Extracurricular Activites – 9. Sexual Slavery Certification

Rain softly peppered the large window, carried by a light wind from the west. Odds were this would be another gray and rainy day. No doubt many spring breakers in the Bay Area would groan and complain at yet another missed opportunity to enjoy their vacation. But as Viv awoke to the soft sound of raindrops against the window pane, a lazy smile grew across her face. This weather meant one more day spent entirely indoors. Or, more accurately, it meant they wouldn’t need to come up with an excuse to spend the day entirely indoors.

The temperature was low in the bedroom, as often in the mornings. Viv was far from cold, however, even though all she had to cover her body was a single sheet. Well, that, and the large, naked Hellhound spooning her, cuddling her so tight with both her arms and her legs that Viv could just about wiggle. Held like that, leaving the bed was impossible for her. Just as well: there was nowhere in the world she would rather be.

Viv stretched, then retreated against her mistress’ bosom, enjoying her body warmth, much like one would enjoy the warmth of a hearth. She remained there for a little while, laying on her left flank, her eyes closed, somnolent but never quite asleep.

Eventually, her mistress began stirring, her mouth opening for a long yawn. One of her paws, pressed against the small of Viv’s back, moved up to her hair which it grabbed. Her eyes still closed, the Hellhound tilted her sub’s head back and kissed her. Viv smiled. As always, her mistress’ kiss was possessive and gluttonous, her lips enveloping Viv’s, and her tongue ensnaring hers. Viv obediently let her invade her mouth and throat, only responding in moans.

“Good morning, slave,” Nova said, liberating her lips, but still not releasing her body. Her eyes opened slowly.

“Good morning, mistress,” Viv said.

“Have you been good tonight?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Show me your fingers.”

The coil of Nova’s arms loosened by a few inches, and Viv showed her hands to her. The Hellhound sniffed the fingers, and smiled.

“Very good, slave,” she said, kissing her hand.

Viv returned her mistress’ smile. 

The truth was, it had been hard to follow Nova’s orders and restrain from touching herself all night. Her mistress’ mere presence beside her would have been enough of a trial, but she had then compounded that difficulty by groping and caressing her slave as they went to sleep. Viv had had to focus extra-hard on the promised reward to keep control of her hands.

“Are you hungry, slave?” Nova asked.

“It can wait, mistress.”

“Good.” Her eyes twinkled.

The mistress got up on her knees, and finally uncoiled her sub, but only to immediately grab her by the hips and lift her butt. Viv giggled as she ended up heels over head, her spread legs dangling on either side of her torso. Nova smelled her offered pussy, already slick with want so early in the morning, and let out a purr that sounded more like a grumble. She gave Viv’s slit a tentative lick, gathering some love juice to sample it.

“You always taste so fucking good in the mornings, slave.”

Viv sighed, languishing for more. Was her mistress going to make her beg again? She decided to take the lead on that one.

“Please, mistress…”

“Please what, slave?”

“Please eat your slave’s pussy,” Viv said, making sure to whine just right. “Please, she needs it. She needs it so badly!” Meeting her gaze, she added with a demureness that wasn’t entirely genuine: “Please, mistress. your slave will do anything you want.”

“Will you now?” The Hellhound bared her fangs in a dark smile.

“Oh yes, mistress. Anything.”

“Interesting…” Nova tapped her index claw on her bottom lip, her eyes squinting as she fake-pondered. “But then again, you are my slave, as well as my prisoner, so you’ll do anything I want anyway.”

Viv pouted, her pussy aching as her mistress’ warm breath teased it.

“So…?” Nova said.

“Please, oh please, I- err, your slave begs you!” Viv said, getting agitated. “Anything! Anything you want!”

Her mistress shot her that smirk that always made her hot under the collar -and in several other places, too.

“In that case… Let’s start with this.”

Nova pushed her sub’s head towards her crotch. Viv happily let the powerful aroma invade her nostrils. If she had enjoyed the scent of her mistress’ feet and sweat, she positively cherished that of her pussy. It was a strong, pungent smell, powerful enough to send her head spinning; a smell Viv could bask in for hours, if not for days.

As was their custom, Viv began licking first, the moves of her tongue made clumsy by the fact that she was upside down. The mistress joined in on the action seconds later, shoving her mouth organ into her sub’s pussy like she was trying to stab her with it. Heat rushed through Viv’s body as once more the long tongue filled her completely.

“Once again,” Nova warned, “if you cum first, you’ll be punished.”

“Yeph, miphtreph,” Viv mumbled.

Once again, Viv fully expected a punishment; Nova had always won these “competitions” so far. There was just no way around it: Viv’s mistress was simply too gifted. It was like she knew her sub’s pussy better than she did. Her large, long tongue didn’t hurt either. No matter how dogged and relentless Viv was at eating out her mistress, the latter always managed to make her cum first. In fact, Viv believed her mistress sometimes deliberately let her take the lead, only to then regain the upper hand. An efficient way of asserting dominance, no doubt.

This time proved no different. Nova’s tongue twisted mercilessly inside her, stimulating all of the right spots. Viv lost focus within the first minute, and even her tongue’s muscles escaped her control. Then her mistress started sucking on her clit, and Viv knew it was over. 

Nova smiled to herself when her sub, even as she moaned her orgasm into her wet folds, didn’t give up and continued to lick her. Viv was not quite as gifted when it came to pleasuring her mistress. No matter, the latter thought. As with everything, practice would make perfect. She had already gotten a lot better since the first time she had tasted her mistress’ pussy, on the very first day they arrived at Clara’s house; less shy, less awkward, more forward.

