Drunken Fluff

    “She’ll never love you the way I do, Clare!” the actress on the screen exclaimes as James stares deadpan at the television. His mind fighting to maintain attention on the show. Reclining back in his seat, taking time to enjoy the private time with his lovely wife, while admiring her soft, voluptuous figure. Short messy hair and half-rimmed glasses decorate her face. With a mess of freckles dotting over her nose and cheeks, dancing their way down into her C-cupped bosom.  Her belly, plump and fecund with a pair of twins inside. Making him smile with the thought of his own virility and the prospects of their future parenthood.
    “Why do you like this stuff?” he asks, needling his wife about her terrible taste in soap operas.
    “I dunno! The plot to this one is so stupid. It’s about some lesbians trying to steal each other from their husbands, but they can’t seem to find a way to break their addiction to their husbands’ dick.” she explains to James. Her vibrant red and brown ringed tail swishing back and forth as she’s completely entranced by the show.
    “I suppose.” he remarks. “Not all thought out, is it?” he says, watching his wife’s reactions.
    “But that’s half the’ fun!” she exclaims, never turning away from the screen as she sorts through the laundry basket, folding up clothes and putting them in neat stacks. It’s their weekly ritual. The enthusiastic Danuki bounces on the coach, taking in her soaps like an excited school child. All the while James resting on the couch, teasing his wife. A swig of his wife’s private stock of Shocho dulls a bit of his after-work exhaustion.
    James gets up from his chair. Stalking his way behind his wife, catching her unaware as his hand shoots forward placing it over her mouth. The Danuki lets out a surprised squeak as he pulls her backwards across the seats of the sofa. Folded clothes and blankets scatter on to the floor “H-hey! Watch it there! I just folded those!” Madeline chastises as glares up at her husband kneeling down beside her head. He leans forward and kisses Madeline. A deep and loving kiss, with hints of passion and booze greeting her tongue as she parts her lips for his.  
    “I’m calm” a soft chuckle escaping his lips as he snakes his hand between her thighs. James’ fingers grazing between her lower lips before returning them to her face. Making a show with the juices he gathered from her. “It’s you who seems a bit worked up.” Madeline then grabs his wrist in response, bringing his fingers to her lips. Giving the offending digits’ soft kisses that soon turn to suckling them clean of her clear nectar. Holding his gaze in her eyes as her actions dawn on her in a blushing realization.  
    “Gosh, James!” she protests as she hides under her arm to cover up reddening face. “I can’t believe I did that.”
    “I can.” his voice whispering in her ears as he creeps his hand over her lips with a light caress, tracing them down her neck to her breast. Pinching her stiffened peaks through the oversized t-shirt she uses as her night gown. Squeaking at the light abuse she runs her hand over his, guiding it down between her legs as she spreads herself for him. Dragging it through the red wavy hair reflected in the modest bush that grew between her legs.  
    “I love you, Maddie. “ his voice a low, relaxed tone as he caresses her causing her to melt into his chest. Taking in his scent before meeting his gaze with her steely blue eyes.
    “Shh, Kiss.” Her hand running through his hair, gripping his brown locks, and persuading their lips to meet. He returns in earnest, leaning forward to deepen the kiss and pull back with a soft nibble to her bottom lip as he cradles the back of her head. His free hand taking a dive into her honeypot. Thumb grazing along the clit in slow aching circles causing her to gasp as her hips roll towards him. James’ digits slide between her lips, pushing through her tight entrance and pistoning them in the slow rhythm of her instinctual humping.
    “O-oh gosh, James!” she cries as he pumps his fingers in and out of her, tail swishing to and fro as his wife giggles childishly as he pushes inside of her. His deep voice moaning into her ear to encourage her along as she milks his fingers, working herself up in his arms, clutching to his chest as she tightens up, her breathing growing frantic. “Oh shit, oh shit! James, I’m cumming! Baby, faster!” she exclaims as she nears the edge. James bites firmly on her raccoon ears causing her to finally tips, grinding her hips roughly against his hand as his thumb brushed against her clit, causing her to lockup every time she pushed herself upon him. Her lips lightly kissing his cheek and neck, cooing into his ear, reluctantly releasing his hands from between her legs due to her hypersensitivity.  
