Extracurricular Activities – 6. Cooperative Teasing

Darlene shuddered as she felt the vampire’s fingers encroach on her throat. They were cold, though not as cold as the icey blue eyes that were gazing deeply into her. She felt Mrs Lowell’s thumb rub the side of her neck, her long nail digging into the skin. The wooden desk creaked under Darlene’s back.

“Do whatever you want, monster,” she spat at her teacher. “I won’t enjoy it.”

She had tried her best to keep her voice from trembling, and had not been entirely successful.

“I do so like it when my prey has some fight in her,” Mrs Lowell said, flashing her fangs.

Hmm. No, that sounded too cliched, Viv decided. And maybe just a bit too rapey. Mrs Lowell was supposed to have villainous vibes, but not rapist vibes. Viv sighed, and tried that last part again.

“I like that fire, Ms Dove,” Mrs Lowell said, flashing her fangs. “I will certainly take great pleasure in taming it. As to whether you’ll enjoy it, I’m afraid that decision isn’t yours.”

The vampire laid her other hand on Darlene’s thigh, on the bare part between where the sock ended and the skirt began. The tip of her fingers ventured beneath the latter’s hem.

“I wonder. Has anyone ever seen the contents of your skirt, Ms Dove?” she asked.

Darlene glared. She hated those lurid comments and questions Mrs Lowell kept making at her, and clearly the teacher knew that.

“None of your business,” she said.

“Oh, but it is, Ms Dove. Your body is very much my business. I thought we had established that during your previous detention.”

The hand slid up a couple of inches. Darlene tried to ignore how soft the balmy palm felt against her bare skin.

“Answer the question, Ms Dove,” Mrs Lowell commanded.

“Too many people to count,” Darlene said. “I used to flash the football team back in high school.”

Mrs Lowell’s smile grew larger as she brought her head closer to Darlene’s.

“Although I quite enjoy it, that tart mouth of yours will get you in serious trouble one day. Now, answer the question honestly, Ms Dove.”

Darlene sighed angrily. “No,” she muttered, looking away.

“I thought as much,” the teacher said, nodding. Her face inched closer still. “I like to be the first.”

Her hand finally reached Darlene’s panties, making the student gasp. She…

Viv stopped. Suddenly, the flow that had been her writing all along this chapter dried up. She tutted, and tried to at least finish that last sentence. Come on, what happens next? What does Lowell do? She groaned as she failed to come up with an answer to that. Okay, what’s the logical evolution of that scene? In the first place, the panties had to go. Or did they? Maybe Mrs Lowell would be content with some over-the-clothes action; a bit of teasing to toy with Darlene. No, that’s what she did during the first detention. She needs to up the ante this time, so to speak. Right, so she could… She…

With another groan, she rubbed her temples. Why was this so difficult? She had managed to write down six pages in one go, but almost as soon as the scene had turned sexual, the writer’s block had reared its ugly head.

Viv turned off her AR glasses, deciding to take a break -just a small one, hopefully. The real world around her came back into focus. She was standing near a bus stop, in front of a park. The weather was cold, but dry, and there was no wind. Still holding her glasses, Viv threw her head back and sighed.

This wasn’t the first time this kind of block had occured, unfortunately. Ever since she had gotten started on this story, she had noticed how certain scenes were always hard for her. Certain scenes. It might have sterned from the fact that they were unexplored territory for Viv. In the years since she’d first picked up writing, Viv had tried her hand at all kinds of genres: action, romance, comedy, horror, fantasy, and even science-fiction. But writing erotica was nothing she had never even attempted before. She had read some, of course, especially in the last few weeks, but there was a difference between seeing and practicing.

Rubbing the bridge of her nose, she considered reading a few such scenes for reference. As she placed her glasses back on her nose, however, someone called out to her. Her chest flushed when she recognized that person.

“Have you been waiting for long?” Nova said. “I thought I was on time.”

“Oh, no, yeah, you are, but, I just, um, I got here in advance. I-I didn’t want to be late.”

“Ah, all right, then.”

They stared at each other for a moment, then Nova leaned and kissed her on the cheek. She didn’t withdraw immediately, letting her lips linger for a few moments. Viv’s face was a bit red when she eventually moved back.

“Thank you,” Viv said awkwardly. “Um, for agreeing to the date, I mean.”

“Of course. Are you hungry?”

Viv nodded. Her stomach was unsettled, but it wasn’t only because of hunger. Her nervosity, which had come back with a vengeance now that she didn’t have her writing to keep her mind busy, was also not the only factor, not even the main one. No, the main reason her belly was doing summersaults out of the blue was definitely the sight of Nova.

She looked different that day. For one thing, she had traded her usual black leather garments for something a bit more stylish and colorful, with a white dress shirt, a blue suit jacket, and dark blue skinny jeans that looked molded on her behind. She had boots on again, but these only reached about as high as her ankles. A handbag hung at her side, tucked under her right arm. Her makeup was also lighter than usual: dark lipstick to make her mouth pop, and black eyeliner so that the fiery orange of her irises would shine brighter.

But there was something more than just a change of clothing and makeup. Nova’s overall attitude seemed different as well. Instead of the quiet confidence she habitually projected, Nova appeared more relaxed somehow. More approachable. The writer in Viv wanted to describe that as the dominant, standoffish goddess having stepped down from her pedestal to hang out with a simple mortal. Even the way her tail wagged seemed gentler.

Nova grabbed the hem of Viv’s red skirt with an appreciative look.

“This is new,” she said. “Did you buy it for our date?”

“Yes,” Viv said. “It, um, it was Clara’s idea. The rest, too.”

Nova’s eyes went up to Viv’s light orange sweater, and the collar of her T-shirt. Viv had been uncomfortable at first when Clara suggested getting these. The colors were much brighter than what her usual palette allowed. Viv normally preferred neutral tones; the kind that helped one blend in, the kind that didn’t attract attention.

“Ah, but attention is exactly what you want,” Clara had said. “You’re going on a date with our mistress, and wearing this will make sure her attention is focused on you through the whole thing.”

Viv had accepted the argument without a word, though not without a blush.

The wolf-like girl took her by the hand, and led her along the sidewalk. As she walked alongside her, Viv couldn’t help but notice a few passers-bys looking at them. Well, at Nova, mostly, which was to be expected. Nova was definitely a head-turner, between her beauty, her beastly traits, her curves, and her size. Several men looked both interested in and intimidated by her as she went by.

And she’s on a date with me, Viv thought at that moment. With me.

Something halfway between giddiness and confidence possessed her then. One might have gone so far as to call it pride. She looked at Nova, once again amazed by how tall she was. Even with her heels on, Viv’s head only reached about her shoulder.

The girls walked to a Chinese restaurant called the Chengdu Palace. The place was Viv’s idea; she always loved the food there, and one of the owners was a family friend. In addition, it usually wasn’t crowded, most of the customers preferring to order their food to go. A waiter greeted them, and showed them to their table. He was a very short man in his late twenties, with a bald spot he tried to cover with a combover; Viv had met him a couple of times before when she went to that restaurant, but couldn’t remember his name. He smiled genially at her as he placed the menus on their table, but shot a strange glance at Nova.

“Do you come here often?” the latter asked as she sat in front of Viv. She then changed seats, evidently deciding that her long legs would bump into Viv’s through the whole meal otherwise, and sat instead at the right of her date. Viv’s chest heated up when she noticed how close they now were from each other.