“I’m afraid you have disobeyed my order,” Nova said.

“Your slave is sorry, mistress,” Viv said in an “aw, shucks” voice.

“Sorry won’t cut it. You will be punished. Let’s see…” Nova’s bright orange eyes swiveled to the right. “I know: you will wash me during my morning shower.”

“Yes, mistress!”

The Hellhound blew air from her nose. It was almost hilarious how poorly Viv hid her joy at the perspective of this “punishment”. She gently lowered her slave on the bed, then sat on the edge of it.

“And remember: you also promised you would do anything…”

“Yes, mistress.”

Nova passed the door to the bathroom, followed by Viv, both still completely nude. The bathroom was clearly the most modern part of Clara’s family home, having been renovated sometimes in the last couple of years. Its style clashed with the rest of the house, in fact, especially its black and white marble. As she entered the walk-in shower, Nova let her thoughts wander a little about what precisely would “anything” mean for Viv. There was quite a long list of ideas filed away in a corner of Nova’s mind, about what she wanted to do with Viv -and to Viv- during their time here. It was just a matter of choosing. And, as Viv got down on her knees in front of her, looking up to her in expectation, Nova chose.

The Hellhound sat on the shower chair, and opened the water; she had to take her shower a few degrees colder than she liked, in order to not boil her sub. She handed Viv the bottle of soap, and gestured for her to get to work. Viv did so immediately and enthusiastically, starting at her feet like always. She rubbed the arches, scrubbed the heels, and massaged the toes, all the while peppering the bridges with kisses. Both of the mistress’ feet were scrupulously clean by the time the devoted sub moved on to the calves. The knees were next, then the thighs. Viv took extra care to wash her mistress’ fur properly. Several minutes had passed at this point, prompting Nova to say:

“As much as I’m enjoying this, we shouldn’t take too long; it’s not nice to waste water when staying at someone else’s place.”

“The shower was your idea, mistress,” Viv replied, her tone still submissive despite the hint of snark in her words.

Nova rolled her eyes. Yes, she supposed it was.

“Fine. But skip that area.” She pointed at her groin. 

Viv made a face. 

“You already made sure it’s clean, slave,” Nova pointed out, the left corner of her mouth curling up, baring a fang.

Viv chuckled, and resumed her work, now washing her mistress’ stomach. Her small hands moved a little faster now, but still didn’t skip one inch of skin. Predictably, she slowed down again when she reached the Hellhound ample breasts. She took the opportunity to massage them, and run her tongue over the nipples. Then, she went on to take care of Nova’s arms, her shoulders, and her neck. When she arrived at her mistress’ face, Nova held on to her ass, lifted her, and made her sit astride her. Nova grunted in satisfaction as she felt the petite, nude body of her sub pressed against hers, her paws still holding on to Viv’s asscheeks. Their mouths fused into a kiss, which dragged on as both partners enjoyed each other’s nakedness again.

“Isn’t that wasting water, mistress?” Viv mused.

Little smartass, Nova thought. She closed the faucet with a negligent slap of her paw, and resumed making out with Viv, now more intensely.

They were both more than a little pruney when they finally left the shower to dry themselves. Three towels were used for Nova’s fur, which Viv dutifully, almost religiously, took care of. Nova put back her AR lenses as she got dressed, and sighed as she checked the time.

“We’re going to miss the call,” she said.

“Ah, shoot,” Viv said. “Is it that late already?”

She checked her AR glasses, and saw that it was indeed late in the morning. And if she still doubted it, her stomach gave her a noisy reminder that she had skipped breakfast. A small feast of pancakes, syrup, cereals, and fruits later, they sat on the living room’s couch, in front of Nova’s laptop, and turned on the webcam. Clara appeared on screen. She was lying on her stomach on a bed in a small, lightly decorated room. Judging by the decor around her, she was staying at a different hotel than the day before. She was dressed in jeans and T-shirt, and her red hair hung loose around her face and on her shoulders; she had taken off her jewelry.

“Hej flickvänner!” she exclaimed.

“Sorry?” Viv said.

“According to my translator, that means “hello, girlfriends” in Swedish. My pronunciation probably sucks.”

“You still have some time to practice,” Nova said.

“I wish! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to learn some Swedish, get closer to my roots and whatever, but everybody here speaks English! Like, even between them sometimes.”

“Where are you today?” Nova asked.

“Göteborg,” Clara said. “Well, Gothenburg in English. Really nice city. There’s a Volvo Museum. And a theme park! We’re going tomorrow.”

“Sounds like you’re having fun.”

“Yeah… Although I bet I’m not having as much as you girls.” She winked.

“Well, we, um, eheh,” Viv mumbled nervously.

“Probably not,” Nova said, faux-candidly, pressing Viv closer against her.

“Tsch, yeah, rub it in,” Clara said. “By the way, do you two ever wear clothes anymore?”

Viv scratched the back of her neck. “We do. Um, we went grocery shopping yesterday, so we kinda had to. Oh, no, actually, it was t-two days ago.”

Clara laughed, then rolled on her back with an explosive sigh. “Goddess, I’m so jealous right now.”

“Envious,” Nova corrected, to which Clara poked her tongue.

“Just a couple of hours ago,” the Dryad said, “I was on this bridge, watching boats on the river, and I was like: “this would be the perfect spot to make out with Viv”.”

