Cut and Run Ch. 16 (Allen Belushi Cycle 16)


(Dragon’s Kiss – Comm by Drowsy Liger)

Cut and Run Chapter 16 


I found myself being woken up in the most pleasant way possible. Someone was blowing me.
I could feel a goofy grin widening across my face as whoever she was teased, tickled, and tantalized my dicks with her mouth and paws.

I had to hand it to her, she really knew what she was about.

She was slllloooowwwwllllyyyy pushing her overly warm mouth down onto my aft-dick, while she stroked tightly up on my fore-dick like it was made of gold. Then she reversed directions. As her head went up on my aft-dick, her paw stroked itself down on my fore-dick. Then she switched her mouth over to my fore-dick and her other paw went to my aft-dick, rinse and repeat.

It’s been said that you’ll know True-Love when you find it. I’m inclined to agree.

Every time she switched paws, I could feel her almost too-hot inviting mouth inch its way down the length of that dick, until she’d just about envelope it entirely.

But, just before her lips reached the base, I could feel her tonsils slowly squeeze the glans like a velvety vise, halting that dick’s penetrating advance for just a second.

Then she’d take a deep breath in preparation, and then she’d make herself continue downwards until I could feel the sweet tightness of her esophagus clutching the end of me.

She’d hold it there for a few seconds until I could feel the warmth of her body heat transfer itself into that dick. It felt like I was plunged into a blast furnace, she was so warm. That was the point I could feel a couple of drops of my pre-cum get squeezed out and into her throat.

Oh yeah!

It was about that time, that I noticed her lips had managed to create a tight seal upon the skin ridges and bumps of my fore-dick. This resulted in a wonderful suction as she meandered her head upwards, causing my breath to catch in my throat several times in rapid succession. As time went on, she got even more creative.

After a few bobs of her head, she started flattening her tongue and laid onto the bottom side of that dick like it was a lollipop. It got even better the closer she approached the crown.

For that was when she’d stop her stroking and bobbing. Instead, she’d keep that vacuum seal on that dick, while she really laid in with that searing hot tongue of hers, lapping up and down, hither and yon and back again.

It was like she was determined to get to the center of a tootsie-roll pop, without taking any short cuts. Screw you Mr. Owl!

For some odd reason, I was reminded then, of a cheerleader I met in high school. She was the one who bet me twenty dollars, that she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

I lost that bet. But I was such a good sport about losing, that she demonstrated that skill set on me.


I could’ve just stayed like that all night long, because whoever she was seemed content to keep slurping away. Unfortunately, my brain decided to start nagging me.

That bastard.

Brain: “Hey Allen, Loknarr, or whatever the fuck you’re calling yourself right now. You got a problem!”

Me: “Ah who cares? Leave me alone Brain. This feels too good!” I chuckle goofily.

Brain: “BZZZZT! Wrong answer, pal! Sorry, not sorry! This is your better sense talking here! You have a Problem! C’mon, work with me already!”

Me: “Ah Geez! Can’t it wait?” I whine. “I really don’t feel like switching gears right now! Whoever is blowing me really knows their shit!”

Brain: “No Al, get the lead out! You do know that’s not Frazziss’ paw currently stroking you right now, correct?”

I was about to reply, when I suddenly realized that my brain wasn’t talking smack.

‘That most certainly is NOT Frazziss’ paw on me.’ I realized with just a hint of trepidation. ‘Her paw, is all nice and scaly smooth. This paw is soft and furry.’

Brain: “Thank you! You’re starting to figure this shit out. Good! Now, tell me what’s wrong with this situation?”

Me: “There ain’t nothing wrong here! Angelique has got herself a nice and soft furry paw.” I replied, trying to refocus on how nice my dicks were feeling.

Brain: “And what is Angelique supposed to be doing?”

Me: “She’s helping out Pirin.” I growl at my Brain’s persistent annoyance. “They’re both getting ready for the Big Move to the Cave, by boxing up a lot of the stuff in Frazziss and I’s old rooms.”

Brain: “And where are you at?”

Me: “In the Cave, I’ve been busting my tail,…” I stop, as I finally realized what my brain had been hinting about. By rights, there was no way I was supposed to be getting sucked off by Angelique right then. There were far too many miles in between us.

“Ah Fuck!” I say out loud. Whoever it was sucking me, stops. I could feel her open her mouth and withdraw, but she continued to stroke me. I try to move, but I can’t. I feel like I’m tied down.

With a rising panic, I try to pull in my limbs one by one. My arms, my legs, my wings, even my tail! It turns out that all of them are restrained by something strong. Whatever it is, it tightens its grip on me the more I struggle.

“Holy Shit!” I yell out, as I lean my head forward to see who it was that was stroking me.

It was surprisingly easy to see her. I have no idea why I didn’t notice her before. The signs were there, but I had ignored them all.

I saw a pair of yellow irises surrounded by black sclera peering gleefully back at me, and from the corners of those black eyes, were some dancing flames. I could just barely make out the sharp toothed grin of a dark Hellhound looming over my groin.

Even worse, I recognized that face.

“Girly?” I gulped, as my dicks started to go soft in realization of my predicament.

“Hey there Sugar!” Girly replied devilishly. “You thought you could get away from me, didn’t you? But, I found you!” she said cheerily with a hint of a menace in her voice. I was too surprised to speak.

“Now that I have, I think I’ll go ahead and keep a souvenir.” She began to laugh maniacally, as she opened her mouth impossibly wide and drew her head way too far back.

My already cold blood went colder, when I saw more pointed teeth popping out from behind her first set. It was like she suddenly was a Mer-shark. No, a Land Mer-shark!

Her eyes started to blaze fiercely as she locked her gaze with mine, then she shifted her grip on my dicks until she had ahold of them like a pair of corn-cobs.

