Blood and Boned: Chapter 1- A Ghoulish Wakeup

You awake with a slow start, the hazy realm of the dreamscape steadily falls away as you are roused to consciousness. Your awakening is spurred by a warm, wet sensation gently teasing your most sensitive places as your eyes adjust to the harsh light of the sun pouring into your window. The beams pierce through the drapery over the windows as the blazing ball sets on the horizon. You tilt your head forward and make out a shapely figure through the glare of the sun. Your blankets hug a womanly shape as the bulge gently bobs up and down, lewd slurping noises echoing rhythmically around you; the stone walls of your chambers serving to only amplify the salacious display. You feel the soft caresses of your bedmate’s tongue as she lavishes attention on your member in long, slow strokes. Your hand moves to lift up the blanket and an imposing ray of sunlight serves to illuminate a pair of almond-shaped, purple eyes staring back at you from the darkness.
        “Hello, Kendra.” you say groggily as the eyes look deep into yours, your mind still attempting to rouse itself. You feel a few soft kisses on your lower head as she does her best to welcome you to the waking world. She does not speak, a fact which brings a smile to your face. Countless times she had been reminded the breach in etiquette that arises when a woman speaks with her mouth full. Instead of muffling back a “hello”, Kendra merely answers your greeting with another long lick, looking coyly at you.
        “Taking Alessa’s teachings to heart are we?” you ask lightheartedly, a smile creeping across your face. Kendra wraps her lips around your shaft and gives her answer in the form of a soft moan and the gentle squeeze of her cheeks on your cock. She slides up, the head of your length popping forth from her admittedly thin lips, and the pleasure causes you to shudder. A groan of delight escapes your throat as the dull, warm pleasure starts to turn electric. At the sight of your squirming, Kendra gives a smile.
        Kendra’s smile was a sight to scare most men, and the fact that you find a particular charm in her toothy grin makes you wonder for your sanity. Her lips seemed thin only because of the large row of frighteningly sharp teeth behind them. Each tooth was pointed and razor edged, and coupled with the perpetually predatory gleam of her lavender eyes, her smile would have been enough to send even the most hardened of soldier running in the opposite direction. Kendra could chew through flesh, bone, and most armors. You’ve seen her first hand rend full plate armor in her jaws. However, you’ve also experienced first hand just how friendly her mouth could be, which was a credit to her self control.
        Kendra was terrifying, and enticing at the same time. Full of risk, yet unparalleled reward. Reward which you were now reaping as Kendra wrapped her long, prehensile tongue around your length and mouth stroked you until your toes clenched, the electric pleasure coursing through your spine and waking you in one of the most pleasant ways to greet the day.
        Of course, it wasn’t as if you had a choice but to stick your not so proverbial head into the proverbial lion’s mouth. Kendra was a ghoul, and was a presence considered as somewhat of a nuisance, mostly on account of her disobedient nature. Her duties to the house you stayed in was to help the chef prepare meals. The Lady of the Mansion, your Mistress, made particular use of Kendra’s ghoulish talents.
        Indeed, as a ghoul, Kendra’s mouth was highly sensitive. Not only were her pleasure centers situated mostly in her mouth, particularly her tongue, her heightened receptors also ensured that her sense of taste was highly refined. It was this sense of taste that led the Mistress to employ her as a consultant to the chef as a taste-tester. If Kendra deemed the food to have good taste, it was almost universally guaranteed to be delicious to anyone without such a sensitive palate. It was Kendra’s job to taste food before it was eventually served, as well as to check for poisons or residual magics. It was not often that someone tried to poison your Mistress, but you don’t amass a high rank in the Demon Realm without also attracting the attentions of the Order. Unfortunately, Kendra often shirked her duties in favor of stalking you.
        Kendra was an insatiable monster, a credit to her species as a ghoul as she could never have enough to drink. She complained that working in the hot kitchen left her parched, and her favorite pass time seemed to be pouncing on you to enjoy a drink “Directly from the tap.” as she was wont to say. She made no secret that you were her favorite flavor.
        So it seemed little wonder that she always pounced on you while you slept. Not that you had much room to complain, indeed, sunset was when your day started. It just so happened that sunset was also when Kendra was at her thirstiest, so it stood to reason that your routine started similarly almost every day. You wondered if you were being spoiled, but there were worse ways to greet the day.
        “Hey! Don’t get distracted!” the feminine voice forcibly shunted your thoughts back to reality, and to the ghoul between your legs. You smile, reaching out to stroke her long, silvery hair. “Sorry.” you say. “Just lost in the feeling, is all.” Your answer seems to satisfy Kendra, who returns her toothy grin and returns to her work. She envelops your length entirely, greedily sucking in and causing her cheeks to wrap you tightly.
        Working in earnest, you feel her monstrous energy start to absorb through your skin, making you even more sensitive and igniting the pleasure into electric fire coursing through your nerves. You groan, trying to prevent yourself from crying out, your toes clenching instinctively as Kendra starts to slide off, only to sink back down. She picks up the pace, and you fail to prevent the muscles in your hands and  fingers from tightening as your body tenses. You accidentally pull her hair, but she only seems to revel in the involuntary kink. She arcs her back and moans, causing a full body ripple that only ends with your length being thrust deeper into the ghoul’s throat.
        The final assault pushes you over the edge, and you feel your cock twitching merely a moment before you start to erupt right down the ghoul’s throat. “Haaaaah~” Kendra moans out, opening her maw to allow you to see your cum shooting right onto the back of her tongue before she swallows and sends it all down to her core. She goes back to sucking your even more sensitive length, lapping up ever drop until you are as clean as before.
        “Always delicious~” she coos tenderly as she lifts up, the head of your cock emerging from between her lips with a lewd pop. She climbs forward, collapsing near you. She pants heavily in her own afterglow, venturing her tongue to tenderly lick your neck and leaning to affectionately nibble your ear. A ghoul’s mouth was as sensitive as any sex organ, so Kendra enjoyed your mid-afternoon delight almost as much as you did. Perhaps even more. “It was thicker today.” she mused.
        “The Mistress did not drink as deeply last night.” you say. Kendra grinned at the answer, “Perhaps she is losing her taste for you.”
“I would hope not.” you say. You have served the Mistress since you were bought as a young boy from a slave auction. If she tired of drinking from you, or sent you away, you weren’t sure if you’d have anywhere else to go.
        “Well I do. If she stopped drinking you, there would be more for me.” the ghoul said with a smile. You wondered if you would ever get anything done if you were to be solely with Kendra, but you quickly push the thoughts out of your head. “In another life, I am sure, Kendra.” you say as you tear yourself away from the ghoul’s embrace. She wasn’t the warmest bed companion, undead were often cooler to the touch than other monsters, but Kendra was far from uncomfortable.
        You have an easier time getting dressed, seeing as how your pants were removed for you. You’d have another set of sleepwear to add to the list of clothes you need to sew back together as a result of Kendra’s visits, but it wasn’t as if you were running short of clothes.
        You easily locate your uniform as you pull on fresh undergarments. First the white shirt, then the black slacks. You lace up your black shoes before pulling on the black jacket. The final piece to the ensemble were the freshly cleaned white gloves. “Aww, you looked better with them off.” Kendra calls from the bed, doing her best to allure you back to bed with a series of provocative poses. You resist the urge as you turned to the door. “See you later, Kendra.” you call with a wave and a smile. She knew you had duties to attend to, and you weren’t as dismissive of yours as Kendra was hers. She waved back. “I’ll be waiting~” she called as you exited the room and into the stone corridors.

Mistress would be waking up any minute and you knew she would be most cross if you weren’t there to attend her.

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