“Every other week with my mom and my brother,” Viv answered, stuttering a little.

Nova nodded, then browsed her menu, and said: “I think I’ll have the kung pao chicken. Hmm… And the crispy chicken… And the crab soup.”

“You really eat a lot.”

“I’m quite insatiable, yes,” she replied with a grin, eliciting a chuckle from Viv. “What are you ordering?”

“Oh, I’ll have the spicy prawns.”

One of Nova’s eyebrows shot up. “You haven’t even read your menu. Is this what you order every time?”


“Order something else,” Nova said.

“Huh? Why?”

Nova smiled. “For the same reason you wanted to go on this date. The same reason you agreed to our private lessons. Because you want to get out of your comfort zone, and try new things.”

Viv stared at her for a moment, stammering a response. Then, she decided that Nova made an interesting point. A point similar to the one her therapist had made during one of their sessions: if she wanted to leave her comfort zone, she needed to break the bars of her habits. Try new experiences. Starting with small things, like her therapist recommended. She had already started -and what a start it was!-, and she didn’t want to stop. Clearing her throat, she opened her menu.

“Err…” she mumbled as she began browsing.

There were many items. Many options. Did she want another prawn option? Well, she loved prawns, but that seemed too close to her usual order. It would be like trading the color red for a very dark orange. Some chicken, maybe? Or some pork? She wasn’t a big fan of pork. There were some vegan meals, too, several of which were tempting. But, wait, did she want to start with the main course? Some entrees looked interesting as well. No, she wasn’t hungry enough for that. Maybe for a dessert, however.

Ugh. Viv dropped her head, butting the menu as she did. She turned to Nova, and hesitantly asked:

“Could, um, could you…?” She didn’t finish her question.

Nova chuckled. “Would it help if I ordered you what to choose?”

“I, err, I, well, yes, it would.”

She leaned back in chair, and said: “Then, I order you… to pick something.”

Viv’s shoulders faltered.

“That’s not…” she mumbled.

“I know it’s not what you meant. But the whole point is for you to make a decision. It has to come from you. I don’t want you to become reliant on me.”

“… Okay, fine,” Viv said.

Taking a deep breath, she looked at the menu one more time. Pick something. Anything. It doesn’t matter. It’s just food. Pick something. Just… pick something.

“The, the, um…” Come on! “The sweet and sour pork.”

“There you go!” Nova said, patting her gently on the arm.

She gestured to the waiter, who approached to take their order. As he did, Viv noticed that he again smiled at her, and very nearly scowled at Nova. Although intrigued and a little concerned by this, Viv didn’t dare say anything then. She waited until the waiter entered the kitchen to ask Nova:

“Um, did you see, err…”

“The way he looks at me?” Nova said, indifferent. “Yeah, I have.”

“Wh-what is that about?”

“Oh, he probably knows.” She unfolded her towel and placed it on her lap.


Nova pursed her lips, her bright orange eyes swaying to the right. “Ah… About my kind.” She sighed, and continued: “This is something I should tell you…”

“Oh, you mean, that you’re a Hellhound?”

Viv slapped her hand over her mouth. Nova’s eyes opened wide in surprise for a brief moment, but then she regained her composure.

“So you already knew.”

“I, uh… Well, yeah.”

“Interesting,” Nova said. “How did you find out?”

Viv licked her upper lip. “When I first met you, I-I kinda had a clue you weren’t a Werewolf, but I wasn’t sure. So, erm, after our first -no- after our second lesson, I did some research online. It took some time, but I found out about a kind of canid with dark skin and black fur, and that was taller and bigger than Werewolves. Most people online talked about them like they were an urban legend or something, like, um, like the Wendigo or the Skinwalkers. But there were some who said they had met them f-for real. They… kinda got mocked a lot.”

“An urban legend, uh?” Nova mused. “What else do they say about us?”

“Umm… Well… It depends. There were some, err, some positive things, and, err, some less positive things.”

“I think I can imagine what the “less positive”” she airquoted those words “things were.”

“Y-Yeah, they were pretty… ah, err… I mean, I didn’t believe them. I don’t think- I mean, I know you’re not, err, evil. You don’t, err, you don’t actually come from Hell or anything.”

“How do you know?” Nova retorted calmly, raising an eyebrow.

Viv laughed, somewhat nervously.

Their food arrived, Nova’s filling over half the table. Once more, the service was accompanied by a strange, unflattering look. The waiter wished Viv -and only Viv- bon appetit, then retreated back to the kitchen.

“I’m really sorry about this,” Viv said, her voice barely audible as an all-too familiar feeling of anxiety tightened her throat.

“You have nothing to be sorry about,” Nova said as she took her fork and got started on the crispy chicken.

“Does that… happen often?”

“Not very; our kind is still mostly unknown. But that’s a two-edged sword: those who do know us, know us from the rumors. Speaking of which, what were the positive things you’ve found out about Hellhound?”

Viv’s cheeks turned pink. “Oh, um… Just some… silly things.”

“What kind of silly things?” Nova asked, a malicious glint in her eyes indicating she had a very good idea what the answer was.

“Just, um… Well, like I said there was a guy who said he had, um, met a Hellhound, and, err… He said, well, he said… You see, when he said he had met a Hellhound, he meant that he had, err, dated one. Sort of.”

“You mean: slept with one.”

“Um, yes. Yeah.” The pink turned red. “And he said they -that is: Hellhounds- were, um, very, err, passionate. Very, very passionate.”

“We can be very physical, that’s true. You know a little something about that.”

Viv laughed, this time with less nervosity. “Yeah, I guess I do.”

Remembering the plate in front of her, Viv began eating her food. The first bite strangled her as she swallowed. The pork was, as advertised, sour. Very sour. Her face scrunched up.

“Not to your liking, I take it?” Nova said.

“It’s, it’s fine. I’ll eat it.”

“We can share if you want.” The Hellhound gestured at one of her plates.

“You don’t have to. It’s fine, really. Like you said, I’m trying new things.”

Nova smiled. Under the table, her paw moved and reached Viv’s thigh, who jumped a bit.

“You sure are.”

Viv tried another bite, which went down easier than the one before. The taste wasn’t actually bad, it was just jarring at first.

“How about we try another new thing?” Nova said.

“What kind of thing?”

She merely smiled.

“Oh,” Viv said. A little anxious, she added: “H-Here?”

“No, no.” Nova laughed. “After our meal. There’s a place I’d like to show you.”

“Okay. I picked the restaurant, so I guess it’s your turn to choose where we’re going next on-on our date.”

“You’re not going to ask where I’m taking you?”  Nova said, looking surprised again.

“N-No. I don’t think you’re going to tell me, and… Err, I think I’d like it to be a surprise.”

“You like surprises?”

“Well, not usually,” Viv said. “But, err, I like your surprises. I think.”

A soft smile stretched on the Hellhound’s lips.

Lunch went by quickly. The two of them discussed books -unsurprisingly-, both their most recent readings and future publications they awaited. Nova talked about a psychological horror novel she was looking forward to reading. Its title was Gorska Maika Taught Me, and the author had already achieved some fame, although he usually wrote SF novels. As to Viv, she was hoping to see the last novel of the Manifold Family cycle. Unfortunately, it had already been delayed twice, and was supposed to be published four years ago. The whole fandom was getting rather desperate; in fact rumors circulated online about the author, stating that she was gravely ill -some went so far as to claim she was already dead.

