Fire Lake: Part 3

“Say, how are you able to sense demonic energy anyway?” Star asked.

Dain looked up, seeing the Salamander standing nude in front of a polished piece of steel that adorned their cavern wall. She was modeling her new hair-ribbon with an excited grin, her rather formidable posterior thrust out and her back arched. It had become part of her morning routine ever since he’d given it to her two weeks ago.

Dain couldn’t help but take not of the thickly muscled yet pillowy thighs that had held him in thrall for much of the previous day. Though, he supposed it was a good thing they were so warm. He’d always hated having cold ears.

Despite the constant influx of Demonic energy that helped him feel years younger than he was, he was still stiff and sore when he awoke each morning. Standing to his full height and stretching, his joints cracked and popped in protest. “Well, that leads into a long story. Why don’t you put a pot of water on and we can talk about it over tea.” In all actuality, he just needed some time to wake up before having that conversation.

Star turned with a grin, bouncing excitedly on the balls of her feet before skipping out of the room. She’d slowly been learning to cook, though most of what she could do was simple preparation work but she seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. She did well when cutting ingredients, or boiling water. But anything more complicated than that was currently beyond her.

Dain looked back down at the Dwarven-wrought steel bed that was deceptively comfortable with a brief longing before taking a few moments to stretch his body several different ways. He slid on a pair of trousers and made for the kitchen.

The originally uninhabited part of the cavern where he’d set their stove, was now one of the more comfortable ones. It was so well vented that it remained cool despite the constant warmth of the oven. He’d added some shelves by the clever conversion of some climbing pitons, and grabbed a decanter of tea as he passed them.

Sitting down at a small crate they were using as an improvised table, he sprinkled a healthy dose of tea into the pot while stifling a yawn.

Star came over with a small copper pot of steaming water, adding it carefully to the teapot to steep. “So, spill.” She told him her voice excited as she sat.

Dain blinked for a moment before sighing. He’d really been hoping she’d forget. He loved her, but she was a bit of an airhead. “Well, when my birth-mother was still carrying me—”

“What did she look like? I bet you got her eyes! How far along was she? I bet you were a cute chubby baby!” Star interrupted her words coming out so fast that they ran together.

Dain slapped his face and rubbed his palms on his cheeks. He shook the teapot and poured himself a cup and drank deeply. “I’m getting there. And she was six months along. Anyway, as women who are pregnant are wont to do, she became extremely aroused—”

“Oooh! I didn’t know this was going to be a dirty story!” Star interrupted once again.

Dain furrowed his brows at her. “Stop interrupting.”

Star blushed, though it looked less bashful and more lascivious on her. “Sorry.”

Nodding, he continued. “She became aroused, as happens during pregnancy. But my father was away at the timber camp, logging. Well, her arousal kept growing. The day before my father was due to return, her arousal peaked.

“It seems that a Nine-tail passed somewhere nearby at some point, and her passing had left a Kitsune-bi, which sought out my mother and possessed her.”

Star paused with her cup nearly to her lips. “But…”

Dain nodded. “My mother was monsterized while with child, becoming a Kitsune-tsuki. Thankfully, she was far enough along I was already formed as a male. Nothing was thought remiss, save for my father appreciated her increased attentions.

“But three days after he returned, she gave birth to me. And despite being nearly three months premature I was born large and healthy.”

Star was fiddling with her cup. She looked a bit sad. “Then what happened?”

Dain shrugged. “The order came. They hung my mother and had intended to see me destroyed. My father managed to smuggle me away, his fellow Loggers helping him get to a small community near a mountain shrine. The Hakutaku at the shrine visited my father.”

Finishing his bitter tea and pouring himself another cup Dain continued. “She informed my father that I had been far enough along not to be monsterized. Babies are blank slates, she said. But that I would always be sensitive to demonic energy, though she didn’t know what form it would take.”

Dain looked Star in the eyes. “Your energy, strong as it is, shouldn’t have had such an effect on me. I shouldn’t have come to love you in matter of hours, but I did. I don’t regret it, love,” he told her at her stricken look. “But it was also the reason I always refused to lie with monsters. Any monster I slept with would be the last monster I slept with. Not that I mind. To the victor goes the spoils.” He winked in an attempt to take off some of the edge.

Thankfully, Star wasn’t feeling at all poorly about the situation. “You mean…you were born premature and grew into…” She gestured at him. “…all that?”

