Cat Haohi

If there was one thing that Haohi hated above all else in the world, it was waking up. The pink haired angel, currently nestled deep in the pillowy softness of her bed grumbled and turned over as the sounds of morning slowly roused her; passing cars on the street, morning birds chirping, and a particular asshole in the kitchen that was entirely being too loud.

She grumbled once more and pushed herself off of the bed, taking care to stretch her muscles and rub her chin of the dried spittle that had accumulated overnight. Even though she had slept soundly that night, she still felt tired, her body struggling to catch up with her. She had slept in the nude so she grabbed the nearest piece of clothing on hand, a white button up shirt that she lazily slipped into without even bothering to button it up. Sitting at the edge of the bed, she stretched once more before pushing herself off and made her way to the bathroom to start her morning routine.

She leaned over the sink, letting out another long yawn before flipping the faucet on and grabbing her toothbrush. The taste of minty fresh toothpaste soon foamed in her mouth. She wondered if she needed to do anything today; she felt like she had to go see someone, but whoever it was, it completely escaped her.

‘It doesn’t matter.’ She said shrugging.

If it was important, the person would just call her or something.

But then Haohi suddenly froze. If she was still half-asleep before, she was wide awake now. There was something uniquely and utterly wrong with what she was looking at.There was something wrong with her reflection.

To her utter disbelief, atop her head, were a pair of pink furry cat like ears, tipped with soft white fur.

Her toothbrush hung limply in the corner of her mouth as she slowly reached up to her head, her fingers just grazing the new cat like ears.

They twitched and fluttered as her fingers made contact with it.

She immediately spat out her toothbrush and reached up with both hands to her head. She grabbed them, twisted them, ran her hands over them, and snapped her fingers above them.

She winced in pain, shivered at the sensation, and heard everything; they were real.

“No….” Haohi said, her eyes wide in horror.

She leaned closer to the mirror, eyeing her new cat ears intently as she willed them to swivel and flatten down. Her mouth only dropped further in shock at her new appendages.

“No, no, no….”

A frightening thought went through her head as she wondered what the hell happened to her. She looked at her hands and arm, wondering how far the extent of whatever happened to her afflicted her. Her arms were fine, and looking down her nude body and long slender legs confirmed that nothing else changed. Staring back at the mirror, she willed her wings to come forth. In a soft flash of light that quickly dissipated, the trademark white wings of an angel that were normally hidden sprouted forth, taking up the length of the bathroom as the white shirt flipped up to accommodate them.

She let out a relieved sigh as she confirmed that she was still an angel. She willed them away a second later.

What relief she did had quickly evaporated as she looked at herself once again in the mirror.

Waving back and forth idly behind her, she finally noticed a pink furry tail, fluffy and soft, with just the barest patch of white fur gracing the tip of it.

She twisted her body around, reaching around her backside to grab the- or rather- her new tail. Immediately, she jumped and winced in pain as she grabbed it too hard, pulling her hand back. She looked at it in utter shock, unsure if what she was seeing was actually real. And yet she suddenly found herself moving it freely, roiling it back and forth and doing little loops with it. If she flexed her butt, she could make it stand on end.

She took another long look in the mirror before hanging her head and making a dry face at herself.


Clearly, this was the result of a joke gone too far, Haohi reasoned. Leaning on her leg, she cupped her chin with her hand as she struggled to remember what could have caused this to her. She knew she was at a party the night before, that much she was sure of. Much alcohol was had, but she did remember going out with someone. A friend. Who was that again? She tried to recall who it was, but for the life of her, she couldn’t remember.

For a moment, she had an idea, a possibility as to how this happened to her.

Perhaps there was a simple solution to her cat-like affliction.

But whatever thought she had quickly dispersed.

Her train of thought was interrupted by the sound of someone munching loudly on sugar enriched cereal.

Leaning on the doorframe of the bathroom, shirtless and calmly eating from a bowl of cereal, was her husband. Hoahi’s cat ears twitched sporadically as the two of them stood there in silence, with only the clinking of a metal spoon and Akai’s munching breaking the standoff. The white haired demon stood shirtless, clad only in grey sweat pants, stirring the cereal in his bowl.

“Got turned into a cat, hm?” He asked nonchalantly, eating another spoonful of cereal.

Rubbing her arm, Haohi looked away ashamedly.


Akai swirled his cereal, the spoon clinking against the bowl as he shoveled another spoonful towards his mouth.

“Fluffly cat ears? Cute little tail?”

Haohi’s white tipped ears twitched and her tail flicked back and forth.

“Yeah….” She softly admitted.

Akai only nodded while munching his cereal. He seemed to pause for a moment, looking sternly at the angel with a raised eyebrow before replying.

“You know know I’m going to fuck the shit out of you, right?”

