Bogeys Writing Event Ch 2

Bogey’s Multi-Author Madness Writing Event Part 2-

This writing event is an attempt by multiple authors to write a coherent story with limited exposure to the previous works.

Part 1:

“It really is th’ dawn of a Strange New World.” Mark quipped to himself.

Rachel’s paw smacked the back of his head, “Pay attention nerd!” the hellhound hissed.

Mark had been daydreaming as he, Steve, Rachel and Suzie walked over to the munitions testing area.

The engineer in charge of the H.ARM Exo Units paced up and down in front of the lined up troops as he announced the main safety rules.

“Now, group two; Steve, Mark, Rachel, you’re up first on the H.ARM’s.”

The three followed the engineer down the concrete layered hall, every twenty feet contained a bay with various types of equipment present for each participant, Mary the minotaur girl blazed through countless rounds of ammo with her minigun, Suzie and Tanda familiarized themselves with the new grenades labeled ‘Cluster Munitions’…

“Great, we get bird-brain to commit war crimes..” Scoffed Rachel. 

Steve clears his throat “You never know when air support like that will come in handy.”

Ahead of all three of them, the engineer lets out a hearty laugh, “Hah, air support, that’s a thing of the past with the H.ARM’s.” 

Mark hazards to ask the pressing question, “Y’know, y’a never really told us what the harms’r all about.. what’r they?”

The engineer throws open a door at the end of the long concrete structure to an open range normally designated for testing rocket launchers and sniper rifles, a large walled-in dirt landscape pitted by countless tests. 

A slime girl, startled by the sudden opening of the door, morphs sharply inwards as if to mimic a telephone pole. 

The slime girl lets out a noise of frustration and takes up her usual shape.

“Morning Sticky” Rachel waves.

Minta raises her head up as if to take quiet insult with the nickname.

Mark giggles to Steve, “Pole this time, whatcha’ think it’ll be next time?”

Three metal stands hold up three of the H.ARM Exo Units in front of Minta, the engineer dutifully walking over to the rightmost to begin going over the unit.

“So, thanks to some Mamono magic mixed with human ingenuity, we’ve compacted two jet engines to provide short jump flight capabilities. Then, for your left arm we have integral munitions.” 

“Jump packs?” Steve asks while eagerly stepping forward.

“And if anything goes wrong, Minta’s here to catch you. Now hurry up, she’s got other duties to attend to in an hour.” The engineer says, unlatching the harness on the first H.ARM for Steve to all-to hastily strap himself in to.

The slime girl steps back, each half-formed facsimile of a human leg making a squelching noise with every motion upon the concrete.

Steve, Rachel and Mark all tighten their harnesses and slide their left arms in to the mounted controls. 

“This ‘ain’t look like no gun I’ve ever seen before” Mark says, looking to the stubby barrel affixed to his forearm. 

“It’s not any standard munition. We can’t exactly test them here, nor can I tell you what they do, so we’ve disabled them for this test. We just need you to test the capabilities of the movement aspect.” 

Rachel’s flames flare in annoyance, “There’s no fun if I can’t shoot anything!” 

“Take it up with the superiors…. Experimental munitions need to be tested by someone qualified, like Minta.” 

Mark knew that if Rachel wasn’t already strapped into the H.ARM, then she likely would have laid the engineer out for his remark.

“So, Mr. Engineer, how do you work these things?” Steve asks, already anxiously gripping the two joystick like controllers at the base of the rear thrusters.

“First of all, don’t go pressing buttons without knowing what they do, second, it’s Mr. Harsworth, third, you need to extend your controls to start them up. All of you, lift the pack off the stand and walk over here.” 

The engineer stands next to a yellow and black striped hazard square on the floor for firing experimental munitions, which all three of them dutifully march over.

“Now, Minta’s going to place in earpieces so you can all communicate with me and each other, it’s an open line so act accordingly.” Harsworth says as Minta slides her way behind each of them, firmly placing an earbud in each of their right ears with a wet noise.

“Ew, Sticky, don’t get your slime on my fur!” hissed Rachel as she squirms under the press of the slime’s tendril against her head.

“Okay, each of you, grip the controls. There’s a switch that will let you pull the sticks forward. Once you do that, the thrusters will power on-”

Harsworth was cut off by Steve’s unit powering on with the high pitched wine of fast spinning turbine engines.

“This is going to be more fun than the base on a full moon!” Steve yells as he sends both control sticks forward and leaps into the sky. 

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