Elena & I – The Collar

“Come on, I know you’ll love it” she said. Elena stood next to the couch with a paw on her hip and a sly smile on her face, “And if you don’t like it then I won’t push you to it again” she assured. 

I sat there looking a little uncomfortable with this thing in my hands. “I just… I just don’t see myself doing this… I don’t think it’s me,” I said as I looked up at her and back to my hands and a black leather collar lined with a soft fuzzy inside and a chain leash. “I don’t even know what prompted this,” I struggled to find a way out of this situation. 

Elena stepped around walking towards the desk that my laptop sat upon. “Really? Shall I bring up search history again for you?” She taunted with a devilish grin. 

“Wait… WHAT?! YOU… you saw all that?” My face couldn’t have been any more red than a brick “I was just curious is all and-” 

She put her paw up. “Don’t give me that, you told me yourself you fancied yourself as the dominant type,” she said… and she wasn’t entirely wrong. 

“That was long before I met you, before I even came to this city. I was still exploring my sexuality and even then I was just really into rough sex.” 

She shook her head at my excuse. “And you never really explored any of it because you didn’t have anyone to explore it with right?” She stood in front of me, “But I guess it’s just really not your thing then,” she said in a sort of theatrical disappointment… and I fell for it. 

“What?” I fell for it hard. 

“I mean it’s just that you couldn’t possibly take charge, so I’ll just make you my bi-”

 I stood up in front of her. “Don’t you even think about finishing that sentence” 

She looked at me a little surprised only to return it with a smile leaning in. “And just what are you-” she made me feel a little small with her head over me and a poke at my forehead with her finger “…going to do about it coniglio?” She asked with a wide grin. She knew she flipped a switch… she was just too excited to see how far she could push it.

My fist tightly squeezed the collar. She towered over me but I was too worked up to back off. I simply said “sit,” and her expression went from cocky triumph to a mischievous curiosity.

“I’m sorry but I’m not some pet for-” 

I interrupted. “SIT!” I yelled. Her expression quickly changed to a look of shock to see my face with a stern and angered look. She slowly complied, her cheeks a light shade of pink as this was the first time I ever raised my voice at her. Those amber eyes staring into mine as she waited to see what I was going to do next. 

“Lift your chin” I commanded. Her face almost level with my chest, her head slowly tilted up still keeping her eyes on mine, my hand brought up to collar around her throat securing the buckle making sure it wasn’t too tight. Her breathing was already growing heavier. She nearly let out a chuckle.

“Guess you’re starting to get into it huh con-” I stopped her by putting my finger to her lips, then I leaned in close, face to face, as her eyes grew a little wider.

“Did I say puppy could speak?” her eyes wide in disbelief, ears perked up stiff, and her cheeks rosy red and tail wagging furiously.

Barely a minute has passed since I put the collar on her, told her she didn’t have permission to speak, called her ‘puppy’ and now I lead her with the chain leash as she walked on all fours into the bedroom. I started to freak out a little in my head, ‘WHAT IN THE FUCK AM I DOING?! She wanted this right? I mean if she didn’t want this then she would stop me, she would tell me.’ I looked at her over my shoulder. I saw her face looking toward the floor to hide her reddened face of over excitement, ‘Is she actually liking this? I mean she… she actually obeyed’. 

I led her to the foot of the bed, but before she started to climb up before I tugged on the chain leash. “Now now, puppy can’t go on the bed unless master approves” She froze a little as her tail swung around. She slowly moved back down onto the floor and to the foot of the bed sitting upright in a sort of squat, her paws rested by her ankles, and her chest stuck out as her biceps squeezed her breasts together and her legs spread wide showing off her panties. There was no doubt that she could see that I was pretty damn nervous, but even so I was still committed. She actually looked a little embarrassed with her eyes constantly glancing up at me and back down with her tail lightly wagging on the floor and ears twitching.

I looked at her then toward the bed. “If puppy wants on the bed-” I stepped close to her leaning over, my hand under her chin tilting her head up to look at me, and then asked “-Then puppy needs to behave… can puppy behave?” I teased her. She bit her lower lip. Her eyes looking frantic like she was fighting every bit of herself to break from this play and tackle me to the bed. She shut her eyes tight and nodded with the cutest little whimper I’ve ever heard from her… I suppressed a big grin as this was the first time I had ever seen her like this.

