Does it Bother You?

The Moonlit Forest, a place of everlasting mystery. For as long as I could remember, it has always been there, seemingly watching all that stroll by, over looking my village from its rolling hilltops. Some say it is cursed, since most who have entered never returned, and the few to wander out are dazed and confused, reduced to mumbling wrecks. I’ve seen them, rambling on about ‘beautiful, fur covered women, and goddesses from the sky.’ If anyone didn’t know any better, they would have instantly claimed these woman to be monster girls. It was so obvious a scapegoat, those creatures. I simply looked on as my fellow village folk scrambled together a militia. Most of them were young, rowdy, inexperienced men, hoping to claim some form of glory. Others in the crowd wanted nothing to do with this, but were forced to participate anyway. Then were those that were simply looking for an explanation, and others who were just hapless perverts looking to get sexed up. The group of thirty-five left at sunset, into the mysterious woodlands. Secretly, I fully expected them to fail.

The Next morning, I was proven right. Out of the 35 sent, only three returned, mumbling and whispering about some “great pleasure.” It only served to frighten my village, and soon they barred all travel into the forest. This didn’t stop a want, a need to find out just what the hell was happening here. I acted upon this resolve, and stole away into the forest, hoping to find answers, and the missing people. For all the fear that existed over this place, it was quite astounding. All the different types of flora that existed here, beside the sentinel-like trees that stood tall in Moonlit Forest. Moon itself was full, and the beauty of the light, reflecting off the land simply left in a lost for words. It left me wondering, however, what exactly was going on in this forest. The monster girls had been driven away from this area fifty years ago, but the statements by the few who have returned seem to disprove that. I must go deeper, deeper into this place.

I must have wandered deep into the forest, because the trees have closed the distance between each other. I was beginning to become unnerved. It felt like someone was watching me, observing my actions. I don’t like this, I don’t like this at all. The amazing scenery was off put by this discomforting feeling I had. I have to keep moving, keep-


“What the hell was that!?! Hello? Is anyone there?” No response. I could feel my heart begin to accelerate in its pace. Every sensible part of me is screaming ‘turn back! it’s not worth it!’ Despite my own warnings, I carried on, deeper and deeper. It seemed as if every angle of this forest was, off. My heart was beating faster and faster. I kept seeing shadows out of the corners of my eyes, that feeling becoming stronger and stronger. I can’t take this, I going back!

“Surely you don’t wish to leave yet…there is SO much here for you…”

My head whipped around, suddenly scanning my surroundings, trying to locate the source of that voice. IT was definitely feminine in nature, and rather, seductive. “Who are you! What do you want with me!?!”

“Now, Now…no need to be so violent, unless you’re ‘in’ to that kinda stuff…”

“What the hell… Show yourself!”

I received silence in response. I scared, angry, and… slightly turned on? I needed to shake this, I need to get out of here. I broke of in a run, but I should have realized that it would be useless, since I never made any markings to guide myself out of here. Damn it…

10 minutes later…

“What? I’ve already been here five times! Where the hell is the exit!?!” The level of fear I was experiencing was unlike any I ever felt before. I was hopelessly lost, being hunted by something I couldn’t see. It was horrible. I wanted to get out, but I didn’t know where to go…

“Does it bother you? To know that you’re backed into a wall? You have no way to escape, just a scared little child…”

“Hey! I’m not a child! I’m a grown ass man!”

“You don’t look a day older than fifteen! That’s a child in my eyes, a cute, innocent child. oh, how I will enjoy your virgin flesh…”

I couldn’t take this any more. I should listened to my misgivings in the first place. I took off, running for my life. I didn’t want to be killed, or worse, eaten. The trees passed me in a blur, as I made my escape. In my desperation, I failed to notice a uprooted tree limb.


I rolled across the ground, and before skidding to a temporary stop at the hill face. It my path continued down this hill, before finally coming to rest in a small clearing.

“Oh, poor baby. You had a bad fall, didn’t you? It’s okay now, you’re in my capable hands.”

I swallowed my fears, as turned to look up at my hunter. What graced my sights was perhaps the most beautiful woman I will ever see in my life, if you could completely call her a woman. Long, silky purple hair flowed down her shoulders like a river flows across the land. The lavender orbs that were her eyes watched me, lust slowly filling them. Her slender body was barely covered by an extremely loose fitting…kimono? Yes, that’s what it’s called. Strange purple markings covered her entire body, arching like lightning. Her womanhood was exposed for all to see, dripping with some sick pleasure she was getting out of this. Her legs, well she had no legs. Instead, there was twenty-foot long centipede body the wriggled and curled behind her. What looked like mandible spurted from just below the head, dripping some viscous purple fluid. Antennae moved about on her head, constantly taking information.

“How ironic… I’m going to be eaten by a cute girl who has a centipede for a lower body…”

“Oh, don’t worry, I won’t eat you, at least in the sense you’re talking about…”

She moved closer, licking her lips, eying me up and down. I made one last attempt to escape, and tried to stand and run, but her lower half reached up and coiled around me. I cringed at the feeling of all the little centipede legs constantly skittering across my body. It was unsettling. Despite all this, a few questions went through my mind…



“Why are you here? What happened to all the people that entered this forest? Weren’t monster girls driven away?”

“Fufufu, so many questions, so little time. I tell you, if you just let me do one thing…”


“You’ll see…”

The strange creature’s face got closer to mine, to the point in which I could feel her breath on my face. She she placed her hands on my chest.

“Wha-what are y-y-you doing!?!”

“Fufufu, “eating” you…

Several days later

I stumbled out the forest, finally seeing daylight again. It was so fulfilling…to see me home again. I slowly but surely made my way back. Every part of my body ached, especially my groin area, causing me to blush in embarrassment. When I had made it a few feet away from the forest, a familiar voice graced my ears.

“Are you sure you want to go back? Are you sure you don’t want to stay with me?”

I turned to face her, staring so innocently at me. Her face was flushed, and see was nervously twirling her fingers around each other. It was so cute. I returned with a weak smile, “Don’t worry, I think I’ll be back, next time to stay.” Her smile was bright, if not a bit gloomy looking. “I’ll be waiting then, lover…” She then traveled back into the forest from which she came, and I, well, I found out what was happening to this forest, and… happiness…

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