After they paid for lunch, Nova called her car, then drove the both of them to a different neighborhood. Viv was split between anxiety and excitement as they made their way to their mystery destination. It was hard to tell which one she was feeling the strongest, especially when both got kicked up a notch as they arrived at the place.

The red on Viv’s cheeks was not as bright as the one painted on the front of that store. Although the windows were blinded with wallpapers, there was no doubt as to what was being sold inside. Its name did not leave much room for ambiguity. That store was, for lack of a better euphemism, an adult store. It was called Kylie’s Kinks.

“Ladies first,” Nova said, holding the door open.

The expression “sticking out like a sore thumb” barely began to cover how Viv felt as she entered the store. She’d expect a Polar bear would feel more comfortable in the Sahara than she would here. The whole place bathed in red lighting, and a soft, slow music floated in the air, the kind lovers would put on to set the mood. The store was not very big, about the size of the average bodega.

Nova guided Viv through the aisles. Viv kept her eyes riveted on her shoes as she walked by, as she was afraid the sextoys on the shelves would look back at her. Her nostrils caught the smell of cleaning products, here and there; she had intuitively expected the place to have a very different smell altogether.

Soon, they arrived at the register, manned by a Humanoid woman almost as tall as Nova. Viv had never met one of her kind of Humanoid before, but immediately recognized it. She was evidently a Demon, with her blue skin, her long horns, and her black wings. She had large curves, underlined by a very skimpy outfit which was just a few steps above a bikini. Said outfit was black, and made out of a material that looked like latex; the words “all night long” were written in red letters across the bottom part.

“Welcome to Kylie’s Kinks!” she said with a deep voice befitting her size, an agreeable smile on her face. “I’m Cassie. What’s your kink today?”

“You really say this every time?” Nova said.

“Oh, hey, Nov! Yeah, I do, it’s policy.” Noticing Viv, she said: “Who’s this? Your latest flavor?”

Viv blinked at the descriptive. Latest flavor? What did the Demon mean by that?

“This is Viv,” Nova said, her tone slightly harsh and standoffish. “She’s with me.”

“Exclusively?” Cassie said, raising an inquisitive eyebrow. Viv instinctively moved closer to Nova.

“I’m here to buy something,” the Hellhound said.

“Oh, fine.” The Demon shrugged and, with some reluctance, took her eyes off Viv. “What do you need?”

Nova turned to Viv and told her: “Hey, why don’t you go browse for something fun?”

“Huh?” Viv balked, looking alternatively at her and Cassie. “I, um, but…”

The Hellhound leaned towards her and whispered: “You said you like my surprises? I’m about to make you another one.”

“A-All right,” Viv said.

With a little smile, Viv walked off, and went to the closest aisle. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw what was displayed on the shelves. Before her wide eyes was the largest assortment of vibrators she had ever even imagined. They came in all kinds of shapes and sizes, in a wide variety of colors -although red and pink were the most common. The price range was also pretty large: the most basic one cost about fifteen dollars, but some more complex, niche items were sold for more than two hundred dollars. The latter even came with wireless capabilities and their own apps.

As flabbergasted and embarrassed as she was, Viv still felt her curiosity picked by what she saw. In addition, she was trying not to look at what Nova was buying. Thus, she picked up one of the boxes on display, and read the information on the back. Said information did not beat around the bush concerning the product’s uses and functions. In addition, whoever was the marketing director at LadyThrill (the company who made said product) clearly did not believe in subtlety when it came to packaging.

Viv looked at another box, then another, feeling her face blushing so hard she half-worried it would catch on fire. Holy crap, that’s expensive, she thought, reading a price tag.

“You don’t want to cheapen out on vibrators, sweetie.”

She dropped the package, startled by two realizations. First, she had said that thought out loud. Second, Cassie was standing right behind her, less than two feet away.

“Sorry,” Viv said, picking up what she dropped. “I-I, umm…”

She looked around for Nova, but she was nowhere to be seen.

“Really,” Cassie continued, “a good vibrator is an investment. Cheap vibrators mean cheap materials. I don’t mean they might break during use, but their life expectancy tends to be short. It’s a false economy, you see.”

“Umm… Where is Nova?”

“Oh, she’s in the back with my manager, filling out some forms. We don’t have what she’s looking for, so we’ll have to order it in. Anyway, another good reason to go for the higher-end vibrators is the quality of the pleasure they offer.”

“Ummmmm,” Viv mumbled, taken aback.

“See, this one for instance…” Cassie reached over her, her long arm brushing Viv’s cheek, and grabbed a small, pink, oval vibrator. “This one’s pretty cheap. But all you get is a simple vibration. It’s fine for a quick thrill, but it gets you numb fast. On top of that, it doesn’t have much autonomy.”

“That’s, that’s, uh…”

“Whereas this one here…” The Demon reached with her other arm, once again “accidentally” touching Viv, this time on the shoulder. She brought up a slightly bigger vibrator, purple in color and with a wavy shape. “This baby will set you back two hundred and ten dollars, but it will last you a long, long time. Not only that, but the vibrations change pattern, either at random, or along a predetermined sequence.”

As she went on with her sales pitch, Cassie opened the package to show the vibrator.

“With this baby, you can have so much more fun! The app allows you to control everything: speed, strength, length of time… You can even modulate the shape.”

She opened an app on her smartphone, and demonstrated. The vibrator’s wavy form became straighter, as if the thing had turned liquid in the Demon’s hand. Viv took her eyes off it for a moment to look at Cassie, feeling boxed in between her and the shelves.

“Imagine this inside you, sweetie,” Cassie said, her voice dropping to a murmur. “Humming, changing shapes to hit all the right spots, alternating between strong and soft… For hours. All controlled by this app.” She showed it on her phone.

“That’s, uh…” Viv mumbled, quavering.

The Demon stepped closer to her. Viv’s adrenaline spiked.

“You’re a sub, aren’t you?” Cassie said.


“Nova has a type.” She smirked. “I actually have the same. Tell you what…”

Her hand dipped in one of her bra’s cups, and retrieved a small business card.

“You’re cute,” Cassie said, slipping the card in Viv’s hand. “When Nova gets tired of you, give me a call.”

“Gets tired of me?” Viv repeated.

Someone cleared their throat, loud enough that it was clearly intentional. Viv and the Demon turned their heads to see Nova standing there, her arms crossed. Although her body language seemed perfectly neutral, Viv could feel something dark and menacing emanating from her. Nova moved to grab Viv by the arm, and pulled her by her side.

“Done with the ordering?” Cassie said, still smirking.

“Yeah. I’ll have the thing delivered at home.” If Nova’s tone was harsh before, now it was sharp as a butcher knife.

“Great. Thanks for your patronage. See you again soon!”

Nova left the store without returning her goodbye, half-dragging Viv behind her. The Hellhound said nothing until they both went back to her car. Then, as she started the engine, she said:

“Sorry about her.”

“Um, yeah. What… What’s her deal, exactly? Are you two friends?”

Nova sighed. “Not exactly. Well, we used to be, back when we started in high school.”

“What happened?”

“It’s a long story.”

