clear, as just beneath the hatred, there was not only a layer of piqued intrigue for her Master, but beyond that there was a tiny, but undeniable, ping of desire.

Eyes widening in surprise and slight confusion, Kianna stared at her Mother for a moment before quickly glancing at Anton and then shifting her gaze back to Olivia.

Though her initial response had been one of anger at the idea of her Mother trying to take for herself what was her Master, Kianna’s demeanor quickly shifted as her eyes once again locked themselves to Olivia’s and she was treated to another wave of information.

Making a claim on Anton was not at all what Olivia wanted, no, it was the opposite in fact. As the reality that she could never lay a claim on him was in all actuality what was triggering her unwanted interest in him in the first place…

She was afraid of him.

She knew better than to not be afraid of him. As she knew he was strong, smart and powerful…

Olivia understood that Anton was dangerous.

She knew that he was fire. And it was this danger and allure that made her both hate him, and long to be near him.

She wanted to be burned… Even if only just a little…

Eyes now straining in their sockets as she stared unblinkingly into Olivia’s ruby irises, a maniacal smile slowly began to spread itself across Kianna’s face.

Her Mother would never admit it, but she wanted to be burned… Badly… And she could help her with that… Oh, yes… She could be a very good little slave, and bring her Master a new toy to play with…

Reluctant to intervene but ready to if necessary, Anton kept still as he waited to see what the two aggressive looking dark elves would do next. He and Olivia both creased their brows in uncertainty as Kianna’s crazed expression suddenly shifted and became subdued.

“You know what, you’re absolutely right…” said Kianna as she glanced back at Anton and dropped her aura “I really have been such a poor slave tonight. Neglecting my duties. I haven’t even prepared any refreshments yet… I’m so sorry, my Master… I’ll be right back…”

“Hmph. Well it’s about time for you to start finally making yourself useful.” said Olivia as she turned away from her daughter “Bring me an ice water with a slice of lemon. And be quick with it.”

Anton raised an eyebrow as Kianna ignored her Mother and gave him a sly looking grin as she walked past him. Turning to the right as she exited the closet, Kianna ducked into the bathroom to apparently don a bathrobe before quickly reappearing in the walkway and leaving the bedroom all together. Surprised that she would bother with covering herself, Anton continued to watch the walkway for a moment before shifting his gaze back to Olivia.

“You know, you should really be more careful with Kianna.” he said as he found the dark elf switching out her caning rod for a thicker one “She’s not nearly as harmless as she seems.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” muttered Olivia “A stern word is all it ever takes to put that one back in line. If anything it’s the other one that’ll try to test you.”

“That’s… Not completely inaccurate…” muttered Anton “Anyways, getting back to the matter at hand. Why are you even here?”

“Does one need a reason to visit her own home?” said Olivia “In all actuality, I could ask you that same question. Why are you even here? Don’t you have your own home to live in?”

“I do. But as I’ve said before, the girls didn’t want to leave.” said Anton “From what I understand. This is essentially the only home they’ve ever known, and so they wanted us to stay here. It was important to them. So here we stayed.”

“Hmph, so you were serious about that… It really is their fault that you’re here then.” grumbled Olivia.

“Essentially.” chucked Anton.

“I see.” nodded Olivia “So then tell me. If I told you to get out, right now. Would you really leave peacefully?”

“Yes.” answered Anton “Though if it comes down to that I won’t be leaving alone. The girls will come with me. And that will naturally make finding them far more difficult for you.”

“Naturally…” nodded Olivia as she seemed to start contemplating her options “Assuming of course… That I would even care to find them…”

“Right, assuming that you would.” nodded Anton.

The room was quiet for a long moment until Kianna finally returned with a steaming mug of coffee cradled in her hands.

“Here you are, Master!” sang the dark elf as she cheerfully presented the mug to Anton.

“Oh, thank you, Kianna.” said Anton as he reached for the mug “It’s a bit late for caffeine, but I appreciate it nonetheless.”

Just as their hands met, Kianna leaned in close and began to whisper softly.

