Extracurricular Activities – 5. Foot Fetish Fundamentals

Viv was laying on her stomach, her head propped up with her hands, themselves propped up by her elbows. It had been difficult to find a stable position on the bed, given how soft its mattress was, but eventually Viv had managed. To her right was Clara, lying down on her back, her head hanging down from the bed. In front of them, about three feet away, was a flat-screen TV, on which a movie was playing. Viv forgot what it was called, as well as about half of the plot. This probably sterned from the fact that she was not paying much attention to it. Her mind was on other things. The story she was writing (working title: Darlene and the Vampire), for one; Clara’s state of undress, for another.

The Dryad was wearing a small white T-shirt that was currently baring her navel, panties of the same color, and a pair of light green thigh-high socks. She wasn’t really focusing on the movie either. Every now and then, she would pull up her phone and fiddle with it.

Viv looked around. It wasn’t surprising that Clara’s bedroom was almost filled with plants. In addition to the potted flowers covering most surfaces, there was an entire wall covered in vines, filling the air with a nice sugary perfume. Even the small chandelier hanging from the ceiling had leaves growing off it. A few specks of dirt were found on the wooden floor, giving the room a very homely, lived-in vibe.

“Welp, this movie sucks,” the Dryad declared at the end of a scene.

Viv could only agree. “It started off strong, but… yeah.”

“I don’t get it,” Clara said, rolling on her stomach, rubbing shoulders with Viv as she did so. “It has pirates, jungles, ancient civilizations, and a sexy, evil dark sorceress… And it still sucks!”

“You like the sorceress?”

“You don’t?”

“I don’t know, she’s kind of a stereotypical character, isn’t she?” Viv said. “An evil witch who wants power, and uses seduction as a weapon…”

“Yeah, but she’s a stereotypical character with silky black hair, smoky eyes, and a cleavage I want to dive in. And, she’s evil.”

Viv laughed.

“Nevermind the movie,” Clara said, pausing it with a gesture of the hand. “Wanna make out instead?”

“Oh, uh, I…” Viv mumbled. This time, she had to ask: “How do you do that?”

“How do I do what?”

“You just… You just say these things like, like it’s no big deal.”

“Because it’s not. I mean, we’re dating, you’re gorgeous, we’re in my bedroom… And my door is locked,” she added, wiggling her eyebrows.

“You think I’m gorgeous?” Viv breathed out.

“Hell yeah, I do. You’re petite, cute, shy, and don’t get me started on those chocolate brown eyes… What’s not to like? Also, I’ll just say it: I really dig the Asian thing. Have you ever tried wearing a qipao?”

“Erm, once, when I was eight.”

“Really?!” The mental picture seemed to overjoy Clara. “Oh my goddess, that must have been adorable. Please tell me your mom took pictures!”

Before Viv could answer, Clara’s phone vibrated with a notification. She checked it, and let out a frustrated “ugh”.

“Is something wrong?” Viv asked.

“Nah, just a reminder that my subscription to something is gonna expire soon. I just thought I got an answer.”

“An answer? From whom?”

“From our mistress.”

Our mistress? That made Viv smile.

“You’ve been texting her?”

“All week. She only answered once.” She groaned. “All I want to know is when’s our next lesson…”

“I’m sure it’ll be soon enough,” Viv said, placing her hand on her shoulder.

Clara groaned. “I wish it was sooner than that. Oh well. So, wanna make out?”


Both girls turned to face each other. Clara made the first move, softly laying her lips on Viv’s. The kiss started off very chaste, as if it was still their first, but the Dryad quickly escalated things. She pushed Viv on her back, and got on top of her, still kissing her. Her tongue came out to play, peppy and swift like the girl herself. In between kisses, Clara said:

“Goddess.” Kiss. “You taste so” Kiss. “So good.” Kiss. “If you don’t stop me” Kiss. “I’m gonna devour you!”

Viv giggled, and didn’t make a move to so much as slow her down, yielding to her overwhelming affection. It was a bit like getting a new puppy, she thought. Well, with the exception that a puppy would have been innocent. Clara was a lot less so, especially as her kisses moved from Viv’s lips to her neck. And speaking of taste, Viv noticed that Clara was chewing something which tasted fresh and minty, but was not a piece of bubble gum; the taste was stronger, and more natural. 

“Oh…” Viv murmured, moving her head to give Clara better access to her throat.

The kissing turned into licking. Clara’s hands got in on the fun as well, strolling around on Viv’s torso. At first, they were satisfied with knowing her body over her T-shirt, but they soon lost patience and sneaked beneath it.

“Might as well take it off,” Clara giddily suggested.

Doing so proved a little hard as the Dryad would not take her hands or her mouth off her. It was like she was trying to be difficult. As the shirt finally moved over Viv’s head, Clara said:

“Actually, wait.”

Her face covered by the fabric, Viv muffled an interrogation. Clara’s hands laid on her arms, sliding over to her wrists, then to her fingers. Viv thought she saw her do something through her shirt, but couldn’t determine what. It looked like she was picking up something out of her mouth. After a moment, Viv felt something wet and warm on her index fingers, and realized they were now stuck together. Chuckling with surprise, Viv tried to pull them apart, but whatever was holding them proved quite strong.

“What is that?” Viv said.

“It’s Dryad’s arrowroot,” Clara said. “One of my favorite plants. Tastes like mint, and you can chew on it for hours. Plus, mixed with saliva and put on the skin, it gets real sticky.”

“Take it off!” Viv said, laughing.

“Sure thing.”

One second later, Viv’s bra came off. She laughed again.

“No! The sticky thing.”

“What’s that? I can’t really understand you with that shirt over your mouth.”

“I know you can! Come on, this isn’t funny.” She couldn’t help but giggle, undermining her own point.

“Nope, still can’t hear you.”

The Dryad kissed Viv again, this time on the side of her breast. Taking in the other girl’s exclamation of surprise, her mouth peppered the small globe with kisses, drawing a spiral which ended on her nipple. Viv let out a “ah!” as Clara’s lips covered the erect, sensible bit and began pulling gently. Once again, her tongue got involved, giving quick little licks.

