Drag Me To Hell (Prologue & Chapter 1)

Prologue (Original Greentext)

>Unassuming citizen of MGC
>Spend your days trying not to get raped by monstergirls
>Get oggled by monsters all day at your job
>Too poor to afford car.
>Have to walk home, never use the same path twice
>Live like you’re being stalked, but you’ve gotten pretty good at avoiding rape.
>Never been caught by even the most predatory monsters.
>Come home, start to unwind, celebrating another rape-free day
>Suddenly flames everywhere
>Black form starts to emerge from the fire
>Run out of house, down alleyways, cutting through all of the hidden paths you know, eager to escape whatever that was.
>Flames erupt in your path
>You turn around, more fire.
>Big black flaming houndgirl standing in front of you, grinning wider than a cheshire
>”No matter how far you run, no matter how fast you run, you can’t escape!”
>Turns out, ancestor sold your soul.
>Hellhound is here to drag you down to Hell.
>Fuck you, Great Great Great Great Great Grandpa
>Debating on sprinting through fire
>Holy fuck, that’s hot.
>”Not thinking about running, are you?”
>”I like it when they run~”
>Opening in fire appears. This bitch is just toying with you.
>Gotta think fast.
>Snatch a stick off of the ground
>Lob that son of a bitch as hard as you can, then cheese it like a mother fucker
>You run and you run and you run
>More flames. God dammit.
>”Did you really think that would work?”
>Playing with the stick in her hand
>She starts gloating about how escape is futile and you really should just give up
>Start looking for another stick
>”You should really just give up now.” she says with a grin capable of eating massive amounts of shit.
>Seriously, look at all those goddamn teeth.
>Find stick. Huck stick in opposite direction.
>”Grrr…” Hellhound growls at you. She starts fidgeting. She wants the stick.
>”I’ll get you for this…”
>She runs off after the stick. You take the opportunity to gather more sticks.
>Hellhound keeps appearing in front of you, growing more furious each time.
>Get rid of her with your arsenal of sticks.
>Duck into 24 Hour Pharmacy
>Buy 100 small super bouncy balls to deter OCD Hellhound
>Run to bridge over river, throwing bouncy balls so you aren’t dragged down to Hell by houndgirl.
>Supermad, growing increasingly frustrated and furious as she fetches everything you throw.
>Grab handful of bouncy balls, wait for Hellhound
>Shows up, literally on fire. Grin is gone.
>”Grrrrr…” Deep, guttural growl. “I’m going to drag you to Hell by your cock, and when we get there… I’M GONNA FUCK YOU UNTIL YOUR PENIS PROLAPSES! YOU! ARE! MINE!”
>Toss bouncy balls into the water as far downstream as you can.
>Her face looks stunned, but she glares again. Her eyes are on fire. I HATE the water! I hate YOU! Ihateyou Ihateyou Ihateyou!”
>She disappears in a puff of smoke.
>Take a deep breath. She should be gone for a bit. Jog home to catch your breath.
>Looks like you’re running away now.
>Jog home
>Scorch marks everywhere. Good thing you don’t have to clean that up.
>Throw clothes into a bag, grab toothbrush, pack jar of peanut butter and jelly, take the bread on your wayout.
>Head out door, freeze in place.
>Inside of doorway is hulking silhouette of black furred Hound.
>Looks vaguely wet, steam billowing off of her fur
>Holds out rubber balls.
>Rubber melts and trickles down her paws.
>You done goofed
>Break for the window
>Tackled into wall. Ow.
>”I’m going to break you…” she growls, so angry that she’s made her way back into calm. “It didn’t have to be this way… but you made a fool of me…”
>She traces a claw down your chest. It only gently scratches. Feels kind of nice, actually.
>Holy shit your clothes are on fire.
>Guess it’s cool, doesn’t burn.
>Actually kind of cold now that you’re naked.
>Hellhound straddles you, warm fur feels amazing.
>”Is this your first time?” she asks. Grin is back. She traces a claw down your face.
>”I won’t be gentle~”
>Rape commences. Oh god, make it stop.
>Pain becomes pleasure, pleasure becomes pain. Fire everywhere. Eyes hurt from the light.
>Finally over. Hellhound gets up. She places her foot on your chest. You can barely move. “I told you I would get you~”
>”You know, you taste kind of good. I might actually keep you after I turn you in.”
>Barely comprehend words. Your everything is sore. Even your eyes.
