BluX Train Text Adventure Holstaurs Submission

Just thought I’d put out the lewd bits for the text adventure in case people just want to read the scenes without having to play the game.
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Appearance: Sitting on the simple yet comfortable benches situated on either side of the small table are two holstaurs. They have a very uncanny resemblance to one another. They both have the same colored hair – a deep nut brown – except that one of the girls’ hair is wavy with the others is straight.

The holstaur with the straight hair has deep sapphire eyes, and her lips have just the barest hint of pout to them. Her short, ivory horns poke out from under the woolen winter cap she’s wearing, and her bovine ears occasionally twitch as the fuzzy skin rubs against her hat. As expected of holstaurs, her breasts are fairly large; the perfect swell of the oversized mammaries stretch the off-white turtleneck almost to the point where the sweater becomes see-through. Every now and then the train jostles a bit, sending those fat orbs jiggling about obscenely. Below her heavy breasts, the monstergirl’s plush stomach has just the barest hint of curve to it; just enough for people to see that she’s well-fed. The cowgirl’s thighs are nearly perfect in shape, and her decently wide hips also stretch out her soft looking pants nicely. Her meaty bottom fills her pants exceptionally well, accenting the rest of her lower body and swelling out to the sides a little bit. Her lower legs are covered in thick, coarse looking brown fur and in place of a toed foot she instead has a well-pedicured cloven hoof. Occasionally the cowgirl’s bovine tail flicks about aimlessly from between her legs.
The other cowgirl in the cabin is much the same. Her lips are a bit plumper looking than her companion’s, and her eyes are also an intense forest green. You have to look a little closer since you can barely see them, but she has the faintest of wrinkles under her eyes. Unlike the other cowgirl, she’s wearing fuzzy earmuffs in place of a hat on her head; only the very tips of her bovine ears sticking out from the bottom of the earmuffs, leaving the rest of her wavy hair exposed. Just like the monstergirl sitting across her, the other cowgirl’s chest is also quite large, easily bigger than the other girl’s. Her colossal breasts easily fill her dark sweater and then some; the woolen fabric being pulled across to the point where if the holstaur’s bosom was any bigger or the sweater any weaker, the cloth would tear. You swear you can see her nipple tenting the dangerously thin turtleneck, and you can’t help but stare at the small bump in fabric. The cowgirl’s belly is a fair bit pudgier than the other monstergirl’s, but it fits her mature form well. While not as soft looking as her mountainous bosom, the monstergirl’s midsection is still very comfortable in appearance. Not only that, she has matching “love handles” to go along with her delightfully chubby belly. Her lower body is even curvier than the other cowgirl’s. Her hips are especially wide, and without a doubt easily motherly in appearance. While her companion’s thighs are definitely firm, the other monstergirl’s are softer and squishier looking – perhaps they’re composed of less muscle and more fat. Her ass is also bigger and more jiggly looking, stretching her pants out even further and filling even more of the seat as it swells out. Her leg fur seems to be a bit softer but still the same shade of brown as the hair on her head. She too has cloven hooves instead of toed feed, although they look to be a bit rougher than the ones belonging to the younger looking holstaur on the other side of the cabin. Her bovine tail is content enough being curled up in the seat next to its owner rather than hanging down to the floor.
1. Scene one: Your cabin doesn’t have much, but it serves its purpose when you need it to. In one corner is your bed. It’s not that large, perhaps just barely big enough for two people if they squeeze together a bit. Still, it’s fairly comfortable; good enough for you to get some rest on. Next to it is the plain end table with your alarm clock. At the foot of your bed is where you have your chest that holds your work uniform and other articles of clothing along with the few personal possessions you have. On the other side of the room is where your table and chair are. They’re not too fancy either, just a simple four-legged wooden table and wood chair.
You turn around after locking the cabin door only to see the holstaur with the wavy hair already stripped down to nothing but her pants while her daughter is struggling to remove her turtleneck sweater. You smile before walking over to “help” her. She finally manages to get the white fabric off and over her head, only for you to lock lips with hers and grab a handful of one of her breasts.
You continue to knead the doughy flesh of her bosom, making her blue eyes flutter closed as she moans throatily into your mouth. You continue to make out with the cowgirl as you push her towards your bed and she falls onto her back, bringing you with her. Your bed audibly creaks when this happens, and you continue to fondle the holstaur’s expansive chest as she helps you vacate your uniform and you help her vacate the last of her outfit. Not wanting to be left out, the cowgirl’s equally nude mother walks over and joins the two of you on the bed. The frame groans in protest as the more buxom of the two climbs onto it before pushing you away so she can straddle her child’s face.