She lunged forward like an Apophis biting her intended husband, and all I could feel in that moment, were the endless rows of her razor-sharp teeth sink deep into my dicks ripping out bloody chunks!

I screamed!


Then I woke up with a jerk, panting.

Checking hectically all around myself, I see that I’m lying on the sandstone bed-slab in my cave’s main bedroom. My heart’s pounding furiously and I could feel the few sweat glands I had left, working overtime.

‘A dream, it was just a bad dream!’ I panted, as I looked around the room frantically for a few seconds. Even in the dull light of the ceiling glow-crystal, I could tell that it’s just me and Frazziss. No one else was there, not Pirin, nor Angelique, and most certainly NOT a certain pushy Home Improver Store Hell-wan.

Looking down, I could see that Frazziss has her head lying on my chest in the usual spot. That, along with her inevitable drool pooling on my sternum.  The sight of her alongside me, helps to calm my beating heart.
Happily, I could feel her bulging tummy pressing up against my side, soaking up the warmth of the sandstone bed along with my body heat. I couldn’t help but make a comparison between the Hindenburg, and my Dragon-mate in that moment.

Trying to distract myself from that uncharitable thought, I decide to start thinking about the improvements to the cave that I’d been working on of late. I was so glad I took the time to install the sandstone beds instead of keeping the granite ones. Frazziss had been sleeping a lot better ever since.

I run a quick check on all of my appendages, and I discover that the only thing restraining me then, was the sweet weight of Frazziss’ head on the side of my chest. That, and her arm was clutching at one of my wings possessively. I could move everything else, no problem.

‘Geez Brain! Couldn’t you have waited until AFTER Girly got done?’ I think with annoyance, as I allow my head to fall back onto the bed.

‘It’s not every night that I get such a realistic wet dream.’ I griped silently. I then allow myself to just enjoy the feel of my woman snoozing on me. It’s a sensation nice enough to allow me to relax a bit further. Taking a comforting breath, I start remembering my life.  

Oh Maou, it’s been an interesting couple of months. A week after getting the sandstone installed, I got to introduce Frazziss to my Old Man. They were both polite to each other when they met, if not a bit standoffish.

At the time, I couldn’t tell which one had the bigger ego though. But, they’re on speaking terms now. So that’s a good thing. Right?

Naturally, the Old Man had to play one of his tricks on me during our meet back then.


He, Frazziss, and I, were sitting in his living room chatting and getting to know each other. To accommodate our wings and tails, he had us sitting on a couple of ottomans, while he chose to sit in his easy chair. It was a newer one that I didn’t remember seeing the last time I’d been there, years before.

Somehow, he had managed to pull his manners out of his ass, and put them to good use for the first time in a long time. He’d been thoughtful enough to serve a number of ‘finger-foods’ for Frazziss and I to nibble on: a variety of jerkies and cheeses. We chatted along for a while, avoiding the touchy subjects like religion and politics.

“Well, Allen.” He said at one point, getting up with a gleam in his eye. “I just remembered, there’s someone I think you should talk to.” I looked at him suspiciously as he pulled out his cell phone and started dialing.

“Who’s that?” I asked, narrowing my eyes. He just raised a finger to ask for patience as he held that piece of tech to his ear. After a second, he spoke.

“Hello?” he said with a grin on his face. Glancing over I noticed that Frazziss was looking at me with a raised eyebrow. I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head.

“Yes, it’s me.” He nodded. “I’m sorry for disturbing you and yes I know, I promised to never call you again. But I think you’ll excuse me just this once. I’ve got someone here you’ll want to talk to.”  He spoke while winking at me. I stared back.

“Hold on, hold on! Just let me put him on the phone.” He said, then held out his phone for me to take. When I refused to take it, he replied.

“C’mon, work with me!” he asked eagerly. With a sigh, I gave in and took it.

“Hello?” I said tiredly into the phone. There was a gasp on the other end.

“Allen?!” whispered the voice on the other end. It sounded awfully familiar.

“Who is this?” I questioned hesitantly.

“ALLEN!” screeched the voice on the other end. Then I heard a weird ‘wooshing’ sound.

“Hello?” I said, but got no response. “Hello?” I said again. Checking the phone, I could see that there still was a connection but there wasn’t anyone answering on the other end.

‘What the fuck?’ I wondered, as I looked to my Old Man. He, was looking back at me with a lecherous grin. I was about to ask what for, when someone started pounding furiously at the front door. Instead of his answering it, Dad asked me to get it instead.

“Ok.” I replied peevishly, shrugging my shoulders hard enough to make my wings wiggle. Then I stomped my way to the front door. When I got there, whoever it was, was pounding on it with both hands.

“Wowzers.” I said aloud. I chose to be cautious, and peered out through the spyhole instead of opening the door. What I saw was interesting.

It was youngish looking lady dressed in a skin-hugging leather outfit. I decided that she was rather yummy looking, with a large loose mane of strawberry-blonde hair that fell all the way down to her shapely ass.

‘Woah!’ I thought, she looked mighty fine even if she was a human! Giving her a quick eyeball, I noted the rather nice set of knockers she had, that wiggled hypnotically as she continued to pound away on the door. Even though I left human women behind, I still felt my dicks start to stiffen at the sight of the babe on my Dad’s stoop.

“Damn Dad!” I called out. “Who the hell have you been banging?” I said in admiration.

“Go ahead and open the door, Allen.” Dad grinned back at me. So I did. Upon opening it, the Bimbo outside stopped pounding as her mouth fell open.

“Allen?!” she cried in a voice that sounded awfully familiar.

“Uhhhh yeah.” I replied. Then she jumped forward and threw her arms around me, hugging me tight.

“Oh Allen! My baby! You’re alive!” said Hot-Babe into an arm pit. As she said that, I started to realize what the fuck was going on.

“M-Mom?” I asked, hoarsely.

