Extracurricular Activities – 4. Comparative Exhibitionism

“How about this one?”

Clara pulled another dress from the sales rack, and held it against her torso. It was a kind of sweater dress, clearly designed for the coldest months of the year, beige in color, and made out of rather thick fabric.

“I don’t know, I guess?” Viv said. This had been her go-to answer for the last four dresses.

“Nah, you’re right,” Clara said, shaking her head. “Color’s wrong. I’m definitely not a winter. Maybe if they had it in green. Or orange!”

She put the dress back and immediately started searching for another, humming happily all the while. A few more items were selected, examined for a few seconds, then quickly put back as well.

“What about you?” Clara said. “Don’t you need anything?”

“Err, no. Not really.”

“You sure?”


“How about a skirt? That’d be a good look on you!”

Viv scratched the back of her neck. “Um, but it’ll be winter soon.”

“We’ll just get you some leggings, silly! Legs like yours should be shown.”

Clara took a peek at them. A bit of pink lightened up Viv’s cheeks, and she slid her hands in her pants’ pockets. Clara had made comments like this one all afternoon, prompting Viv to endlessly ponder whether they were meant as friendly or… or, well, as something else. This internal line of questioning was part of a larger debate that had been raging all afternoon in Viv’s mind, the theme of which was: was this a date?

Was it? Viv was wracking her brain, trying to figure it out. She once again went over all the evidence pointing in that direction. First, Clara had greeted her with another kiss on the cheek when she arrived at the mall. Right, but friends do that sometimes, don’t they? Second, at several points during their, well, their maybe-date (maydate?), Clara had taken Viv’s hand and held it. Okay, but that might just have been because she was leading her to her favorite shops. And once again, friends could hold hands. Probably. Viv herself had never done it, but then again she never had many friends. And third were the comments. Well, the compliments. They were all very nice, but still, Viv didn’t know how to take them.

A blow of hot air tickled her ear. Viv flinched, and turned her head to see Clara giggling.

“You were miles away again. What are you thinking about?”

“Oh, uh, nothing!” Viv said.

“Right.” She smiled. “Anyway, I found this skirt that would be hella cute on you! Let’s go try it.”

“Err, okay?”

Clara linked arms with her and brought her to a changing room, then handed her a dark blue skirt. Viv closed the curtain, and, after some dithering, took off her pants to put the skirt on. Looking at herself in the mirror, she found it shorter than she had expected, reaching just about her knees when she thought it would go down her ankles.

“So, how is it?” Clara said through the curtain.

“I don’t know… It’s-It’s kind of…”

“Can I see?”


The Dryad pulled the curtain.

“Cuuuute!” she said. “Hell yeah, you should definitely get that one.”

“Isn’t it a bit short?”

“You call that short?” She laughed. “Don’t worry about it. Seriously, you look great in it.”

“Oh… Okay,” Viv said, her heart doing a little flutter.

“You’ll need a nice button-up shirt to go with it!” Clara declared.

An hour and a few trips back to the changing room later, both girls left the clothing shop to take a snack break. They went to a donut kiosk, then sat at a bench near a fountain. Clara ate her donut with appetite, making humming sounds of delight, and creating a couple of small splashes of jelly on both corners of her mouth. Viv pointed them out to her.

“Hmm, can you get them?” Clara said, showing her jelly- and sugar-covered fingers.

Viv blushed. For a second, she had pictured herself licking it off her. A bit awkwardly, she nodded and grabbed a tissue from her purse. She softly peppered it on the dark red spots, making sure to take her time in order to properly clean them off. Clara then finished the job with her tongue.

“Great, thanks,” she said. “So, are you having fun?”

“I am,” Viv said, “but, um…”

“Something wrong?”

“No, no. It’s just… I’m sorry, I’ve got to ask: is this a date?”

Clara licked her fingers clean, her eyes fixated on Viv’s.

“Would you like it if it was?” she said.

“I…” Viv adjusted her position, straightening her back. “Yeah, I-I think I would.”

To her surprise, Clara breathed in relief. “Cool. Because I’ve gotta confess to something.”


“Yeah. I wanted this to be a date, but I didn’t actually say it because I was worried as hell I’d scare you off.”

Viv had to admit it was a legitimate concern. Even though she had -finally- realized that she was indeed interested in Clara, she might have gotten skittish if Clara had openly asked her out.

“So, yeah,” Clara continued, “I kinda tricked you. I’m sorry, I just thought it’d be easier if I sorta eased you into a date.”

“Like that cooking frog myth,” Viv said, chuckling.

“I was thinking more like how my aunt adopted Asher.” Seeing Viv’s quizzical expression, she explained: “Asher’s one of our cats. He used to be a stray who roamed around the neighborhood; he was super shy, and ran away every time we tried to approach him. So what my aunt did, she laid some food in our backyard, and would wait for him to come while sitting, like, fifty yards away. Then, the next day or so, she would do the same, except she would only be forty yards away. And so on, and so on, until Asher got used to her being around. Eventually, after about a month or so, she could even pet him without him freaking out. And, finally, we adopted him.”

“Your aunt sounds like a nice person.”

“Hell yeah she is. Couldn’t have wished for a better parent.”

“So… I’m a cat, then?” Viv joked.

“Yeah, you are. Cute, shy, and totally huggable.”

Viv laughed, pushing her bangs away from her eyes for the hundredth time that day.

“And while I’m confessing to things, Clara said, “I should mention that…”

“You want to hug me?” Viv half-joked, warmth erupting in her throat.

“Sure, that too!”

She threw her arms around Viv, and embraced her. Viv was startled at first, but quickly loosened up, helped in no small part by the earthly scents emanating from Clara’s skin. The Dryad smelled of grass, woods, and something fruity Viv couldn’t name. She was hugging Viv lightly, as if she was holding a kitten and worried she might crush her. The hug was concluded by another kiss on the cheek, complete with a “smack” noise.

“But what I was going to say, though,” Clara said, “is that I like you, and I’d like to do this again.”

“I-I like you too,” Viv stuttered. “And, um, I’d like to do this again, too, but, uh…”

“What’s wrong?”

Viv scratched the back of her neck. “Look, uh, it’s just, there’s something I should mention.”