Haohi only nodded, unable to look Akai in the eye.

“And then once were done we’ll go find a way to turn you back to normal, okay?”

Haohi solemnly nodded, hugging her arm.


And with that, Akai left to presumably finish his cereal, leaving the angel to stand there alone. Haohi pinched her eyebrows at her predicament now. A part of her wanted to fix whatever had happened to her now and revert her back to her pure angel self; another part of her knew that she wasn’t getting out of the house without Akai jumping her bones. Still, it wasn’t the greatest setback for her. But she would be lying to herself if it didn’t bother her that Akai’s sudden interest in her was the result of her cat-like attributes.

She walked back into the bedroom, running her fingers through her hair while taking care to avoid her cat ears before flopping down back-first atop the bed with a pomf. She didn’t have to wait long before she the heard the distinct sound of a ceramic bowl hitting the sink and what sounded like a rhino stampeding down the hallway. She barely registered the image of Akai suddenly pouncing on the her, performing a perfect swan dive atop the angel. Pinning her down, he hungrily dove into her.
Haohi squirmed underneath him.

“H-Hey! Slow down!”

But Akai viciously assaulted her neck, nibbling and planting kisses along her neckline while his hand trailed up her stomach and cupped her breast, lightly tweaking her nipple and hitting her weakspots.

The angel quickly suppressed a gasp and wrapped her arms around her lover. She had forgotten how…energetic he could get when he really got into the mood. Haohi bit her bottom lip, tilting her head to the side to allow Akai greater access. She gasped as his teeth grazed against her flesh, sending ripples coursing through her and making her shiver. It didn’t take long to feel something hard and throbbing poke against her thigh, pressing into her repeatedly.

Reach up, she gripped the hair on the back of his head and pulled lightly towards her.

“Just fuck me already.” She have growled, half whispered to him.

Akai quickly complied, pushing himself off to quickly disrobe what little garments he hand on. Haohi followed suit, and leaned up to throw off her -or rather Akai’s- button up shirt. She balled up the fabric and attempted to toss it across the room, but instead felt powerful hands grip her hips and yank her to the edge of the bed. Looking down, she was greeted by the sight of a hardened cock twitching at her. The pink haired angel couldn’t help but look up and give Akai a sultry grin as he grabbed himself and guided his rod into her, pushing past her folds and planting himself deep into her. Haohi felt that familiar sensation of fulfillment whenever she and Akai had sex once again; it was addicting, if not an intoxicating feeling for her. In fact, it was one of the many raises why she and
Akai had sex nearly every day.

That and the fact that Haohi loved sex.

Akai, with a firm grip on her haunches, began to rhythmically pound into her. Haohi closed her eyes and gripped the bedsheets tightly as she let Akai have his way with her, letting herself get lost in the euphoric sensation. Akai took care to manage his pace, alternating between short rapid bursts of hard fucking to slow, sensual teasing, pulling himself all the way out and leaving his head in before fiercely thrusting himself back into her. Haohi embarrassingly couldn’t help but let grunts and moans escape her lips.

She felt a soft hand gently cup her face, and the pink haired angel opened to eyes to see Akai starring back at her, with a strange expression; if she had to say, it was the look of satisfaction, as if an artist was surveying his masterpiece after years of toil and handwork. Haohi, unused to such an intense gaze, balked. He gently rubbed her cheek with his thumb, before leaning in and kissing her. Far from the teenage make out sessions they were accustomed to, the two lovers kissed sensually, taking care to appreciate the moment they shared. When Akai probed into her mouth for entrance, Haohi acquiesced. Their tongues grazed past each other, and Haohi was left helpless underneath him while Akai fully explored her mouth. They broke away in a huff, gasping for breath as Akai rested his forehead against hers.

“I really do love you…you know.”

For a moment, Haohi was caught off guard by Akai’s sudden, heartfelt confession, and she could feel her cheeks growing warmer. But she also noticed that he had stopped thrusting into her. Realizing his clever ruse, she sneered back at him.

“Idiot. You were just about to cum, weren’t you?” Haohi said, wrapping her arms around his neck and flexing her pelvis to give him a tight squeeze.

Akai winced and broke free of Haohi’s grasp.

The ire in Akai’s eyes was plain to see, and with renewed vigor and deft swiftness, he pulled out of Haohi and flipped her over. She soon felt something hot and slick plant itself firmly between her buttcheeks as Akai pressed his body firmly against hers, pinning her down. Haohi tried to raise her head to say something back to him, but she felt his hand grasp her head and push it against the bed.

“At least I didn’t get turned into a cat.” Akai growled into her ear, slowly pumping his cock between the mounds of her angelic butt.