Dain nodded. “Normally demonic energy quickly changes a man into an Incubus. And yours is by far stronger than that of most monsters. But I still feel human. I’m not consumed with lust as I’ve heard happens in some cases. Even the Hakutaku didn’t know how it would affect me. So when you began pouring your energy into me, I felt it and responded. The thought of resisting you never even occurred to me after I drank the spring’s water.”

Dain poured a splash of tea into her cup and added a large spoonful of sugar. “So, what about you? You’ve said very little about your childhood.”

Star shook her head with a smile. “Well, I was born into a brood of seven, the last born and runt of the brood.”

Raising a brow at her, Dain voiced his speculation. He’d seen no few different Salamander and Lizardwomen. While Star wasn’t severely taller than her kin, her shoulders, hips, and legs were far more thickly built.

Star nodded. “Yeah, I was the runt. After a few years my mother noted that when I sometimes wrestled with my broodlings they’d become burned. Shortly before I reached adolescence, which is younger for Mamono than humans, I began to keep flames almost constantly. They would burn those around me. I had also grown much larger and stronger than my siblings, my mother at a loss for what to do.

“She sent me to my Great-Aunt—by Echidna birth—to live, as she was a Dragon and better able to handle me. Salamanders don’t receive a given name until they reach maturity, so Aunt Gretchen named me Starthistle—the flower that can’t be held. But Auntie Gretchen helped me learn to control my flames so that I wouldn’t burn everything I touched.”

Star lifted her cup and took a long sip of her tea with a pleased sigh. “Then I spent the next several years fighting and fucking around until I settled here. When I would occasionally hear rumors of a rather strong opponent I’d go on a sojourn but always wound up disappointed.” Her tail blazed brightly, crackling with what seemed wicked delight. “Until I met you, that is.”

Despite the swelling of his loins at her flushed look, Dain raised his hands in mock surrender. “Much as I love making love to you, let’s at least get some food into us. You didn’t let me eat at all yesterday.” When she smiled wickedly he amended himself. “Eat any food, love. Sustenance. Bread and salt. Besides, you can help me cook. I like doing things with you, things other than just fucking, love.”

Star smiled bashfully, she enjoyed them as well but was as coy about the normal things as most women were lovemaking. Since Dain had started having her eat varied foods and not just meat, the color of her scales had changed from a dusky brown to a slightly tinged copper. Her claws and talons were now a bright glossy black. Although she still ate pounds of meat at every meal, the nutrition of the vegetables was working wonders for her complexion.

Dain smiled, giving her a conspiratorial wink. Together they busied themselves amongst the kitchenware. He had her retrieve one of his fishing baskets they’d had soaking in a nearby spring that remained cool, so he put on a few pounds of crayfish to boil. From a leftover loaf of bread, he cut several thin pieces before spreading butter on them and frying each side. Star busied herself with making porridge, though Dain seasoned it well with honey, cinnamon, cloves, and dates.

Dain checked their stores, noting that they were flush with game, but rather short on fish. He supposed he’d have to set up a smoker and craft more traps with the way Star devoured it. While she had been taught to hunt, fishing had just not been in her skill set, though she was making up for lost time.

Soon enough, Dain was sitting down to a nice meal with Star, though he proved to be the only one with table manners.

“What are we going to do today?” Star asked around a mouthful of porridge.

Dain swallowed enjoying the flavorful honey and dates. “We need to go back to the river and check the traps. Maybe do some bow-fishing. After that I’ll show you how to smoke fish.”

Star cocked her head at him curiously. “Like in a pipe?”


Francesca drew the blade of her halberd from the chest of the Grizzly with a wicked smile and a savage twist. The beast let out a rattling gasp as the life fled from its eyes. She proceeded to wipe its blood from her weapon using the beast’s fur.

After returning and resupplying, she’d fetched her adjutants, coming back to this cursed forest land to rid it of monsters. A few Mantis, some Grizzly, and several Giant Ants were all they had come across, but Francesca took pride that she was doing the God’s work.

Once she had cleaned the blood from her weapon enough to suit her, she spat on the foul beast’s corpse. It hadn’t even whet her appetite, leaving her hungry for more despite the near constant fighting she’d been doing. Everything was just so disappointing.

The thought of Dain Rictus only made things worse. She’d hated him for many years, always plotting to bring justice to him for her Uncle. And after all the purported battles he’d fought in, including the duels he’d been paid to fight, she could only envision him as her goal.

The very thought of the man made her feel warm and excited, her hands shaking in anticipation.

Then she remembered that he would have been devoured by a Monster weeks ago, and her mood dulled becoming downright dour.

Though she supposed she could settle for the monster that had bested him, but it would be less of a fight with her Talisman that sapped the inhuman power of monsters away, bit by bit.