She pulled out on the road, then put the car in self-driving mode. A full minute passed before Viv understood Nova would not elaborate. I guess it’s too personal. Viv decided to respect that, although she really wanted to know more. A strange voice in her head suggested that Cassie and Nova might have been more than friends. She shook her head, refusing to acknowledge the twinge in her stomach, and moved on:

“She, um, she was pretty forward with me.”

“I’m sorry about that too. She’s always like that. I honestly didn’t think she’d be here today.”

Nova was focused on the road, her claws tapping the wheel drive. There was some tension in her jaw. Ill at ease, Viv looked down at her hands, and realized she was still holding Cassie’s business card; it contained her phone number, an email address, and the store’s address. She showed it to Nova.

“She gave me this,” Viv said.

For a moment, a scowl twisted the Hellhound’s face. “Ah, geez. She’s always been competitive. Every time I have something, she tries to take it.”

“Oh… I see.”

Nova glanced at her, her expression softening. “I don’t mean to say that the only reason she’d be interested in you is because you’re with me. All I mean is… Don’t pay any attention to Cassie.”

Not knowing what else to do with it, Viv put the card on the dashboard.

“She said to, um, to call her when you get tired of me,” Viv went on, laughing and trying to pass it off as a joke, but not really succeeding.

The Hellhound bit her lip, then said: “Like I said, don’t pay any attention to her.”

Viv nodded.

The car took a turn, and the card slid off the dashboard onto the floor. Viv didn’t pick it up.

“Where do you want to go next?” Nova asked after a moment.

“Uh? Oh, err, I don’t know.”

For a second, Viv had forgotten the two of them were on a date. Weirdly, a part of her wanted to end the date right then. Why? She couldn’t be sure. Because of Cassie? Viv shook her head. She wasn’t going to let her ruin things. Like Nova had said, she shouldn’t pay any attention to Cassie.

“How about the pier?” she said.

“I’m pretty sure it’s going to rain soon,” Nova said.

“Ah, right. Then, how about the library? Not the ones on campus, the one on University Avenue.”

“Sure, that could be fun.” She activated her AR lenses, and a few seconds later, a new itinerary appeared on the car’s onboard computer. “Have you been there before?”

“Actually, no, but I often meant to.”

“Just so we’re clear, we’re only going there to read,” Nova said.

“Oh, er- No, no, no, I didn’t-”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I didn’t even bring my toys.”

“No, but really, I didn’t-”

Viv noticed a twinkle in Nova’s eye.

“You’re messing with me,” she said.

“Sorry, it was too easy.” Nova chuckled.

The two of them spent over an hour at the library. Ironically, this time they didn’t discuss books. Instead, they talked about music. Viv brought up her guitar lessons, and Nova asked her about it. Soon, they became so involved in their conversations they neglected the books they had picked up.

“So what’s the issue, then?” Nova said after Viv mentioned some difficulties she’d been having during her lessons.

“Mr Tawfiq thinks I’m not confident in my abilities.”

“What do you think?”

“Well, I… I think he’s right. But I don’t know how to… I mean, confidence is…” She took a deep breath, then said: “I don’t know how to be confident.”

“Hmmm,” Nova said, tapping a claw against her cheek. “Are you sure?”


“I know I haven’t known you for long, but I seem to recall times when you were confident. Confident enough to say what you wanted, at least.”

“I…” Realization set in, and Viv blushed. “I, uh, well, those were… different.”

“Why was it different?”

“Because I, um, just, you know.”

“No, I don’t know. Why was it different?”

Viv looked over her shoulder to make sure nobody could listen. “Well… I wasn’t in charge, for one thing.”

“But you were, Viv. You were in charge.”

“What?” Viv cocked her head. “No. You are the…” She lowered her voice. “You are the domme.”

“Exactly. Do you still not understand? In a D/s relationship, the sub has all the power.” Seeing Viv’s look of confusion, she explained: “The sub has the power to say no. That’s what safewords are about. If the sub says stop, then it stops, no matter what the domme wants. The sub is in charge; they give their power to the domme, but can just as easily take it back.”

Viv remembered reading something to that effect online, but she hadn’t understood it then. In fact, she wasn’t sure she understood it now. Nova said:

“Maybe that’s a topic we’ll broach in a future lesson.”

Viv smiled. “Is-is the next one going to be soon?”

“I hope so. I paid extra for speedy delivery.”

“So when will- Oh, wait, no. It’s going to be a surprise.”

It was around half past three in the afternoon when Nova dropped Viv at her house in San Jose. Viv unbuckled her seat belt, but did not make a move to leave the car.

“Did you have fun today?” Nova asked.

“I did, thank you,” Viv said. Her gaze went from Nova’s eyes to her lips. “Umm…”


“Ordermetokissyou,” she spluttered.

“What’s that?”

“Order me to kiss you,” Viv said a little more articulately. “P-Please.”

“Why?” Nova said, amused.

“B-Because I’m trying to work up the confidence to do that, and-and that’s the best way I can think of.”

A little laugh spilled out of Nova’s throat. “Very well. Viviana, I order you to kiss me.”

Electricity ran down Viv’s spine. Nova had suddenly regained her domme voice, deep and deliciously silky -in a “silk hiding steel” kind of way. Viv found it impressive how she could change voices like that.

“Yes, mistress,” she said, bending towards her.

She only crossed a third of the short distance separating them when Nova also leaned forward and grabbed her hair, pushing their faces together. Nova kissed her, her warm, firm lips covering hers completely. A few seconds into the kiss, Viv felt something poking against her mouth; it was Nova’s tongue. She opened her lips, and it immediately pushed its way in, invading her mouth and filling it. It must have been six, perhaps seven inches long. Viv reflexively tried to fight off the mouth organ when she sensed it going for her throat, but there was no resisting it. Viv murmured in surrender, letting Nova have her way with her mouth.

Nova kissed her greedily, possessively, barely leaving her room to breathe. All of Viv’s body heated up, while her mind turned to steam. It wasn’t long before she turned into putty in her mistress’ paws, both of which held on to her tightly.

Viv murmured again when the kiss ended, this time in frustration.

“You should go,” Nova whispered. “Your brother is waiting.”

She looked out of the car towards her house. Manny was indeed waiting by the door, making a face like a kid before an ice cream truck. Viv rolled her eyes.

“See you in school,” Nova said with a last peck on the cheek.

That afternoon, Manny proved so intrusive and relentless in his questioning about Viv’s relationship with Nova that their mother ended up disciplining him by assigning him chores for the rest of the weekend.

Viv didn’t see Nova for a few days after that, although they kept in contact by phone. Then, the next Thursday, as Viv was wrapping up her first class of the day -Math-, she received a text.


Nova: Tolman Hall, second story, female bathroom.


She nearly dropped her laptop’s bag. Rolling her tongue over her upper lip, she texted back:


Viv: Be there soon.


Viv ran like the Devil was chasing, only stopping halfway through to consult her AR glasses and make sure she had selected the right destination on her GPS. Tolmann Hall was not a building she regularly frequented. She tripped in the stairs as she made her way up, but was thankfully caught by a male Oni student right behind her. Viv quickly thanked him and apologized in the same breath, before resuming her run.