“Aww,” Viv said. “I-I think about you too.”

“As do I,” Nova said. “And if it makes you feel any better…”

Nova tilted Viv, carrying her upper body in her arms like a couple on the cover of a romance novel, then leaned down to kiss her.

“That does not make me feel better!” Clara protested, hoisting herself up on her elbows. “Makes it worse, actually.” She harrumphed.

“Why is that?” Nova said. “Do you wish it was you kissing her right now?”


“What else do you wish you were doing to her?”

Clara hesitated, then got closer to her webcam. “Well, I… I guess, since she’s naked… I’d take advantage of that.”

“Hm-hm. How?”

“For starters, I’d nibble on her neck. She likes that.”

“She does…” Nova said.

Viv sighed as the Hellhound’s fangs bit her gently on the side of her throat.

“Then, I’d suck hard enough to leave a hickey,” Clara said.

“Aaah…” Viv said as Nova did just that.

“And then?” Nova said.

“Hmm… Her boobs deserve some attention.”

“Indeed they do.”

With one arm, Nova lifted her sub as if she weighed nothing, raising her chest at eye-level. She made sure that Viv’s breasts were in the shot as her long tongue darted to tease her pink, taut nipples. On the other side of the screen, Clara, seated on the edge of her bed and watching with renewed attention, had opened her pants, and was now caressing the front of her panties.

“Oh, mistress…” Viv moaned as her mistress’ paws cupped her breasts.

“Just big enough to be a handful,” Nova growled.

“Hmmm, yeah…” Clara said. “Next, I would plant kisses all over her belly, feel her muscles tense as I make my way down…”

Her stomach muscles did tense under her mistress’ firm, hot lips. Nova’s mouth slowed down as they reached her belly button, and stopped completely a couple of inches above Viv’s mound. Viv let out a moan of frustration.

“And then?”

“By now, she’s ready to be devoured,” Clara said, sighing in pleasure as her fingers reached a good spot. “I should take my time, but… I don’t. I can’t. Whenever her pussy’s flavor hits my taste buds, I just go crazy.”

“Tell me about it…”

With a snarl, Nova’s ravenous mouth attacked Viv’s pussy, who screamed in delight. She trembled and jumped uncontrollably under her mistress’ lustful aggression, her tongue lapping her every fold rapidly and mercilessly. Viv placed her hands on Nova’s head, her fingers clutching her black shaggy hair -it was always shaggier after showering- as if holding on for dear life.

“Look at me, babe,” Clara said, her voice breathy.

Viv turned her head to the screen. The Dryad’s cheeks were flushed with want.

“Clara,” Viv moaned.

Their gazes locked, each drinking in the pleasure in the eyes of the other.

“Together,” Clara groaned.


She wasn’t really given a choice, in fact. Nova timed the assaults of her tongue with almost surgical precision, and Viv came seconds after Clara. Neither lost sight of the other for a second, and their eyes stayed on the other for a while as they recuperated.

“You really are beautiful when you cum, babe,” Clara said.

“You are too, honey,” Viv said, wiping sweat off her neck. Nova laid next to her, spooning her.

“It’s kind of weird when you call me “honey”, actually.”

“O-Oh, I’m sorry. I keep, um, practicing, but…”

“Oh, no, it’s not you, babe,” Clara explained. “It’s just, this is the pet name my aunt gives me. Don’t really want to think about her when I’m getting it on with you, ya know?”

“Ah, okay.”

“Why don’t you call her “lover”?” Nova said.

“L-Lover? I-I…”

“Oooh, yes!” Clara said. “I like that one. Babe, call me “lover” from now on!”

“Uh, well, if you want. But, um, I don’t know if I can, uh…”

“Will this help? I order you to call me “lover”!” Clara said.

“Yes, lover,” Viv said, giggling. “You’re getting better at your domme-tone.”

“Well, we’ve practiced a lot, haven’t we?” the Dryad said with a humble gesture of the hand.

“Domme-tone?” Nova said.

“Yeah, Clara’s been trying her hand at being a domme,” Viv said. “You know, back when… Um, I mean…”

“Back when you stupidly dumped the girl you loved and I had to pick up the pieces,” Clara said.


“No, she’s right,” Nova sighed.

“So anyway, at some point, we decided to spice things up a bit,” Clara said. “We knew Viv liked being a sub, and I wanted to try my hand at being a domme. Turns out, there’s a lot more to it than just tying up some girl and making her eat you.”

“There is,” Nova said. “So, how do you like being on the dominating side?”

“Well, it’s like…” Clara thought about it. “It’s weird. I don’t think I like being a domme, but I like domming Viv. Not sure how to explain it.”

“Not really your thing, then?”

“Not really, I don’t think.”

“But it’s our thing,” Viv said, her lips curling up.

“Sure is, babe,” Clara said, winking.

“So how is she as a domme?” Nova asked Viv.

“Different,” Viv said. “She’s not as, um, as controlling as you, I guess. I mean, I don’t mean that in a bad way.”

“I know what you mean.”

“She’s, ah, she’s more into playing and teasing.”

“You’re impossible not to tease, babe,” Clara commented. “One of these days, I’m going to kidnap you and stash you some place far away, and then I’ll tease and tickle-torture you for days.”

“You promise?” Viv said.

Both girls chuckled.

“So, what are you two going to do today?” Clara asked. “Aside from the obvious.”

“Oh, this is going to be a fun day,” Nova said.


“Yeah. This morning, Viviana promised she would do anything for me.”