Francesca dearly hoped that the monster that had devoured him was one to keep trophies. Perhaps bringing back his sword from the beast that destroyed him would earn her the fame she so desired, and the justice for her uncle albeit secondhand. Perhaps she’d even draw his sword at her side to do so.

Turning to walk back towards her adjutants, Francesca had barely made it three steps before she heard the brush behind her rustle as something brushed it aside. Whirling, she brandished her halberd, ready for anything.


Using his heavy gauntlets to push aside the brush, Dain came face to thrusting tip with the curved blade of a halberd in the hands of a tall muscular blonde with green eyes. She had the polearm held over the corpse of what used to be a fairly comely Grizzly girl.

“Uh…Seen my sister, Gretel? Some crazy chick tried to lock us up in a house made of candy…” Dain grinned as he used the order propaganda story about an evil witch. He was hoping the Order cleric had a sense of humor.

Thankfully the Cleric cracked a small smile. Unfortunately she didn’t lower her spear. “Come out into the clearing with your hands up.”

Dain looked down to the corpse in front of him before looking back up at the Cleric. “Evidence clearly says that may not be a good idea. You come into the bushes.”

Her eye twitching, the cleric glared at him. “Why would you want me to do that?”

“Because it might be awful hard to stab me with that giant spear if it’s tangled up in a couple feet of briars.” A glance down showed him that the half-eaten rabbit—his snare still around its neck—was lying by the corpse of the Grizzly. He could have easily handled that. Clerics of the Order rarely traveled alone, making him hope that Star wouldn’t encounter them as she checked over the other trap line.

The Cleric’s eyes darted to his side, whatever she’d seen causing her to loose a snarl and shove the polearm at his face.

Twisting to the side and letting to of the brush, Dain just managed to catch the weapon behind its head. He briefly noted the weapon was covered in Order runic script, making it a weapon that could deal vicious wounds to monsters. After feeling the hideous strength of her thrust, he knew he wouldn’t be able to wrench the weapon from her grasp, but he had an idea as he planted his legs.

Dain pulled as he twisted with his hips, throwing the woman off balance and causing her to stumble into the brush. While she was tangled in the briars he slid a hand up onto the blade pulling with it as he pushed with his hand on the haft. It took most of his strength, but eventually the haft broke with a satisfying crack.

Stumbling away from the brush, Dain brought the blade down upon a waist-high stone with a low roar. The hardened edge encountered the granite and snapped, shards flying in many directions. He spun, drawing his sword and readying himself.

The cleric was using the remaining haft of her weapon to batter through the brush, drawing her sword as she stepped free. “Dain Rictus,” she said in a trembling voice that sounded eager. “What a surprise. I had thought you devoured by now.”

Dain sighed. Of course the smiling skull made of bronze that served as his sword’s crossguard would give him away. “You have no idea how accurate, yet wildly inaccurate that statement is.” He told her sliding his left hand ever so slightly down the hilt of his sword. He took note that she was using a single edged sword with a wide blade, curved and tapering to a clipped point. The quality of steel looked impeccable, nearly a mirror to his own—marking the sword as from the same smith that created his own blade.

The cleric smiled. “This was my Uncle’s sword. You murdered him around fifteen years ago. Accounts of you differed, but they all agreed that you carried that sword in your hands. A smiling bronze skull for the cross-guard.”

Dain blinked. “Um…”

The cleric curled her lip into a snarl. “You don’t remember!?”

Dain continued blinking. “I ordered this sword—fifteen years ago—from the only human smith that can recreate cyclops steel. He was late in delivering the blade because a thief stole on of his blades. The thief hid it and refused to give up the location, so Darnius the Smith killed him.”

Dain coughed uncomfortably. “Darnius had one eye from claw marks that traverse across his face. Two of the fingers of his left hand are missing. He’s also more than a foot shorter than me and half again as wide. To top it off he’s completely bald. I didn’t kill your Uncle.” He knew he wasn’t the best looking of men, but to be confused with Darnius was… Dain felt he needed a stiff drink.

“You’re lying!” The Cleric cried out. “You murdered him in the streets of my village!”

Dain scoffed. “Were I going to murder your Uncle, not a witness would have seen me do it. The only reason anyone knows I’ve completed a contract is because I’ve never been shy about taking credit for them. The authorities always left me be, as long as I fought for them in times of war. Your Uncle was a thief who stole something from the wrong man. He hid the blade and tried to get Darnius to purchase his own sword back. Darnius killed him rather than bend.”