Yeah, it was her.

‘I guess her being an apprentice to a Dark Mage paid off for her, looks wise.’ I judged, while looking down at Mom-the-Hot-Babe. She, was holding herself uncomfortably tight against my bod. And then I became painfully aware of something else as well: my slowly hardening dicks.

‘Oooohhhh Shit!’ I groaned silently as I felt my face flush with embarrassment.

‘You, asshole.’ I silently glowered over at my Old Man. I saw that he was giving me a Devil’s grin. ‘You know this would happen!’

Well it took a while to peel my Mom off of me, and sit her down for a proper reunion. It didn’t help that even though I KNEW that she was my Mom, my eyes kept straying to take in all of her assets.

Which, of course she noticed. She wasn’t mad or anything, in fact she joked about it, a lot. To my complete and utter mortification.

After a few minutes of jibes from everyone there, I couldn’t take it anymore. I ended up doing a double face-paw, I was so embarrassed.

‘Oh MAOU!’ I complained silently. ‘I feel so dirty. I’ve been scoping out my own Mom!’

“Hey Allen,” Frazziss spoke up then laughing, “Your red skin contrasts rather nicely with your green scales.” When I growled back at her, she just laughed all the harder, along with everyone else in the room.

I confronted the old man later,

“You did that deliberate, didn’t you?” I demanded. He didn’t deny it.

“Totally worth it.” He laughed.

“Are you sure you want to embarrass the father of your grandkids like that?” I replied with a mildly threatening growl. His smile broke for a second.

“That’s what grandpas are for, right?” he shot back. “Besides, I’ve got enough brownie points with your mother now, to get her to motivate you to let me see them once in a while.”

“Yeah, you’re right I suppose.” I half growled back, admitting defeat.

It turns out, that whole ‘whooshing’ sound I had heard? It was my Mom teleporting herself over. She had apparently learned enough Dark Magery, to be able to teleport herself on her own. That’s how she was able to flit from her home in Fresno, to my Dad’s place in Merced in a heartbeat.

Family Reunions. They can be a real hoot in the Demon Realm of California. Or so I’ve been told.


So, with a grin on my face, I try to relax enough to fall back asleep. But it’s no good. After about a quarter of an hour, I admit defeat and I decide to get up.

Why? Ever since I was a kid, my nightmares had always left me shaken enough to keep me awake for hours after. Which, in a way was a good thing in college. I always devoted the extra awake time to doing homework or studying.

It’s not so good, when you’re already exhausted from busting tail trying to get the finishing touches on your new home done. Which I’ve been doing in preparation for Frazziss incipient laying.

Luckily, it turns out to be a lot easier than I expected, to slide my way out from underneath my woman without waking her.

That’s another thing. The closer Frazziss gets to laying her clutch, the harder she is to wake up when she’s asleep. But, once she’s up, she’s like a whirlwind. But, as soon as she’s lies back down, forget it! She’s out.

Even so, I do my best not to jostle her too much as I slide out from underneath her. No one is ever happy about being woken up from a sound sleep. I can personally tell you that a sleep-deprived pregnant Dragon can be downright nasty.

 Or, at least when she’s not waking up ‘in the mood’ that is. Which is something that Frazziss has been getting into more and more often of late. Yeah, I know, how the hell am I supposed to tell the difference between her regular horniness, and her New and Improved version?

Well, instead of the usual one or two bouts of morning time love-making, we’ve been doing a half-dozen, or more. I can’t figure out why she’s got such a change happening. Hey, not that I’m complaining mind you.

Luckily, I don’t have to worry about waking the other two Mamono in my life. Just like I dreamed; they’re both staying at the Ranger Dormitory for the night, boxing things up for the big move tomorrow.

Once I’m up, I slink my way over to the kitchen. There, I put some water into the kettle to boil. While waiting for it to do so, I sneak a peek inside the fridge to see if there any yummy looking late night snacks.

Peering over everything, I notice that my Old Man’s suggestion for a ‘cooler song’ has worked out well. There hasn’t been any evidence that the food inside it, is being molested by something unknown anymore.

After a couple of minutes of looking, I was waffling over which bit of leftovers to chow on. It was a choice between Pirin’s ‘Crow-Pie’ leftover, or some of Angelique’s signature ‘Banana-Slug Bread’.

“Hey Loknarr!” comes a weary voice that knocks me out of my musings. Turning, I see it’s Pirin the Dragonewt, one of the other women in my life.

She’s just stepping in from the hallway, and she looks plenty tired herself as her wings are drooping. I notice that she’s got a ribbon hanging from her mouth, as she’s getting ready to tie up her dirty-blonde hair. Like she always does before going to bed.

“Hey Pirin, I thought you were staying at the Ranger Dormitory tonight. Is something the matter?” I ask her while yawning. Pirin opens her mouth to reply. Instead, I hear her squeakily yawning back at me in response. When she does, that ribbon in her mouth falls to the floor.

“Loknarr!” she half-growls at me, while she stoops to pick up the ribbon, “see what you made me do!”

“Oops.” Is all I can manage by way of reply with an un-guilty smile. She gives me a glare, and then she goes back to tying up her hair.

“I’d have thought you’d be in bed asleep by now, Pirin. What’s up?” I ask as I lean against a window pillar.

“Angelique and I, are pretty much done boxing up most of everything, but we hit a wall and I got a sudden urge to be here.” Pirin explained, lisping around her ribbon as she finally got everything twisted in a bundle. She starts tying her hair into a ponytail.

“What do you mean? Do I have to make another repair?” I asked wincing, thinking about that hole I punched in Frazziss’ room wall, several months ago. Pirin shook her head.

“Nah!” she replied. “It’s just that Angelique came across something that we both think belonged to Frazziss’ daughter, Nocturnimpetu.” I blinked at that. “We figured that it’d be best if we had Frazziss look it over, before we touched it.”

