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Species Affected: General

Disposition Change: Domineering, sultry

Diet Change: Fruits and sweets become a required part of their diet


The donuts are aberrations that are well known for their love of being eaten, being eaten out that is. Their bodies are always filled with either jams of all varieties, made from the fruits they ingest or sugary treats such as chocolate or vanilla cream, possibly even caramel, depending on how much they consume. They are also covered in a natural glaze that their body produces, allowing those to see at a glance and guess what the donut is filled with. These aberrations are also noteworthy for changing dietary restrictions, as all donuts will find they must regularly eat either fruits or sweets in order to maintain a fresh filling in their bodies, causing all donuts to be  plump and fluffy.

Speaking of plumpness, the donut’s lips and holes are naturally puffy and thick, resembling the food they are named after. Even their posterior is more reminiscent of that of centaurs than other mammalian monsters. These holes are constantly leaking their filling, inviting those who catch a whiff to try, leading most donuts to become quite good at teasing. This doesn’t mean they have to dress like teases, however, as the donuts can create these puffy donut holes everywhere on their body. These donut holes are just as sensitive as the rest, meaning it’s incredibly easy for a donut to force their partner to “eat them out”.

This teasing nature doesn’t end there, however. As the donut partner consumes more and more of their beloved filling, they will slowly begin to produce the same glaze as the donut, though the partner of the donut will always find their glaze covered in sprinkles, though no one, not even the donuts, are aware of where they come from. This glaze, much like the donut’s inner filling, releases a sweet scent into the air that surrounds the donut’s partner, always making itself hard to ignore, causing the partner to crave the donut’s sweet filling and glaze once more. The partner of the donut might try to lick off this glaze forming on their bodies, but all that will achieve is teasing them more and deepening their hunger. Due to this, the partner will tend to eat out their donut every night, leading to them gaining a slight plumpness as well. Most donuts will agree then when their partner is glazed and pillowly just like them, they are well and truly married.

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