“So good,” Clara groaned.

As she licked and nibbled on Viv’s nipple, her right hand got a hold on her other tit. Clara fondled it, her fingers like her tongue a little clumsy and inexperienced, but more than making up in enthusiasm. 

Being tied up by Clara gave a different feeling than by Nova. The atmosphere was more mischievous and less possessive. This was less of a dominant/submissive thing and more of a bit of fun between friends. A very different dynamic, but one Viv found herself enjoying as well. She lowered her arms to put them around Clara’s shoulders, making sure to keep her index fingers up so the sticky bit didn’t touch any skin.

“I like how your nipples get goosebumps when I lick them,” Clara said, giggling.

Clara’s right hand let go of her breast, and rapidly brushed down Viv’s stomach, tickling her a little, and slid inside her panties without further ado. The Dryad’s fingers were a little cold against her pubis. This tickled her more, and Viv moaned.

“Oh, you’re not very wet,” Clara said.


“Don’t apologize. It’s on me. I guess I’m going too fast.”

She undid Viv’s pants and pulled them down. Viv raised her feet to help her take them off completely. Clara pulled again, a bit too strongly and too impatiently, and Viv felt the pants turn inside out. Both girls chuckled.

“I don’t really know what I’m doing, can you tell?” Clara said, holding up her ankles to remove the pants. “This is, like, the first time I have a girl in my bedroom.”

“That’s okay.”

“Is it a first for you too?”

“Uh, actually, no,” Viv said. “I’ve been in Nova’s bedroom.”

“No way!” The Dryad opened her eyes wide. “What was it like? I bet it looked like a dungeon, with walls painted black and chains everywhere.”

“It… It was normal. She has a lot of books.”

“Like how-to guides for knots? Comparative essays on the best kinds of whips?”

Viv laughed. “No. But she does have…”

She shut her mouth. She had almost mentioned the red box and its contents, but then decided this detail should be kept private. Inevitably, Clara asked:

“What? What does she have?”

“N-Nevermind, I shouldn’t tell her secrets.”

“But she’s my mistress too, now!” Clara argued. “I’m, like, in on it.”

“Well, maybe sh-she’ll tell you herself, then.”

The Dryad groaned, but let it go.

“By the way, what did you do in your previous lessons?”

“Uhm…” Viv blushed. “We, um, we learned about BDSM.”

“Yeah, but, like, what have you learned so far?”

“It’s… I shouldn’t…”

“Come on! I missed all the lessons, I have to cram so I can be at your level.” Clara laughed.

Viv still hesitated. She knew the Dryad could be trusted with those secrets, and she actually wanted to tell her about them. But the words wouldn’t come out, for some reason. Viv thought then that if she was in the hands of Nova, her mistress would know how to compel those secrets out of her.

“Come ooooon,” Clara said again. “I won’t laugh, I won’t judge. You know I won’t.”

Viv did know that, but remained mute.

“You really don’t want to tell me? It’s okay if you d-”

“I-I do want to tell you,” Viv interrupted, “but… Uh…”

“But what?”

She gulped her saliva. “Maybe, uh, maybe you could… you could make me… tell you.”

Even through her shirt, Viv could see Clara grin. She held onto Viv’s legs tighter, putting them on her shoulder.

“Maybe I could,” she said. “Let’s see, here…”

She snapped her fingers.

“Oh, I know! Raise your arms.”

Viv’s arms went back over her head. Clara then gently twisted her legs to turn her over; Viv went along with it, wondering what her idea was. The Dryad then grabbed both her ankles in one hand, leaving the other free to pull off her socks and… tickle the soles of her feet. Viv shrieked in surprise, and tried to kick her legs free. After she failed to do so, she attempted to push on her elbows to get back up, but the Dryad sat on her butt to pin her down.

“I used to do this to my cousins when they would hide my stuff to mess with me,” Clara said.

The tip of her fingers grazed the arch of her left foot, barely even touching it. Viv jumped and squealed.


Clara was no longer in any hurry as she palped and brushed every part of the bottom of her feet. All of a sudden, she was patient, restrained… and efficient.

“And I.” Tickle. “Always.” Graze. “Got.” Carress. “My stuff.” Tickle, prod. “Back.”

“Oh God! Stop, stop, stop!” Viv laughed, squirming as much as she could, to no avail. “Please stop, please!”

“Huh-uh, nope,” Clara said. “Not until you tell me all the kinky stuff you did with our mistress.”

Viv shook her head, clenching her jaw.

“Fine, then. Here I go!”

Clutching Viv’s feet tightly, she tickled both their arches with one hand. Each of her fingers moved independently, improvising a little dance, each softly torturing a different area. Viv laughed and laughed, her eyes filled with tears. She tried to struggle her way out again, but Clara’s redoubled assaults made her lose control of her muscles.

“Confess, sinner!” Clara said, putting on a very fake British accent. “Or thou shall suffer the question some more.”

“All right, all right. Stop!”

Clara’s fingers ceased their dancing, but she didn’t release Viv’s feet.

“Attagirl. First things first: how many lessons have you had so far? Not counting the one where I was invited.”

“Um, you weren’t invited. You, uh, you spied on us and Nova caught you.”

“Semantics. How many?”

“Only three,” Viv answered.

“So what did you do during those lessons? What was lesson number one like?”

“Lesson one was a… a lesson of things, I guess. She showed me some stuff, and-and explained what they were.”

“Stuff?” Clara’s face lightened up. “Like sextoys?”


“She has sextoys? I knew it!”

Viv winced. So much for keeping Nova’s private life private. Maybe she’ll punish me for that, she thought, her heart bouncing with what strangely felt like hope.

Sighing, she went on to describe all three of her lessons.

“Holy crap, that is hot,” Clara commented when she was finished. “Damn, I wish I enrolled sooner. You should have told me!” she added with a vengeful tickle.

“Aaagh! But I-I didn’t know you liked… I mean, how could I just…?”