“Good thinking.” I replied worriedly, remembering the last time I had touched one of Frazziss’ daughter’s belongings.

Way back then Frazziss just about scorched me where I stood, when she’d discovered that I had touched some of her dead daughter’s stuff. The details of which I warned both Pirin and Angelique about, when they first moved in.

“So, any idea what it is?” I ask. Pirin shook her head.

“No, as far as we can tell, it’s just a dusty old box.”

“Then why do you think it might have been Nocti’s?”

“Because of the writing on it: ‘NOCTI’, written in crayon on top.”

“Yeah, that makes sense.” I replied, as I thought about all of the times I’d clean up Frazziss’ rooms. But I couldn’t remember, ever coming across such a box before.

“So, what are you doing up so late?” she asks.

“Nightmare.” I reply with a grumble under my breath.

“What?!” she demands, standing up straight and looking around worriedly. “Is there another Mamono trying to sneak her way in now?!” she demanded while extending her wings indignantly.

“No, no, no!” I explained, shaking my head. “I just had a bad dream.” That settles her down, then she asks about what it was I dreamed about.

“A Hellhound.” I explained, then stopped when Pirin starts laughing under her breath.

“A Hellhound?” she snickered. “What’s so scary about them?”

“Their eyes.” I reply woodenly, as I folded my arms in annoyance. Pirin notices then, and asks me what my big deal is about flaming eyes.

“It’s not their eye-flames that freak me out,” I explained. “It’s their black sclera that does.”

“Why is that?”

“I think it’s because of something that happened when I was a kid.” Pirin looked questioningly at me.

“When I was just a boy. Dad took Mom, me and an adult male-cousin to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.” I went on to explain.

“It was about the time that whole ‘Pet-A-Mershark’ fad had started up. So naturally, I and my cousin had to try it.” Pirin nodded her head to let me know she was listening.

“At first everything was going swimmingly while I waited for my turn.” I grinned at Pirin, she just gave me a half-glare and rolled her eyes at my quip.

“My cousin was before me in line, and when he got his chance to pet one; he got himself a nice looking blonde. But, when his turn was over, she refused to let him go. In fact, she got pretty violent about it.” I said, pursing my lips and blowing out a breath.

“Oh.” Pirin said quietly then, staring at me with softened eyes.

“I found out later that he was ok, and that he had gotten married to that blonde Mer-shark. But, the last I saw of him that day, was her latching onto him with her multiple rows of teeth. All I remember from then on, was that pool they were in, filling with what I thought was his blood. That, and her eyes!” I whispered at the last.

“Even now, years later, I can still remember that maniacal look she had in her black eyes.” I finished with a whole body shudder.

“Needless to say, I wasn’t too inclined to take my turn with the next Mer-shark. Dad was pissed about me ‘wimping out’.”

“But what does that have to do with a Hellhound?” Pirin asked, confused. I blew out a breath of exasperation.

“Black eyes.” I said, pointing at my own. “Hellhounds have ‘em, Shoggoth have ‘em, and a whole shit ton of Demons do too. They all remind me of that blonde Mer-shark and her teeth.”

“Oh.” She replied, blinking and looking unsure of what she should say next. Then she surprised me.

“Oh, by the way Loknarr! I took a look around the cave earlier, and I wanted to thank you for going ahead and making me my own room. You know you didn’t have to do that.” She smiled, as she stood tippy toes to kiss me on the cheek.

“Well, I felt that you deserved it. After all, every Dragon needs to have their own place to call their own, am I right?” My saying that just made her smile even wider, as she blinked contentedly.

“I’m curious though, why did you make the sandstone bed so big? It’s so much larger than I am!”

“Well, I made it that way, in case you wanted to bring a friend over to spend the night with you sometime. Wink-Wink-Nudge-Nudge.” I replied. That made her laugh and shake her head. Then she said something that surprised me.

“As if I’d want to share my bed with anyone other than you.” She giggled. “Good night, Loknarr!” she happily squeaked on her way out of the kitchen. I just stood there silent for the longest while, all flabbergasted.

‘Damn! I didn’t expect that!’ I thought to myself. ‘I thought that once Pirin had gotten her feet under her, that she’d be more inclined to make her own way in the world. Well, maybe she’ll change her mind in the future.’

After that, I sat down on the kitchen table nook and sat silently for a bit, waiting for the kettle to whistle. While there, I felt my gaze drift up and out into the night sky through the kitchen window.

‘Some cultures call it the Milky Way. The Zipangese call it the River of Heaven. While the Demons of Royal Makai, refer to it as the Jizz of the Gods.’ I smirked, as I felt my mind wander.

It was nearly a year ago, that I remember the Aurora Borealis that spread across the night sky. That, I later learned, was the night that the two worlds came together: the world of the Great Maou, and the Human World. This ended up creating the world in which we’re all living in now, the very world in which Mamono have been in since the mid 1940’s.

You know what’s really fucking weird? I remember the days when there weren’t any Mamono, ever. Yet, I also remember them having always been around since I was a kid.

Like I said, it’s fucking weird. I have two sets of memories. A few of them matched, and a lot of them don’t. For instance: I remember two sets of High School sex-ed.

No, I didn’t take the same class twice.  

In my Non-Mamono world memories, the Sex-ed teachers were a pair of Nuns who taught us all the mechanics of both sexes, and that was about it. Sperm is made here, magically makes its way over to there, and a baby is made. Badda-bing, badda-bang, badda-boom.

Plus, those Nuns gave us all a few tips about dating do’s and don’ts. Which mostly consisted of don’ts, and if you did do a don’t, then God would punish you by having you get run over by a bus. Or something like that.

