Extracurricular Activities – 3. Analysis of Domination

The moment Darlene stepped inside her teacher’s office, she could sense a change in the atmosphere. It was as if some strange miasma, dark and heavy, was floating in the air, invisible yet very palpable. Everything was permeated by it. The wooden floor seemed to crack in a drearier way. The portraits on the wall looked gloomier. Even the artificial lightning appeared to glow dimmer.

Mrs Lowell was sitting at her desk, working over a pile of papers, her back perfectly straight, a pen in hand. In the small light of her desk lamp, her icy blue eyes could barely be seen behind her glasses. Her long, dark hair, tied in a strict ponytail, waved as she shook her head, visibly disappointed by what she was reading -a copy of the last test, from what Darlene could see. Her pen jumped into action, striking a sentence, and adding a comment in red ink next to it.

“Sit down, Ms Dove,” she said, her voice cold and commanding as it always was. Her eyes didn’t raise to meet hers.

Darlene took a seat. Mrs Lowell continued to correct her tests for a good few minutes, not paying any more attention to her than if she had been part of the wall. Darlene did not dare break the silence, and just waited. And waited.

And waited.

Eventually, Mrs Lowell put down her pen and leaned back in her chair. Darlene couldn’t repress a goosebump when her teacher’s icy blue eyes stared straight into her.

“I’ve heard the most amusing rumor today,” Mrs Lowell said, tapping her well manicured fingers on the arm of her chair.

Darlene kept quiet.

“According to some gossip I overheard,” Mrs Lowell continued, “there is a Vampire on campus.”

The student tried to keep a poker face, despite the feeling of uneasiness creeping on her. How could she have heard about that?

“A Vampire, yes, just like in the old fairy tales. In this very university. In fact, some go so far as to say it’s a teacher!”

A dark chuckle erupted from her throat. Darlene gulped. Did she know? No, she couldn’t possibly.

“Oh, but that’s not the best part. Supposedly, one student has figured out who that Vampire is. One brave and clever student who aims to expose him, or her.”

Darlene tried her best not to panic. She knew. She knew everything. But how? How did she find out? She had told no one. Well, no one except her best friend Lisa, and she would never turn on her.

Mrs Lowell left her armchair, and went to sit on the desk, right in front of Darlene. She crossed her tights-covered legs, and looked down at her through her glasses. Her skirt slid one inch up, revealing a small portion of her porcelain white skin, and that she was wearing a garter belt.

“Like I said, a most amusing rumor.”

Calm down, Darlene, she said to herself. She had to keep a cool head, and think of a way out. What options did she have? If she ran to the door, could she make it in time? Probably not. But what else could she do? Attack Mrs Lowell? That would be utterly stupid. Vampires were supposed to be very dangerous creatures: fast, strong, cunning… 

“But that’s not why I called you here today,” Mrs Lowell said. “The reason I called you concerns the paper I had your class do last week. Do you remember? The subject was slavery in the Roman Empire.”

“Yes, Mrs Lowell,” Darlene managed to answer. She had gone from scared to confused. Why was Mrs Lowell mentioning that paper? Darlene was confident she had aced it. In fact, she had let Lisa…


Oh no.

The teacher grabbed a file on her desk, containing several pages. Darlene saw her name on it.

“Yours was excellent, Ms Dove. Well written, properly researched and sourced… I was going to give it a perfect grade.”

Was going to, Darlene repeated mentally.

“But then, I came to read another paper. Your friend Lisa Fairbairn’s.”

Darlene didn’t even bother to keep her poker face at this point. She had been caught. It was over.

“Did you truly believe I wouldn’t find out? Even though your friend did her best to rewrite most of the text, there is no doubt her paper was copied from yours.”

A dark grin appeared on the teacher’s face.

“I’m afraid this qualifies as plagiarism, which is strictly forbidden by this university’s rules. The penalty is expulsion.”