>She picks you up and throws you over her shoulder. Mucho ouch.
>Fire portal opens. Screams of the damned echo around you. House seriously on fire.
>She carries you into hell.

>Everyone thinks you died in an electrical fire.


Chapter 1 (Story based on Greentext)


  • A searing light blazed all around you, piercing even your closed eyelids. Blinking frantically, it takes a second for your eyes to adjust, but the first thing you notice is the black fur. Dazed as you are, it slowly dawns on you that you’re still slung over the Hellhound’s shoulder. You notice many pairs of feet standing around before you look to take stock of your surroundings. It was a bridge made of stone, so thin that it looked likely to collapse. It was full of Hellhounds and other demons, and every one seemed to have a companion. Some of the humans were being carried like you, some even unconscious, though other couples seemed to be under less duress than you were. These couples stood around, the demons apparently trusting their humans not to run off. Truth be told, you didn’t see the point in trying to run away.


        The rock bridge was narrow enough that you felt that trying to bolt through the line of Hellhounds was not the wisest decision. There weren’t any rails or guards, looking like a natural formation, though you couldn’t imagine a natural rock bridge that long. Bolting off seemed like a quick way to end up into the brightly glowing magma below. You crane your neck and tentatively look off to the side, and you think you can see dark little figures actually moving in the molten lava. This was it. You really were in Hell.
        “Stop squirming…” your captor said sternly. “You’ll send us both over the edge.” You briefly contemplated that fate, then decided that the mysterious course your life was on now was probably better than forever burning in the lake of lava. “Can you at least put me down?” you ask as you start to feel the blood steadily pooling in your head. “Are you going to run off?” the Hellhound asks suspiciously. “To where?” you retort, gesturing around you. She goes silent for a minute before she unceremoniously deposits you on the ground without a word.
        You take a moment to get to your feet and regain your balance, a sense of vertigo sweeping over you as you try to avoid looking down at the glowing pit. You look up, and see the cave ceiling above, illuminated by the light below. The ceiling was high enough that you saw shadows of figures flying overhead, weaving between stalactites big enough that you were sure they could destroy the bridge you were standing on if one were to fall.
        You’re interrupted from your musing by fur brushing against your neck before the Hellhound grabs you by the collar and pulls you along. The line had apparently moved. Wait. Collar? Your had goes to your neck and you realize that a strap of leather now hangs around your neck. You fumble around for the clasp, immediately wanting to take it off. “I wouldn’t do that, if I were you.” your captor says. “Really?” you ask curtly, “Why not?”
        The Hellhound shakes her head. “It marks you as a Damned. If you take it off, and anyone can just come along and take you. Since we’re in Hell, I really don’t think you want to be a runaway soul. As long as you wear the collar, no one’s going to mess with you. Right now, I’m taking you in, so no one’s going to mess with you anyway. But when I turn you over, you’ll probably want to keep that on unless you want to be kidnapped by the nearest demon.”
        You finger the collar at your neck, musing over her words. “So I can just… take this off whenever I want? It just opens me up to bad things happening?” She nods, “Pretty much. Free will and all. Just remember, this is Hell. There are some people here you reeeeeally don’t want to get mixed in with. And if they catch you without a collar? Well… There’s really no telling.”
You stand in line for what seems like an eternity, musing over the Hellhound’s words. You quickly grow bored with this apparent damnation that your ancestor sentenced you to, and wonder if you’ll spend the rest of time there on that god forsaken rock bridge. Eventually, with the line moving at a slow, but mercifully steady pace, you see what the line has come to.
        A bored-looking Imp stands in the window of a small wooden shack where the rock bridge meets rock. The line terminates at a glass window before the denizens of Hell wander off in several different directions. Eventually, you make your way to the window and the Imp seems to ignore you completely. She looks over her glasses up at the tall Hellhound, “Name?” she asks, almost resentfully.
        “Serafine.” your captor answers. The Imp seems to write something down. “Papers?” she asks. The Hellhound’s hands erupt into fire, before she slides some pieces of paper under the window. You try to get a look at them, but it changes hands too quickly. The Imp stamps the papers a few times, you can smell the paper burning from outside the window, before she slides them back. She turns to you, and pushes her glasses up to the bridge of her nose. She closes her eyes, smiling smugly.“Welcome to Hell.” she says, before Serafine drags you off by your collar.