“Okay.” Clara moved her foot under her butt.

“I, there’s, um…” Viv took a deep breath. “There’s kind of someone else. I mean, sort of.”

“You have a girlfriend?”

“Em, no. I mean, I guess? It’s not- well, we’re not… It’s complicated.” She sighed. “I don’t really know how to explain. I’m sorry if this is weird.”

Clara cocked her head. “Wait, are you talking about that Werewolf chick?”

“Uh… yeah?”

“The super tall, dark gal with orange eyes that look like they glow in the dark? The one that wears all that leather?”

“Yes. Wait, you met her?”

“I saw her a few times. Including the other day, in the park. She looked intense as fuck. But, like, in an alluring way. You’re saying you and her…”

Viv shrugged. “I… Yeah? We’re not… I mean, it’s not a traditional, erm…” She sighed. “Look, I know it sounds selfish, but basically, what this means is, I, uh…”

“… Would be dating us both?” Clara said.

Viv nodded, her head retreating beneath her shoulders.

“Yeah, okay,” the Dryad said.

Viv’s neck tensed up in surprise. Clara chuckled good-naturedly, and took her hand.

“So you don’t want to be exclusive with a girl you’ve just met and went on one date with,” she said. “That’s fine with me.”

“Really?” She smiled timidly.

“Sure. And I appreciate you being upfront about it. Also, if I’m going to have to compete for you, it helps that I know who my competition is.”

Viv balked. Clara laughed.

“I’m kidding! Don’t worry, I don’t do the jealous, possessive thing.”

“Oh,” Viv breathed. “Look, again, I’m sorry. This is really weird.”

“It’s not that weird,” Clara said with a shrug. “Actually, my parents had a similar thing.”

“You mean…”

“Yeah, my mom, my dad, and my aunt all used to be in a relationship.”

“Your mom and your aunt?”

“They weren’t actually blood related, they just grew up really close,” Clara explained. “Grandpa more or less adopted my mom when she was really young.”

“Ah, I see.”

Viv nibbled on her donut, getting a bit of custard on her fingers, not sure where to go from there. She had managed to address the elephant in the room, and it had gone surprisingly okay; while she had not pictured Clara running away when she mentioned Nova, she certainly expected more of a backlash.

“Do you ever wear heels?” Clara asked out of nowhere, glancing at her tennis shoes.

“Not very often. I’m clumsy enough without.”

“They can be a bit tricky, but it just takes practice. Come on, let’s go try a pair! It would go great with that skirt.”

Eventually, as the afternoon turned into evening, Clara and Viv decided to end their date. Buying an entire new wardrobe had proved surprisingly fun for Viv, although she suspected it was mostly because of the company. Clara was decidedly an enthusiastic person, and her perkiness was contagious. This proved especially true during their last stop at the gardening store -Clara’s favorite part of the mall. She spent nearly an hour showing various plants and trees to Viv. The latter had never had much of an interest in gardening, but Clara’s enjoyment for this subject was almost irresistible.

“I know it’s a cliché,” the Dryad said, “but I just really love this stuff. If I can’t make it as a writer, I might become a botanist or something. I think I might make it my minor.”

When they finally left the mall, the sun was low in the sky, and the streetlights were on. Viv stifled a yawn, and sent a text to her mother, telling her she would be home soon.

“I really had fun today,” Clara said, putting down some of her shopping bags to hold Viv’s hand.

“I did too,” Viv said.

“Do you want to do this again?” 

Viv nodded timidly, a small smile on her lips.

“Seriously, you’re too cute for your own good,” Clara commented, eliciting a chuckle from her.

The Dryad pushed one of Viv’s bangs away with her thumb. The two girls stared at each other for a moment, without exchanging a word. Clara drew near Viv, until she could feel her breath on her face. Her hands gently touched Viv’s neck. Then, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, she kissed her. It was a quick, small kiss. Both of their mouths remained closed. It lasted only a couple of seconds but, when it ended, both of them were red. Viv giggled uncontrollably.

“That was nice,” she squeaked. She cleared her throat, and repeated herself in a more normal voice.

“Hell yeah, it was,” Clara said. “Was it your first kiss?”

“No,” Viv said. “Although, it was the first kiss I enjoyed.”

“Really?” The Dryad lightened up.

“And you?”

“Me? No, I had my first kiss when I was thirteen.”

“Thirteen?” Viv said, stunned.

“A friend of mine back in middle school. We were playing that stupid bottle game with a bunch of friends. That’s actually when I found out I liked girls, because kissing the boys didn’t do it for me. It was the other way around for my friend, unfortunately.”

She checked her phone, and picked up her bags. “Right, I should go. My ride is almost there.”

“Yeah,” Viv said, “and I have to make sure I catch my bus, or the next one will be in one hour. Um…” 

She hesitated. How was she supposed to say goodbye, in this situation? With a handshake, a hug, another kiss on the cheek, or…?

Oh, what the heck. Viv leaned forward to kiss Clara’s lips again. Unfortunately, her impulse made her move a bit too fast, and their jaws collided with the sound of two glasses toasting.

“Oh, shoot. I’m sorry!”

Clara just laughed again. “Don’t worry about it. Like the heels, you’ll get better with practice. See ya!”

She all but skipped away, throwing one last wink above her shoulder. Viv went home, her mind so high in the clouds she almost forgot two of her bags in the bus; thankfully, a nice woman sitting next to her called out to her to remind her. She got back in time for dinner… and for Manny to grill her on what she had been doing all afternoon. Knowing full well that she was not a gifted liar, she tried to confess to a half-truth and told him she had just gone shopping. Manny didn’t buy it, pointing out that Viv didn’t like shopping. He immediately guessed that she was there with someone, and asked if it was Clara. This was about to devolve into an interrogation, but luckily their mother put an end to that by telling Manny to drop that subject.

The next Monday, right before her very first class -history-, Viv got a message from Nova.


Nova: Can you send me your timetable, please?

Viv: Sure.


