Evildoer Bogey

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Species: Ogre, Villain

Habitat: Cities and major metropolitan areas

Disposition: Dominating, Hyper Fixated, Evil

Diet: Omnivorous but has a taste for the tears of defeated two-bit wannabe heroes


The Evildoer Bogey has only one want in the world, a simple task: WORLD DOMINATION! Nothing would make them happier than ruling the world with a plush, velvety fist. They spend all day from dawn to dusk furthering their nefarious plans. Every Evildoer Bogey is different, so to understand these supervillains better the broad strokes of their inner workings are entailed below.

First and most important are style and location. Evildoers can be found in highly populated areas so as to subjugate as many people as possible, but you won’t find them living in a regular house. They will first scope out the ideal place to make a lair, the tastes of which differ by individual. Some will carve out tunnels within sewer networks, while some might choose a highrise penthouse overlooking the land to soon be theirs. Particularly shy ones might go out of city limits, making use of warehouses, or perhaps on occasion, an impenetrable bunker located inside of a volcano. Like all bogey constructions these places are usually made out of cotton plush, but Evildoers are pragmatic and are not afraid to use the occasional 50-inch solid steel door surrounded by concrete here or there.

With the lair done, next is the bogey’s aesthetic. Some enjoy suits, others spandex, but all choose a theme to go with. Once done, they begin to work on crafting what will win them the day: Plush suits. They are not made for the Bogey herself but for her future minions-to-be. Searching their territory the bogey will find someone to wear the large suits, man or woman, married or unmarried, mamono or human, and find a way to make them wear it. Bribery, kidnapping, a lifetime contract with benefits, a paycheck, and a great dental plan, nothing is off the table with the Evildoer. Once they put on the suit, its magic will fuse to them, transforming them into a Baddy Bogey. Baddy Bogey’s being an entirely new monster will have more in-depth information in the attached document at the bottom, but to give an overview they will mimic their master aesthetic choice, become unflinchingly loyal, find their bodies stronger, faster, and healthier than ever, and find their new existence so pleasurable they will not hesitate to force the same fate unto others.

From here the Evildoer and their new baddies will begin a crime spree to cause fear, raise their notoriety, humiliate locale law enforcement, and grow their numbers. The only thing that slows the menaces are other Evildoer bogeys and superheroes. Evildoer Bogeys absolutely hate other Evildoer Bogeys that are not within the gang, and these disagreements usually stem from differences in styles, lack of subservience to the other, and most importantly, an unwillingness to share their seat as ruler. As such they will often have skirmishes when they both accidentally plan the same thing, a common occurrence. Should one defeat the other, the loser will be forced into a Baddy Suit and become the primary henchbogey of the victor. All Henchbogeys of the defeated Bogey, even those currently worn, will dramatically shift to the style of the new Evildoer. There are times when the magic becomes erratic and undoes the spell, leaving ex-Henchbogeys confused.

When an Evildoer Bogey wishes to get married, she will make a specialized and personalized baddy suit for her spouse to be. When the Evildoer puts it on their lover, they will find their mind unaffected like others wearing baddy suits. The suit will also begin to make them weaker instead of stronger, and will also become unwieldy. Whether it becomes large and thick making it hard to move, or so heavily that running is impossible, to simply growing mitts around the hands and feet, the one married to the Evildoer will find themselves helpless and reliant on their new wife. The Evildoers enjoy this greatly, as it gives them the rush of domination they crave, and will often carry their lovers with them on missions to show off and act as mascots. Should an Evildoer who is married become an underling, her lover’s suit will shift with her, though will still have clear markings unique to her so it is easy to tell at a glance who they’re married to, but they will still act as a mascot. When the Bogey and the mascot have children, these little Evildoers will be taught everything their mothers know about world domination, before being sent off with a few baddies of their own to further their parent’s plans on their own, though it’s not an uncommon tale to hear how the children have betrayed their parents, or how a parent’s children forces them into the role of sidekick.

All Evildoers though have a weakness, however, it varies wildly. Some are weak to water, certain phrases, and there have even been documented cases of practical jokes being enough to weaken them. It all depends on the bogey, their aesthetics, and personal upbringing. The only way to know for sure is careful observation, but if someone knows it, there’s a good chance that specific bogey will never catch them. If however, these wanna-be investigators are caught with their pants down, then a baddy suit is guaranteed.

The Evildoers are truly a monumental threat that only gains momentum every day, and it is only thanks to their constant infighting that keeps them in check, and documents like this to educate and warn the public, that everyday people can stay safe. To increase one’s knowledge further please read the attached document HERE.

To learn about the Heros that fight these ne’er-do-wells, read these documents HERE.

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