“Yeah, I know, I know,” the Dryad sighed, resting the side of her face on the soles of Viv’s feet. “I’m just frustrated because I’m really horny right now.”

“Oh,” Viv said, once again befuddled by Clara’s directness. 

At that moment, she became very aware of her lack of clothing, coupled with the fact that Clara’s butt was pressed against hers. Maybe it was her imagination, but she could almost feel the Dryad’s intimate parts through the fabric of her underwear.

“Hey, speaking of…” Clara said, her smirk audible in her tone. Her hand went to palpate Viv’s panties, finding a wet spot between her thighs. “Why, Viv… Is that from reminiscing, or do you have, like, a tickling fetish?”

“A tick-? No, I-I don’t, I don’t have a-” Viv stuttered.

Predictably, Clara took that as a cue to go back on the offensive. Viv squawked as the dreaded fingers resumed their dance.

“No?” she said, now tickling her prey without mercy or respite, her pace so fast Viv could hardly breathe. “You sure? I think you do. Unless maybe it’s a foot fetish you have?”

“Nononono, I d-don’t have a f-f-f-faaaaah!”

“Really? I kinda do,” Clara declared, stopping her tickling just as quickly as she had started.

“You do?” Viv said.

“Well, I’m not sure. It’s definitely something I’d like to try, though.”

There was a lull, then Viv felt something warm and wet sliding along the arch of her right foot, making her gasp.

“Wha-What are you…?!” she mumbled.

“What? I’m experimenting. I’m in college, aren’t I?”

Her tongue rolled along her foot again, this time covering the ball and her toes. Humming with curiosity, Clara then placed two of those toes in her mouth, and sucked on them. Viv gasped. The Dryad pulled the toes out with a little slurping noise, and declared:

“It’s doing something to me all right. But is it because I’m into feet or because I like your taste? Hmmm, that’s a toughie.”

She was speaking with a detached tone, like she was describing a scientific experiment. After pondering that question for a moment, she shrugged and went back to sucking on Viv’s toes. The latter moaned as she sensed the Dryad’s tongue ensnaring them one by one. It tickled also, but in a very different way. A… much more pleasant way. Not that the other one was unpleasant, now that she thought about it.

Clara sighed, then laid down on her bed, moving one of her legs between Viv’s thighs. She was now straddling Viv’s leg, and vice-versa. With the tip of her foot, Clara awkwardly pulled down the shirt that was still covering Viv’s face. She began sliding her hips up and down, grinding her wet panties on her leg. As if it was a cue, Viv started doing the same, rubbing her swollen pussy against Clara’s thigh. The Dryad had very soft skin there; Viv couldn’t resist grabbing the leg with her bound hands to massage it. Clara moaned, encouraging her to go further. Experimenting, huh? she thought. She took off Clara’s thigh-high sock, her restrained fingers messing up a couple of times. Then, like it was the most normal thing in the world, she directed the Dryad’s toes toward her mouth, and wrapped her lips around them.

“Aaaah, babe…” Clara sighed contentedly.

Viv began to massage Clara’s foot while following her example and sucking on the toes. They tasted… Well, she couldn’t say that they tasted good. They tasted of sweat and dirt, mostly. It was not repugnant, though. In fact, sensing the heat inside her, Viv began to think that Clara might have had a point when she suggested that she had a fetish. Or maybe it was simply hearing how much it aroused the Dryad -judging by her sighs- that Viv enjoyed. The pleasure she was giving and receiving, however, quickly made her drop this internal debate.

Much like Clara, Viv had no real idea what she was doing, and acted on instinct rather than anything else. In spite of this, the girls both truly enjoyed what was happening, clumsy as it was. Each move of their hips made them moan, and sent ripples of pleasure through their bodies. Eventually, both of the girls decided they weren’t satisfied, and began rubbing their pussies directly against the other’s, the barrier of their panties barely hampering the stimulation as it pushed them further in the throes of a building orgasm.

Clara came first, which didn’t surprise Viv given how hard and fast the Dryad was scissoring her. Overcome by the pleasure, her jaw clenched, and she accidentally bit down on Viv’s foot. She yelped.

“Oh shit!” Clara said. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Viv said.

“Did I hurt you? I don’t think I left a mark…”

“No, no, you just… surprised me.”

After a brief moment, both girls started laughing. It began as a nervous snicker, then progressed to a full-on belly laughter. Clara untangled herself from Viv, and sat up on the bed.

“That was fun,” she said. “Kinda weird, but fun.”

“Yeah, it was,” Viv said. Holding up her glued fingers, she asked: “Um, can you…?”

“Oh, yeah, just one second.”

The Dryad stood up, a bit wobbly, and went to open a drawer in her commode. She retrieved a little vial containing a transparent liquid, of which she used a few drops on Viv’s finger-trap. The material soon became brittle, enough so that Viv could break it.

“Ta-da,” Clara said. “Little chemistry trick.”

She picked up Viv’s socks off the floor where they had landed, and handed them to their owner. Viv put them back on, while Clara observed with a somewhat disappointed expression.

“What?” Viv said.

“Nothing. It’s just… I still don’t know if I have a foot fetish, or if I just like doing things with you.”

Viv chuckled. “Maybe you could ask our mistress for our next lesson.”

“Hey, yeah, I could!” She sighs. “Hope it’s soon.”

“By the way, are you done with your paper?”

“Oh, I didn’t do it.”

“O-Oh. Well, I could help with it, if you want.”

“Nah, it’s cool,” Clara said with a casual shrug.

Viv had a bad feeling about this, but decided not to belabor the point. She hadn’t failed to notice that Clara had said she hadn’t done it, and not that she hadn’t done it yet.

The girls took a moment to recuperate from their little tryst, then tried watching another movie. It proved more interesting than the other one -not that it was difficult. Soon, it got late, and Viv had to go back home.

A few days passed after their second date, during which Viv saw little of Nova. The latter explained through text that she was struggling to find some free time. Nevertheless, she promised to have their next lesson “soon”. Viv mentioned it to Clara, who said that she had again inquired about that same matter. Apparently, the only answer she had received to her question of when that next lesson would be was: “one day later for every time you ask”. Miffed, Clara told Viv she had only asked four times… that day.