“Anything, uh?” Clara smirked.

“Yup. And I’ve just decided what that’s going to be.”

Nova raised above Viv, and cupped her cheek, her thumb slipping into her mouth.

“She’s going to be my bitch,” she said.

Viv gasped.

“Isn’t she already?” Clara said. A second later, she clued in. “Oh, you mean…!” Her eyes twinkled, and her cheeks turned a bit rosy. “Wow, petplay. I’ve seen some videos on that. That looked waaaay hot. Like, an extra layer of kinky.”

“Huh-uh,” Nova said. Looking down at her sub, she said: “Do you want to be my pet, Viviana?”

“Yes, mistress,” Viv breathed out.

“Ah, come on, guys,” Clara said, “I’m getting jea- envious again.” She sighed. “You had better enjoy it, Viv. For me.”

“She will,” Nova said, and Viv did not doubt her for a second.

“A’right, my mum texted me,” Clara said. “It’s dinner time. Call you tomorrow!”

“See ya!” Viv said.

“Bye,” Nova said.”

Clara blew a kiss at the webcam, and the window closed. Nova left the couch, and shut her laptop.

“So, uh…” Viv said. “Are we going to do this now?”

“This afternoon. For now, you have your guitar lesson.” Nova chuckled. “You might want to get dressed.

“Or I could just not turn on the webcam?” Viv suggested, half-jokingly.

“You’re not playing the guitar in the nude,” the Hellhound said. With a twitch in her lips, she added: “For anyone but me.”

Viv blushed happily. It would be an interesting experiment, she thought, to serenade her mistress while naked.

Mahir proved very happy with her student during the lesson. He praised her for the passion she showed as she played a rendition of Lone John’s Long Gone, a country rock song with a simple yet catchy melody.

“Well done,” he said. “I really like your take on it.”

“My take? I didn’t realize I was, uh…”

“Well, it’s not a cover yet, but you’re definitely giving it your own spin, adding your own sound to it.”

“Oh, um,” Viv mumbled, smiling uncontrollably, “well, that’s, that’s good.”

“It sure is,” Mahir said, offering her one of his rare smiles. “I don’t know what you’re doing that’s giving you this confidence, but, by all means, keep going.”

“I will,” Viv said. It’s not really my decision, anyway, she thought, laughing internally.

“Good. Now, let’s try something different…”

When the lesson ended, a twinge of disappointment pinched Viv’s stomach. It had been too short, she felt, even though it had gone over by a couple of minutes. Mahir hurriedly bid her goodbye and terminated the videoconference, being late for his next student. Viv put her guitar back in its case, and, with a satisfied sigh, got back down to the living room for lunch.

Nova had ordered Mexican; as usual, there was enough food to fill almost half the table -and it could sit six people. She pulled up a chair for Viv when the latter arrived.

“You don’t want me to sit on your lap this time, mistress?” Viv inquired.

“I figured you’d enjoy having your own seat… given that you won’t be having your next meal at a table.”

Ah, right. Viv turned crimson red as she sat down, her eyes so filled with wanton images she couldn’t see the food in front of her. She had been so invested in her guitar lesson she had completely forgotten about what her mistress had in store for her after lunch. The very thought was such a turn-on she made great efforts to push it to the back of her mind, worried that it would birth an irrepressible urge to touch herself; something her mistress had forbid her to do without permission -after all, Viv’s pussy was her property, along with the rest of her person.

Oh, goodness. That last thought had nearly done her in. Getting a hold of herself, she grabbed her spoon, and got started on her nachos.

(Yes, she ate nachos with a spoon, an oddity that inevitably elicited amused comments from her brother whenever he was around to witness it.)

Nova didn’t detach her eyes from her as she devoured her large portions with her bare paws. She would occasionally lick her lips, and Viv wasn’t entirely sure it was because she enjoyed the food.

“I love you,” the Hellhound said out of the blue.

Viv’s breath caught in her throat. “I love you too,” she said.

Ever since the beginning of this kidnapping/vacation, Nova had made a point to say the L-word to Viv several times a day. “As many times as it takes to make up for not saying it back the first time”, she had said. It seemed she took pleasure in saying it when Viv least expected it, as if to catch her unaware.

Viv tried not to rush through lunch. She hated eating fast, as it made her feel bloated, and often led to food being wasted. But she couldn’t help but be a little antsy even as she savored her nachos and the extra queso that covered them and the extra chipotle sauce they were drenched in -with all the physical exercise she was getting, she wasn’t worried about the carbs. A part of her was impatient to get through the meal, and couldn’t stop thinking about what was next. And, judging by the way she looked at her, neither could Nova.

The meal was more silent than usual, and a bit more tense as well. Finally, Nova said:

“Want to skip dessert?”

“Yes, please,” Viv immediately answered.

They hurriedly dropped their plates in the dishwasher, and ran upstairs hand in paw. As they got back to the main bedroom, Nova took Viv in her arms, and said to her ear:

“Before we begin, there’s one thing we need to decide.”


“We need to choose your skin.”

Viv tilted her head back, shooting Nova a quizzical look. The Hellhound explained what she meant by opening her Box of Wonders. That was the name Viv had given that wooden red box which Nova usually stored beneath her bed, and which she had brought with her on their vacation. The two of them had already gotten some mileage out of its contents, but were far from having explored it all. 

This time, Nova dug deeper in the box, reaching until the very bottom. She retrieved two plastic bags with a zipper, one much larger than the other. She opened them, before laying their contents on the bed.

