I Welcomed Summer to My Shores

[This was previously known as Crocodile Sheila and The Surf Rat, this is the heavily edited version there of. I thought of a better title so I went with that, but here’s this disclaimer so take note.]

I decided to go down to the beach to have a surf.

Funnily enough I make that same decision every day, but that’s neither here nor there. What is interesting about today, is that I heard about a secret spot a few ks up the coast that’s worth a quick squiz at least.

It only took an entire bottle of Bundy for my tight-arsed “mate” to divulge his secrets last night. But eh, whatever. A day of sweet surf will make up for the cost. Hopefully.

Those were basically my thoughts as I turned off the main road into the bush and found a small clearing down a potholed path. I cracked down the kickstand of my battered old CB and unlashed my board from the side rack. Quickly stripping off my clothes, I was left to navigate the crags and bush of the cliffs in my wet-suit until I found my way on to the hidden beach.

Christ, but was it a fucking nice beach! Bounded either side by rock promontories, tinder dry eucalyptus and stringy bark clung to the cliffs, casting a nice, fine sandy beach into a dappled shade. Constant breakers rolled in, no rips were in sight, no obvious reefs or razor sharp rocks and not a cloud in the sky. My day was going to be great.

So I paddled out in to the rising swell, beyond the breakers. Then I saw her.

I guess I just assumed the beach was deserted and unknown, just from how much of a fuss the arsehole was making about it last night, but then who knows right?

Whatever the reason, I came across a girl. That much was obvious from her form. Laying on her back on her board, her chest slowly rose and fell in it’s tight neoprene prison, apparently she was soaking up some sun, zoned out.

Well, I thought she was zoned out. As soon as I came within earshot she immediately perked her head up and gave me a friendly wave.
First things first come first. She had some fuckin’ scaly hands. I mean, I’m used to seeing the odd reptilian girl walking round, “this is Australia” as the song goes, but beyond pinups of dragons I had never seen claws that looked that strong; glinting wetly, the golden brown of her scales contrasted against the deep blue of the sea.

That provoked a second look, even as I sat up on my board and waved back. The current was pretty calm where we were, I let myself slowly drift towards her.

She expertly rolled over on her board, propping herself up on her elbows and toothily grinned at me. Somehow she started propelling herself towards me, all her limbs apparently out of the water and on the board.

The girl flicked some water out of her sea-salt saturated hair, fluffing it up into a messy, sun-bleached mass of platinum, darkening to a dirty blonde. It reached to about her shoulders, and even from a distance I could see she had sky blue eyes and a right scary set of teeth on her.

Wearing a one piece of a usual style, a dark racing wet-suit, something I’ve not necessarily seen many surfers in, she showed off her obviously toned body, soft where you’d want softness, golden tan, cute perky breasts, and certain other characteristics.

Namely the golden armour that clad her limbs. From the wicked claws on her finger-tips, to the elbow, was all sheathed in scale, the set that were her feet possessed glowed golden nigh up to her calf, and down to her muscular feet. All of it looked tough enough to stop a bullet with frightening ease.

She had closed in, grinning all the while. A sly, mischievous but friendly look that lit up her cute “girl next door of your dreams” face, her golden complexion the envy of all 70’s tourism board brochure models. Those sky blue eyes were apparently crocodillian in nature, behind those dark lashes I could see those deep slits focusing on me intently. Other certain features further cemented that impression: her ears, vaguely human in shape which came to a cute point, were covered in scale along the outer rim, like those band style ear piercings you see every-now-and-then.

She slowed her progress, and the secret of her locomotion was made abundantly clear: a thick, impossibly strong looking crocodile tail flowing on from the muscular contours of her back, her spine picked out in golden plate. Guess that solves the mystery of what she is, its always a fucking awkward topic to bring up, “uh hey, g’day mate… ahh, just what the fuck are ya exactly?” Fuck those conversations.

“So, you just gonna stare all day mate?”
“Ah, shit, sorry man.”
“Haha! No worries! I don’t hate a bit of attention.”