The cleric struggled for a moment. When a wicked smile came to her face, Dain set himself. “You still killed the prince. They’re offering a Lordship for anyone that brings your corpse and sword to the King. And I’ve always wanted to eat you anyway.”

Dain barely had time to raise his sword before the two blades clashed with a long ring. He slid his sword along hers as he stepped back to keep her from sliding her blade into his face as she passed him. Though the speed of her legs was impressive, allowing her to whirl and face him before he could bring a strike to bear upon her back.

Dain measured her with his eyes. Though she was incredibly strong for a woman, she relied more upon grace and speed in battle. The way she handled her sword told him she was similarly trained, using their weapon to slip blows aside and not tangle herself up in tests of strength.

When she attacked again, he kept his distance, playing along with her style and taking her full measure. If he left an obvious opening, she attacked it—her speed too great for such a simple trap to work. Though her face showed no small amount of shock and surprise when he parried blows such as these using the pommel of his sword or the sheathed daggers strapped over the furred skins on his arms.

The Cleric’s face was set in victory when she executed a perfect thrust at his stomach, which turned to utter disappointment when he turned his stomach, allowing the curved point to slide along the steel plate of his armor. His counterstrike with his pommel was dodged when she dropped to the ground, rolling away and springing back to her feet with athletic grace.

Dain had to admit to himself that she was good. Very good. But she was also more than a decade younger than he was.

“What’s wrong old man, can’t keep up?” The Cleric laughed.

Dain took a deep relaxing breath, cocking his head side to side with a small nod to himself, making sure he had the basics of her style committed to mind. “Hm.” He responded simply.

This time, when she charged him, he slid her sword to the side, but rather than allow her to step past him he stepped into her path, lowering his armored shoulder to crash against her chest. Though she recovered well, bringing her sword up to guard.

Dain remained where he was, setting his feet once more. “You’re very good. And very fast. Very possibly nearly as strong as I am. But I am an old man in this game. And you should always beware an old man in an occupation where men die young.”

The cleric looked down to the Talisman on her chest, though it had been crushed by the blow of his shoulder, now hanging uselessly on its silver chain. She charged forward, attempting to bait him with a rolling Moulinet. Dain impacted the cross-guard of her sword with a resounding blow, causing her to stop her attack just to keep hold of her sword as he slipped inside her guard driving an elbow into her jaw, keeping his sword between her own and himself.

“Going for the perfect flourish to the beautiful kill. You’re making corpses, not art girl. Cut them a dozen times and bleed them until they’re too weak to stand.” Dain said holding his newly taken ground.

Her jaw already bruising, the Cleric sneered. She charged once more, bringing her sword straight downward in a wicked cut.

Dain brought up his heavier blade with both hands, stopping her sword cold. His left leaving the hilt and striking like a viper, he grabbed her sword in his gauntlet. With an angry cry he drove her sword back against the strength of her arms, his steel-clad fingers wrapped around the blade impacting on the bridge of her nose, breaking it with a sickening crunch.

Driving his swordhand forward, his other fist caught her temple, the heavy steel gauntlets tearing skin in the process. Though the cleric remained on her feet, his backhand with the fishtail pommel on her other temple sent the cleric down to her knees. When her grip loosened on her sword she fell back, unconscious.

Fully in the grip of his fury, Dain spun his blade in his hand, bringing the point down over the heart between mailed breasts. He raised his sword for the final blow, the clean kill.

Though his arm wouldn’t fall as he felt a weight wrapped around his stomach, something holding both of his arms with a vice-like grap. He turned his head, preparing to drive it into the attacker’s face.

Star was grinning at him with eyes full of hunger, her tail whipping to and fro happily behind her. Her face was covered in blood that he was sure was not her own.

His fury fading, Dain noted that Star had wrapped her legs around his middle, reaching over his shoulders to stay his hands.

“Can I keep her?”

Dain blinked, feeling completely stupid. Entirely sure he had heard her wrong, he opened his mouth. “Pardon?”

Star blushed. “Can I keep her? I like women, too. I promise I’ll take good care of her. You won’t have to do a thing. Except cook extra. And not kill her. And fuck her on occasion.” She loosed her grip on his arms and began to snake her arms around him, fiddling with the laces of his breeches. “I promise you’ll enjoy it. I’ll pour sweet words into your ear while I make her learn to suck on your lovely cock.”

Two scaly hands had been gently shoved into his breeches and were now gently stroking him. Despite his fortitude, he was still male and weakened to the tactic.

“Fine.” He told her with a slight groan at her attentions. “But you have to walk her.”