“You can’t do that!” Darlene angrily blurted out. Lisa had worked hard to get into Goldriver Academy. Being expelled would crush her, and no doubt bring an end to her dreams of becoming a chemist. That was actually the reason -that, and the fact that they were best friends- why Darlene had let Lisa use her paper as reference to write hers.

“Oh, but I can, Ms Dove,” Mrs Lowell retorted, her grin growing wider. “Whether I will or not, however…”

She left her sentence hanging in the air like a dark cloud.

“What do you want?” Darlene said, clenching her jaw.

Mrs Lowell leaned forward, her grin turning into a carnivorous smile showing her teeth. Sweet Jesus, her teeth! Darlene thought. There was no mistaking it: two of her canines were abnormally long and sharp, like those of a bat. Two fangs, without a doubt. How had she not seen them before? How had no one ever seen them before?

The teacher uncrossed her legs, and moved her left foot towards Darlene. The heeled shoe pressed against her knee, pushing her legs apart, then slid along her thigh and landed on the student’s crotch. Darlene gasped.

“What I want… is you, Ms Dove,” Mrs Lowell said.

Darlene gasped.


No, wait, Darlene had already gasped two sentences before.

Viviana grumbled a bit, then erased that last part. Now, what would be a different way to express her reaction to her teacher coming on to her? She scratched her head. “Darlene balked”? No, that was the wrong word. Oh, how about…


Darlene went rigid with shock.

“What… What do you mean?” she said.


Hmmm. That made Darlene sound a bit clueless. Surely, she could tell what Mrs Lowell meant by that. Although, it would make sense for her first reaction to be one of bemusement. Certainly, the situation was unusual, and it had been established earlier that, despite her usually courageous and smart character, Darlene was rather naive when it came to… well… to that kind of thing.

“Hi, Viv!”

Viv almost fell off her chair. She grabbed onto the table in front of her, and managed to regain her balance. Her AR glasses fell askew, revealing the outside world to one of her eyes and abruptly bringing her back to reality. Viv was sitting at a table in the park, near the Department of Comparative Literature. She had decided to take her lunch break there, eating her homemade sandwich and her applesauce in the shadow of a large oak tree, and working on her new writing project at the same time. 

She saw that Clara was now sitting besides her.

“I’m sorry!” she said. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s okay,” Viv said. “I just… I was completely into my thing, so I wasn’t paying attention.”

Getting absorbed in her writing was a commong thing for Viv. In fact, she treasured those moments, too few in number and often too short in length, when creativity was flowing freely, and she became engrossed in the imaginary universes she was fabricating. She could sometimes spend hours like this, disconnected from the world and from any possible source of stress.

“Yeah, you looked like you were miles away,” Clara said. “Are you watching a movie?”

“No, I was writing.”

“That’s cool. For school or a personal thing?”

“It’s a personal thing.” Please don’t ask what it is, please don’t ask what it is.

“Oh, what is it?”

Viv groaned internally. Clara’s curiosity was understandable, and she didn’t blame her for it. But how was Viv going to explain that she was writing what could only be described as erotica? Or rather, how was she going to avoid explaining that?

“It’s, um, well, actually, I’m not sure. At first, I just wanted to write a short story, but it’s turning into something… longer.”

“A novella, then?”

“I guess. Maybe a novel. I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Although she had not actually answered the question, her response was technically the truth. She had gotten started on that project last Sunday, as soon as she got home from her private lesson with Nova. The idea had appeared in her mind like some sort of religious revelation, and she felt compelled to immediately put it on paper -metaphorically. She had written seventeen pages (almost a full chapter) in one afternoon, then six more pages in the evening. She had kept this up during the next three days, although her rhythm had decreased a little because of school. Viv didn’t remember ever being so inspired before. It wasn’t difficult to guess what had caused this.

“Can I read it?” Clara asked.

And there was the question Viv dreaded the most. She must have looked how she felt, because Clara quickly said:

“Oh, it’s okay if you don’t want me to read it. I totally get it. It’s hard for me to show others what I write; I always worry it’s going to suck, especially when I haven’t finished it. The pressure can get pretty bad, sometimes.”