    “You know I love those noises, Maddie.” James says with a tone much more relaxed and lucid than before. Lost in the haze of his lover’s scent and his own arousal as every touch she makes on him causes him to flex and push harder onto her, to claim her once more and make a new litter of children in the process.  
    “Oh, shut it, Darlin’.” She sighs heavily, kissing James as settles for his fingers rubbing the rim of her twitching entrance, huffing in defeat. “I want that cock inside me. You don’t even know how bad, Sweet thing~, but…” Her Southern drawl making itself known as she dreamily rubs her belly. She looks back to meet his warm expression, waiting for her to explain herself.  “Doctors orders I’m afraid. So soon too, and then we can get to work on round two!” she exclaims in a sultry tone as she slides off the sofa, taking James down with her. Forcing herself on top of him reaching down and rubbing along the groin of his jeans. “I know you want to be inside my nice warm hole all winter, and I wanna make up for that.” Making her move on him by kissing his lips while leaning over him. Tongue dancing with his as they laid on the floor, enjoying his wife’s domineering side. Moving from his lips she nips her sharp canines against his neck, nibbling as she pulls his shirt up his chest and over his head with a little of his help. Taking the chance to kiss down his hairy chest and abs defined by his years of healthy eating and hard labour.  
    “Like you have to ask.” James states matter-of-factly between his soft moans, yelping as Madeline bites his neck playfully. His hands play in her hair in response, scratching and pulling behind those soft fluffy ears as they twitched against his touch. She kisses down his chest, lower and lower, till she was just above the waist line of his pants, her slender fingers unbuckling his belt. The soft jingle, music to her ears causing her thighs to tighten against one another. Both of James’ hands grab handfuls of hair before lifting his hips to allow her to slide his pants and coverings down, letting his cock flop free, bopping her in the face as it stands defiant and ridged against the cold air, along with the heavy, warm breath of the Danuki who looked to the crown as if it was some great tower to conquer. Her eyes darting between his cock and his smug face as he grinned at the beautiful girl between his legs.  
    “Well? Go on. You look so amused by the position you’re in. I’ll admit I’m a bit eager myself.” A soft laugh from him reaches her ears, filling her with a giddy warmth. God, did he make her feel so wanted. He softly strokes along his shaft, slowly moving his hand up and down as her eyes followed the digits caressing the flesh she wanted for herself, a swift slap on the offending hand is given in retaliation. “Ow! A simple no would suffice, Sweetheart.”  
    She gives his thick cock kisses along the shaft, the side, to the top of the crown, sucking softly as her tongue swirled around it. Taking James’ precum on her tongue and savoring the taste with soft, light moans of delight as she sucked harder on the head, teething it slightly as she ran her tongue along the underside of the glans, rolling her tongue under the foreskin as she took the head into her mouth and made a show of slowly suckling the fluids that gushed from the head with every pulse. Pulling her lips off if it with a soft pop. Maddie gave a lustful sigh at the long-needed taste before burying her face in the base of his cock, taking in the musky smell as she gave a soft, muffled ” Mine~.“ her hands stroking along the spit-slicked warmth of his steely length all the way to the base, reaching further down and caressing his heavy sack that held her most sought after reward.  
    “Tell me, Hon. How long’s it been?” Madeline asks, her tone growing more sensual as she drowns herself in his scent taking big huffs and breathing out with a giddy shudder against his sack. The danuki’s hand stroking along his shaft languidly with gentle fingers dancing across his spit soaked cock now chilled by the air around it.  
    “W-way too long, Cuteness.” James says, sitting up as his voice comes out in an airy moan as his wife toys with his smouldering arousal. Madeline’s sharp nails lightly scratching against the bottom of this ball sack causing him to jump with a small yelp as she chuckles sweetly, giving his swollen nuts a soft kiss from her plump lips, progressing from chaste pecks to soft needy sucks. Taking his balls into her mouth one at a time and rolling her tongue around them lazily, moaning softly into James’ sack as she tastes his sweat combined with the lewdness of the act, causing her thighs to squish together as she drips down her thighs. She muffles something into his sack as she keeps sucking, drawing them deeper into her mouth as she caresses her husband lovingly her hands began milking him for her hard work’s reward.  