“Oh, wow,” Viv muttered.

The first plastic bag, the smaller one, contained only a few items: a large black leather collar with a small silver medal, a dark red leash, a ring gag, a headband with two pointy dog ears, and a fluffy brown tail ending in a butt plug. The ears and the tail looked like they belonged to a big dog of some kind, possibly a German shepherd. Viv reflexively covered her mouth with her hands as she considered the contents of the second bag. It was a latex outfit, the kind that covered the entire body of its wearer, up to the neck. It even covered the hands and feet. The knees and elbows were studded, and straps adorned the limbs, evidently to tie them and force the wearer to walk on all fours. But what truly caught Viv’s attention was the fact that the outfit looked to be her size.

“Did you, um, did you buy it for me, mistress?”

Nova turned to look at her, her face darkening with blush. “I did.”

Clearing her throat, she said: “I’ll let you choose. You can put on the full outfit, or just the collar, the leash, and the tail. Which skin will you be wearing today? Your own, or this one?” She pointed her claw at the latex outfit.

Viv ran the tip of her tongue over her upper lip, already picturing herself completely encased in latex, going around on her knees and elbows, led by the leash. Her thighs rubbed together, as if to hide how wet she was getting.

She approached the bed, and brushed the outfit to get a feel of its material. Though she was no expert, she assumed it was the same kind of special latex that made up the hood she had worn at the convention. She remembered how comfortable that hood felt, and not just because it hid her identity as she browsed kinky items. Would this outfit too feel like a second skin?

“What’s it going to be, Viviana?” Nova asked.

“It’s hard to choose,” Viv said in a low voice. “I-I kinda want to try both.”


“Well, the thing is, the latex looks really hot. I mean, um, not literally. Although maybe it does get hot. And, ah, a bit sweaty too, I guess. But, um…”

Nova calmly grabbed Viv’s chin, as she often did when Viv started blubbering. Viv gulped her saliva, and tried again:

“I want to try the latex, mistress, but being naked is tempting too, because, um, well, you’re probably going to-to bite me or punish me or something, and I, err, I like seeing the marks you leave on my skin. It, um, it feels like…”

“Like I own you?” Nova whispered.

“Yes,” Viv breathed.

“I like that as well.” The mistress rubbed her thumb over her sub’s hickey -the one she made during their videoconference with Clara. “Okay. We’ll try naked for today.”

Viv smiled.

“Have you ever had a dog, by the way?” Nova asked.

“No, mistress, Mom doesn’t like dogs. We did have a cat, until he died of old age.”

“Do you remember our safeword?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Good, then let’s begin.” Her paw cupped Viv’s neck, and she looked her straight in the eyes, her gaze burning with dominance. “As of this moment and until I say otherwise, you are just a bitch. You are to behave like a bitch, and obey me like my pet.”

The sub nodded. Wait, no, she thought. Bitches don’t nod. Chuckling, Nova patted her shoulder and said:


Viv moved to sit on the edge of the bed, before realizing her mistake. She then kneeled down on the wooden floor, and looked up at her mistress.

“Good girl,” the Hellhound said, her paw moving behind the sub’s ear to scratch it. It felt surprisingly nice.

Nova picked up the collar, and wrapped it around Viv’s neck, like a ribbon around a gift. Viv let out a small squeak as she felt the cold leather against her skin, though it wasn’t the feel of the material she was responding to. Since the first time her mistress had adorned one on her, Viv had quickly grown to love collars. Or rather: being collared, especially by her mistress; it hadn’t felt quite the same when she had had Clara do it.

Collars were such powerful symbols of being dominated by someone, of truly belonging to someone. During one of their lessons, Nova had taught Viv that they came in many kinds. Some were made to explicitly resemble animal collars: dogs, cats, even horses. Some were large, encasing the neck completely, and made in such a shape that they forced the wearer to always tilt their head up, so they would have to look up to their masters. Some were made to feel rough, to inflict discomfort, so that the sub would always feel it and never get used to it.

Some were even made out of metal, and created specifically to fit one sub, and one sub only. They were called eternity collars, and Viv learned during one of her personal researches that they were essentially the BDSM equivalent of a wedding ring.

After a few tries, Viv had decided that her favorite collar -at least so far- was a simple leather one, sized just tight enough that it would choke her slightly. That way, whenever she wore it, she would constantly feel as if her mistress’ paw was holding her by the throat.

“It reads: “property of Nova Abercromby”,” Nova said, tapping the medal with the tip of her claw.

Viv had to make a deliberate, conscious effort not to gasp as her mistress said that. A bitch didn’t gasp, after all. Could she moan, though? Hmm, no, almost certainly not. Maybe whine, though.

With a smirk, Nova presented the leash. It, too, was made out of leather, and looked tough enough to hold a mastiff. Viv closed her eyes. The air left her body with a soft sound when she heard the clicking sound that indicated she was now bound to her mistress. Next, she felt the headband being placed on her head. Then, the ring gag was placed in her mouth, and locked at her neck, behind her hair. Viv had tried this particular kind of gag before. It held the mouth open, the tongue often lolling. She opened her eyes, and looked at herself in the closet’s mirror-door.

Was it weird that she thought she made a cute bitch, she wondered? Well, maybe it was. But Viv didn’t care. All that mattered to her was the large smile on her mistress’ face, showing how much she liked her new bitch.

“Last item,” her mistress said. “Present yourself.”