Viv hesitated. It seemed Clara did get it. A quite abnormal thought popped up in Viv’s brain. She started thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if she let Clara read her new project. A crazy thought, certainly. And yet, it made a certain amount of sense. Clara was a writer too, and like she said, she understood the stress that came with being read by someone else; surely, if the story was bad, Clara would know how to soften the blow. In addition, what she had written so far did not actually rise to the level of smutty yet. There were some teasing, some implications, some ambiguity, but so far it remained rather tame. 

And, more importantly, Viv actually wanted some feedback. She had never written anything like that before, and very much needed some sort of guidance.

“Okay,” she said.

“Really?” Clara’s face lit up. “Thanks! Here…” She pulled out a tablet from her laptop bag. “Send it to me. Did I give you my email address?”

Before Viv could say no, Clara sent her an email. Viv sent the text file with her response. Seconds later, Clara displayed it on her tablet, and began reading.

“It’s pretty long already,” Viv said in an apologetic tone.

“That’s fine, I’m a fast reader.”

Indeed, she was. It took her a little a bit over twenty minutes to go through the whole thing. She had remained inexpressive as she read, which worried Viv. Was it boring? She might have been able to handle it if what she had written was not good, but boring? That would be too much to bear. 

“This is hella good!” Clara abruptly said, putting down her tablet.

“Really?” Viv let out a breath of relief.

“Yeah. I mean, it’s just the beginning, but I really like it so far.”

“Did you like the descriptions? They’re usually my weakness, so I tried to work harder on them.”

“Sure. They really help picture what’s going on. I don’t like descriptions either, especially when they span for, like, an entire page or so.”

“What about the dialogues? There aren’t too many of them, are there?”

“The dialogues are my favorite part,” Clara said. “No, actually, that’d be your characters. I like them already.”

Thank goodness, Viv said. I guess I did a good job, then.

“There’s just one thing.”

Oh no. Is there a bad part? Is the whole thing bad? Was she just trying to be nice?

“It’s pretty obvious you’re setting up Darlene to get together with Lisa, but, honestly, I think I’d prefer it if she ended up with Mrs Lowell instead.”


“Yeah, I know it sounds kind of weird, but I really ship them.”

Viv blinked. “Mrs Lowell? She’s dangerous.”

“I mean, yeah,” Clara giggled. “That’s kinda the point. Dangerous is hot.”

“She pretty much blackmails Darlene into… you know.”

“She kinda does, but it feels like Darlene was into her before. That’s how it felt to me, at least. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it because, if I was Darlene, I’d totally be into Mrs Lowell.”

Viv smiled to herself. Clara was by no means reading too much into it. That was exactly the direction Viv meant for the story to go. A burst of giddiness erupted inside her. She had been worried she might have been too subtle with the clues that Darlene was attracted to Mrs Lowell; it was relieving to learn that at least Clara had found them. Although, she was now worried that maybe they were too obvious, and that the rest of the story would be predictable. Viv sighed. Agh. Now that I have lost a reason to be worried, I’m making one up.

“Wait, let me read this again,” Clara said.


She read her tablet in silence once again, while Viv decided to relax a little. A couple of minutes later, a notification dinged in her earphones. It was a text message from Nova. Viv’s heart leaped. She had not heard from her since last Sunday, and was getting a bit antsy.


Nova: Are you available for another private lesson after lunch?


Viv hesitated a little before texting back:


Viv: My next class is at two. Will that be enough time?

Nova: That will do just fine. And are you ready for your homework?


Homework? So soon before the lesson? Then again, Viv didn’t think Nova would give her something she couldn’t do in that little time.


Viv: Yes.

Nova: Good.


A minute passed before Viv received another text:


Nova: Your assignment is to give her a kiss when you say goodbye.


Viv froze, a shot of adrenaline running down her chest. Immediately, she casted a look above both her shoulders. The only people in sight were a few students walking up and down the alleys, over a hundred yards away. Where could she be hiding? The park around them was bare, save for a few large trees.

