Best Laid Plans

It was a fairly rare thing for an Anubis to be sweating, but it wasn’t the desert heat she was so accustomed to that got her worked up. Rather, it was the curls with some weights as she chatted with her new friend and personal trainer.

“So this one time, Graham gets to pick up some vintage cars from this auction outside of Atlanta. It’s 4 A.M. when I get this panicky phone call.” Sakaali said as she lay on the bench and did another repetition with a dumbbell clenched in each of her foot-paws.

The Anubis’ voice suddenly shifted to a baritone as she attempted to mimic her husband. “Hey babe- I think there’s something wrong with these directions you gave me. There’s no I-71 in Covington is there?”

Vanessa listened as she did her own lifts and watched friends form. Although she and Sakaali became friends shortly after their contentious first encounter at the daycare, the Jinko was actually at Sakaali’s home on business. While she wasn’t exactly in dire need for one, the werejackal was worried about inertia setting in after she had her daughter. Vanessa had offered to regularly work out with her for free, but Sakaali understood that their sessions were time the jinko personal trainer could be spending with paying customers. Vanessa however, was glad to give the Anubis mother a discount.

“So what happened?” Vanessa asked.

“It took me awhile to realize it, but it turns out my dear husband was calling from Covington, Kentucky when he was supposed to be in Covington, Georgia. He somehow took a wrong turn and got as far as Cincinnati when he was supposed to be going to Atlanta…”

“Those aren’t exactly right next to each other…” Vanessa started to say.

“I never give bad directions.” the werejackal paused. “In fairness, he doesn’t do that very often. But Graham was right when he said I’d never let him hear the end of it. Although……..” The anubis said with a sly grin. “I may have to take some of the blame for that fiasco, since I did send Graham a picture the night before.”

“What kind of picture?”

Sakaali said nothing right away but pulled out her phone, swiping a big, meaty paw digit to unlock it. She tapped her screen a few times and held her phone up.

“Oh my…..” Vanessa arched her eyebrows as Sakaali showed her the full-length mirror selfie.

“And I’ll look even better in the next pictures I’ll send to him, thanks to you.”

“You know it!” the jinko said confidently as she gave Sakaali a quick, sweaty bear hug.

The Anubis didn’t react with alarm this time. “You’ll be looking so good he’ll get as far as Timbuktu before asking you for directions next time….Although I gotta say, I’m a little surprised you felt the need for a personal trainer.”

“Well- for awhile I was satisfied with the baby weight I lost after I had Anippe, but I didn’t want to get complacent, either. So when you said you were a trainer, I finally saw an opportunity for me to follow through on being more active.” Sakaali set down her weights and picked up her towel.

Vanessa took a moment to admire the progress her friend had made over the past couple of months. Her arms were looking more defined and she swore she could see faint traces of abs forming on her belly.

The Anubis leaned over and began to dry off her legs. Giving Vanessa a nice view of her calves, she slowly moved her gaze up to her friends thighs, while Sakaali insisted that they were big and ugly Vanessa couldn’t help but be envious of their inviting softness and enticing amount of jiggle. The Jinko moved her gaze up a little more and stopped when she got to her butt. She could see her jet black tail gently swing back and forth as the Anubis slowly swayed her tanned firm rear. Vanessa could see her butt cheeks peeking out from the little green booty shorts she was wearing. One of Sakaali’s requests was that her butt look better and Vanessa could see that she was achieving that goal in leaps and bounds. Sakaali stood back up and Vanessa bit her bottom lip.

“You know, if I wasn’t a married woman I’d probably snatch you up right now!” Sakaali turned back to her friend and blushed

“Oh come now! You’re just saying that!”

Vanessa laughed and walked up to her friend.

“Not at all! Seriously you’re looking fantastic. I can see you’ve been working hard, plus your ass looks amazing!”

The Anubis blushed more before sighing and placing her paws on her thighs.

“Now if we could only do something about these…” Vanessa hugged the Anubis from behind and placed her paws over hers.

“We already talked about this, your thighs are a fine size for a person of your height and weight!” Vanessa gave them a playful shake. “Even if they are a little big I don’t think Graham minds too much.”

Sakaali sighed again “They’re more robust than the pillars in the Tomb of Otep the Wise.”

Vanessa rested her paws on her friends shoulders. “Hey now, don’t say those things.” Vanessa grabbed her towel and wiped off her face. “Besides if anyone should be hard on themselves it should be me.”

