Fluff and Loving in Las Vegas

Leona sighs as she regards herself in the mirror. She’s still not comfortable with how strongly the black lingerie she wears on-stage emphasizes the unnatural whiteness of her skin, or how tightly it clings to her chest. She’d come to Vegas because she’d figured something as freakish as an albino manticore wouldn’t draw much attention in a large city full of freakshows, but fate had conspired to put her in the limelight.

She’d been working on the casino floor, trying to get drinks to the gamblers with expediency and wishing she didn’t have to wear those ridiculous bunny ears behind her actual ears. After just barely managing to avoid a group of tourists who were probably going to ask for her picture, since an albino manticore was something they’d just HAVE to show their friends, her boss called out to her from somewhere within the cloud of cigar smoke that perpetually enshrouded her.

“Get over here Snowball, I need you for something.”

Leona’s heart was heavy as she hurried over to her. The danuki was half her height, but she still scared the hell out of her.

“Yes Ms. Goldblum?”

“Follow me”

Ms. Goldblum whirled on her heels and marched off in the direction of the meeting rooms that connected to the main floor, leaving Leona with no choice but to follow her. The diminutive danuki led her to the “Juniper Room”, so-called in stubborn defiance of the fact that there was no juniper to be found for miles, and held the door open for her. Leona stepped inside, then almost leaped backwards in shock when she saw what was in the room, then realized that her boss was probably right on her heels and would be very upset if she knocked her over, then finally settled on just staying still.

There was a human male lying on the ground in the conference room, his arms and legs covered in a bewildering array of handcuffs, shackles, irons, and other bonds. He looked up at the two monstergirls fearfully and started trying to wriggle away. Ms. Goldblum closed the door behind her and pushed past Leona to stand behind him.

“Rape this jackass”


“Rape.This.Jackass. Which part are you not getting? The rape, the this, or the jackass?”


“I ain’t got all day Mayonaise. Either jam your weird tail-cunt thing in between his legs or take it with you on your way to the unemployment office. Your choice.”

Leona grimaced as she looked between the impatient danuki and the terrified man on the floor. This was too sudden. Way too sudden. But she needed this job. And the man in front of her was rather cute. And handcuffed. And vulnerable. And completely and utterly at her mercy. Leona suddenly realized that she was very, very wet.

She crouched over him and rolled him onto his back. She planted her paws on his shoulders, letting her claws dig in just enough that he’d know to stop squirming. She kept one paw planted on his chest and swung the other around behind her to undo the zipper on his pants. This was almost too easy. He looked up into her fiery eyes, begging for mercy. Sorry buddy, fresh out. She closed her eyes, leaned down, and pursed her lips as she inched her tail down toward his crotch…

And found herself kissing carpet. Her eyes fluttered open in confusion. She could have sworn there was a restrained human underneath her just a second ago. Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt someone grab her by the tail, holding her close enough to the bulb that she couldn’t swing it around to sting them. She cried out in surprise as whoever was holding her tail pulled her across the floor by it. She suddenly found herself seated on the floor in front of the man she had been straddling scant seconds ago. He was standing tall and proud, wearing a million-dollar smile and gesturing to an imaginary crowd. His restraints were in a pile at his feet next to her. All except one, which she realized was around her own wrists after she tried to push herself off the floor and instead succeeded in flopping facedown onto the carpet. Her cream-colored cheeks burned bright red. Her boss started clapping mechanically.

“Bravo bravo, our brave magician has escaped the clutches of the manticore. You both take a bow, lots of applause, and we finally get some damn revenue out of the theater again.”

“Sounds good Jess.” The man spoke for the first time as he helped Leona to her feet and effortlessly slipped the cuffs off her wrists.

“That’s Ms. Goldblum to you, Ray”

“Whatever you say Jess.” He winked conspiratorially at Leona as he deliberately pushed her boss’s buttons

Goldblum frowned at the escape artist as she crossed the room to the door

“Be in the theater on Friday at 5, Whitey. Tell the pencilpushers that you’ve got an act there now and to bump you up to 30 bucks an hour.”

