Clam Bogey

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Species: Ogre, Mollusk

Habitat: Areas with high economic power

Disposition: Motherly, protective, possessive, doting

Diet: Omnivorous, male spirit energy


The Clam Bogey is a production-type monster often associated with high society and economics, though many of them would say such claims are overblown. It is undeniable, however, that Clam Bogeys are known to be seen rubbing shoulders with danukis and dragons alike. The status of the Clam Bogey can be traced back to their production of plush pearls which are sought after a multitude of reasons, both magical and material. These plush pearls are both dazzlingly vibrant and brimming with magic.

However, production must start somewhere, and it all begins with the search for a husband. The pearls value are well known, and as such dragons and danukis alike gladly offer to help the bogey in her search. Without a husband, any pearls the bogey produces, if any, are noticeably weaker and far less lustrous than those produced with a husband in her care, so it is within all parties’ interest that she is married as quickly as possible. This process is surprisingly simple, as while Clam Bogeys are notoriously picky, their search for a lover seems almost lax, as if the only thing they truly want in life is to spoil someone rotten.

Once married, a Clam Bogeys’ possessive nature will start to show itself as she will refuse to part with her lover even for a moment. Instead, she will begin to lovingly dote on them all while keeping them close, shutting them in their shell with her every night as they cuddle. Over the course of many weeks, pearls will begin to appear on the lover’s body, with more appearing after every rest in the bogey shell. These pearls show themselves sparingly at first, only appearing in the hair, but over time more will show themselves all over their body as jewelry such as earrings or necklaces, sometimes appearing as tattoos are makeup, and are a sign that the bogey has been showering their partner in love.

Over time however, the Clam Bogeys’ nature and the pearls’ magic will slowly corrupt the lover, turning even the most modest person, afraid to ask for anything, into one who isn’t afraid to ask anything from the clam bogey. Even if one was to resist the influence of the pearls, the Clam Bogey having dealt with learning what others want for years will always be able to tell what their lovers desire even if they don’t show it, and will acquire it for them without hesitation. Their love of quality does not diminish, however, so if it is desired by their lover, the Clam Bogey will always make sure it is only the best of the best.

The idea of “best of the best” however is slightly warped, both for the clam and her lover. Should the lover decide they are thirsty, the Clam Bogey might believe that the best drink is surely her own, and will happily make sure that their love has greedily drunken their fill after pulling their mouth to her chest. If they perhaps are feeling even the slightest bit tired, the clam will happily pull the lover to them, allowing them to happily nap away with their body tucked into the shell, and head against the best pillow, their breasts. Material needs are also met with help from the Clams’ trade with danukis and dragons, meaning anything the lover desires from books to finery might appear before they ever even realized they wanted it.

After this honeymoon phase, the pearls on the lover’s body will begin to grow more lustrous over time as their love for the Clam grows. Once they shine beautifully, reflecting their true love, the Clam will more than happily continue the spoil their lover with gentle cuddling and sex, ready to bear to them the gift of children just as beautiful as the pearls that adorn the both of them, who they will just as happily spoil rotten together.

During all this time however, the Clam Bogey has not just been doting on her husband, she has been producing more and more pearls, which are not just beautiful but actually contain the essence of the Clam Bogey. This make’s it a powerful reagent, capable of making even the toughest skin as soft as bogeys a for a time, or being able to make one’s partner feel as if they have been truly spoiled when wearing one as finery. These pearls are ones that the Clam Bogey deemed not fine enough for her partner, and therefore gladly trades them away for things better befitting of the both of them.

However one should be careful when slighting a Clam or her beloved, or else she’ll take her lover inside and clam up, shutting her shell so tight not even the demon lord herself could pry it open. The Clam will not trade even the smallest of her pearls until the slight is resolved, so one should take care, for to anger the Clam Bogey is to anger every dragon, danuki, and demon she has ever done business with.

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