She figured Nova wanted it to decide when they’ll have both time for the next lesson. Expectation made her heart beat a little faster as she fulfilled that request. She awaited an answer all through history class, so distracted she struggled to keep up with the lecture. The same thing then happened during her Spanish class. By the time her English class started, she noticed that she was now spending half her time on her phone, even during the lessons. Viv elected to drop her phone and her AR glasses at the bottom of her bag, and no longer think about it.

This, sadly, did not help her get her mind off Nova. Quite the opposite. All through English class, she kept glancing at her bag, her foot tapping, her nails close to her mouth. Viv used to be a nail-biter. A rather bad case of it, in fact: back during the onset of puberty, she would often bite until she bled. It took a lot of bandages and some particularly disgusting bitter nail polish for her to kick the habit.

The English lesson was almost over, and so was the morning. Why wasn’t Nova answering? She hadn’t even acknowledged Viv’s earlier text. Her foot started tapping faster and with more energy, to the point where her knee bumped under the desk. She grumbled.

She’s probably busy, Viv thought. She’s got classes too, after all. And maybe she just doesn’t check her phone very often. I have no reason to be angry with her.

But that wasn’t it, she realized. She wasn’t angry.

She was horny.

Blush adorned her cheeks as she threw glances at the rest of the class, as if she was worried one or several of her classmates had mind-reading powers.

It was true. After years of innocence -well, quasi-innocence-, Viv was now educated enough to recognize the symptoms: increased body heat, erected nipples (thank God for padded bras), and of course the big one: her panties were getting wet.

She closed her legs. Oh goodness, and on the one day I decide to wear a skirt, too…

Viv never had much of a sex drive. She would read some erotica from time to time, but even the most well-written story would never make her anything more than somewhat titillated. As mentioned before, she would on very rare occasions masturbate, but those attempts had never led to anything. This appeared to have changed since she met Nova. Ever since her mi- her teacher had introduced her to the concept of orgasms (in a teachable moment that was now forever burned in her memories), strange things had begun to happen in Viv’s mind. She would, on occasions, fall under the cusp of strange impulses to touch herself. Those occasions seemed to be correlated to times when Viv thought about Nova, and their lessons together.

Her fingers were not quite as gifted or dextrous as Nova’s, but she still managed, for the very first time of her life, to bring herself to a climax. For the first time of her life, masturbating was actually… pretty fun!

Perhaps predictably, however, the pleasure she brought herself was lesser than the one her teacher gave her -and quite easily, too. It was possibly due to the lack of experience, or maybe the fear of getting caught by her mother or -worse yet- by her brother. Even though she knew rationally that neither would ever just barge in her room without knocking, and even though her door had a lock, on a less rational level she still dreaded the possibility. Whatever the case, the student just wasn’t as good as the teacher. Frustrating, certainly. But maybe that was something Nova could teach her as well…

Something wet and warm pressed on her forehead, soft like a feather. Viv jumped back, nearly toppling over the chair she was sitting on.

“Sorry!” Clara said, hunched over next to her. “You’re just too cute when you’re daydreaming, I couldn’t resist.”

“Um, hi.” Viv took another glance at the classroom, and realized the lesson was over. She felt the part of her forehead where she had been kissed become hot. “Oh, err… I guess I should go.” She started packing up.

“Hey, let’s take our lunch together. I know this nice pho place.”

“Sure, okay.”

The pho was indeed pretty nice, and so was the chicken accompanying it. The same could not be said, unfortunately, about the weather, which had gone from cloudy and nippy to rainy and clammy. Viv was looking forward to eating her lunch in her favorite spot, beneath the large oak tree, but had to settle for having it indoors in a crowded and noisy room. Clara sitting at her side made it better, though.

The girls ate their lunch, trying not to take too long. They then decided to use the rest of their break to go to the library and do some homework for the Creative Writing class this afternoon. Viv had already finished hers over the weekend, but wanted to help Clara, who was apparently having some difficulties.

“Right, here’s what I have so far,” Clara said as they found a table near the romanticism section, on the second floor. She opened her school laptop and showed Viv the text.

“That’s… that’s actually pretty good,” Viv said.

“You don’t think there’s anything I could fix? Please be honest.”

“Ehm…” Being honest with criticism didn’t come easily to Viv. She was always worried she might hurt or offend someone. “Well, there are some awkward sentences. Just a few, though. And I think you should rework your conclusion… a little. Just… You know, because it’s going to be the last thing the teacher will read.”

“So I have to make sure it leaves a good impression.”

“That’s right, yeah,” Viv said.

“Okay, well, I’ll need to get some research material.” She glanced at the bookshelves. “I think I could use your help.”


After a quick search on the library database, they both went browsing. Finding the document they were looking for proved a little difficult: it seemed that whoever used it last had not put it back where it was supposed to be. Viv eventually found it on the wrong shelf, in an unrelated subsection. She turned back to show it to Clara, and noticed that the latter had moved very close to her; close enough that their noses brushed.


“I always wanted to do this in a library,” Clara whispered.

“Do w-”

Clara’s mouth wordlessly answered her interrupted question. Viv’s body hummed as their lips met. She pushed her AR glasses on top of her head to get them out of the way. This time, the kiss went one step beyond, as she dared to push her tongue against Clara’s lips, who opened immediately to let her in. The document she was still holding fell on the carpeted floor with a soft sound as she moved to hold onto the sides of Clara’s bust. Viv’s tongue met with the Dryad’s, enjoying its sweet taste, which she likened to flowers and their pollen.

After enjoying the kiss for a moment, Viv ended it by taking a quick step back, as if shocked by her own boldness. Clara blinked, as if Viv had just woken her up.

“You taste good,” Viv said. What was it with her and blurting out the first thing that popped in her mind when she was aroused?

“Thank you, babe,” Clara said.

The term of endearment caused something inside Viv to melt.

“Babe?” she said.

“Yup.” Clara brushed her thumb on Viv’s lower lip. “You’re definitely a babe. And you taste good too.”

Viv’s stomach felt much lighter, despite the meal she had had only a few minutes ago. The nice moment was interrupted by a notification sent by her glasses, indicating a new text message. She put the glasses back on. Goosebumps appeared on the back of her neck when she noticed that, as she hoped, the message came from Nova.


Nova: Reading room #4


That was all it said. Somewhat confused, Viv texted back:

Viv: What time?

