Extracurricular Activities – 7. Advanced Submission

Viv took a deep breath. Then another. The sounds of the air coming in and out of her nose reverberated throughout the toilet room in which she was standing. She turned back to look at the objects displayed on the edge of the sink behind her. Despite her best attempts, she couldn’t help but shudder again when she looked at them, especially the one on the right. The sight of the one on the left gave her goosebumps, both good and bad, but the one on the right… Every time her eyes laid on it, she imagined herself using it, which made her shudder. As to the one in the middle, it didn’t make her react in any way, even though she knew quite well what it was for.

But Viv was not going to buckle. No way. She was going to do it. She was going to put it on. Put them on. Both of them. She had to. After all, her mistress had ordered her to. So she was going to, it was as simple as that.

Her lungs filled up with a third deep breath, and she picked up the object on the left. It was a long piece of black, well-oiled leather, about two inches thick, forming an open circle. A small mechanical padlock with a hoop was meant to close it. It was a collar, similar to the kind they made for dogs, but large enough for a Human neck.

As she put it around her neck, Viv looked at her reflection in the mirror, as if she was entranced by her own naked form. The collar slid against her throat, and she felt as if it was her mistress’ paw holding her.

Click. It locked shut, making Viv gasp softly. She trailed her fingers over its surface. The collar was snug against her throat; there was barely any wiggle room.

Okay. Now for the second one.

She looked at it again. Somehow, it seemed even bigger now. Taking additional deep breaths did not motivate her, so she chose instead to think of her mistress. She had made it clear Viv was not to leave the toilet room without wearing both objects. Disobedience would mean punishment. Viv had made it through every lesson so far without ever being punished -give or take a few spankings-, and that was a streak she would rather keep going.

She washed her hands thoroughly, then breathed.

I can do this. I have to do this.

After a few minutes, she managed to grab that damned third object. It was, bluntly put, an anal plug. The very name made Viv’s butt tighten. It was not as big as the one she had gotten her hands on during her first lesson, but she still couldn’t imagine this thing fitting in her… or rather, inside her. It was black in color, just like the collar, with a shiny finish.

Wait. First things first. She grabbed the last object on the sink. It was a tube of lubricant (water-soluble and hypoallergenic, according to the packaging). Viv opened it with quivering hands, then squeezed it over the plug. Too much strength went into it, and a generous quantity of the gelatinous, sticky liquid dropped on the sex toy, then dripped into the sink.

“Shoot,” Viv mumbled.

She opened the faucet to wash it off as best she could. Thankfully, the lube was indeed water-soluble. Then, she spread the liquid that still stuck to the plug, making sure to cover every part except the flared base. She spent a few minutes on this, and in the end the sex toy was shiny with the greasy stuff. Still, she hesitated. Had she done it right? The lube covered the thing in its entirety, but maybe she hadn’t put enough. Maybe it needed to be thicker…

Well, she had to try.

“Okay,” she said. “Okay…”

Viv turned her back to the mirror, looking above her shoulder. She stared at her butt, and couldn’t help but notice how pale it looked. It was true she hadn’t been out in the sun in a while. Heck, she couldn’t even remember the last time she had worn a swimsuit. I can remember the last time I wore a chastity belt, though, she thought, chuckling nervously. She had always been self-conscious about showing her body, and preferred to avoid places like the beach or the swimming pool. Of course, that was before she had met Nova. And before she had met Clara.

She pondered on how much her life had changed over the last few months. In what now seemed like the blink of an eye, she had gone from being a very lonely, very inexperienced and somewhat naive girl who vaguely suspected she was a lesbian, to being in a relationship with two girls with whom she regularly had BDSM sessions. One of them openly called her her girlfriend (or “babe”, or occasionally “sweetie”), often went on dates with, and regularly held her hand in public. The other, Viv called her “mistress”, and she…

Well… Viv still wasn’t sure what she was to Nova -or what Nova was to her. Were they girlfriends, like with Clara? Excluding all their lessons, they had only gone on one date ever since they met. In fact, they rarely saw each other outside of the aforementioned lessons. And, come to think of it, Viv didn’t know that much about her. She knew almost everything about Clara: that she had lived with her aunt and her cousins ever since her biological parents had died in a car accident, that she had only had one relationship before Viv (which had ended when the other girl had moved), that she was mildly allergic to red meat, that she had once been arrested for trying to buy alcohol with a fake ID…

But of Nova, she didn’t know much. She knew that she had a twin sister, that she lived in Berkeley with her parents, and that she studied the law. Oh, and that she was very much into BDSM, of course. Beyond that, though, there was little that Viv really knew. What were her parents like? What did she do for fun -outside the BDSM thing, that is-? Viv knew she liked books and music, but beyond that…

Had she had relationships before Viv and Clara?

That last question caused her stomach to twist, as it did every time it popped in her mind. Which it had regularly, ever since her meeting with that girl Cassie. But why? Why did it matter so much to Viv about Nova’s previous relationships? She didn’t know. Viv wasn’t the jealous type. At least, she didn’t think she was. It wasn’t like she ever had a cause for jealousy before. So why? The past was the past, right? It didn’t matter. It didn’t affect the present. It couldn’t. Could it?

Sighing, Viv elected to once again push that issue out of her mind. Well, not out of it. That was unfortunately not possible. She pushed it in a corner of her mind, even though she suspected it would only be a matter of time before it turned up again. 

For now, she had a bigger problem. Well, it wasn’t that big, really. But it sure looked big. Too big to fit.