Viv got on all fours, then lowered her head against the floor, and raised her ass up, her thighs slightly apart; such was the position she was meant to take when her mistress gave her that order. It had taken her only a few tries -and a couple of spankings- before she got it right. A couple of times, her mistress ordered her to stay in that position for a while, immobile and silent, simply so Nova could admire her sub’s intimate parts without ever touching her. The merciless tease of her gaze on her wet, puffy lips had, once, proved too much for Viv to handle. She was masturbating before she even realized what she was doing; she had trouble sitting for the rest of the evening after her mistress was done punishing her.

Looking above her shoulder, Viv saw her mistress place the butt plug in her mouth, sucking on and licking it until it was nicely lubed. She drew it out of her lips with a plop, then got on her knees behind her sub. As she sensed the bulbous end entering her, Viv focused on making sure she didn’t make any Human noises. This wasn’t made any easier by the fact that her mistress was clearly taking her time, even toying with the plug a little. By the time the tail was finally in place, Viv was drooling, her hands dragging helplessly on the floor.

“Get up,” Nova ordered.

Shakily, Viv got up on her elbows and knees. Moving her legs made the plug move in turn, sending a spasm up to her stomach. Said plug felt a tad bigger than the ones her mistress had used on her before, possibly to ensure the tail would stay in place.

Nova moved to the bed, dragging Viv by her leash as she did. She sat with her legs apart, offering Viv a view of her moist snatch.

“Sit,” she said again.

Viv lowered her butt between her feet, her hands planted on the floor in front of her knees.

“Good girl,” the mistress said, scratching behind her ear. Viv leaned into it, grinning, her eyelids half-closed. Was this gesture meant to be a reward when she obeyed? If so, Viv was all for it, although she hoped there were also other sorts of rewards in stock.

“My new bitch needs a name,” Nova said. She tilted her head. “Hmm. How about “Vicky”? Do you like that name, girl?”

Once again, Viv’s reflexes almost got the better of her, as she opened her mouth to say: “yes, mistress” as she usually would. She shut her mouth so fast it made a little clop.

Nova chuckled. “Ah, right. We also need a system. Let’s go with: one bark for yes, two for no. Okay?”

“Woof!” Viv immediately answered.

“Good girl.”

Another scritch, this time lower on her neck.

“So, do you like “Vicky”?”

Viv barked again. Getting into her new role had been easy, easier even than she thought. She wondered then what else her mistress could do to her, or rather how far Viv would go to please her. There were some things she didn’t think she would do, but then again this wouldn’t be the first time her mistress pushed her limits.

“Now, let’s see how well trained you are, girl,” Nova said. She held out her paw. “Shake.”

The sub placed her hand in her mistress’ paw, and shook it a little.

“Good girl. Now, roll over.”

She laid down again, and somewhat awkwardly moved her hips and shoulders to roll her whole body, making sure not to use her hands, as that was not what a dog would do. In normal circumstances, the whole thing would probably have felt pretty silly to Viv. But she wasn’t Viv, right now. She was Vicky, Nova’s bitch.

“Very good,” Nova commented. “Speak!”

“Woof!” Viv happily said.



“Again. Louder.”

“WOOF!” Viv/Vicky said, tilting her head back and opening her chest to give her bark more power.

“Good girl, Vicky!” the mistress said, joyful. “All right, let’s go back down. I’ve got a few episodes of Daemon Spider to catch up on.”

She pulled her bitch’s leash and led her out of the bedroom. The stairs proved tricky to climb down on four legs, but Nova deliberately set a slow pace for her pet. Vicky tripped at one point, but her mistress was quick enough to catch her before she fell.

Nova settled on the couch, her large form occupying about half of it, then turned on the old flat screen TV. She looked at her bitch and patted her lap. Vicky obediently laid down on it, her head enjoying her mistress’ strong, well-shaped thigh as a pillow. Nova’s favorite TV series began playing on the screen, but Vicky barely paid attention to it, as her mistress started petting her. Dogs don’t watch TV anyway, she thought with a little smile.

Her consciousness fluctuated as she enjoyed the Hellhound’s ministrations. At some point, she dozed off; for how long, she had no idea. The rain had stopped outside when she came back to, although the weather remained decidedly gray. Initially on the side, she was now laying on her back, looking up at Nova. Once more, Vicky noticed how massive her tits looked from beneath. Her mistress was still petting and brushing her pet’s tummy, almost as an afterthought, her attention still focused on the screen. Or so it seemed at first.

Vicky noticed something about the way her mistress tended to her. While her paw avoided the more… strategic areas of her body, there was nothing innocent about her petting. The way she used the softest parts of her furred paws, the manner in which she barely grazed the underneath of her breasts… And the fact that she always stopped her brushing just about one inch above her groin.

The Human pet squirmed. It hadn’t been that long since her last orgasm, but she was already yearning for more; this had been a common “problem” since the beginning of her vacation with her mistress.

“Settle down, girl,” Nova intimated, still watching her show.

But as she said that, her paw “accidentally” skimmed over her pussy, and landed on the inside of her thigh. Vicky whined. She could swear the shadow of a grin had briefly animated her mistress’ lips.

“Sh-sh-sh,” the mistress said, admonishing her pet, but still not looking at her.

The petting resumed. Vicky bit her lip to swallow an exclamation of frustration as her mistress’ paw delicately, deliciously caressed the curve of her left boob. This time she did grin.