Nova: Don’t keep me waiting.

That laconic response sounded oddly like a threat, yet Viv’s chest flushed again.

“Um, I have to go,” Viv told Clara.

“Right now?” Clara said.

“Yeah, uh, something just came up. I’ll see you in Creative Writing.”

“Okay… See you then.”

Viv briskly walked away, without taking the time to glance at Clara to see if she was disappointed or offended. After grabbing her stuff, she went back down to the first floor, and headed towards the reading room, trying to look as normal as she could. She arrived at door number four, and knocked softly. No answer came, so she came in.

Nova was there, sitting on the conference table, with her legs crossed. As soon as her eyes laid on Viv, that familiar carnivorous glint popped up in them, while a superior smile stretched on her lips. Next to her was her laptop bag, and an additional brown leather bag which looked pretty filled. Viv also noticed a yoga mat covering a portion of the table.

“You got here quickly,” Nova said. “Good. Shut the door and lock it.”

Viv did so, then just remained there, waiting for her mistress’ next order. Nova got off the table and went to stand right next to her, towering over her with her six foot six. Viv crooked her neck to meet her gaze, and to avoid staring at the large, round, beautiful breasts that were almost right at eye-level.

Without warning, Nova’s massive paws grabbed Viv’s behind through her skirt, bringing the girl fully against her body. The mistress groped her sub’s asscheeks with strength and without any shame, like she owned them, her claws sending bolts of pleasurable pain throughout Viv’s body.

“Nice skirt,” Nova said. “Is it new?”

“Yes,” Viv said. “I bought it with Clara last Saturday.”

“You forgot to address me properly, Viviana,” she said, shaking her finger. “But I’ll give it a pass because the lesson hasn’t actually started yet.”

“Sorry, mistress,” Viv hurriedly said, her voice lowered.

“Hmmm… I like this,” Nova said, getting a feel of the skirt’s material. “You’ll wear it more often.”

She had added that last part with a detached tone, not so much an order as it was stating the obvious.

“Yes, mistress,” Viv answered all the same.

Nova let go of her, and Viv readjusted her skirt.

“Are you ready for your lesson?”

“Yes, mistress!” the student eagerly said.

“Good. Today’s subject will be exhibitionism.”

“E-exhib…” Viv muttered.

“Exhibitionism,” Nova repeated with a nod. “Put simply, to expose yourself, sometimes in public situations, for sexual gratification. It is not necessarily a part of BDSM. In fact, many exhibitionists have no interest in it. However, practitioners of BDSM often show an interest in exhibitionism.”

Viv gulped. Did that mean she was going to expose herself to other people? For a moment, she paled at the very idea. But then, she decided that her mistress would never make her do something like that. And even if she did, there was the safeword.

“Lay down on the table,” Nova ordered, snapping her fingers towards it.


Nova’s paw tapped her ass. “Like I told you during our last lesson, I don’t like to repeat myself.”

“I- Sorry, mistress.”

Viv climbed on the table, then laid down on the yoga mat, hands joined over her stomach. Her mistress leaned over her, resting a paw on her chest. Then, she took to unbuttoning her sub’s shirt, from top to bottom. Viv’s heart started beating a mile a minute. Was her mistress going to undress her? If so, how far would she go? Viv wasn’t sure how comfortable she was exposing her body. Especially if someone else was going to watch. Even though Nova had already touched her in some of her more private places, showing them felt different somehow.

The last button came undone, and Nova opened her shirt, revealing her plain white cotton bra. She licked her bottom lip, making Viv draw in a sharp breath.

“Roll on your stomach,” her mistress said.

She did so, her head resting on her right cheek. There was a sound like a zipper being pulled. Although she couldn’t see, she assumed Nova had opened the brown leather bag.

“Hands behind your back.”

Nova’s words were short, almost curt, her tone commanding. Viv obeyed, and was not surprised when she felt two hard metal rings close around her wrists with a click. A second later, her hands were restrained again.

“Canyoumakemtighter,” Viv mumbled.

“I didn’t quite hear that.”

“Can… Can you make them tighter, mistress?”

She heard Nova chuckle. “Of course.”

With a few clicks, the restraints dug deeper in her skin. Viv gasped, a tremor shaking the inside of her legs.

“Any tighter and it would hamper your blood circulation,” Nova explained.

“It’s, um, it’s fine. T-Thank you, mistress.”

“Bring your feet together.”

It was only at this moment that Viv noticed her legs had spread apart. A bit sheepish, she closed them. Her ankles were handcuffed, and this time Nova made sure to tighten the straps. Then, the mistress climbed on the table as well, getting on top of Viv, who felt her body heat all over her back.

“Nice heels, by the way. They’re staying on.”

Viv nodded.

“Do you know what’s next?” Nova asked in her ear, her tone soft as velvet.

“The g-gag, mistress.”

“That’s right.”

Viv did not need to be told to open her mouth, this time around. The corners of her lips curled up when the red rubber ball showed up before her eyes. The large ball went in, slightly scraping against her teeth as she had not opened wide enough. Her tongue welcomed the intruder with a lick, and she bit down on it as if to make sure it wouldn’t leave. The gag was fastened behind her head just like the previous time, strongly enough that Viv could feel it without causing actual pain.

“Only one thing left,” Nova said, getting back down. “Can you guess what it is?”

Huh? Viv frowned. Her hands and feet were bound, and she was gagged. What could be missing?

The answer appeared in the form of a large band of cloth, which Viv quickly recognized. A blindfold. Nova was holding it by a strap, softly caressing it against her sub’s cheek. Viv lifted her head to help her mistress put it on.

The blindfold was very well padded, and effectively blocked all light. Viv couldn’t see anything through it, not even vague shapes. The feeling of helplessness was even stronger than last time. In addition to her body, her sight was now restrained as well. She closed her eyes behind the thick piece of cloth, and began focusing on her hearing.

“Now that you’re mine again,” Nova said, and Viv could clearly hear her smirking, “it’s time to reveal yourself to me.”

Desire dripped from Viv’s lower lips as she said that.