Oooh, boy. She had to at least try. It was an order. And… she had to admit, a part of her was curious. Curious if it could actually fit of course, not curious to know what it felt like to have a… to… to… in her… Erm.

Grabbing one of her buttcheeks with one hand, Viv spread out her cleft as much as she could, until her anus came into view. Mustering her courage, she approached the anal plug from her little hole. When it was about one inch away, she hesitated again. How should she do this? Should she push hard? No, pushing softly made more sense. It was less scary, too.

So she closed her eyes and pushed. And pushed. And pushed again. But it didn’t go anywhere. Opening her eyes again, Viv realized that the, err… Well, that she had missed her target. Feeling very stupid, she tried again, this time with her eyes wide open.

A bolt of stinging pain coursed through her buttocks when the tip of the bulbous end finally entered her. Viv let out a little “ah!”. It wasn’t exactly pleasant, but she had expected much worse. A promising start. Now, she only needed to proceed carefully… and slowly. She began pushing again. An inch went in, a little too fast, and Viv squeaked, her knees buckling. This time, however, that wasn’t out of displeasure.

Viv wasn’t sure what it was: the low pain that irradiated around her anus, the whole context of what she was doing and why, or the penetration, but an enjoyable warmth was now spreading in her lower body. She placed her other hand against the wall to prop herself up, then went back to pushing the anal plug. As another inch entered her, she reflexively flexed her little hole, sucking the rest of the sex toy right in.

Her jaw dropped and she gasped, her eyes rolling back into her skull. Oh. Oh wow. That… That feels… There was no pretending otherwise, now: this felt good. It was still painful, but it was enjoyable at the same time. In fact, Viv suspected that the two, far from being mutually exclusive as she had learned, actually fed into the other.

With one last effort, the plug was fully inside her. The flared base poked out a little, just enough to assuage Viv’s worries that the toy couldn’t be extracted.

Viv contemplated herself in the mirror again. She couldn’t find a word to describe how she felt as she looked at her naked body, with a leather collar, and that toy in her bottom. How’s that for getting out of my comfort zone? she thought. It didn’t escape her notice that the nipples of her small, perky breasts were erect. She turned around to see her butt. The plug was not noticeable when she stood up straight, only when she bended over. While she was still looking in the mirror, she brushed her hair, which had gotten a little disheveled.

She went back to her breasts for a moment, lifting them with her hands. Her thoughts went back to her mistress’ chest, opulent and gorgeous. Even Clara’s tits were bigger than hers, filling an honest C-cup. Self-conscious as that made her, Viv still found reassurance in the fact that her mistress seemed to very much enjoy her small tits during their lessons. And so did her girlfriend on their dates. She particularly remembered that one time in the library where Nova had fondled them and teased their nipples.

Shaking her head, Viv realized she had been in this room for quite a while now. Making her mistress wait was not a good idea. She gathered her clothes, picked up the tube of lube, and got out. As soon as she started to move, she let out an exclamation of surprise. Every step she took made her feel her anal plug a little more, sending a little electric shock from her butt and down her legs. She gulped, and kept on walking, keeping her thighs slightly apart.

In the corridor, Viv picked the wrong door, and instead of going back to the living room, ended up in the kitchen. Much like the rest of the house, that room had wooden walls, eclectic furniture -the fridge was very modern and looked almost brand new, but the oven seemed like it had been bought in the 20th century-, and looked very much lived-in. Clara’s house was far from being a pigsty, but one could easily tell that five people, including three teenagers, lived there.

Closing the wrong door, Viv turned on her heels and tried the next one on the right. Go fish. That was a closet, containing an old manual vacuum, several brooms, and a musty smell. The one after that led to a flight of stairs toward the second floor. Finally the last one led to the living room.

Nova was there, sitting in a comfy, dark green armchair that looked almost too small for her. She turned as Viv entered the room. The latter’s breath caught in her throat when her mistress licked her lips, her orange eyes lecherously wandering over her body from head to toe, blatantly stopping at her pussy.

“It’s done, mistress,” Viv said.

“Show me,” Nova said, smirking. “Turn around.”

Viv did so. Her feet felt thankful that the house had floor heating, and that said floor was very clean.

“Bend over.”

“Yes, mistress.”

She leaned, her hands on her knees, feeling something close to pride as she exposed herself.

“Good girl,” her mistress said, intensifying the feeling. Viv got back up, and smiled at her. “Have you seen Clara?” the Hellhound asked.

“No, mistress. She must still be in her bedroom.”

“She’s been there for a long time now.”

“Maybe she’s having some difficulties? It wasn’t very easy to, to, um…”

“To what?” Nova asked with a teasing smile.

“To, um, you know.” Her mistress shook her head with fake innocence. Viv cleared her throat. “To-to put the p-plug in.”

“In where?”

Viv repressed a groan. “In-in my butt.”

Nova gave a satisfied chuckle. “Come on. Let’s see if Clara needs help.”

As they went to her room, it immediately became clear that what Clara needed was not help. Far from being in any difficulty, the Dryad was lying on her bed, arms behind her head, legs crossed on top of the bedhead, completely nude, a lazy, nonchalant expression on her face. The plug and collar were on her desk.

“Hey, mistress,” she said. The smile on her lips could not have been more bratty if she tried -and she was probably trying. “What’s up?”

“You have not put on your accessories,” the mistress said.

“Oh, yeah, no, I haven’t.”

“Are you going to put them on?” A little edge popped up in the Hellhound’s voice.

“Hmm…” Clara pretended to think about it. “Nope.”

“You know I don’t take kindly to being disobeyed.”

“Yeah, I still remember the last time.” The Dryad clenched her butt. “Goddess, I still kinda feel it too.”