Leona blanched to the greatest extent possible for an albino.

“B-b-but I can’t-“

“Not enough? Fine, 40 an hour. See you on Friday.”

The danuki slammed the door behind her before Leona could say anything more.

“That girl’s gonna die of stress one of these days”

Ray turned to face her, looking as relaxed as can be.

“You did good rookie. Pretty convincing job of looking surprised after the escape, but you need to work on your presence while I’m still tied up. You were blushing like a virgin the whole time. You have to project confidence, cook up some raunchy taunts to throw around, maybe.”

He gave her a friendly pat on the back after collecting the assortment of handcuffs and restraints on the floor. She tucked her wings in defensively, unused to the sensation, then promptly regretted it. His hand was warm and soft, and she hadn’t been touched in a while.

“Looking forward to working with you honey”

He glanced at his watch.

“I have to go get fitted for my costume, but after that we should get lunch together. Two o’clock?” he said as he strolled toward the door.

“Wait, what the hell am I supposed to do about this broken dam between my legs?!” she almost shouted at him.

“I’m a manticore damnit! You’re supposed to be afraid of me!” she considered reminding him.

“Okay” she actually said.

“Great, I’ll call you as soon as I’m done at the tailor’s”

He strolled out the door, leaving her alone, bewildered, and too aroused to do anything other than masturbate until 1:45.

“You guys are on in 10 minutes, Ms. L”

Leona mumbles some thanks for the notice and starts making final preparations for the show. She carefully applies a bit of makeup, but not too much, the director insists that her ghostly whiteness is part of the show’s draw. She retrieves her bunny ears from their stand and puts them on, but not before she’s given them a resentful glare. Lastly, she unlatches the bottom left drawer and takes inventory of the various “stress relieving implements” contained within. She has a double ended one on top; she’d bought it after it occurred to her that her post-show stress-relief sessions were getting too long; with a double ender she could work 2 holes at once and finish that much sooner.

She covers her face with her paw to hide her blush from herself. Why does she always get so fired up on stage? Why can’t she finish her act without soaking her panties through? She knows he’s going to slip right out her grasp like he always does. She knows that even if she wasn’t a pasty skinned mutant, he’d still never date a coworker. She knows that the helplessness and vulnerability he exudes on stage is just an act. But goddamn, was it convincing…

“Why do I still have to wear these?” Leona whined, her real ears twitching with irritation in front of the false rabbit ears atop her head.

“Because I toldja to and I’m the one who cuts the checks around here” answered Ms. Goldblum.

Leona’s shoulders sagged and she sent a pleading look at Ray as he continued to battle with his cufflinks. He offered her only a shrug and a conciliatory smile.

“They look cute on you. Cute girls bring in the crowds.”

The words of praise were enough put Leona into a complacent stupor of embarrassment and happiness. No one ever called her “cute”. “Interesting” was a word that got tossed around a lot by the more tactful of her acquaintances. “Bizarre” and “fascinating” were thrown out when people thought she was out of earshot, as were the phrases “Stay close to me son” and “Don’t make eye contact”. But “cute” definitely wasn’t something she was used to hearing. An enormous grin broke out on her face.


Ray’s sudden curse as his cufflink skittered across the floor shook her out of her giddy daydreams. She spotted the errant jewelry rolling toward her, its owner right behind it. Acting purely on reflex, she dropped down to her knees and darted a paw toward it. Ray stooped down to do the same as he closed in. Their heads came together with an audible thunk.


Leona winced and rubbed her forehead with her free paw.

“Uh, Leona, if you wouldn’t mind…”

Leona started in surprise as she realized that her paw was not resting on the cold piece of jewelry she had been after, but on something soft, warm, and alive. She opened her eyes and saw that she had Ray’s hand pinned beneath hers. Her heart skipped a beat, and she felt her ears press back against her head. She looked up to meet his gaze. He was smiling at her.

