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You did as you said you would, not telling your parents for as long as you can. If the money stays decent you could end up with a place sooner rather than later.

Later that night, Vanessa slipped in through your window.

“We need to talk,” she said getting in your bed relaxing.

“What is it Vanessa?” you ask her sitting down on the edge of the bed looking at her.

“I didn’t expect all this to go like this so fast, I misjudged myself and the whole situation, I completely removed our first encounter from history, and Sapphire isn’t too happy about it,” she said taking your hand and holding it.

Vanessa seemed to have a sudden shift in attitude. You still on the other hand aren’t just going to forget everything that they did to you, Vanessa is going to have to do much more than just delete some footage to make up for what happened that first night.

“I hope you aren’t just expecting me to forget what you all did to me that first night,” you say back to her.

Vanessa looked down defeated, she wanted just that.

“If you even remotely want something to happen between us, you are going to have to work for it,” you say to her.

Vanessa kept her head down in defeat. “I-I completely understand I will do everything I can to make up for what I did that first night. Sapphire and the rest of them have no intention of doing the same,” she said.

“Sapphire plays sweet but she is the furthest thing from it and the other two are just in this for the money,” Vanessa added.

You figured that already, the swift change in Sapphire’s tone when she found out she might be able to get some good coin off this whole thing.

“Sapphire and them can do what they want at this point,” you say to Vanessa.

“M-Mind if I stay here tonight? I don’t want to go back to the web with them tonight,” Vanessa said starting to look up slowly at you.

You sigh, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea but she had to be out by the morning before you left.

“Alright you can stay here, but you have to be out in the morning before I leave,” you tell her.

Vanessa quickly started to undress and get under your blankets, making herself comfortable and typing away on her phone.

You get up and sit back at your desk finishing up some homework from earlier.

You finish up a few hours later and decide to get in bed. Vanessa was still there probably watching videos on her phone.

“Coming to bed?” she asked moving over and making room for you.

“Yeah, it has been a long day,” you said turning the lights off and getting into bed with her.

Vanessa immediately puts her phone down and gets into the cuddle position wrapping her arms around your body pressing her bare breasts against you.

You felt a cold feeling from her, must have been her nipple piercings.

“I take it you are topless Vanessa,” you say to her gently embracing her back.

“Y-Yes and I wish you were too,” she replied trying to remove your shirt.

You stop her from undressing you, “Look, if you want to make this into something start slow,” you say looking into her eyes.

Vanessa wasn’t unattractive at all quite the contrary, to be honest, she was your type an alternative girl.

“S-Slow you say?” she asks leaning in kissing you on the lips gently putting her hand on your face.

You gently kiss her back and give her a small smile. “See that is better Vanessa,” you say to her

“M-More?” she asked looking up at you.

“Tomorrow maybe, if I don’t get called for a scene,” you reply to her

Vanessa sighed then said, “Apparently you have a scene tomorrow with a Griffon star named Mindy.”

You roll your eyes, “Damn already, I thought I signed on do scenes with you, not just other models,” you say.

“Not live sex, apparently it will be a film,” Vanessa said to you while snuggling against your chest.

“Let’s just sleep, we can talk more tomorrow,” you say closing your eyes and trying to fall asleep.

Vanessa snuggled against you and started to go to sleep.

You and she slept comfortably through the night.

The next morning you wake up and see Vanessa already out of bed getting dressed. “Morning,” you say looking at her.

She turns and looks at you still topless “Morning,” she replied putting back on her bra.

You walk up to her and kiss her on the lips before heading into your closet to pick out something to wear.

“I controlled myself this morning, your morning wood woke me up and I was so tempted to just take you into my mouth,” she said looking at you picking out something.

“That is more good progress,” you respond to her.

School hopefully will just cruise by instead of dragging.

“ForbiddenFruit should be picking us up again. Hopefully, it will be just us,” Vanessa said finishing getting dressed.

“Just meet me outside of school like yesterday,” you say getting undressed.

Vanessa just stood and watched you undress.

You finish up and start to head out kissing Vanessa on the lips.

“See you later Vanessa,” you tell her.

Vanessa headed out your window before heading back to the apartment with Sapphire and the gang.

School at least this time went by a lot better than yesterday. No one bothered you.

Once school was done for the day you step out awaiting Vanessa.

“My dear bug.”

It was Vanessa waving in the distance at you.

You approach her and she immediately leans in for a kiss. You and her share a few kisses before she says “They should be here soon, I think it will be just us this time.”

Your ride soon comes, no limo but the same Succubus driver from before.

She takes you and Vanessa back to the compound.

You and Vanessa get let inside by the Succubus with her security card.

“Uh Vanessa, did they give us a place that we were supposed to be?” you ask her.