The female bathroom was very clean. By the smell, Viv could tell the cleaning crew had been there that very morning. It consisted of five toilet room -not stalls: they had actual walls and a door-, five sinks, and two dryers. There was nobody in sight. Viv before one of the mirrors, and checked herself. She straightened her hair with her hands, then adjusted her skirt. Her leggings had fallen down a bit; a good thing there was no wind outside. Right as she was checking the light makeup adorning the outline of her eyes, she saw in the reflection a door opening behind her, revealing Nova.

The Hellhound walked towards Viv, not speaking a word, her step light and quick like a predator closing in. Viv turned to face her, taking her gorgeous, beastly form in. Nova grabbed her hair, tilted her head, and laid one on her. Viv felt her toes curl inside her tennis shoes. Her mistress released her a moment later, then slid her paw from her head down to the small of her back, and led her into the toilet room. She shut and locked the door behind them, and said:

“Are you ready for your lesson?”

“We’re, uh, are we going to have it here? It’s, it’s kind of cramped.”

The room was a cube about seven feet across. With the both of them in here, there wasn’t much room to move.

“No, no. This is just for preparations.”

She leaned back against the door, her arms crossed.

“Do you see the leather bag?” She gestured at it, sitting aside the toilet. “Open it.”

Viv picked it up. It was the same leather bag Nova had brought to their two previous lessons. She pulled the zipper, revealing its contents. There wasn’t much of it, this time: only two items. The first looked like a large pair of panties, but made out of a tough-looking, black material that resembled latex. Viv wasn’t sure what that thing was, but she recognized the other item immediately. It was a vibrator, similar to the one Cassie tried to sell to her the other day. This one had an oblong, rounded shape, like an elongated eight, and was dark red in color. It was about three or four inches long.

“Do you know what this is?” Nova asked, pointing at the first object.

Viv shook her head.

“This is a chastity belt.”

“Oh, my,” Viv whispered.

She had read about those. Not just the ones that had supposedly been in use during the Middle Ages -although it was actually pseudohistory, she had learned-, but also the modern ones used by BDSM aficionados. The pair she was holding looked nothing like she had imagined, though. She had pictured something made out of metal, cold and gray and scary-looking. These looked innocent enough -well, their function notwithstanding.

“Should I, um, should I put them on, mistress?”

“Not yet. First of all, take your panties off.”

Viv gulped. She had shown herself in various states of undress to her mistress, but never actually naked. Well, technically, she wouldn’t be actually naked this time either, but naked enough. This was the most intimate part of her body, after all.

“Don’t pretend that you don’t want this, Viviana,” Nova said, her deep voice nearly growling with impatience. “I can smell from over here that you do.”

Her mistress was right: Viv was already getting aroused. Her pussy was growing wetter by the second at the prospect of what was going to happen. Viv exhaled, and, in one quick, clumsy move, dropped her panties. She sat on the toilet, and moved her feet to take them off completely. Nova snatched the panties off her hands, then brought them to her nose and took a whiff. She hummed in appreciation.

“Horniness and submission. My favorite perfume.”

Viv gasped.

“Now, hold your skirt up and spread your legs.”

She did as she was told, exposing her pussy to her mistress. The Hellhound licked her lips lecherously, then dropped on one knee. She took the vibrator, and placed one end in her mouth, licking and sucking it until it was glistening with her saliva. Then, she pointed it towards Viv’s labia, and slid it in. The sex toy was warm, probably from having been in Nova’s mouth, but Viv still quivered when she felt it entering her. Nova twisted it a little, making sure it would stay in place, and eliciting a squeak from Viv. Viv looked down at her pussy; the vibrator’s other end was poking out very slightly.

This was another first for Viv. She had never had anything inside her other than her mistress’ fingers and her own. The sensation of having a vibrator lodged between her lips was not uncomfortable, but rather odd. The surface of the object was smooth, and although the bottom end was colder than the other, it warmed up quickly.

Suddenly, there was a buzzing sound, and Viv yelped. The vibrator had just, well, vibrated, and it was like her whole pussy hummed alongside it. She had just enough time to grab onto the toilet seat to keep from falling down. Viv took a breath and cleared her throat. That felt good. It was like a small earthquake of pleasure had birthed inside her, then resonated through her lower stomach.

“Good, it’s working,” Nova said. Viv noticed her AR lenses had turned on. “Lift your legs.”

Viv’s calves went up, and Nova passed the chastity belt’s holes around her ankles. Her apprehension grew as she watched the garment go up her legs. It was cold when it touched the bare part of her thighs, and seemed to become colder when it finally reached her groin. Nova noticed the goose bumps appearing on her skin, and said:

“It’ll get warmer, don’t worry.”

“Huh-uh,” Viv said.

Nova’s lenses turned on again, and the belt tightened around Viv’s hips. Evidently, the thing had some sort of magnetic lock that could be activated -and likely deactivated- by remote. Nova placed her paws on the belt, the tip of her claws dipping in the pale skin of Viv’s sides, and she tried pulling it down; it wouldn’t budge an inch.

“And now, you’re mine again, Viviana,” she said with that predatory smile Viv had come to enjoy so much.

“Yes, miss-ooooooh!”

The vibrator had come alive again, for merely a fraction of a second, taking her by surprise. Viv jumped and nearly slipped off the toilet seat, but Nova held her firmly in place.

“Both the belt and the vibrator are controlled from my phone,” Nova said, confirming Viv’s suspicions. “You cannot take either off; only I can. And they” she tapped the center of the belt with her claw “are staying on.”

“F-For how long, mistress?” Viv said.

“The duration of the lesson, of course,” Nova said, casually and deliberately missing the point.

“Yes, but how long…” A very, very short vibe interrupted her. “Mmmh.”

“According to the brochure, this little thing boasts an autonomy of five to six hours,” her mistress said.

Nova’s eyes shot wide open. Five to six hours? She had a free morning, but that could spill into the afternoon, and she had a Creative Writing class then. Not to mention, she was hoping to use her free time to do some cramming. Well, the latter she could do somewhere private. Provided she wouldn’t be too… distracted.

“Stand up,” Nova said, taking her by the wrists.

Viv should have predicted that, as soon as she did, her mistress would send her another pulse. This one lasted a couple of seconds. Her legs gave out, and she fell head first into the Hellhound’s chest, her nose diving between her large breasts as if it was destined to do so.

“Are you ready for this?” Nova asked, lifting her chin with two claws.

“For what, mistress?” Viv said.

“To be my toy again.”

Viv’s breath left her with a “woosh”.

“I-I have classes this afternoon, mistress. Won’t it, um, be a problem?”

Nova’s only response was to smile.

“And, err, what if I, um, you know, need to use the bathroom, mistress?”

“Then you will ask me, and I will let you take off the belt. But only to use the bathroom. That’s our first rule for this lesson: I will play with you, but you are not to relieve yourself in any way.”

“Relieve? But… Aaah!” 

The vibrator had interrupted her again, making what Nova explained even more plain: Viv was to be teased this way for the next five to six hours, and would not be allowed to do anything about it. That very perspective made her even wetter than everything the vibrator had achieved so far. This was a new, more subtle, and more intimate form of control: her mistress dominated her… from within.

Nova helped her sub fix her skirt, then grabbed her hand and led her out. Viv looked at herself in the mirror again. To her relief, the chastity belt could not be seen at all beneath her skirt; there wasn’t even a bulge. The only detail that could betray her was her flushed cheeks, but people might think it was because of the cold.