“I’ve got it. I appreciate the effort though honey”

Leona let out a sheepish half-chuckle and snatched her paw back before she did something else to embarrass herself.

“S-sorry. I didn’t-“

“If you two are done, could we, I dunno, get this rehearsal underway?” the danuki cut in before she could say more.

“Sure thing Jess!” Ray fired back cheerily, completely unphased by the veritable aura of irritation his employer was projecting. He straightened back up promptly and shocked Leona by grabbing her paw again and leading her toward the prop case.

“Give me a paw with these will ya hon?” he said, holding a fistful of restraints out to her.

Leona took them with trembling paws as he turned on his heel and held his arms out behind him. She wasn’t sure her heart could handle being the one to tie him up.

“Don’t be shy now. They all work exactly the way you think they do.”

Leona swallowed nervously and started slipping the cuffs onto his arms. She tried to regard her task with as dry a demeanor as possible, but fantasies of having the man in front of her tied up, pinned down, and begging her for more kept intruding on her thoughts. She was starting to worry that her tail might begin dripping when she realized that she was out of restraints. She took a deep breath and stepped back.

“All done” she said, hoping her voice was steady.

“Great. Let’s get started” he said back, oblivious as ever to the depraved thoughts she was having about him.

They both took their positions, waited for the soundman to start the music, and started their act. Leona did her best to look intimidating as she taunted the bound magician; she’d practiced several “menacing faces” in the mirror earlier, but she thought they all made her look silly, and had settled on just smiling and letting the stage lighting make her look frightening.

Leona noticed something off about Ray as they got to the climax, the bit where he was supposed to make his grand escape from her clutches. He looked scared. Not stage-scared, truly afraid, as if he was actually trapped and at the mercy of a manticore. Tentative excitement welled up in her chest. Was something wrong with the restraints? Was he actually unable to escape? Could…Could she actually have her way with him? She felt the bulb on her tail plump up in anticipation. Her lascivious taunting became a bit more enthusiastic as she settled down on him. She was going to do it this time, consequences be damned. After all, he knew the risks of putting a manticore in his show. She slipped her tail down to his groin used one of the barbs to pull his zipper. A pretty good trick, she thought.

She got the zipper about halfway down before his hands leapt up from behind him and slapped a pair of handcuffs around her wrists.


Ray pushed her onto her back before she could finish. She felt the increasingly familiar sensation of a neon-red blush on her cheeks. Him looking scared was part of the act. Of course it was part of the act. She shouldn’t have gotten her hopes up like that.

As soon as the rehearsal ended she went out and spent almost $100 at the adult novelty store. She knew she was going to need something to take the edge off after the show.

“Ladies and gentlemen, The Snake Eyes Resort and Casino is proud to present, Ray the Resplendant!” the announcer’s voice echoes out through the theater.
Ray starts his introductory bit, showing off his sleight of hand chops, while Leona stands in the wings. She checks her watch frequently and keeps a close eye on her partner, waiting for her queue to appear on stage and play the part of the terrifying villain. She sighs as she watches his performance. His enthusiasm is charming, and he looks so sharp in that outfit.

The lights dim abruptly and the soundman switches over to the spooky soundtrack. That’s her queue. She hustles out onto the stage. Eight steps, nine, ten. She hits her mark right as the lights come back on. She hears a few gasps from the tourists in the audience as well as a few cheers from the monstergirls scattered among them. Poor devils are going to really disappointed when they realize she’s not actually going to rape him.

Leona goes through her routine, taunting and teasing the bound magician, swaying and gyrating. This part of the show used to embarrass her, but she’s grown much more confident since her first performance. Now she almost enjoys showing off, if only because she’s doing it where Ray can see her.

She gets a good look at the “trapped” magician as she descends on him. As always he reminds of nothing so much as a frightened puppy. A puppy who’s been very naughty and knows it. A puppy who needed to spend a few hours balls deep in her tail to reflect on his actions. She shakes her head.

“Get your mind out of the gutter.” she chastises herself under her breath.