Francesca awoke with a pleasant fullness between her legs, the ground beneath her soft and fluffy. Though there was something over her eyes, keeping her from seeing. Her arms and legs were bound in four different directions, causing her to panic.

A sweet and slightly gravelly voice cooed softly to her. “Sssh. Don’t hurt yourself. Easy now.” A wet cloth was dabbing at her face, though she couldn’t see why.

Though the smell of dried blood filled her nose, and breathing through it was painful. “What…where?”

The sweet voice continued. “Your nose was broken and your sternum is bruised. You were thrashing about and had to be bound. Would you like some water?”

A skin of water was pressed to her lips and Francesca drank deeply. It was terribly sweet, though somewhat warm. As she gulped the water she noted that it left a warm feeling in her body as it passed her lips, though she was parched enough not to care.

Though the woman kept pulling the decanter away from her lips after a couple gulps, chiding that she would make herself sick if she drank too quickly. And so nearly half an hour passed, gulping water for a few moments before the skin was pulled away.

Though she spat out the mouthpiece of the bottle when she felt her sex throb involuntarily, causing her to moan. Partially in delight and partially in surprise. The pain in her face and chest was abating, each wave of pain gradually becoming less.

The voice began to chuckle lasciviously, something hard and cool pressed against her temple. The blade of the knife cut her blindfold, causing the sudden light to blind her momentarily.

She gasped in shock at what she saw. A coppery Salamander was sitting beside her on some kind of bed, the tip of its flaming tail gently writhing in her sex. Her hair was long a red, tied with a silk tie in the back. Her breasts and hips were full, causing Francesca’s sex to tighten on the intruding appendage involuntarily.

Francesca screamed, struggling against the cords that bound her hand and foot to the posts of the bed. Her panic furthering when she realized she was enjoying the attentions of the vicious monster in front of her.

The Salamander chuckled wickedly, her smile predatory and gleeful. “And here you’re trying to escape your savior. My, my, what an ungrateful child.”

Francesca blushed at the thought of being saved by any monster. “Just have at it and devour me like you did with Dain Rictus, you beast!”

The Salamander shoved a larger portion of her tail into her now dripping sex, causing Francesca to cease her efforts of escape, moaning in confused ecstasy.

“Devour him? I do that sometimes, we both really like it. I admit, he tastes wonderful when he finishes on my tongue.” The Salamander told her running a glossy claw over her clit.

Francesca bit her lip hard as she fought the pleasure the beast was bringing her. Though she remained confused as to what the creature was talking about. Surely it was just some trick. Monsters devoured those they captured, the Holy scripture said as much.

The Salamander smiled. “I stayed his hand, you know. He was all set to drive his blade between those lovely breasts of yours. But I saw your fight. Salamanders just LOVE fighting, you know. So I decided to keep you.

“You won’t want to leave, once you change that is. I could smell your arousal when you fought my husband. Though he’s both human and male, so he doesn’t know just how much you’re obsessed with him. In time, we’ll remedy that.” The Salamander began to writhe her tail within her sex rapidly.

Francesca bit her lip until it bled, feeling as if she was on the precipice of something. She fought it as hard as she could, staving it off. She felt it wouldn’t end well if she gave in. Though it was hard to think in this state, she couldn’t come to terms with what the beast had said. Husband? Her arousal? She was a chaste cleric, bound to the holy order.

As if reading her thoughts, the Salamander laughed, holding a scaled paw to her chest. “Oh, you silly human. Monsters don’t eat humans. Your silly interpretation of that God’s texts. We devour them, you could say. We seek men to continue our line. My husband, Dain, is soaking the hot spring outside our home, where you’re currently writhing in pleasure on the end of my tail.”

The Salamander leaned down and took one of her bare nipples into her mouth, causing Francesca to groan in delight, though she was still fighting the feeling trying to overwhelm her.

The beast released her nipple with an audible pop a moment later, the breast shaking freely. “I’m going to change you.”

Momentarily, Francesca lost the need to fight against the overwhelming feeling emanating from her loins in her fright. She was so frightened she remained absolutely still.

The Salamander smiled. “You see…unlike other of my species, I’m special. I produce so much energy that it soaks into the things around me. Such as the half gallon of water you ingested. It’s already soaking into your system so deliciously. I’m also devouring your spirit energy through my tail inside that soaked pussy of yours.”

The Salamander leaned down whispering into her ear. “By this evening you’ll be just like me. Well, a Salamander or such anyway. You’ll have such strong urges, my dear. You’ll want me. You’ll want Dain. And you’ll beg to have them.” The beast gently slid a scaled paw around her throat. “You’ll beg to wear my collar just to have those things. Because despite your demeanor, you’ve always longed to serve. It’s why you joined the order. I can taste it on your skin, smell it on your hair. You want to serve, to be useful, and be told what to do by your superiors.”

