First-Hand Accounts of Shogey Victims: Victim 1: Dan

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“I didn’t see him for days, it was as if he had disappeared off the face of the earth. No calls, no texts, even his phone GPS didn’t behave, jumping around from here to Guatemala to even disappearing entirely. It wasn’t till I saw him that night, walking in a park, holding hands with a creature twice his size, but he looked different. It was then a tentacle shot from her hand and down his throat, and it looked like he wanted to scream or cry, until I saw him start to masturbate as some mass moved its way through the tentacle and into him. They went on like that for a while, I don’t think they knew I was there, but when he finally came, it was some strange black slime that came out, in droves to which slithered off into the night. I don’t know what I witnessed that night, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get his damn insane smile out of my mind, but please, just find him, find Dan” -Missing person report to the locale [REDACTED] county police department, suspected shogey victim case #[][][][][][][]


I stood at the register with bated breath as I looked at the clock. Cheap snacks, drinks, and a few hot food machines stuffed every open space of the convenience store, the old fluorescent lights buzzed an awful white noise that seemed to taint everything it touched, with its uncaring hum. A few hours on the short shift, that’s all I had to survive as I stared at the mocking clock, each tick like a vicious little giggle. Its mockery was nothing compared to the voice that filled my ears. My wife’s voice, sweet like poisoned honey, spoke to me gingerly, gently, thunderous whispers meant only for me, the voice of a shogey, ephemeral as if she somehow vibrated my eardrums directly. “Oh dear, my sweet jewel, we’re going to have such fun today! I hope you’re excited, for your Mommy sure is~!” The way she had said it, “fun”… it was sultry, tender, like malice mistaken for love, and did not like it one, little, bit. I felt my uniform tighten up at these words, physically feeling like a hug, but all I could imagine was a noose tightening around my throat.

The electronic bell for the sliding door grabs my attention as I look towards it, whilst I feel as though my executioner has walked in. With the setting sun behind her, the ten-gallon hat on her head, and the twenty-gallon rack on her chest, the holstaur that stood before me looked like she came straight out of a cowboy movie, her long white hair smelled faintly of almonds as she walks past me to get to the chips. It’s the smell of almonds that warns me that something is wrong. How strong it is, as if I were choking on them, but it’s not when I breathe, but when I breathe out.

Then I hear it, the near silent wooshing of air from behind me, into me… it was barely heard over the incessant buzz of the whiteness, and barely felt over the eldritch warmth that I realize has slowly started to consume me. As if on cue, I notice my breath becomes more strained, as if I’m breathing too much in and not enough out. As the cowgirl comes back, setting a box of condoms and some zinc pills on the counter the scent of almonds begins to overwhelm me, making me want to vomit. I strain out my best corporate smile, trained over years of having to deal with the worst dregs of humanity a customer service job can bring. This smile was an expression that can only be described as one of malice, full of happiness, but devoid of any warmth or hope. “Will that be all today ma’am?” I ask, my voice light and airy as if I’m starved for oxygen and trying to speak as little as I can. She nods and pulls out some cash as I scan the items, the silence stiff and awkward, broken only by the beeps of the tills scanner. She doesn’t even wait for the change, “Keep it,” being the only words she leaves me with as she walks out, the sun finally finishing its descent.

Once again alone, I finally notice my clothes feel even tighter as my stomach gives an odd groan. “What are you doing to me?” I whisper to the lonely store, knowing she hears me. A giggle follows in response as I say it again, louder and more fearful. My uniform tightens around my shoulder, my wife’s hand, invisible, ethereal, god knows how far, and yet right on my shoulder. “Aw, is baby feeling scared, don’t worry, let Mommy show you what she’s doing~!” More mockery, but I don’t have time to process it as I feel my stomach groan again, my uniform pushing out to reveal my inflated stomach. I am aghast, its size is already that of a basketball, growing bigger with every breath. In a panicked response, I stop breathing, but this only slows its steady growth, the silent wooshing of the cold air into me being an antagonizing plight. “Honeybuns, you know that won’t work, not unless you ask your Mommy nicely to plug you~!”

I start to get frustrated, and angry, but I can’t let her win, not with her mocking me, not with my pride on the line. I feel like I’m about to start screaming when the door chimes again, and I feel my stomach and uniform suck themselves back into place before the new customer can see. It felt like I was just punched in the gut, and felt disoriented at the sudden change in my balance, but all I could do was lean against the counter, and give the same damn smile. This time the customer was a spider girl of some sort, not that I could tell which one as her black carapace and matching hair came in. Each one of her feet clacked against the tiles as she headed to the back of the store, sound closer to raindrops on windows than footsteps. It was then my stomach shot out as I suppressed a yelp of surprise, and as it happened I instinctively tensed up, sucking even more air into me, pushing my stomach even further out, but that was the least of my worries.

That same eldritch warmth began to invade my crotch, making me almost cry out in pleasure, suppressed by only another deep breath. As my dick did some inflating of its own, more giggling danced through my ears, carrying a challenge with its arrival. “Oh darling, did Mommy almost get you caught~? Mm, it would be such a shame if that would happen, especially with those cute little squeaks of you, but luckily I have a solution!” She said, and as she did I could feel my face go pale and my forehead bead with sweat, a bodily reaction, a cold reminder of just how under the gun I am in this situation. My eyes twinkled, a venomous contract done in the style of a videogame quest appeared before my eyes, and my eyes alone. It always unnerves me to remember that she can control my senses, but I control my breathing as she states the terms, her voice slicked with all the grease of snake oil salesmen. “The rules are simple, if you make enough noise to attract the customer’s attention, I will stop deflating you when people come in, as well as making you work the rest of the night able to move just enough to do your job… but don’t think that’s it however! Even if she can’t hear it, each tiny peep will increase the rate you inflate~! Are you ready darling~?” Her tone told me I didn’t have a choice in the matter, so all I could do was nod, accepting the deal as I steeled myself.