He grunts and whimpers as he feigns struggling against his bonds. Would he grunt like that during sex? Or would he be a gasper, or a moaner? Would he be totally silent? Leona feels a pleasant rush of warmth toward her crotch as she imagines him squirming beneath her, his masculinity trapped in the silken vice of her tail. Oh, she’d make him moan. She’d make him SCREAM.

She stifles a yelp of surprise as she almost loses her balance. She grimaces. She did it again.

Leona refocuses and begins her “attack”, straddling her partner as he covertly frees himself from his restraints. She tries to force her villainess smile back onto her face, but she can feel the corners of her mouth trembling. She plants her paws on his shoulders and leans in, knowing exactly what’s about to happen but wishing it wouldn’t.

Ray frees himself and wriggles out of her grasp just before her lips touch him, as always. He ensnares her with the cuffs he had been wearing a moment before and “knocks” her to the ground in front of him, as always. She lands softly at his feet and he takes a bow amidst the cheers of the humans in the audience and the disappointed grumbling of the monstergirls. She takes the opportunity to lean against his legs, enjoying the moment of closeness and hoping the audience’s acclamation will draw it out.

The rest of the show goes the way it always does. The heat of the stage lighting makes them both sweat, and Leona starts fantasizing about having sex in a sauna. The acrobatics at the end of the performance fill her head with a series of increasingly shameful sexual positions. The shamelessly public costume changes Ray does in the brief interludes between acts throws fuel on the fire. By the time the curtain falls for the last time she’s so wet that it’s starting to soak her tights. She thanks the god of small mercies for having made her costume too dark for anyone to notice as she makes her way back to her dressing room, self-pleasure the only thing on her mind.

As the door slams behind her, she finally unclenches her tail. A mess of pent up lubricant splashes out from the pulsing entrance as it blooms open, pooling on the floor. It’s even worse than usual today. She darts over to her vanity desk, so desperate for release that she unfurls her wings and gives a single flap to boost her speed across the floor. Too hot to bother with disrobing, she snatches up the first toy her paw falls on and slips it into her tail. At long last sensing something to wrap themselves around, the smooth muscles lining the inside of her tail contract, sucking and milking at the stiff rubber. She bites her bottom lip, stifling her cry of lonely passion into a low moan. She releases the handle, letting the intense suction her tail is capable of hold the phallic substitute inside her, and tugs the top of her corset down to expose her ivory bosom. She pinches one of her rosy, erect nipples between her fuzzy digits. Not enough. She shifts to using her curled claws, getting downright violent with herself in her half-crazed masturbatory frenzy.

She’s bringing her tail back in front of herself to resume her ministrations when she hears the door open behind her.

“Hey L we’re-“

Ray’s sentence is cut short by a wet squeak and a meaty thud as he slips in the syrupy puddle of arousal waiting for him on the other side of the door. Leona spins around just in time to see him raise his head, her crimson eyes meeting his as his brow waffles between arching in surprise and furrowing in confusion.

“So uh…”

His eyes stray to her tail and the cylinder of plastic poking halfway out of it’s end. Humiliation settles on her like a crushing weight.

“…we were all talking about going out for a drink, since we’ve got the rest of the night off…”

He runs his hand through the puddle he’s lying in, rubbing the slippery substance between his fingers. Anger over the humiliation she’s feeling ignites and grows to a steady blaze.

“…but I can see you’re busy so I guess-”

Her anger, embarrassment, and lust boil over.

“THIS IS YOUR FAULT!” she cries out as she storms toward the prostrate magician.

“You’re the reason I’m like this! You prance around looking all cute and vulnerable on stage and changing right where I can see you and flashing me that smile and…”

She straddles him and pounds at his chest with clenched paws, her dammed up frustrations still spilling out.

“All I can think about every day is how bad I want to fuck you! I want to milk you dry and taste your sweat and hear you scream my name and-“

He silences her, gently putting a finger to her lips and showing her the most disarming smile in his arsenal.