Vicky whined again, a bit louder to attract her mistress’ attention to her issue -while knowing full well the Hellhound was very aware of it, being its cause. As Nova’s paw went back down to her nether regions, the Human pet reflexively pushed her hips against it.

“Ha-ha!” Nova said, frowning, as she finally detached her gaze from the TV. “I said: settle down.”

Vicky let out yet another whine. But mistress! she wanted to say. She brought her hands in front of her, mimicking a dog begging for a treat, and tried hinting at her pussy.

“What’s wrong, Vicky?” the mistress asked, her face a mask of innocence and concern. “Do you want to go for a walk?”

“Woof, woof!” Vicky answered. A bit of saliva dripped off her tongue.

“No? What, then? Are you hungry?”

The Human pet almost glared at her mistress when she barked twice again. You know that’s not it! She then drew circles with her hips, pushing them against her mistress with insistence, her thighs spread far enough apart that the Hellhound could see for herself what was going on. Nova glanced at her pussy with a victorious smirk.

“Oh, I see now.” She brushed Vicky’s hair. “You’re in heat, aren’t you girl?”


Nova recoiled, surprised and amused by the loudness of that bark. “Oh my. It’s that bad, isn’t it? Naughty puppy.”

“Woof!” Yes, I’m a naughty puppy. I’m your naughty puppy. You have to do something about it. PLEASE!

“Wellllll…” Nova said, her eyes rolling up. “I suppose it’s my responsibility as your owner to do something about that.”

“Woof,” Vicky agreed.

“All right, girl. What do bitches do when they’re in heat?”

The Human pet frowned. What do they do? They… Well, I mean, they… Wait, does she mean…? Nova caught the hint of realization in her eye.

“They hump their owner’s leg,” she said, her smirk now stretching nearly to her wolf-like ears.

That sentence turned the heat inside Vicky’s pussy into a fire. She sustained her mistress’ gaze, her tongue lolling through the gag, her thighs quivering. Then, as if pushed by an unstoppable force, she climbed off her mistress’ lap and kneeled before her. Nova leaned back on the couch, placing her elbows on top of it, then extended her furred leg towards her bitch, between her opened legs. Vicky hesitated a few seconds more, but then her mistress’s toes went to “accidentally” tickle her nether regions, and that was all that she could take.

Vicky threw her body against the offered leg, pressing her groin against the ankle, and grabbing the back of the knee with both hands. She immediately began rubbing her pussy against her mistress’ fur to relieve its ache. At first, she did so slowly and softly, but it wasn’t long before her pace became faster, her humping stronger. 

It was a very different feeling from her mistress’ fingers or her mouth. The fur on the Hellhound’s leg was rougher than on the upper part of her body, and the sensation against her labia, combined with the heat of Nova’s skin, made Vicky crazy. Each time her oversensitive clit rubbed against the fur, her brain short-circuited. Soon, she was humping her owner’s leg like an actual bitch in heat, a mindless pet acting on base instincts.

Through the dense haze of euphoria, Vicky noticed she was pressing her face against the inside of her owner’s thigh. Her tongue was rolling wantonly on the Hellhound’s skin, right at the part where the fur stopped, mere inches before her intimate region. Noises were coming out of her opened mouth that didn’t sound like a Human moaning, and more like a bitch squealing. She looked up at her mistress to savor again her aura of dominance.

“Are you enjoying your owner’s leg, girl?” Nova said.

“Woof!” Vicky said, spittle dripping off her ring gag and onto the couch.

“Good. You may cum as soon as you can.”

Vicky didn’t need much more. She ran her pussy up and down the furred leg of her mistress for maybe another minute before she came. As the orgasm coursed through her, she kept on humping, lazily and sloppily, until she could no longer move. Out of breath, she closed her eyes. She sensed rivulets of sweat rolling along her back. Her labia hurt from how much and how hard she had rubbed it, but it was a good pain.

“Good girl,” her mistress said.

“Woof,” Vicky replied.

The Human pet patted her owner’s lap, indicating her desire to come back up. Nova gave her permission with a nod. Her mind emptied and her thirst quenched for a little while, Vicky went back to dozing off. Her mistress gently kissed her on the cheek, then brushed her hair. Dogs have it pretty good, she thought before she fell asleep.

Ultimately, they ended up not doing much that afternoon, and Nova declared that her pet would be released from her bondage right after dinner. Later, Nova explained that she had decided to go easy on her sub for her first time. Vicky was a little disappointed, but her mistress did promise her that the next time would be more challenging. The image of that latex outfit popped up in Vicky’s mind, who happily dropped the subject.

Dinner was a classic mac and cheese, which Viv/Vicky had served in an actual dog bowl. Eating without any cutlery was difficult, to say nothing of eating without even hands. A lot of the cheesy sauce ended up around the Human pet’s mouth instead of inside it, much to the amusement of Nova, who was watching over her as she ate.

“Maybe I should cook something a bit more dry next time,” the Hellhound said.

Later in the evening, they went back to the bedroom. As Nova put an end to the lesson and removed Viv’s accessories, the latter said:

“So there’s going to be a next time, huh?”

“Oh yes,” Nova said. “And a time after that.”

“Right, but, um… There’ll be a next time, um, after, err, you know, after…”

Nova shot her a look. “After our vacation?”

“Well, yes.”

The Hellhound held Viv against her with one arm, and grabbed her tail plug, making her squeak in surprise. “Of course. What did you think this was, a Hail Mary?”

“I…” Viv mumbled.

“I think we need to talk,” Nova said, positioning Viv so she faced her.