You grin lewdly before reaching up to grab an even larger tit, and she reciprocates by leaning forward so she can passionately press her lips against your own. Soft hands find their way down to your pelvis before wrapping around your hardening member. Meanwhile, the holstaur currently kissing you starts gyrating and grinding her hips onto the other’s face. While you can’t tell, she’s awarded with a long, sensual lick across her wet slit from her daughter’s broad tongue. The busty cowgirl shudders at the touch and unconsciously pushes herself down harder as she pulls you away from her before shoving one of her tremendous breasts into your face. You take the queue and suck on her teat, and to your delight sweet cream floods your mouth and you swallow greedily.
As you nurse from the cowgirl, you align your cock with the other monstergirl’s sex and ease it in, eliciting a muffled gasp as you push in to the hilt. You slowly pull out of her before reversing direction and filling her up again, making her moan out in pleasure and work to orally satisfy her mom. Speaking of, the holstaur you’re nursing from is now humping her daughter’s face and gasping or moaning regularly as her body is assaulted from two different places.
Thanks to the milk you’re drinking, you last for several minutes as you fuck one cowgirl’s pussy while sucking on the massive breast of the other. Both holstaurs are now practically begging you to go harder, so you reward them by mashing your hips into the one on the bottom. Crude, wet slapping noises fill your cabin as you pound the blue-eyed holstaur before you hear a muffled scream and a tightening around your member. The monstergirl cums, and cums hard. Her inner walls start to milk you, tightening and loosening around your length as you ride the monstergirl through her orgasm. You’re thankful her face is buried in her mother’s pussy, otherwise someone walking by might hear her crying out in ecstasy.
Grinning, you slide out of her and regretfully pull away from the other cowgirl’s bountiful chest. The more mature holstaur looks at you for a second before smiling too, and she leans in to give you a hard smooch before turning around and getting on all fours, presenting her fat, jiggly ass to you. You move forward and brush your cock up against her snatch, coating it in her juices before moving up to align yourself with her other entrance. You prod her asshole before sliding in just past the tip, making her gasp. An idea pops into your head, and you lean forward a bit to push on the curvy holstaur’s shoulders so that she’s now ass-up while her fat breasts are pressed against her offspring’s own chest and her face is smushed into your pillow. You grab onto her expansive hips and pull her back a bit so she can breathe before you push the rest of your shaft into the cowgirl’s darkest recesses. Her husky groan is cut short as the younger cowgirl gently grasps the sides of her face and locks lips with her. Smiling to yourself, you grab yourself two great big handfuls of giant cow ass before resuming where you left off a minute ago. The holstaur’s meaty bottom and soft body jiggles viciously, thick ripples of soft flesh moving from where your groin meets her backside to flow away from you before suddenly dissipating as even fleshier slaps ring out through the room when your crotch meets the abundance of her rear end. More than once you see her heavy breasts sway from beneath her, either hitting herself in the chin or her poor daughter in the face. The monstergirl’s gasps and moans of pleasure have morphed into rough grunts as you pound her from behind, and she occasionally demands you to fuck her ass harder in between the moments where she isn’t trading spit with her child or when erotic whines pass her lips.
You are again thankful for the other monstergirl in the room, because without warning the holstaur you’re butt-fucking suddenly screams out before she’s silenced with a hefty kiss from her daughter. Her already tight pucker tightens even more as she orgasms from being fucked in the ass, and new feminine juices join the already existing pile on your mattress. While you and the young cowgirl can still hear her mother voicing her orgasm, you’re sure no one outside your cabin can hear her crying out. The green-eyed holstaur collapses onto the other monstergirl in the room as you pull out of her tight ass. You give her a knowing look, and she moves her mother around so both of them are facing you. The heavy blush on both of their faces and the look in their eyes, not to mention their heaving chests are just too much for you. You grab ahold of your still hard manhood and quickly bring yourself to your own climax. You liberally coat the two cowgirl’s faces, tits, and bellies with your jizz; each jet of your cum bringing forth a short gasp from both girls as it impacts their skin.