“I’m giving you one last chance to do as you’re told.”

Viv smiled at the exchange. Ever since she joined their lessons, Clara had established herself as a textbook brat. Viv had learned about this type of character when she had looked more into BDSM, its practices, and its participants. Simply put, a brat is a kind of sub who deliberately disobeys or antagonizes their domme, hoping for a punishment.

Yes, that was Clara in a nutshell. No doubt Nova had sussed her as well.

“Get off your bed,” the mistress said sharply.

The Dryad jumped off her bed, still smiling widely.

“Viviana, grab the plug and lube it.”

“Um, yes, mistress.”

Clara’s plug was identical to hers, both in size, shape, and color. She applied the lube, and brought it to her mistress.

“Clara, bend over on your bed.”

“Yes, mistress!” She made sure to sway her ass as she did. “Am I getting spanked again?”

“Nope,” Nova retorted, imitating her nonchalant tone. “Viviana, put her plug in.”

“Yes, mistress.”

Clara gave her ass a little shake as Viv kneeled in front of it.

“Is that my punishment? Cause that’s fine by me.”

“No,” the mistress simply answered.

Putting in the anal plug proved a lot easier this time around. Not only did Viv now have a bit of experience, it was also simpler to put it in someone else than in herself. Clara shuddered when the tip went in.

“Ooooh! Go ahead, babe. Easy does it.”

“I, um, tell me if I hurt you.”

But as she pushed the plug in her girlfriend’s ass, it was obvious she wasn’t hurting her. Her dripping pussy was a clear indication of that.

“Okay, it’s in,” Viv said.

“Wow, that feels weird,” Clara stated, twisting her head to try and look at it. “But I think I like it!” She took a few steps, and let out a quivering exclamation. “I really like it.”

“All right, let’s get back to the living room,” Nova said.

“Yes, mistress,” Clara said. “Do you need me to crank up the heating again?”

“No, that’s fine now.”

Clara’s house had been pretty cold when Nova and Viv arrived in the morning. Indeed, the heating had been turned off when Dryad’s entire family minus Clara herself absconded for the weekend. Clara did not mind; it seemed Dryads had a high tolerance to low temperatures. Even when Clara had turned the heating back on, Nova insisted that it be raised above normal. The reason why became clear when the lesson started, and Nova announced that both subs would remain naked for its duration.

Back in the living room, Nova went back to sitting in the armchair. She patted her knee and said:

“Viviana, come sit here.”

Blushing a bit, Viv took her place. Her mistress ensnared her in her arms, and soon Viv felt the comforting warmth of her fur once more, as well as the wonderful sensation of her mistress’ large boobs pressed against her back. She managed to sit in such a way that the base of her plug did not touch anything.

“So I just stand there, then?” Clara said. “Is that my punishment?”

“Oh, no. Come closer and get down on your elbows and knees.”

“Huh? Like this?” The Dryad got down on all fours in front of the armchair.

“Yes. Now, don’t move.”

“Wait, are you-”

The mistress extended her legs, placing her calves over the naked back of her sub. Her feet were evidently rather heavy, but Clara only buckled for a second.

“You’re going to be my footstool,” she said.

“Seriously?” Viv clearly saw her repress a smile. “For how long?”

“For as long as I say. And footstools don’t speak.”

Clara grumbled, and looked down. “Yes, mistress.”

A twinge of envy pinched Viv as she gazed at her girlfriend, made to serve their mistress as a mere piece of furniture. This brought to her mind the memory of the time where her mistress’ foot had been pressed on her face, while she had been bound and gagged. She leaned over to look at her, but her mistress brought her back against her, holding her so tight she couldn’t move her torso. Viv couldn’t possibly escape such a hold, nor did she want to. This was exactly where she wished to be: in her mistress strong, possessive paws, engulfed by her warmth and her dominance. Her mistress placed a tablet between her hands. Viv recognized it as the one provided by her college. Mechanically, she turned it on.

“Clara tells me you’ve made a lot of progress in your story,” Nova said.

“Um, w-what story, mistress?”

“I believe you titled it Darlene and the Vampire.”

Viv’s breath hitched. She had never mentioned that story to her mistress. A part of her wanted to, especially after the positive feedback she had received from Clara, but another part was worried her mistress would notice certain… similarities between one of the main protagonists and herself; maybe even take exception to them. Viv glanced at Clara, who said:

“Sorry, babe, she was very persuasive.”

“No more talking, footstool,” Nova warned her, “or your punishment will be made worse.”

Clara mouthed the word “worse?”, and for a second she resembled a kid on Christmas.

“Would you care to read to me the last chapter you finished?” the mistress asked Viv.

“Um, err…”

“Oh, I wasn’t really asking,” she added, faking nonchalance again, but with a darker undertone. Her paw reached between her sub’s legs, resting a few inches away from her pussy. One of her claw ran aside her labia, both teasing and threatening.

“Y-Yes, mistress.”

She cleared her throat as the text appeared on the tablet, which she held with both her hands.

“Um, “the first thing Darlene realized…””

“Louder, Viviana,” her mistress said, her breath tickling the shell of her ear.

She nodded, and tried again.

The first thing Darlene realized as she came back to her senses was the dryness of her mouth. The second thing was the soreness on the inside of her thigh -along with the remembrance of why it was so sore. As she tried to massage it, the third realization set in: her wrists were still secured to the bedhead.

She blinked, her eyes slowly adjusting to the penumbra. The bed under her creaked a little as she adjusted the position of her body. She was still very much naked, and a bit cold. Her feet were no longer tied, however: although the ropes were still attached to her ankles, they were no longer linked to the foot of the bed. She took advantage of this to stretch her legs, finding her muscles stiff.