Francesca forgot her fear long enough to blush, her control almost slipping. She could feel herself closer to the edge she so desperately fought.

The Salamander gently took hold of one of her nipples and gave it a slight twist, causing her to cry out in pleasure, though she managed to keep her control intact.

The beast smiled at her. “You like the pain you feel when you fight. You enjoy the struggle.” The Salamander nuzzled her for a moment. “But what you enjoy most is losing that struggle.” The Beast said sliding a long tongue along her earlobe.

Francesca lost control for a moment, feeling herself slip partially over that edge and experiencing a taste of its bliss. Her sex spasmed in raw pleasure, the moist feeling between her lips growing. Though she was able to keep herself from slipping too far into that blissful feeling, she felt her desire to allow herself to do so growing.

The Salamander beamed in delight, kissing her on the forehead. “Good girl. I know it’s difficult, but we’ll get there. Eventually you’ll wonder why you ever lived differently.”

“Ladies.” Came the strong horse baritone that belonged to Dain Rictus.

Francesca turned her head, gasping at what she saw.

Standing with only towel draped over his shoulder was a vision of arousal, causing her sex to spasm in delight. He was only inches taller than she, with broad muscular shoulders, his frame wide and well built. His body was muscular, but the most exotic of his features were the many scars from the battles he had fought. Dangling between his legs was…

Eyes rolling back, Francesca fell over the precipice, losing herself in orgasm.


Dain blinked watching the lovely blonde yank at her bonds as she writhed in orgasm. Her sex was freely spewing liquid all over Star’s tail as she cried out in pleasure.

Dain looked over to Star’s beaming face as she stared down at the whimpering cleric. “Uh…” He was at a loss for words.

Once the Cleric’s orgasm had subsided, Star disentangled herself and ran to him, leaping in his arms and kissing him deeply. Her tongue wrapped about his as she ground herself against him.

After a few long moments she pulled back with a throaty giggle. “Aw, she’s lovely. And absolutely obsessed with you.”

Dain was struck mute, unsure that what he’d heard was correct. “What?”

Star backed off for a moment with a wicked grin. “You must have been on her mind for years or something. She’s absolutely obsessed with you. She was soaking wet the entire time you two fought, getting hotter every moment.”

His mouth attempting to form words that his mind wouldn’t provide, Dain looked back and forth between the two women for a moment before shrugging. “Fuck it. I’m going to start on dinner. Fix me a cup of tea, will you?”

Dain moved over to the stove, handing Star the pot of water that was gently boiling as he began to prepare dinner.

Star sat a cup of tea down on the corner of the stove before moving to sit at chair on their impromptu table. “She’s very subservient, as well. I think she joined the Order simply because she liked to fight and enjoyed being given orders. She just happened to buy the propaganda along the way. She also seems to find girls attractive.”

Dain paused in the act of seasoning a pot of broth to pour of the cooking fish later. “How do you know all this?”

Star pointed at her nose. “I can smell it.”

Dain supposed that made as much sense as anything else he’d heard in the past few minutes. He glanced at the Cleric. “Ah. She’s beginning to turn.” The woman had began to grow scales around her lower legs and arms. Her ears were beginning to stretch and elongate, slowly becoming the fin-like appendages that served as ears. Though the woman’s scales were green, not the fiery copper like Star’s. “Why’s she green?”

Star put a finger to her chin. “I think it has something to do with her personality. Lizardwomen tend to be more submissive and domestic than Salamanders. Lizardwomen want to find a strong mate that can beat them. Salamanders just want someone who can equal their skill. But we’re part of the same family. Though her blonde hair will go well with the green of her scales. She’s going to be lovely. But changing a woman with energy isn’t an exact science. She should become a Salamander, but if she has strong personality traits she can become a member within the same family whose traits better fit her.”

Dain shrugged. “You can tell me all that, but don’t know how to smoke fish to preserve it.”

Star pouted at him. “These are things Mamono understand by instinct, most times. And our mothers explain it to us. I’ve never had a need to preserve food. It’s like explaining sight to a blind person.”

Dain shrugged. “Blind people can smoke fish.”


Francesca screamed when she saw that her legs ended in three-toed feet tipped with glossy black talons. Her volume increased when she looked up and saw that her hands were now large paw-like things with only four fingers ending in similar claws.