        “Hey, hey!” you protest. “I can walk on my own!”
“Then come on.” your captor says flatly. She releases her grip, and you take a quick stride to catch up. “So,” you say. “Your name’s Serafine?”
        “No.” she says, sarcastic and irritated.
“Okay…” you say, growing irritated by the Hellhound’s behavior. Demon beast or not, it’s not like you’re the one who sold your soul. As far as you’re concerned, you’re getting the short end of the stick. “Can you at least tell me where we’re going?”
“There.” she points up ahead. A tall, black building loomed in the distance. Serafine heads toward the large doors, saying little more. “What’s up there?” you ask. “I’m not going to explain it to you.” she answers. Her voice is cold, her expression heated. You think back to the haughty laughter she bellowed as she mocked your inability to escape before. You couldn’t decide which you liked better, haughty or bitchy. Either way, you hoped that whatever fate lay before you, it didn’t include this fiery bitch.
        The two of you walk through the double doors, and up to a succubus behind a large counter. “I’m here to collect.” Serafine says to the succubus. The other demon was dressed like a businesswoman, but somehow you doubted any respectable businesswoman would dress like that. With only one of her shirts buttoned so that her cleavage threatened to burst out any moment, it seemed the succubus was wearing the kind of suit that you’d expect to see on someone who was trying to be sexy on Halloween, or perhaps at an outright porno shoot. “Papers?” the succubus asked. Another flash of fire, and Serafine placed the papers on the desk. The succubus looked from the papers, to Sarafine, then to you.
        “Clause 158, mortal decedent given as payment for services rendered, by… Contract 246 Million, 814 Thousand, Seven Hundred and Thirty One. An older contract, no doubt. Hmm…. Oh, I’m sorry. There’s been some mistake.” the succubus said. Her ramblings had caused your mind to wander off, but the word ‘mistake’ brought you back quick and sharp. Serafine gave a huff. “Mistake? What do you mean mistake? This is the right soul.”
        “Well, yes. But unfortunately, I’m afraid that the Bureau has changed their policies on these kinds of contracts.” the succubus stated plainly. “Unfortunately, we can no longer accept innocent souls. Paradisio has offered them… asylum, insofar as eternal damnation goes… Um, young man?” she said as she turned to you.
        “Me?” you say, a bit unsure. “Of course,” she replies with a nod. “Have you ever murdered, raped, directly or indirectly killed, or otherwise committed actions that led to the undue and excessive suffering of another being, monster, human, or otherwise sentient creature?” the succubus asked, almost hopefully. “Umm, no?” you say tentatively. “I see…” she continued, “Which of the Seven Deadly Sins would you say most completely describes you?”
        You think for a second, wondering how to correctly answer the question. Despite several legislative attempts by monstergirl lobbyists, denying a monstergirl sex was still not a crime. After a long, silent moment, you finally said, “Sloth?”
        “Has your sloth ever led you to forsake your fellow man in word or in deed?” the succubus asked. “No.” you answer confidently. She gave a wistful sigh before turning back to Serafine. “I’m afraid there is nothing we can do. He’s an innocent soul.”
        “So you’re saying I’m not going to get paid!?” the Hellhound snapped, slamming her paws on the counter. You could smell the papers burning again. The succubus took a deep breath, “Now now, don’t fret. You will still get your compensation. Unfortunately, we cannot take him.”
        “What do you mean?” Serafine asked, a bit calmer now. “It means the Bureau cannot take custody of his soul. No laboring in the mines, no being hired out to demons for personal use, no being tied to a pole and auctioned off in the Soul Market. We are not allowed to do anything to him.”
        “So what do I do with him?” Serafine asked. You stay silent as the two demons try to figure out your fate. You hang on every word. Perhaps they will just let you return to the mortal world? “If you’ll read the fine print of your contract,” the succubus stated, pointing to the smoldering paper with a pen. “In the event the Bureau cannot take custody of the soul in question, it is the Retriever’s responsibility to facilitate another recourse for it.”
        “Wait, what does that mean?” Serafine asked with a confused voice. The succubus shook her head exasperatedly. “It means you are responsible for taking care of him.”
“What!?” Serafine exclaimed. “To hell with that! I’m not keeping him! I’ll just take him back through the Gate and leave him where I found him!” Your heart skips a beat when you hear her say this. Going back home? That’s the most attractive option you’ve heard so far. To just go home and forget this nightmare ever happened.