The mistress and her sub left the bathroom, Nova the very image of calm and detachment, Viv trying her hardest to appear the same. There were a few people in the hallway, most of whom were visibly in a hurry. Nova turned to Viv and said:

“You remember our safeword, right?”

“Paradisio,” Viv whispered. Taken by a strange impulse, she added: “But I don’t think I’ll use it.”

“No?” Nova said. An expression of surprise appeared on her face, followed by one of mischief. “Are you challenging me?”

“No, mistress, I just… I don’t think you’ll go too far with-with, um…”

“Is that so? And why do you think that?”

“B-Because I trust you, mistress.”

Surprise once again lightened Nova’s face, and her cheeks darkened. Seeing her mistress blush again made Viv’s heart leap in her chest. The Hellhound raised her paw, and cupped her cheek. A moment later, as if startled by her own gesture, she brusquely took it off.

“Let’s go for a walk,” she said.

And they walked out, Nova’s arm circling Viv’s shoulders. The weather was getting a little warmer, but a strong wind was now blowing. Viv was deeply thankful for the three layers she was wearing, and the special material her leggings were made out of. As the two of them followed a deserted alley, Nova decided to have some more fun with Viv. She didn’t just send her a quick vibe; this time, she turned the sex toy on, and left it on for a full minute. Viv mewled, and her legs gave out again, but Nova grabbed her by the hip and held her tightly against her.

The vibrations followed a pattern: strong, then weak; top to bottom, then back up. The sensation was incredible. Viv could sense the orgasm coming, and coming fast. Her breathing became ragged, all of her body’s muscles were tensing up. She hung on to her mistress’ arm for dear life, absolutely convinced that the approaching wave would knock her down. Nova cupped her cheek again, rubbing her lips with her thumb.

“Mistress…” Viv whimpered.

“Not yet.”

The vibrations died in the blink of an eye, and the pleasure with it. Viv squeaked in protest. She gave her mistress a wounded look.

“I’m not done playing,” the Hellhound explained with a toothy smirk. “In fact, I have just begun.”

And she was not kidding. As they made their way to the Hearst Memorial Mining Building -they had felt a few drops, indicating that the rain would soon come, and thus had decided to get inside-, Nova continuously used the sex toy. Sometimes, she would again turn it on for brief moments. Other times, she would leave it on for several minutes, but with vibrations so weak they were just enough to make Viv quiver with want. 

By the time they passed the door and wandered in the hall, Viv was a hot mess. She was walking bow-legged, having found out that keeping her thighs spread apart could diminish the power of the sex toy (at least a little), her forehead was shiny with perspiration, and her cheeks were as red as if she was feverish. Her mind was unable to focus on a single thought; every time she tried, a pleasurable buzz would inevitably chase it away after a few seconds. So mushy were her thoughts that she barely noticed crossing paths with a few students, and the looks she received. She vaguely heard Nova tell some people she was feeling sick.

Viv was moaning in agonized frustration, having narrowly come at least five times. More than a few times, she had pressed her hands over her crotch, in a desperate attempt to rub her pussy, but her chastity belt proved an impassable barrier. In addition, after the first time, Nova had punished her with a spanking for trying.

Nova half-led, half-dragged her to a bench, and sat her on it. Her submissive took a deep breath as the vibrator stopped once again, and pulled out a handkerchief to wipe the sweat off her face, and the saliva off her lip.

“You’re doing very well, my little toy,” Nova said, brushing her hair.

Viv tried to mumble a thank you, but only managed to produce a dysphonic groan and some spit. Her mistress chuckled.

“What… What now?” Viv soughed.

“Eager to continue, are we?”

The sub weakly nodded. There was no way she would stop now. After all, she was her mistress’ toy, right now, and her mistress was not done having fun. And, but that was not at all relevant, neither was she…

Nova snapped her claw. “Oh, shoot.”

Viv glanced at her.

“I just remembered I have to meet with Jacinda. She needs help with something. It’s really important.”

“Huh?” Viv frowned. Something in Nova’s tone sounded less than honest. “Okay… Where are we going?”

“Oh, it’s something I have to handle myself. A family matter, you understand… Just stay seated here, I’ll come pick you up when I’m done.”

“What? But…”

Nova walked briskly away, throwing a last look over her shoulder and saying:

“Don’t worry. This thing has range.”

What Nova meant was once again exemplified when the vibrator came back on even though she was out of sight. It lasted for two full minutes this time, at average intensity. It was all Viv could do not to slump over the bench. She couldn’t keep from spreading her thighs obscenely, however, and holding her crotch with both her hands. She quickly thanked God that nobody was around to watch her, and fixed her posture as soon as the vibration ended -once more without giving her the release she was hoping for.

Was this what the lesson was going to be like? Viv was to stay here, in a public place -without much public, thankfully-, and be teased and tortured remotely by her mistress? No, that didn’t make sense. Her mistress would not simply let her be by herself, at the risk of getting caught. And she certainly wouldn’t miss the spectacle.

As the toy inside her gave another -very short- vibe, she wondered if Nova was in fact still around, observing her from out of sight. Tapping her chin, Viv pondered this for a moment. Then, she decided to test that theory. Her mistress had ordered her to stay seated on that bench, so standing up would incur a punishment, wouldn’t it? She did exactly that, and waited.

And waited. And waited.

The vibrator remained inert.

Surprised and disappointed, Viv took another look around. Was her mistress really not here? Did she really have some urgent business with her sister? She consulted her texts, to see if Nova had not sent her something, some kind of admonishment for violating her order. No, nothing. Miffed, she planted a fist on her hip. What was going on? The lesson couldn’t be over already!

“Hey babe!”

Viv almost jumped out of her skin. Clara was here, having seemingly appeared out of nowhere. It seemed Viv was so focused on trying to find Nova she had been obvious to everything else. And it seemed the Dryad had a knack for showing up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Viv quickly closed her legs, and smoothed her skirt to make sure Clara wouldn’t be able to see anything.

“Hi Clara. Um, why are you here?”

“Same reason you are, I bet.”

Viv paled a little. Surely, she didn’t mean… “What’s that?”

“Mistress texted me and told me to come here. She actually used the words: “right now”.”

“Oh, um, I-I see.”

“You think we’re gonna have a lesson?” Clara asked, excited. “I mean, that has to be it, right? Why else would she want us both here?”

“I, um… Hmmm!”

As she was thinking of an answer, a powerful vibe erupted, and she had to bite her tongue to keep from moaning.

“Are you okay?” Clara said.

“Hm-hm,” Viv mumbled, lips tightly shut.

“You’re kinda red… and you’re sweating.” Before Viv could pull out her sickness excuse, Clara touched her forehead with her wrist. “I don’t think you have a fever.”

“It’s, um, probably…”

Bzzzzzz! She straightened her back, her butt clenching. Clara cocked her head, her eyes narrowing.

“What’s going on?”

“Nothing, I just, um, I got a cramp on, on, um…”

Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz. Three quick pulses made her jaw drop and her eyelids flutter.

“Waiiit a minute,” Clara said. 

Viv could almost see the gears turning in her head as her eyebrows fell down and her long ears twitched. Suddenly, the Dryad leaned over and gave her lips a little lick. Her face lightened up in triumph, and she declared:

“You taste super horny, babe. Oh my goddess, you’re having a lesson right now, aren’t you?”

Viv’s spooked expression was all the answer she needed.