Hold on, hold on, Viv thought, shaking her head. Maybe Nova wasn’t watching her. Maybe she was bluffing. Maybe she had simply guessed that Viv was hanging out with Clara.

No… She had to know. She had to be there, watching from somewhere.

Much to her surprise, this very idea was rather alluring to Viv. Being observed in such a way would normally be considered creepy, and Viv certainly would have freaked out if it had been anyone but Nova. That had been how she had reacted when Dashiell had stalked her after she had ended things with him -thank goodness Manny had soon put an end to that. But knowing it was Nova made her the opposite of afraid. She couldn’t really explain why.


Viv: Who do you mean?


A bit cheeky, perhaps, but she wanted to be sure there was no misunderstanding.


Nova: You know exactly who I mean. You got her name as part of one of your previous assignments, after all.

Viv: You haven’t told why you made me do that, actually.

Nova: I will tell you during our lesson.

Nova: Now kiss her.


Viv’s fingers trembled a bit as she answered:


Viv: I can’t.

Viv: I mean, we’ve just met. It would be weird.

Nova: I don’t mean you have to make out with her. Just a peck on the cheek.


Just a peck on the cheek? Viv breathed a little easier.


Nova: For now.


What? Viv’s eyebrows jumped up. What did that mean? She was about to send another text to ask further questions, but Nova texted first:


Nova: Unless you don’t want another reward…


That last text sent a surge of delectable heat to Viv’s loins. Another reward?… Yes. Yes, she believed she did want one.

She looked at Clara, her eyes inadvertently dropping to her lips. They were thin but luscious, and looked soft. A dark green lipstick colored them, clashing a little with the orange of her hair, but going well with her tips.

But, wait, no. Nova had said it did not have to be on the lips. She glanced at her cheeks, detailing her nice cheekbones and the cute freckles that decorated them.

Just a peck on the cheek, she repeated to herself. She could do it. It was perfectly normal to kiss someone on the cheek. Wasn’t it? Well, maybe not with acquaintances. But she and Clara were friends now. Weren’t they? She had shown her her writing, after all. Yes. Right. Yes. She could do it. She could do it… She just had to say goodbye, lean slightly forward… Any time now…

“Oh!” Clara suddenly said. “I’m gonna be late for class.”

She quickly shoved her tablet back into her bag, and stood up.

“I hope you keep writing your story,” she said. “Let me know when you finish the next chapter!”

“Sure,” Viv said, standing up as well. “Um…”

Quick, before she leaves.

“Also, do you want to go shopping next Saturday?” Clara asked. “Jerioth ate half of my sweater, so I need to buy a new one.”


“One of our pet rabbits. “Jerioth” means something like “cloth” in Hebrew. My grandpa called him that because he keeps eating clothes.”

“Oh. Um, yeah, okay, I should be free Saturday afternoon.”

“Cool! I’ll call you.”

Then, almost out of nowhere, Clara smacked her lips on her cheek, barely one inch to the left of her mouth, and went away with a perky “bye!”. Viv remained stunned for a few seconds, before dropping down on her seat. A full minute later, she finally snapped out of it, and went back to her AR glasses to resume her texting. Before she had finished typing, however, someone else sat beside her.

Viv wasn’t very surprised to find that it was Nova. Looking at her, Viv wondered how many black leather outfits she owned, as she was wearing a different one that day. She had traded her long coat for a simple jacket, and her skirt for pants; she was still wearing the same pair of boots, however.

“I’m afraid that didn’t count towards your assignment,” she said, a hint of amusement dancing in her orange eyes.

“She, um, I was going to…” Viv coughed. “Were you watching us the whole time?”

“Not the whole time,” Nova said. “I was looking for you, and I figured you’d be near the Department of Comparative Literature. But Clara had found you first, so I decided to wait.”

“Were you listening to us?”

“I wasn’t trying to spy on you. Although I did catch a few snippets. She seemed to have enjoyed your writing.”

“Oh. Yeah.” Viv laughed, scratching the back of her neck.