        “I’m afraid that’s impossible.” the succubus said with a shake of her head. Her words shattered your hopes just as soon as they’d arrived. “You know as well as I do that mortals can’t just go back through the Gate.” Serafine growled a little. “Then I’ll just sell him on the market myself!” The succubus remained stoic. “You can try. It isn’t the Bureau’s business, but I don’t think it’ll do any good. Monsters looking for slaves prefer the guilty souls. You can do anything you want with them. Innocence is a liability, and no one wants to get exorcised because they forgot the rules about innocent souls. I mean, you can try. Maybe someone will buy an innocent just for the rarity, but it’s not like innocence tastes any better.”
        Serafine was visibly furious, her flames licking the air around her, and the smell of ash was clear in the air. “So you’re saying I’m stuck with him!?”
“Precisely.” the succubus answered coldly. “Was there anything else I can help you with?”
“Clearly not.” the Hellhound answered with a snarl. Without a word more, she gathered her papers and left.
        You stood there, stunned for a moment. The conversation you just heard slowly sunk in. You couldn’t go home, if the succubus could be believed. You stared off silently into some unseen distance before the succubus cleared her throat. “Ahem. Honey, you’ll want to go catch up with her.” You look over to her for a silent moment before shaking your head. “Right. Okay…” you say before heading off after the angry Hellhound.
        “Hey! Wait up!” you shout as you catch her angrily meandering through the streets full of demons. You draw stares as you try to catch up, but pay the other demons no heed. “What do you want?” Serafine says as you fall in beside her. “Well, shouldn’t we talk?” you answer.
“There’s nothing to talk about. Go away.” she snaps.
“Hey!” you answer back sternly. Perhaps your pride was getting the better of you, or perhaps it was because you’d finally had enough of her treatment. “You grabbed me, raped me, dragged me here, and now you’re just going to run off?”
        “Sounds about right.” she says, looking back at you angrily.
“And you don’t think that’s just a little messed up?” you say back.
“What’s messed up is that they expect me to just suddenly take care of a stupid little pissant like you.”
        “Excuse me, I didn’t barge into your life and drag you down to fucking Hell!” you exclaim, growing increasingly angry. “You kno”
 w, I think I almost preferred you as a smug bitch than a haughty cunt!
        Serafine growls at you, a deep, guttural growl. “You’re really lucky I’m not allowed to hurt you.” You scoff, “Didn’t stop you from raping me. Or does rape not count?”
“That was your fault!” she snaps.
“How is you raping me my fault?” you snap back. “Just like a monster to say that. What, was I just too alluring for you?”
        “Don’t flatter yourself. You made me angry, and that’s pretty much the only thing I’m allowed to do to you.” the Hellhound says. “Wasn’t even that good… It’s your fault for what you did to me!”
        You feel a twinge of pain in your pride. You might not be Casanova, but attacking your prowess was kind of below the proverbial belt. You shrug it off, shaking your head. It doesn’t count if you were raped. “What the hell did I ever do to you?”
        “You made me go in the river…” she says, looking away. You blink a few times, remembering. “Oh yeah. But I’m pretty sure making you go for a swim ranks pretty low when compared to, you know. Dragging me to Hell!”
        “I was just doing my job. Besides, you don’t understand…” Serafine’s expression softens, going from heatedly hostile, to sad with a hint of…fear? She crosses her arms as she stands in front of you, and seems to hug herself. “Water feels so… cold.” the Hellhound shivers. “I hate it.”
        She seemed almost pitiful. In any other circumstance, you might have been tempted to console her. Then you remember she was the reason for your being in Hell in the first place. “You know, I’m surprised that worked. Why didn’t you just, you know, ignore the sticks and bouncy balls?”
        “I tried.” she huffs, looking away again. “It’s not something I choose to do, just… a voice in my head tells me I have to. My nature, I guess.”
        You shake your head. “Fine, I guess… that’s a thing?” You heave a sigh, growing weary of the argument. You were stuck here, and you weren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The best thing to do was to probably make nice with the hulking demon you were saddled with. “Look, I’m sorry I made you go in the river. I didn’t want to go to Hell.” you manage to choke out halfheartedly.
        Serafine takes a deep breath. “No one ever really does. Usually, though, they’re all bad people.”
“Yeah, I wasn’t. Innocent, remember?” you say.
“Well, Hellhound.” she retorts. “I’m given a name, and I bring them back. It’s what I do.”