Haohi would have retorted in kind, but she was holding her breath because much to horror, she had a newfound weakness. Her body jolted as Akai’s fingers began to trace the edge of her new cat ears. As his fingers touched the tip of her ears, she couldn’t help but gasp and spasm, with Akai’s cock becoming squished between her flexed butt cheeks.

Of course, Akai noticed.

“Well, these are cute.” Akai noted with some exuberance, like a child finding a new toy.

Akai palmed her chin with his free hand and pushed her head up, allowing the perfect angle for him to engulf her entire ear into his mouth. Haohi half-screamed, half-yelped at the odd sensation, unprepared for the weirdly pleasurable sensation. She tried to wiggle herself free but Akai’s grip was strong; she was left at his whim as she felt his tongue flick inside her ear before teeth began to nibble at the tip of the cat-like ear. Akai’s hot ragged breathing sent shivers down her spine, all the while his free hand tweaked and played with her other ear.

“Meow for me.” Akai commanded.

At this, Haohi scoffed, her hair beginning to stick to her sweaty forehead.

“Fuck off.”

There was a pause to their rough lovemaking, and to her utter surprise, he did.

Akai left.

His hand let go of her chin, his cock left the groove of her butt, and suddenly Haohi was left alone on the bed.

Haohi turned her head to the side, but could find no trace of the white haired demon. Then the other side bed of the bed shifted, and she sensed something overhead. Looking up, a black leather band looped around her head and fell upon on her shoulders. She noticed the holes punched into the finely stitched leather.

‘Is that a belt?’ she wondered.

Like lightening, it snapped and coiled tightly around her throat. A sense of panic shot through her, and she tried to dig her fingers in around it to pull it off. Instead, it was sharply yanked from behind, and Hoahi coughed and was forced to prop herself up with her arms to keep herself from choking. She could see Akai leering triumphantly at her, the excess of the belt wound tightly around his fist as he pulled on it. Harshly, he pushed her down against the bed again, and used his knees to spread her legs open.

“Raise your ass.” He ordered.

Hoahi did so, pushing her curvaceous butt against his pelvis, but not before trying to pull off the belt from her neck to free herself.

Akai however, had a firm grip.

“No no. We’ll have none of that.” He threatened as he pulled the belt harder against her neck.

If Haohi could have shot him a look of unbridled anger, she would have, but it was impossible to turn her head without the leather biting into her skin. This was going a bit too far for her liking now; but that thought was quickly perished as something rigid and hard found her entrance and thrusted into her once again. Her mouth hung in an ‘o’ shape as Akai’s cock buried itself to the hilt inside her, Haohi’s back arching perfectly to accommodate him.

Now, she had to admit, this was different.

Akai pulled the belt towards him, and Haohi head followed suit. If she didn’t, the belt tightened and threatened to close off her windpipe. She was on all fours now, propping herself up with her arms. Haohi tried her best to keep her head up; if she let it hang, the belt would choke her. Slowly, Akai began to fuck her doggy style, letting himself bounce off her pert ass before hammering himself back into her. While still pulling the belt, Akai let his free hand roam freely across her back, trailing his hand against her now glistening skin. It stopped at the base of her newfound tail. Haohi could feel him grab her tail and stroke it softly, letting it slide through his fingers.

“Meow for me.” Once again, Akai ordered her.

Whether it was by pride or by the fact she couldn’t breathe normally, Haohi remained silent, the sound of flesh smacking against flesh the only thing filling the room.

“C’mon! Meow for me!” Akai growled at her.

Once again, Haohi didn’t reply.

And then something hard slapped against her ass. At this, Haohi let out a crisp yelp, her ass stinging from where Akai had spanked her.

‘Oh please don’t.’ Haohi thought to herself. ‘Not while you’re inside me.’

Although she would never admit it to Akai, for fear of him gaining an upper edge on her, one of Haohi’s greatest weaknesses was being spanked while he was fucking her. It made her see stars as the sudden burst of primal pleasure shocked her brain.

“C’mon! Say it!”

Again, his hand came down hard on her ass, enough to send the other cheek jiggling as Haohi screamed out again. She was beginning to lose herself.

“Say it!”

Once again, his hand came down, cupped in such a way to trap a bit of air to produce that extra loud spank. Her fingers gripped the bedsheets tightly, and she instinctively tightened himself around his cock. And yet Akai powered through it, the stars becoming brighter and more vibrant in her vision.

“Mmmm…” Haohi moaned out loud through gritted teeth.

“Say it!”

Whether it was the sheer amount of pleasure mixed with just the right amount of pain coursing through her body, or the belt’s grip loosening just a bit around her neck, Haohi the angel, spoke.


“Say it again!” Akai barked at her, slapping her ass for good measure.

“Me-Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Oh God, Meow!” Haohi squealed with every hit, becoming more and more lost in the ecstasy of sex.