“And she’s taking you shopping.” She raised a suggestive eyebrow, prompting Viv to blurt out:

“It’s not what you think.”

“What do I think?” Nova said.

“We’re not- We’re just friends. In fact, I don’t even know that we are that. But, I mean, I guess we are.”

Nova remained silent, her tail wagging calmly.

“I’m not cheating on you,” Viv mumbled.

“Cheating?” the other girl repeated, as if it was a curious, foreign word.

“I mean… The things we’ve done… Its, err, um, I mean…” Viv was blushing once again. She tried again with more clarity: “And, and when you said you had no other… students. I don’t, uh, this isn’t… I’m not cheating on you.”

She dipped her head, and sighed. Why was it that, whenever she tried to explain herself, she often ended up making things even less clear? And she was always so much clearer in writing… Why was speaking so much harder than writing?

Nova pressed a bent finger under Viv’s chin, lifting her head to look her in the eyes.

“I did tell you to kiss her, didn’t I?” she said.

“Yeah, but-”

Nova’s index claw softly rubbed the underneath of her upper lip, shutting her up. She swallowed her saliva, and said:

“You’re saying you don’t care if- if I…?”

“No, I’m saying I don’t mind if you wish to pursue a relationship with Clara.”

Viv would not have been more taken aback if Nova had told her that she was secretly the President of the United States.

“But… You and I…” she said.


“Aren’t we… I mean, I thought we were…”

Nova stared at her in silence.

“Nevermind,” Viv mumbled.

She tried to turn away, but Nova grabbed the sides of her chin in her furred paw, keeping her still.

“Finish your thought, Viviana,” she said.

Viv quivered. Nova had regained her commanding tone. It was like a key that unlocked her tongue.

“I thought we were a thing,” Viv said.

She worried for a second that she had sounded whiny or impudent. But Nova responded by brushing her cheek with the back of her paw. The softness of her fur calmed her down.

“We are,” she said.

“I don’t get it, then.”

She tilted her head a little to better enjoy Nova’s paw.

“Do you like me?” Nova said.


“Do you like her?”

“I guess,” Viv said, blushing a darker shade of red.

“What else is there to get?” Nova said with a shrug.

“But… Wouldn’t I be cheating on her, then?”

“A couple minutes ago, you said you were just friends with her. How can you be cheating?”

Viv saw Nova’s point, but she remained unsure.

“Still, I should tell her about us,” she said. “It wouldn’t be right otherwise.”

“If that’s what you prefer, that’s fine,” Nova said.

Viv breathed a sigh of relief. “Okay.”

“Now, are you ready for your lesson?”

“Sure. Wait, will we have time to go to your house and back?”

“My house?” Nova took her by the hands and stood up. “We’ll have our lesson in a much closer place today. And don’t worry, we’ll have time.”

She gestured for Viv to follow her. They walked in silence for a little while, until they arrived at the library.

“Here?” Viv said timidly.

“Yes. I’ve booked one of the reading rooms for an hour.”

The three employees and the couple of dozen students present on the library’s first floor barely paid Nova and Viv any mind as they went through the place, heading to the reading room number four. Said room was about the size of Viv’s bedroom. It contained a large conference table, surrounded by four chairs. Viv noticed a hardcover book on the table; it was lying on its face, and she couldn’t see the title. She placed her backpack against one of the table’s legs, and heard Nova close the door.

“Are you sure about this?” Viv said nervously.

“I locked the door,” Nova said. “The walls are thick. Trust me.”

She took off her jacket, and helped Viv out of hers. Opening her laptop bag, she said:

“In our last lesson, we studied bondage. Today, I will teach you about domination.”

Viv bit her lower lip, and joined her hands behind her. She could feel a bit of dampness in her nether regions from that last word, pronounced in Nova’s sultry tone.

“To dominate someone is to subjugate them to your will,” Nova said. “The goal for the domme is to turn their sub into a loyal servant, a devoted slave… or even into a mindless toy.”

She nodded her head and paid close attention, an avid student eager to please her teacher. Nova began to circle around her, running her paw on her skin, just above her breasts.