The jinko patted her stomach. “I think I’ve been putting on weight…”

Sakaali stifled a giggle and looked at her friend in disbelief. “Where? On your boobs? Because it certainly isn’t on your belly.” Sakaali followed up by giving Vanessa a playful knock on her abs. “Yep, still solid as ever!”

Vanessa smiled “Ahh, now you’re just saying that.”

Sakaali traced a little circle on Vanessa’s stomach. “If you gained any weight, it’s probably more muscle. How about we both just agree that we have killer bodies, we’ll work hard to keep them that way and that our husbands are crazy for us regardless of what we look like?”

Vanessa gripped Sakaali’s paw and squeezed it. “You’ve got yourself a deal!”
Sakaali squeezed her paw back before letting go “How about you finish drying yourself off and I’ll go get some refreshments ready?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Just come to the kitchen when you’re ready.” Sakaali left their little workout space in the basement and ascended the steps, leaving Vanessa alone with her towel. Vanessa continued to dry herself off then peeked at the steps.

Vanessa huffed and went upstairs to cool down with her friend. “I really need some new shorts, maybe I should ask Sakaali where she got hers” the jinko pondered as she entered the kitchen and saw the anubis sipping from a bottle of gatorade. Sakaali grabbed a second bottle off of the kitchen counter and shook it a little before tossing it to Vanessa. The jinko caught it and twisted off the cap before taking long sip. Vanessa wiped off her mouth with the back of her arm and pointed at Sakaali

“Just remember, he can’t get away if you’re faster and stronger” she reminded the werejackal.

A mischievous grin formed on the anubis’ face.

“Ah- but Graham doesn’t always want to get away, though. He can be a pretty good sport about indulging some of my more base and predatory instincts” The Anubis chuckled as she turned to Vanessa. “I imagine Art can be the same way.”

For a moment, the jinko was lost in thought- fondly reminiscing about all the times Art had let her ‘hunt’ him around the house.

“I guess you can say that.” Vanessa said innocently. “Speaking of hubbies, is Graham out on another run?”

The Anubis nodded.

“How far did he end up going this time?”

“A quick run up I-11 to Las Vegas. He left last night, probably finished loading up this morning and will be back early this afternoon.”

“You must miss him when he’s gone for even longer.”

A wan smile was on Sakaali’s lips. “Sometimes I enjoy the peace and quiet when he’s gone, but it doesn’t take me long to realize that maybe it’s a little too quiet and I end up missing the fool. Not to mention Anippe gets pouty and tells me she misses her daddy. Do you have the same problem with Art?”

“Yeah” Vanessa sighed. “His job can wear him down so every once and awhile I make him call in sick when I see that he’s been working too hard”

“I see.”

“The nice thing about weighing 300 pounds and being blessed with two fuzzy mangrabbers is that you can be very convincing to a sleepy man.”

“Very true”

Vanessa blushed and smiled a little before resuming.

“Every now and then his job keeps him late for some project or presentation he has to work on. Usually the girls will be sound asleep by the time he gets home, but sometimes they stay up late and wait for him if he works too many late nights in a row.” Vanessa chuckled a little “You ever read Calvin and Hobbes?”

Sakaali nodded her head.

“Imagine that but with three little cubs in pajamas.” Vanessa took another sip. “He doesn’t usually have to travel as much as your husband, though. Is Graham usually busy this time of year?”

“Well, there are those out there who want to avail themselves of my husband’s services so very badly.” the Anubis began before she took another sip of her drink “It’s my job to seek out those individuals on short notice, negotiate a fair price for the pleasure of doing business with him. If we can’t come to mutually agreeable terms with the client, then I shall see to it that my husband will take his services elsewhere…”

The jinko chuckled lightly. “You make it sound like you’re his pimp.”

Sakaali stopped what she was doing. For a moment, Vanessa thought her offhand remark might’ve upset the werejackal.

Instead, Sakaali said “I know” with a playful wink before taking another pull from her gatorade before continuing.

“But if you think about it, I’m living every Anubis’ dream. How many of my kind can honestly say they routinely control their husband’s movements from across a continent?” Sakaali unlocked her phone and brought up her schedule. “Wanna see how good I have it down?” Vanessa nodded her head and took a glance at the incredibly well organized schedule before her.

6:00 – Tries to wake up
6:01 – Rolls around and cuddles with me
6:17 – Actually gets up after a quickie, takes a shower
6:25 – Breakfast
6:30 – Out the door
6:31 – Forgets his keys
6:33- Kisses me and Anippe goodbye and is out the door again.