“I can’t believe it!” Clara said. “You’re having a lesson with our mistress, and I’m only getting involved after? That’s so unfair.” She looked Viv over. “So what are you learning this time? I don’t see…”

The vibrator turned on, and stayed on for thirty seconds, as if to give her a hint. No… Not “as if”. Viv searched the hall again. Even though she couldn’t see anyone else, she knew her mistress was watching over her; over them, in fact. She must have been. She had carefully orchestrated this whole thing, that much was obvious. Clara let out an exclamation of curiosity as she focused on Viv’s skirt and tried to pull it up.

“No, no, no, wait!” Viv said. She pointed at the ends of the hall. The place was no longer deserted: four of five people were now walking through.

“Come with me,” Clara said, taking her hand. “I need to see this.”

“But…” Viv began to protest, but Clara wasn’t listening. Sighing, she thought that this must have been part of the lesson anyway.

Clara brought her to what was probably a janitor’s closet. It was a rather small room, furnished with only a set of shelves and an old chair. A cleaning drone rested there, docked in its charging station, and there floated a barely discernible smell of bleach. The Dryad shut the door and locked it.

“Lift up that skirt, babe. Let’s see what we have here…”

Viv cleared her throat in embarrassment, then grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up. Clara’s eyes opened wide, and she crouched to get a better look at her girlfriend’s groin. She tapped a curious finger on the black underwear.

“Is that…” She tapped again. “Is that what I think it is?”

Clara grabbed it and tried to move it.

“Holy crap, it is!” she said, sounding overjoyed like a kid on Christmas morning. “It’s a chastity belt.”

She jumped back on her feet.

“Naughty girl,” she said, flickering Viv’s nose. “And you were gonna have a lesson without me too! Actually…” The Dryad frowned. “Why did our mistress tell me to come here? She wouldn’t do that just to make me watch you two have your fun.”

In her pocket, her smartphone let out a small clacking sound like a whip.

“Oh, speak of the she-Devil…”

She looked at her phone, while Viv chuckled to herself as she realized her girlfriend used a whipping sound for their mistress’ texts. Clara read something on the screen for a while, and a positively malevolent smile stretched her lips, complete with an evil light in her eyes.

“What’s going on?” Viv dared to ask, unsure as to whether she would like the answer.

“What’s going on is, our mistress has decided her pupil is mature enough to teach this lesson.”

“Huh?” Her eyes opened as wide as saucers.

“Hold on, I just need to download the app… There we go.”

Viv tried to glance at Clara’s phone, but she moved it out of her sight, her smile growing larger. A second later, Viv dropped to her knees, a powerful vibration having sapped the strength out of her legs.

“Oh my goddess, it really works!” Clara said. She was almost jumping with excitement. “We’re gonna have so much fun.”


“Holy crap, this app has so many options.”

As she tried to stand up again, Viv fell prey to several of these options in quick succession. She felt the vibrator change shapes inside her pussy, stretching against her walls, then sliding inside her like a snake.

“And look at all these settings!” Clara went on. “Jackhammer, Tickle Monster, Intimate Massage, Baseline… Wait, what’s “Baseline”?” She tapped her phone’s screen.

“Oooooooh…” Viv whined, grabbing the shelves to avoid falling again. Apparently, Baseline mode was a simple, low-level vibration that went on forever. It was just enough simulation to get her to salivate and make her knees buckle, but nothing more. Clearly designed to be an appetizer, in other words, not the main course.

“This is amazing,” Clara said. 

She went on to hug Viv, pressing her tits against her back and encircling her with her arms. The Dryad was still holding her smartphone, which appeared in front of Viv. The app was rather garish in its choice of colors, a mixture of orange, pink, and red, with a curvy font and needlessly flashy visual effects.

“What should we try next?… Hey, what’s this?” She pointed at a mode called “Cum On Feel The Noise”, then pressed it. A list of song names appeared; apparently, it was Clara’s playlist. “No way! Look at that: you can take your favorite song, and this thing will translate the rhythm into vibrations!”

Brushing her lips against the shell of her ear, she whispered: “What’s your poison, babe? Shall we start with some smooth jazz, or go straight to hardcore metal?”

“C-C-Clara…” Viv stuttered.

“I don’t think you should be calling me Clara,” she said, her tone mischievous.

“Wh- Huh?”

“Let’s see…” the Dryad rubbed her chin, her other hand “negligently” tapping a key on the app that sent small pulses inside Viv. “What should you call me? Not “mistress”, obviously, there’s only one mistress. How about “sexy”? No, how about… How about “Lady Clara”? No, I know!”

She selected a song. Viv couldn’t read the title, but from the rhythm, she decided it had to be a slow song. It played in Clara’s earphones, but Viv could… well, feel the noise.

“You shall call me: “Lady Clara, may I please eat your pussy?”.”

Viv gasped. “Wh… Wha… Oooh!”

No, it was not a slow song; just a song with a slow start. Thankfully, Clara reached around her belly and held her up. She had nearly fallen again, a scream of pleasure escaping her lips. It was incredible. The vibrator seemed to dance along with the music, pulsating and changing shapes along with its rhythm. Clara hummed it in her ear, toying with her phone.

“I so wish I was you right now,” she said, a little edgy. “Although something tells me you wouldn’t want to be you right now… How long had Mistress been teasing you before I got here?”

“I-I-I doooon’t… Aaaaah. I dunnooooo…”

“I’m still a little mad I wasn’t here for the first part, but this” she nudged her phone “sure makes up for it. This is… so cool. I’m, like, in control of your pussy. I get to decide whether you cum, how hard, and how many times!” She kissed her cheek. “And I decide that you will only cum if you call me by my proper name.”

Viv heard her, but didn’t -couldn’t- answer. The song had reached a bridge, which was mercilessly faster. Viv’s entire body shook. Her eyes rolled back in her skull. Every note pushed her one step closer. Closer… Closer…

Clara pressed pause. Viv almost screamed.

“That song is only meh,” the Dryad said with a thinly concealed laugh. “Let’s see what else I’ve got. Hmmm… Maybe the latest Less Than Better’s last album. The title song is really catchy. Or maybe Piano Via Sano? I just found out about him, he does some really good tunes. Or we could go old school and put on some Rolling Stones? I’m curious to see how Satisfaction feels in your hoo-ha.”

Inactive for a moment, the vibrator went back to Baseline mode.

“Hmmmmm…” Viv bit her lip.

“Come on, babe. Just say the words, and I promise I’ll make you cum and cum until your leggings are ruined.”

Viv only hesitated for a few seconds, the remainders of her reluctance escaping between her legs.

“L-Lady Clara…”

“Gotta say my full name, babe.”

“Lady Clara, m-may I… may I p-please eat y-your… pussy?”

“Why of course you may, babe. As if you even needed to ask.”

Viv refrained from rolling her eyes at her sarcasm. Clara lowered her pants and underwear, and sat down on the edge of the chair, legs spread out. Her girlfriend knelt in front of her, taking in the view of her pussy as she did. She had barely seen it during the previous lesson. The Dryad’s labia was a thin, pink slit, with a darker shade of pink on the inside. It looked a bit puffy, and was already dripping with want. A tangy aroma hit Viv’s nostrils as she took a closer look.

“Ever done it before?” Clara asked.

“No,” Viv said.

“Not even with our mistress?”