Amused as she was by Clara’s impatience, Viv had to admit she too was getting a little fidgety from waiting. She became even more so after finishing her homework for the second time.

Yes, the second time. Ever the studious one, Viv had gotten the story Nova tasked her to find the very evening of their previous lesson. However, she decided to find a different story following an idea she had during her date with Clara.

It wouldn’t be until Friday, a few minutes before noon, that Viv and Clara heard from Nova. Their private teacher once again sent them a text, once again on the laconic side. It gave the name of a building, a room number, and a time; that was it.

“Where is that building?” Viv asked Clara. “That’s not the library.”

“No, it’s one of the buildings of the science department. Room 211? I’m gonna guess it’s on the second floor.”

“Are we…” Viv frowned. “Are we going to have our lesson in a classroom?”

“Kinda fitting, isn’t it?” Clara glanced at her text again. “Ugh, ten past four in the afternoon? What are we going to do until then?”

“Well, we have classes…”

“Guess that’ll help kill time,” the Dryad huffed. “Though I still need a way to keep busy through the lunch break. Hey, how is your novel coming along?”

“It’s not a novel… I mean, I don’t think it’s going to be a novel.”

“Okay, your story, then. Have you worked on it since last time?”

“Em, a little.” Viv had actually written an additional twenty-some pages since then.

“Great! Can I read it?”

“Yeah, sure.”

She had gotten much more comfortable letting Clara read what she wrote; she could now even resist the impulse to stare at her face as she read, looking for any kind of reaction. This actually proved a fun bonding moment for both girls, and a bit of a confidence boost for Viv, given that Clara genuinely enjoyed reading her. The only downside, Viv thought, was that Clara was not very good at giving constructive criticism: most of her feedbacks was essentially “I like it”.

Viv managed to finish her last class of the day -and of the week- a few minutes early, and pretty much ran to the building Nova had indicated. She had never been to that part of the campus, and the layout of the buildings proved a little confusing. Eventually, with the help of a few signs and of a kind stranger -Viv was a little surprised she barely hesitated to ask one-, she found her way.

The classroom turned out to be some kind of office, with nicely waxed wooden floorboards, expensive-looking furniture… and Nova, sitting in a big armchair behind a desk with her legs crossed on top. For once, her outfit was light on leather, although black was still the main color. She wore a black dress shirt, and a classic black pencil skirt. In fact, other than her signature leather boots, the only leather thing she had was her leather jacket, and she wasn’t actually wearing it; it was hanging on the back of the armchair. Small blue lights in her orange eyes indicated that she was using her AR lenses. They turned off as Viv closed the door behind her.

“Right on time,” Nova said.

Viv’s AR glasses indicated that she had indeed arrived at ten past four on the dot. She looked around the small room; Clara wasn’t here yet.

“Hello, No- I mean, mistress,” Viv said.

“The lesson hasn’t started yet, you can still call me Nova.”

“O-Okay. So, um, how are you doing… Nova?”

Viv found it a little weird to call her by her first name. Almost… disrespectful. She was her mistress, after all.

“I’m doing well, thank you,” Nova answered with that deep voice of hers. “What about you?”

“Oh, I’m okay. I mean, I’m good. Pretty… Pretty great, actually.” Viv giggled nervously. “I went on another date with Clara.”

She fidgeted a little. Should she have mentioned the date? Nova was well aware of the fact that Clara and Viv were dating -in fact, she had essentially made it happen-, but that didn’t mean Viv had to rub it in her face. Maybe Nova didn’t want to know.

But Nova just smiled. “Did you two have fun?”

Viv giggled again and blushed in lieu of an answer.

“I see,” Nova said. “You two are getting quite fond of each other.”

“Well we-we have similar interests.”

Nova chuckled.

“Speak of the devil,” she said as the door opened again.

“Heya, mistress!” Clara said, perky.

“You’re late,” Nova responded.

“Only by five minutes.” She shrugged, checking her phone. “Okay, seven. Still, it’s not like this is a real class, right?”

“You wanted to participate in our private lessons. That means arriving to them on time.”

“Oh, all right,” Clara said, rolling her eyes.

“I’ve read your story, Viviana,” Nova said. “But why did you send me two?”

Oops, Viv thought. I must have accidentally sent the first mail instead of saving it as draft.

“Um… The first one was the wrong story, mistress.”

“Are you sure?” Nova said, one her eyebrows moving slightly up.

“Well… Actually, it’s, I, uh, I decided I prefer the second story.”

“Why is that?”

“Uhm, because, um,” Viv mumbled, “because I thought I would like doing this one.”

Nova nodded, then turned to the Dryad and asked her: “While we’re on the subject of assignments, I haven’t received your paper.”

“Wait, you were actually serious about that?” Clara balked.

“So,” Nova concluded, “not only have you arrived late today, but you also neglected your assignment.”

Viv gulped. Uh-oh.

“Guess I have,” Clara retorted with a shrug. “So what?”

“So you’ll have to be punished.”

“Oh yeah?” The Dryad smirked. “I’d like to see that.”

“Clara,” Viv began to say, but her mistress raised a claw to order her to keep quiet.

“Bend over the desk,” Nova said.

“What if I don’t want to?” Clara said.

Viv opened her eyes wide. At first, she thought that Clara was just being her usual nonchalant self. But now, it was obvious the Dryad was openly defying their mistress. Why? Did she expect Nova to forget about the punishment altogether?

“Then, you can’t be part of today’s lesson,” Nova replied, her tone calm but inflexible. “And you will not be allowed to rejoin us until you’ve taken your punishment.”

Clara did a double take, clearing not expecting that. “Woah. For real?”

Nova stared at her. “During my lessons, you play by my rules. If you don’t agree to that, you’re free to leave.”

She pointed at the door. Clara glanced at it, then stammered:

“Ah, but, err…”

Viv looked alternatively at her and at their mistress, quietly watching the situation unfold.

“Hmph. Fine, I guess,” Clara grumbled.