Panting slightly, you fall back and only just catch yourself with your hands as you observe your handiwork. The two holstaurs are absolutely covered in your semen, and you start to worry a bit about how you’re going to hide this from everyone, but your worries are mitigated as the two monstergirls put their long, wide, bovine tongues to work, licking every visible trace of your seed off of each other and occasionally pausing for a short while to passionately kiss one another. You smile slightly before getting up to clean yourself off a bit with the towel you keep in the corner by the washbin. Finished removing the evidence from your pelvic region, you turn back around to see that the two cowgirls are just about finished cleaning themselves. Walking back over to them, you help each other get dressed taking far longer than you should as you fondle or kiss each other. After everyone finishes putting their clothes on, the three of you leave your cabin, and the younger holstaur lets out a short “eep!” as you give her fat bottom a sharp pinch.
2. Scene two: Your cabin doesn’t have much, but it serves its purpose when you need it to. In one corner is your bed. It’s not that large, perhaps just barely big enough for two people if they squeeze together a bit. Still, it’s fairly comfortable; good enough for you to get some rest on. Next to it is the plain end table with your alarm clock. At the foot of your bed is where you have your chest that holds your work uniform and other articles of clothing along with the few personal possessions you have. On the other side of the room is where your table and chair are. They’re not too fancy either, just a simple four-legged wooden table and wood chair.
You turn around after locking the cabin door only to see the blue-eyed holstaur already stripped down to nothing but her pants while her mother is struggling to remove her too-small turtleneck sweater. You smile before walking over to “help” her. She finally manages to get her sweater off, only for you to lock lips with hers and grab a handful of her gigantic rear end through her pants.
She gasps when she feels your hands grab a hold of her butt before she gives you a lewd expression. The holstaur suddenly pushes you toward your bed before pouncing atop you, grinding her pussy on your growing bulge through her soft trousers. She starts moaning boorishly, the wet spot on her crotch growing slightly larger as time goes on. Before long though she stops grinding her pelvis into yours to unceremoniously and figuratively rip both your pants and hers off, revealing your hardening member to the open air.
She lifts her body up and aligns your cock with her drooling snatch before dropping back down hard with a wet *slap*. At roughly the same time you hear the wooden chair near your desk being dragged across the floor – soft clopping sounds accompanying it – before your vision is filled with the other cowgirl’s naked, swinging chest. She reaches down to gently caress your face and give you a passionate smooch, holding the embrace for a few seconds before pulling away and offering up one of her tits to you. You reach up and grab the creamy breastflesh, making the monstergirl gasp out before sighing as you envelope the teat with your lips. You start sucking and pulling on the breast, eking out the first drops of sugary milk as the holstaur you’re nursing from starts cooing sweet nothings to you while stroking your hair with one hand as her free one moves to the spot between her legs.
Meanwhile, her mother starts riding your dick, gasping each time she makes you fill her up all the way. Her gentle hands plant themselves on your chest as she starts humping you harder, very wet and very lewd clapping noises coming with each of her thrusts while her fat tits jump about unrestrained. You can also feel her heavy ass jiggling when it impacts your thighs, stinging them a bit before the holstaur lifts herself back up into the air only to do it all over again.
While all of this is going on, you continue nursing from the young cowgirl. Her words of encouragement are slowly being replaced by gasps and moans of her own as she has you occasionally switch from one of her teats to the other. Soft, hypnotic squelching noises also comes from her direction as her fingers dive in and out of her own sex, but you’re broken from your reverie as older one cries out as she collapses onto you painfully, climaxing at the same time. You silence her with a kiss, and you stop your groping of the other cowgirl’s chest so you can move your hands to her mother’s waist and large bottom. Grabbing yet another handful of bulky heifer ass you start bucking your hips, making the MILF-y holstaur gasp out each time your groin slaps against her before you set her off again. You fuck her through her second orgasm, and all she’s capable of doing at this point is moaning in bliss as you fill her up over and over again.
Thanks to her daughter’s milk, you manage to stave off your own climax for longer than you would have normally. Soon though you can feel yourself growing closer to the edge, so you start pounding the cowgirl even faster before you climax at the same time as she does for the third time. With each thick jet of semen you push your cock into her up to the hilt, and she gasps out as you fill her up with your seed. Before long it starts leaking out from her, slowly covering part of your nether regions only to stain the bedsheets. Utterly (heh) spent, you exhale heavily after thrusting into the holstaur one last time before letting your arms drop to the side.