The memories started flooding back as she emerged from her slumber. Given their nature, and how hazy they still were, Darlene had some difficulty dissociating them from her dr- her nightmares. Her mind drifted back to a few hours before.

Viv marked a pause for the ellipsis.

Today was, once again, the day of her detention with Mrs Lowell. Once again, she wished to avoid it. This time, she decided to use a tactic suggested to her by Lisa. Darlene had mentioned those detentions with Mrs Lowell to her friend, although she hadn’t told her why she had to do them -merely alluding to some “class behavior issues”-… or what exactly happened during these detentions.

Following her advice, Darlene went to the school clinic, and told the nurse she had a terrible migraine. Thankfully, the nurse proved empathetic and, after giving her an aspirin and some nutritional advice (“Make sure to drink lots of fluids, and avoid sugar as much as you can”), offered her a bed. Darlene thanked her in a small voice, and the nurse left her alone, drawing the curtain after her.

Sighing in relief, she laid her head down on the comfy pillow, closed her eyes, and enjoyed her refuge. It lasted for about twenty blessed minutes. Then, she sensed a draught, and heard the curtain move. Darlene peeked above the sheet half-covering her face, thinking the nurse had come back. But it proved to be a foolish hope, as was her notion that she could truly hide here.

Mrs Lowell was standing there, at the foot of her bed, looking down at her with her usual expression of smug superiority.

“I am very disappointed, Ms Dove,” she said with a smile that indicated the opposite. The smile of a cat that had caught its mouse.

“You can’t be in here,” Darlene said. “I’m trying to sleep off a migraine.”

“Very disappointed, really,” the teacher continued, ignoring her. “Almost offended. This is the plan you use to get away from me? Faking an illness? What a stunning lack of imagination from an otherwise brilliant pupil.”

“I’m not faking,” she said in a low voice. “I didn’t sleep well last night.”

“I can only imagine. The anticipation of today’s detention kept you up, no doubt.”

Mrs Lowell walked around the bed, moving closer to her student. Darlene averted her eyes. She didn’t like the way her body reacted when the Vampire was near her.

“Oh well,” Mrs Lowell said. “This is as good a place as any. Give me your hands.”

“Excuse me?”

“Quickly, Ms Dove.”

Before Darlene could react or retort, Mrs Lowell pulled back her sheets. Thankfully, she was still wearing all of her clothes, with the exception of her shoes.

“What are you doing?” she whisper-shouted.

Ignoring her again, the Vampire grabbed one of her wrists and lifted it. Darlene tried to pull it free, but Mrs Lowell’s grip was so strong she only managed to hurt herself. The Vampire then produced a long, white cloth -apparently a bandage of some sort-, and tied it around her wrist.


Speaking of wrists, Viv felt her mistress’ paws encircling hers, holding them tight and massaging them. This simple bit of contact was enough to fluster her a bit. She continued:


“What are you doing?!” Darlene repeated.

Mrs Lowell still did not utter a word, letting her actions answer instead. She brought the tied wrist to the bedhead, and tied the other end of the piece of cloth to it. Darlene pulled again, more by rote than anything, but didn’t get any better results. She wasn’t particularly surprised when Mrs Lowell repeated her actions with her other wrist.

“Again with your perverted games,” Darlene spat out. She tried not to stare at the Vampire’s chest as she leaned over her.

“Again with our perverted games,” Mrs Lowell said, altering the sentence so slightly Darlene almost failed to notice.

“Go ahead.” She blew air out of her nose. “Let’s get this over with.”

“You’re in no position to prevent it anyway. Nor would you want to if you were,” Mrs Lowell added, shooting her a knowing smirk.

“Pfft.” Darlene made a show of rolling her eyes. “This is for your benefit, not mine.”

The teacher let out a little laughter, which surprised Darlene. Not the fact that she laughed -although rare, it was hardly the first time Mrs Lowell had done so, especially at something she said-, but at the laugh itself. It was not mocking or snarky, this time. More… softened? No, that couldn’t be right.

“I seem to recall you saying something similar during our previous detention, Ms Dove,” she said. “At first, that is. Later on, you said something quite different.”

Darlene blushed furiously. Of course she would bring that up.

“Your foot, Ms Dove.”

My feet too? she thought. With a little snarl and a lot of reluctance, she lifted her left leg, and placed the calf in Mrs Lowell’s open hand.

As a third piece of bandage was tied around her ankle, then secured to a bedpost, Darlene’s mind went back to that last detention, in spite of her best attempts to think about something else. Seven days had gone by since, but she could still picture the scene in vivid detail. Her, laying down on her teacher’s desk. Mrs Lowell, pinning her down by the throat and choking her slightly. The teacher’s other hand, brushing her leg, and moving upwards. She remembered how wet she was as Mrs Lowell’s fingers finally reached her panties. She remembered Mrs Lowell’s laughter as Darlene couldn’t come up with an excuse for this. And she remembered the coldness of the Vampire’s fingers as they brushed her oversensitive labia… and went further.

And then… Oh, the last part she remembered very well. Far too well, in fact. It certainly helped that she had thought of it all through the following week, her mind going back to it every time it was idle. Darlene had tried to keep busy as a result, but it only partially worked in keeping that memory away.

Oh yes, she remembered the orgasm. Not to mention, Mrs Lowell’s self-satisfied expression as she had gazed down at her not-so-unwilling captive. Darlene had fully expected her to make another lurid remark, but she had kept quiet, her eyes riveted on her student as she lecherously licked her fingers clean.