Her laugh was somehow bigger than her, it came quickly and easily, and was never far away from her. I introduced myself easily, I was the interloper after all. She was really hyped about introducing herself until she hit the first letter of her name and stuttered. She cast her eyes around the shoreline and then up at the cobalt blue sky above. She sighed and smiled tenuously.

“…Summer? Like the season?”

The look I got shot through with told me it was totally her hippy parents fault, not hers, and to get the damn hint. I could feel the years of painful trips in the back of Kombi vans and name-related bullshit in the glare. I took the hint.

“Haha, well, thanks for being so cool about sharin’ your spot Summer, it’s so good!” I meant it.
“No worries man, sometimes company ain’t so bad! Haha! Though, if you spill your guts about this place to anyone else…” I got the rest of the message via her razor sharp smile.
“S-Say no more mate, say no more.” 

When she was happily convinced I wasn’t about to write up her spot in a magazine and help some property developers tear up the quiet beach she loosened up even more. Apparently she had been surfing here for years in perfect seclusion… and then made the mistake of bringing her boyfriend along. Needless to say it wasn’t so secret after that.

“Hmmm… hey mate! Wanna have a bit of a bet?”

I tilted my head at her, the question had totally come out of left field, but it quickly became apparent that the girl worked mostly on impulse. I was having fun chatting to her, and she seemed nice, so I thought I may as well humour her.

“Uh, yeah, sure man, what’re we betting on?”
“Well we’ve just been sittin’ here yabberin’ on and we haven’t picked up a single set. So what about this! First to stack loses, we keep taking turns until either someone loses or it gets dark. Deal?” 

At this Summer shoved out a scaled hand.

“Woah, woah, you’re missin’ a step aren’t ya? What’re we betting?”
“Heh, you’re a sharp one aren’t ya! Hmmm…”

Her hand shot towards my own, talons delicately intertwining between my fingers, she slipped off her board and quick as anything was up against me. Summer was fucking slick.

“Let’s see… How about, if I lose, you take me down to the beach, shove me face first into the sand, and rail my arse?”

She pressed her pert breasts in to my chest, lowered her voice to a sultry murmur, and moved closer to my ear with every breath. I couldn’t really say much, not between gulping and hoping the tent in my wet-suit wasn’t immediately obvious. Still I got over it enough to ask the next important question.

“And what if I lose?”

She shoved herself off me, back on to her board and grinned at me once again.

“You have to take me on a date!”
“100%, it’s a win-win for us both right? G’wan, you’re ahead of me in the surf order.”
“Heh, looking forward to our date!”

She surged off towards the breakers, easily getting upright and catching a wave, which is about as much as I got to enjoy of her form, because the lizard part of my brain was just about screaming “danger!” at me.

I edged around slowly.

“Fuck.” – Pretty much summed up my thoughts when I saw that dagger of a triangular fin slicing through the water, on a beeline straight to my board.

“Well. I’ve had a good life, and y’know, y’share the oceans donchya? The oceans gives and the ocean takes, and at least my obit will be honest if it said I died doing what I love-” My deep, interesting, philosophical musings were rudely cut short by an explosion of water just in front of my board. I shook seawater off my face and out of my hair, then quickly too a short inventory of my limbs and current blood pressure. Everything seemed to be more or less okay. I mean, I’m about to have a heart attack. but apart from that? O.K. 

I figured out my life and limbs weren’t in immediate danger when I opened my eyes: treading water before me was that great apex predator of the sea, the shark-girl. Fucking great. They’re immense pains in the arse to deal with.

“YES! FINALLY! I found a fuckin’ guy! You know how many seals I scared the shit out of trying to find a dude? I mean, if you could fuck seals, then shit’d be aces, but y’know I don’t think Seal surfs…”

Do shark-girls have access to the popular music of the 90s? Wait. There’s other issues here. This is why they’re a pain, they permanently work at their own pace, and their pace is only fit for use on a different plane of goddamn existence. Still…

“Uh, hi there! Nice day for a swim innit? I mean, I’m just about to have a surf down to shore, good day for i-“
“No you’re not.”
“Not what?”
“Going to shore.”
“Ya sure?”