Struggling in her panic, she didn’t notice how the cords no longer bit into her flesh when she pulled against them, or how they strained at her increased strength. Her mind only filled with the horror of the change the had occurred.

Tears ran freely from her eyes as she cried out in terror.

A strong hand fastened over her mouth, cutting out her scream. Her eyes briefly rolled as wave of arousal rolled through her loins at the rough treatment. She turned her eyes to see Dain standing with a pained expression on his face.

Much to her shame, she wanted to see him looking at her differently.

“Please. Stop screaming. It may not have been what you wanted, but it’s where you’re at.” He sighed. “Honestly, she disappears right after dinner when there’s work to be done.” His blue eyes locked on hers. “If I take my hand away, will you keep the volume at a civil level?”

Francesca shook herself back to reality after briefly losing herself in his eyes. She gave a slow nod, causing him to slowly withdraw his hand. Now that she had calmed somewhat she sniffed the air, her mouth instantly watering. “S-something smells good.” She said uncertainly.

Dain raised a brow at her. “I’m not going to untie you until I’m more sure of your sanity. But I did fix you a portion. I work hard on my food. If I feed you some will you promise not to do something stupid like spit it at me?”

Francesca blushed at the thought of being fed, her sex warming. “I…I promise.” Now that she looked she found Dain to be quite handsome, though it was rugged and strong, rather than the pretty men most women in the city favored.

Dain moved into the kitchen, and she enjoyed watching him walk. He was now wearing clothing, a set of knee length breeches and a simple tunic that hung just below his waist. But he filled them out nicely, his rear plump and well-shaped.

Francesca blushed at the line of her thoughts. She’d never had thought such as this before, but they were coming to her unbidden, filling her mind. She took note of the set of his shoulders, wondering what they would feel like beneath her hands as he…

Shaking her head, Francesca briefly closed her eyes against that line of thinking. It was causing her sex to throb and making her pant.

Dain returned, holding a platter with two rather large salmon fillets upon it.

Her mouth watering, Francesca sniffed the air. The scent of the still hot fish was wonderful in his nostrils, bringing her to wonder whether they were that amazing or her perhaps her sense of smell was enhanced.

Using a three-pointed fork, Dain brought a bite to her lips.

Francesca very nearly had an orgasm from the culinary bliss upon her tongue. She could pick out the individual flavors of the spices, and could also tell the kind of grapes that been in the wine he’d reduced along with grease to make a broth to pour over the fish while it was cooking, to soak in the flavors. She’d had this dish before, but never had her tastebuds been so keen.

She groaned aloud as she swallowed the morsel of food. “M-more, please!” She begged of him.

Dain sighed and pulled off a piece too large for the fork, putting it to her lips with his fingers. She eagerly sucked the tender fish down, her tongue tongue snaking from her mouth to lick the juices from his fingers. Her enjoyment of the food was blinding her to the fact her tongue was now several times longer than it had been before.

The moment her tongue made contact with his skin her sex began to gush with fluids. Rubbing her thighs together as he fed her, she made sure to clean his fingers well each and every time. As he fed her the last bite she boldly pulled his fingers into her mouth and began to suck playfully at them, her shame forgotten.

Her eyes were closed, so the long tongue that snaked into her sex came as a complete surprise, causing her to cry out in orgasm around Dain’s fingers. She looked down to see the Salamander eagerly lapping at her pussy. The color in her face deepening she found she wanted more.

Star pulled her tongue from Francesca’s pussy with a smile. “I know what you want. Beg him for it.”

Francesca colored. What she wanted in her mouth had never before crossed her mind, but it seemed to be the only thing she could think of. She looked up into Dain’s blue eyes. “P-please. Please. I want to suck your c-cock.” She said stumbling over a word she’d never used in reference to the human body. She continued to suck on Dain’s finger hoping to entice him.

Though he seemed slightly hesitant, he took his hand back and stood before her, unlacing his breeches.

Francesca moaned as he lowered the fabric covering his cock, which sprang to life before her very eyes. The thought that he’d gotten hard for her filled her with pride and longing, causing her to cry out in orgasm, her pussy clenching on Star’s tongue.

“Fuck my mouth!” Francesca cried out in wild abandon, her voice and face wanton and pleased.


As Dain slid his cock into the Lizardwoman’s mouth, Star smiled around a mouth full of the girl’s cunt. Reaching down she untied the ropes binding the girl’s legs, motioning for Dain to do the same as he groaned over the attention to his cock.

Star popped off the girl’s pussy audibly from the suction, moving up to take hold of the gorgeous blonde hair and shoving her face forward onto Dain’s cock. And though the inexperienced girl gagged, she took it rather well, swallowing it to the hilt. Leaning forward she whispered into her ear. “Good girl.”