Mrs Lowell demanded Darlene’s other foot, breaking the flow of her thoughts. Soon, all four of her limbs were tied to the bed, with very little wiggle room.

“What now?” she asked, unable to keep her voice from quivering.

Her teacher took off her high heeled shoes, then climbed on the bed with her. Darlene gulped, but tried to keep on her poker face. Mrs Lowell got on her elbows and knees above her, her face hovering nine or ten inches over her. Darlene’s eyes grew wide. She hated how close her teacher was.

Well… She wished she hated it. Unfortunately, her body betrayed her once more. As her nostrils picked up Mrs Lowell’s familiar smell, and as she felt her teacher’s breath on her face, her skin started to heat up and tingle, and she sensed her breasts becoming tender. Other changes happened below the belt, but she made a deliberate effort to ignore them.

Mrs Lowell raised a hand towards her face. Darlene tensed up, but all she did was brush her cheek with the back of her fingers. That gesture stupefied Darlene, who was not used to that kind of gentleness from her teacher. Mrs Lowell’s fingers trailed down her cheek, and her hand went to cup her chin, her thumb brushing her lower lip. Darlene quivered, uncomfortable. What was going on?

“Does she kiss you?” Mrs Lowell said, her voice lowering to a whisper.

“Huh?” Darlene said stupidly.

“Does Ms Fairbairn ever kiss those lips?” the teacher asked more clearly. Was that a hint of jealousy Darlene heard in her voice?

“Wh- She- We’re not…” She choked on her words, then tried again: “This is not the relationship we have.”


In a quick move, the teacher grabbed her pupil’s chin, forcing her mouth to open slightly. Darlene let out a “ah!” of surprise.

“Once again, I get to be the first,” Mrs Lowell.

She moved closer to Darlene until her lips brushed hers. Darlene suddenly couldn’t breathe. The teacher’s hand went from her chin to her hair, which she grabbed firmly onto. There was a lull, then Mrs Lowell took possession of Darlene’s mouth.

As the words left Viv’s lips, Nova’s long tongue darted, and rolled along her throat above the collar, up to her ear. Viv moaned, her eyelids at half-mast.

“Don’t stop,” her mistress intimated.

Darlene offered only a token resistance to Mrs Lowell’s tongue as it invaded her mouth. Within seconds, her will melted like an iceberg in the Sahel. Mrs Lowell groaned in appreciation as the pupil started kissing back, mingling her tongue with her teacher’s.

As the kiss grew longer and lewder, Mrs Lowell suddenly cupped one of Darlene’s breasts, and immediately started massaging it. The pupil made a muffled, high-pitched sound.

“So firm,” the lecherous teacher murmured into her mouth.

She soon let go of the tit, but only to grab Darlene’s shirt, which it pulled open, so hard the student heard its buttons scatter on the floor. She yelped in surprise. Mrs Lowell quickly quelled her nascent protests by kissing her some more, her gluttonous lips sucking on Darlene’s tongue. Then, the vampire picked the clasp of the student’s bra between her thumb and her index. Soon, the cups were removed, uncovering Darlene’s perky breasts. Electricity ran through Darlene’s body as Mrs Lowell’s dexterous fingers played with her now naked and erect nipples.

Although she was half-certain it was going to happen, Viv still gasped when her mistress cupped both her tits roughly, her claws digging into them. Goodness, she loved this. Not just the sensation, but the feeling of being but a toy for her mistress to play with, like Nova was groping her for hew own enjoyment rather than her sub’s.

Mrs Lowell released her hair and interrupted the kiss; Darlene let out a moan of disappointment, much to her shame. The Vampire, uncharacteristically, made no snide remark about it, didn’t even throw her a look of smugness. She seemed too absorbed by what she was doing as her face descended along Darlene’s naked bust. No… As the student examined her expression more closely, she decided “absorbed” was not the right word. “Possessed” seemed more accurate. It was like Mrs Lowell was a predator on the hunt, and Darlene was a juicy, helpless prey. That mental comparison made Darlene bite her lower lip, deepening her shame. However, it was accurate: the carnivorous glint in her teacher’s eye, the way her lips parted like she was about to dev-


Darlene jumped on the bed. With a supernaturally quick move, Mrs Lowell had just torn her skirt off.

“Oh my god!” she said. “What- what do you-”

“Quiet,” Mrs Lowell said, her tone as sharp as her fangs.

The teacher approached her nose from Darlene’s already quite wet panties, and smelled it deeply, like a hungry wolf presented with a slab of freshly cooked meat. Cold sweat ran down Darlene’s back. What was going on? She had never seen her teacher like that. Mrs Lowell seemed to have turned into a beast.


This time, Darlene’s panties became a tattered memory. She was now nearly naked, save for her socks, and her opened shirt and bra. A feeling of vulnerability washed over her, especially as she noticed that Mrs Lowell’s face was merely one or two inches away from her bare pussy.

“Don’t…” the student weakly said.

She might as well have argued with a feral beast. Which is what Mrs Lowell’s expression reminded her of, as the Vampire gazed at her glistening slit. Why oh why was that turning her on so much?

It happened within a second. Mrs Lowell surged forward, embracing her student’s puffy, aching lips, and all but shoving her tongue in her moist folds. Darlene threw her head back, her mouth opening wide in a silent scream.

The Vampire immediately went on to devour the teenage pussy with a lust and an energy that would have terrified Darlene… were it not for the incredible surge of pleasure that electrified her entire body from her brain down to her feet. Her back arched, her toes curled, and all four of her limbs pulled on their restraints. A strangled, protracted sound, not unlike a whine, escaped Darlene’s throat.