    “Y-ya know? With you stuffing your cheeks, you’d think you were squirreling my nuts away for winter-Augh!” James yelps as Madeline’s tail bops him directly in the face at full force, causing him to reel back as Maddie removes herself from his crotch, giggling at his shitty joke while putting on a fake pout at his expense. Their eyes meet and they share a mutual giggle and even a small belly laugh at the situations expense. His wife cutting to the chase with a quick kiss along the crown and sucking along the side to the base, canines dragging gently along to the top of his shaft as he gasps at the sudden pleasure against his cock. Bucking into her mouth as she works her lips over his length. They both moan in unison at the mutual pleasure of giving and receiving. James combs his fingers though her hair as she suckles diligently, bobbing up and down his shaft, milking tighter and tighter, her hands in tune with her oral attentions. James moaning louder and louder as his wife’s lips forming a tight seal around his length.  
    “Fuck! Maddie, I’m close.” He signals her by softly tugging one of her ears as she drags off of it in  long, soul sucking motion, a loud “Pop” sounding throughout the room as she rest her head on his thigh, once more challenging his gaze.
    “Cum for me, Baby.” She coos, stroking him faster, her breathing and soft moans at the excitement of her husband about to cum into whatever space he could find. Her lips slide over his head, her hands work his shaft as her mouth goes from gentle suckle to a hard vacuum causing James to gasp and thrash against his wife’s ministrations at the height of his pleasure.  
    “F-fuck! Maddie! Unfair!” James moans. Cumming hard into Madeline’s mouth, the audible sucking and gulping from his partner encourages him to buck instinctually as much as he can into her throat as she moans against the base of his cock. Her husband’s seed coming forth in a wave that causes her cheeks to bulge as she attempts to swallow it all. Her soft moaning sending vibrations against his sensitive crown, causing him to flex and throb inside of her. Acting as his personal succubus, she suckles her treat from his cock, removing herself with another loud pop. Something she’s come to please herself with. A small amount of his seed at the corner of her mouth which she looks up at him with a sultry, satisfied glance as licks the little bit of leftovers up off her lips before laying her head in his lap. “Holy shit.” James says as the first to pipe up after the intense session.
    “Language” Maddie softly chides as she moves from the floor onto her husband’s lap. Her head nuzzling into his chest, getting comfy. James tilts her head up to kiss her only to be redirected to her cheeks and face.  “Hon, I just ate your load and I’m too lazy to clean up, face and cheeks please.” A modest giggle escapes her. “I appreciate the gesture though.”  
    “How long till the next litter?” James inquires as he gently rubs his wife’s swollen belly filled with his first litter of kids.  
    “With you? I give it three weeks after these ones are born.” She snuggles into his chest, taking a deep breath of his scent.  
    “Gotta problem with that?” James says in jest as he prods his wife’s cheeks as she lays atop him.
    “I’d be more surprised if I didn’t end up with two more litters the way you are, my hunk of a man.” Kissing his chest and laying back down. James rustles beneath her. Sitting up and holding her close as she’s lifted from the floor. “Show off,” She sticks her tongue out as she’s laid across the couch. James walking off to the kitchen and coming back with a cold bottle of water. He teases her to sit up, and when she does he steals the seat for himself. Coaxing her to lay backdown across his lap. “Was this your plan all along?”
    “Of course, you refused to tell your husband what you desired. I had to find out on my own,” James now looking at his wife with his brow cocked in an incredulous look.
    “Well congratulations, you won my favour! What’s the next step in your master plan?” she giggles at her husband playing along with her silly games
    “Hrmmm…” James mulled over the question figuring how to best deliver this line. “Loving this family, I’ve made…And no one but you.” Maddie sighs and snuggles into his lap pillow and looking up at her husband.

    “Pfft… Dork.” Madieline giggles as she turns on her side and rest in her husband’s laps as they both continue to enjoy the never-ending soaps on the television

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