        “All right, all right.” You say, “Can we just at least both agree that this situation sucks, and it turned out shitty for both of us? I think that if I’m stuck with you, and you’re stuck with me, the least we can do is try to get along.” Serafine nods, uncrossing her arms. “Agreed.”
You hold out your hand. “So no more being an insufferable bitch?” She gives a surprised look, almost affronted, but she seems to settle down. She takes your hand in her large black paw, “Can you stop whining about being in Hell?” You nod, “Then it’s a deal.”
        Serafine leads you through the strange buildings of Hell, which looked oddly like bland office buildings made of rock. “So this is Hell, huh?” you ask, looking around.
“Limbo, actually.” Serafine answers as you walk.
“…Limbo?” you ask. “So this isn’t Hell?”
        “Limbo is part of Hell.” she answers, “The guiltless damned and the lesser demons reside here, in the lowest Circle.”
“So there’s deeper parts of Hell?” you ask.
Serafine nods. “Yes, but if you want to go there, find someone else. I have no intention of visiting the lower Circles.”
        You think on this for a minute. “A Hellhound afraid of Hell?” you muse. Serafine narrows her eyes and huffs at you, “Tch. I’m not afraid. I just don’t like going down there is all.”
You shrug. “If you say so, though I struggle to imagine the kind of things that could be worse than forever burning in lava.”
        Her expression turns from sour, to devious as her mouth curls into a wide grin, her fangs poking over her lips. “Follow me.” The Hellhound takes off at a brisk pace, and you are hard-pressed to keep up. Indeed, it seems as if you lose your way between the twists and turns of the hellish city, most of your concentration is centered on keeping the excited Hellhound in sight.
        After Serafine causes you to almost break into an outright sprint to keep up with her down a declining path, you arrive red-faced and panting to the shores of the lava lake. “Do you see?” her voice reaches to you as you catch your breath, doubled over. At first, all you could see was the black rock that formed the ground you stood on, but after you look out over the brightly glowing lake, you finally see what she meant.
        It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the glow of the lake, but you start to realize you see the same black shapes from earlier. Demons, swimming and playing in the magma like it was a public lake. “So… I guess this is what demons do for fun?” you say. “I guess that’s… better? Than people burning forever.”
        She urges you to take a step closer. “Come on, look harder. You’re not seeing it, yet.” You oblige the Hellhound and move a bit closer. The heat coming off of the molten rock seemed to deter you, but only a little bit. It was like standing in front of a hot oven. Far from unbearable, you think it might have even been pleasant if you were cold. Feeling brave, you walk right up to the lava’s edge, and the air felt no warmer than a summer’s afternoon.
        You feel a sturdy paw clap you on the back, and then push you off the edge. You feel your balance shift out from under you, and then time seems to slow as the glowing lava comes rushing up to meet you. You close your eyes tight, throwing your hands up. You feel your palms and fingers break the surface first, before an instant later, your face falls through it. That was it. You died. The end.
        Wait a minute, how could you still think? You were alive? Maybe since you were in Hell, you couldn’t die. Were you going to be reborn? Was your soul going to be reformed so that you could die again? You suddenly feel something strong pull you up. Was your soul going to Heaven?
        You feel yourself get pulled out of the heavy lava and come face to face with the Hellhound. After the lava slakes off of your ears, her howling laughter echoes around you. “Oh, Paradisio above! Your face! Oh by the Adversary, that was too funny!”
        It takes you a moment to realize that you were not dead, you look down at your body and see glowing, molten rock sloughing off of you like she’d just pulled you out of mud. You reach up and even your hair has emerged from the magma without so much as a singe. “What?” you protest, “How?”
        Serafine sets you down on wobbly knees, before clapping you on the back again, almost sending you over once more before she grabs and steadies you. “Easy there,” she says, “You’re in Hell, but since you’re an innocent, hellfire can’t hurt you. Not to mention your body became resistant to heat when… well.” She looks away. “Before we got here.”
        You grumpily look up at the Hellhound. “You mean when you raped me.” you say flatly. She looks back with a scowl, “Shut up. You deserved it.” You two glare at each other for a silent while. She exhales slowly, rolling her eyes. “Whatever, yeah. That’s when it happened. Anyway, the lake here is just used for swimming.”