Her mind completely overcome by the pleasure, Darlene was left unable to form a coherent form. She couldn’t even raise her usual shield of denial, and pretend that what was happening was solely for Mrs Lowell’s enjoyment. It would have been pointless, anyway; even if she had the full control of her rational mind, Darlene would not have been able to act like she wasn’t enjoying this… thoroughly.

Viv slithered on her mistress’ lap. The Hellhound had proceeded to rub her sub’s pussy with the soft, furry palm of her paw, cupping her mound possessively. At the same time, her licking had turned into nibling. Viv’s eyelids fluttered as she felt her mistress’ fangs on the sensitive parts of her neck. She slid a claw under the right side of her collar, and pulled on it, slightly choking her.

In front of them, Clara remained mostly immobile, keeping to her role as furniture for her mistress’ feet. Viv still noticed from her occasional reactions that she was paying close attention to the story.

She continued her reading, her pitch jumping an octave higher as two of her mistress’ fingers entered her to the hilt, nonchalantly and without effort, like it was the most natural thing in the world. Viv nearly dropped the tablet. The plug in her anus had seemingly made her pussy much more sensitive. She managed to soldier on, having been in this position before. But then, The Hellhound’s other paw moved to her butt, her claws encircling her plug’s flared base and her thumb tap-tap-tapping its center. Micro-shocks went through her butt and down her thighs. That still didn’t prove sufficient to break her concentration, so after a few more lines her mistress upped her game.

As Viv read the semi-long description of Darlene’s orgasm at the mouth and fingers of her teacher, Nova began to slide the plug in and out of her. She moved it less than an inch, but it was enough to make Viv squeak like a little bird. Her back arched and she threw her head back -much like the protagonist of her story-, pressing her neck against her mistress’ voluptuous breasts.

This was another completely new experience for Viv. Well, almost completely new. Once, she had been reading a story where the character was introduced to anal, and had thought to try it out of curiosity. She had only introduced a single finger in her anus, while her other hand was busy pleasuring her pussy, but that one finger had proven too much already, and Viv had buckled.

Not so here. The plug stretching her ass was larger than her major finger, and there was definitely some pain involved, especially as it moved. But Viv did not buckle. Did not want to. Did not even consider using the safeword. She fully intended to keep on going to the end, and she didn’t just mean her reading. Such were her mistress’ orders.

As she started on the next paragraph, Viv noticed that she was drooling as droplets of her spit fell on the tablet. She slurped it back, not particularly worried about seeming uncouth in these circumstances.

Then, as her orgasm began to subside, it happened. At first, it felt like a couple of mosquitoes had stung the inside of her left thigh. Strange. Then, the pain became stronger, and after a second it felt more like she was being stabbed in the leg. As a small measure of reason went back to her mind, Darlene realized the Vampire was biting her thigh!

She nearly screamed in shock and terror, but then something else happened. Mrs Lowell started sucking, and a weird, indescribable feeling of bliss poured inside her twin wounds. It was like her blood, stolen by the Vampire, was replaced by some sort of drug, which not only dulled the pain but also caused her to feel… There was no word for it. Euphoric? Ecstatic? High? Blurry? All of these words could fit, but none could quite nail the unique sensation.

All of a sudden, a second orgasm exploded in Darlene’s mind. Then a third, and a fourth, and… She quickly lost track. The overdose of pleasure, the multiple sensations, the very notion of what was happening to her, all of that overwhelmed Darlene as she came, and came, and came… Her eyelids fell shut as quickly as if they had turned to lead, and all of her muscles relaxed in unison. A blissful, dreamless sleep welcomed her.


Darlene couldn’t tell how much time had passed when she woke up again, but if the dimmed light of the sun through the curtains was any indication, it had been at least a couple of hours.

“We need to talk.”

The student jumped out of fear, making the bed creak, and hurting her wrists. Unbeknownst to her, Mrs Lowell had been sitting on a chair besides the bed, half-hidden in the poor lighting. How long has she been here? Darlene wondered. Was she watching me sleep?

“Talk?” she said. “About what?”

Mrs Lowell stood up, and went to touch Darlene’s thigh, right where her fangs marked the skin. Her face showed none of the signs of her usual expression of superiority, not even the slightest hint of smugness. She seemed… tense. Angry, maybe?

“This should heal just fine on its own within a few days,” she said. She was evidently affecting indifference, but not perfectly so; Darlene could still hear the hint of edge in her words, and see something in the Vampire’s eyes she couldn’t identify, but looked somewhat like fear. Fear? No, that couldn’t be right.

“Why did you do that?” Darlene asked, her voice surprisingly throaty.

Mrs Lowell ignored the question, and undid her pupil’s ties, starting with her wrists.

Darlene went to rub her ankles as soon as they were freed. The ties had not been tight enough to leave visible marks, but her hands and feet were still numb.

“You told me you got by with what you bought at the Blood Bank,” Darlene insisted. “So why d-drink my blood?”

Damnit, why did she stutter?

Oh, she knew exactly why. Merely mentioning the act made her remember it. And along came the memories of how it felt…

Darlene brusquely shook her head. No, this was not the time for that. It hadn’t felt that incredible anyway.

Mrs Lowell, who was busy throwing away the bandages she had used as ties, visibly hesitated. She might even have fidgeted. Darlene almost couldn’t believe her eyes. Mrs Lowell didn’t just seem to have lost her smugness, but also her confidence. In the look she gave Darlene, the student could see doubt, and definitely some fear. What in the world was happening?