In my Mamono filled world memories, the Sex-ed teachers were a pair of Dark Priests who taught us just a teensy bit more about sex than those Nuns did.
Oh yeah, they taught us about the mechanics alright, but in excruciating detail. They even pulled out a copy of the Mamono version of the Kama Sutra, more often than I thought was necessary.

But, they also taught us about Mamono and their need for Human Essence. That, along with a shit ton of newspaper article clippings. These clippings were about what tips we guys could do, to keep ourselves from being ‘proactively-dated’ too soon, if at all. It turned out that there wasn’t much we could’ve done anyways, as most of that advice contradicted itself. I do remember that the Sex-ed textbook we had in the Mamono world, was a LOT longer than the other’s. It also had a shit ton of fold-outs.

I’m distracted from my memories, when I hear the kettle start to whistle. I move over to pick it up, and pour the boiling water into a nice cuppa of beef broth. Unfortunately, even with Angelique’s touch with vegetable products, I still can’t enjoy a cup of hot chocolate anymore, especially with marshmallows. Dang it.

“Tomorrow is moving day. I need to get some sleep.” I mutter aloud to no one, as I decide to amble my way over to my workshop, occasionally taking a sip of broth.

As I stomp along my cave’s floors, I can hear the sound of my foot claws echoing through the hallways. Off in the distance, I can hear Frazziss’ not so gentle snores. Whereas Pirin, I have to strain my ears to hear her snores, and even then I can just barely make them out she’s so small.

‘It’s nice that someone is getting some shut-eye.’ I think to myself blearily.

On the way to my workshop, I hear the sound of the main bathroom’s waterfall gently slushing. It reminds me of another good reason for my getting up in the middle of the night. So, after placing my cup on the sink shelf, I go ahead and take a whiz.

That’s one nice thing about making your own home. Me? I decided that all of the bathrooms inside my cave, each would include a urinal. But, not one of those tiny little things that you’d see hanging on the wall- nosirree!

Nope! I made the old-fashioned variety, the kind that go from shoulder height all the way down to the floor.
Now, for the main bathroom, I put in a six by six-foot waterfall-urinal along one wall. Yeah, it looks cool. But, it also helps to cover up the body sounds that folks always seem to be embarrassed making, when they’re sitting on the can.

I put it in for two more prosaic reasons. What are those you ask? Dick number one, and dick number two.
Ever since I turned into a Dragon Incubus, I still have problems keeping my aim true when taking a piss. Thus, I got damn tired of having to clean up afterwards. But with a six-foot wide waterfall, it doesn’t matter how bad my aim is. Everything goes in.

Not too shabby, eh? There’s a method to my madness.

Later, I finally finish moseying my way over to my workshop. That’s another fringe benefit to making your home out of rock. You can put in as many rooms as you want, and it’s all good. Naturally, as a guy, I’ve got to have a workshop to putter around in.

Now that I’m pretty much done with the biggest bite of construction work, it turns out that I’ve a little bit more free time on my paws. But, being a guy and having a workshop in the house means, that I’m going to be making changes and improvements to the cave for as long as I’m able. Provided I don’t blow anything up first.

Lately, I’ve been trying my paw on some of the finer aspects of Stone-Molding. For instance; Teal, the Majestic’s front-desk clerk Unicorn announced that she was getting married soon. (Yay!)

So naturally every Mamono in the valley was invited. Including yours truly. As luck would have it, when it came to the wedding registry, Teal requested that Frazziss and I get her a Tea-Service.

Ok, no sweat. But, instead of just buying her a regular tea set, I decided that I was going to make her one with my Stone-Molding skills.  Now, what color motif did she want?  Guess.

White, of course.

So, I settled on making hers out of Alabaster. It was rather easy to find some leftovers to work with.


I soon discovered that not only was Alabaster fragile, it was also porous as all fuck. A leaky tea set like that, would go over like a lead balloon as a present. But, I persevered and found something, almost by chance, that filled the bill.

Kintsugi. It’s a Zipangese term for a method of repairing old and broken crockery. But, instead of using gold lacquer like they do, I use quartz and agates instead.

Here’s the deal, I’d make an alabaster cup all nice and symmetrical. Then, I’d break it into pieces. After that, I’d put it back together using a multi-colored agate stone as the ‘glue’. Afterwards, once I had it set the way I wanted, I then covered the piece inside and out with a thin layer of quartz. That way, it’d keep its shine, allow it to keep its strength, and not leak out so much as a drop.

It was a lot of fine detail work, but damn it felt satisfying to make it. In the next couple of hours, I was able to churn out three more cups and their matching plates. After that, I felt my eyes crossing from all the squinting.

But, was I tired enough to go back to sleep? Nope. Of course not. I found that I was STILL jumpy about a Hell Hound sneaking her way into my dreams. It was then as I tried to uncross my eyes, that I caught sight of my bookshelf.

There, across the rooom at a prominent spot, was the one sole book that I truly ‘owned’. The ‘Sodomise-The-Wax-Tadpole’ book. Or, that’s what its title said in Old Dragon. Phonetically, it came out pronounced as: Allen Belushi. Every time I look at it, it makes me feel weird. This time, is no different.

Despite that weird feeling, I walk over and pull it out of the bookshelf and hold it up in front of me. As before, I extended my Ki-Sense expectantly, and sort-of ‘asked’ if the time was right for me to open and read it. Instantly, I had my answer. ‘No, not yet. But, you’re almost there.’

I’m afraid that’s the best way for me to describe that sensation. Near as I could tell, it was written many centuries ago by one of the last Male Dragons then- all for me. Naturally, I wanted to be sure about when would be the best time to read its secrets.  

‘It’s waited this long.’ I decide, ‘it can wait a bit longer.’ I think to myself as I put it back on the shelf, alongside all of the other Library books that Lessa was kind enough to allow me to ‘perma-temp’ borrow.