        Serafine, naked, wades into the magma. You look after her, a bit transfixed at her ashen colored, heart-shaped ass. Her tail swishes a bit before it disappears into the lava. Once she sits down in the glowing pool, you look down only to realize that despite your distractions, you were still naked. Suddenly self-conscious, you carefully wade back into the lake.
        The magma was thick and viscous, like sinking into warm mud. It wasn’t entirely unpleasant, though, and you sat a few paces away from Serafine. You take a deep breath, even leaning back against a rock as the warmth spread over you. You feel yourself start to doze, tired as you were. The closest thing you could have called rest that you’ve gotten since yesterday had been the unconscious hours you spent slung over the Hellhound’s shoulder after having been raped into a stupor. The warm, thick magma seemed to ease your muscles, aching from your time running from Serafina, then the rough copulation that followed, and then following her around Hell. Maybe you would have had an easier time of it if Serafine wasn’t a large Hellhound with a bounding gait. Still, the magma was so relaxing, feeling like something between a warm bath and a heated blanket.
        You’re brought back to consciousness by a black furred elbow. “Ey. You really that tired?”
You start to answer but are cut off by a loud yawn. Serafine shakes her head, closing her eyes with a smug smile coming across her face. “I guess it can’t be helped. You did spend a lot of time running. Come on, sleepy.”
        You feel yourself dragged to your feet and you walk out of the lake as the magma drips off of you. Luckily, it seemed that lava doesn’t stick to your skin. Naked, you both walked through the streets of the Hell city, passing by demons and humans that didn’t seem to give any care toward you or your Hellhound companion, despite the fact that you were both naked. Somehow, you actually started to feel cold. It was surprising at first, though you imagine that compared to swimming in hellish lava, the warm air from before was rather cold.
        Your mind barely registered as you climbed a seemingly endless rock stairwell, and came before a large door. A cursory glance around you showed you that there were doors all along this particular rock face. Serafine moved the rock that served as the door, and you wandered inside. The Hellhound’s ‘house’ seemed minimalistic at best. There was a pile of what seemed to be furs on the floor that could only be her bed, and a large stone basin that was full of more lava that was the only light in the room.
        “Kinda drab in here, isn’t it?” you muse. Serafine pulls a curt face and gives a little “Hrmph.” She paces around before sitting in the pile of furs. “It’s not like a Hellhound needs much.” You notice that there isn’t so much as a fridge. “What do you eat?” you ask. “Demonic animals, mostly.” she answers as she lays down. She heaves a great yawn that makes you yawn in turn. “They’re really good. You’ll probably like them.”
        You find the most comfortable-looking spot and sit down, leaning back against the rock wall. It’s not the most comfortable thing, but it feels nice to get off of your feet. A silent while passes, and you shift more than once, trying to find the most comfortable position to doze off a bit. Normally, it would have been almost impossible for you to sleep on a rock, but you’re just glad to have a chance to rest after the hectic day.
        “You look so pitiful.” Serafine gives a soft laugh. “Come here.” You rouse to full consciousness and look over to the Hellhound. She’s sleeping on her side, one arm stretched out while the other beckons you closer. You huff a bit, “You’re not going to rape me again, are you?”
        She pulls a face, “Fine. Sleep on the bare floor. I was offering to share, but if you want to be a dick about it…” She turns away, “I hope you wake up so stiff you cant even move.” You roll your eyes and get to your feet. Your sore muscles protest, but you make your way over to the Hellhound. “Well, thanks.” is all you can muster before you start to lay down on the pile of furs. Serafine scoots over, allowing you to lay beside her.
        “See? Much nicer.” she says, rolling back over to look at you. You try to get comfortable, a lot easier now that you’re not sitting on rocks. “Still hard.” you say before you rest your head in your own arms. “Oh, stop complaining.” she says, “It’s better for your back anyway.”
“Maybe, but not my neck.” you say, your head still resting on your arms. From the way your neck was twisting, you were sure you were going to wake up with a crick in it. Still, so tired were you that you didn’t really care. “You big baby.” she says lightheartedly, before she slides her big furry paw underneath your head. “Here.”
        You had to admit, her paw was soft and comfortable. Probably more so than any pillow you’d ever slept on. “Thanks.” you mutter as you rest your cheek against her pawpads. There was a faint scratching along your scalp before you realize it was her claws. The scalp massage feels pretty good, sending little tingles from the top of your head rippling down your spine. “That, actually feels amazing.” you say, giving a little groan of pleasure.