“For instance…” Sakaali pointed to the door and counted down “3…2…1…” The anubis closed her eyes and smiled confidently. 5 seconds passed and nothing happened. She opened her eyes and looked at the door with a confused look on her face and her head slightly tilted to the side.

‘This can’t be right…..” the perplexed Anubis muttered quietly. “Usually he’s….” her sentence was cut off as her ears began twitching.

Vanessa wasn’t sure what was going on until she heard someone fumble with the doorknob.

It was Graham.

“Oh man- can’t believe somebody dropped a quarter by the front door.” Graham said out loud as he stepped inside, still admiring his new find.

“Husband! You were 40 seconds late.” Sakaali admonished Graham.

“Aw jeez, babe. I would’ve called, but my phone is still charging and the next closest phone is right here in the house.” her husband facetiously apologized. “Do you want me to walk right past you and use the phone in the kitchen to call you next time?” Instead of continuing to acknowledge his wife’s growing irritation, he noticed their guest.

“Hey Vanessa- how’s things?”

“Oh…hi, Graham. Your wife and I were….uh-” Vanessa trailed off.

“Oh geez. I know that look- she was telling you about that Cincinnati thing, wasn’t she?”

Vanessa nodded. “She told me there were some mitigating circumstances.”

“My my- all sorts of dirty laundry being aired out.” Graham said as he picked up an ornately decorated hairbrush from a small table by the door before continuing “Did she also tell you that one of my favorite activities is throwing off a certain Anubis’ timetable?”

The Jinko could now see that the werejackal was fidgeting uncomfortably.

“G-Graham, that isn’t until later tonight…”

“I knooooow, but…we have a little while before we have to pick Anippe up from practice, what’s the harm in doing it now?” Graham spun the brush in his hand and shot his wife a little smile. Vanessa noticed the blush creeping onto her friends face.

“Now Sakaali……I’m a little disappointed.” he playfully admonished her. “I’m going to need you to turn around and put both elbows on the counter”

“But…Graham….we have company” Sakaali protested meekly.

“C’mon, babe- you didn’t mind dishing out the dirt on hubby for our guest…I think it’s only fair she gets to see some of this.”

To Vanessa’s surprise, the flustered anubis meekly did as her husband asked, presenting her tail and shapely spandex-clad backside to her husband. Graham didn’t say anything right away as he started to gently run the brush through her tail.

“Who’s got such a soft, silky tail….?”

“I….I do…” the flustered Anubis stammered.

“Who’s so pretty with that dark hair and soft silky tail?”

“Me.” Sakaali murmured shyly, blushing like a schoolgirl caught passing a note to her first crush in class.

“You like getting your tail brushed, don’t you? It looks so beautiful and lustrous and reminds you that you have a husband who’s just crazy for you and is happy to brush your tail and massage your paw-pads, right?”


Vanessa stood stock still and wide eyed, unsure if she should leave or continue to watch. One minute the proud Anubis was boasting about the control she was capable of exerting over her husband and now she was a blushing, quivering nervous wreck, turned into putty in the capable hands of her husband.

Sakaali turned to her friend, red faced and trying her best to maintain her composure.

“S-so Vanessa, H-how much do I owe you f-for this session?”

Vanessa looked at the brush being ran through her tail and shivered a little before looking back at her friend’s flushed face.

“Ummm, you know what? I think we can call it good.”

“A-are you sure? The checkbook is right here.”

“Ye-Yeah, you haven’t missed a payment yet. This will be on me today- alright?”

“Well if you’re sure… Same time Thursday?”

“Yeah, I-I’ll see you then.”

Vanessa caught a glimpse of Sakaali’s tail lazily wagging as she headed towards the door

“G..graham…love….I’m still sweaty from my workout with Vanessa.” Sakaali protested meekly. “I really should wash myself off and…..”

“I’ll join you, then. Maybe use that shampoo you’re so fond of for your tail.”
Vanessa could hear a soft gasp from the kitchen as the couple was presumably on their way to a shower or bedroom.

“Oh Graham, at least wait until we’re in the bathroom.”

“I’m sorry, I just can’t help the fact that I love you so much”

“No fair, husband.” Sakaali pouted. “No fair- every time you do this, you KNOW it drives me crazy!”

“Yeah- but in the good way, right?”