A glint of triumph danced in Nova’s flaming orange eyes as the Dryad bent over the desk.

“Pants off,” the mistress said.

Clara undid the front of her pants, an impish smirk across her face, then lowered them… dragging her panties down with them. She stepped out of her pants, her panties hanging around her thighs. Then, she opened her legs a little, just enough to give everyone a glance of her pink, puffy labia. Nova pinched the skin of her butt with the tip of two claws, making Clara yelp in pain and erasing her smirk.

“OW! Hey, what gives?”

“I said “pants off”. I didn’t mention anything else.”

“Fine, whatever…” Clara said, her panties going back up. Nova pinched her again, adding a second red mark on her asscheek.

“OUCH! What?!”

“I believe you meant to say: “yes, mistress”.” The shadow of a smile appeared on Nova’s lips.

“You-” Clara swallowed her retort, and grumbled: “Yes, mistress.”

“Good. Now…”

Nova pressed a paw on Clara’s nape to pin her down on the desk, pressing the side of her face against the wooden surface.

“For not doing your assignment, you’ll get ten spankings,” Nova said. “You are to count every spank, and thank me for it. If you lose count or fail to thank me, I’ll start over from the beginning. Do you understand?”

Clara mumbled something, then said: “Yes, mistress.”

“Then let’s get started.”

The mistress raised her paw high in the air, kept her there for three seconds, then brought it down in one rapid motion. A sharp sound in the air resonated in the air, so loud that Viv covered her own ass with both her hands.

“Holy crap!” Clara said. She quickly corrected herself: “Erm, one. Thank you, mistress.”

Nova nodded in approval, then almost immediately spanked her again. Clara’s whole body shook, apparently more out of shock than pain.

“T-Two. Thank you, mistress.”

Spankings three, four, and five rained down on the Dryad’s ass in quick succession, with barely enough room between them to give her time to thank her mistress. Her breathing became erratic, and a red pawprint appeared on her buttcheeks. The eighth spanking caused a small damp spot to appear on her panties, which grew larger with the next two.

“Ten,” Clara breathed. “Thank you, mistress. Wow…”

She tried to stand up, but her mistress didn’t release her hold on the back of her neck. Surprised, she struggled, but in vain. It was obvious her mistress could have held her down for hours without breaking a sweat.

“Hey! Seriously?”

A third pinch on her red ass made her change her tone.

“I… I mean, can you let me up, mistress?”

“That was your punishment for failing your assignment. You still have to be punished for being late. Ten more spankings.”

“Really? I mean, err, yes, mistress.”

Clara had kept mostly quiet through the first series of spanking, only occasionally grunting in discomfort. Her complaints grew louder throughout the second series; by spanking number fourteen, she was actually screaming. Initially disquieted by this, Viv soon understood that they were not screams of pain. Not at all. Clara’s now ruined panties were testament to that: she was actively enjoying her punishment. There was actually a bit of disappointment in her voice when she finally said:

“Twenty… Thank you, mistress.”

She let out a sigh, then moved her hands down to rub her now hot-red ass.

“Damn, you don’t mess around, mistress,” she said, chuckling. She glanced at Viv, noticed her biting her lower lip, and winked. “I should skip my homework more often.”

“Stand up,” Nova said, rolling her eyes. “Let’s start our lesson. I only have this office until five.”

“Why are we here, by the way, mistress?” Viv asked.

“All the reading rooms were booked solid for the next two weeks. I managed to convince my biology teacher to let me use his office while he’s teaching. Did I say to put your pants back on, Clara?”

Clara smiled, and dropped the piece of clothing she had picked up.

“No, mistress,” she said.

“That’s right. Take off your shirt and shoes as well. You too, Viviana.”

As she took her clothes off, Viv reflected on how, a few weeks and as many lessons earlier, she would have been a nervous wreck if asked to undress in front of someone -let alone two someones. Yet, here she was, dressing down to her underwear with nary a hesitation. Her mistress’ commanding tone certainly worked wonders on her.

Soon, she was in her bra and panties, same as Clara. Thankfully, the room was warm enough; their mistress had no doubt thought to turn up the thermostat. Nova leered at their bodies with a smirk, drinking their naked forms for a good while. Then, she leaned over the desk and retrieved something behind it. It was that big leather bag, which seemed even fuller than last time. Viv didn’t resist the urge to glance inside when Nova opened it, but her mistress’ paws obstructed the contents. Nova got out two pairs of handcuffs, probably the same she previously used on Viv, and gave them to her. Viv looked at them, a bit surprised. Was she to put them on herself? Nova clarified:

“Tie up your girlfriend. Hands in front of her.”

“Oh. Yes, mistress.”

She approached Clara, who helpfully held her hands together. Her wrists were warm as Viv picked them to clasp the handcuffs on.

“Ooh, cold,” Clara said.

“Sorry,” Viv said.

“I didn’t mean that in a bad way,” the Dryad said, her cheeky smile back on her lips.

“Ankles, now,” Nova ordered. “Clara, get down on your knees.”

Clara knelt down, and Viv crouched and placed the second pair of handcuffs. This time, the coldness tickled Clara, who let out a chuckle. Nova then gave Viv another item, which she recognized instantly. It was the ball gag. This time, she had no doubt it was the very same she had worn in her mouth before: she could see the bite marks she had left on it when Clara had gone down on her. Viv blushed furiously at the memory. Clara looked above her shoulder, and giggled, before opening her mouth wide with a “aaah”.

The ball gag went in, and Viv secured it, making sure it wasn’t too tight. Clara let out a throaty moan of contentment, and leaned back until the side of her head rested on Viv’s shoulder. Viv brushed her ginger hair, pushing it back behind her pointy ears.

“Lay her down,” Nova said.

Viv placed her hands around Clara’s torso, caressing her warm skin, and softly kissed her cheek. She helped her down on the floor as gently as she could, then, on impulse, kissed her again, this time on the red ball between her lips. Clara’s eyes sparkled, and she rubbed her legs against Viv’s.

“Your turn, Viviana,” their mistress said.

