False Love

“Haha, you look pathetic.”

Alex pouted and crossed his arms. He was too proud to tear up but it took all his willpower to keep his new body from doing it.

Anna crouched down next to her recently alped boyfriend. Smiling sadistically. “I always knew you weren’t a real man, but I guess you don’t make a very good woman either.” She poked his flat chest with her finger. “You look like a little girl to be honest.”

Alex held his balled fist next to his petite body in anger. “It’d be nice if you felt a little more guilt you bitch! You made me like this!” It was true, they had had one of those epic end-of-the-relationship fights, when tensions had flared up enough Alex had called her a gold-digger, for going to the mall and buying expensive clothing form his money instead of looking for a job. In response she had thrown a vial of demonic energy at him, turning him into a succubus. It could have been written off as a spur of the moment thing, but she was not showing any regret. The tranformation was irreversible and she knew it.

She put her hands agaisnt his chest and she pushed him to the ground. “Whatever, bitch, you got what you deserve. We’re done. Get out. I would give you your clothes but you don’t fit them anymore, so I guess I’ll just burn them.”

Before he could properly scamper up she was working him out of the house, now suddenly twice as big and strong as he was. No amount of “This is my house! This is my house.” could save him from being thrown on the sidewalk.

The next couple of months were hectic. He had to renew all his proofs of identity, passport, driver’s license and the like and take tests to proof he really was the same person. Her pronouns also had to be changed, at first she resisted but eventually relented as pronouns were not something that belonged to the person they are used on but were considered to be simply part of the language and she was, biologically speaking, a woman. Socially it also came with a lot of baggage, women would be more comfortable around her, men less so. Her interaction with her coworkers completely changed.

Unfortunately these inconveniences couldn’t be compensated financially with a lawsuit. There was no explicit law against alping a man and Anna could plausibly claim to have dropped the vial on her by accident. She did earn the right to live in her own house again though, after sleeping for months in a hotel. She couldnt force out Anna though, it had something to do with domestic abuse laws, but she decided to live with her out of spite anyway, because no woman could keep her out of the house she was still paying mortage on.

Anna had a new boyfriend. A younger guy. It was baffling to Alex how she could land a guy in the current climate, when monstergirls were everywhere and human women when derided as an inferior choice to the always eager and beautiful monsters. He was a shy and demure guy, someone that let Anna do the talking, even when they were having sex it was mostly Anna screaming and moaning, presumably to try and annoy Alex, who was trying to sleep in the room next to them.

Anna stubbornly refused to get her own apartment, hoping to drive Alex out. She invited her new boyfriend, Nathan, to live with her. It was for this reason that Alex and Nathan eventually got to talk one early morning when Anna was still sleeping. “So why are you and Anna roommates if you hate each other so much?” Nathan asked cautiously over a cup of coffee. Alex climbed on the chair in her kid’s size footie pajamas. “We’re not living together. This is my house, she just won’t leave.” She sighed. “I guess it’s hard to blame her when I have no way to stop her and she lives here for free.” Nathan raised an eyebrow at the legal loophole, it would have been bizarre for anyone.

“You know Anna and I used to date?” Alex said solemnly. Nathan almost spit out his coffee. On a whispered tone, afraid to wake Anna he went “You mean Anna’s…”

“No” Alex said, “I mean I used to be a man. She threw fucking demonic essence at me.” Nathan let his eye wander over Alex’s form. She looked like a young girl, but one with beautiful eyes and a peachy skin. “You’re very pretty.” He assured her. “Gee, thanks.” She sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. “Why are you with her anyways? You don’t seem to like her half of the time yourself.”

Nathan looked away from her. “Well, you know. Our parents… I mean one day I’ll have to father strong sons.” It all made sense now. There were still sects and groups that saw monstergirls as sinful and demonic, parents would pressure their kids into marrying human girls, even arranging couples together with other families. If you were a human woman in today’s world these were exactly the kind of people you needed to suck up to for any love life at all.

“Hi there, honey” Anna had woken up since. Her body was much more developed and tall than Alex’, she had been nick-named giraff before, because of her long, slender legs, and she like to show it off with a see-through nightgown. She hugged Nathan from behind. “Aww, are you talking to the little girl? You’re so nice, she has no friends of her own you know.” Nathan nerviously laughed off the joke but Alex just started right at her with half-open eyes. “Let’s go back and try that trick again.”

Anna loved to rub her sex life in Alex’ face. Alex herself hadn’t had any action since she had been alped. Not only was she uncomfortable flirting with men and scared to think of them in a sexual, as it was a tiny batrayal of who she used to be, she also looked like a twelve year old with make-up. It wasn’t the best recipe for a successful dating life. Anna, on the other hand, had sex constantly, she was keeping Nathan from his studies with her constant demands for sex at Alex’ house.

It wouldn’t be rare for Alex to come home from a long day of making spreadsheets to see the freeloader and her boyfriend fucking on the couch. Normally she would just go to her room to ignore the two of them, but eventually she decided they couldn’t keep her out of her own living room, so one day she just sat next to them and turned on the TV. “I’m watching football. You two can go do that in your room.” Anna of course completely ignored her, Nathan tried to stand up but she pulled him back in with her lovemaking.

Before Anna had reached her climax Nathan softly groaned. Neither of them had bothered with condoms so he pulled out as quickly as possible to splurge all over her stomach. “You pig, I wasn’t done yet.” Alex couldn’t hear Nathan’s dogged apolagizing properly, she was in trance by the powerful male musk of spilling sexual energy.