Looking down at my cuppa, I also discover that I’d been so engrossed in making the tea service set, that my broth had long since gone cold.

“Damn it.” I muttered, as I got up to take it to the kitchen. Maybe to warm it up, maybe to dump it out. I dunno which.

When I get there, guess who’s awake? Pirin. She’s sitting at the kitchen nook table with her head lying atop her paws.

“Hey there sleepy head.” I say as I waltzed in. She gives me a droll look when I do, and mumbles under her breath.

“What was that?” I ask all sweetly.

“Nothing.” She replies, not looking at me. I let it slide, as I sit down across from her.

“It looks like we both can’t get any sleep. I know a good cure for insomnia.” I say as I placed a paw atop of hers. For once, she doesn’t look amused. This time, she yanks her paw away.

“Loknarr.” She said as evenly as she could manage.

“What’s wrong?”

“We can’t!”

“Why not? Last month you didn’t have any problem.”

“It’s different now.” She moped.

“I don’t get it. Do I have bad breath?” Pirin turned and looked at me like I’d grown feathers. Then she got a surprised look on her face, as she face-pawed.

“Oh that’s right, I forgot. You’re an idiot.” She smiled from behind her paw. I stuck my tongue out and gave her a Bronx cheer. She giggled.

“No really Allen. As much as I would like to make love right now, it’s not a good idea.”

“And why not?” I half-demanded, feeling a little out of sorts at her denial.

“Because of your babies.” She replied, and I waited for her to finish her explanation. Finally, after a half minute, I waved my paw for her to continue. She sighed.

“You’re an idiot, aren’t you?” she asked while looking at me through her scaly eyebrows, then she continued before I could shoot back a rejoinder.

“Your babies,” she started, “are more in need of your Essence than I or Angelique.”

“Huh?” I replied intelligently.

“Hush!” she said. “I’m not done explaining it.” She continued

“Now, you know that Mamono all ‘feed’ on that which you males give out so freely, correct?”

“Yeah, I think so. It’s the cycle where the Males give out their ‘Essence’ or Life Force, to the women who bang or suck it out of them.” I began.

“Crudely put, but yes.” She nodded. “Did you ever wonder what we women do with it all?”

“I think so, from what I understand, women convert it into ‘Demonic Energy’ and then sort of feed it back to their men. Eventually, it turns their guy into an Incubus.” I replied, reciting from memory an article that I’d read in the MHIL newsletter. Pirin nodded, then she smirked.

“What?” I asked, seeing it.

“Why do you think Mamono continue to feed on Essence after they’ve gotten their husband fully turned into an Incubus?”  She asked. That made me stop and think!

“I don’t know. I never gave it much thought, honestly. I’m thinking that they just get used to feeding on it.” I admitted. Pirin shook her head.

“Ok, give. What then?”

“We also use it to make babies.” She said simply. That surprised me.

“But wait a minute!” I replied, perplexed. “Frazziss didn’t have the guy who knocked her up, with her when she was gravid with her first kid.”

“No, she didn’t.” Pirin admitted. “And what kind of kid did she end up with?”

“Oh she,..” I began, then stopped as I remembered the details. I began to frown as I started to dredge them all up.

“From what I remember, she told me that Nocti was a bit,…’stunted’. That her wings never fully grew out, amongst other things.” I replied. “Which kept her from flying properly.” I said quietly, with a chill forming in my gut.

What she said next, shocked me to my core.

“She was stunted in her growth, Allen, because her sire wasn’t there to give her the Essence that she needed.” I looked at her and gawped for a long while, stunned at the realization.

“Which is why you’re not taking me up on my offer this morning.” I stated then. She nodded.

“Right now, is the time that your babies will need every last drop of your Essence you have to spare.” She explained quietly, as she reached over and placed her paw atop of mine. It felt good there.

“To make sure that my babies grow properly.” I concluded. “Thanks Pirin, for explaining it all to me. Wait,” I paused, thinking. “since when did you know so much about this?”

“Well, back during the time I was living in the Dragon Realm, I learned how to be a mid-wife there.” She mentioned as an aside.

“So how much longer are you and Angelique going to have do without?” I asked, Pirin gritted her teeth at me.

“I didn’t say that Angelique and I are going to stint ourselves Loknarr! I’m just saying that Frazziss and her babies, should have first priority.” She leaned back and smiled. “She’ll be needing it more and more, the closer she gets to laying her clutch.”

“Even this early in the morning?” I asked hopefully.

“Especially this early in the morning!” Pirin answered with a gleam in her eye. “That’s because the middle of the night, is when a Dragon is most likely to lay her clutch.” She leaned back, and then she looked up.

“Speaking of which.” She said then. I looked at her all confused.

“Allen.” I heard Frazziss’ voice from behind me, as she put a paw on my shoulder. There was something in her voice that sounded ‘off’ to me. I turned and looked at her, while putting my hand/paw over hers.

“Yes, my love?” I asked, staring up at her lovely purple tinted eyes.

“It’s Time.” She answered, which left me confused.

“Time?” I asked. “Time for what?” She looked all tremulous at me for a moment.

“It’s time for me to Lay.” She answered quietly.


Well, after that I was about as calm as every other guy facing the imminent birth of his children. Which is to say, I just about went nuts with worry.

Luckily, Pirin was level headed enough to hustle me and Frazziss to the brooding chamber without too much trouble. After that, it was just up to me to sit down with Frazziss. That is, once she’d decided on a spot to lay her first egg of course.

While I waited for her to make a decision, I looked around the chamber sands.

‘What?! Butt-prints?! I just raked it this morning!’ I grumbled silently. ‘Who the hell has been sitting their,…oh wait.’ I realized. ‘Frazziss! She’s probably been trying to find a good spot to sit.’ I decide.

“Allen?” Frazziss pipes up then, distracting me. “I’ve chosen a spot, come sit with me.” I smiled anxiously, it doesn’t take long for me to sit down I’m so scared.