Even as I tried to quietly edge closer to the breakers that would carry me to the relative safety of the shore, the shark-girl would follow me, carefully trying to herd me out of the stronger currents. Well, let’s try and keep this pace going, confuse ’em and slip away, that’s how I do it. 

“You’re not Shirley? I heard there was a Tiger Shark-girl out this way by that name!”
“I’m a tiger shark, but I’m not Shirley? She ya girlfriend? …Hey! Like my stripes?”
“I see your stripes and you’re obviously clean, but I’ve always wondered: Why do they call some sharks bulls? I mean, are you a bull-tiger-shark-girl?”
“A-a what?
“A bull-tiger-shark-girl, I mean, would that be part bull, part tiger, part shark, and all girl?”
“Uh, I-I think the name is… well, I have stri… Uhm… WAIT! Who gives a fuck mate, you’re mine!”

The beach?
Not so close…
Fuck it! SWIM.


A shadow passed over my head and a wet crack echoed across the waves. I think… I might have just been saved.

Looking over my shoulder, back out to sea, I saw my saviour was indeed the lovely, blonde, sight-for-sore-eyes, crocodillian girl, who’s fist now occupied the space the shark-girl’s nose used to inhabit.

“You bith! You bwoke my noth! Oil fucken do you!”

Next thing I know the two girls had slipped beneath the emerald green surf, and had apparently fallen off the edge of the planet. I called out for Summer, and was met with a brutal nothingness, just the waves lapping at my thighs and knees, and the distant roar of the breakers.

Fuuuuck, I’m going to have to go down and help.

Just as I slip off my board, a bright-blonde blur surfaces next to me, in a graceful arc Summer shook off the water from her hair. 

I grabbed her by the shoulders, shaking her.

“Christ, Summer, you alright?”

It was a good question to ask all things considered. It looked like she had been clawed across one of her vibrant blue eyes, blood flowed freely from a split lip. That was when I noticed that Summer’s racing-suit felt decidedly skin like… Ah. The top’s gone. The only evidence it ever existed was the delineation between creamy white skin and her golden tan.

“Hey Summer, answer me! I was shitting myself man!”
“Haha… Me too! …Ah, that was scary!”

She just grinned at me.

“I’m fine, ain’t lettin’ no shark bitch steal my date.”
“Speaking of, what happened to her?”
“Oh, she fucked off,” she raised her arm, and came up with a jagged, freshly broken glass bottle, “found this on the bottom, I hate people who litter and throw shit in the ocean, but man, turned out in my favour for once.”
“D-did you just glass a shark-girl?”

She turned seaward and threw the bottle a solid 1/4 of a k into the distance. Phwoah. She’s got an arm.

“Nah, she pissed off before I could take a swing, little slurry…”

At that she pressed her face right into the crook of my neck, I could feel her breath play out across my throat even as her damp eyelashes flicked against my flesh. A muffled voice issued from my neck: “Ah… that really was scary.”
“You alright? Want to go to shore?”
“Heh, Saltwater Crocodiles are made of tougher stuff than that! …But donchya think I deserve a reward?”

I saw a flash of a grin as she lifted her face from my neck. I expected a kiss. I didn’t expect her to be simply getting leverage to slam us both underwater.

In the swirl of surf I completely lost my bearings, the concept of “up” was gone as we tumbled; instead her lips filled my attention, her perky breasts pressed against my chest, freed of their fabric prison. I felt her tongue brush against my lips, and I opened them on instinct. Not the best idea underwater, but credit where credit’s due, she created an airtight seal in an instant. I became dimly aware of my tongue running across razor sharp teeth until her own, much more powerful one wrapped itself around mine, the iron tang of her blood mixing in our mouths. In the tumult it felt like I had been dumped by the world’s biggest wave and fell right into the waiting arms of a sea god.

But even crocodiles need to breath, and possessing human lungs didn’t help. We soon came up for a breath fresh of air.

Summer let her forehead rest against mine, “hehe, don’t hold it against me!”