“Master. Real quick. You wouldn’t be mad, if we made this…” she said as she hooked a finger into the fold of her bathrobe and pulled it open just enough to expose her bosom “The main plan for tonight… Would you?”

His eyes now locked to her barely contained breasts, Anton couldn’t help but to grin thinly.

“I mean, once we have everything else settled…” he said as he lightly nodded towards Olivia “I don’t see any reason why we can’t enjoy the rest of our night…”

Her maniacal smile returning, Kianna’s ears pointed themselves straight upwards in excitement as her eyes began to glow.

“You better drink up then. You’re going to need the energy.” she said gleefully “Oh, and don’t worry. I’ll handle getting “everything else” settled…”

Anton chuckled softly as he took the mug in his hands.

“Excuse me.” grumbled Olivia “Have I been forgotten over here?”

“Oh no, no, no… Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you…” said Kianna as she watched Anton take a sip of his coffee “I’ll be with you in just a moment…”

“Mm…” hummed Anton as he swished his drink back and forth in his mouth a bit “That’s different? Kind of almost… Sweet and, minty? What did you put in here? Some kind of creamer?”

“Something like that.” giggled Kianna “Do you like it?”

“I do. It’s good.” nodded Anton as he took another sip.

“Good, good! You just enjoy it then…” said Kianna as she shifted her gaze over to Olivia “And while you’re doing that, I’ll prepare something else for you to enjoy…”

Olivia let her annoyance show clearly on her face as Kianna turned and began to approach her.

“And where’s my water?” she asked curtly.

“Water? You don’t want water…” said Kianna around a thin smile “That’s not why you’re here… That’s not what you came here for…”

“…What are you doing?” said Olivia as she narrowed her eyes.

“Me?” breathed Kianna as she slowed her pace into a playful sashay “I’m being a good little slave… And helping you…”

Stopping just in front of Olivia, Kianna kept her eyes locked to her Mother’s and began to tug on her bathrobe until it started to slowly slide off of her shoulders.

Blinking in uncertainty, Olivia stifled an involuntarily shiver as Kianna’s aura was suddenly surrounding her.

“I know what you want…” said Kianna in a hushed, sensual whisper as she pointed her ears down and away from her head and let her bathrobe fall to the floor “I know why you’re here…”

Though she wasn’t fully aware of exactly what Kianna was doing, Olivia froze where she stood as she felt her daughter’s whispering message of lust begin to flow through her aura.

“I know you won’t admit it… And that’s okay, you don’t have to…” said Kianna as she cupped her hand across her Mother’s cheek and leaned in close enough to whisper softly in her ear “I know you came here… Because you want a taste of him…”

Olivia’s eyes widened and went distant as she worked to keep herself from looking at Anton.

Nuzzling her smiling lips against the side of Olivia’s face, Kianna began to giggle playfully as she felt her Mother stiffen, drop her canning rod and go rigid.

Entirely unsure of what exactly was happening here, Anton kept his eyes locked to the scene in front of him and stayed quiet and unassuming as he continued to take long sips of his drink.

Sensing that her Mother was about to pull away from her, Kianna clasped one hand around the back of Olivia’s neck and grabbed hold of her wrist with the other.

“Oh, now… Don’t be scared… You know you want this…” breathed Kianna as she pressed herself against the taller woman and continued to speak into her ear “Here now… Let me help you get his attention…”

Anton’s eyes widened in surprise as Kianna slowly shifted both her own and Olivia’s hands downwards in such a way that they got hooked on the strap of Olivia’s dress and pulled it down to expose a single one of her breasts.

“H-how, dare you!” hissed Olivia in embarrassment as she fought to suppress the growing burn in her loins “I’m going to fucking kill you!”

“No, you’re not… You’re going to let me help you, give him a show…” giggled Kianna as she began to lightly kiss the side of her Mother’s chin “Now shut up… And kiss me…”

Olivia’s protests died in her throat as Kianna pressed their lips together and forced her Mother into a series of long and passionate kisses.

Anton’s eyes were unblinking as he slowly downed the last of his drink and watched mesmerized as the mother, daughter duo engaged with each other.