        “I suppose it’s the least I can do. Considering you know. All of this.” Serafine says before she wraps her other paw around your waist. “You know,” she says as she pulls you closer to her. “You’re pretty comfortable, for a little upstart human.” You roll your eyes a bit, the only thing keeping you tethered to consciousness was the gentle waves of pleasure her claws massaged into your scalp. “Thanks.” you retort curtly. “You’re pretty comfortable yourself. You know, for a hellish demon spawn.”
        The two of you lay there, the soft glow of the magma casting a soft light. The Hellhound’s warm body was pressed against you, your head resting on the soft pawpads of her claws, the fur rubbing softly against your neck and the backs of your ears. Her ample cleavage was pressed into your back. You can easily discern the scent of her, close as you were. You drift off to sleep, the faint smell of smoke and soot dancing in your head.
        Your dreams came fast. A blur of smoke and flame and shadow. Orange piercing eyes shining through the dark void. The gleam of fang and a feminine, echoing laughter. You saw yourself and Serafine, laying before a giant fireplace, naked. It was a strange, surreal experience, having a bird’s eye view of the two of you, while simultaneously experiencing it first hand. You saw yourself laying there, with the Hellhound straddling you. You feel her weight on your hips. Her own hips bucked up and down, powerful, but gentle at the same time.
        She rocks herself over and over, sinking her slick sex down onto your cock. Her entrance resists at first, but as she sinks down, enough pressure builds to send you sliding into her warm, slick tunnel. You slide into the base, and you feel the only thing about her that seems to be small. Her paws were placed on either side of your head as she used the leverage to gyrate her hips over and over. You saw your own hands, reaching up to tweak her chocolate colored nipples, fondling her chest. They have a soft give under your fingers, with a bouncy sort of play in it that makes visions of your cock sliding between them run through your head.
        “By the Adversary,” she pants. “I could ride you until this place freezes over. Oh Hellfire, mn…” You notice a warm smile on her face, the Hellhound biting her lips as she rocked her hips against you. Buried deep inside of her, you thrust your hips in time with hers, your tip grazing the deepest parts of your hellish lover. Parts of you wish you could just stay linked together like that forever. You sit up, wrapping your arms around her. You squeeze her tight as she continues to bounce on your cock, feeling her breasts push up against your chest. Her paws reach around to hug you back, gently raking your back. Her claws send tingles down your spine and you lay back down, grabbing her hips to thrust into her even harder.
        Serafine moans out as she places her paws on your thighs, using them as leverage now as she undulates like a belly dancer upon your cock, driving herself over and over again until you fear the floor itself may start to crack. You notice yourself panting with desire, sweat beading down the both of you as your dream self revels in the companionship. Despite the apparent ferocity, it seems almost… tender.
        The way she mutters sweet nothings into your ear, biting your earlobe to muffle another moan of pleasure. You don’t see any of the harsh treatment that she showed when she took you against your will. You were a willing participant in this, one half of a whole as the dream continued. You hear your own voice mingle with hers as the pair of you moan out your affections for one another. With one final thrust, she begs you to come with her as you feel her soak your groin. The orgasm ripples through her pussy, as if to milk you. She pushes you over the rapidly approaching edge of your own ecstasy as you follow her into bliss. Clutching each other tightly, your cock twitches before it unloads wave after wave of cum into her hellish depths. Her slick folds continue to spasm, as if trying to milk you for every last drop before she lets go, collapsing on top of you. The occasional twitch of her wet tunnel sends little waves of electricity through your core. You try to maneuver to let your sensitive cock slide out, but she presses herself against you in an effort to stop you from moving. “No.” she says, before curling up around you. “Mine.” she says with another squeeze of her pussy around your cock.
        You relent and decide to just lay there, underneath her, enjoying her soft body pressed against yours.  “H-HEY!” a voice pierces through the dreamy void. “JUST WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING!?” The dream falls away as you’re roused back to consciousness. A hearty shove sends you rolling away from Serafine. “W-what?” is all you mutter out as you try to get the gears of your mind turning now that you’re awake.
        “Just what in the hell is this!?” she screams at you as she holds up her right claw. A thick, viscous, clear-white fluid was dripping down her fur.
Your semen.
        It dawns on you that your dream must have had some waking world consequences. Her unfortunate paw placement must have been in the direct line of fire.

Well, you think. That was certainly bound to make things awkward.

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