What the situation is, is that both Frazziss and I are supposed to sit down facing each other, with our legs overlapping each other’s. Then we wrapped our arms and wings around the other. But, we keep our tails straight out. After I get myself comfortable, I feel the urge to speak.

“Ok,” I ask, “what do you need me to do?”

“You’re doing it.” Frazziss smiled warmly enough then to make my heart melt. “Just hold me Allen.” She added as she leaned forward and placed her head on my shoulder. So I do the same with her.

After a few seconds, I could feel small spots of wetness on my shoulder. Looking at her out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Frazziss was crying.

“Hey Babe, why are you sad?” I asked, concerned.

“I’m not sad,” she sniffled into my ear, “I’m happy, I’m just so very happy.”

“Huh?” I replied.

“You’ve been here for me Allen. All during this, you’ve been here for me.” She breathed. “Ever since I first met you, I knew you’d make an excellent husband, and I was right.” She stopped talking and hugged me tight.

“Well, it’s been fun so far. Not that I intend to get off the ride anytime soon.” I replied.

“You better not!” she growled playfully into my ear, then she laughed and sighed contentedly.

“So how long will it take you to lay?” I asked, really curious.

“I don’t know, Allen. Sometimes it takes only an hour, sometimes it’ll take a day. It varies.”

Oh, ok. Ummmm?” I almost asked something, biting my lip. I wasn’t sure what was the best way to ask it. She tensed up for a second in response.

“You’re wondering how long it took me with Nocti, aren’t you?”

“Uhmmm, yeah.” I whispered. “I don’t mean to upset you. After all, you don’t really talk about her much.”

“You’re right, I don’t. Talk about her much that is.” She answered with a hint of sorrow in her voice. “There are just some days I miss my baby so very much.” I could feel her paws tightening, as if she were trying to grasp something.

“I’m sorry Frazziss. Perhaps we shouldn’t be talking about her right now.” I prompted.

“It’s all right, Allen. I probably should’ve talked about her more.” She pulled her head back and looked at me for a long time with her lips pressed together. I just looked back. After a few more seconds, she raised a paw to the side of my face and held it there gently, all the while her eyes searched my face.

“I’ve wanted this for so long.” She said finally, quietly. “I just wish,…” she trailed off.

“You wish what?” I asked tilting my head, curious. She sighed and blinked away a tear, hesitating.

“I wish” she began, “that it could’ve been you who sired Nocti.” She spoke so quietly that I almost couldn’t hear her. That wish of hers, humbled me.

“I wish that I could’ve been.” I replied. My response made her close her eyes as she leaned into me. “She deserved better.” Frazziss hugged me fiercely.

“Yes, she di…Ooof!” she went, as she pulled back. I raised an eyebrow.

“I’m contracting again Allen! I think my first egg is coming.” She smiled with joy as she leaned back.

“Ok, what should I do?”

“Just be here for me. Oh, and if there are any Order Knights coming to make a nuisance of themselves? Fight them off.” She replied, matter of factly.

“You go it, babe.” I laughed. She didn’t.

“For real Allen. The primary job of a male Dragon, is to protect his mate when she’s laying. That’s when she’s the most vulnerable.”

“Oh! Ok!” I replied sheepishly.

“If I had known THAT! I’d have put in some dead-falls and murder-holes in the Cave.” I joked. Frazziss almost laughed, but she was too busy dealing with her contraction then.


Almost an hour later, she laid the first of the eggs. I was surprised, as it was larger than I expected. It turns out, that it was my job to ‘catch the kid’. Which, I stayed poised to do.

“Pirin!” Frazziss shouted near the end, panting.

“Coming!” Pirin replied, from somewhere in the main bedroom. She was with us in a flash, carrying a bucket of water and a rag.

Frazziss lay back then panting all the while. Then, she spread her legs even farther apart, along with her arms supporting herself, and her tail cocked to one side. Right then Pirin started wiping Frazziss’ brow, face, and horns with the oddly-scented water.

Looking down, I could see the folds of her genitals all stretched wide, as her first egg kept slowly advancing its way out of her.

Forget a Chicken or an Ostrich egg. A Dragon’s egg is a weird looking thing, and this was my first view of one. I could see that It had a most unusual pattern on its surface. It looked like it had a set of scales carved into the surface, and they had a purple tinge to them all. It was also covered with a thin blood-spotted layer of mucus.

“Almost there!” Frazziss gasped. “Allen! Are you ready?!” she demanded. I repositioned myself again.

“Ready!” I replied loudly. Frazziss gave off one final grunt, and the egg advanced suddenly. Luckily, I was able to grasp a good hold as it sort of, ‘popped out’ of her. Gently, I pulled it away, leaving a bridge of mucus connected with her. I also noticed her vagina gaping wide for just a second. Then it started to slowly contract.

Damn!’ I thought, looking. ‘Guess she’ll be all stretched out now!’ I sort of whined to myself. Looking up, I saw Frazziss grinning back at me.

“Don’t worry about it Allen!” she breathed, as Pirin took the egg from me. “Dragon muscles are highly elastic. I’ll be as tight as I’ve always been, within a couple of days.” She finished tiredly.

‘So, is now the point you start a laying-cackle?’ I wondered idly. For some reason, Frazziss gave me such a glare then. It was like she read my mind.

“I heard that thought!” she growled at me. “And No! I’m not a chicken.” Then she lay back down and rested.

‘Ah crap.’ I thought to myself, ‘I’m in trouble now!’ I decided to observe whatever it was that Pirin was doing with the egg. It was interesting.

Pirin, was laying a lot of the brooding chamber’s sand onto the egg. She waited for a second, and then brushed it off. It took her several times before I realized what it was she was doing: Cleaning the mucus off from the egg’s shell.