Her heart fluttering in expectation, Viv presented her back to her mistress, joining her wrists just over her butt.

“We’ll do something different this time,” Nova said. “Face me.”

Viv turned on her heels. Nova had now retrieved a roll of duct tape from her bag, the kind one would use for packaging. Viv joined hands again, this time in front of her. Her mistress drew a length of tape with a cracking sound that raised hair on Viv’s neck. Nova rolled the tape around her wrists in one strong move, swift and ruthless as she immobilized her prey’s hands. Viv was surprised at how much more restrictive the material was compared to the handcuffs. Her mistress had ensnared her hands so effectively that she could now only move her fingers. It was very tough, as well; Viv pulled and pulled on it, and it didn’t give out at all. That familiar and wonderful feeling of helplessness invaded her again.

“Down on the ground,” the canid said with a carnivorous smile. “Face up.”

Viv laid down next to her girlfriend, her back against the wooden floorboards. Her mistress kneeled down next to her, and drew another length of tape, almost twice as long as the previous one.

“Cross your ankles.”

Viv hummed when she felt the sticky material against the side of her ankle.

“Do you wax?” Nova asked.

“Yes, mistress.”

“I like that. Beautiful, soft legs…” She brushed them with the back of her paw, her fur teasing Viv’s sensitive nerves.

“How tight do you want it?” the mistress said.

“V-Very tight, mistress,” her prisoner answered.

Viv closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip as she sensed the tape rolled around her ankles, then her calves. Her mistress did tape them tight, so very, very tight. When she was done, her sub could just about move her feet a few inches. Her whole body was on fire, not helped in the least by Nova’s predatory gaze over her.

Nova half-stood up, and dragged both her prisoners on the floor until their heads were directed towards the desk, then knelt down again, looming over them. Viv and Clara were close enough that their shoulders and hips touched. Their faces were both flushed, and Clara had begun to sweat a little. Viv noticed some movement down below; Nova noticed it as well.

“No! None of that,” she said, swatting Clara’s bound hands, who had taken to rubbing over her soiled panties.

The Dryad made a gagged noise that may have been an apology.

“You are not to touch yourselves, or each other,” their mistress said. “Not until I say so. Is that clear?”

“Yes, mistress,” Viv said. Clara muffled something that sounded similar.

“Good. Now…”

Nova stood up again.

“Um, mistress…” Viv said hesitantly.

“Is something wrong, Viviana?” Nova said, looking down at her.

“No, um… Just… Don’t, don’t I get a gag too?”

Her mistress’ carnivorous smile grew larger, baring her fangs, making the sub quiver.

“Oh yes, you do. In fact, I have something special in mind for you.”

She planted her leather boot right next to Viv’s head.

“Take these off me,” she demanded.

Viv grabbed the laces as best she could, her fingers made clumsy by the tape. She struggled to untie the first one.

“Use your mouth to help you,” Nova said.

“Y-Yes, mistress.”

Pushing on her elbow, she raised her head a little to be able to reach her mistress’ boots. Taking the lace between her teeth did help undo them, although it still took some effort to completely untie them. Once again, in other circumstances, she probably would have given up after a few tries, and felt embarrassed about the whole thing. But her mistress had given her an order, and so she had to do it.

Viv breathed out when both of the boots were finally untied. Removing them proved much easier, as all she had to do was hold them while her mistress pulled. Nova’s furred feet were encased in small black socks; Viv wasn’t surprised to notice they were both quite sweaty: those leather boots must have been hot to wear all day.

Sitting again on the floor, Nova removed her socks, revealing two large feet, just as covered in fur as her legs, and terminated by shortened claws. A bit of perspiration shined on the hairs. She rolled her socks in a ball. Smirking, she told Viv:

“Open up.”

Viv’s eyes grew wide. Just like in the story, she thought. She had forgotten that specific part, as it wasn’t the main focus of the story she had sent Nova. An urge to touch her needy pussy nearly overcame her, but she shook it off. She gulped her saliva, then parted her lips. The balled up socks were a bit bigger than her mouth, so Nova had to push to get them in. They really filled Viv’s mouth, leaving her unable to make any sounds above a groan. Nova topped them up with a third length of tape, covering Viv’s lips.

The socks pressed against both her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Soon, sweat began to drip off it, mixing with her saliva. The taste was, much like Nova herself, strong and overpowering.

Looking to her left, she crossed eyes with Clara again. The Dryad was now frowning, with a clear expression of envy on her pretty face. Clara threw a questioning look at her mistress and groaned.

“I was going to give you both the same gag, but, once again, you got here late,” Nova explained.

“Mhhmmph!” Clara said, lifting her hips sideways and showing her still red ass, as if to say: “Wasn’t that my punishment?”

“Your lateness wasn’t just disrespectful to me,” Nova said, “but to Viviana too.”


“By being late, you delayed the beginning of the lesson. As I said, I only have this office for a limited time. What if your lateness forced us to reschedule?”

Clara remained quiet for a second, then made a muffled sound that Viv took to mean: “Yeah, okay”.

Nova went to sit on top of the desk. Her furred legs were so long that they still reached the floor despite her position. Then, with a detached, almost disdainful move, she placed both of her feet over her subs’ faces. Viv let out a muffled exclamation of surprise. Her mistress’ furry foot was so long and large that it completely covered her face, especially her eyes.

The tape over her mouth effectively prevented the air from entering or leaving through her lips, forcing her to breathe through the nose… and taking in her mistress’ strong scent as she did. Blinded and bound, Viv’s perception, and indeed her entire world, were now reduced to her mistress’ feet. That realization alone proved nearly enough to bring her to orgasm. Nearly.

Viv had never felt so submissive. The lengths of duct tape ensured that she wasn’t going anywhere, and her mistress was pinning her down against the floor anyway; Nova was putting down some strength in those feet, just enough to remind both her prisoners of their place without hurting them. There was nothing Viv could do but let her mistress’ scent invade her nostrils, and her taste fill her mouth. She could have, maybe, twisted her head to escape those big, furry, sweaty feet but…

No. She couldn’t. She wouldn’t. She was hers.