Her mistress’ powerful, furry paws grabbed her by the shoulder, and roughly flipped her on her back again. Viv’s body weighed down uncomfortably on her bound hands, but the moan she made through her gag was not one of pain. The pans of her shirt fell aside again. Viv could only faintly hear her mistress over the sound of her own breathing, now loud and fast. Where was Nova? What was she doing? Her ears picked up the sound of her mistress’ boots on the carpeted floor, but she could only deduce that she was moving, not how close she was. Was she looking at her? She must have been. Viv could swear she felt her gaze on her bare stomach.

A strange but familiar warmth crawled over her skin, from her neck all the way to below her navel. Viv nearly jumped when she realized it was her mistress’ breath. The darkness in which she had been plunged had made her nerves incredibly sensitive.

She’s looking at my body, she thought, taking in a sharp breath. Is she looking at my chest? My stomach? Is she going to touch me? Oh goodness…

The fur of Nova’s paws brushed her thighs, and this time she actually jumped, not unlike a fish out of water.

“Don’t move,” Nova ordered.

Viv mumbled a muffled apology, and tried her best to remain still, even as her mistress’ claws closed around the hem of her skirt.

“Hmph!” she couldn’t help but moan, as she sensed her skirt being rolled up.

Her mistress hummed a little song as she slowly and nonchalantly unveiled the thighs of her prisoner. Inch by inch, Viv could feel herself being more exposed. By the time her panties appeared, they were drenched. Finally, her mistress rolled the skirt completely at the hips, making sure it wouldn’t come back down.

“Beautiful,” she whispered darkly.

Viv reflexively crossed her legs, only for her left thigh to be slapped.

“No,” Nova said. “Do not hide yourself from me.”

Whimpering, she shifted her legs again.

“Cute panties,” the mistress said, sliding a claw along the hem. “Do you own any lingerie?”

Viv tried to say no, then remembered the code, and awkwardly clicked her fingers twice behind her back.

“You should get some. I want my toy to look pretty.”

Toy. Viv gasped through her gag. That was indeed that she was right now. If, during their previous lessons, Viv had felt like a prey in the claws of a predator, this time she truly felt like a toy, unable to move, unable to speak, exposed for the enjoyment of her owner. She sensed a pearl of sweat rolling down the side of her forehead.

Nothing happened for a few moments, which only served to quicken Viv’s heartbeat as she anticipated her mistress’ next move. She tried to prepare herself mentally for it, hoping to remain immobile, as she was ordered to be. Despite this, she couldn’t help but nearly scream when her mistress grabbed the inside of one of her thighs, barely an inch away from her pussy. She heard her chuckle darkly. Please touch me, she thought. Please touch me more. Play with me.

Nova blew hot air over her panties, making Viv let out a quivering moan. The mistress then began prodding around, poking, brushing and caressing her naked skin with the tip of her claws, getting closer to her needy pussy without ever actually touching it. Viv tried to plead through her ball gag, but only managed to make whiny, mumbling sounds. Nova laughed. 

“I could play with you for hours,” Nova whispered. “Would you like that, toy?”

“Hm! Hmmm!” Viv said, shaking her head “no”. She then tried to click her fingers again, but she was too fidgety to do it right.

As wonderful as it was to be but a plaything to Nova, Viv was convinced she would go crazy if this game were to go on any further. Her whole body was burning up with need, and her mind was ready to explode.

“Are you sure?” Nova said, tapping her labia through her panties, openly taunting her.

“Hmmmphaaah!” Viv frantically squealed, her whole body thrashing with frustration.

Nova tutted. “I think you’re getting too excited. Maybe you could use a timeout.”

What?! No!

“Mmmmh!” She started thrashing again, even though it went against her mistress’ orders, or what a spectacle she was making of herself. She needed release. Needed it.

“Let’s say fifteen minutes,” Nova said, apparently indifferent to her prisoner’s begging.

“Mmoh! Mmeazzh!” No, please!

Her mistress slapped her thigh again.

“Calm. Down.”

As if a switch was flicked in her mind, Viv immediately settled down. Nova leaned down to whisper in her ear:

“You are my toy, and you are to do as I say. You will stay here for fifteen minutes, and you will not move or make a sound. That is an order. Do you understand?”

A terrible feeling of unfairness overcame Viv, who nevertheless made a big effort to control herself. She then answered with a click of her fingers.

“Good. I’m leaving this room and locking the door behind me. I expect to find you in the same position, calm and ready for me to use you.”

Use me, Viv thought, her insides warming up. Her thumb and ring finger clicked again.

She heard Nova turn around and walk away. Then, there was a clanking sound, and the door opened. Seconds later, it closed again.

Viv was now alone, bound, gagged, and blindfolded. Her loins were still on fire from her mistress’ teasing, but there was nothing she could do about it. Nothing she wanted to do, either: her mistress had been very clear. No matter how badly she needed it, she could not do anything.

She tried to focus on her breathing to cool her head -and the rest of her body. In different circumstances, she would have thought that being deprived of her sight would have helped her concentrate. Quite the opposite, in reality. Horny as she was, she could do little to stop her imagination from going wild, picturing her mistress touching her, groping her, and fingering her. The images were so vivid, no doubt on account of her being blindfolded, that she could actually feel her mistress’ paws all over her body, fondling and groping the toy that she was, claiming it as hers.

No. She shook her head, trying to dispel those lurid ideas, worried that they would only make things worse. Breathe, Viv. Breathe. In, and out. In, and out. Think about your breathing. Don’t think about anything else.

Suddenly, Viv heard another click, and the creak of the door’s hinges. Mistress? Had it been fifteen minutes already? Maybe it had. Viv couldn’t be sure, but she didn’t think so. No, it must only have been a minute or two. Had the door opened on its own? No, she could hear footsteps. Was her mistress then playing with her? Or had she come by just to watch over her, make sure she wasn’t being disobedient?

The footsteps got closer until they reached the table. Viv held her breath as she realized they were too light to be Nova’s.

“Oh. My. Goddess.”

That voice, Viv thought, a cold shiver descending her spine. It was not Nova’s voice. It was a musical, higher-pitched voice. Oh no. Oh no, no, no…

“Holy crap,” the voice said.

“Mhaahaa?” Viv mumbled. Clara?