“Whose a slutty cat!?”

The belt jerked back hard, making it painful for Haohi to even gulp and gasp for air. She was getting close.

“Whose a slutty cat!?”

“I-Its me!” Haohi screamed. “I’m a slutty c-cat!”

“Do you like cock!?”

Hoahi was quick to respond.

“Yes! I love it! I love co-cock!”

She was so close now. Akai’s relentless fucking in combination with her harsh spankings was sending her over the edge. She was so close.

“Yes!” She screamed out, with Akai pulling even harder on the belt.

Haohi leaned back and reached up to the collar, gripping it with her hands and letting her entire body hang by the belt itself.

Her vision began to whiten as she struggled for breath.

“Y-yess…” She wheezed.

Akai was on the verge of comming as well, and with one hand gripped around her thigh, he pulled her against him and jack-hammered himself home.


Her vision whitened. Akai’s balls unloaded its contents inside her, pulsing several times to deliver all of it’s contents deep inside her, her arms becoming limp and hanging downwards. Haohi, having the strongest orgasm of her life, lost consciousness.

If there was one thing that Haohi hated above all else in the world, it was waking up. The pink haired, currently nestled deep in the pillowy softness of her bed grumbled and turned over as the sounds of morning slowly roused her.

Or rather, it was the afternoon now.

The pink haired angel stirred in her bed, rolling over to her side to find Akai hunched over, sitting on the edge.

“Well that was pretty wild…” Haohi said, with a surprising amount of hoarseness in her voice.

Haohi would have liked to have believ it was because of the belt, and not because she was meowing and screaming so loudly.

Akai flinched and looked back at her, as if he had done something wrong, a panicked look on his face.

“Uh, yeah. Pretty…wild.” He said sheepishly.

Haohi smirked. Even if the white haired demon was normally a dick, he still had these cute sides to him that Haohi loved. And she would get back at him anyway, at another time.

She sat up on the bed and but froze and went wide eyed.

“Why is my butt sore?” she wondered out loud.

She remembered getting spanked, and her ass was still tender from that. But this particular sensation originated more deeply.

Suspicious, she flexed her butthole and found a certain hint of soreness to it.

She stared dryly at Akai.

“You-uhm…fell off the bed?” he weakly offered to her.

She squinted at his obvious lie, but felt something foreign on her head. Curiously, she reached up and touched her forehead, only to find a certain sticky fluid on her fingertip. She traced more strands of it down to her nose and cheek.

“Did you cum on my face while I slept?” she said incredulously.

Akai shrugged his shoulders several times.

“Well no…maybe…just a bit…well…yeah.” He finally admitted.

Hoahi, surprisingly, took it well.

“Right. Whatever. At least we got that out of the way so we can finally fix this cat problem.” Haohi said, reaching up to touch her cat ears.

To her dismay, they were still there.

“Yeah, about that.” Akai began.

“You were out for a while so I decided to run some errands…and well…”

He reached down between his legs and pulled something out from a bag. He handed to Haohi, what appeared to be a thick brown leather collar finely stitched, and complete with a golden, diamond shaped name tag. On it, “Haohi” was neatly etched into it. Stunned, Haohi reached out and gingerly picked up the collar, looking at it in utter disbelief.

“Yeah….that’s not going to happen.” She smiled reassuringly at him, turning down his ‘gift’.

However that didn’t seem to faze Akai.

“Well, uhm….you can think about it if you want but we still gotta get that cat thing fixed for you. So if you take a quick shower, we can still look for a solution today.” Akai stated as-a-matter-of-factly to her.

“Also the uh, collar would probably be best for you on account of the whole….” Akai waved his hand in the general area of his throat, but was unable to finish his sentence.

“…Sorry” he sheepishly said before quickly leaving the room.

Concerned, Hoahi rolled off the bed and headed into the bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror, her jaw dropped at the faint purplish, bluish band around her throat, right where the belt had been earlier. She couldn’t help but stare in amazement at it.

Although the bruise was still faint, no doubt it would only get worse of the coming days, and become even more noticeable. She stood there for several minutes lost in thought at her post-sex appearance.

She then suddenly remembers she still had the collar in hand. She stared at it for a moment before unclasping it. The leather was new and looked soft, and for whatever reason she couldn’t help but remember the black leather belt dicking into her throat, choking her, controlling her. She took the collar and put it on, clasping it so that it was just taught enough against her skin. The golden name tag jingled as she looked at herself in the mirror, the collar perfectly covered her bruise.

Spontaneously, she struck a cat pose, tilting her head to the side and holding up her hands like paws.

“Meow!” She said cutely to herself in the mirror with a smile.

Dryly, she laughed once more and dropped the pose.

“Yeah, right.”

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