This was incredible. Everytime she breathed in, it was like her mistress entered her mind. Her only regret is that she couldn’t use her tongue or her lips. She wished she could kiss and lick those powerful feet pressing down her face.

“Are you comfy down there?” the mistress asked.

“Hmm-hmm!” Clara happily said. Viv, for her part, nodded her answer, practically unable to make a sound.

“That’s good. Now, I can see how much you’re enjoying this, and how much you’re itching to enjoy it even more, so let’s make it a game. On my signal, you’ll be allowed to touch yourselves. The first one to cum will win a prize. How about it?”

Both submissives communicated their assent.

“Excellent. On your marks…” Nova chuckled. Viv slipped her fingers beneath her panties, the tape sticking to the hem as she did. From what she could hear, Clara did the same. “Go!”

Viv quickly slid her index and major fingers between her aching lips, sending an electroshock through her body. She wasted no time before she started to masturbate, more out of need than for the sake of competition. Her pussy reacted strongly to her touch, making her jerk and groan. She breathed in deep as she continued to explore her folds, the potent scent of her mistress doping her pleasure. Unfortunately, the socks in her mouth were starting to lose their taste, like a piece of bubble gum chewed on for too long. Viv laughed internally when she realized she regretted that they weren’t dirtier. The things she learned about herself during those lessons…

How much time had passed? One minute? Two? Viv had lost her -usually good- sense of time. She was close, but was she close enough? Her gestures were too urgent and fidgety to be precise, and she was in no state of mind to really know what she was doing, yet she could still feel the orgasm coming, a tsunami growing on the horizon, ready to wash away everything.

Before that could happen, however, Clara’s increasingly high-pitched moans turned into a long, muffled scream of ecstasy. Viv heard her body drop against the wooden floor, followed by panting. It was only a few seconds later that Viv came as well, taking in her mistress’ smell one last time; one big breath to fill her lungs and drown her brain.

“We have a winner,” Nova declared.

Clara let out a muffled “woohoo”.

Nova got off the desk and sat on the floor. She picked up her subs, hoisted them up, and laid them against her shoulders. Clara swiveled to nuzzle the patch of fur above her mistress’ chest. Viv pursed her lips beneath the tape, her mouth feeling pretty dry. Their mistress removed their gags, and they both exhaled.

“Holy shit,” Clara immediately blurted out. Some saliva dripped from her mouth, which she tried to swallow with a slurping noise.

“That… That was pretty intense,” Viv said.

“You both did very well,” Nova said, brushing their hair with her claws. “How about we take a breather before I give you your reward, Clara?”

“Yeah, good idea,” Clara answered.

Viv tried to wipe her sweaty brow, only to remember the tape covering her wrists and most of her hands. She and Clara snorted when it got stuck to her forehead.

“Let me take care of that,” Nova said.

She lifted her hands, and her mistress’ claws made short work of the tape. Viv made circular motions with her wrists to shake off their numbness. Her mistress must have used some special kind of tape, as Viv noticed it only left some superficial marks that would probably dissipate quickly. Her jaw ached a little, owing to the size of the balled socks.

“Okay!” Clara said, mere seconds later. “Can I get my reward now?”

Nova rolled her eyes, her mouth twitching into a smirk. “All right. Sit on the edge of the desk.”

Clara jumped on her feet with a joyful exclamation. Dropping her butt on the desk, she spread her freckled legs. Evidently, she had a good guess as to what the reward would be.

That guess was proven to be correct when Nova got down on her knees in front of her, and hooked the Dryad’s panties with one claw, pushing it aside. She leaned towards the offered, drenched pussy until half an inch separated it from her mouth. Clara let out a feeble whine, not unlike that of a dog begging for a treat.

Nova’s tongue appeared, darker in color than her skin but lighter than her lipstick, and pushed between Clara’s intimate lips. Slow and steady, it slithered its way inside the Dryad, inch after inch. Viv gasped at the sight; that organ was longer than she’d have thought. She didn’t make any efforts to stop her imagination from picturing how it felt to have these eight, maybe ten inches of tongue in her pussy. The word “fulfilling” sprung into her mind. Clara’s eyes rolled back in her skull as her mouth dropped open. Her hands grabbed onto her mistress’ head, her fingers losing themselves in her canid mistress’s long hair.

Clara let out a strangled scream, and nearly jumped off the desk. Nova quickly grabbed her thighs in her strong paws, and pulled them close to keep her in place.

“Oh! My! Goddess!” Clara said, her voice suddenly shrill.

Viv studied the Dryad’s face with fascination. Ecstasy enlightened every part of it, from her half-closed eyes, to her flared nostrils, to the way the tip of her long ears quivered, to her mouth still wide open. No sound was coming out of the latter, though. It was as if she had swallowed her tongue.

Nova’s mouth made a naughty slurping sound, and suddenly the silence turned into another scream. Viv couldn’t tell because Clara’s legs were in the way, but she was pretty sure their mistress was now sucking on her clitoris.

“Oh, mistress!” Clara squealed. “Goddess! Aaaaah!”

Still sitting on the floor, Viv kept watching the scene. Almost by rote, her hands found the way to her pussy again. As she started fingering herself, she caught Clara’s eye. It wasn’t long after that that the Dryad was overtaken by a second orgasm, so strong it literally knocked her down. She might have fallen over the desk had Nova not been holding her.

“Wow,” she breathed out.

Nova licked her lips, and once again Viv was surprised at how long her tongue was; it actually reached below her chin.

“Wooooow,” Clara said again. “That was a reward.”

“Glad you liked it,” Nova said.

“Liked it? I fucking loved it! You sure know how to eat pussy, mistress.”

“Why, thank you.”

“I’m serious. Maybe you could teach that during our next lesson.”

Nova blew air through her nose. “It’s not exactly related to BDSM, but why not.”

“So, um,” Viv said, standing up. “Is the lesson over?”

“That’s all I had for today, yes,” Nova said. She had certainly noticed the twinge of disappointment in her student’s tone.