“I’m so, so sorry, Viv,” the Dryad said. “You got away so fast, and you had that weird look on your face. I just had to know what was up. I didn’t think… I didn’t know…”

Fear gripped the bound girl’s throat. Clara had found her out, and in the worst possible way. She turned her head away.

“This…” Clara said. “This is…”

Tears welled up in Viv’s eyes, wettening her blindfold. Now, she truly felt exposed.

“This is amazing!”

Viv blinked. Had she heard that right?

“Incredible,” Clara said, excited. “I had an inkling that Nova gal was into some pretty kinky stuff -it’s always the brainy ones, right?-, but I didn’t think she was into actual freaking BDSM!”

Through her blindfold, Viv sensed The Dryad leaning over her. All of a sudden, she felt a pull on her ball gag’s strap, jerking her head.

“Hmph!” she protested.

“Fuck me, that’s some serious stuff. Can you even breathe through that? Hey, wait a second.”

Clara pulled on the blindfold next, peeling it off Viv’s eyes. She was blinded by the ceiling’s lights for a second, then glared at Clara. Mischief lightened up the Dryad’s face.

“Hmmoh muhmoh mohmeeh moh!” she said. I’m not supposed to take it off!

“Wow, you really can’t talk with that thing on. No wonder I couldn’t hear you through the door this time.”

Hear her through the door? Did that mean she… Wait, this time? Viv balked. The situation was now progressing towards a different form of weird.

“You’re tied up too, aren’t you?” Clara continued. “Wait, let me see.”

Despite Viv’s protests, Clara picked her up by the arm and lifted her slightly to the side. She felt the Dryad poke at her handcuffs.

“Holy crap,” she said again. “She really doesn’t kid around.”

She put Viv back down, then looked at her fingers, stained with perspiration.

“Wow, you’re all sweaty too. Guess it got pretty intense, huh?”

Viv did a double take as the Dryad licked her fingers, then smacked her lips like she was tasting some sort of delicacy. Clara noticed her expression.

“I’m a Dryad, girl,” she explained. “I can find out a lot about stuff by tasting it. That’s how we used to determine whether plants were toxic or not, back when we were living in the wild or whatever. You taste like… Hmm, actually, I’m not sure. Here, let me…”

The bound girl’s eyes grew wide as Clara hunched over her, poking her tongue out. Once again, her muffled protests did not stop the Dryad as she licked her neck. She was, once again, but a toy, and still very much exposed. Clara’s mouth organ tickled Viv, but not in an uncomfortable way.

“Hmmm,” Clara said, holding her chin between her index finger and her thumb. “I think you taste like horny, but I’m still not sure. I need more samples.”

“Mmmph! Mmeephtrephh mheem mhommeem mhaam!”

“Shhh, stop struggling,” the Dryad said, holding her shoulders down. “Now, let’s try… here.”

Clara’s mouth went down Viv’s body, this time sampling her plexus, just above her chest. Viv sighed.

“Myeah, could be you’re horny. Still not sure,” Clara said, not even bothering to hide her amusement. “Oh, duh!” She slapped her forehead. “I’m so silly! I should be tasting directly from the source.”


Viv tried to push Clara off as best she could despite her restraints. This was getting very dangerous. She was too wound up! If Clara were to touch her in… in the wrong spot, she might… Well, she might… Clara got hold of the cuffs attached to her ankles, and pulled on them too to test them.

“Wow, she even cuffed your feet, uh?” she said, grabbing Viv’s legs and lifting them. “Kinda useless, actually. I can just…”

“Just what?”

Clara just about jumped three feet in the air. She swiveled on her heels to face the door. It had opened and closed again, apparently without a sound. Standing before it was Nova, her arms crossed, her expression inscrutable yet vaguely menacing.

“Oh, hey, uh, Nova, right?” Clara said, affecting nonchalance. “I’m Clara, nice to meet you. You’re done with your phone call?”

“I was not actually on the phone.”

“Yeah, I figured,” she mumbled. “Well, anyway, I should leave you to your thing. I’ve got this, uh…”

She tried to scurry by Nova, who quickly stopped her with one arm, then pushed her back against the table.

“Why don’t you tell us what it is you were doing, exactly?” Nova said, her voice terrifyingly calm.

“Oh, nothing much. Just, uh, like, you know, admiring your work. With my mouth,” she added with a giggle.

“I mean last time. What were you doing last time?”

“Errr…” Clara blushed, her gaze shifty.

Nova placed a paw on her cheek, in a gesture that might have been sweet, were it not for the fire in her eyes.

“I asked you a question.”

Clara licked her lips. “I was… Well, I was kinda listening in on you guys. Through the door.” She laughed nervously. “Sorry about that, I guess.”

“What else?”


“What else did you do?”

“Nothing,” Clara quickly said, her mask of nonchalance faltering.

Nova’s paw descended to her throat. “I don’t like being lied to.”

“Okay, okay!” The Dryad rose her hands. “Look, it’s just… I couldn’t hear much, but what I did hear… Well, it was obvious what you were doing. And how much Viv was enjoying it. So, it kinda… inspired me, I guess.”

“You touched yourself,” Nova said.

“Well, yeah, I did,” Clara admitted. “Don’t lecture me on how I was in a public place. I mean, with what you were doing…”

“So tell me,” Nova said, “what were you doing to Viv when I got here?”

“Just looking, like I said.” Clara shrugged. “And, err, licking. A little.”

“Did you ask Viv whether she was okay with you looking at and touching her like that?”

“Huh?” She looked taken aback. “Well… I mean, no, but, like, we’re dating.”

“So, because you two are dating, you can do anything you want to her?”

“Well, I mean… she’s welcome to do anything she wants to me.” She chuckled.

Nova went to remove Viv’s gag. She exhaled, and swallowed the saliva that filled her mouth.

“Tell me, Viv, when you noticed it was her and not me, how did that make you feel?”

“I, uh…” She cleared her throat. “I-I was kinda scared at first. I thought she was going to… to mock me or…”

Nova glanced back at Clara, who now looked a bit embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” she told her. “But I wasn’t going to mock you. I would never do that.”

“And do you think she knew that?” Nova asked.

Clara pinched her lips. “I… guess not. I’m sorry, Viv.”