“I… got carried away,” Mrs Lowell said.

That, too, was unlike her, Darlene thought.

“Carried away,” she repeated. “Why? What happened?”

The mask of indifference reappeared as Mrs Lowell ignored her again, prompting Darlene to insist.

“I’ve read that, provided they are sufficiently fed, Vampires don’t lose control,” she insisted. “They don’t get “carried away”. So what happened?”

Mrs Lowell had turned away, and made for the exit, but stopped in her tracks.

“What’s wrong?” Darlene said.

The silence that followed her question was such that she could hear her heartbeat. It was through the roof.

“It’s you,” she heard Mrs Lowell say.

“Excuse me?” Was she pushing the fault on her?

“I can control my needs… usually,” the teacher said. “But when I got close to you… When I caught your intimate smell…”

Blood rushed to Darlene’s cheeks. What was she saying? Did-

“She’s in love with Darlene!” Clara suddenly said, interrupting Viv. “That’s why she lost control. The Vampire is in love with her prey! Oh my goddess, that is so hot!”

Nova tutted. “I warned you. Get on your knees, facing me.”

“Oh, the punishment, I forgot,” she said, not even bothering to put any effort in her lie. 

She adjusted her position as ordered, her hands between her legs, a bright smile on her face. Nova stretched her legs, then went to place her big furry feet in Clara’s face.

“Lick my feet,” Nova ordered.

“Yes, mistress!” the sub enthusiastically said.

Clara placed her hands under her mistress’ ankles to uphold her legs, and got started with energy -and lots of happy noises. Some punishment, Viv thought, rolling her eyes and smiling. Then again, having fun is the point anyway.

Nova grabbed one of Viv’s legs, and ordered her to hold it up by encircling her forearm around it, giving the mistress better access to her sub’s pussy. Suddenly Viv was reminded of the situation she was in. Entirely nude, in her mistress’ paws, her pussy at the mercy of the Hellhound’s gifted paws. In addition, her mistress was now drawing small circles with the plug in her ass. Both her reading and Clara’s acting up had distracted Viv, but, as the Hellhound now intensified her rhythm inside her, she realized how dangerously close she was to cumming.

“M-Mistress, m-m-may I haaaa! May I have perm- oh! permission to cum?” she managed to say.

“How many lines do you have left?” Nova said, her voice raspy.

“S-sev- no, eight.”

“If you can finish before I make you cum, I’ll reward you.”

“O-okay,” Viv answered without thinking.

Actually, Viv was almost certain it was an impossible task. She was seconds away from an orgasm -a big one. Merely holding up the tablet proved difficult with how much her hands quivered. She stuttered most of her words and blubbered her enunciation, her sentences ending more often on a moan than a period.

Her mistress was relentless, not slowing down one bit as she rubbed the most sensitive parts of her sub’s pussy, now with three fingers. Her fangs gave no quarter either as they sunk deeper into Viv’s neck, hard enough to leave marks without breaking the skin. Through the blur of her own pleasure, she could see Clara throwing glances at her above their mistress’ feet, enjoying the show.

Viv was as surprised as everyone else when she managed to finish her chapter before her mistress finished her. Her last sentence ended in a scream that could be heard all through the -thankfully empty- house.

She let out a long exhalation, and fell back against her mistress, her head rolling freely before Nova caught her.

“Well done,” the Hellhound said.

Viv mumbled a thanks.

“You’ve earned a reward. I’ll let you choose it.”

“Can’t really think right now, mistress,” Viv chuckled.

“How about a kiss?” Clara exclaimed.

“A kiss?” Nova said, half-annoyed that Clara was once again disobeying her order, but also half-amused by her suggestion.

“A real kiss,” Clara said. “A lovers’ kiss.”

The Hellhound’s eyes opened wide, and her cheeks darkened. Viv blinked. It was happening again. Her normally confident mistress showed a softer, more hesitant face. Viv had only caught glimpses of it before. While she was certainly a big fan of her usual domineering, cocksure mistress, she was also getting drawn to that other part of her.

“Yes,” Viv said. “I-I’d like that.”

“Um, sure,” the Hellhound said.

Viv turned to face her, her knees sliding around her mistress’ hips, and she placed her arms around her shoulders. Nova returned the hug, her strong arms holding her naked form very tightly against her chest, her erect nipples teasing hers. Their faces got closer, so much so that Nova’s nose tickled Viv, who struggled not to sneeze. It felt so good to be held like this, bathing in her warm fur and drowning in her aura. As her lips neared hers, Viv hesitated to seal the kiss, fearing the moment would end too soon, and wishing it could last forever. After a lull, her mistress closed the very short distance between them.

It was perfection. Warmth poured out of Nova’s mouth and into Viv’s, spreading through her whole body, who hummed with satisfaction. She pressed her chest against her mistress’, feeling the beastly woman’s heart so strongly it was like its beat dictated her own. Their tongues mingled; Nova’s was twice as large as her sub’s, and more than twice as long. Viv melted, her pussy throbbing as if she was on the verge of another orgasm. The longer the kiss went on, the tighter Nova held her; this got to the point where Viv had difficulty breathing, but she didn’t make a peep or a single gesture to stop.

And then, regrettably but ineluctably, the Hellhound released her. Their lips separated, and her massive tongue left Viv’s mouth, drawing out a whiny complaint as it did.

The two girls stared at each other, unblinking. Viv wanted to voice one of the many thoughts bouncing around in her mind at that moment, but could not say a word. Perhaps because of the post-kiss daze she was in, perhaps because she was worried it would ruin the moment.