“Yes! That’s it, finally…” gasped Kianna as her and Olivia’s lips finally separated “You’re getting into it…”

“You little bitch!” snarled Olivia as she tried and failed to resist the lustful warmth that was seeping deep into her being though Kianna’s aura “W-what, what have you done… What are you doing to me…”

“I told you already.” said Kianna as she summoned a light sword and use it to cut away at her Mother’s dress “I’m helping you get what you want… And in exchange, you’re going to help me…”

“Help you! Never!” growled Olivia as she tried to ease away from the glowing sword and ended up stumbling on her weakened knees.

Kianna laughed as she caught her compromised Mother and helped her stay upright.

“Oh, now. Don’t worry, you’re going to get what you want out of this night…” she said as she smiled wickedly and slid her sword past the hem of Olivia’s panties “In fact, everybody is going to get what they want tonight… Right, sis?”

Anton followed Kianna’s eyes as she looked past him to the walkway beyond. A sinister giggle filled the air a moment before Fiona stepped around the corner and smiled viciously at Olivia.

“My, my, my… Well this is certainly an interesting little collection you’ve got here, Mommy dearest…” said Fiona as she stepped around Anton and ran her eyes around the bondage gear filled vault before picking up a pair of brutal looking stainless steel alligator clamps “Now… Why would you have so many funny little things like these, hm!? Don’t tell me you actually like to wear them, do you!?”

“Put those down you idiot!” snarled Olivia as she tried again to pull away from Kianna “You both are demons! Get out! All of you get out!”

“No.” said Fiona flatly as she eyed the clamp she was currently opening and closing “I’ve got some issues I need to work out with you… And this seems like a pretty good way to get started with that…”

Olivia blinked and pointed her ears straight upwards in alarm as Fiona turned to her and began to darken into a fiery eyed, smiling, evil looking, living silhouette.

“Now, now, sis. Hold up. You’ll get your turn.” said Kianna as her eyes began to blaze as well “She’s gonna get what she wants first though, and while we’re doing that, she’s going to help me get what I want. And then she’ll be all yours after that…”

“I am not helping you do-! Ah!” cried Olivia as a hand was suddenly slapped over her sex.

“Oh, but you’re going to help me, you bitch…” smiled Kianna as she nuzzled her lips back against the side of Olivia’s face “You’re going to get what you came here for… And while you’re doing that…”

Semi-drunk, and nearly crippled by her daughter’s oppressive, lust filled aura, Olivia couldn’t help but to groan loudly as Kianna’s fingertips began to teasingly probe around the entrance to her sex.

“You’re going to help me win…” giggled Kianna as she slid her curling fingers inside her Mother and turned back to smile at Anton “You’re going to help me run the wild out of him!”

Pausing at her words, Anton stared into Kianna glowing irises for a moment before dropping his own eyes down to his empty mug.

Just as he registered the faint, bluish glow emanating out from the residue of his drink, he felt the earliest pings of the elixir begin to start affecting him.

“…Kianna, you, bad girl!” he muttered as he shook his head “Ugh, I’m going to make you pay for this…”

“Control… Your slaves, Anton!” growled Olivia as she struggled to remain upright amid Kianna’s lustful influence.

Looking back up at them, Anton blinked as the vision of a naked dark elf clinging to her nearly naked dark elf daughter, immediately began to trigger a response in his loins.

“…No, I think I’ll just let them continue.” he said as he stared unblinking at the sight of Olivia’s and Kianna’s bosoms being mashed together “They seem to know what they’re doing…”

“Yes! Oh, this is gonna be a fun night!” giggled Fiona as she began to rub her hands together in anticipation “Hope you’re ready for this, Mommy dearest!”

Laughing as she enticed one desperate sounding moan after another out her squirming Mother, Kianna smiled gleefully as she watched Anton’s eyes light up blue and go wild with a barely controlled lust.

Downstairs, nestled in her small jungle in the corner of the front sitting room, Tessa sleepily blinked open her eyes before looking up at the ceiling in annoyance. Sleep would not be coming easy for the mantis this night, as from the rooms above her came filtering down the sounds of loud, sensual moans, and these were destined to go on for some time.

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