Because disappointed, she was. Not unlike Clara, Viv often felt that their lessons were too short, and didn’t happen often enough. She understood that all three of them led busy lives, what with college and all, but still she couldn’t help but regret only meeting once a week. She couldn’t help but want to spend more time with Nova.

As she put her clothes back, she wondered if she should say something about this to her mistress. She mentally formulated a few ways to broach the subject, but, as often, the more she thought, the more she hesitated. The silence in the office as the other two girls gathered their stuff didn’t help. She tapped the point of her foot, wringing her hands. Her overthinking was brought to an end when Clara’s wet lips touched her cheeks.

“Are you okay, babe?”

“Oh, yeah, no, uh…”

Clara followed her gaze to Nova, then winked at her.

“Hey, mistress!” the Dryad said.

“When the lesson is over, you can just call me Nova,” she said, her back turned as she organized the contents of her bag.

“Good to know, mistress,” Clara said, inflecting the last word with a little cheek. “Anyway, I was wondering, how many dates have you and Viv gone on?”

Viv’s eyebrows jumped up so high and so quickly they almost fell off her face.

“Well… None,” Nova answered.

“What? Why not?”

Nova finished packing, and turned around to look at Clara, a strange expression on her face. There appeared to be a crack in her confidence.

“I suppose I haven’t thought about it,” she slowly said.

“Bull! You’ve got this gorgeous Asian babe, to whom you do all kinds of kinky stuff, and you haven’t thought of taking her out on a date?”

Viv turned redder than a tomato. Nova remained silent, her arms crossed, her lips a little pouty.

“Or are you guys just casual?” Clara asked.

No one answered.

“Geez, you mean you don’t know?” the Dryad said. “You haven’t discussed it?”

“Uhm…” Viv mumbled.

“Well, that’s okay, let’s discuss it now,” Clara enthusiastically declared. “I’ll be your mediator. First of all, Viv. Do you want to keep things casual with our mistress? Have a few lessons and that’s it?”

Anyone who knew Viv knew she hated being put on the spot. One time, back in middle school, she had been interrogated by the teacher in front of the whole class; the stress had gotten so bad she had broken down in tears. Clara wrapping an arm around her shoulders helped, somewhat, but not as much as what she noticed on Nova’s face. Her mistress’ cheeks had turned darker. Was she… was she blushing?

“It’s okay, babe,” Clara insisted. “Do you just want something casual? Or more?”

“I, I, uh…” She gulped, then whispered: “I want more. I mean-”

“What about you, mistress?”

“Well, I…” Nova said. Viv did a double take. Their mistress, usually so calm and collected, now looked a bit flustered. “I guess that’s okay with me.”

““Okay with you?”” Clara said, a large smile on her lips. “Come on, you have to say it too. Do you want this thing to be something more than just… lessons?”

Nova sucked on her teeth. “All right, fine. Sure.”

Viv’s heart started beating so fast she became legitimately worried she might need medical attention. Or maybe a pillow placed behind her before she fainted.

“Wonderful!” Clara said. “So, when are you going on your first date?”

“Oh, we don’t- we don’t have to decide right now, um…” Viv said.

“No, it’s fine,” Nova said. “Viv, are you free for lunch on Saturday, next week?”

“Um, ah, oh, err, yes. Yes, yes, I am.”

“Perfect, it’s settled then!” Clara concluded, clapping her hands.

“Right, yes,” Nova said. “I have to go now, I’m meeting with my sister.”

“Bye, mistress!” the Dryad said to her as she walked out.

“Bye,” Viv said.

The door closed behind Nova, and Clara threw herself at Viv, hugging her tight.

“Congrats, babe!”

“Wha-what did you do?” Viv said, still shell-shocked from what had just transpired.

“I scored you a date with the tall, dark, hot, big bad wolf! Am I the best girlfriend in the world, or what?”

“You- I- Wow.”

She pressed a hand on her forehead, feeling hot and a bit woozy. Clara tilted her head.

“Does it bother you that I forced your hand?”

“It- Well, a little, but…”

“I’m sorry. I just thought I had to do it, otherwise you two would never have the relationship talk. And it was obvious to me you two wanted to take that step. But really, I’m sorry if I made you feel bad.”

“No, no,” Viv said. “It’s- It’s fine. You’re right. I-I like her. I’m glad you did that.”

“Yeah? Oh, whew, okay.” Clara breathed out.

“On my own, I don’t think I would have, um, worked up the-the courage to… to…”

“Don’t sell yourself short, babe. You would have. It just would have taken you a little longer, is all.”

She punctuated that declaration with a kiss full on Viv’s lips, with a bit of tongue.

“You taste like our mistress,” she said, giggling.

Viv blushed a little -or maybe she had not stopped blushing?

“Oh, and thank you, babe,” Clara said. “Thank you soooo much.”

“For what?”

“For today’s lesson! I had so much fun.”

“You’re welcome, but shouldn’t you thank our mistress?”

“Oh, I will. But you’re the one that suggested… You know, today’s activities. You knew I wanted to try something like that, so you changed the story you sent.”

“Ah, well…” Viv scratched the back of her neck. “I just thought you’d like it.”

“I loved it!” Clara almost screamed. “Hell, if I didn’t have a foot fetish before, I totally have one now.”

Viv smiled. As for herself, she still wasn’t sure. She definitely had a “submitting to her mistress in every possible way” fetish, though, and it was one she was looking forward to exploring in future lessons. Perhaps on her date, as well.

A warm passion engulfed her. Viv still couldn’t completely believe it. She had a date. She had a date with Nova.

The girls both left the office, then the building. It was nearly five in the afternoon, and the parks and the alleys were filled with students and teachers going home for the weekend. Viv received the usual text from her brother Manny telling her he was waiting by the car. She barely noticed when Clara bid her goodbye, her mind still stuck on that sentence: she had a date with Nova. Clara managed to snap her out of it with another kiss on the lips, but only for a brief moment.

Thankfully, Manny didn’t seem to notice his little sister being distracted through the whole trip back home, engrossed as he was in the story he told of his last game.

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