“To that end, the domme will reward her sub for their obedience, and punish them for disobeying.”

Nova had accentuated the words “reward” and “punish”, making Viv shudder a little. The paw continued her path, slowly descending towards the small of Viv’s back.

“Through this,” she went on, “the sub will come to accept that their only role, indeed their duty, is to fulfill the domme’s desires… In every way.”

Viv closed her eyes. Her heart skipped a beat when Nova’s paw went to rest on her ass, and did not move away. Nova’s mouth approached her ear -she could sense her breath against the side of her face- and whispered:

“During this lesson, and every lesson unless I tell you otherwise, you are to call me “mistress”. Do you understand?”

“Yes… m-mistress,” Viv said. This time, it was not nervosity that made her stutter.

“Good girl,” Nova said, rubbing the nape of her neck. The dampness between Viv’s thighs turned into wetness. “Now, take off your pants.”

“Yes, mistress.”

There was no hesitation, no trembling in her gestures as she undid her buttons and dropped her pants, and removed them along with her shoes.

“Cute panties,” Nova said, smirking. Viv’s chest became flushed. She was wearing a pair of hot pink panties with a small decorative tie in the front. “Did you wear them for me?”

“N-No, they just- um, they-”

Nova’s paw rose from her ass, then came back down harshly. Viv gasped and almost lost her balance. Had Nova- Had her mistress just spanked her?

“Don’t lie,” Nova said, her eyebrows lowered.

The spanking had not been particularly bad, and Viv had barely felt any pain. All the same, the shame hit her hard.

“Sorry, mistress,” she mumbled.

“Did you wear those panties for me?” Nova repeated.

“… Yes, mistress.”

Mistress. Every time Viv spoke that word, she felt a little jolt… down there. It made her want to say it again, and again.

“I like them,” Nova said. Viv was unable to suppress a little smile. Her mistress snapped her claws. “Now, bend over on the table.”

Her eyes grew wide. Was she going to get spanked again? But she had told the truth! As she looked at her mistress with hesitation, she felt her claws tightening their hold on her buttcheek.

“I don’t like to repeat myself,” her mistress warned.

Gulping her saliva, Viv leaned down, her elbows resting on the table.

“Good girl,” Nova said with a pat on her back. “Do you see that book?” Viv nodded. “Place it in front of you and open it.

Viv turned the book over and dragged it toward her. The front cover read: “Maggie Bennett – A Future In Latex”. She opened it, and flipped through the cover pages until she reached the actual text.

“Do you know this book?” Nova said.

“No, Mistress.”

“I think you’re going to like it. Go to page 91.”

“Okay…” Viv said.

She started turning the pages, when suddenly there was a slapping noise, followed by a sharp pain in her butt.

“What was that?”

“Sorry mistress!” she squeaked. “I meant: yes, mistress!”

With a strained exhalation, she got to the right page. That second spank had hit harder than the first. She wiggled her butt to try to shake away the stinging pain, but it remained.

“Read on from the second paragraph,” Nova commanded.

“Yes, mistress…”

She cleared her throat, and began:


As I began removing my clothes, I wondered how I ended up in this humiliating situation. In a matter of days, I had gone from a successful and respected saleswoman, well-liked by her superiors and appreciated by her subordinates, to a mere slave, forced to lower and debase herself to serve a younger woman.


Given the title and the circumstances, Viv was not at all surprised to find out it was that kind of story.

“Don’t stop,” Nova said, giving her ass a small tap.


My shirt came off first. Lucille was blatantly ogling me as I removed button after button, her air of superiority adding to my shame. I almost felt her eyes focus on my chest as I revealed my creme-colored bra. Then, I began removing my pants. I opened the front, then pushed it down.

“Slower,” Lucille said.

I bit my tongue as I continued to lower my pants, moving slower as she demanded. Still, I did my best not to turn this humiliating affair into a striptease.

“Keep the heels on,” she said as my pants reached my ankles.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I stood again, now wearing nothing but my underwear, my tights, and my shoes. Lucille moved closer to me, and groped my breasts without any shame. I raised my hands to stop her, but, as she glowered at me, I forced them back at my sides.