You look over to the holstaur with the straight hair, and she simply smiles before leaning over to give you a light smooch before standing up from the chair. She struggles to lift her mother up to a sitting position, and you can see how tired the busty cowgirl is. Her deep green eyes are heavily lidded, and she’s still panting slightly from the rough screwing she just went through. Her daughter smiles again before giving her mom a kiss of her own before slowly pulling her off of your manhood, letting your cum ooze out in lazy strands to stain your (surprisingly) still hard shaft and the now ruined bedsheets. The less-endowed holstaur partially man-handles her mother over to the chair, kicking it away slightly so it’s further away from the bed before gently setting her mother down on it.
She gives her mother another smooch before sensually walking over to where you are laying. She crawls onto the bed leisurely; her large breasts compressing between you and her, and she locks lips with you yet again. With a mind of their own, your hands raise up to lift the cowgirl’s torso slightly, making it easier to fondle her expansive chest and she starts moaning throatily as your kissing goes from gentle pecks to a full-blown makeout session. After several minutes of heavy petting from the both of you, the cowgirl stops you and looks you in the eye. Without saying a word, you wrap your arms around her and shift position so that you’re on top.
Small tears start forming in the monstergirl’s eyes as you align your throbbing erection with her tight pussy. She gasps out as you slowly push into her before cooing into your ear as more and more of your length enters her snatch and fills her up. Just like with the older cowgirl you’re able to fit your entire cock inside her eager confines, and she reaches up to tell you with a kiss that she wants you to start making love to her.
You oblige her, returning her display of affection with one of your own as you slowly thrust your hips, pushing and pulling your prick in and out of the thoroughly aroused cowgirl. Since she’s so wet, lewd sucking and slurping sounds start filling the room as you continue to fuck the holstaur, not stopping in your kisses or thrusts in the slightest. An idea forms in your head as you nearly forget about her breasts. Breaking the seal between your mouth and hers, you lower your face until her wobbling breast fills your vision and you feel one of her hands gently grasp the back of your head and nudge you closer to the quivering flesh.
You give both of her breasts dozens of light pecks before flicking your tongue across one of her stiff nipples, making the holstaur gasp out louder. Smiling, you move in and latch on to her bountiful chest and start nursing just like you were before. Evidently you didn’t get all of her milk because there’s still a considerable amount left, but you drink it all anyway. You maintain your current course of nursing from the cowgirl while making love to her, and soon she too orgasms. Unlike her mother though, the younger holstaur’s cries are more joyful and less carnal, but you quiet her moans anyway with a kiss.
Still under the effects of holstaur milk you pull out of the cowgirl, making her whine before you lift her up to a sitting position. You then turn her around so her back is facing you and you start to push on her shoulders. She soon gets the message and she gets on her hands and knees, grabbing the headboard and wiggling her plump rump in your face. Crawling forward, you position yourself behind the holstaur before reentering her tight pussy from behind. She moans out in pleasure and gasps when you give her large butt a hard smack. You give it another slap, grinning at the sight of her reddening flesh and small ripples that flow from the impact site.
Firmly gripping her spacious hips, you immediately start pounding the monstergirl hard. She’s unready for the sudden assault, and she nearly loses her grip on the headboard before managing to steady herself as you roughly fuck her. Loud slaps reverberate throughout your cabin as you thrust wildly, and soon after you start screwing her the monstergirl loses all restraint and starts moaning to her heart and body’s content. Unsatisfied with the current position, you change things up a little bit and reach forward to grab a handful of the holstaur’s silky brown hair. You pull on her luscious locks, using them as a handhold and making her bend her neck back slightly. An added bonus is that you can see the look on her face as you fuck her, and currently her eyes are half closed and her mouth is agape as she wordlessly moans out.
You continue to bang her for a few more minutes, riding her through her own second orgasm before you bring her to a third when you cum inside her. Because of the sheer amount of holstaur milk you’ve drank, you ejaculate far more semen than you normally would, but that doesn’t stop you from pounding her even as you fill her up and then some with your jizz. You shoot out so much of your seed that you swear you can see the holstaur’s belly growing slightly rounder as your body somehow squeezes out more baby batter.