“It’s okay,” she said.

“I guess you’re forgiven,” Nova said. “Hopefully, that’ll teach you the importance of consent. Now, take off your shirt.”


What? Viv thought at the same moment.

“You heard me. This is your punishment.”

“Punishment?” Clara’s chest reddened. “But you just said I’m forgiven.”

“For spying on us. There’s something else you must be punished for.”

“And what is that?”

Nova growled. “Playing with my toy without my authorization.”

The Dryad shuddered and giggled nervously. Viv, who was observing the scene with intense curiosity, gasped. She unwittingly rubbed her thighs together.

“Your toy, huh?” Clara said.

“That’s right,” Nova answered, caressing Viv’s stomach. “My pretty little toy, for me to look at and play with.”

Viv bit her lip, her pussy throbbing.

Clara took a deep breath, then removed her top, dropping it on the floor, and revealing her bright red bra. Freckles adorned her chest and her stomach, and formed a circle around her navel. She extended her arms to each side and said:

“How’s this? Am I pretty to look at?” Her tone was surprisingly confident, even cheeky, in spite of the circumstances.

“The skirt, now,” Nova said, ignoring the quip.


“You saw her without hers, didn’t you? Quid pro quo.”

“… Okay.”

The skirt was soon gone. Viv let out a small hum when she saw Clara’s blue panties appear, especially when she noticed the small dark stain in their center. Nova noticed it too, and smirked. Clara also had freckles on her legs, down to her ankles.

“Is that it for my punishment?” Clara asked.

“No, it’s not. Move closer and get down on your knees.”

Clara knelt down near the table, raising an eyebrow. Nova picked up Viv by the shoulders, and helped her get up in a sitting position right at the edge of the table. Viv started breathing faster as her wet pussy got closer to Clara’s head, separated only by a few inches and a pair of soaked panties. Nova pushed the latter aside with her claw, then ordered:

“Bring my toy to orgasm with your mouth and your tongue.”

Viv felt her heart jump in her chest.

“Sure thing,” Clara said, placing her hands around Viv’s legs, lifting them again, and wrapping them around her head. “Not sure how that qualifies as a punishment, though…”

“You are not to use your hands, not on her, and especially not on yourself.”

“What?… Fine.” She pushed the panties aside, revealing her pink, swollen lips.

“Wait,” Viv said. “Before, um… before that, can I have m-my ball gag back, mistress?”

“Of course,” Nova said, placing the implement back in her mouth.

Viv shivered uncontrollably when the Dryad’s soft breath blew on her pussy. This was another first for her. Of course, she had read about oral sex tons of times in many different stories. In fact, it was basically a staple in erotica. But she had never imagined someone would do it to her. Well, she had imagined it, but she didn’t think it would ever happen in reality.

She stared at the top of Clara’s head, unable to look away as the Dryad’s beautiful pink mouth embraced her lower lips for a most sensual kiss. Surprised by how good it felt, Viv threw back her head and let out a sharp exclamation.


Clara, staring right into her eyes, slid her tongue in her folds, ripping out another gagged scream from Viv. She slithered her tongue in a dangerous dance, left and right, left and right, increasing her pleasure bit by bit. Viv started to fear that Clara would tease her the same way Nova did during their last lesson, but it seemed Clara was unwilling or unable to wait. She quickly started feasting on Viv’s pussy, licking every fold, sucking her labia, and rubbing her upper lip against her swollen clitoris.


This was pleasure like Viv had never experienced before, completely different from the pleasure she had received from her mistress’s fingers. Clara’s tongue moved inside her like a wild animal, jumping and jerking in unpredictable patterns. Less than a minute later, stars exploded in Viv’s brain, and her screams of ecstasy filled the reading room, thankfully toned down by her gag. She almost fell on her back, but Nova was holding her.

“Damn, that was quick!” Clara said, lapping up her juices. “Guess she had you all worked up.”

Nova gently laid a very blissed out Viv back down on the yoga mat, then turned her on her side to remove her handcuffs. She then took out the ball gag, and brushed her cheek with a smile.

“You did very well, Viviana,” she said.

Viv returned her smile. “Thank you, mistress.”

“Aww. Do I get a pat on the head too?” Clara asked.

Nova rolled her eyes, and she turned to the Dryad.

“Stand against the wall,” she said, tapping a chair with her foot. “We need to talk.”

“Yeah, I guess we do.”

She did as she was told, while Nova sat back on the table. The latter seemed to prefer sitting in high places, which Viv assumed was because of her very tall size.

“Put your hands on your head,” Nova instructed, “and spread your legs.”

“So you do like what you see,” Clara said with a cheeky smile as she took the position.

Viv certainly did. The Dryad had soft, fair skin, with freckles seemingly everywhere. She had a rather athletic build too, with visible abs and some muscles on her legs.

“Can I trust you not to speak a word of what happened here?” Nova said.

“Well, duh,” Clara said, rolling her eyes. “I told you, I don’t want to hurt Viv, I’m not gonna spill her secrets. I’m not the gossip type, anyway. On top of that, I’m gonna guess you’d make me regret it.”

“Good guess,” Nova said with a sharp nod.

“Well, you don’t have to worry. I won’t tell a soul what we’re doing.”

“We?” Nova and Viv both said.

“Uh, yeah? As in, you, me, and Viv?”

Nova crossed her arms, her wolf-like ears lowering. “You just casually assume you can join our private lessons?”

While they talked, Viv sat back up again, and buttoned her shirt.

“Private lessons? Is that what you call them?” Clara giggled. “Yeah, okay. And why wouldn’t I? I know your secret now. Like they say, if you can’t stop them, recruit them.”

“The saying is: “if you can’t beat them, join them”.”

“Um, no, because then it sounds like you were trying to beat me,” Clara said.

Nova cleared her throat with annoyance. “And what makes you think I will agree to that?”

“Ah, come on!” the Dryad said, rolling her eyes. “That was your plan all along.”

Viv shot a look of surprise at Nova. Was it her plan? The canid’s expression gave nothing away.

“That’s why you didn’t confront me the other time, even though you clearly knew I was there. And that’s why you set this trap, using Viv as bait. Hella good bait, by the way.”