It wouldn’t be as simple as taking my breathing slow and focusing, it never is. My knees began to buckle as I tried my hardest to suppress a moan that came from the feeling of my very own clothes turning against me, molesting me. My pants rubbed my crotch as if it were a gentle hand, my shirt rubbing my nipples, my underwear tapping around my butt cheeks teasing me as if it were planning to enter. Peeps and eeps escaped me, barely silenced, inflating me faster and faster, my stomach already looking like a beach ball, my dick creeping out of my pants like a seed sprouting from dirt, even my arms and legs were beginning to inflate as my cheeks puffed up, filling with air faster than I could breathe it out. I’m shaking, pressure and pleasure mixing as I start to cry, losing myself in lust. I know that any moment now I’ll scream and cum, or knock over the shelves or the register, and this spider will see nothing but a lewd inflated balloon of a man, a lewd balloon that will be stuck as for the rest of the night.

It’s then I collapse back into myself as I see her walking back, coming out of the bathroom carrying groceries. I know that she’s stealing something, that I should try to stop her or make a note of it for someone to deal with in the morning, but I don’t care. I ring the spider up as she looks at me, quizzically and a little concerned. “Hey mister you look like you’re about to cry, are you ok?” she asks. I nod and make up an excuse about remembering a sad movie I saw the other day, too tired to come up with anything better. It’s clear this spider doesn’t believe but with her pressing matters at hand, she doesn’t argue, instead choosing to quietly leave into the night. I grip my hands on the counter, waiting for my stomach to explode again but it doesn’t. “Don’t worry baby, you won! That means Mommy needs to reward you, and I’m sure all that nasty pressure feels awful! Here, let Mommy help~!” As she says that, the windows and door slowly tint to pitch black as the camera begins to make strange noises. She’s erasing the footage I’m sure of it, but a question begs my mind of what she means and why she’s giving me some privacy.

My question is answered as my cock explodes out of my pants, floating like a half-filled balloon, thick as a water bottle and as long as my arms. I can’t help but carefully hold it, the skin creaking, feeling like rubber under my hands. I’m too scared to speak and instead shake my head no, but I know well that’s it already too late as my cock grows thicker and longer as I feel all the pressure that was in my body flow into it. My knees buckle and I fall to the ground holding it, the pleasure making me cry again my wife begins a slow count down in my ear. “5…4…” my breathing quickens as she quiets down. “3…2…” her voice is so quiet now, but so loud, as if closing in. “1…” It’s like she’s right up against me, able to devour me whole with this pleasure. There’s a stillness in the air for a moment as I’m left on the edge. Complete silence, even from the lights as I kneel there with no closure. I am scared with all of my being that she might just leave me like this.

It’s at that moment, without warning or fanfare, that I start to cum out the air. My fear comes back as I realize I can see it, the air being tainted a slight pink as I watch it slowly descend. As it runs across my skin it tickles me, filling me with even more pleasure as I realize my body hasn’t yet stopped taking in the air. I cry out and moan, prolonging my torment as the gas continues to fill the store, and as I breathe it in my eyes nearly roll back into my head. It’s as if every smell and scent, even those I could not notice, had been intensified, rarified, brought to their most base and powerful form, and I was drowning in it. The store continues to fill with it, as if it had nowhere to escape from, not even the vents, slowly tinting the store with a pink hue that only grew thicker to the point I could not even see two feet in front of me as I drowned in the smells. Almonds, sweat, cleaner, milk, and even the smell of cum consumed me fully. As the gas passed through my body, and into the never-ending orgasm, it sped up, going faster and faster, but also growing in concentration even more. It felt like I spent an eternity like that, cumming and cumming, until finally, the last bits of gas were gone, and I was left a twitching mess, half aware.

As I was on the verge of passing out, I heard the chime of the door once more. It opened, letting all the gas rush out into the night where it disappeared without a trace, as if it were never there at all. I couldn’t see who it was that walked into, but I could never forget that sound of wet cloth hitting the ground. As she leaned over I saw her, my wife in all her glory, he body an every-shifting mix of pastel blues and soft purples, her eyes gazing at me, full of long-forgotten stars. I cry when I see her as she picks me up, not out of fear, but out of relief to see her. “There there,” she said, her voice soothing, with no more malice in it. I just tried to breathe slowly as she rubbed my back carried me out, and started our long walk home. I couldn’t go back with her any other way, the path would always change, and I could never understand how. I couldn’t care any less about that now though as I hugged her tight, resting my head on her soft squishy body.

My clothes shifted to a pair of pajamas, decorated with art depicting scenes of the two of us cuddling, and feeling warm as if just out of the dryer. “Did you have fun dear?” she asked, and her voice, angelic as the day I first heard it, I knew I could not lie. A small part of me wanted to say no, but that was simply pride as I nodded. For as much stress as these games brought me, I truly could not deny how excited they made me, the thrill of the challenges, the thrill of almost being caught. It was almost too much for me to handle some days, but that was ok, so long as I was with her. “I’m glad dear, let’s get you home, I can’t imagine how exhausted you must be. Don’t worry dear, Mommy will hold you all night, she’ll be right here so no mean nightmares can come to bite, and if they do you can be sure, Mommy will bark and bite~. Now rest darling, Mommy will carry you home, and tomorrow, we shall play some fun games anew.” My heart skipped I beat as I heard her say well play again tomorrow with all the kindness and warmth of a saint, but my excitement outweighed any fear of what she would do, so I closed my eyes and stilled my heart, focusing on my wife’s heartbeat instead. It was steady, soothing and I knew without a doubt, that all would be right in the world.

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