“Not bad, bitch,” Lucille said. “There are women half your age that would kill for tits like that.”

Half my age? I was only thirty-one years old!



Viv blinked. As she was getting absorbed by her reading, Nova’s other paw had landed on her stomach, then quickly moved to her chest, which it was now massaging. Viv twisted her neck to glance at her Mistress.


“Did I say to stop reading?” Nova said, her wolf-like ears lowering in a quiet threat.

“No, mistress.”


Lucille squeezed my breasts, smirking at me, silently daring me to say something, to defy her. When I managed to keep silent, she pursed her lips in disappointment. I was foolish enough to think that was it, but then she pulled up my bra, revealing my chest. She took my nipples between the two fingers of each hand, her long nails digging into my skin. I grimaced through this treatment, which wasn’t sufficient for her. She started pulling on them, more and more, until I screamed in pain.


Nova’s left paw sneaked under Viv’s shirt and bra, and cupped her tit. At the same time, she gently fondled her butt. Viv slapped a hand against her mouth to block a moan, prompting Nova to order:

“Hands on the table. At all times.”

“Yes, mmh, mistress…”

“Underwear,” Lucille simply said with a snap of her fingers.

She kept playing with my breasts as I took off my bra, only leaving me a moment of peace as I also removed my panties. With another finger snap, she wordlessly ordered me to give her those panties. I placed them in her hand, and she rubbed her thumb over them. As she did, I saw in disbelief that they were wet.

No. No, that wasn’t possible.

“Oh, but it is, bitch,” she said.

I fidgeted. Had I said that outloud?

Lucille balled my panties, then forced my mouth open. She shoved the panties in, then took a step back to admire her wor-


“Ah!” Viv cried out.

The right paw had moved between her cheeks, and was now rubbing her slit over her panties. Viv dropped her head, shivering from head to toe.

“Go on,” Nova said. “Keep reading.”

“Mmmh, but, mistress… I can’t… Aaah!”

This time, Nova’s clawed fingers had pushed her panties aside, and now brushed directly over her pussy. Viv did her best to focus on the text, and to ignore the blissful sensation of her mistress lightly rubbing her now drenched labia, but it was nearly impossible.

“That’s an order,” Nova whispered in her ear.

Viv took a deep breath, and carried on as best she could.


“Get down on all fours, bitch,” Lucille ord- ordered.

I did so, my knees and elbows touching the cold, hard wooden floor. Lucille grabbed m-my hair and forced me to turn clockwise. When she was satisfied with the way I was oriented, she turned around, then sat down… on meee…


“Aaah, oooh, please, mistress…”

Viv’s voice had turned so high-pitched she could no longer recognize it.

“Please what?” Nova said, her breath tickling Viv’s throat.

“You- Your- Please! Aaah!”

This was becoming too much for her to handle. Nova’s ministrations had picked up a rhythm: they would fasten up, pushing Viv close to the edge, only to slow down, bringing her back. It was completely purposeful, of course. Nova was playing with her, promising her a powerful climax and denying it to her in the next breath. Viv tried a few more times to get back to the book, only for her mistress’ skilled fingers to break her concentration. But she couldn’t give up. She couldn’t disobey her mistress.

With desperate energy, she managed to mumble a few more lines, concluding the paragraph. Nova patted her head.

“Good girl,” she commented. “Close the book.”

Viv all but slammed the book shut.

“Do you understand now?” Nova murmured, her lips touching the shell of her ear.

“Aah, what, oooh, mistress, I, aaah…”

“Domination,” she said.

That, Viv certainly understood. At that moment, she was completely under her mistress’ control. With a single stroke of her claw, Nova could push her beyond the edge and give her the orgasm she was craving… or not. That realization alone felt almost as wonderful as the soft fur of Nova’s finger rubbing her wet lips.

“You’re mine,” Nova intimated. “Say it.”