Still though, you eventually stop cumming and stuffing the poor girl further than she can take it. Completely spent, you collapse onto your bed, your deflating prick flopping wetly onto your lower abdomen. You vaguely hear both holstaurs moving over to you before two warm mouths and tongues start figuratively worshipping your crotch. With a half-hearted chuckle you let the two “clean” you. Finally cleaned up, the three of you get dressed, and you cope a feel of the older holstaur’s chest and ass as she leaves your cabin, and you take a little bit longer in giving her daughter an intense and passionate kiss that lasts for several seconds, and you grab two bloody great handfuls of cow butt before breaking the embrace. She peers into your eyes before leaning in to give you another short smooch before leaving to meet up with her mother back in their cabin.
3. Scene three: Your cabin doesn’t have much, but it serves its purpose when you need it to. In one corner is your bed. It’s not that large, perhaps just barely big enough for two people if they squeeze together a bit. Still, it’s fairly comfortable; good enough for you to get some rest on. Next to it is the plain end table with your alarm clock. At the foot of your bed is where you have your chest that holds your work uniform and other articles of clothing along with the few personal possessions you have. On the other side of the room is where your table and chair are. They’re not too fancy either, just a simple four-legged wooden table and wood chair.
Right as you finish turning the key in the lock, an extremely heavy set of breasts press into your back. Strong but soft hands grasp your shoulders and spin you around and in an instant the older holstaur plants a big wet kiss on your lips. She presses her curvy body into you harder, slowly running her hands up and down your torso and upper legs before finally stopping at your belt buckle. The clamp jingles a little bit as the cowgirl works it and she soon undoes it completely, a faint *swish* following as your pants drop to the floor. The monstergirl stops her incessant kissing so she can drop to her knees and pull your member out of your underwear.
You draw in a sharp breath as the monstergirl manhandles your manhood when you’re surprised again by her daughter moving over to start giving you her own group of kisses. One of your hands moves up to fondle the young cowgirl’s chest while the other moves to hold her mother’s head, and you swear you can hear the MILF-y holstaur giggle slightly before she wraps her broad tongue around your cock, only to envelope the entire length in her mouth a second or so later. You moan into the other holstaur’s mouth as you continue to make out with her, and she pulls away suddenly before hefts up one of her breasts with her hand.
At the same time as you latch onto the young cowgirl’s breast, her mother grabs your hips and starts bobbing her head; her bovine tongue undulating around your shaft as she starts giving you a blowjob; almost as if she’s had some practice doing this. That thought is pushed out of your mind however as the cowgirl increases the suction on your cock and her daughter pushes your head further into her chest. You start nursing from the young monstergirl, making her moan out in delight as her milk vacates her breast and enters your gullet.
Unhappy that she’s unable to make you cum the older cowgirl starts caressing your balls, gently rolling and squeezing them in her hand. She also coils her tongue around your manhood before stopping her ministrations only to give your entire length one, long, sensual lick. This proves too much for you as you gasp, letting go of the other holstaur’s breasts and getting sprayed in the face with her cream. Your hands rush forward to clutch the older holstaur’s horns and you roughly shove your cock into her mouth and start face-fucking her hard. You start cumming several seconds later, but you don’t stop thrusting your hips into the cowgirl’s face. With each push you flood her mouth with your jizz, and you hear her swallowing hard so she can keep up with the sheer amount you’re pouring into her.
Her body starts gurgling audibly, and evidently she can’t hold it all in as runnels start flowing from the side of her lips and one or two jets come out her nose. She pulls off your still shooting cock with a loud gasp, and you liberally coat her hair, face, and tits with your seed. She looks up at you and smiles, wiping a strand of cum from her eye before erotically licking her finger off only to start scooping up the rest of your cum from her skin.
You observe the busty cowgirl cleaning herself when her daughter suddenly shoves you away and pushes herself against you hard. She grabs the side of your face before roughly pressing her lips to yours. She grinds her crotch against yours, and you can feel the sheer arousal of the young holstaur simply from how wet your groin is becoming. You try pulling away from her and she simply moves with you, not wanting you to stray away from her. You finally manage to get away from her and you spin her around before bending her over, making her plant her hands on the wall of your cabin. You grab ahold of her fat bottom and shove yourself into her dripping pussy, and she cries out in joy as you finally penetrate her. You subconsciously let out a growl as you immediately start pounding her; her moans sounding out in time with the crude slaps that come when your body meets hers.