Then, under the low light, she started looking at it closely, turning it over and over in her paws. Looking back at Frazziss, I could see her getting all tense.

“Pirin?” Frazziss asked. “Is it?” she half questioned with a tremble in her voice. Pirin didn’t answer immediately, instead she kept inspecting. Finally, she did.

“It’s symmetrical!” she replied happily. Frazziss let out her breath and relaxed. Me? I was all dumbfounded. Pirin noticed my look and explained.

“Symmetrical eggs are a sign that the baby has developed properly.”

“What if the egg isn’t?” Pirin didn’t answer. Instead, she just looked away and frowned.

“Oh.” I replied, getting it. Frazziss piped up.

“Pirin, the egg’s scales?” she demanded.

“They’re round.” Pirin replied.

“Ooohh.” Frazziss replied disappointed, as she pushed herself back into a sitting position, she then took the egg and clutched it to her bosom.

“What’s wrong?!” I demanded, all worried.

“Round egg scales indicate that the baby is a female.” Pirin injected then.

“So what’s the big deal?” I demanded. Frazziss looked sorrowfully at me.

“I wanted to give you a boy.” She replied, seemingly shrinking into herself.

“Hey, c’mon! I’m happy to finally have a daughter again! Boy or girl, I’m still satisfied!” I replied, honestly. But, Frazziss still seemed bummed out.

“Well, you still got another coming. Maybe it’ll be a boy.” I pointed out. Both Pirin and Frazziss shook their heads.

“In all of the history of Dragons, there’s never been a set of Fraternal Twins, Allen.” Pirin explained sadly.

“Oh.” Was all that I could offer by way of rebuttal.

“Uhhhh, so when do we name them?” I asked, trying to change the subject.

“Not until after they start to shell.” Frazziss replied. “Which should be in another two to three months.” She smiled sadly, not looking at me. Then she spoke all in a rush.

“I so wanted a Boy Dragon, Allen. I just felt like I was going to have them!” she replied, almost crying. Then she winced.


“The next egg is coming!” Frazziss replied, smiling again. Thankfully. Pirin took my first born from her and half covered the egg in warm brooding sand.

Well, it took another hour of the same rigamarole as before. But this time we ended up with an interesting development.

When I caught the second and last egg, I immediately noticed something different about it. Well, something other than the fact that it had a golden tinge.

“Hmmmm.” I said, holding my second born.

“What’s wrong!?” Frazziss cried aloud then, trying to snatch her egg away from me. I clutched her egg real close to keep it from her. Turning, I held the egg up to the ambient light.

“So, what’s the indication that an egg’s scales are supposed to hold a male?” I asked.

“Pointed Scales.” Frazziss and Pirin said in unison. They looked at each other apprehensively. I held the egg up for Pirin to inspect.

“You mean like this one?” I asked with a smile on my face. Pirin grabbed it away from me first, but only just before Frazziss could manage.

She inspected it real close for a bit. Then she checked it all over. Finally, she spoke.

“Pointed, the egg’s scales are pointed. The egg is symmetrical too.” She said quietly. Frazziss started crying. I reached out and hugged her close, while Pirin busied herself with the egg’s cleaning.

“You did it Babe. You got us a Son! Well done!” I whispered into her scaly ear as she shuddered, sobbing with relief. We just stayed like that for the longest while.

Finally, after a bit. Frazziss stopped crying and leaned back. Pirin was there, and she handed both eggs over to Frazziss. Who then lovingly placed them between her legs, side by side.

“Ok Loknarr.” Pirin piped up then. “This is where Frazziss is really going to need your Essence the most!”

“What do I need to do?” I asked. In response, Frazziss leaned forwards and whispered into my ear.

“You need to do the Dragon’s Kiss.” She replied softly, and then she kissed me. It was nice to kiss her again, but it also felt weird somehow. I got a bit surprised at how long she was kissing me, as she kept sticking her tongue down my throat, and holding my head with both her paws. I tried to pull away for a second to ask what she meant by all that. But she refused to let go. Instead, she forcefully kept us going.

Alarmed, I extended my Ki-Sense. That was when I realized what Pirin meant earlier about Frazziss needing my Essence: Frazziss was using her own Dragon Mojo on me. I ‘realized’ that she was trying to get me to release my Essence to her, without going through the usual route of sex. So, after a moment’s hesitation, I allowed her to.

It’s what us guys do after all. Ain’t it? We’re supposed to provide. So I did.

She became less needful once I started to allow it. As time went on Frazziss drank deeply enough of me, that I started to feel myself almost emptied out of energy. Finally, after several minutes of our doing the ‘Dragon’s Kiss’, she let go.

Even though I’d given up a goodly portion of my life-force to her. I could feel it inside her, being blended with her own life-force into…something. Something else.

After another couple more minutes of just sitting there of watching her ‘blend’, I wearily noted that Frazziss leaned over first to one egg and then the other. When she did, she carefully kissed each one on its crown.

As she did that, I could feel our conjoined life-forces being fed into our baby’s eggs. I also Sensed that every drop of it, was greedily sucked up by our kids. To both my eyesight, and my Ki-Sense, our kid’s eggs began to glow with an ethereal light. When she finished, Frazziss leaned back with a smile of utter happiness on her face. But, I could also tell that she was exhausted, as was I.

It was then in that moment, that I finally understood what the ‘Dragon’s Kiss’ was. It’s a Kiss of Life. The Kiss that Nocti never got, thus denying her the opportunity to grow properly.

We both embraced each other again then, with our wings, arms, and legs. Soon, we both fell asleep in that position of holding each other, with our eggs shielded between us. I slept soundly the rest of that night and well into the next morning, holding onto Frazziss, and with her holding onto me.

Why shouldn’t I sleep soundly?

I was a daddy for the first time, again.

And I was content.



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