I pat the end of the mattress showing her where I wanted her to climb onto. She shifted herself a little and gave me a glance, but I only replied by patting the same spot. She blinked and looked at the very bed she had dominated and violated me in many times before. She climbed up onto the bed now as the one wearing a collar and leash and not as the one in control. She moved on all fours towards the pillows before she let out a gasp as I had put my hand on her thigh, my hand sliding up cupping that plush mound while the tips of my fingers felt just past the waist band of her panties with a little bit of her trimmed pubic fur at the tips of my fingers. My palm caressed that warm moist mound making her head whip back to look at me with a sort of surprised and panicked face. She was far too used to being the one to tease me and normally just mounted me with little to no foreplay… this was a totally new realm for her and now I planned on showing her nothing but that… admittedly I always fantasized seeing her in a sort of blissful agony… now was my chance. 

“Flip over,” I commanded. Her body was  trembling to my touch. She shakily turned herself over onto her back as I shifted myself to lean over her almost face to face. I simply smiled placing my hand on her toned belly slowly and gently caressing her abs. I continued to rub her belly feeling her shift and squirm while I slid my hand lower and lower. Her expressions were beyond adorable… too look so vulnerable, innocent and helpless. My right hand wriggled under the waist band of her panties. She looked down and back at me as if to plead with me to not go any further. I just kept up my smile as my fingers found her warm and moist folds rubbing ever so slowly. Her mouth shakily opened wider and wider trying to let out a sound but only subtle gasps and whimpers came out. 

“Shhhshshshhhh, there there, good puppy good puppy”, I said while I gently pet her head. She let out a long whimper biting her lower lip and shutting her eyes at the words I uttered. Her hips shakily rolled as my fingers rubbed her harder. Her arms crossed over her face as if to hide herself but that didn’t stop me. My fingers pushed in sinking into her folds feeling the hot and wet depths of her sex. She let out a gasp before turning her head to bite the pillow, arms still over her face, “poor puppy,” I teased as she whimpered, her tail wagged furiously against the bed sheets, “be a good pup and show me your face” 

I slowed the motion of my fingers while my left hand gently held her left cheek and prompted her to face me. Her arms lazily slid away revealing her face to me. She looked like she was about to start sobbing. “Aww, what’s wrong? Go on, puppy may speak.”

She trembled all over, her voice shaky, “I-I-I’ve nev-ver felt t-this bef-fore!” She barely got the words out. Her light sobbing, panting and moaning along with her squirming body, and gushing folds made her look like a hot mess. The words adorable and cute couldn’t describe what I was seeing. I didn’t hesitate, I leaned in and planted my lips to hers just as my fingers pumped in and out of her rapidly as the sounds of my fingers plunging into her soaking pussy grew louder. Our tongues coiled with each other like animals while her arms wrapped around behind my head holding me tight. My fingers hooked inside of her now hot depths. I must have found her sweet spot as her hips jutted up making our messy kiss break away as she let out a pleasured howl. My hand felt her pussy gushed hard and sprayed all over my hand and soaked her panties.   

The sheets under her got totally dampened and her body shivered as she started to come down from the intense orgasm. I gave her folds a last gentle rub as I watched her shiver all over before pulling my hand out from under her soaked panties. “Good puppy,” I told her, ‘I’ve never seen her cum so hard… well I’ll let her relax a little and,’ then I looked at her face. Her panting, hot breath and body slowly raised up all while her bright amber eyes fixated on me like a hungry beast eyeing its prey. She moved closer to me as her paws reached for my shoulders, ‘…god… I know we don’t talk much but-‘.

Her paws gripped my shoulders pinning me to the bed. Her claws dug into the sheets on either side of my head. Her panting breath washed over my face and I still hadn’t even noticed that she was still dripping wet below. Her whole body trembled like an earthquake she was so horny, “S-say it again!” she commanded, tail wagged in a frenzy throwing her heated scent all over the room.

“W-what?” I asked as natural fear overcame me. 

She leaned in close, her lips almost touched mine, “Say-it-again” she commanded again as her eyes pierced into mine.

 I whispered, “G-good puppy?” I don’t remember much after that… or the next day.


Author’s Notes:
Hope you enjoyed this second installment of “Elena & I”

I would like to give a big thanks to Laaren for editing and overall being big help with getting me up to speed in basic writing as I still have much to learn.

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