“Aaah, I’m yours…”

Nova’s paws left her tit to spank her ass.

“I’m yours, mistress,” Viv corrected.

“Say it again,” she said.

“I’m yours, mistress,” the sub moaned.


“I’m yours, mistress!”

“Good girl.”

In a quick but controlled move, Nova slid two of her fingers between Viv’s pussy lips, entering her fully, and began to move back and forth. Viv bit her tongue to refrain from screaming in ecstasy. She was so close now, so very close.

“Oooh, mistress, I’m going to…”

“Not yet,” Nova said.

“Huh?” Viv said, startled.

“You will only cum when I say so.”

“B-But, mistress, I can’t con- control…” Her sentence ended in a squeal as Nova’s fingers picked up the pace.

“You can,” she insisted. “You will.”

Viv shook her head in desperation. “I can’t. I can’t! I’m going to- I have to- Oh, mistress please…”

A third finger entered in action, its claw brushing Viv’s terribly sensitive clitoris, and very nearly making her explode.

“Then beg,” Nova said.

Immediately, Viv said: “Please mistress!” She was almost screaming now. “I’ll do anything. Anything you want. Please, just please, please, please! I’m yours, I’m yours. I need to cum, mistress, please, I need to cum, please!”

Nova covered her sub’s mouth with her paw, and pressed her lips against her ear again to deliver one last command:

“Cum, Viviana.”

Not a second later, Viv threw herself in the throes of an orgasm powerful enough to sap all strength in her muscles. Were it not for Nova holding her, she would have dropped on the table, her arms and legs having turned to cotton. The mistress lowered her gently, then petted her hair. Completely drained, Viv just laid there for a moment, her eyes shut.

“Thank you, mistress,” she managed to mutter, a bit of spittle dropping from her lips and onto the table as she did.

When no answer came, she opened her eyes. Nova was standing up, her head turned toward the door, her fluffy ears perking up.

“Is something wrong?”

Nova looked back at her. “Hm? Oh, no. How do you feel?”

“Wonderful,” Viv answered with a giggle. “But, um…”

“What is it?”

“After all this, you didn’t tell me why you made me ask Clara her name.”

“Ah, right.” Nova nodded. “Well, there were two reasons, actually. One, I could tell you were interested in her, and wanted to give you the push necessary to make a move.”

“Oh,” Viv said. “Well, um, thanks. You were right, actually. I don’t think I would have done that on my own. And, err, the other reason?”

“I wanted to see if you could do something just because I demanded it,” Nova said with a grin.

Viv chuckled. Well, she certainly could.

“Speaking of which,” Nova said, her grin turning a little darker. “A few moments earlier, I heard you say you would do anything I want.”

“Ah, erm, well, I…”

The canid went to help her as she attempted to stand, her legs still a bit wobbly, and placed her furred arms around her.

“That’s good to know,” Nova said, a carnivorous sparkle in her eyes.

She brought her head closer to hers, and planted a kiss on her cheek, on the exact opposite spot Clara had chosen earlier. Viv’s jaw dropped.

“You’re not getting a real kiss today,” she said, shaking a finger, “since you didn’t really do your assignment.”

Viv brushed her hair behind her ear, laughing.

“Now, off to your next class with you. Don’t be late on my account.”

She nodded giddily, grabbed her backpack, and left the reading room, walking like she had been filled with a new energy. Left alone, Nova sat on the table. She raised her still dripping claws to her nostrils to get a good whiff. Nova was definitely an olphactophile -which was actually a common kink among Hellhounds, probably on account of their preternatural sense of smell-, and the scent of a woman’s love juices was certainly her favorite. She opened her mouth to get a taste as well. Her tongue licked the claws clean, savoring the mixed fragrances of estrogen, libido, and adrenaline. Like all the girls she had tasted before, Viv had her own unique flavor.

As she enjoyed her little treat, Nova looked at the door once again. She opened it, and sniffed around. The smell confirmed her suspicions. How very interesting. Now, what should I do about thatHer mind, always prone to schemes and tricks, quickly came up with a plan.

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