“I know hon, I was just waiting for you to say it.”

Her mind reels. The seconds tick by as she stares at him, failing to grasp the piece of information he’s just given her.

“You…you knew?”

He shrugs.

“I had an inkling. I didn’t know how, eh, graphic your interest in me was…”

The blush on her face deepens as he abruptly hooks her arms around her waist and pulls her closer.

“…but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

Her chitinous tail thrashes nervously as he leans up to kiss her. She relaxes at the soothing stimulus, but tenses up again in surprise as he catches her tail on the upswing. She shivers at he lets it slide through his hand until he comes to grip the plump node at the end. As their lips part, he pulls the alien appendage closer to his face and examines it curiously; she fidgets in his grasp, suddenly more self-conscious of her bizarre features and ridiculous outfit than she’s been in a while. Abruptly, he releases her hips and brings his newly freed hand up to the node. He gives her a wink. He’s not about to do what it looks like he’s about to do, is he?

He slowly pushes her finger against one of the spikes that ring her tail until it pierces the skin. She gasps at the pleasure of injecting her venom into living flesh, instinctively flexing her spines to pump more of it into his veins. He winces at the surge of aphrodisiac being forced into his system, briefly, before his expression starts to slacken in dizzied arousal. He gestures weakly to the tattered sofa against the wall.

“I think the couch would be a more comfortable place to do this.”

Leona stands up shakily, her heart a-flutter at the prospect of making her fantasies a reality. Ray stands up with her, but his knees promptly fold underneath him as his body diverts all its resources in preparation for an extended mating session. She just barely manages to catch him, awkwardly pressing his face into her cleavage as she struggles to keep him upright.

“Potent stuff.” he says, his voice muffled by her snowy breasts. A fresh wave of fluid soaks her panties at the feeling of his breath against her bare skin.

She lowers him onto the couch as gently as she can, then steps back and starts stripping out of her costume, sorely tempted to tear it apart and reunite with her lover that much sooner.

“Hey L, I have a request.”

He looks up at her sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

“Would you mind keeping the bunny ears on?”

For the first time since she’s known him, Ray blushes, quite boyishly in fact. Bad idea. A lecherous grin appears on her face as the urge to dominate males and reduce them to trembling, orgasming wrecks wells up out of her racial memory.

“I will, but it’s going to cost you.”

She swings her leg over him onto the sofa, being sure to give him a good look at her glistening slit before she settles it down onto his face. Ray gets to work with surprising alacrity, almost making her lose her poise with the abrupt surge of pleasure he gives her. Not to be outdone, she swings her tail down to his crotch and again starts undoing his zipper. This time there’s no escape act to interrupt her, and in only a few seconds she frees his manhood. She lets it stand free for a few moments as she brings her tail over her shoulder and hugs it to her chest, the wet, throbbing interior facing down towards Ray. His eyes widen as she flaunts the network of creases, nubs, and nodes that she’s about to wrap around his cock. The wicked smile on her ashen features grows and she offers him two words of advice.

“Get ready”

Leona whips her tail back toward his groin in an arc, hilting him immediately and beginning a merciless rhythm of pumping, sucking, and thrusting on his stone-hard rod. Ray’s cunnilingus falters at the mind-blowing pleasure the specialized organ gives him, but she grips his head gently with her paws and pushes her cunt against his mouth insistently. He gets back to work, the manic, unpredictable lashes of his tongue as her tail’s milking compels him to gasp and groan even more pleasurable than his steady licking was. Leona coos and sighs, whispering teasing encouragements, battling to maintain her composure in the face of the twinned sensations from her pussy and her tail. Her cheeks, shoulders and chest flush as the blissful fullness of an orgasm starts to rise up in her belly and down the length of her tail. She tells him how close she is, and he takes it as a command to intensify his attentions. He frees one of his hands and rolls the pert button of her clitoris between his fingers as he pushes his tongue as far as it will go.