“She didn’t, she said she’d be down here waiting for us but I guess we can just be patient, when we get our security passes we can just go to the Warm Delights next door and wait,” Vanessa said reaching for your hand.

You let her hold your hand before seeing Angelica step off the elevator. “I was expecting you both, follow me,” she said adjusting her glasses.

Vanessa takes your hand and walks with you into the elevator with Angelica.

“Vanessa, want to do a live show while Mindy gets this shot out for her film?” Angelica asked.

“Yeah I will do a solo show, and maybe get a few good solo shots for my channel,” Vanessa replied to her.

Angelica smiled before saying “Perfect, head to your workspace, I’ll be taking your boyfriend to his shoot.”

Vanessa turned red as did you.

“My floor, I will see you later my dear,” Vanessa said kissing you before exiting the elevator.

“The scene will be shot on the roof so we are headed up there,” Angelica said typing away on her phone. “Also after this shoot, I have a package for you and Vanessa,” she added

You and Angelica exited the elevator, walking up a small flight of stairs to a door that led to the roof.

The roof was pretty bare but there were plenty of camera’s green screens and crew members up waiting for you.

“Go on,” Angelica said pointing you out to the set.

You take a deep breath and head over to the set. “I-I am supposed to be here for a film,” you say to the closest cameraman.

“Ah finally, you made it,” a voice spoke.

Soon you were approached by a woman who stood at least a foot taller than you, no hands just giant wings covered in black and grey feathers, long slender slightly tanned legs with massive talons, a small breast size that sat in a tank top, her eyes were a sharp yellow, straight long jet black hair, and the most defining feature of her body her thick peach-shaped ass which rested in a black g-string.

Y-Yeah that is me,” you respond while looking up at this giant Harpy woman.

She smirked a bit wrapping her wing around you leading you to the green screen set surrounded by three cameras.

“I assume you have no idea how these films are shot huh, also the name is Mindy,” she said standing you completely still against the green screen.

You admit you have no idea how these work but you assume she will tell you.

“Well first we have some cover shots, then we get to the sex in a single shot that is the only difference from the norm we usually do them in separate shoots, and I requested a facial so I will make sure you cum on my face,” she said motioning over to the cameramen to get ready.

“Ready for the cover shots Mindy,” one of the cameramen said.

The first shot he requested was Mindy swooping down behind you as it looked like you were walking away completely unaware.

You took the pose that you were requested, seeing Mindy stretch her wings and float above you eager to catch her prey.

Normal poses came next, standing next to each other, embracing, and others.

“Time for the sex go at it, Mindy!” the apparent director yelled out.

With barely a second to react, Mindy grabbed your shoulders with her talons and lifted you into the sky.

You were already high up as it was being on the roof and now you are being carried off by this Griffon.

“Fresh prey, there is nothing else like it,” she said tightening her grip on you flying with you around the set.

You don’t try to fight because you figure it is all a part of the film. The cameras were aimed up at the both of you catching the action from every angle.

“I am going to enjoy you little cutie,” Mindy said flying you over putting you down on top of the roof of the door that leads you up here.

She flew around you like a vulture circling their next meal.

“Cut!” the director yelled.

Mindy flew down and landed right next to you as the cameramen started to shift towards the roof of the door.

“Don’t worry kid, we are about to get to the good part,” Mindy said watching them set up a ladder.

“Uh, I assume we are doing it up here?” you ask looking up at her.

She nods and says “Of course, I wanted to make it a bit wilder, full-on kidnap and acted forced breeding but they said it would be a turn off doing that.”

That reminded you of the first night with Vanessa except it wasn’t acted.

A few cameramen mounted ladders up to grab this next phase of the shoot from different angles.

“Alright Mindy, give him all you got!” the director yelled from down below.

Suddenly you were swatted by her wings knocking you on your back. “Such a cutie,” she said stepping on your chest as you tried to get up.

Her talons ripped down your shirt tearing it to shreds. “Take off your pants cutie,” she demanded.

You nod at her, trying to get this scene over and done with as fast as possible.

The two cameramen were stationed up there too, one behind you filming over your shoulder, and one beside him to the left to aim upward at Mindy.

Once your pants were off Mindy rubbed her talon on your exposed cock for a moment before saying “I am going to get you nice and hard baby.”

Mindy leaned down squatting over your face before pinning your head down with her thighs. Her thighs were incredibly soft and it seemed she was dripping already with anticipation.

“Peel my underwear to the side and start eating,” she said smiling down at your head between her thick soft thighs.

You do as you are told moving them to the side to get a look at her fully shaved dripping pussy. You start by kissing and biting against her soft thighs before licking around her pussy teasing her.

“Good cutie, don’t stop warm me up,” she said gently closing her eyes.