Star laughed as the girl came, crying out on her husband’s cock. With a jerk of her arm she pulled her off him with an audible slurping sound. She kept her hand in the girl’s hair, guiding her onto her hands and knees while crooking a finger at Dain. “Come here, love.”

Dain looked a bit confused, but complied with her wishes. He got up onto the bed after completely shedding himself of his breeches, settling himself on his knees behind the girl.

Star got up onto the bed, sitting herself down on the girl’s back so that she could look right into Dain’s eyes. She slapped the girl’s buttocks. “What is it you want, my sweet?” She asked her.

Hesitantly the girl answered. “I…I want him inside me.”

Pouting, Star probed at the girl’s puckered ass with a smooth claw. “Here?” She asked playfully.

The girl cried out. “No! Please, I want him in my pussy. Please, let him fuck me!” The girl begged.

Star slid her hand on Dain’s cock, playfully pulling him up against the girl’s wet lips, stroking her with his tip. She looked into Dain’s eyes “I love you.” She told him pulling him into the girl’s wet depths.

Dain thrust when she let go, his face falling against her chest. He recovered after a few brief moments, raising up to look her in the eye. “I love you.” He told her sealing his lips upon hers in a passionate kiss while slowly thrusting.

Star kissed him back, enjoying the sound of the girl orgasming wildly beneath her as well as Dain’s pleasured groans into her mouth. She was sure the girl’s clenching muscles were driving him wild.

Newly turned Mamono were incredibly sensitive, after all.

Star was nearing her own orgasm just from the excitement of the situation, her husband was as well. She stood and shoved her pussy onto his face, his tongue probing her depths as his mouth sucked in her clit.

They all cried out together, though Dain did so against her sex causing his mouth to vibrate on her, bringing her to a deeper climax.


Dain had brought out his roughly hewn table and a matching chair to watch the girls as they trained. Though he busied himself with cracking walnuts and removing their sweet contents to later become ingredients. Well, he was eating about a third of what he managed to put away.

Francesca kicked her talon-clad foot straight forward, going for Star’s stomach before realizing her mistake. Star just swayed back, her tail pushing against the ground for balance, his own knee coming up under Francesca’s ankle to throw the girl off balance. The copper-scaled beauty then took the green leg in her hands, flipping the girl onto her shoulders for the pin. Star began to amuse herself by sliding her tail into the pinned girl’s sex, as were the rules of the match.

Though Francesca didn’t looked perplexed by the loss, rather was pleased by it as she groaned happily while pinned in the awkward position and being violated.

The situation had thoroughly confused Dain, though he just bore it with his usual stoic demeanor. Francesca had not only accepted her situation, but come to enjoy it. She wore a leather collar around her throat with the word “slut” tooled into the leather in flowery script.

As Dain placed a walnut between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing until it cracked along the seams of the shell, he watched as Star repositioned Francesca.

Putting the Lizardwoman on her hands and knees, Star knelt behind the girl using her tail as a phallic implement to fuck her. And despite all the dirty words passed between them, the redhead didn’t mind all that much when Francesca slipped her tail into her sex to reciprocate.

“Whose nasty little slut are you?” Star asked crying out in pleasure.

“Yours, Mistress! Yours!” Francesca replied in orgasmic delight.

Dain had participated in a sparring match with them, but it had quickly devolved into the two girls pinning him to share. Though they did like having him do actual training with weapons.

Smiling to himself, Dain couldn’t help but think of their surprise and shock. Until they learned to work together better neither one of them could touch him, for he played them off against one another rather easily. Their full attention was required to keep up with him, preventing them from working in tandem.

Deciding he had enough walnuts to candy in oil and sugar, Dain looked over to his girls. When they saw him looking, they disentangled from one another and began to crawl his way.

Perhaps they were learning to work together after all.

At least that’s what he thought until it became a crawling race, with him as the goal. Which quickly devolved into a wrestling match, which Francesca lost, and ended much the same as it had begun. Star rubbing her pussy into the face of the loser as she scorned her verbally.

“That’s what defeat tastes like, Slut!” Star cried out as she rubbed her breasts. “I’m sure you can still taste Dain.”

Dain laughed to himself, feeling content and at peace. Possibly for the first time in years, he had no motivation to be anywhere but exactly where he was. No wanderlust, not want for battle, and no one after his life.

At least to his knowledge…

In his peace and enjoyment of watching his lovers wrestle and make love, he completely missed the two spear points jutting over the edge of a rock in the distance.

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