The effect is instantaneous. Hot fluid gushes out into Ray’s mouth; he drinks it down and continues licking, prolonging and heightening Leona’s orgasm as she bites down on her finger to keep from screaming. She clenches her tail in return, rewarding him with an orgasm of his own. The inner walls of her tail begin to undulate as hot semen pours into it, moving in concentric rings to draw it further in, ensuring not a single drop escapes. Leona swoons at the feeling of euphoric fullness, of at long last having her tail do what nature built it from the ground up to do. She lurches forward and plants her paws on the arm of the sofa to steady herself as her lover continues to pump thick ropes of jizz into her greedy second mouth, the potent venom in his bloodstream compelling him to release a load the likes of which an unaided human would be incapable of.

After what feels like an eternity of crying out and staining the sofa with sexual fluids, both their climaxes end. Leona regains a semblance of cognizance and pulls her crotch off of Ray’s face. She feels a flutter of apprehension at the sight of his flushed, femcum soaked features, suddenly fearing that she may have gone overboard. The feeling evaporates as she heaves herself back and gets a clear look at his penis.

In spite of the protracted and rather messy orgasm he just had, he’s still rock hard, the head purple and beading, the shaft twitching desperately. Her venom is working overtime; he clearly needs more, and she’s ready to give it to him.

A thought enters her mind.

He’s probably pretty desperate right now, isn’t he? He’d do whatever she wanted at this point, right?

“Hey Ray, I have a request of my own.”

She lies on her back opposite him. She brings her tail up to eye level and retracts her spines, watching them slowly slide beneath the stiff chitin. She slips it under herself, between her legs, the bulb coming to rest between her cream-colored thighs.

“Can we do it human-style?”

Ray doesn’t speak, just quietly positions himself over her, lining himself up with her bulb. He plants a gulping kiss on her, entwining his tongue with hers and giving her a taste of her own love juice. She moans into his mouth as he slowly enters her. She spreads and widens her tail as he pushes in an inch at a time, desperate to have his full length within her, yet reveling in the thrill of letting him take the lead. Her tail begins to suck and slurp with greater vigor than before, the fresh memory of having his spunk flowing into her nearly driving her mad with the need to feel it again. Ray, seemingly unaware of her desperate craving, demonstrates an infuriating level of restraint, thrusting slowly, savoring the copulation, drawing it out. She tries to blot out the compulsion to push her tail upwards and keep him inside her by wrapping her fuzzy arms around him and kissing him ferociously, nipping at his tongue and moaning into his mouth. It doesn’t work, she still needs to feel more of him, to fill herself with his masculinity. Her tail yawns wider than ever before on his next downstroke, engulfing both his shaft and his scrotum, then sealing tightly around them.

“Don’t try to hold it” she hisses. “I don’t want it slow. I want to feel it NOW. I NEED to feel it now. Give it to me! Every drop!”

The strength in her voice cannot be denied, nor can the superhuman tightness and purposeful movements of her tail as it strokes his still-sensitive manhood. Ray grits his teeth as his pearlescent surrender explodes into the gulping orifice of her tail. Leona’s lascivious demands are reduced to giddy gasps of pleasure as she feels it flowing into her, driving her to climax again. She hugs her lover’s face to her chest as she arches her back, thrashing with enough force to dislodge the rabbit ears atop her head, which clatter to the floor.

She basks in the afterglow for as long as she can, until the creeping specter of self-doubt rears its head again. She recounts the downright pornographic things she’s said and done in the last few hours. The abrupt sexual advance she just made on a coworker. The utter mess she’s made of her dressing room. What would Ray think of her now?

She cuts her private beration short when she feel him stir on top of her. He lets his head stay nestled against her breasts, but slowly brings his smaller, smooth hand to one of her large, fuzzy paws and entwines his fingers with hers. She uses her free hand to stroke his hair as he closes his eyes and plays idly with the squishy pad in her palm, letting him catch his breath. Eventually he recovers enough to look up into her eyes. Sensing a critical moment, she summons her courage and quietly asks him if he’s still up for that drink.

He is.


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