You start grunting in time with your thrusts, and you continue fucking the holstaur for a few minutes before she cries out as her pussy clamps down on your pistoning rod, sending you over the edge with her. Her legs buckle slightly and bend inward from the pleasure, and her body starts spasming as you push your cock up to the hilt with each jet of semen and before long it starts leaking out of her and onto the ground but you keep at it, shooting out more seed only for an equal amount to exit her body. You slow your thrusts down so that you drive into the young monstergirl as deep as you can, and she moans throatily as you push into her a few more times before you pull out. The young holstaur slowly falls to the ground and simply lays there wallowing in her pleasure when her mother comes up from behind and hugs you.
This time though she turns you around slowly instead of harshly, and instead of pressing her lips against yours hard she plants a tender smooch. Not ready for any of this to be over you push back and do the same to her as she did to you before, passionately locking lips with her. She slowly starts caressing your body with her hands as you waltz over to your bed before gently falling onto it. You continue to make out with and fondle the older cowgirl and before long neither of you can take much more before someone loses it, so the monstergirl lifts herself up and holds your throbbing cock before aligning it with her dark pucker.
She gradually drops her fat ass onto your twitching rod, taking it slow so she can get used to being filled up in a new way. Finally after an agonizing minute her plush bottom meets your lower body and she looks down at you, smiling. You smile back before reaching up to grab one of her tits, rising up a bit at the same time so you can start sucking on it. The MILF-y cowgirl inhales slightly at the sensation of your mouth upon her teat before she breaths out a sigh of relief. She wraps her arms around your torso lovingly and starts bouncing her meaty ass in your lap as you suckle on her breast, drinking even more sweet cream from a monstergirl. The holstaur takes it slow, lazily raising and lowering herself on your rod as you suck and pull on her tit and play with her spacious rear end. Because of the tightness of her innermost depths and because of her milk, you fuck her in the ass and she fucks you for several minutes until you can feel a tightening in your loins again.
You pull away from the voluptuous holstaur to look her in the eye and she understands your intention because she gives you a deep kiss before turning herself around and bending forward so she’s on her hands and knees. You also lean forward, making your chest flush with her back and you reach around to palm her heavy breasts as you start hammering into her at a breakneck pace. She occasionally lets out a short grunt in between her low moans as you brutally fuck her ass from behind and in no time you can feel and hear her climaxing, sending you past the point of no return yourself. You give her spacious waist a rough squeeze to let her know before you suddenly start cumming inside her, and boy do you cum. Not even bothering to stop your thrusts, you simply keep on hilting yourself in the older cowgirl’s fat, jiggly ass each time you shoot out a thick rope of your seed. After about ten seconds of continuous jizzing you can feel the monstergirl’s stomach start to bulge out a bit, but you’re nowhere near done. Your body keeps on emptying its seemingly bottomless reserves into the poor cowgirl’s darkest recesses, her belly slowly growing larger and larger as you cum, and cum, and cum inside her ass for another minute or two.
By the time you finally feel yourself slowing down the holstaur looks several months pregnant, and evidently she just couldn’t hold any more in her because some of your seed started leaking from around your prick that was stuffed in her butt. You slide out of the cowgirl’s plump buttocks and fall onto your back on your bed, and before long she climbs onto you to cuddle with you. She sighs softly as you reach forward to pull her closer to you so you can simply hold her. One of her delicate hands slowly traces its way up your body before gently grasping your own hand before she drags it down and rests it against her gravid belly. She smiles at you when you start to rub her tummy, and she adjusts herself slightly so she can give you a kiss.
Not wanting to be forgotten her daughter joins you, making a small cuddle pile as you simple bask in the afterglow of making love to and roughly fucking two very curvy and, until recently, very horny monstergirls. A few minutes later you gently push the older holstaur off of you and get off the bed and start to get dressed again, and after a few seconds the two cowgirls join you in clothing themselves. After putting your uniform back on you give the younger monstergirl a loving smooch before sending her on her way back to her cabin. You also give her mother an erotic kiss as well, but you also hold it there for several seconds so you can grab her giant ass and play with it a little more before she leaves. She gives you a knowing look before giving you a parting kiss on the cheek before turning to leave, yelping slightly as you sneak in one last handful of her deliciously thick bottom.
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  1. I’ve read all your stuff on Pastebin, here, and PBWorks, just didn’t get enough time to comment. Good work, even a transcript relating to a holster’s fat butt is amazing when you write it.

    Unless this was word for word from a game subtitles, but I doubt it. Sounds very much like you.

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