She shook her head.

“So I get another of your firsts. Suck it, mistress!” Clara did a fist-pump. Brushing her girlfriend’s hair, she added: “Don’t worry, I’ll guide you. To start off, why don’t you get a taste?”

Viv nodded, and pushed the tip of her tongue between her lips. Shyly, she prodded Clara’s lower lips for less than a second. Clara giggled.

“My puss doesn’t bite, babe.”

She nervously returned her giggle, then tried again.

This time, the tip of Viv’s tongue rolled along the whole length of Clara’s labia, from bottom to top, wiping some of its juices and making her sigh. The taste surprised Viv. It tasted as tangy as it smelled, but there was a sweet aftertaste behind it. Curious, she licked again, quicker, then again. The flavor reminded Viv of something, some kind of sugary plant she remembered eating when she was younger.

“Enjoying yourself, babe?” Clara said.

“Hm-hm,” Viv mumbled, feeling her ears getting hot. “You, um, you taste good.”

“Thank you, babe. The inside tastes even better.”

Viv stared at the small slit, and breathed out. You can do this, Viv. She did it for you, it’s only normal that you do it for her. As she pep-talked herself, the vibrator behind her chastity belt reminded her of its presence by strengthening its pulse, and Viv remembered the other reason she was going down on her girlfriend.

She began pushing her tongue inside the slit, sliding it inch by inch. Clara wasn’t wrong: the taste was more powerful the deeper she got. A thin, sweet film soon coated her tongue, and Clara’s juices started dripping on her lips and in her mouth. Clara sighed again, adjusting her hips to give Viv better access. She fiddled with her phone, and the vibrator picked up the pace again. Encouraged, Viv kept on sliding her tongue in, stretching it as much as she could.

“That’s it, babe…” Clara whispered. “Goddess, it feels so fucking good to feel you inside me.”

Viv hesitated again. What now? Obviously, she had to start moving, but how? Should she lick up and down? Sideways? In circles? Sensing her hesitation, Clara patted her head.

“Just do your thing, babe. This isn’t a test, there are no wrong answers.”

She’s right, Viv thought. I shouldn’t be so nervous. This is supposed to be fun. Plus I feel kinda stupid just staying there without doing anything. 

Her tongue started circling inside Clara’s pussy, rolling along her moist, warm walls. At the same time, she placed her hands around her girlfriend’s thighs, getting a feel of their muscles, and began massaging them. Clara murmured, encouraging her to go further. Viv made her vocal organ undulate like a snake, moving from root to tip while still making circles. This the Dryad seemed to especially like.

“Babe!” she moaned. “Yes, keep it up. Ooooh…”

Clara used the app again, and Viv felt the vibrator expand inside her most intimate parts, while pulsing faster and stronger. Viv’s eyes rolled back, and her already clumsy tongue work became quite chaotic. Clara did not mind. On the contrary: she started breathing faster, her voice pushed into the higher notes, and she closed her calves around her girlfriend’s shoulders.

“Yes, yes, yes…” She licked her lips. “Wait. S-Slow down.”

Viv tried her best to control herself, in spite of the pleasure overriding her rational mind.

“Don’t forget the main event,” Clara said. 

With the tip of her index, she showed her clitoris. Viv nodded, and happily gave the button some love as well. Clara’s moans became screams. She quickly rewarded Viv by kicking up the vibrator’s rate a few notches. This time, the sensations became almost too much. Without the Dryad’s calves to hold her in place, Viv would have convulsed hard enough to slam against the floor. Thankfully, her girlfriend did not let go, even grabbing her head with her hands so Viv could continue her ministrations.

“Look me in the eyes, babe,” Clara said, her voice squeaking.

Viv did so, delighting in the ecstasy she saw in her girlfriend’s green marbles.

“I want to cum with you,” the Dryad murmured. “Are you close?”

She nodded energetically.

“Let’s do this.”

It happened in a matter of seconds. Viv sucked on Clara’s clit, while shoving her tongue as deep in her pussy as she could. At the same time, Clara, pushed one last button on her phone, sending a veritable surge of vibrations all through Viv’s pusy. The two girlfriends locked eyes as both were engulfed by their respective orgasms. They weren’t completely simultaneous, Clara being early by a few seconds. Still, to see the pleasure in her eyes multiplied Viv’s own pleasure.

Clara dropped against her chair, slurping up some drool that was dripping from the corner of her mouth.

“Oh my goddess, baby!” she blurted.

“Uuuh…” Viv mumbled.

“That was so, so good.” Clara closed her eyes and took a deep breath.


“Phew. I mean, I know it was your first time, but it really felt like you were enjoying yourself down there.”


“Guess you had the proper motivation, uh? I hope Mistress makes me try that thing sometimes. I’ll go down on you so bad you-”


“Yeah, babe?”

“C-C-Can you sh-sh-shut this th-thing off?!” Viv squealed.

The Dryad looked down at her girlfriend, still kneeling on the floor with her hands between her thighs, flushed all over. The vibrator was still going, and going strong. Viv’s juices were now forming a small pool beneath her.

“Oh, shoot. Sorry, babe!”

She made a move to grab her phone, laying on the seat between her legs, but accidentally pushed it off. It dropped with a clatter. Clara hurried to pick it up. Before she finally managed to push the kill button, a second orgasm wrecked Viv, throwing her down on the cold, hard floor.

“Sorry! I’m sorry!”

Clara picked up her girlfriend, and sat with her on the chair.

“It’s okay,” Viv wheezed. “Whooo…”

“Did you have fun?”

“Yeah…” She leaned back and turned her head to kiss Clara.

“Good, I’m glad. Oh, Mistress told me to text her when we’re done.”

She quickly typed something on her phone, waited for a response, then said:

“Oh, and also…”

With the push of another key, the chastity belt made a muffled noise and came loose. Viv got rid of it, then took out the vibrator. It was dripping with her juices, and almost viscous to the touch. Clara took it off her hands and sucked on one end, delighting in her girlfriend’s taste.

“Guess the lesson is over then,” Viv said.

“You sound disappointed,” Clara said, sextoy still in mouth.

“Oh, no, no, no, I loved it. It’s just… Well…”

“You wish Mistress had been more involved in the lesson,” she concluded.

“I… Yeah. But-but that’s okay, I like spending time with you.”

“I do too, babe.” Clara smiled. “Maybe she’s just giving us time together to make up for the time you had together. You know, on your date,” she added, poking Viv in the stomach. The latter chuckled. “How did it go, by the way?”

“Oh, great. Good. We, um, we had fun.”

“Uh-oh,” Clara said, apparently noticing something either in Viv’s expression or in her tone. “What happened?”

“No, it’s not- um, it’s- It’s just- We met this girl… Her name was Cassie. She and our mistress knew each other. It was kind of tense between the two of them. Cassie said… some things. I asked our mistress about it afterwards. She told me she and Cassie used to be friends. Um…”

“But you think they were more than that.”

“Yeah. I mean, maybe? But, um, anyway, Cassie said something to me.”


“Oh, it-it doesn’t matter,” Viv said with a flicker of the wrist. “She was just trying to mess with our mistress. Um, anyway. D-Do you think we should get out of here? A janitor could come by.”

“Right, let’s go.”

Viv did not see Nova again that day. And all through the day, that strange twinge in her stomach would not leave her.

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