Her sly grin belied the undertone of sincerity in her manner; I guess she kissed me on impulse, and didn’t really take the situation in to account.

“Heh, ya feel like you’ve been thrown from the pan to the fire?”

I just cracked into a grin of my own, and made for my board.

“H-hey, are you headin’ in?”

I lifted myself and easily mounted my board, turning back I offered a hand, “want a lift?”
“Such a gent!”

She daintily placed her larger claw within my slightly pruney hand and let me help her up, she could’ve easily straddled the board too, if she wasn’t cupping her chest in a surprising display of modesty.

It backfired.

All at once she over-corrected her center of gravity and fell onto my chest, the shock spreading wavelets out away from us.

“Heheh, whoops.”

Her words didn’t match her actions though, all she did was slide her arm further behind me, pressing more and more of her body against mine. Summer’s other arm let go of her breasts, eventually resting upon my upper thigh.

“I guess I slipp-hey!”

I regained the initiative: cupping her chin and raising it to my own, I pressed my lips against hers; her eyes sparked in surprise before falling to soft half-lid. Falling back, I brought Summer with me; by the time my head hit the board both our eyes were closed. We kissed deeply as the vicious sun beat down from on high and the waves crashed on the distant beach, time stretched seconds to centuries.

Her arms shifted, and just like when you get on the right wavelength together, we opened our eyes in unison. Summer’s toothy smile returned to her face as she rose above me, her heavy hands now upon my chest; with little effort she hauled herself up on to my crotch. There she stayed, lightly rocking with the waves, her soft thighs, soft sex, rubbing against my quickly stiffening equipment; a sharp canine bit on a lower lip as she began to grind down a little harder.

Above me Summer’s eyes looked down, as if they were windows right through to perfect weather, the blue purer than the sky behind her. I reached up with both hands: the left cupped a cheek, the thumb lightly running across her fresh wound, the eye twitching shut on reflex; the right brushed a stray strand of her out of her mouth, lingering at her cheek long enough for her to barely nuzzle against it.

She lifted herself up again with a smug giggle to slip off the remains of her racing-suit revealing a friendly tuft of blonde pubic hair, an almost puffy, cleft nestled between her soft thighs, a thin strand of liquid stretched between her crotch and the stripped clothing. Quickly following suit, I stripped my own wet-suit off, Summer helping peel the neoprene away from my crotch and roll the wet material down my thighs.

Lowering herself once more, she happily gasped as my cockhead slipped through the slick valley of her folds, coming to rest by her clit. There it stayed, trapped, as she rocked back and forth. Humming happily, Summer’s face more red and flushed by the minute. I had to hope I looked a little more composed.

Suddenly bending down, pressing her forehead against my chin, hiding her face from my sight, in a quiet murmur the girl said: “Hey… It’s been a pretty long while, so uh, let’s do this slow, kay?”

I murmured back not-words, trying to communicate my absolute bliss, trying to share it, trying to ease her anxiety, and stroked her head, my other hand slid down her sweat slick side to rest upon her full hip. With little more warning than her crotch slipping further forward and a scaled hand leaving my chest to help guide things along, Summer let me slide in to her.

“Aaah… hah, fuuuark, it has been a while.”

When she felt my balls press against her, when I felt I had reached the maximum apex, we just grinned at one another: Summer’s face wavering between “grin” and “gasp”. I simply basked in the warmth and nigh crushing tightness of her sex, the feeling of holding this girl so close. Slowly we built up our pace. At first she simply ground our crotches together, it was like she was trying to memorise every part of my cock whilst it was inside her, letting it kiss every nook and cranny before she added more leverage with her hips. I quickly met her actions with my own ecstatic response and we fell into a steady rhythm, the pace and her gasps in turn gradually increasing in tempo.

Summer was soon letting me withdraw to my cockhead, her pussy sticking to me, before arching her back on the ride back on the swift down. A scaly hand soon came to her mouth, even as her breasts jumped with each stroke, those razor sharp teeth blunted on her own scale, face red she tried to bite down her moans. I tried, and failed, to suppress a happy chuckle. I couldn’t not. It was a worthwhile transgression.