You lick her entrance gently tasting her, she certainly was enjoying herself, arching her back slightly alongside stretching her massive wings.

About a minute went by before she unmounted your head.

“Going to breed this bird now little cutie,” she said now shifting to sit in your lap rubbing her pussy on your exposed cock.

Mindy was now soaking wet eager for you to be just as turned on as she was.

“Go on put it in,” she said feeling your full hard length rubbing her dripping entrance.

You look up at her grabbing your cock and slipping it fully inside her.

Mindy’s pussy felt incredible as she started her ride, bouncing up and down, and gently twisting your length inside of her every time she dropped down.

“Breed this bird pussy,” Mindy whispered riding you hard fully stretching her wings slamming her hips up and down on.

You look up at her, reaching up and gently touching her body and her small breasts.

It wasn’t too long before you tapped on her to get off.

Mindy smiled and slid your twitching hard cock out of her.

You lean up, and she drops to her knees taking your shaft into her mouth deeply sucking you off eager for your cum into her mouth.

Cameramen got into position angling the camera at Mindy’s face giving you one of the hottest blowjobs you have received.

She pops your cock from her mouth leaving it open wide begging for you to cum for her.

You start to stroke your cock in front of her mouth edging yourself closer, it didn’t take long for you to spray thick ropes of cum into her mouth and on her face.

“Cut!” the director yelled. The cameramen didn’t take too long to get down.

“You did good kid, will be looking forward to working with you more,” Mindy said after swallowing your load and licking a bit of the excess off her face.

You nod and pull up your pants before getting down from the roof. Your shirt was pretty damaged but that could be explained away if you are questioned.

Mindy motions you over to review the shots and the footage.

Not that you had much to say about it, it looked fine to you so you signed off on it.

“Should be good for the ForbiddenFruit cover this month,” the director said to Mindy.

You freeze in place, you forgot that they had a magazine,

Your cover was going to be blown and since you had already signed off on it, it was going to go live.

“Congrats kid on making the front page,” the director said patting you on the shoulder before handing you a check.

You look down at the amount and your jaw drops, “$1,500” you say to him.

“Yeah, the scene and the cover shoot. I am sure Angelica told you that you are going to be taken care of,” the director responded. “Go on have some fun,” he added.

You could, but first, you should just go open up an account at some bank.

You get a text shortly after from Vanessa “I am done with my show, come down dear.”

You say goodbye to the people up there before heading back into the elevator.

Heading back down to the main floor to see Vanessa and Angelica.

“Ah, I heard your scene and shoot went over well,” Angelica said with quite the grin.

You nod back to her.

“So I have things for both of you,” Angelica said snapping her fingers and two decent sized sealed boxes appeared in front of you and Vanessa. “Don’t open them until you get home, trust me it will be worth it,” she added with a wink.

“Sure Angelica,” Vanessa said lifting her box.

You agree with Vanessa.

“Well my associate will drive you home, see you next time,” Angelica said heading off stepping into the elevator.

“We should get out of here, I am tired and have to prepare for this backlash,” you say to Vanessa.

You and Vanessa get into the back of the car after putting your packages in.

“What backlash were you talking about back inside?” Vanessa asked you while taking your hand.

“It wasn’t just a film today, there was also a photoshoot for the site’s magazine a cover photo,” you say to her.

“Shit, I guess it won’t be much of a secret anymore,” she replied.

“Yeah I am stupid, I signed off on the photos before I knew where they were going,” you respond tilting your head down.

“Don’t worry dear, I think they seal the magazines up in plastic hopefully you will just be covered up,” Vanessa said to you leaning in and kissing you on the lips gently.

Soon you get home, you kiss Vanessa goodbye and tell her to message you later.

“Fuck,” you say to yourself as you walk into your room putting your package down. This was just a new level of stress from before, staying positive is key though you try to look at the bright side. The money that could jump-start your future.

“Might as well see what is in here,” you say opening up the box.

Good lord ForbiddenFruit hooked you up and probably hooked Vanessa up as well. Your security pass, multiple shirts with the logo on it in assorted colors, two beanies one in black one in red with the logo, socks, underwear, sweatpants, and even a damn varsity jacket with a giant F on the front and a big ForbiddenFruit logo on the back.

Well until you get exposed on a much bigger scale this stuff is going to have to stay hidden. First, you need to get a bank account sitting on 2k is nice, but you need to put it somewhere.

“Tomorrow is another day,” you say to yourself looking down at your 1.5k check…

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  1. Oh, dear. Being exposed for all to see.

    On the plus side, I didn’t expect Vanessa to feel guilt after what she did. Not because I thought of her as being thoughtless, but rather thinking that there was nothing wrong with what she did.

    It’s cute seeing her try though.

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