“Need you ask?” she huffed impatiently before her toned softened considerably. “In the VERY good way…”

She knew she shouldn’t be eavesdropping on her new friend, but damn if Graham’s rather assertive pampering of Sakaali wasn’t giving Vanessa ideas of things she wanted to try with Art. When she heard a stifled moan come from the kitchen she knew that it was her cue to leave.

Vanessa finally arrived home after about half an hour spent in traffic and a few run red lights. The only reason she didn’t sprint home in a straight line taking shortcuts through everyone’s backyard was because she didn’t want to leave her car at Graham and Sakaali’s place overnight.

Visions of the brush danced in her head the whole way home. Vanessa parked the car and rushed inside, she was greeted by her eldest cub Eva watching TV.

“Hi momma.”

“Hi sweetheart, is daddy home?”

“Yeah he’s in the kitchen”

Vanessa fished around in her purse and presented her daughter with a ten and some change “Take your sisters and go get some ice cream”

Eva looked at the money in her mother’s paw for a moment before cautiously taking it. “Ok, thanks mom” Eva got up from the couch and went to get her sisters.

“You and your sisters can take the long way over and back, but make sure you’re home by sunset.” Vanessa called out after her.

After girls had left Vanessa hurried to the bathroom and found one of her hair brushes. It wasn’t quite as ornate as Sakaali’s, but it would do the trick. Her excitement grew as she walked into the kitchen and saw her husband making himself a snack. Art looked up from his plate and smiled.

“Hey you! How’s was-” Art noticed the brush in her paw and the predatory look in her eyes. “Why are you holding that?”

Vanessa shook her head a little and took a deep breath. “Oh! This… U-ummm well, after me and Sakaali finished our work out-” Vanessa started to blush. “Graham came home and he uhhh-” Vanessa looked at her feet and started to fidget with the brush. “H-he started to brush her t-tail.”

Art gave his wife a confused look “Okaaaay, and?”

Vanessa looked up at her husband. “I-it just looked so n-nice a-and relaxing and I was… wondering if… you could… ummmm… b-brush my mane?”

Art chewed on his bottom lip for a moment “I mean… If that’s what you want, I guess I could…”

Vanessa’s eyes lit up a little “Y-you mean it?”

Art scratched his head

“Yeah It’s-” that’s as far as he got before Vanessa shoved the brush in his hands and rested her elbows on the kitchen counter, her tail haphazardly swayed side to side and she looked back at her husband with an excited look in her eyes.

Art placed the brush on the back of her neck and ran it gently through her mane. “Is this good?”

Vanessa suppressed a small chuff. “Y-yeah, be sure to get the front.”

Art did a few more passes with the brush before shifting his attention to the front of her mane. Vanessa closed her eyes and chuffed a few times before speaking up.

“Compliment it…”


“Compliment my mane… Please…”

Art chuckled a little “Okay, ummm… It’s very nice?”

Vanessa sighed “You can do better.”

Art bit his tongue and thought for a moment

“Who’s got such a pretty mane?”

Vanessa blushed “I-I do”

Art smiled a little and continued to gently rake the brush through his wife’s mane.

“Who’s mane is as smooth as silk and white as snow?”

“Mine…” Vanessa started to chuff again.

“Who has the beautiful brown hair with that adorable streak?”

“Me…” Art grinned and kissed the back of her neck, going in for the kill.

“Who’s the man who will wait on you head to toe and will stop at nothing to make
sure that his big tuff chuff is happy?”

Vanessa hated that nickname but she loved her husband even more.


She spun around and pulled Art into a big hug and planted a huge kiss on his lips, sneaking her tongue into his mouth before she broke the kiss. The jinko looked down at her husband, a few strands of saliva still connecting them.

“I still need to take a shower you know…I’m still kind of grimy from our workout.” she said, catching her breath.

“How about we go fix that?” he said with a sly wink.

Vanessa picked up Art, the two of them losing themselves in another passionate kiss before running into the bathroom. Locking the door behind them to ensure nothing could interrupt their “private grooming session”, Vanessa spoke up again.

“I worked up quite a sweat, Art.” the jinko purred. “So be sure to scrub me really well, love.”

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  1. > gatorade

    There’s no problem here, I just kinda wish there was some alligator mamono so you could make a pun.

    > big tuff chuff

    Fuckin’ adooooorabllllle, I can’t take it.

    I enjoyed this a bunch.

  2. Like everyone else, I really enjoy this little mini “series”.

    Also, the whole brushing thing would work on a lot of furry Monster Girls, even Hellhounds. Though brushing a Manticore’s tail would be a little weird.

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