This time, half a smirk appeared on Nova’s face.

“Oh,” Viv muttered in surprise.

That made sense. So her mistress did plan to add Clara to their lessons. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that. On one hand, this made things a little easier: now, Clara knew what Nova and Viv’s relationship was like. It was one less secret between the Dryad and Viv, in other words, and Viv wanted there to be as little as possible. But on the other hand, Nova had not discussed, or even mentioned, that plan with her. That didn’t seem right to Viv, especially after Nova had taught Clara a lesson about consent.

Viv thought about it some more. If it was at all possible to include Clara in her relationship with Nova, then she wanted it. Not just because it felt preferable to excluding her, and not just because her brain was still a little wonky from the pleasure the Dryad had given her. Although both of those two factors certainly influenced her decision.

“Are you okay with that, Viv?” Nova asked.

“Sure,” Viv said, nodding.

“Yes!” Clara said, pumping her fist. “So when is the next “lesson”?” She air-quoted that last word.

“I haven’t decided yet,” Nova said. “It’ll depend on our respective availabilities.”

Clara picked up her clothes and began putting them back on.

“Okay, well, let me give you my phone number and email address, then,” she said.

They exchanged coordinates, then Nova went to gather her belongings, starting with the yoga mat. As she rolled it, Viv noticed she had stained it in a few places. It was mostly sweat. Mostly. Scratching her nape, she helped Nova by putting the two pairs of handcuffs in her brown bag.

“That’s it for our lesson,” Nova said, shouldering both her bags, her yoga mat under her arm. “Hope you enjoyed it.”

“It was, um, different,” Viv said. “But yeah, I really enjoyed it.”


She kissed her goodbye, this time on the lips. Viv felt her tongue quickly poking out to lick her bottom lip, before quickly retreating.

“No homework?” Viv asked.

“You guys actually have homework?” Clara said.

Nova’s bright orange eyes moved to the left. “Actually, yes. For our next lesson, I want you to find another story. One that you enjoy, and that depicts a particular fetish or aspect of BDSM that you would like to try.”

“Yes?” Viv said.

“And we will,” Nova concluded with a grin.

Viv nodded enthusiastically. “Okay.”

“What about me?” Clara said. “Do I get lines?”

“Hmm…” Nova thought some more. “Good idea. I want you to write me a paper on what BDSM is.”

“You’re kidding. You’re kidding, right?”

“Single-spaced, two pages minimum.”

“Hell no, I already have enough papers to write with my actual classes.” Clara frowned. “Wait, is that punishment? I thought eating out Viv was my punishment!”

“Did I say that?”

“Wh- You implied it!” Clara retorted.

“Have I? I don’t think so,” Nova said, borrowing her nonchalant tone. “Anyway, you might want to get started soon. It has to be ready for our next lesson, whenever it happens.”

Clara scoffed in disbelief as Nova left the reading room. As soon as the door closed behind her, the Dryad turned to Viv with a large, bright smile.

“I like her,” she said.

“You do?”

“Sure, she’s fun. Hey, let me help you.”

Clara fixed her skirt, which was not quite straight. She took that opportunity to cop a feel, making her gasp.

“I really enjoyed it, by the way,” Clara whispered. “Seeing you half-naked and tied up like that… that was fun. Got me all riled up, though. Can’t wait for the next break, so I can have some me-time.”

Viv giggled nervously.

“I enjoyed it too,” she said. “You- You were the first to… to, uh…”

She pointed at her skirt.

“I was?” the Dryad said. “Awesome, you were my first too!”

“Really?” Viv said, surprised.

“Yeah, I was pretty much improvising down there. I mean, I’ve seen, like, movies, and read stuff online, but you know…”

“Well, you were, uh… P-Pretty good.”

“I think I did a little better than pretty good.” Clara winked, and nudged her with her elbow.

Viv chuckled, pushing her bangs apart. 

“We should go,” she said.

“Right, yeah.”

The library had gotten pretty crowded while they were busy in the reading room, but thankfully everyone there seemed completely absorbed in their reading or their work, and no one paid attention to Viv and Clara, except the librarian at the front desk who quietly nodded them goodbye. It was raining outside; Viv pulled an umbrella out of her computer bag. She offered to share it with Clara, but the Dryad seemed to enjoy the feeling of raindrops on her skin.

“You know, if you want to do that again…” Clara whispered.

“M-Maybe during our next lesson,” Viv said nervously.

“Is something wrong?”

“No, no, it’s just, uh…”

She didn’t know how to explain it. How could she, when she could hardly make sense of it herself? Essentially, she had felt like a different person altogether during her lesson with Nova -and Clara-, especially when she had been bound and gagged. It was as if she felt safe from anxiety, from judgment, and from anything who could hamper her. So, when Nova invited Clara to… do that thing, she had barely hesitated, even though in normal times, she would have undergone a long round of overthinking. She probably would have been invaded by questions such as: are things going too fast between her and Clara? Would this change their relationship? If so, how?

But Nova was in charge of her then, and thus Viv had not lost her mind to endless questioning. She was but a pretty little toy, after all. It wasn’t her position to question her mistress, merely to be seen and used. Letting go in such a way had felt as wonderful as the orgasm.

But now… Well, Viv was back to her normal self. Things were complicated again.

“I think I get it,” Clara said.

“You do?”

“It’s a mood thing, isn’t it? Doing these things, it gets you out of your own mind.”

“I…” Viv cocked her head and looked at her. That was actually a pretty apt description. “Something like that, yes.”

“It’s cool, I get it.” Poking her with her finger, she added: “Maybe we can do some stuff like that during our second date, then.”

“Our second date?” Viv repeated, blushing again.

“Yeah. Think of it as revising what you learned.” Clara’s tongue poked out cheekily.

Viv laughed. “Okay.”

“Sweet! Next Saturday works for you?” Viv nodded. “Great. I’m kinda too broke to go out, though, so how about making it a date at home? We could watch movies in my bedroom, or have a little walk in the forest.”

“That sounds good,” Viv said.

“Awesome. I’ll pick you up after lunch!”

The two girls went their own way, Viv to her Mandarin Chinese class, and to Clara to her Math class.

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