A small gasp was heard. Both Nova and Viv turned their heads to see Clara watching them, her hands clasped over her mouth like she was witnessing a moving play -or a very niche porno.

“Encore?” she said.

Nova cleared her throat, then lifted Viv’s legs and moved them aside, allowing her to leave the armchair.

“I need to use the bathroom.”

She seemed to be in a hurry as she walked away. Viv watched her go, her heart still fluttering, and the blush covering her face, throat, and chest still present. Suddenly, Clara glomped her from behind, making sure to grope her tits as she did.

“Soooo…” the Dryad said.

“Wh-what? So what?”

“So, you’re in love with our mistress.”

“What?!” Viv cried out.

“Don’t deny it!” Clara poked her nose. “It couldn’t be more obvious. The way you look at her, that voice you take when you speak to her… And, holy crap, the way you kissed her. Head over heels, babe!”

“I… I…”

Viv bit her lip, her gaze fleeting. She considered it for a long moment. Was she in love? She really, really liked Nova, there was no doubt about that. It wasn’t just about the sex either, she had made that clear. But in love?

She frowned. How did people know when they were in love? Viv had no idea. She herself had no experience in that matter. It had never happened to her. As sad as it sounded, she had never been in love -but then again, she was only nineteen years old. How does one know when one is in love, she wondered again. Love was not a disease; there wasn’t a list of symptoms to watch out for.

Or… maybe there was. In romantic fiction, people who fell in love showed certain behaviors. They thought of their loved ones very often. The mere presence of their loved ones made them happier and sadder at the same time; it both ached and soothed. They couldn’t seem to stop talking about them. They wanted to spend as much time with their loved ones as possible. They…

“Oh God,” Viv said. “I-I think you’re right.”

“You’re damn right I’m right. Come on now, say it.”

Viv shook her head. The Dryad prodded her cheek with her index finger.

“Say it. Say it, babe. C’mooooon, say it!”

She teased and pushed that way for a good two minutes until Viv relented.

“I love her,” she muttered.

“Can’t hear you,” Clara said.

“I love Nova,” Viv said.

“Louder, babe. Loud and proud!”

“I love Nova!”

There was a clatter. Viv and Clara looked at the living room’s door, and saw that Nova was standing there. Her smartphone was on the floor, presumably the source of the clattering sound. The Hellhound picked it up, and placed it back in her leather pants’ pocket. Viv turned bright red. Had her mistress heard her? She must have. Oh my god. Viv studied her facial traits, seeking any hint of a reaction, but Nova’s face remained as polished as a mirror.

Nova opened her mouth, and Viv’s body turned to ice for a brief second. But then, the Hellhound only said:

“I have to go home. We’ll have to end the lesson here.”

Viv balked.

“What?” Clara said. “Why?”

“I’m sorry,” Nova said. “I just have to go.”

She walked to the door, but Clara ran in front of her.

“Woah, woah, woah. You can’t just leave. Didn’t you hear what Viv just said?”

“Clara…” Viv mumbled, embarrassed.

“It’s all right, babe,” Clara said. Reporting her attention to Nova, she went on: “I’m sure you heard.”

Nova stared at Clara in silence, then turned her eyes to the hallway as if she was planning to make a quick exit.

“Yes,” she said.

Viv’s heart slammed against her ribcage like it was trying to escape.

“And you’re just going to leave?” Clara said.

The Hellhound clenched her jaw. 

“What do you want me to do?” she muttered.

Clara did a double take. “Well, ideally, say it back.” She sighed. “But I get it. You can’t force that kind of thing. At least, acknowledge Viv’s feelings.”

Nova muttered something else, which Viv barely heard. The word “mistake” was spoken.

“What’s that?” the Dryad said.

“This was a mistake,” their mistress said more clearly.

“What?” Viv blubbered, her entrails twisting into knots.

Nova threw back her head and took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, Viv. I can’t do this.”

“Can’t do- can’t do what? What’s… What’s going on?”

Viv felt herself physically shrinking. Clara held her arm.

“This was never meant to be anything more than a casual thing,” Nova said, seemingly unable to look her in the eyes. “I don’t do relationships, I never have. I’m sorry I led you on and gave you the wrong idea.” She was speaking in a robotic way, mechanical and devoid of emotions. It was like she was repeating a rehearsed speech. “We shouldn’t be doing this anymore.”

“What the fuck?” Clara exclaimed.

“I’m sorry,” Nova repeated.

A terrible silence fell between the three of them. Viv struggled to say something, but her tongue simply would not move. Clara stared at Nova, her traits reflecting a mixture of shock and anger. As to Nova herself, her gaze went from the tip of her boots to the door, still avoiding Viv.

“But…” Viv managed to mumble.

“I’m sorry,” Nova said one last time.

Then, she left, moving so quickly her soles making a squeaking noise against the wooden floors. Viv’s mind urged her to run after her, wrap her arms around her chest, and beg her not to go, but her body did not respond. It was like her fortitude was leaving her along with her mistress, leaving nothing but a terrible ache.

The door closed with a soft sound, and Viv dropped on the floor. Clara kneeled beside her, and hugged her. The Dryad’s face felt wet when she pressed it against her cheek. Viv realized this was because she was crying. Tears were indeed running along both of her cheeks, flowing abundantly as if her eyes were melting. Viv didn’t bother wiping them, nor did she bother standing up when her legs became numb under the weight of her body, or moving her arm crushed between her and Clara. She didn’t care about tears. She didn’t care about the numbness. She didn’t care about the pain.

What she cared about, in that moment, had left her without a single look back.

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