“Oh,” the other said, feeling her heart sinking in her chest.

“No, no,” Nova said. “Not that kind of talk.”

“You’re not dumping me again?” Viv said with a weak chuckle.

“Hell no. And, if we’re being accurate, I didn’t dump you the first time. I walked away and ghosted you like a coward.”

Viv did a double take. That was the very first time she had heard Nova talk like that, especially about herself.

“I don’t think I’ve ever apologized for that.”

“Oh, you don’t-you don’t have to…”

“Yes, I do,” Nova said, her expression suddenly very serious. “I’m sorry, Viviana. You told me you loved me, and I got cold feet. I hurt you, and for that I apologize.”

“That’s okay,” Viv said. “Oh!”

The butt plug had come out. Between how well it was lubed and Nova’s smooth movement of the wrist as she took it off, Viv had felt no pain. The headband was next; the only thing left was the collar, but Nova didn’t take it off.

“It’s not,” the Hellhound said. “But I promise to make it up to you.”

“You already have…” Viv whispered.

“Oh, but I’m not done.”

Her paws resting on Viv’s shoulder blades, she kissed her. It was a sweet and tender kiss, for once. A lover’s kiss, just like the other one months ago. Of course, the tenderness ended a moment later, as Nova pushed Viv down on the bed, then grabbed one of her legs and held it up. Sitting on the other leg, she slid her hips forwards until they met her sub’s. The two of them began rubbing their swollen, wet lips against the other’s in unison, Nova’s bright eyes devouring Viv’s small brown ones.

“So, after our vacation,” Viv said, “after you let me go…”

 “Haven’t I made this clear?” Nova interrupted, baring her fangs. “You’re not getting away from me.”

“Of course not, mistress,” the sub said, affecting meekness again. “What I meant was, after our time here, will we continue our lessons?”

“Oh, absolutely. There’s still so much I have to teach you…

“Mmmh,” Viv moaned as she sensed the Hellhound’s clit rubbing against her mound. “And I-I think I could do with some cramming. J-Just to make sure I learned right.”

“I think that’s a great idea, Viviana.”

Pure heat shot through Viv’s body as Nova started scissoring her with more strength.

“Aaaah!” Her back curved. “B-By the way, m-mistress, why do -hmmm- why do you always call me “Viviana”?”

“It’s your name, isn’t it?”

“Y-Yeah, but, um, everybody -oh goodness!- calls me Viv, and…”

“Exactly. Everybody calls you Viv.” Her clawed thumb went to play with her sub’s clit. “Only I call you Viviana.”

“Oh, I, ah!”

Viv decided it was better to drop the conversation, as she was becoming incapable of articulating. Nova was now riding her hard enough that her eyes were rolling back, her muscles were fidgeting incoherently, and her whole body was burning up. Even her attempts to thrust back proved fruitless, so she just let herself be carried away by the wave of her mistress’ lust.

As she drove her sub to an orgasm -and another one, and then another-, Nova made sure to bite her on the neck and on both shoulders, so as to leave hickies. She had always thought the only thing that made Viv’s porcelain skin more perfect were visible proofs of ownership. The two of them had actually discussed a future hypothetical situation where Viv would appear in public with such marks applied where they couldn’t be hidden by clothes. Nova had suggested it first, but only as a vague idea, as she wasn’t sure it would be a good idea to put her already anxious sub through that. Viv, however, had seemed enthused at the thought.

The evening passed, all too quickly as usual. Nova couldn’t help but feel a twinge of regret when she remembered they only had a week left before the end of spring break. The sun had passed the horizon when she released Viv from her loving, lustful embrace. Viv fell down the bed, her body drenched in sweat, the area going from her throat to her chest red as a firetruck, her breath quick and short.

“Th-thank you, mistress,” she muttered.

Nova ran a paw over Viv’s side, thinking about how delicious she looked after one of their “sessions”. Maybe there was still enough energy in her for another go… It was something of a vicious cycle, Nova thought with a chuckle: the just-fucked look made Viv all the more fuckable in her eyes. Ah, Hell, one more time shouldn’t hurt.

Viv made a high-pitched “hah!” when Nova spooned her and bear-hugged her. Nova realized she was a little bruised on her legs… and on her arms, and on her stomach.

“Sorry,” Nova said.

“No,” Viv breathed. “Um, can you, um, please do it again, mistress?”

Nova’s mouth stretched in a fangsy smile. That girl, she thought. I’m so crazy for that girl. Her paws went back to encroaching on Viv’s body, the left one cupping her tit, the other grabbing the inside of her thigh. Viv quivered.

“Mine,” Nova growled playfully in her ear.

“Yours,” Viv said.

The two of them decided to get under the covers for their last tryst of the day. As Nova prepared to ravish her willing slave again, she whispered:

“If ever I let you go, it would only be so I can kidnap you again afterwards.”

“Mmmh… Maybe I won’t let you next time,” Viv said. “Maybe I’ll run…”

“Oh? And where will you run?” Nova said, playing along.

“To Clara, maybe?”

“Then maybe I’ll have to kidnap her too.”

Two claws entered Viv, who threw her head back, her mind embracing the wonderful blankness that pleasure brought.

“I love you, mi- Nova,” she moaned.

“I love you too, Viviana.”

The rain came back later, its drops crashing noisily against the window, accompanied by a whooshing wind that wouldn’t abate. But by that time, both Nova and Viv were already in their own world, completely cut off from the rest.

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