She slammed her hips down to mine using her full body weight, creating a sharp water accentuated smack. I assume Summer was trying to pout at me. She apparently hadn’t considered what effect her actions would have. Her pout immediately broke into a loud gasp, face red, tears welled, her pussy tightened, the spasm running the length of my cock; but just as quickly her flushed face cracked back into that toothy grin. Laughing, she restarted her humping, faster than before. Soon her laughter was mixed with deep, happy, loud moans.

I wasn’t going to be out done on the lewd front; I slipped my left hand down from it’s position on her shoulder, down across her throat, brushing down her breast, erect nipple, finger tips running down her firm stomach, before finally resting opposite it’s fellow on her hip. Not that the other hand stayed still for long either, passing around her hip I soon found the ridge of golden plate that ran along her spine, before forming that powerful tail that let her be so adept a swimmer.

I could feel the muscles work as we fucked, could feel them tense and shiver under my touch like she was both eagerly anticipating every brush and savouring them as they came. I followed the ridge down until I came to an attraction I hadn’t had much of a chance to inspect.

My hand frantically informed my brain that her arse straddled that line of perfectly toned but soft and giving to the touch; Summer must surf daily… Definitely an alright kinda girl. I grinned at that though, just as I felt her try and ring an orgasm out of me even as she neared her own peak. 

She grinned lewdly as the hand cupping her ass’s brother joined it, I sped up the pace, slamming her ass down on my dick, swiftly rewarded with the sight of the crocodile-girl arching her back like a bow, moaning, running her hands up her sides and knitting them in her hair. Summer smiled happily at the vast sky as she bounced upon me, our activity creating our own waves on the ocean’s surface and a soundtrack of flat slaps and cracks.

One of my hands slipped between the fold of her ass and her tail, sweat and water lubricating it’s passage. An evil idea began fermenting, her words from earlier still reverberated in my brain. She cracked an eyelid, looking blankly through her long lashes, when she felt my fingers brush across her pucker. The reaction, and squeak, that followed me slowly, but forcefully, shoving my thumb in her anus to the knuckle was a bit less subdued.

“OI! Haha! You cheeky bastard, I take it you know what this means? …Mhmm, yer not going to be walking for a while!”

Summer slammed her arms either side of my head, gripping the sides of my board so hard I could swear I heard the poor fiberglass scream as it buckled; that had nothing on the strength of her next thrust, my arse was dipped in to the ocean to the ball sack.

Our paces sped up and up until we reached both of our home stretches; her arms left my board and wrapped themselves around my head, my face shoved in to her cleavage. Her hips lifted off of mine and let me have a chance at hammering in to her on my own steam, both of us nearing a desperation to release together.

Her moans hit a crescendo just as I was about to hit my own peak, a single strong spasm around my cock was the sole warning of her impending orgasm; as soon as her pussy relaxed she slammed herself to my pelvis a final time, crying out as her pussy shivered around my cock. I lost my own battle against my oncoming orgasm as soon as my cockhead kissed the entrance to her cervix. With a strangled gasp of my own I began to fill her pussy, even as she continued grinding her clit against me, shivering through her own bliss. 

Exhausted she collapsed against me, blowing a stray strand of hair from her face.

“Yeah, right? …Fuck.”
“Aaaah, it’s been way too long since I had an orgasm like that… Y’might be a keeper, even if you’re a surf-rat.”
“Says you.”
“Hehe… Urgh. There’s a bit of blood about. Weeeee should probably get out of the water.”
“…Good plan.”
“I’ll push us in with my tail, you’re too comfy… Hey, will you really take me on that date?”
“I promise.”

With that Summer gave me what had to be her happiest grin yet and started propelling us back towards the shore, the shore of her secret surf spot.

We got dumped by a breaker on the way in.

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  1. It’s actually moderately amusing that this was given a surfing tag by admin-tan.

    When you think about it, Summer caught a single set and the rest of the story was the set around sitting on a single surfboard off shore.


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