Before she knew what she was doing she had her face as good as pressed against Nathan’s bare and wet crotch. Anna grabbed her painfully by her slightly outgrown pixie cut and smushed her face on the warm cum on her stomach. “You can get it second hand you thisrty bitch.” She laughed as the owner of the house she was living in began to slobber up the jizzism on her flat but soft belly. “How does it feel to be my bottom bitch Alex?” Alex didn’t say anything but proceeded lick as much up as she could, barely conscious of herself. Nathan sat by passively.

The next morning Alex hated herself. She didn’t know how she could ever look her ex in the eyes again after letting herself get humiliated like that. She had been so stupid, she had been warned of new urges but up till then she had never experienced them. As she got out of the shower and tried to put on her clothes she noticed something, her T-shirt didn’t reach all the way anymore, a thing line of skin showed above the top of her jeans. This discovery turned it from the worst day ever to the best day ever.

Anna would continue to let her lap up spilled cum, mocking her over her never being allowed to get fucked properly and only being allowed the scraps. Alex continued to measure herself every day, not only was feeding on Nathan making her taller, it was filling her out. It was like she was going through an accelerated puberty, over the course of a week she started budding breasts, a hint of hips and more womanly facial features. Feeling bad over letting Alex get humiliated like this Nathan began to interact more with her socially, it didn’t hurt that they had much more intelligent conversation with each other than either could have with Anna.

“Are you wearign heels?” Anna looked at Alex from head to toe.

“N-no, why?”

“You seem… taller.”

Alex realized that her growth was now fully noticable to anyone. In a single month she had grown from a scrawny twelve-year old to an overdeveloped 15 year old, in terms of bodyshape. Baggy clothing couldn’t hide it anymore. She had tried to sort of downplay it around Anna, to keep her from withholding Nathan from her, but it made her resentful to have to keep these kind of secrets in her own house. “Well, whatever, you can lick clean Nathan while I go out.” Nathan just came out her bedroom, halfnaked. “What’s going on?” Anna looked at him with a bored look. “I’m leaving, Alex can finish you off.” She made a blowjob gesture.

“She just left in the middle of our lovemaking.” Nathan stammered when Anna was gone. Alex had only one thing on her mind, she sat him down on the couch and flopped out his dick, it had already lost most of its hardness. “No, I can’t do thi-” Nathan said, but she was already licking the shaft. He hadn’t felt the tingly softness of a succubus tongue before, it shut him down as he groaned, he instantly became hard.

Alex had no experience giving blowjobs, but she knew exactly what to do, she let the thick appendage slide all the way into her throat and massaged it all over with powerful suction. When Nathan orgasmed he bucked his hips involuntarily but she didn’t feel it, she felled the war energy filling her body. For a moment she though she could actually feel her body expanding undernearth her.

She went for it again, twisting her tongue under his foreskin and kissing the head, when his member was erect again, she climbed on top of him, taking of her anties in one motion and mounted him. He could barely stay conscious, she bounced up and down on him as both drooled like sex fiends from the pleasure.

When Nathan was completely exhausted and Alex a bit more clear of mind she felt up her body. She had gone up at least one cup size, the rest of her body felt more hourglass shaped too. Just a single love-making session had enhanced her beauty drastically.

When Anna came home she wasn’t pleased. This felt a lot less like making some stupid bitch drink your sloppy seconds and a lot more like a rival stealing your boyfriend. “I don’t think we should allow you too much near Nathan anymore honey.” She smirked arrogantly. “You might develop an unhealthy obsession with him, just think, you, who has no me-” Alex interrupted her. “I don’t think that’s your decision Anna.” She came challangingly close, she was a bit shorter but her boobs were a great deal bigger. “I think Nathan and I might be spending as much time together as we’d like. How does that sound?”

Anna’s face went red. “Now listen here, you little bitch~”

“Little bitch? I have to remeber that for next month when you barely come up to my cleavage.”

It take Nathan much convincing to trade in Anna for Alex, he had always had more of a connection with her anyway and he was a rather passive person. His family was just going to have to live with her. After a week and a half of fucking like rabbits Anna finally moved out to go live elsewhere.

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4 thoughts on “False Love

  1. When I saw the NTR tag I was about to cry HERESY.
    But, having read it I can for once say this is the kind of heresy I can approve of.
    The bitch got what she deserved.

  2. Nice story, not a fan of NTR, but this is one hell of an exception.

    Still, you might want to use a proofreader. The grammatical mistakes can be ignored though.

    I’d give it a 7/10 .

  3. Personally, I’m not very big into the neotare/NTR stories, and sometimes I found myself coming across a few of them in H-Manga or Hentai which always featured the protagonist either losing the hot or innocent love interest to either someone who is ugly as fuck but still knows how to dominate the MC girl though blackmail or offering to be helpful, a punk sibling or step-parent who wants to dominate someone new, a bully who likes to just rub taking the MC girl just because they can, etc.

    However, I haven’t seen many stories showing the women who could be just as ruthless as the men like the Girlfriend named Anna in this story…

    But this is quite the twist I happen to be okay with because after reading how this gold-digging thot of an ex-girlfriend played herself out not only out of a relationship with the new guy she was trying to condition into a Simp but to lose him to the very guy she turned into an Alp is quite priceless to read more than once.

    Major props to the writer by the way.

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